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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  May 4, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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street. he may have had a familiarity with manhattan before the attempted bomb. >> peter, thank you for bringing us up to date from connecticut. let me bringl+y in nbc news windram. >> we're getting information from pakistan thatij the initia reports that shahzad istw8!su f karachi may be either inaccurate or old and that his family is from near peshawar in the northwest frontier, which is an area that has been very, very active in terms of taliban and other islamic terrorist groups. confirmation on that, but that is what we are told by a senior pakistani official in islamabad. so this could addñjíux yet ano dimension if he is or his family is from the northwest frontier.
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>> here he is, 30 years old. he became a u.s. citizen. do we know when we moved here from pakistan? >> i do not know. i know he's been a citizen for a little more than a year. i have been told his most recens trip back to pakistan wasx; after he had been sworn in as a u.s. citizen. that was more than a year ago. little more than a year ago, february of 2009. i do not know how long he had been in the country before that, but obviously, he would have been here for several years. >> and the neighbor from that connecticut home told reporters that he lived there with a wife and family. do you have any idea at this point where those family members might be? >> i've heard reports and i don't know if they are fully accurate, that they are indeed in pakistan. >> and do you know what he did for a living here in new york? >> i've seen the same reports
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that peter referred to, that neighbors believed he worked on wall street. of course, that's a wide range of job descriptions, just working on wall street. but we do know as peter has also reported, that he default ed, much lower rent quarter in bridgeport. >> thank you very much. i know you're staying on top of this. new york leaders have criticized ñ homeland security dollars have been spread throughout the country. my big question today, should more money for fighting clearly a favored target, new york. you can share your thoughts with me. former new york governor joins me now. do you think new york gets a fair share of homeland security
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dollars, enough to fight off what these costs are? >> no, i )w#don't. obviously, new york has been a target in the past and we just saw over the weekend, it remains a target. clearly, new york, washington are the places that have the greatest risk and should be given a disportion amount of resources. we were fortunate saturday night h noticed it, turned it into the police and the police and fire department acted well, but again, this is another case where this administration, we are responding after somethingwd5
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murdered. i think this administration just had got to change his approach. >> however, in this case, if we don't know yet whether he is a link to international terror organizations. he said he acted alone. if he was in foreclosure on his home, you can lead to the conclusion that there were money problems. money problems make people do crazy things. so, how do you, as a team of investigators, thwart a plot if someone's acting alone? >> it's not a question of whether or not he was acting alone in this one incident. it's time and again this administration has failed to proactively failed to engage in the efforts we need to make to prevent these efforts from occurring. we don't know yet if he acted alone. there are going to be incidents where you couldn't have prevented it or detected it, but too often, that is not the case. look at the case of the ft. hood
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shooter. today, senator lieberman is trying to find out what we knew before that happened and the administration is stone walling him. why? we need to know whether there was information and knowledge we had that could have prevented this. >> you were, i just want to point out for the viewers who might have forgotten, you were governor during 9/11. the fact you had new yorkers who saw and said something, that policemen on horseback who went in and started assessing the situation and then an arrest has come in less than 48 hours. >> i think it says a great deal that new york is asjjdrq" prepa any city or part of america can be. we have great police, fire officers and an administration with mike bloomberg and ray kelly who understand the threat. but again, it was only after smoke was seen in a loaded
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vehicle that was about to explode and with horrible consequences that this action d.mñ taken, which s often, we are responding after the fact as opposed to having the intelligence and aggressive policies to find these plots before they are hatched. >> great to see you. i appreciate the fact you've come in. we have more breaking details from nbc news producer, carol grisanti. >> we're learning that the pakistani police have arrested be facilitators of shahzad while he was in pakistan. there are rumors that he received militant training in a village in the northwest of the country. these five suspects just may helped him get that militant training. >> i still have governor pataki, what's your reaction?
