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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  June 29, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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suburbs of several major american cities. hello, everyone, i'm chris jansing and right now tropical storm alex is on the verge of becoming the first hurricane of the season. it's expected to slam into the texas coast this evening. what might the impact be on the gulf oil spill? maria, what can we expect? >> it really is a massive storm, even though it's just a tropical storm, alex right now, encompassing the whole gulf of mexico with it's cloud cover. we do have winds topping out at 70 miles an hour, it is moving to the northwest at 13 miles an hour. and that is a little bit faster than the last advisory and the pressure has dropped just a little bit. but as i mentioned, we're talking about how impressive this looks on the satellite and you can see the cloud bands stretching all the way to the gulf coast and that center of circulation right now over very
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warm and toasty water, that's why we fully expect this to develop into a hurricane, strengthen into a hurricane, perhaps as early as the next advisory. of course, longside that problem with the hurricane itself or the thunderstorm itse tropical storm itself we have to consider that oil spill. right now the trek of alex is far away from the oil spill. but it is definitely going to impact. we have tides two to three feet above normal in that area. as persistent winds continue out of the southeast at about 15 to 30 miles an hour. now over the next couple of hours, we'll continue to watch tropical storm alex move to the west-northwest and we expect it to make landfall sometime late wednesday into early on thursday. as a hurricane of course with winds between 75 and 90 miles an hour.
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back to you. >> thanks, maria. as far as this storm, of course you just heard it's heading west, it's going away from the spill site, but maria said it, kicking up wind and waves and that's forced bp and the coast guard to send skimming boats back to shore until the storm passes. vice president biden has been visiting residents and business owners along the gulf today as the economic impact continues to grow. bp says it's paid a $69 million bill from the government for oil spill recovery efforts. the company also says it's working on a backup plan in case the relief wells are not successful. count former president bill clinton among those who say we should consider blowing up the well. he's not talking about using a nuclear weapon, but rather a conventional bomb that would cover the well with piles of rock and debris. and we're keeping a close eye on the markets right now, we have seen the dow drop below the
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10,000 marc. it comes after a report showing low consumer confidence. the down down 250 points, the s&p and the nasdaq in negative territory as well. we're going to continue to keep our eye on wall street for you. well, today republicans hit elena kagan with their best shot. the toughest questions for the supreme court nominee is about the military. >> i it's unconnected to reality. i know what happened at harvard, i know you were an outspoken leader against military policy. >> there were some fireworks today. >> reporter: there were fireworks, the leading republican on the senate judiciary committee, you just saw him jeff sessions repeatedly interrupting elena kagan on that
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issue of her briefly barring military recruiters from harvard law school when she was dean of that school. in fact senator sessions accused elena kagan of punishing the military, of treating them like second class citizens. elena kagan defended herself vigorously and she said at no point during her tenure as teen did she restrict the pentagon recruiters from harvard law school students. listen. >> in the short period of time senator sessions, that the military had that access through the veterans organization, military recruiting actually went up. but i also felt a need to protect our -- to defend our school's very long standing anti-discrimination policy and to protect the men and women, the students who were meant to be protected by that policy, the gay and lesbian student who is wanted to serve in the military. >> what she's referencing is
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those military recruiters were barred from the office of career services and were moved to veteran's services but as she said, actually recruiting went up during that period. sessions was not pleased with her response on that. another big issue today was trying to determine her judicial philosophy. she has said that she would be modest in her interpretation of the law. but she was asked at one point if she was a legal progressive. and she said i don't know what that term means. at another point she was asked by a democrat, herb kohl what her passions are. that caused some giggling in the crowd, because she said thurgood marshall's passion was women's rights. she sort of didn't answer the question, she said she will look at the cases case by case by case, those have been the big
