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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  March 22, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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we proved that this government, a government of the people and by the people is for the people. >> we approved this is an all american act. >> shame on us. shame on this body. shame on each and every one of you who substitutes your will and your desires above those of your fellow countrymen. good morning, everybody. i'm david shuster in for my colleague this hour tamron hall. it is 11:00 a.m. on the east coast and 8:00 a.m. out west. right now on msnbc news, democrats are celebrating their huge victory in the battle for health care reform. but the fight is not over just yet. plus -- >> it was disgusting behavior. you know, that's a person, it's hard to believe that was me looking back on it now. >> tiger woods has now answered
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questions from reporters for the first time since the sex scandal broke back in november. what he has to say about the affair and his return to the pga tour. forget the drama of march madness on the hardwood, we had our own version here in washington, d.c. over the weekend. this morning president obama, the democrats are cheering their victory of the passage of the health care bill in the house but both parties are now gearing up for the next round in the fight, the u.s. senate. right now on capitol hill, doctors groups are holding a rally to celebrate reform. we will watch that event. meantime nbc's chuck todd has the play by play on how it all went down. >> just before midnight it was official. >> yeas are 220, nays 211. the bill is passed. >> with no republican voting for it, democrats passed the most expansive and ambitious effort to reshape how americans receive and pay for health care. >> at a time when the pundits
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said it was no longer possible, we rose above the weight of our politics. >> soon after the vote, proo, who admitted he was putting his own presidency on the line for health care basked in his victory. >> we didn't give in to mistrust or cynicism or fear, instead we proved we are still a people capable of doing big things. >> reporter: following the historic vote the speaker of the house had an air of satisfaction. >> great pride and great humility that we under took this great act of patriotism. >> a fiery house republican leader john boehner attempted to turn the loss into a rallying cry. >> can you say it was done openly, with transparency and accountability, without back room deals and struck behind closed doors, hidden from the people? hell no you can't.
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>> the changes that will become law once the president signs both bills will be phased in over years. some of the immediate changes include, insurance companies can no longer drop patients that get sick. providers must offer free preventive care. no caps on lifetime benefits. young adults can stay on their parents policies until age 26. the bulk of the changes to the system won't kick in for years including by 2014, all americans must have health insurance or pay a fine. also in 2014, insurance companies will no longer be able to deny adults coverage for pre-existing conditions. the most noticeable tax increase begins in 2013. the medicare payroll tax for individuals making more than $200,000 a year will go up nearly a percentage point, a 30% increase. >> it was the power of the presidency that put the democrats over the top on sunday afternoon with the white house striking a deal with the last hand full of democratic
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hollandouts led by bart stupak over the issue of abortion. >> i'm pleased to announce we have an agreement. >> the chief lawyer bob bower spent most of the peeked on how to word an executive order, the bill should not allow federal money for abortion procedures. >> make no doubt about it, there will be no public funds for abortion. >> reporter: later on the house floor stupak found himself heckled when somebody shouted baby killer. >> that was white house correspondent chuck todd. the democrats fight for health care reform isn't over yet. technically the house passed two bills last night. the first was the same exact senate bill that passed new year's eve. that goes to the president for signature. the other was so-called fixes to the bill. here is whapsd next. the president is expected to sign the senate bill as early as tomorrow. the senate will taupe the fixes bill. the senate has to pass that bill