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al-qaeda training camp and training program and he went there and spent five or six months, why didn't we know that? you can't stop every plot, but this apparently involved a great many people and someone who traveled back to pakistan for months at a time. >> do you know, carol, the details about how they tracked these five guys? >> at this point, the details are very sketchy. >> thank you for staying on top í informed of every new detail, but again, carol grisanti just reporting that pakistani authorities have arrested five associates of the times square bombing suspect at this point, they say he was involved in military training there outside in the northwestern part of peshawar, so we'll stay on top of that. when we learn more, so will you. on to the other big story today. calm waters in the gulf coast
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today as the oily blob the side of delaware lurks just off the coast. minutes ago, president obama pledged support for the local fishermen in the gulf holding their breathe. >> we are committed to preventing as much damage as possible to contain the impact of this spill. >> crews are laying down hundreds of thousands of feet of protective boom, but they're not worki ining o>táueverywhere. so, what is working, according to bp. chemicals that stop the oil from reaching the surface an the company says it's making progress. nbc news correspondent michelle kosinski is in gulf port. how's it looking there? >> reporter: it's interesting you mentioned holding their breath. in some cases, literally. some of the people who have been
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out on the water have reported smelling the oil. other than that, they haven't experienced effects of it. we've seen hotel cancellations, seafood restaurants here are running out of their frozen supplies and when that runs out, they're worried about where they're going to get other seafood since fishing is closed for the next several days in a big part of the gulf. people don't know what to do and for a lack of anything better to do, they're signing up as volunteers. thousands have signed up so far. treat endangered birds if they're affected and cleaning the beaches. >> if you've got more volunteers, it's more people to spread around the work and tackle that problem. the death toll is climbing for a host of weekend southern storms. at least 29 dead in tennessee, mississippi and kentucky. rescuers in nashville may find more victims as the
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muddy waterslp? recede. one person was killed by a tornado in western tennessee. bodies were found in homes, a yard, outside a supermarket. the overflowing river drove 1500 guests from the opryland hotel and closed schools and businesses in the city's historic downtown area. a star women's lacrosse player killed and the suspect, a one-ran men's lacrosse team. new poll numbers show most americans want immigration reform now. but you might be surprised at how many support is new arizona law. for strong bones, i take calcium. but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements...
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breaking news from pakistan. we've just learned from our nbc news producer that authorities there have arrested five men who are reportedly associates of shahzad faisal, the suspect in that times square failed bomb plot. the authorities believe that faisal was at a military training camp in the northwestern part of peshawar and that these five men were again, they're under arrest in that country. coast to coast, we have you covered far and wide beginning in california with a stabbing at a target. police arrested a woman who allegedly attacked four people in los angeles. investigators say the woman swung a kitchen knife and carving knife at her victims, critically wounding one. a sheriff's deputy pulled his
12:15 pm
gun on her. a teenager has been charged in the death of brian betts. he will appear in court this afternoon with two others arrested and charged yesterday. police say betts met the suspects on a phone sex chat line hours before he was shot to death. they believe robbery was the a philadelphia phillies' fan had to be subdued last night after he dashed on to the field in the eighth inning. a police officer tazed him, brought him down. well now,@?ç&ljju)urqj are #,
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loretta sanchez represents -- what would you say to colleagues on capitol hill who say it's too soon, not the right time. even thetí6"kr"ent saying he doesn't know if there's the appetite for it. >> well, i would say that in the 14 years i've been in the congress, we've been trying to get a s7reform.ç=#í the last was under president reag reagan, where he realized we needed to do something. it is time. the longer we wait, the more controversial things will happen like in arizona.,+9r: we will see racial profiling. that's the problem. if we do immigration reform, many of these problems will go away. not all, but many of them and we need to get to a good reform. the reason why is because it allows us to spend our scarce resources on terrorists like the one you saw in new york. >> i couldn't agree more.