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flash points today and you see some of the questioning going on now as each of the senators getting their opportunity to talk to the senator, where of course senator graham interesting coming up and senator specter as well because senator specter as you may recall voted against elena kagan when she was solicitor general. and you see speck tore now beginning that questioning. >> all right, thank you, nora. norah o'donnell at the capital for us. just next door at the dishi dirkson building, confirmation hearings for general david petraeus to head the war in afghanistan. despite that quick action, the -- lawmakers grilled the general about the rules of engagement, the ability of the afghan army to stand up and fight and the timetable for bringing americans home. >> the vice president of the united states has been quoted in a book widely published in the united states which i'm sure the
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enemy can have access to that come july 2011 we're going to be leaving in large numbers, you can bet on it. is he right? >> secretary gates has said i believe in testimony that he never heard vice president biden say that remark. >> he's saying one thing to one person allegedly and he's saying another thing to you and they don't reconcile themselves and that's exactly my point. it depends on who you seem to be talking to. >> jim miklaszewski is live at the pentagon, and i know you've been watching this all day. >> everybody knew going in that general petreaus would be confirmed almost immediately by the senate armed services committee and the full senate expected to confirm his nomination to become the top military commander in afghanistan before the end of the week so general petreaus can head over to afghanistan as the new commander, also before the end of the week. but you'll notice how deftally
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general petraeus answered some of the questions. general mcchrystal felt oblige blijed to answer some of the questions when joe openly -- joe bide on's take on the general for afghanistan. so if nothing else, general petreaus is more politically adept and quick on his feet. but general petreaus was also forthright about how difficult the road ahead was going to be in the short-term. and he said it's a far cry, really, from iraq, because you're starting at a baseline of zero in afghanistan, they don't have the kind of infrastructure, a widespread national central government and the like, so he didn't make any bones about that. but he was also optimistic that there could be some progress in
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afghanistan by july of next year. not to withdraw huge numbers of troops, but to at least begin a process to hand over control and security, the responsibility for security to the afghans, but nobody has any doubts that u.s. military forces are going to be in afghanistan probably for the next four to five years. >> and then another topic about the headache that is afghanistan, let me ask you what you know about this "wall street journal" report that claims more than $3 billion was illegally shipped to the airport in kabul. just in the last three years. >> i have been -- i had a couple of extended stays in afghanistan and then an opportunity to talk to many government officials actually who confirmed to me that large amounts of money were being sent out of the country, they claim indirectly by president hamid karzai and some of his brothers, most of that money going to dubai, the only
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satisfaction that some u.s. officials in afghanistan had was that the karzai family, according to these sources now had invested huge amounts of money in the dubai real estate market which like most real estate markets around the world crashed. >> jim miklaszewski at the pentagon. next on msnbc, the cold war is back, russians accused of living among us in our midst. how much was our national security at risk? >> this right here is only the form to let the world know that two helicopters are ready to fight. >> the man who was hoping to capture osama bin laden says his fight isn't finished yet. casting call. dove kicks off it's real beauty campaign. so why are they looking for models with flawless skin. do you know people who act like prime mates, now there's a
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we're keeping an eye on elena kagan's supreme court confirmation hearings. she's been facing questions from the senate judiciary committee all day long. this session is expected to last throughout the week. listen up, invisible lysibl coded messages and it reads like a robert ludlum novel. they're suspected of spying for russia in an effort to learn more about u.s. weapons an diplomatic policy, although it's
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unclear if they were able to collect actionable intelligence despite years under cover. thanks for being was. this does sound sort of james bondy, they're married couples with children. are you surprised? >> i'm not surprised. this is classic trade craft. it has worked for generations and it will work for generations to come. these kind of brush by passes to deliver information, i'm going to hold the magazine in m left hand if our meeting is in danger and we should wave off the meeting, it happens because it works, and also it happens because once we're on to people we know to listen to those things. i think the fbi really deserves a big hand for busting this plot. >> these people were trying to infiltrate u.s. policy circles. what does that mean. >> there are people who were working out of new york city who had campaign donors who had
