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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  March 16, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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make sure he gets enough democratic votes. right now on capitol hill general david petraeus is testifying about the cost of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. plus there's every indication now that tiger woods is getting ready for his golf comeback. there are new details this morning about the level of support from his wife elin. we're going to start with a new fight breaking out over health care reform. house speaker nancy pelosi says democrats may use a process to approval an overall bill without having to vote specifically and narrowly on the senate plan approved last year, a plan many house democrats can't stomach without several fixes. several republicans are crying foul saying this a violation of the constitutional process. never mind, of course, that republicans used this same process on dozens of occasions when they were in control of the house. you can see the live rally on
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capitol hill. republicans and tea parties are staging this rally calling it a code red protest. by all indications the crucial votes at capitol hill will come at the end of this week. what is it the strategy the democrats are looking at and does the white house approve? >> the goal here is dragging it over the finish line. the white house is agnostic how this gets done. there's also scepticism whether house democrats fearful about taking a vote on the overall process can claim a defense in the shenanigans. in the end they have to vote on something. they have to vote. for the white house, democrats in general it's about getting this done. if procedural maneuvers are what it takes, so be it. after all, republicans have done the same thing. >> richard, what does the white house make of some of the rhetoric. there we see congressman from
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indiana mike pence. a number of tea party activists say this is war. what do they make about the opposition on the right. >> i don't think anything faceses them about the opposition. we had horrible pictures in the fall with the protests. everyone agrees once they go out and sell the package, they will be on a different terrain than they are right now. so the goal here is to have another round of selling this after the votes. it doesn't stop with the vote itself. >> msnbc political analyst richard wolffe. richard, thanks as always. after the house passes the senate bill and the president signs it into law, the health care reform effort will not be over for democrats in the senate. they are still intending to get 51 votes to pass the fixes in the bill known as reconciliation. these are fixes house members are counting on. democratic senator joins us live
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from capitol hill. do your colleagues have any preference how they deal with the senate bill, narrowly pfl on the senate bill or whether they vote on an overall package. do they care? >> david, we have if you have trouble with the senate rules without worrying about what's going on in the house. i think the key is to get this done in the house. clearly some changes have to be made to the senate bill, getting rid of the nebraska bill, changing how excise tax hits middle class families. there's changes everyone agrees on on the left and the right. that's what we'll use reconciliation to do. the house, the plan there is to get this done, pass it. they are going to have to vote on something in the end and that is the reconciliation. >> how quickly will the senate take this up, assuming the house deals with this. is the senate prepared to deal with fixings through reconciliation next week. >> that is the plan to do that
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immediately the following week and to get that done. again, you know, when we look at what's going on across the country, health plans increasing their rates by 30%, 40%, the american people just can't handle these costs anymore. from the beginning my focus being from the state of the mayo clinic has been on cost reform, reforming medicare. that is the most important thing to me in that bill, that we have those kinds of reforms and protections from insurance companies. so american people can have their health care without having to worry if their kid gets sick they get thrown out on the street with no health care. >> senator, what do you make of the politics? we're showing a split screen. you can see congressman mike pence as part of the tea party having a rally, looks like dozens on the hill. their rhetoric is pugnacious, aggressive. is that smart? are democrats worried about the way it's gone in the debate? maybe that hurts you in the
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election? >> the key here, and i think the president said it very well yesterday in ohio, when he was talking about real people we're dealing with. they can talk all they want anthrodarts at things like reconciliation. they used it 16 of the past 22 times when the republicans ran the united states senate. they can talk about that all they want. i take that anyway and beat that out with the people i'm hearing from from my state, like the woman from minnesota whose duty just got kicked off her insurance plan because her husband is at a small business and they basically can't afford it anymore. she has cystic fibrosis. she calls her mom crying to hard she can't talk. her mom called me and said we need you to be our voice. you can yell all you want about procedural things. it's not pretty and the bill won't be perfect. but if we keep going the way we are, david, 20 years from now, $36,000 the average family will
