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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  March 22, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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and save up to $15 off your refills. go to for details, terms and conditions. tonight we answered the call of history as so many generations of americans have before us. faced with crisis, we did not shrink from our challenge, we overcame. we did not avoid our responsibility, we embraced it. we did not fear our future, we shaped it. >> let the sale begin. good morning, everybody. i'm david shuster, live in washington. democrats are celebrating a huge health care victory after a day of high drama on capitol hill, a historic health care bill passed the house with no republican votes. now the push to make the all important fixes, which are
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critical to the house democrats politically. those fixes move from the house to the senate. the president will begin an all-out blitz to sell that part of the bill. this morning the democrats are celebrating, the republicans are getting fired up for a fight in the u.s. senate. the president is basking in an achievement that no other president has been able to accomplish in 50 years, widespread health care reform. this is how it all went down in the house just before midnight last night. >> on this vote, the yeas are 219, nays are 212. the motion to concur in the senate amendment is adopted. without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. >> reforming health care has been a democratic party pledge for decades, and it has now become a reality. but 34 democrats joined every single republican in voting against the bill. house minority leader john boehner is trying to turn his party's loss into a rallying cry. >> look at how this bill was
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written. can you say it was done openly, with transparency and accountability? without back room deals and struck behind closed doors, hidden from the people? hell no you can't. >> sometimes contentious day begins with protesters greeting nancy pelosi with chants of "kill the bill" and "just vote no." in the end the speaker called her great win a great act of patriotism. >> we believe this act that was passed tonight was an all american act, honoring our founders' vow to the future and honoring our commitment to the future by making it a healthier one and a fiscally sound one. >> as for president obama, he cheered alongside vice president joe biden as they watched the vote in the roosevelt room. the president high-fived chief
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of staff rahm emanuel. mr. obama said he knew this was not an easy vote for a lot of politicians but he called it the right vote. >> tonight, at a time when the pundits said it was no longer possible, we rose above the weight of our politics. we proved that this government, a government of the people and by the people still works for the people. >> nbc's luke russert is our man on capitol hill covering all the developments. luke, when can we expect the president to actually sign the senate version that passed the house last night and when will the senate pick up the fixes they dealt with. >> all points say president obama will sign the senate bill tomorrow and it will be a triumphant ceremony from what we can expect. here is the ske. president obama will sign the bill. after that we're going to take up the fixes bill. the senate must pass the fixes
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bill as is, then president obama would sign the fixes bill. word of caution. while last night was a huge win for the democratic party, there's still a long way to go on this. why, david? if just one single word is changed, okay, under the reconciliation process, if something is taken out by the senate parliamentarian, everything was accomplished in the house was for literally nothing. it has to go back through the house for another vote. there's still a long way to go in terms of health care reform. last night was a huge step forward but another week ahead of this that very well could go into the weekend. >> luke, how nervous are democrats about what may happen in the senate. obviously as you pointed out repeatedly if the senate bill is essentially what stands, there are a lot of vulnerabilities that house democrats will be exposed to. >> house democrats are really nervous, david. why is that? for a few reasons.
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cornhusker kickback scares rank and file members, especially ones in swing districts. also you have the gator aid in there that freaks out democrats. those special deals they want no part of. part of the reason they were able to get 219 votes was under the auspices those things would be done away with. you have a huge trust issue between the house and senate. the house feels they are the people, the absolute work horses, getting things through, cap and trade, stimulus, working on paygo, getting things through, many ended up in the senate and gone nowhere. it will be interesting to see how this plays out during the week. what type of pressure nancy pelosi can put on harry reid in the senate. it's not very farfetched to think the senate might not get this done in a timely manner and then everything that happened in the house went for nothing. that would be a revolt within the democratic party, david.