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access to political campaign figures and they were hoping to exert influence if they could through those campaign donations. the reset button that we thought he had with the russians, the russians and chinese are some of the biggest threats that we have when it comes to espionage. we have to remember that russia still poses a strategic threat to the united states. >> who are these people? what is their background? >> what's starting to come out now is that one of the ladies in the plot seems have done several op-ed pieces where she railed against america, often disgruntled people with an ax to grind against their own government are very easy to turn for foreign espionage services to grab them and use them. although some of these people have been sent from russia and provided with a lot of money. i have seen some of the figures for the expenses in boston, the rent and the going out to dinner
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and things like that. it sounds like it might be a combination of russians who were sent here and americans who were turned to become operatives. >> who is running these options? >> this is probably their external group. this is a big embarrassment for our country, this comes right on the heels of a very high level meeting, obviously between medvedev and president obama. this is a big slap in the face for us and i hope that our national security structure is going to get behind the president and is going to forcefully address this. because when it comes to our national security, it's not a partisan issue, it's an american issue and this hurts all americans. >> we just got this information, a spokesman for the justice department says that the reason they arrested these -- the fbi arrested them on sunday is partly because one of the suspects was scheduled to leave the country. does that say to you he may have had some actionable intelligence? does it say to you that maybe
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they were on to the fact that we were on to them? >> i think if the fbi pulled the trigger, it meant that they had no other choice. if this person got out of the country and was able to pass on certain information, we have two choices, grab that person on the plane, but if we do that and the person is not met on the other size, then the ring would have been shut down. if they needed to pull the trigger, that was the right thing to do, i'm confident of that. >> real life experience and the new book is "foreign influence." a teen sailor who was stranded in the indian ocean finally made it back around the world, but not the way she planned. plus hunting bin laden, the man who was hunting the world's most wanted man says he's ready to giver it another shot. time for your business entrepreneur of the week. matt moman was on a plane he he
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sir? finding everything okay?
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stores in new york city, including this shoe shop. and she hid her identity with a cat mask. the store manager says he has the surveillance saps so stay tuned when we get that. of course we'll bring it to you immediately. next in oregon, divorce papers are ramping up speculation in the case of the missing 7-year-old. kyron horman's stepmother is not officially a suspect, but now the boy's father is divorcing her and is getting a restraining order. good thing it wasn't rush hour when this happened. a 120-foot bridge girder slammed on to clear view park way when a truck suddenly lost the cargo and lost control. and that's not a place that's very good during rush hour even without that mess. the guy that's being called rocky mountain "rambo" is getting his 15 minutes of fame. 50-year-old garry faulkner who was detained when he went to
3:23 pm
find the terrorism mastermind. he says he's still ready to find osama bin laden. >> how many times have you launched this mix to go to pakistan to find osama bin laden? >> they have the airlines going as seven times, but i also tried a couple times on a boat. two different boats. >> the colorado resident was arrested while trying to enter afghanistan, carrying a sword, a pistol and a bible. 19 days ago, a 25-foot wave detained 16-year-old abby sunderland and her dream of sailing around the world solo. the wave and the storms snapped the ship's mast leaving her stranded, you'll recall, in the indian ocean, but finally today, she woke up in herr own bed and said she is proud of the 12,000 nautical miles she was able to cover, although of course disappointed, she didn't meet her goal. beyonce, oprah, angelina jolie, who do you think is the
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world's most powerful celebrity? notice i didn't mention any guys. we'll tell you who made forbes prestigious list. elena kagan's confirmation hearing wasn't all business today, take a look at this lighter moment between the supreme court nominee and senator dianne feinstein. >> now i want to have a little heart to heart talk with you if i might. i come at the subject -- >> just you and me. >> just you and me and nobody else. >> don't anybody in the room listen. [ tires screech ] [ female announcer ] when business travel leaves you drained, re-charge with free high-speed internet and free hot breakfast. comfort suites. power up. two times with comfort suites or any choice hotel, you can feed a family of four. book now at to start earning your $50 restaurant gift card.