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pay. small businesses paying 20% more for their insurance than big business of it's not right. i know it's going to take time to get to what i want to see, the rest of the states doing some of the things minnesota does, which is incredibly cost effective, highest quality care at lower cost. that's what we're trying to do with the incentives in this bill. >> minnesota senator democrat amy klobuchar, thanks for joining us. >> great to be on today. teams from fbi and dea are working with mexican authorities to track down leads from the american consulate worker, her husband and another friend. mexican president felipe calderon. a city that saw 2500 drug murders last year. mark potter live in el paso, texas. he's been following this case. what is the level of u.s. involvement in this investigation? >> reporter: well, there's an
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tensive u.s. level of involvement. the dea, fbi, intelligence specialists. what we're hearing today from sources, investigators have pretty much concluded that the killing that occurred over the weekend were the result of a mistaken identity, not a specific target because of links to the u.s. consulate. the two americans, sources are saying investigators are convinced they were absolutely the victims of mistaken identity. in the case of the third victim they believe that's the case. but they are still working on corroborating evidence of that. what they think happened was members of an assassination group over there known as the aztecas working for a trafficking organization in juarez picked out their victims based on the car they were driving but got the wrong ones. instead of killing rival drug
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traffickers as they intended, three people are dead. again, they say it was not because they were linked to the u.s. consulate. the assassins did not actually know who they were. david. >> so interesting, the idea the intent was not specifically to target the americans. that's a pretty big development. nbc's mark potter along the border there. mark, thank you so much. joining us live, the county from maricopa, california. he was former head of the dea for arizona. sheriff, good of you to join us what do you make of this development, looked like a targeted killing of americans there, turns out it was a case of mistaken identity. >> well, you know, we got a big problem at the border. i was head of dea in mexico years ago, let me tell you, most of the violence is in the interior of mexico. now it's hit the u.s./mexican border. it's a serious situation. everyone at risk.
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innocent people, drug traffickers, you name it. something has to be done at that border? >> what do you think should be done? shoot u.s. give more resources to mexico, more support, important equipment? what do you think should be done? >> i don't want to be an extremist. we do send our military to other countries. i know it's a difficult economic and diplomatic problem what i'm going to say but possibly we should send the troops into mexico, work with the mexican government, give them resources, not just technical equipment. when i was in the dea we worked undercover, involved in gunbattles. we were operational. maybe we should get more operational in that country especially at the border areas. >> there was a police pursuit in arizona. we've got video of police who pulled a vehicle over, people hiding in the vehicle. we're not sure it's immigration related. describe what the environment is
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like on the u.s. border. how challenging, how tense is it. >> i'm not like by washington, the poster boy i go after illegal smugglers, crime suppression. there's violence here. tons of violence in this country because of illegal immigration but we seem to talk about the drug problem because politically people don't want to talk about the illegal immigration problem. i'm very concerned when the u.s. president and the mexican president met recently in mexico, and the president of mexico continues -- i have to say this, because i'm getting a little excited, but states that because of the use of drugs by our country, the suppliers are causing drugs to be smuggled into the united states, yet they just legalize use of drugs in
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mexi mexico, so all the kids in arizona medding to mexico can use drugs and not be apprehended or prosecuted. that's bad. we're sending different messages in mexico and united states by high officials. >> sheriff from maricopa county, arizona. interesting to talk to you. thanks for coming on this morning. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> there was breaking news this morning from pakistan where kidnappers have reportedly released a five-year-old british boy abducted at gunpoint. sahil saeed held for two weeks visiting his grandparents home in the province when he was taken. dawna friesen joins us from the london bureau with the latest. dawna. >> reporter: too often these stories have a tragic ending, not this one. the five-year-old sahil saeed was found wandering near a