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>> luke russert on capitol hill. luke, thanks as always. a lot of analysts are hailing this as a huge victory for the democrats. it is. republicans have fight in them and it might not be over yet. the second bill fixes still needs to go back to the senate floor and approved exactly as it was approved last night. joining us former vermont governor howard dean and former chair of the democratic party. your reaction to what happened. >> a huge win for the president, speaker and harry reid. this is the kind of win that inside the beltway people take real notice of. this was an enormous victory for the democrats. the substance of the bill is a little more difficult to deal with. this the beginning, really, not the end. rather than reform the health care system, what we did because expand it to cover everybody without much reform. now the reforms are going to begin. the reforms have to begin because we need to control cost. nobody should underestimate how big a deal this is for the
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democratic party. i think you're going to see in the fall that the democrats are now not going to lose either the house or the senate. we will lose some seats, of course, but this is a big, big win for the president who really put everything on the line for this bill. >> governor dean, as so many house democrats, they were willing to essentially go on the line with the understanding and promise from the senate they would take up the fixes and try to pass the fixes. given that aspect of this is still hanging out there, how do you envision the president in terms of having a public signing tomorrow for the first part that passed or do it very quietly and try to keep the focus on the fixes so many democrats say are essential. >> i'm not going to suggest what the president should or shouldn't do or how he should sign the bill. i would make the following point. i think the reconciliation bill will most likely pass as is. even the republicans don't want to vote against getting rid of pre-existing conditions and things like that.
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if there are one or two or six or eight words changed, it can go back to the house and get the same 219 votes that passed it before. it would be better if it passed the senate without any further amendments. but if that's not the case -- i don't think it will be amend, more likely the parliamentarian would find one or two things and that would cause it to go back to the house. i don't think it's a disaster unless the changes are big. >> let me run through things and have your perspective as a physician and somebody we will steeped in politics. families making less than $88,000 get subsidies, state-based insurance changes, no denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions. parents cover children up to age 26. of those, what has the biggest impact in terms of your perspective as a physician and what do you think will have the biggest impact in terms of politics. >> the pre-existing conditions will help. unfortunately because of the way
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it was written it doesn't help older people that much. they have a 300% rate ban, which is huge, you can charge as much for older as younger. older with pre-existing conditions aren't helped that much. in general it's going to help a lot of middle class families with kids aging out of their policies. it's going to help enormously working people who can't get insurance, the low end of the income scale. taxi drivers, people like that, who are not unionized, who work hard on their -- home health aides, people like that, they are going to be able to get insurance. the mandate will make people mad. i never thought that was an essential part of this. it's there. look, you've got to understand here. this bill was patterned after what mitt romney did in massachusetts. this is a very bipartisan bill, even though it didn't get any republican votes. in normal times when the republicans weren't in such an obstructionist move, this would have been a middle of the road bill with a lot of republican
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votes. this bill was essentially signed by a republican governor in massachusetts. >> former vermont governor howard dean, former claire of the democratic national committee. governor dean, thank you for joining us this morning. thank you. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. so who are the winners and losers in the world of politics? our radio host will weigh in in less than 10 minutes from now. for the first time since the thanksgiving weekend car accident led to revelations of a sex scandal, tiger woods answered questions from reporters last night. he gave two brief interviews to espn and the golf channel. there were no restrictions on the questions but the networks were given just five minutes each to talk to tiger woods. the reporter from espn asked about his infidelity. >> how would you, in your own words, describe the depth of your infidelity? >> well, just one is enough. and obviously that wasn't the case. i made my mistakes. as i said, i've hurt so many
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people, so many people i have to make amends to. that's living a life of amends. >> on the golf channel, tiger talked about how his father would have reacted to the scandal. >> if your father were here today and looked back on these last four months, what would he say to you? >> he'd be very disappointed in me. very disappointed in me. we'd have numerous long talks. that's one thing i miss. i miss his guidance. i wish i could have had his guidance through this. have him help straighten me up. i know he would have done it. >> we're joined by peter alexander in new york. give us background. what was the goal with tiger woods' team? >> the blitz, of course, two interviews with the golf channel and espn. cbs was given the opportunity to interview tiger woods. they said no because of those restrictions. tiger used words like ugly and disgusting to describe his
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behavior but didn't break new ground in the course of these interviews. he was more comfortable and composed than when he spoke in the on air apology broadcast nationwide. he was guarded giving few details about his marriage, private life and saying next to nothing about what happened behind the scenes the day after thanksgiving when the crash that caused this tabloid flood gates to be opened first happened. it did give us a small glimpse into his life over the last four months. he was also asked one question by espn about why he ever got married. >> when lou at it now, why did you get married? >> why? because i loved her. i loved elin with everything i have. that's something that makes me feel even worse. i did this to someone i love that much. >> how do you reconcile what you've done with that love? >> we work at it. >> speaking of working at it.