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let me ask you, because you sit on the terrorism and homeland security committee. we've just learned that pakistani authorities have arrested five associates of the suspect. they say faisal shahzad was training at a military camp there. what's your reaction to these details? >> it's really alarming when we see there is such a connection. i've gone to some other countries to see the types of things going on and there is quite a network out there. let us not forget that. and i think one of the most important things is how did this get stopped. because somebody noticed what was going on. we are our own first defense. we get a lot of information. we comb through a lot of information. we have stopped a lot of things from happening, but not everything can be stopped. >> former governor george pataki was just on with me and he put
12:18 pm
the responsibility of twaurting plots on the administration and says obama's administration has clearly failed at preventing these attacks from happening. >> first of all, i think that former governor pataki is no longer privy to the type of information someone like myself would be and we have stopped many things from happening. in the samey president bush, we had the same people working on these. they stopped many things, but still, things get through. you cannot stop every individual who decides he's going to build a bomb and drive it in on an suv. there are major metropolitian places all over our nation, so i would say that in this particular case, former governor pataki is incorrect. >> congresswoman loretta sanchez, thank you. we've talked about the economic impact of the gulf oil spill, but what about the political impact?
12:19 pm
some have gone so far as to say this is obama's katrina. more on that ahead. first, here are some of the top stories on from rate reuters, the u.s. has 71 million unused doses of the h1n1 vaccine. from the associated press, police in columbus,wq ohio say bank robber who handed out $100 bills -- and from "the washington post," a teen fights new evidence that the meteorite from mars contains fossils. a few years ago i got a wake up call.
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botched bomb plot there in times squa square. we're learning five suspects have been arrested in pakistan. nbc news producer, carol grisanti, is on the phone with us from pakistan. what are you learning, carol? >> we believe that the five suspects are believed to be facilitators of faisal shahzad while he was in pakistan last year. these five may have helped him get to a training camp outside of peshawar, where it is rumored tonight that he received militant training. this training camp is run by the pakistani taliban.wñ it is in a village called pavi. it is a mountainous area and close toñr pakistan's tribal ars in the northwest part of the country. we think that faisal shahzad drove there last year with a friend. his friend called muhammad rayhan. trip at least, but it would have left no trace.
12:24 pm
the government here has formed an eight-member investigating!u team to probe further into shahzad's activities and have to report to the prime minister in eight days. >> do you have any new information about for how long and when he would have been at that training camp? >> we do no. the only information we have is that he arrived and it seems to be conflicting information, that he arrived in pakistan from the united states last july and left again for the united states in august. so that would be just one month >> and that would have been very soon after he had become a u.s. citizen. carol grisanti, thanks so much for the update. three battleground states holing primaries today, all of which are indicative of what's coming up here in the rest of the electoral months ahead of
12:25 pm
us. we know, for instance, that voters in indiana, north the polls to select nominees for the 2010 election. grasping here is that there's this movement here that has to do with incumbents. what which races are you looking at to predict what might happen in november? >> we're not going to see a lot evan bayh's retiring. you mentioned north carolina. that's my home state. senator richard burr's in a good position because people are going to the polls today.+jt in north carolina, people really aren't going to the polls. davidson county is the home of cal cunningham. as of friday, only 53 democrats
12:26 pm
that's an appallingly low number showing you don't have excitement in your home county. >> let me ask you, even though it's on primary day, this story about the oil slick is massive and it is influencing the discussions we have about energy policyw+ policy. we have governor rick perry suggesting maybe this was an act of god, saying let's not pull back against drilling because this could be god's work. how does this influence the way% politicians should talk about our energy needs. an act of god? come on. an act of god? >> i think he's talking about how that's used in legislation and contract yul law. but he said we shouldn't rush to judgment, this is important. i know david vitor is paying
12:27 pm
close attention to that. for members in those key states, it's of critical importance. how it affects energy and gasoline costs is going to be really important. if this has a bad impact on our economy, it will bad for president obama because he hasn't demonstrated any job growth in the past year. >> vitor said this morning that he still supports drilling, but in some of those coastal states, their leaders say they may take step back. thanks. times square terror. the suspect they've arrested, a naturalized u.s. citizen from pakistan and we're getting in new details about who he was associating with. was he in a training camp run by taliban and al-qaeda? and developing now, an attorney for the uva lacrosse player who murdered his girlfriend. he said there was an accident
12:28 pm
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market alert and things are not looking good. the dow jones industrials has plumeted on the day, down 258 points. stocks are plunging around the world today because people are worried that europe's attempts to contain greece's debt crisis is going to fail. the dollar has spiked against the euro. that sent prices for oil and other commodities much lower and as you can see now, jones reacting in a very rough way to. 96=lm9y stocks fallings right there, we're going to talk with carmen wong ulrich about what's happening. nbc reports five people have been rounded up in pakistan accused of associating the u.s. terror suspect, faisal shahzad. we heard from president obama last hour, who said the attempted attack is a sobering reminder of the world in which we live.