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market selloffs. u.s. markets fell further on news that u.s. consumer confidence fell sharply last month. the standard and poors index shows home prices jumped unexpectedly in april but much of that is attributed to the government's tax credits which have since expired. that is it from cnbc for now, chris it's back to you. here's a look at your top stories this tuesday afternoon. in about ten minutes, president obama will be meeting with the constitutional hispanic congress to discuss the possibility of overhauling federal immigration laws. meanwhile the u.s. is preparing to send 500 national guard troops to the southern border by late august. bp reportedly is going to prime the bump at struggling gas stations bearing its name. some stations have been feeling
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the pretty significant effects of a boycott of bp. in the tennis tale of two sisters at wimbeldon. serena williams advanced, but her older sister fell to a bulgarian who's ranked 82nd. and a final farewell for former basketball legend manute boll, he died earlier this month from complications from kidney failure. governor sam brown of kansas held a tribute that was held at washington's national cathedral. and on capitol hill today, general david petreaus was repeatedly questioned about president obama's 2011 exit date for u.s. troops to leave afghanistan. general petreaus is the
3:30 pm
president's choice for the top commander in afghanistan. >> it is important to note the president's reminder in recent days that july 2011 will mark the beginning of a process, not date where the u.s. heads for the exits and turns out the lights. as he explained this past sunday, in fact, we'll need to provide assistance to afghanistan for a long time to come. retired u.s. army colonel jack jacobs, he is also an msnbc military analyst. did you hear anything today that clarified for the american people when we're going to be out of afghanistan? >> no, not at all and i think it was designed not to be very specific about what we were going to do and how we were going to act. i do think that general petreaus was at least as animated as i have ever seen him. i think he had something of -- in previous testimony he's very cerebral, very matter of fact and so on. he was much more animated,
3:31 pm
sensse centorian, at least that he's up to the task. i haven't heard anything new that focuses on how long we're really going to be there. you we're going to start withdrawing troops in july of 2011, what kind of troops they're going to be, probably support troops and some combat troops, and how many are going to be left, probably going remain. >> if combat troops are going to start leaving in 2011. what are we looking at realistically, do you think? best-case scenario? >> i think we're going to look at concentrations of troops, small concentration of troops in kabul, largest concentrations and lots of mobile training troops in kandahar and in helmand province and along the border in pakistan, you can probably find lots more special forces and special options
3:32 pm
forces. about nine months ago, president obama committed himself to the number of special oechlgss forces and that's where they're going and it's interesting know that the large majority of infantry troops killed in afghanistan, have not been killed by conventional forces, but by special operations forces t kind we're going to increase in afghanistan. >> i need to ask you about this report that the u.s. military has overestimated just how effective the security forces are in afghanistan and that comes from the office of special inspector general. what does that mean for all of this? >> it means we're going to be there and as general pet they you said today, we're going to be there, there are some afghan troops, they're coming along slowly, the police are terrible, it's going to take a long time to get any of these guys up to speed in sufficient force so that we can really justify leaving there all together. unless the congress says otherwise, we're going to be there a long time.
3:33 pm
residents along the gulf coast are waiting to see what impact hurricane alex is going to have. nbc nightly news anchor brian williams is back in the area, he's anchoring his broadcast live from the gulf coast again tonight. here's his report from copens cola, florida. >> monday night we were in a different situation, they were talking correctly so about the end of a culture, the end of a ways of life. one man said he's worked all of his life in three occupations t oil business, shrimp and oysters. he used the word harmony for how they have all interrelated for years and decades. we took a sea plane from venice, louisiana, to pensacola, florida last night. just to give you some
3:34 pm
orientation, there's the pensacola beach water tower in the shape of a beach ball, you see all the condos, hotels, very familiar along the sea here, by the way, jimmy buffet chose this week to open his new hotel in pensacola, can you believe the unfortunate timing? again, it's all about tourism here. so you wake up in your high-rise, you look down the beach and what you can see is the brown sheen. comes in with the tide. that's all oil. it just warbles up and down the sand. you see the first shift of the day of cleanup crews out here, but then you get down to ground level. you look at this. this is, you know, we have seen a million of these in our coverage, this is what we're talking about. these flapjacks of oil, it's -- you can bend it, this will heat up in the daytime sun, it's all