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he said he's working at his own problems acknowledging he's been in in-patient treatment for 45 days. david, he wouldn't say exactly what that in-patient treatment was for. he also wouldn't say what the state of his marriage was with elin. there is some news that came out of this interview. we did learn ari fleischer, former u.s. press secretary working as a crisis communication counselor to tiger woods is no longer doing that. we spoke to his office a short time ago and they said effectively they backed away because the attention should not be on ari fleischer but on tiger woods and they did not believe that was what was happening at this point. >> peter alexander, thank you for the update. tiger talking to the media days after saying he would return to augusta. last night he admitted he was nervous. >> what reception are you expecting from fans? >> i don't know. i don't know. i'm a little nervous about that,
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to be honest with you? >> how much do you care? >> it would be nice to hear a couple of collapse here and there. i hope they are also collapse for birdies, too. >> joined by golf editor. david, what jumped out at you. >> i think tiger woods was composed. he was well coached. it was not difficult to imagine some of the questions he would be posed in the first interviews he conducted. to me he seemed more comfortable on the golf channel with kelly tilghman. he's a friend of kelly's and that came through. nothing surprising, no new revelations. nothing was tipped from the hand of tiger woods. i don't expect a lot more to be coming from him on that. >> in terms of the strategy, going into the masters and deal with what he's dealing with there, giving a few interviews, take the sales out of the interest, this aspect to it? >> i'll be curious if he answers
10:15 am
any nongolf questions at augusta national. that's going to be the softest landing he could have hoped for. they will be protective. he knows the course. the fans and patrons are golf folks first rather than scandal-type folks. the real test for tiger woods, he talked about hoping he'd hear a few collapse along the fair way and birdies as well. he's not sure what his schedule will be. how it relates to his family and therapy schedule. the real test is how tiger reacts when people do yell out things when he is sort of made fun of as he walks down the fairways. that's going to happen. where and to what degree we don't know but it will happen. >> great point. deputy editor, thanks for coming in. >> you're welcome. we'll talk with mike golic and david gotlieb, golf, tiger, his life.
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's. shame on us. same on this body. shame on each and every one of you who substitutes your will and your desires above those of your fellow countrymen? >> house minority leader john boehner gave an impassioned speech before the health care vote yesterday.