12:32 pm
>> you know,#l$ñ the same of th try to carry out these attacks force us to live in fear, amplifying the attacks, even those that fails. but as americans and as a nation, we will not be terrorized. >> roger cressey is a senior counter terrorism in the clinton and bush administrations. we have new information about these five individuals arrested in pakistan. the investigation has taken pakista pakistani officials to a reported militant training camp outside peshawar. what's your reaction of how this might fit into the work antiterrorism officials are doing here? >> if these reports are accurate, that means this individual did not act alone. this means he did have training. and the question is, which group. the ttp, pakistani taliban, another organized group.
12:33 pm
so the u.s., pakistani cooperation becomes a real focal point. was it part of an organized group we need to be paying attention to now. >> we're hearing from nbc investigative producers that officials are looking at a lot of overlappingwrñ points here i people involved in pakistani-based terror groups. they're trying to investigate how these ties might include faisal shahzad. that being said, communications are going to be looked at.p3ñ you already have the former governor of new york, george pataki, saying the bush administration has really dropped the ball in preventing these things from happening. if there's a link to another group, are we failing? >> to all respect to governor pataki, that type of comment is simply just inappropriate and
12:34 pm
worthless. the nypd did a fabulous job. now is not the type to be pointing political fingers. it's this type of approach that creates such a fischer in our coun3 bigger issue is how we deal with an evolving threat. he was not a lone wolf. the question is, a broader conspiracy. that's what we're goingl(on to together to understand. >> how do you explain how some investigators have described the bomb &wçryset-up. that it was amateurish, at best, not the gold standard of potential attacks. >> it's a good news story. safer that shahzad did work with an organized group in pakistan,
12:35 pm
difficult it was for this bomb to actually go off. the construct of the bomb was not that good. ourself up into a total lather, we should ask ourself a basic question. is this the best they can do? if they can come up with this as the best type of explosive approach, then that's not that good. so maybe in the broader scheme of things, we're doing pretty well. the level of training is not as good in 2010 as it was several years ago. >> about 50 hours or so after the planned attack came to the attention of ip investigators, not only do you have an ais arrest in the united states, but in pakistan, too.r>ñ thank you. 29 dead in mississippi and tennessee after severe storms last weekend. rain caused heavy flooding in nashville and forced thousands to run from their homes. the weather channel's mike
12:36 pm
seidel is in nashville. it's just been devastating for those!bk6:ñ folks, mike. >> reporter: it has, contessa, but the water is coming down from the river. all this was under water last night when we said crests of about 52 feet. now, it's backing off. still, in downtown nashville, we have right here, about a block and a half under water. in the distance, they're pumping water out of the basement of a city hall. the actual hall is fine. and here is the only hotel, the only hotel downtown which shut down, the hampton inn. and a bunch of guys who have been very busy and popular with the water pumps. they're going down into the parking garage to pump out the water. 3500 customers downtown, including businesses, without power. meanwhile, in suburban nashville, people are get iting
12:37 pm
back in to see how bad it is. then, it's the rebuilding process. 56 schools suffered some type of damage. some may not open until the fall and the biggest economic impact certainly in the eastern suburbs, opryland. 3,000 hotel rooms will be unavailable for several months. the whole complex is closed. that's 12% of the nashville hotel inventory and the grand ole opry, they're going to have to move their shows to two other venues. that's the first time since 1975. so although the sun is out and river is going back, the minute by minute here in the music city. >> thanks. breaking today, nissan will recall nearly 135,000 infinity g-35 models to fix an air bag problem. it involves coupes from 2005 to 2007 and sedans from '05 to '06.