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as is word for word. if the senate passes the bill as is, the fixes will go to president obama for his signature. if not, that aspect of this goes back to the house. luke russert live on capitol hill this morning. luke, among the provisions in this bill, what impact will people see right away? >> reporter: there's a few people will see right away. arguably the most important, six months right away, children up to age 18 will no longer be denied coverage for having a pre-existing condition. you also see no lifetime caps. you will also see that kids can stay on their parents plan until age 26 years old and free preventive care. what's free preventive care? insurance companies are going to have to cover physicals and other sorts of wellness things that can really help people stay healthy longer into their lives. >> luke, give us a sense about the atmosphere. everybody, including yourself, was up late last night dealing
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with this. what's been the buzz this morning? >> you have to understand, david, this is something so many democrats have worked for their entire career. obviously they are extremely excited, extremely elated. they feel they have a monkey off their back. this has been the 100 year monkey and we finally shed it that being said there's still a lot of work to do. the american people understand how much work is ahead in the united states senate. this is going to turn into a very, very interesting parliamentary procedure game. this is going to get very, very washington for people. the senate paermtian is going to look at this fixes bill and say whether or not it has the elements within it directly relate to the budget. if one thing is changed, david, this goes back to the house of representatives. you and i could be meeting again on a saturday or sunday and we'll be talking about the road to 216 all over again. just because it passed here does not mean it's completely clear sailing ahead. if something win that fix it
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bill changes, able to receive support from rank and file democratic members, they don't like it, watch out. it will be very interesting to see what happens. keep your eyes tuned on this week. twenty hours of debate starting tuesday, looking like saturday when we'll see most likely if the senate can go forward on this bill. >> luke russert on capitol hill. great reporting as always. thank you. >> thank you, sir. republicans are warning democrats they will pay for their health care win come november in elections. john mccain echoed the republican battle cry this morning. >> with all this euphoria going on inside the beltway, champaign toasting and all that, outside the beltway the american people are very angry. they don't like it. we're going to try to repeal this. we're going to have a very spirited campaign coming up between now and november. there will be a very heavy price to pay for it.
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>> msnbc political analyst richard wolffe joins us live from the white house. richard, how does this cut politically in terms of the white house and the officials behind you? >> they are feeling onpretty good, not just because of the vote and the history of what happened yesterday but because they feel it's an opportunity to explain what's in the bill. the scare tactic, excessive rhetoric from the other side is something they can fairly easily disprove as this year plays out. in particular what they like the look of is this dynamic of saying, okay, republicans you're saying like john mccain, you're out there for repeal, but what you're trying to repeal in the immediate phase are some of these steps against insurance abuses. so denying people with pre-existing conditions health care, that kind of dynamic is something that actually looking forward to after on the back foot for several months. >> we talked so much about political vulnerabilities if the senate bill stays the law of the
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land without fixes. does the white house feel some of the momentum bleeds over to the senate? >> yeah. there's some awkward choreography here. as you pointed out earlier, the president has to sign this bill into law for reconciliation, fixes to go ahead. they don't want to send the signal the work is over, the senate can back off here or mess around. yet at the same time they don't want to be at the mercy of republican delaying tactics. they want to mark this moment but say there's work for the senate to complete. that's an awkward in between phase they are in right now. >> msnbc political analyst richard wolffe. richard, thanks so much. >> thank you, david. >> you're welcome. an update in the case now of a missing 11-year-old boy in southern california. just moments ago codey burton was found safe and sound at the home of a friend. cody disappeared last night while taking out the trash. at the time his mother said he left and never made contact with her again. fortunately again there's a happy ending.