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that was an example of the tense atmosphere on both sides of the isle last night. republicans are warning they will make democrats pay dearly come november's midterm elections. meanwhile gop helped rally tea party activists to make noise outside of the capital. at times that got out of hand. some of the people shouted nancy will burn in hell for this, referring to house speaker nancy pelo pelosi. other demonstrators heckled and yelled anti-gay slurs at representative barney frank as he headed through the house gallery and someone yelled baby killer at bart stupak. >> those who are shout out are out of order. >> they said baby killer. stupak could have scuttled the bill over abortion language but
10:21 am
struck a deal with the white house. did the tone get too nasty. from new york, radio talk show host w abc radio. mark, i want to start with you. i had no problems with anything john boehner said. i thought that was fine. on saturday nasty words, n word used, tea party activists nobody was holding them accountable and saying this is ridiculous. >> they don't belong to anybody. i think it's unfair to take a legitimate grievance and take a couple of nuts from the crowd and make it sound like they are the spokesperson. >> when they were in the gallery and interrupted the proceedings they were cheered on by republicans on the floor of the house. how does that help? on the floor of the house they are violating rules of decorum by encouraging this. >> i don't know they are encouraging. under the comment section i see
10:22 am
something awful from a listener but no one should hold the network responsible. there's always a nut in every crowd. talking heads on television, republican leaders have never engaged in that. >> your view. >> it's interesting to hear mark simone ignore the point of your question. those republican leaders on the floor did cheer those folks screaming. they went out on the balcony that said don't tread on me, kill the bill. they have an r next to their name. these are elected officials push this. one more thing, on my show, we were on sirrious xm left and right. they said, i'm sorry, these are not our people, not representing us. i think the republican party has a real problem because their spokespeople are doing this. >> don't tread on me and kill the bill. that's a legitimate debate. don't lump that in. >> hanging off the balcony with
10:23 am
signs, exhorting people dunkin' donut this. come on. it's not a cheer rally. >> the people they were encouraging -- i agree, fine with the signs. kill the bill, don't tread on me. all that's fine, legitimate. the idea you're encouraging the same sort of group of protesters who are yelling epitaphs at barney frank. it's the same group of protesters. you should encourage them to protest. but at the same time isn't in incumbent on the republican leaders to say we're encouraging them and speaking out when it goes too far. >> the republican that yelled baby killer, why won't that person identify himself or herself. >> you saw the same thing during the bush years. >> no, you did not. nobody spit on the lawmaker. nobody used the n word. nobody used the f word. >> you heard all kinds of awful rhetoric. >> mark simone, that's irresponsible to say. that's not true. >> crazy members of the crowd, not leaders.
10:24 am
they shouldn't be held responsible for crazy people in the crowds. >> whenever we ask democratic leaders, do you support using a hitler moustache on george bush, every single time they say absolutely not. we did not approve of that. we want people to protest but not like that. it's like crickets from the republican side of the stuff. that seems to be the difference. >> congressman munoz when asked about people using the n word and faggot at barney frank, he said when a totalitarian regime takes over you can expect stuff like that. >> to worry about a couple of crazy hecklers in a crowd as the debate on this issue, it's silly. it's a ridiculous side issue. >> you think tea partiers that show up are normal and a couple of crazy people in the crowd. mark simone, is that what you're saying? >> we hear from people all the time, veterans, mothers, senior citizens. i think to lump them in with
10:25 am
crazy nuts is not right. >> except for all those decent hardworking people who are doing the right thing, who are protesting, they are all shamed by -- if it is just a few people using the n word and spitting on people, it hurts the entire movement. yes, there are honest, decent people in the crowd but there are also some fringe elements. until somebody stands up and condemns the fringe element, i don't see how this changes. thank you both for coming in this morning. we appreciate it. it's a hot topic. we appreciate you talking about it. a 15-year-old girl is fighting for her life after she was brutally attacked at school. the apparent motive, text messages. details in three minutes only on msnbc news. ♪ happy anniversary wow! [ grunts ] oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. aah! [ door opens, closes ]
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merrill lynch wealth management. a text message triggered a savage beating that left a 15-year-old florida girl in a coma fighting for her life. last wednesday police say josie ratley was repeatedly kicked in the head by a 15-year-old boy she never met. the beating happened as she wait
10:29 am
fod ar bus at deerfield beach middle school. the same school last october where a group of boys set a boy on fire. >> where is security? where are the teachers? where is everyone when these children are out and about like this when these kids are ready to go home and no one was there when this incident happened. it's mind boggling. >> nbc's michelle kosinski is live at broward hospital where she's recovering from the second brain surgery with the latest. michelle. >> reporter: that's what was so extraordinary about this. it's so extreme and sudden. this happened between two kids who did not know each other, had not met before. it's a little complicated, but the 15-year-old boy according to police had sent a text message to this little girl while she was waiting for her bus in an attempt to get in touch with her 13-year-old friend who didn't
10:30 am
have a cell phone. when josie ratley e-mailed back, she said she didn't approve of their relationship. it went back and forth. she made a disparaging remark about the boy's older brother who committed suicide recently. they said he became enraged, put on steel-toed books, road three miles to the school and messaged other friends he wanted to kill this girl. when he got to the school, he couldn't even find her. he had never seen her before. he then asked the 13-year-old friend to point josie out. the friend did and then watched as he beat her savagely. now she's fighting for her life. both the boy and the 13-year-old friend are charged. david. >> nbc's michelle kosinski in florida. michelle, thanks for the report. a developing story out of southern california to tell you about. police are asking for the
10:31 am
public's health in searching for missing 11-year-old cody burton. he disappeared taking out the trash last night. he weighs about 85 pounds, four feet tall, black hair, brown eyes. last seen wearing black and gray basketball shorts. is president obama paying enough attention to african-americans? it's been the topic of hot debate with many african-american leaders saying, no. controversial author and professor michael eric dyson will join us next. plus. >> this isn't radical reform but it is major reform. >> president obama may sign that major health care reform legislation into law as soon as tomorrow. the republicans in the senate will now target the fixes to the bill. but can they stop them? you're watching msnbc news. like new wood-grilled lobster and parmesan scampi... our signature lobster lover's dream...