12:38 pm
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the teen birthrate in the u.s. has dropped for the first the number of teenagers giving birth fell 2% from 2007 to 2008. the new statistics from the cdc also show older teens saw the biggest decline while those in we have more breaking news details on the bomb attack on times square. just now, nbc news has been able to confirm that this is the the times square attack. faisal shahzad. now, the questions about whether he was linked to a pakistani militant training camp and there have been arrests made in pakistan. for that part of the story, let's go to nbc news producer,
12:42 pm
carol gri tan sanity. who's on the ground there. what are you learning about the visit to pakistan? >> we know that tonight, officials have arrested five suspects believed to be facilitators of shahzad while in pakistan. they may have helped#l$ñ him ge a training camp outside of peshawar where he may have received militant training. we think shahzad probably drove to karachi last year with a friend. they went by road, which would have been a 24-hour car trip for them at least, but it would have left no trace. the training camp where they are rumored to have received militant training is run by the taliban in a village in the northwest of the country. tonight, the government has formed an eight-member investigating team to probe further into shahzad's activities, where he went, who else he met.
12:43 pm
they will report to the prime minister in eight days. >> carol grisanti, thank you for those details. we have more details from connecticut. is associated press says investigators at the home of the bombing suspect have taken away from the home, a firework box among other evidence. we are hearing from peter alexander, that they found their search was very fruitful in finds explosives that tie directly to the car bomb that would have gone off in times square. the detail is that there's a box labeled silver salutes, fireworks similar0bvhi to the m that were among the containers of gasoline meant to explode in new york city saturday night. the lacrosse member says the death of his girlfriend is a tragic accident.
12:44 pm
22-year-old yeardley love, a star of the women's lacrosse team was found dead in her bed yesterday. her boyfriend, 22-year-old george huguely, is charged with her murder and the campus in shock. >> until more information comes available, it is our hope that no conclusions already drawn or judgments made about george or his case. however, we are confident that ms. love's death was not intended. >> norah o'donnell is there. what do police say? >> they say they found yeardley love in her bed face down. they turned her over and she had obvious signs of trauma. this was about 2:15 in the morning. and police focused in on her
12:45 pm
boyfriend. a player on the lacrosse team, and then he was arrested hours lat later. that was at a 1"uár' morning. bond has not be set. that has been reset for june because all the evidence is not in. his lawyer saying that it was essentially an accident. one person tweeted to me, if it was an accident, why didn't he call the police in the middle of the night. so already, a lot of people  this story. this campus is shocked. happened. yeardley love was described by friends as an angel. she was smart, she was beautiful, a star lacrosse player. we spoke with her lacrosse coach at her high school who said she was the laughter of the team. many people clearly mourning her loss. her mother and family is also here on the campus.
12:46 pm
>> thank you for the update. right now on msnbc, bobby jindal just wrapped up his news conference, updating reporters on the oil slick creeping its way toward that gulf coast state. he says they are setting up primary lines of defense along the louisiana coastline in areas vulnerable to the oil and that the state is going to do everything it can to protect the coast and that's it's not going to wait for the ka value from the federal government. 6800 square miles of federal waters now are closed to fishing and from the mouth of the mississippi river to florida's pensacola bay, you're looking at real problems for the industry. louisiana has a $3 billion seafood industry. that's what darren rovell is here to talk about. dylan -- darren, what are you already talking about in terms of how consumer prices could be
12:47 pm
affected by this oil slick? >> well, right now, we're told that there's not really an affect in the prices. one of the reasons is there's the national restaurant association says that 75% of louisiana's catch is in beds west of mississippi, outside the range of the oil slick at this point and darden restaurants,aá which owns red lobster, tells us a lot of the deep water fish they have is closer to florida and outside the range. so right now, it's good news, but might be too early to tell. >> keeping our eye on it. thanks a lot. taking a look at key events, in an hour, bp officials will brief house members and staff on the oil spill. that will be held behind closed doors. 15 minutes later, a judge will sentence the former producer who
12:48 pm
admitted to blackmailing david letterman. and in two hours,=lú[ doctors w update on bret michaels' condition. and we'd like to welcome our we are now live in kenya, tanzania and south africa on top tv, so welcome to you, or maybe i should say -- hello. [ male announcer ] mix it. blend it. sprinkle it. sweet! [ female announcer ] just about anywhere you use sugar you can use splenda® no calorie sweetener.