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he is now on his way back home. things got down right nasty on the house floor yesterday during the debate on the historic health care legislation. >> no, you don't. >> we are guaranteed is -- >> no, you don't. no. >> mr. speaker -- >> you don't know that. >> so for all the shouting and acting like little kids, which party is going to pay the political price come election time? or will neither of them? plus tiger woods gets candid about his sex scandal, his father and his return to golf. you're watching msnbc news. [ male announcer ] when you start with simple ingredients,
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tiger woods talked to reporter for the first time yesterday since a sex scandal that rocked his marriage, ruined
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his reputation and forced him into treatment for sex addiction. here is more from the interview from espn. >> a lot has transpired in my life. a lot of ugly things have happened, things that i've done some pretty bad things in my life. it all came to a head. but now after treatment, going for in-patient treatment for 45 days and more out-patient treatment, i'm getting back to my old roots. >> pleased to be joined by the team from espn mike and mike in the morning. mike golic. in the tiger woods interview, what jumped out at you. >> i think the reason tiger started talking, because, a, he's going to be out in the public by the masters plus there was texts released by one of the women he was associated with. he's trying to get ahead of that and start talking publicly but still controlling the situation
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by making it a five-minute interview. >> i thought he answered a lot of questions. he didn't stutter, stamer, filibuster. that was impressive. i think if i was going to nitpick, he did say when he was asked why he got married, pretty up front and blunt question, he said because i loved her. he didn't say because i love her. >> you are getting nitpicky. >> we are getting into semantics. not usually our point, former jocks. >> did you see strategy doing it last night when so much was focused on ncaa march madness and political world focused on health care. a lot could go under the radar. >> i thought of what a day it is, health care leads, then tiger, then you go with the ncaa tournament. i don't think -- you wouldn't have done it for sunday sports center if you wanted to hide it. you would have done it friday. politically don't you normally
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do things like this on friday if you want to hide it? >> in the world of politics friday and sunday is the world of sports. tiger, did he seem like a changed man to you when you looked at that interview? >> listen, the man got humbled about as much as you got humbled. if that doesn't change you somehow some way there really is going to be an issue. there will be many people, we talked about the steroid issue and people apologized for it. everybody apologizes after the fact because they got caught. i think one of the things tiger said i agree with the most. he said it in his talk in february and one of the questions from tomas well, he had a sense of entitlement. that's true. doug and i saw it as athletes but at his level it's so much higher. if you're perceived as that great of an athlete, there are almost no rules for you. that's the way tiger lived. he lived by the fact there were no rules for him. i think one of the biggest things he found out, in this day
11:17 am
and age of media coverage, there are rules for you and you will get found out. i imagine he has changed some. >> he did seem a bit more mortal when he talked about his nervousness over the masters. watch. >> i'm excited to get back and play. i'm excited to see the guys again. i really missed a lot of my friends out there. i miss competing. but still, i still have a lot more treatment to do. just because i'm playing doesn't mean i'm going to stop going to treatment. >> doug, what do you make in terms of how all this is going to impact his game in a couple of weeks. >> on honestly don't think we know. i think the tiger fan in me says any time the guy has -- sometimes he has created rivalries, created angst. he uses a quote to punish his competition. either he comes out and mops up the field, of the four major, tleef which at three of his favorite golf courses, st.
11:18 am
andrews, pebble, augusta national, those are three of his favorite place toss play on earth. this is the year for the tiger slam. maybe he mops up the field. i think the human says this guy has been through some stuff now. he hasn't been fully focused and concentrating on golf. he didn't win a major last year. it's not like the field is waiting around for him to catch up. i think the realist says, wait a second, it's going to take a while to adjust. the galleries are going to be a bit awkward. i think what happens on 18 if he wins is the most interesting thing. frankly, everything that happens leading up to that or when he wins, frankly, i don't know. that's why thursday and friday when he first swings the golf club for the first time at augusta national, i think everyone in the world is going to watch. >> i think you're absolutely right. doug and mike, thank you for doing this this morning. we appreciate it. we'll be talking to you the weeks ahead.
11:19 am
thanks again. >> thanks. for more on whether this media blitz helps or hurts, steve smith, columnist for the philadelphia eninquirer. what do you make of tiger's strategy last night and did it work for him? he had to come across as an authentic. he looked like a fake and phony, he looked ridiculous over the last several months or so. everything he did was just bad. i'll leave it that way because i'm in a good mood. fact is at the end of the day he didn't look too good. in this particular situation he looked more genuine, authentic than he looked before just answering questions. the 13 minute soliliquy. he looked like mike tyson next to robin, just sedated.