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president obama is facing another battle from within the african-american community. over the weekend, talk show host tavist smiley, a frequent critic convened leaders and scholars to urge the president to pay more attention to the black agenda. at times seemed more like a political rally or church, with speakers criticizing the president. >> you bailed out the notorious aig. you bailed them out. you bailed out general motors but can't bail out african-american people. >> as long as he's loved by african-american people he can circumvent officials when he chooses to. >> there are a number of highly misguided right wing brothers and sisters engaged in assault and tack and took attempt to kill him. >> when you start throwing money at bankers and others, you can throw that same kind of money to
10:36 am
the hood. >> we're joined by georgetown university michael eric dyson part of the weekend panel and compared the president to baseball legend jackie robinson. president and ceo of independent women's forum. you made the point the money for bailouts going to help wall street and financial institutions but not a lot of money for inner city. what about the argument it was important at the time to deal with the overwhelm financial crisis. >> there's no question about that. upward redistribution of wealth has had a disproportionate affect on helping those at the top and bottom. the president uses the analogy a rising tide lift all boats. if you're not in a boat to begin with, you're in bad water trying to swim upstream. african-americans and latinos live in a state diverse but they didn't get much money. new york, texas and florida but montana and south dakota they
10:37 am
got about 1200 better resident. in the distribution of a color-blind system, black and latino people didn't do so well. >> what should the president do now. >> a jobs bill now, unemployment of black people 16.5, rest of the nation 9.7%. nothing wrong with targeting those communities. not as a black man. every president before president obama dealt with the issue of race. he can't get a pass in dealing specifically with an african-american crisis because he's a black man. >> from my perspective, if you don't have a vote you figure out a way to make a vote, then everything will rise. president obama was elected as president of the united states, not just black america. yes, the unemployment rate is 10%, african-american community 16%, a little lower, maybe 15% in the latino community. if the president only targets hispanics, latinos, people that elected him most definitely will
10:38 am
risk making sure he does not get re-elected in 2012. if he fixes the education system, if they deal with the education system the way they tried to deal with health care, if they focus on a jobs bill, things that affect all of america, it will rise. he has to remember he's president of the entire country. >> black people voted for him because they knew he would be president. the rising tide, the gi bill benefiting people disproportionately white and male. when you look at the stimulus program, it hasn't trick he would down to the people it needs to help. that's why we need specifically government intervention. the targeting of these communities is not anti-american. when they say deal with israel we do it. that's not the entire nation, arabs, but good for the nation. when latinos march, they are saying let's deal with it. when white brothers disenfranchised or the tea party
10:39 am
begins to make noise, that's a legitimate part of the scene. why is it african-americans must be exempt from that stream. we don't expect president obama to do it because he's a black man. we would hope he would have an extra special sensitivity but lyndon johnson dealt with the civil rights act, not a black man. president clinton was not a black man, had more people in his cabinet that president obama has. the bully pulpit that deal with americans that happen it black, that's part of the presidency, part of the political demand -- >> do you really think he's not doing that. >> he's allergic to black because -- >> he can't be allergic to it, because he looks in the mirror and sees his black face every single day of the week. >> there's a price for it. >> there's a price but not a penalty. he has been elected to the highest office in the free world. he did that as a man who happened to be plaque. >> if this were a group of economist that is got together
10:40 am