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school 25 miles away from his grandparents house. that's the place the kidnappers snatched him. the process is under way to reunite him with his parents in the uk. he's already spoken to them on the telephone. they are overjoyed, obviously. he said to be tired but well. his hair had been cut, his shoes missing, but he was in good spirits. he's asking when he can play with his favorite toys and when he can see his brothers and sisters. who took him, why, not clear yet. some hints from pakistani officials that family members were involved. the family vehemently denied that. there's talk there was some kind of international kidnapping ring. no confirmation of that either. there was a ransom demand, $120,000. sahil's father did come back to the uk last week. there was speculation maybe he was trying to raise money from the local community where the family lives but no confirmation of that either. right now the parents who, of course, spent the last 12 days fearing the worst ending for for
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this story can't wait for this their little boy back home safe and sound. >> remarkable story. da dawna, thanks for the update. floodwaters at dangerous weather, residents racing to save homes. in fargo police escorted drivers of flatbed trucks piled up with sandbags. efforts at containing the red river now expected to crest at the end of this week 20 feet above flood stage. meanwhile, the northeastern part of the united states, power getting turned back on and the worst over after rain and 60-mile-an-hour winds hammered connecticut and rhode island. over the past several days, storm related accidents killed nine people. floods toppled trees and downed power lines and forced hundreds of residents to evacuate their home. >> my backyard is gone, my front yard is gone. we may have to evacuate soon,
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too. >> my neighbor next door maggie called me at 5:00 and said, get your cars out of the driveway. i was stunned when i saw how fast it was. >> officials estimate there are still tens of thousands of people without power. never mind all those people who remain flooded. new york's power company con ed says they have 400 crews working on the problems this morning. meanwhile the power outages prompted schools across parts of new york, connecticut and rhode island to close again today. still ahead, it was a flight nightmare that lasted 16 hours. passengers trying to get from los angeles to new york wound up stuck on an airplane and then a bus for what felt like an eternity. they ran out of food and at one point had to ration potato chips. we will talk with one of the passengers about their awful experience panned what they plan to do next. there's every indication tiger woods is preparing to return to the pga tour in the
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next few weeks. espn mike and mike will weigh in on the latest developments, comedy central south park tv show was weighing in as well. plus life after death, the late michael jackson is set to become the biggest recording star ever. we will bring you the astounding details of the new multi-million dollar record deal. grandma: here! mom: how'd you fit in there? woman vo: manage your weight at unbeatable prices. woman vo: healthy living costs less at walmart. vo: save money. live better. walmart.
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a few days ago the congressman urged people to break the law if congress passes health care reform. a number of republicans thought it inappropriate. she's speaking at the tea party rally now, let's listen to what she's saying. >> then they came back to the bubble known as washington diagnosis and they forgot you. and then you let them know last
10:19 am
fall you're still here. and we won in the fall. they couldn't get this through in the fall. they thought they would have a christmas present, didn't they? harry reid took a vote on christmas eve, and what happened after that? the american people said no. they give us scott brown in massachusetts. >> so michelle bach man is talking about election success. she believes with republicans' side of the issue. she has not repeated her claim that people should break the law if it passes. we will monitor what she says there on the steps of the capital. if she does say anything extremely controversial, we'll bring that to you later in the show. now, there is every indication today golfing champion tiger woods is about to make his return to the pga tour. this weekend woods and his wife elin were seen taking a stroll
10:20 am
near his home. woods' swing coach has spent the last week working with woods at a nearby driving range. pga officials have been told indirectly to expect woods to return soon. that would be a ratings monster for cbs, the network's chief says woods' appearance at the golf tournament would be the biggest media event in the last ten years rivalling president obama's historic confirmation. no official word on the plans, the commissioner telling cnbc woods needs to give them a direct answer soon. >> if he's going to play at the end of march or early paper, we would know pretty soon, because he knows we need to know somewhat in advance to prepare. he's aware of that. i think if we're going to see him at the end of this month, early april, we'll know soon. >> woods return to golf may be weeks away. it may take longer for him to
10:21 am
repair the damage to his personal reputation following the claims he had extramarital affairs with a dozen women. the woods saga will be the subject of ridicule in the season premier comedy central television show "south park." >> all right, sex addicts, what other destructive behaviors did we engage in that led to our ultimate downfall. anyone have another example. see, how about -- yes, tiger? >> having sex with lots of girls. >> having sex with employees. >> we are pleased to be joined this morning by espn's mike and mike. mike greenberg and mike goalic. guys, so good of you to join us. holding up "new york post," a picture of elin and tiger woods, this was taken apparently saturday night. what do you make the first photo of elin woods and tiger. we know tiger had his swing coach there in florida for a week. what do you make of it at all.