11:20 am
it was controlled like tiger likes it but at the same time considerably better than what we had seen from him over the last several months. >> does it take the steam out or the sting out of his appearance at augusta given his team has said, hey, he's answered some questions, now we want to talk about golf. >> it takes the sting out from their perspective, some of the team. again, one of the things in the philadelphia eninquirer, i talked about it a lot on my nationally syndicated radio show, this is a guy who thought he could circumvent the rules. i don't care about his adulterous affairs, relationship with his wife he's entirely correct it's his business, a personal matter, nothing to do with us. some other questions asked of him by tom and kelly tilghman from the golf tournament that were poignant and needed to be asked, what would his father say, how would he address his
11:21 am
kids later in life when they see and hear about what transpired. these are the kind of questions you have to sit before the media and answer those questions when you're an athlete of tiger woods's magnitude, earned a billion dollars in earnings and did so engrattiating him. he said trust me, i'm the guy you want to follow. that is why he needed to stand up and answer questions. >> i've got to switch gears before we let you go. the ivy league for the first time has a team in the sweet sixteen, for the first time in 31 years. does cornell have a chance? >> they have a chance. i covered them at the final temple for the philadelphia eninquirer, i just returned from there. this kid can shoot. he's a guy like a john packson.
11:22 am
if you have a lebron james, kobe bryant to feed him the ball and give him shots, he can hurt you big time. they have size, shooters, ball handlers, an exceptional coach in steve donahue. they didn't just beat temple and wisconsin, they blew them out. you run into a juggernaut like kentucky. i'm not going to go that far and be ridiculous and say they will beat kentucky but i'm saying look out for these guys. cornell is something to be reckoned with. >> always a pressure. thanks for coming on. >> take care. >> a big arrest in the poker heist in germany. have authorities found the stolen $300,000 yet? plus a couple found human remains snorkling off the coast of aruba. could it be the missing teenager natalee holloway? [ female announcer ] sometimes you need tomorrow
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look at how this bill was written. can you say it was done openly, with transparency and accountability, without back room deals and struck behind closed doors, hidden from the people? hell no you can't. >> hell no. that wasn't the only striking part of the debate last night on the house floor. one of the most lively moments happened when republican congressman david drier and slaughter engaged in a fight over what's happening. >> the gentle woman has just -- >> the gentleman from california controls the time. >> madam speaker, we now know with absolutely certainty. >> no you don't. >> guaranteed is -- >> no, you don't. >> mr. speaker, the house has --
11:27 am
>> no, you don't. >> mr. speaker -- mr. speaker -- >> the house will be in order. the gentle lady from california will suspend. the gentleman has the time. you are recognized. >> mr. speaker i encourage everyone to read the rule. the only thing we are guaranteed upon its passage is that the senate bill with the cornhusker kick back gator aid has -- >> time has expired. >> over the weekend tea party protesters yelled racial slurs at african-american lawmakers. one lawmaker was spat upon, congressman barney frank was -- the f word was used at him. it was an ugly scene. a democratic strategist and former speechwriter, former
11:28 am
bush-cheney adviser and comcast network. what do you make of what happened and why it happened in terps of the tea party on saturday. >> no reason it happened. it was unfortunate. there's no room whatsoever for name calling, especially using the n word. this is unacceptable. this is an insight why passions are so high. a, there's a bunch of ignorant folks that think things are doing to happen with the bill that aren't true and, b, there are certain things they do believe will come true. the fact of the matter is when you use those type of words people outside the beltway, david, look at the television screen, shake their head and say this is the reason why i do not like politics. >> josh, your view? >> i couldn't agree more. this nastiness and bitterness is turning off the country to american politics. what we did see when we finally moved forward on the health care bill are solutions that will make their lives better.
11:29 am
that's what people want. 32 million americans will get health care. those dropped before that can't get it because of pre-existing conditions, they want to know what washington is going to do to solve their problems. they are going to see that. it will tamp things down and we can get back to focusing on them instead of bitterness. >> josh, john boehner and what he said, the use of the word hell and the other exchange. don't we want this contentiousness, vigorous debate? it didn't seem personal inside the debate except for the time bart stupak was called a baby killer. don't we want to encourage this stuff? >> we want debate, it's how you approach it. people used to have meaningful conversations, debate the issues. that's what we should talk about. that's what the president wants to talk about. that's the change he was talking about. that's what the country wants. they don't agree but want civility in the process.