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following breaking news. on the right, you're seeing the times square bomb suspect, faisal shahzad, who is now being linked with five other associates in pakistan. they have been arrested. there are questions about his military training in a taliban training camp, al-qaeda training camp. on the left side of your screen, you can see the justice department getting ready to updatemoá2[p reporters on what know in this case. we'll take that when it happens.
12:52 pm
we're also following breaking news on wall street where the markets are down across the board. the dow industrials down more than 250 points. the s&p as you can see, there you're seeing it, 223 points now. the s&p is off 27. nasdaq down 76. carmen wong ulrich joins me now. what's causing big drops? >> we saw huge gains on monday. we're seeing theñ&ñ" opposite n. greece got its own form of a bailout. 15 countries pulling together at a $144 billion aid package. the rumors are it's not going to be enough because spain looks like it may be next. the prime minister had said that the prime minister had said that is not theç)rb the rumor is that spain is going to need over $300 billion of at bailout and portugal may be next. spain's debt has been downgraded a bit and their unemployment
12:53 pm
rate is at 20%. >> what does this spell out for the future of the markets? are we heading for another nose dive? >> we also see of course the chinese real estate market, too. that's something pending there. the commercial real estate market here at home looks like there's going to be a lot of troublevuñuy in the next comin months. this is probably going to be a correction through the summer, but a deep dive, we doubt that. >> we were talking about home prices today. >> we got the news that preexisting home sales went up over 5% from march. it's fueled by the tax credit. that's part of the problem. we have to see what's going to happen in april and may. that's what we're going to want to see in terms of housing. >> thanks a lot. we continue to follow the breaking news details. four men, one woman arrested in pakistan. associates apparently of the primary suspect in the times
12:54 pm
square failed bombing attempt. that wraps up this hour for me. to at noon eastern. on "andrea mitchell reports," coverage of the news conference from the justice department on the terror arrests. hey -- who's our best presentation guy? carl.
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breaking news on "andrea mitchell reports." from the justice dmt, attorney general eric holder and other officials will be releasing me details on the arrest of the suspect in the times square bomb attempt. president obama spoke this morning saying that justice will be done. >> we will not be terrorized. we will not cower in fear, we intimidated. we will be vigilant and work together to ensure the country safe and prosperous for our people.
12:58 pm
>> pakistani police have arrested four men and one woman believed to be linked to the bomb attempt.j64aa authorities have arrested 30-year-old suspect, faisal shahzad, after stopping his plane from taking off at jfk asht heading to dubai. i'm joined by jonathan dooent and roger cressey. let's talk first about the developments overnight at jfk. michael sheehan in new york, they turned the plane around as he was heading to dubai, obviously making an escape. tell us what we know about that and what happened with the bordering custom official turned the plane around. >> this guy had spent several
12:59 pm
months in pakistan and was obviously going back where he thought he would be welcomed as a hero back there, but fortunately, nypd and fbi got the lead on this guy, were able to track him down, found out he bought a ticket and got there in time to turn him around. jonathan is joining us from wnbc. you've been all over the story since it brokenqa=npwl saturday sunday morning. what can you tell us about the reports that he has acknowledged his involvement with the car, the suv and with the failed7sñp bomb? >> the best information we have is that he's made some sort of admissions and there's been numerous reports about that, that he acted alone. but clearly, investigators now convinced. there are reports coming in from overseas that pakistani authorities have rounded up from two to eight people in connection with this investigation. as for him, he drove to the ai


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