10:22 am
>> this is about his swing coach and publicity coach ari fleischer. as they are preparing to bring tiger woods back to the golf course, which everyone expects will be at the masters in augusta a few weeks ago they are slowly but surely putting him back in the public eye. much is the case, where a woman is standing by her politician husband after embarrassing discretions we are seeing that a little bit publicly as well. >> of course, that's their business. since tiger is such a public person, maybe this is his way of saying publicly, things are going in the right direction here. my wife is getting back in order a bit, which could mean i could go on to the next love. golf. >> think about the message you're tacitly sending if you're tiger woods. if she can forgive me, how in the world could everybody else forgive me. the reality is i didn't wrong everyone else, i only wronged her. >> how difficult to step back on a professional golf course, even
10:23 am
if you're tiger woods, been away for four months and had to deal with personal dramas he's had to deal with. >> i think overwhelmingly difficult, mike. this is a psychological sport. >> i think it will be tougher to go in the locker room with the other plays, between the ropes with other plays. you deal with fans now. it's not happy gilmore. there's not fans with signs screaming and yelling, not like baseball and football where if you really wanted to get on a player you could. you can't do that so much in government. as a former athlete i can speak of situations where athletes are embarrassed and the toughest thing they have to do is get back into that locker room, get back in amongst their peers and have things right. >> that was a football player's mentality, mike was a football player. golf is a report where you need silence in your head. we had annika sorensen on this program. she talked about playing her best when things were calm and settled in her personal life.
10:24 am
if tiger woods is able to keep his mind silent and roll in a 12 footers in a couple of weeks, it will be one of the great moments in sports. >> he has until friday to let them know if he's doing to play in the arnold palmer in a week and a half, two weeks. are you picking up any indications that's where he starts his return? >> from a technical standpoint, i would think he would want to do that and not just go into the masters as that being the first tournament with so much time being off. i would think you would want a warm-up. from the other side of it would be the surroundings. the master's is so controlled with the patrons, not fans, patrons there and the media, it is so controlled that from that standpoint may be a better place for him to start, even though his golf may struggle. the thing is, he'll have about 20 more master's to play. >> everything we're hearing is he will not play. when i first head he was coming back, i would have expected it.
10:25 am
everything we're hearing is that he will not. it will be augusta. >> guys, so good of you to join us this morning. thank you and we'll be in touch. thank you again. >> our pleasure. thank you. do you live in one of america's craziest cities? you might think so, but we have the official list. [ female announcer ] sometimes you need tomorrow to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm.
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breaking news from an appellate court in new jersey. the court gave a boost to an effort led by the tea party to recall senator bob menendez. justice correspondent pete williams joins us to explain, what is this all about? >> this is a group of voters in new jersey who want to recall senator menendez. it's a county tea party. he says he's all wrong on issues that are important to him. they say, look, they are right about this, new jersey state law and new jersey state constitution explicitly give voters in that state the power
10:29 am
to recall, that is to say vote out of office their members of congress, senators and representatives. they wanted to gather pegs to get this recall on the ballot. they went to secretary of state and the secretary of state said, well, i can't give you this petition because only the federal constitution determines how they can get in and out of office. the only way to get them out is expelling them. never in american history has there been a recall of a senator or representative. forget it. you can't have petitions. what we have to say, you have to have petitions. we'll get around later to addressing whether what they are trying to do is constitutional. for now the law in new jersey is clear, give them their petitions. one other thing. the court said we're going to stay, put on hold the affect of our decision to give the state and senator menendez an appeal. >> presumably even if they appeal and lose at the next level, several more court battles ultimately, perhaps years from now take to the
10:30 am
supreme court where they will have to decide the new jersey law against the weight of the u.s. constitution. >> may not take that long. you know, i'd be surprised, frankly, if this thing isn't resolved this year, at least in a tentative way. what we have now is they have gotten through the door. they will be allowed, assuming this doesn't get reversed on appeal to gather their signatures. then the question is even if there was a successful recall vote, does the federal constitution even allow that. it's an open question. the supreme court has never ruled on it. the general feeling among legal scholars is these are federal offices. they are created by the federal government and u.s. constitution and only the federal constitution can say how they get in or out of office, not state constitution. >> but a fascinating ruling on an amazing case, nonetheless today. >> and a victory for the tea party. >> nbc's pete williams. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> it was supposed to be a simple flight from los angeles to new york. it turned out to be a 16-hour nightmare for starving
10:31 am
passengers. so just how bad was it aboard virgin america flight 404. you'll meet a passenger who lived through this horrific deal and is steamed. house speaker nancy pelosi said no sweetheart wheeling and dealing when it comes to votes for a heck bill. does she have enough democrats lined up behind her? plus the king of pop is $200 million richer in death than he was in life. we'll explain. you're watching msnbc news. we'p our doing dials, let's wind 'em with precision. open our throttle to even more selection. and turn that savings swagger up full tilt. ♪ so when the time comes to bust open a can of doing... we've got all the tools for all the things we need to make 'em happen. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, get scotts nature scapes mulch for the new lower price of just $3.88.