11:30 am
we shouldn't teach our kids and teaching americans this is how washington is. i think it's better than that. they want the answer, the solutions, jobs, health care. they want to know how to get answers to that. i think the weeks ahead again should calm down. it's better for all members of congress on both sides. >> david, we're talking about one-third of the economy. we're talking about something that's nearly going to affect every person's life. it's okay to raise your voice, have strong opinions. that's what america is built on. what's not okay is the name calling and personal insults. >> i agree. do conservative media outlets bear responsibility for that? when people hear over and over naziism on the march, fascism, armageddon is coming of course some people are going to flip out. >> if you take a look at a segment of talk radio, not all but a segment, a segment of certain networks there's an incubator that perpetuates the
11:31 am
image. that's unacceptable, especially with name calling. >> i think republicans, do nothing republicans love to do anything to stop progress right now. they don't want obama to succeed. i think they are throwing poms left and right to keep the president back instead of focus on the agenda at hand and bring both sides together. >> there's nothing wrong with saying we don't like this president and want to stop his policies. there's a right way and a wrong way in terms of going to far. josh and robert, thank you both for coming on today. good to see you. a florida teenager is fighting for her life after a brutal attack by a stranger. the reason she was attacked, because of a text message. plus a piece of olympic snowboard history is going on sale to the public. we'll explain. you're watching msnbc news. but protects like a pad. because it absorbs 10 times more. there's nothing quite like it. carefree® ultra protection™.
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in aruba the search is back
11:35 am
on in the natalee holloway case after a couple vacations on the tropical island came forward with this photo they took while snorkling. they believe it may show human remains. natalee disappeared in 1995 on a high school graduation trip. her body has never been found. a 15-year-old girl in a coma fighting for her life after she was viciously attacked over a text message. josie ratley repeatedly kicked in the head by a boy she never met before. the beating happened as she waited for a bus at deerfield middle school. her mother and aunt say she would never hurt anyone. >> she's a sweetheart, like a little mother. always correcting us, correcting her friends. very protective. nbc's michelle kosinski is live
11:36 am
at broward general hospital where josie is recovering from her second brain surgery. michelle, it's complicated by the attacker was trying to reach josie to get information about somebody else else? >> he was basically trying to contact another kid through josie who didn't have a cell phone. police say the two of them went back and forth. it became heated. josie ratley disapproved of the 15-year-old boy's relationship with a 13-year-old friend of hers. she according to some made some remark about the boy's recent suicide of his brother has happened in october, an incident that apparently deeply affected the boy. after the text message went out, police say he became enraged, put on steel-toed boots, messaged friends he was going to kill the girl. jumped on his bike, rode three miles to her school where he found josie ratley waiting for the bus. students watched as he attacked
11:37 am
her, stomped her head and neck, according to witnesses. a teacher had to pull the 15-year-old boy wayne treacy off her. here is where it stands, a 13-year-old and 15-year-old accused in the attack has left a girl in a coma. this is the exact same school where five months ago another boy attacked by classmates who doused him with alcohol and set him on fire. so needless to say, both of these incidents in such quick succession are causing an uproar in this small town. people are saying what's going on here? why are teenagers under so much stress that something would lead them to that amount of violence over something comparatively insignificant, i guess, david. >> nbc's michelle kosinski in florida. thanks for the update. developing right now, nbc news has confirmed today that police in berlin have arrested the suspected mastermind in that brazen armed robbery at a poker tournament two weeks ago. investigators say the suspect, a
11:38 am
28-year-old lebanese citizen was arrested last night. he's the uncle of one of the other four suspects already in custody. police say the suspects, armed with a gun and machetes made off with $327,000 from the tournament. the money has not been recovered. it is the morning after the historic health care vote. before we get into what's next, let's take a look back at last night's passage. the house passed the senate health care overhaul bill with just three votes to spare. cheers erupted on the floor when democrats hit the 216 mark and counted down the final seconds of the vote. speaker pelosi called it one for the record books. >> just think, we will be joining those who established social security, medicare, and now tonight health care for all americans.