and said, you know what, if we're going to bring the economy back, we should focus on inner cities and start building there. would that change this? >> no, it doesn't change it. it depends on what the prescription is. the professor is saying we need more government intervention. i'm saying we have to look within our community at the things we can do to make ourselves rise. if not, we are not prepared for a 21st century workforce in this country if we cannot read, if we can't write, if we don't do mathematics. >> i'm at georgetown. >> my alma mater. i went to georgetown law school. >> we're proud. >> i want more people to know georgetown, howard university so they can become barack obama. >> the notorious aig that got bailed out we didn't tell the bankers, lift yourselves up by your bootstraps. we redistributed wealth. why is it poor people and middle class people should do something
10:41 am
that even -- >> i have a question about the sense of entitlement. what we're going to do is take a break and deal with that issue, a controversial one on the other side of the commercial. michelle and michael will stick around if you've got a few minutes and we'll continue our conversion after this. tiger woods gave his first interview since the sex scandal rocked the world over thanksgiving weekend. >> it was disgusting behavior. it's a person, it's hard to believe it was me looking back now. >> reaction from michael golic and doug gotlieb in a few minutes. we will continue our conversation here on african-american concerns and president obama on the other side of the break. you're watching msnbc. take 2 extra strength tylenol every 4 to 6 hours?!? taking 8 pills a day... and if i take it for 10 days -- that's 80 pills. just 2 aleve can last all day. perfect. choose aleve and you can be taking four times... fewer pills than extra strength tylenol.
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researchers from the university of michigan studied more than 700 sixth-graders. those more physically active were more likely to show empathy than others and have strong leadership qualities. researchers linked physical activity, improofed self-esteem. answer the call in history, answer the spirit of history and pass health care. give the american people a victory. give health care a chance. congressman john lewis. that came after he and other members of the congressional black caucus faced all sorts of taunts and the n word and racial epitaphs as they walked in. we're joining a weekend panel that talked about president obama and also with us msnbc
10:46 am
political analyst. you're reaction to the ugly stuff that happened saturday over the weekend and what it says and what should be the reaction and how should we deal with this. >> obviously it's unfortunate. the tea party had a right to exist. people are expressing disdain for big government. i would say where were you with all those years of george bush. that aside, it's unfortunate. this tars and feathers them. those that have suspicions about racism with obama and expanding this to mr. lewis, barney frank, certainly a legend in the legislature andy the man spat upon. these are un-american. these are the kinds of acts republicans and other conservative people should say we will not tolerate this. we have a beef with the president, the health care bill but we're not going to tolerate bigotry. >> there's so many people that want to say time and time again
10:47 am
we're in a post racial society, post sexist society. what happened over the weekend, there's nothing else to say other than it was absolutely disgusting. it started, went all the way through the campaign period. i bring up the feminist part because we saw the same against hillary clinton. holding up the sign, iron my shirt. it's not just about people in the tea party movement but the country as a whole. people are desperate, unemployed and we see the worst of america in harsh times. >> to ling this back to the forum this weekend. there is an issue of entitlement that's on the minds of some americans. they feel like the african-american community, leaders feel like because president obama is one of them, never mind his being one of us, that the community should be entitled to something. now, that's taken to a crazy extreme by the tea partiers but it does seem to fit into the
10:48 am
narrative president obama is looking out for special segment of society as opposed to looking out for all of us. how do you address that and at the same time raise some legitimate concerns about economic policies and other concerns. >> can i say something first before you address that? one of the things i feel we do need to get to and i can't wait to see what you say about this. people talk about african-american leaders. i don't hear anyone talk about white leaders, jewish leaders, muslim leaders. why is it the black community in this day and age still need leaders. a few weeks ago during the horrible blizzard on the east coast, there was this great picture of al sharp tan and others meeting in front of the white house with president obama. there were no women there. women have a voice, particularly in the african-american community, black women have a voice in terms of quote, unquote, black issues. why do we need leaders? >> i probably misstated it. >> it's not your misstatement.