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sfids laughing get scotts nature scapes mulch grandmother: who wants to go another lap? kids: go grandma, go faster! vo: manage your weight and stay healthy at unbeatable prices. vo: healthy living costs less at walmart. vo: save money. live better. walmart.  these are actual farmers who raise vegetables in campbell's condensed soup. so if you've ever wondered who grew my soup, well, here they are. ♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good! ♪ virgin america is promising passengers a full refund after a scheduled five and a half hour flight turned in a 16-hour cross-country flight from hell. nbc's tom cosello joins us. >> this falls into the category of bad stuff happens. it left l.a. at 3:30 in the
10:35 am
afternoon. supposed to land -- pardon me, 7:00 in the morning, supposed to land at 3:00 in the afternoon. the west coast got hammered by the storm, high winds, 60, 70 miles an hour. this plane, an airbus a 320, circled for a while around jfk, better part of 90 minutes. finally the crew realized it was running low on fuel, had to get to the ground, so they went to stewart airport, a smaller airport north of the city in new york city. within about 35 minutes some people on that flight and who lived near the stewart airport said i'm out of here but most decided to stay. at about the 90 minute mark the plane, the crew said we can get you off but we're still hoping to get into jfk. some passengers, about 16 of them said i'm out of here. # 0 minutes on this plane after a cross-country flight was enough. so the plane continued to sit. according to some passengers they sat for seven hours. the airline says, no, no four
10:36 am
and a half hours. they didn't have any food. they had water but no food. they were literally rationing pringle potato chips among the passengers. we're told totally about 120 passengers were on board. then finally jetblue came to the rescue of this virgin america flight, put the passenger on buses and bused them to jfk. but by the time they arrived it was 2:00 in the morning. then you factor in the new time zone it was daylight savings time, 3:00 in the morning. so it was a bad situation all around and all those passengers are getting a refund. >> tom, before we let you go. you've been covering the toyota prius issues. you made something of a debut last night on jay leno. watch. >> over the weekend on the "today" show, they did a segment, what to do if your prius loses control, there's a button you press. again, this didn't seem like the solution. take a look. >> we want to reiterate points experts have given us. you've got to hold the power button down.
10:37 am
>> that was pretty -- tom, did you know it was coming. >> people told me i was on leno last night but i didn't know what it was. that's the first time i've seen it. that's really good. i'm going to put that on my resume tape. >> nbc's tom costello, always a good sport. thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. now, back to the cross-country flight from hell, joining us is one of the passengers, david martin, ceo of the social networking sight thanks for being with us. i understand the flight crew, were they overwhelmed? how was the flight attendant? how were they dealing with all of it. describe it. >> it wasn't the best for all the passengers on the aircraft. we were stranded for a couple of hours. the difference with this flight and other nightmares were the flight crew were the ones that started to lose control before the passengers start to lose control. that was a little bit different situation. so we had the passengers try to calm other passengers down and
10:38 am
take some responsibility. >> what do you mean they lost control? explain what you mean. >> basically we had flight crew tell passengers to shut up and started shouting at passengers. wouldn't give out cookies to passengers. when other passengers tried to give out a cookie, one of the flight attendants snapped at the passenger saying they can't have a cookie, ridiculous things like that happened unfortunately. >> you have a flight attendant yelling at the passengers. how were the passengers dealing with this environment? >> some were more frazzled than others. others were having fun. the judge from "dancing with the stars," had a good conversation, became good friends. there was points throughout the ordeal that rattled everyone's nerves. we had police come on board and take off the passengers. we could clearly see the flight attendants were not able to take control of the situation. however, i did receive a phone call from ceo of virgin america
10:39 am
after they spotted my post. during the flight i was able to post on the iphone everything going on, visual updates. they were able to see this, gave me a call to talk about the situation. we went through everything and decided it was best to refund all the passengers in the true tradition of virgin quality product. >> david, we appreciate you coming on. sorry you had to go through this. it sounds relieving at least that they reached out to you and agreed to give you a refund and all the other passengers. we hope this doesn't happen to you again. david martin, who was on this flight. thanks again. >> you're welcome. months after his death, michael jackson once again makes music history. the king of pop's estate has signed the largest recording deal ever. it's with sony and it's reportedly worth nearly $250 million. let's get the scoop from pop culture columnist