11:39 am
>> before the vote minority leader john boehner kept pushing the republican line this is not what american people want. those who vote for it will feel the public backlash. >> it will be the last straw for the american people. in a democracy you can only ignore the will of the people for so long and get away with it. if we defy the will of our fellow citizens and pass this bill, we will be held to account by those who have placed us in their trust. we will have shattered the bonds of trust. >> president obama watched from the white house with vice president biden and staffers and just before midnight the president addressed the nation. >> in the end what this date represents is another stone firmly laid in the foundation of the american dream. tonight we answered the call of history as so many generations of americans have before us. when faced with crisis, we did not shrink from our challenge,
11:40 am
we overcame it. we did not avoid our responsibility, we embraced it. we did not fear our future, we shaped it. >> there could be political fallout from this historic legislation on both sides of the aisle. nfc it's so divisive, both advisers from president obama and president bush were duking it out prior to last night's vote. >> if you look at the first ten years of the operation of this thing, $2.4 trillion. this thing is paid for by bernie madoff-style accounting. >> carl and republicans would be familiar with that, since under their leadership they took us from big budget surpluses in the last decade to a $1.3 trillion deficit. republicans have zero credibility about as much credibility as the country of greece does about fiscal responsibility. >> these are the cbo. would you stop throwing epitaphs
11:41 am
and deal with numbers. >> let's put the fanciful chart away. >> deal with the charts. >> joining us john harris, editor in chief for thanks for being with us. >> hi, david. >> how do you see this cutting politically short and long-term towards november? >> that is not yet clear how it will be played out. a lot of bold predictions on both sides with democrats saying once you get passed the process, people will focus on substance. that will become partner. some talking a big game saying they can make repeal a potent political issue. both those claims are a little boastful at the moment. we just don't know. one challenge that democrats have is that many of what they consider the most positive aspects of the bill don't kick in immediately. of course that's also true of what republicans are saying the worst and most objectionable
11:42 am
aspects wouldn't necessarily kick in right away. so what we've got is a battle to define something people aren't experiencing intangible ways in their real lives for sometime well after 2010. >> do you see this as giving the president momentum? if so, how does he use it next? >> no question it does give the president some momentum he badly needed with agenda stalled since the first of the year and especially after scott brown's victory in massachusetts. we'd be writing a lot about a crippled presidency had it not passed. it has passed. it gives him some momentum. democrats have been desperate to get the public focus on jobs for sometime. the next big legislative battle is the reregulation of the financial industry. similar dynamic to health care with the liberal wing of the democratic party want ag more aggressive bill than it looks like they are likely to get. so i'll be watching that dynamic
11:43 am
as to how hard does he press his own party. the tension between ideological purity or getting a tangible accomplishment through the congress. >> john, i want to ask you before i let you go about something that happened friday. this is a run-up to the debate "politico" had a scoop, a memo or talking points described as being from democrats, which essentially made the democratic party look good in how they tried to sell the debate. it didn't say it was given to "politico" by republican sources. turns out, yes, it was republican sources and it wasn't an accurate memo. what happened at "politico." >> we did identify it came from republican sources. we've been covering this debate in realtime, hundreds of items on busy days going up on something called live pulse. that's our blog devoted to every incremental advance in the health care story.