10:49 am
>> sure, i'll defend black leaders. the historic role of black leaders has been to express grievances of african-american leaders that have been unfortunately but historically excluded, articulate the necessity for gains to be made because of that exclusion. and it's talking about groups policing themselves, so i think black leaders are necessary. the sense of entitlement does not rest with african-american people. the tea party movement proves the sense of entitlement is with disenfranchised people who feel they are disaffected because finally african-americans, women, latinos have been pulled in. just because you're black don't disus. we don't want a special right and privilege. i don't want to be treated better by you because you're a black man but i darn sure don't want to be worse. the prime minister in britain and uk was watched carefully by christians, are you going to do something for the jews, not
10:50 am
christians because he was the first jewish prime minister. anybody from a particular group targeted for oppression and unfair treatment will now be looked at, are they going to give out extra goodies for african-american people. the point is, let's not overlook the fact a white person, president, might have more freedom and inclination to say these are american citizens hurt, we must address them. look at your hand. if the thumb is hurt, you don't say i'm not going to deal with that because the index finger doesn't need what the thumb needs. the thumb hurt means the hand won't be as strong as it needs to be. african-americans with double digit not because they are african-american. when you go to the hospital, some people taking aspirin for hang nails, some insulin for diabetes and some chemoo therapy for cancer. one size doesn't fit all. target the medicine so it has the best affect on the body. >> talk quickly you said entitlements.
10:51 am
i'm going to spin it a different way. we talk entitlement, policy and the african-american community, there are certain things we should be talking about. number one, i will save my favorite quote from my mentor bill cosby. number one, remember the government is not your mother, not your father. don't sit around and wait for the government to do for you. if we're going to talk about entitlements let's talk about the negative impact social security has on african-americans. as a public policy matter we should be talking about that ron walters, famed african-american political science calls social security reverse reparation for black men. >> we are going to talk about that. you've given us a topic. we'll have you both back, perhaps at 3:00 this afternoon. wrap it up there. a terrific discussion. thank you so much for coming. we appreciate it. president obama plans to sign historic health care legislation into law tomorrow but senate republicans have different plans in terms of trying to stop the fixes. we'll be right back on msnbc news. [ female announcer ] introducing carefree® ultra protection™ liners.
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president obama by tomorrow is expected to sign sweeping health care reform. the house expecting fixes. senior reporter with talking points memo. i understand you have details how this will work, how many hours of debate. how is this going to happen? >> it's really rapid-fire the senate says. anything can happen. there's definitely a few tactics the republicans can use to delay the debate. but president obama is going to sign this bill tomorrow. we think he may be able to sign a pass reconciliation bill by the end of the month is my optimistic view. >> the senate parliamentarian plays a crucial role. he's got to decide whether all the amendments part of the fixes fit under reconciliation. is that a tough call for the parliamentarian? >> it's a good question, because the president and white house team helped write this reconciliation bill with that
10:56 am
parliamentarian in mind. technically they should be okay. the republicans will raise points of order saying it's not germane to the actual bill. i think you're going to see some hiccups and have people hemming and hawing about it. more than likely the parliamentarian is going to rule on the democratic side. >> finally, we're hearing some republicans suggesting it might be to their benefit to support some of these amendments so they are on record with things like the cornhusker kickback and all the other things people don't like. >> that's a tricky question. i think you can argue that in a political race. more than likely they are doing to be voting against all of it. >> good point. christine, talking they have great stuff on the website. thanks for joining us today. >> thanks. have a good day. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more on this historic health care vote and what it means moving forward. plus tiger woods first tv interview as he talked about sex, his dad and what's ahead
10:57 am
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