10:40 am
courtney hazlett. why so much money? >> traditionally artists make more money in death than in their lifetime for a number of reasons. one of the things with michael jackson, one of the things we talked about after his death his estate will increase dramatically because there aren't any expenses anymore like when he was alive. this man was a tremendous, tremendous spender. back to the deal, this far exceeds previous record setters, jay-z and madonna, live deals, $150 million. in that neighborhood, that raised eyebrows when that took place. what you see here is an album in november, previously unreleased material. a lot of people say it's not released for a reason, so it remains to be seen how successful that material will be. in the future, also dvds possibly and video games they are talking about. but when we're talking about how much money he could make breaking it down, after michael jackson has died, they are saying he sold more than 31
10:41 am
million albums worldwide, earned more than $100 million for his estate. "this is it" grossed $252 million. the he state is expected to gross more than $1 billion before this is said and done, david. >> nbc's courtney hazlett. thank you very much. incredible, incredible story. for latest entertainment news logon to courtney has fresh stuff there. atmosphere must read site. this morning, new members of the rock and roll hall of fame. phil collins joined his band genesis to accept the induction into the hall of fame. two founding members of the superstar group abba they came to accept their place in history. they were known for " mamma mia!" waterloo and, of course, "dancing queen." is it possible for democrats
10:42 am
to pass health care legislation without taking a vote specifically on this senate bill that the senate passed in december? an overall vote, would that be enough? it could happen. we'll explain how. you're watching msnbc news. their night-vision goggles keeping the rescue mission safe... and powering those goggles-- the only battery air life trusts: duracell. trusted everywhere. but we're also in the showing-kids- new-worlds business. and the startup-capital- for-barbers business. and the this-won't- hurt-a-bit business. because we don't just work here. we live here. these are our families. and our neighbors. and by changing lives we're in more than the energy business we're in the human energy business. chevron. . unlock an outdoor dreamland for your indoor cat. exciting flavor combinations, plus a touch of garden greens
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[ male announcer ] new fiber one 90 calorie bars. hungry no. results yes. a new study finds flu outbreaks may be caused in part by outbreaks in the weather. a ling between humidity level and on set of influenza. user weather data, researchers found 55 to 65% of winter flu came after a period of unusually dry air. >> kill the bill! kill the bill!.
10:46 am
with chants of "kill the bill!" republicans and tea party activists demonstrating against the bill on capitol hill. just a short time ago indiana republican mike pence blasted house democrats considering a tactic that could have them approve the senate health care bill without taking a vote specifically on that bill. >> for a bill to become a law, mr. president, madam speaker, senator reid it has to pass the house, the senate. if the bill can't pass the house, scrap the bill, start over and let's build health care reform in the interest of the american people. >> let's get the view from the left and right. liberal radio talk show host mike malloy and conservative armstrong williams. the process democrats are considering is one republicans used over and over when they were in control of the house. that is they pass essentially an overall measure that includes fixes to the senate bill
10:47 am
approved. if it was okay for republicans to do it over and over, why isn't it okay for democrats to do it now. >> good morning, david. well, listen, they have never passed any bill with that gimmick of legislation of such substantial implications and the kind of dollar value that is attached to it. if democrats -- and republicans, they need courage of where they stand on the legislation. they should be an up and down vote. they should not have the speaker of the house protect them against being slaughtered in the november election. that's why they were sent to washington, d.c. they should not do this in a cowardly manner. this legislation is too important. there's implications for the next 50 years, too much at stake to hide between a slaughter solution, any other gimmick that would not allow the american people to see exactly where they stand on this important historical legislation. >> mike malloy, how about it. >> wow, i'm overwhelmed.