11:44 am
this memo went up there. it did certainly look like a democratic communications memo. the credibility or authenticity was challenged by democrats. republicans we got it from couldn't clarify that it was authentic. we took the memo down. anything you know about the internal machinations you've heard about this, i think you read on "politico." i believe in cases like this that transparency is the best and only defense. >> the world in which we operate, look, not just "politico" but us as well. you try to get information so quickly, sometimes things get out quickly that you don't have time to authenticate it. >> i think it's quite rare something like that happens. i still don't know for sure what the source of this memo is. it's possible it was a fabrication, possible it was a draft of some document that wasn't circulated in final form. i think the only thing you can
11:45 am
do as you're presenting information realtime, you present everything you can learn about it. what you know and what you don't know in realtime. i think that's what we've done, david, and i think that's what your own network has tried to do in similar circumstances. report what you know realtime and be transparent. >> john, good of you to join us. >> good to see you, david. so long. >> take care. tiger woods opens up to reporters about his sex scandal, his marriage, his father and a big return to golf next month. will america forgive and forget? find out in just three minutes.
11:46 am
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11:49 am
you've done with that love? >> we work at it. >> world famous golfer tiger woods spoke to espn and the golf channel in the first set of interviews since november. we speak with marvette. how do you think tiger woods did with this snfr i think he did a great job emerged somewhere he was familiar with. they were questions he was comfortable with, he avoided questions he wasn't comfortable with, which is natural since he controls everything around his brand. now it depends how he emerges on the golf course and how well he's able to recapture the hearts of folks who were previously tiger woods fans. >> explain the strategy boind this. tiger didn't give interviews because of benevolence or graciousness. there's a strategy here.
11:50 am
explain what it was. >> i think to get ahead of the avalanche of what would come. he took a lot of heat from people who said he did not answer tough questions. he answered questions but did it in the sports community also, people who will support him as he reacclimates himself to a new environment in golf. he did it with folk who had stored up good will because he'll need them as he moved forward. >> marvet, thanks for coming on today. just when everyone thought health care reform was dead, house speaker nancy pelosi, she brought it back to life and now, today, she's being called one of the most powerful and successful speakers in history. something that luke russert heard on the hill. and she started eating the purina one... and people would say, "what did you do to her?"
11:51 am
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soon, you will not have to perform a double mctwist 360 to look at cool as shaun white. the pants he made look cool in november are going to be mass produced. while they look like denim, they are actually made from high-tech gortex. the pants go on sale in october for about 250 bucks. the president asked for it and nancy pelosi delivered a win for the house, but she was quick to point out it was a team effort. >> it's not house, our leadership worked not as a team, but as a close partnership and with team work with all of the members of the democratic members of the house. >> nbc's luke russert spent the weekend on capitol hill for us. luke, nancy pelosi was told by president obama, you've done something no speaker has done in a long time. does this perhaps underscore her role in history?
11:55 am
>> absolutely. one member said after she was able to pass the second bill, nancy pelosi has to go in the top three most powerful speakers in the history of the united states. at least of the past 100 years. usually, when a speaker and the president are of the same party, the president is usually taking the lead. in this case, we joke that covering nancy pelosi is like covering the president. she took the lead from the beginning and saw it to its end. when scott brown won in massachusetts and many democrats had no idea where health care was going, nancy pelosi, sources have said, we're going to get this done. in the past year, cap and trade, health care one, health care two, stimulus, not an easy thing. nancy pelosi was able to pull it off. she's a very polarizing figure, but at the end of the day, she produced the results the president wanted and that the
11:56 am
democratic party wanted. >> it is a phenomenal record indeed. luke, thank you. >> thank you. and that does it for me this hour. i will see you right back here at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. contessa brewer picks things up next. what do you have? >> up next, health care overhaul, president obama expecting to sign the first bill into law, but the senate now at work on a bill that includes several fixes. we'll talk with reverend jesse jackson. police in berlin say they've caught the master mind of a brazen heist at a poker tournament. where's the missing money? that's ahead on msnbc. , unlock a sensory wonderland, overflowing with an amazing
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missing something? now at sears optical, get 2 pairs of glasses for $99.99. with bifocals just $25 more per pair. sears optical. don't miss a thing. the motion reconsiders on the table. >> tonight's vote is not a victory for any one party. it's a victory for them. >> h


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