10:48 am
good morning, david. hi, armie. how are you doing? >> good morning. >> armstrong talks about in his blog that this legislation is an abomination. this is driving me crazy, man. what they are talking about here is a first step on health care reform. i like what michael moore said last night on countdown. that is what the obama democrats are giving us amc pacer. that's a car from the '70s. you probably have one. a car people don't use nim. this is just a beginning. to call it an abomination or like mike pence is doing, to r shreak or scream. >> we're not going to talk about that. that's a cheap shot. regardless of the process,
10:49 am
whether democrats pass health care reform, isn't this going to rise or fall whether it works? >> depends whether the economy turns around and produces jobs, how we face the economic collapse. it could be an economic collapse. listen, the bottom line, the majority of the american people believe health care should be reformed. republicans believe health care should be reformed. there are people suffering, people turned away because of emergency procedures, because of insurance costs. obviously that needs to be addressed. what many americans and many representatives and many democrats, we forget centrist and blue dog democrats, what the president is proposing, i did say it was an abomination and i stick by that, what is going to be in the best interest. it's not going to bring down costs. it's not going to deal with defensive medicine, addressing tort reform. >> mike, i'll give you the last 10 seconds. >> armstrong comes at this from
10:50 am
the point of view of all republicans. they are not interested in health care reform. what they are interested in is making sure they are patrons, the health care insurance industry takes care of them. i hope it goes through but i hope it's a first step. >> mike malloy and armstrong williams, we appreciate you both coming on today. it's an important issue and we're glad to have you both. thank you. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thanks, david. breaking news in charlotte, north carolina, where there's an apparently hazmat situation unfolding. patients are reportedly being transported right now. we are not sure why hazmat team was called in. we're getting these live pictures from our affiliate wcnc in charlotte at the airport. again, a hazmat team has apparently been called to the charlotte airport. can you see the us airways craft there. us airways has a hub there. we'll get more information for you and try to piece together what's going on on either that airplane or something loaded on one of the aircrafts.
10:51 am
i'll try to get a spokesman for the airport on an do reporting and have more information on this developing story in charlotte as we can develop the news. in the meantime a new survey shows that in --
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
right now code red on capitol hill, the name of the rally by tea party to kill health care reform. both republicans and tea party are taking part. bringing in luke russert. there's crucial holdouts, stupak, kucinich, what's up with them? >> you're having a roundup by speaker pelosi and jim clyburn trying to find the path to 216. they need folks like altmire. he's hinted he might be willing to vote for this bill. he's going to want something behind the scenes. they are talking to him. maybe the president will
10:55 am
campaign in your district come november. maybe you can get a committee assignment. things of that nature. kucinich, another interesting guy. he got a ride on air force one yesterday. here is the question i have about kucinich, would he be the one democrat when it got to 215, would he be the one democrat to kill health care? they think not. it really will be 216, nothing to spare. >> is this where pelosi will have a couple in her back pocket if she really needs them to vote aye she'll ask them to do it, otherwise protect members for the fall. >> that was the first time around where she said, you guys can talk a walk this time around. right now she needs every single vote. sources i've talked to said she does not have anybody in her back pocket. that once they hit 216 they are going. this is going to be razor thin, down to the wire. jim clyburn today is saying it could go all the way to easter. that will be interesting,
10:56 am
because then obama could stop the plane for nothing. i don't think the democrats want to explain for another week why health care didn't pass especially after gibbs said it was going to happen. >> luke russert, one of the most dramatic weeks in years. >> just beginning. get popcorn ready. >> that does it for me. i'm david shuster. i'll be back a at 3:00 p.m. eastern time with our special series, is america ready. the topic, should america legal eyes prostitution? it's legal in some cities, should it be legal everywhere. tamron hall continues with the news after this. ? he's cleaning things that we don't even know what they are. [ male announcer ] effortlessly removes more grime per swipe. with the mr. clean magic eraser extra power. 23 years. 21 years. i do really love what i do. ♪ i have clients down the block. across the street. in the same zip code. basically next door. i see the rewards every day of the people that i help.
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