3:35 pm
part of the firmament now of the oil, it's mixed in kind of makes a matt of seaweed and incoming tar balls. and the cleanup crews like this one, right adjacent to us here, working in teams of five people, plastic bags, look, it may not be the most efficient, it may not be the most productive, at least over here in pensacola, they don't have do wear those tyvex suits that are incredibly hot, where they have to take long breaks for every ten minutes they do work. that is a net gain, that's oil that will be taken in bags to a registered landfill. the problem is the incoming tide, new oil. we have got enough oil in the gulf for this to go on of course for months and what is pensacola famous for? white sandy beaches, we almost hate to come on the air from a new location and say this,
3:36 pm
knowing how much of the tax base the economy depends on tourism. this is one of the most beautiful beaches in north america. it always will be, it's going through a very rough period right now. where a kind of brownish-black color of bad news arrives when the sun comes up every day. chris, this is the story in microchasm, everywhere you go, you'll find something different, but you'll find two things, oil and/or the fear of incoming oil along the gulf of mexico. >> just a reminder again that brian will anchor nbc nightly news live from the gulf coast tonight. oprah winfrey has taken back her crown. the queen of talk is back at the top spot of the forbes list of most powerful celebrities. last year she was bumped by angelina jolie. you want to take a guess at how much oprah winfrey earned last
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now when you open and fund an account, you'll get 200 commission-free trades. fidelity investments. turn here. ♪ supreme court nominee elena kagan, this is a live picture, lindsay graham is questioning her now. let's take a listen. >> you represent the united states government for the supreme court, right. >> i do. >> let's shift gears here. and you had to get confirmed for this body for that job? do you remember that confirmation process? >> i do. >> do you remember me? >> i do remember you. >> do you remember when i asked you, are we at war and you said? >> yes. >> okay. >> now that is a bold statement to make but an accurate
3:41 pm
statement. who are we at war with and what does that mean in terms of this nation's legal policy? >> well, we're at war with al qaeda and the taliban. and under the aumf, the president has a wide range of authorities with respect to those groups. >> now under domestic criminal law as we know it today, is there any provisions in our domestic criminal law that would allow you to hold someone indefinitely without trial? >> not that i know of, senator graham. >> and quite frankly, they shouldn't be, should they? >> new orleans. -- no, sir. >> i feel as though we're doing this again. an instant replay. >> we're doing this again, and i hope we get the same answers, that will help you a lot if we do, and if we don't, we'll have a problem. >> there have been some interesting exchanges and some smiles and chuckles from elena kagan while she really just
3:42 pm
begin this is process as she continues on through the week. there's been some heated exchanges today. we're continuing to listen to that process on capitol hill. we also want to talk about what's going on on the texas coast. the must havess there right now. people are getting ready for hurricane alex. south padre mayor bob pinkerton joins us now. i understand that there's been sandbagging, how are emergency preparations going? >> everything's going very good, we are doing the berms, thank you for having us, as a matter of fact, we have been preparing construction sites and making sure that anything that's loose gets tied down and we're just waiting for it to get here which i understand will be around 7:00 tomorrow afternoon.
3:43 pm
>> and what are you hearing about how damaging this storm could possibly be? >> it's due to hit about 75 miles south of brownsville and assuming it does that and stays on that course or further south, we're going to get some pretty high tides, three to five surge on top of about eight foot waves. we do have a very wide beach with a good sand dune makeup. so i feel pretty comfortable that we're not going to be in trouble with it. it's just something we're going have to see through it. and be prepared for any emergency we may have. >> so given the timeline right now, you feel confident that you're going to be able to get all those emergency preparations done before the storm hits? >> oh, absolutely. we jumped ahead of this about three days ago and started making the preparations. so i think we're in very good shape to handle alex and be back in business by friday for the fourth of july weekend. >> and let me just say what's going on behind you, it looks
3:44 pm
like there's some pretty big waves, is that typical? >> during this kind of an event, it is typical. and actually we have had this kind of waves when ike passed us and went on ahead and hit up in houston, so we're still in pretty good shape. we're a couple of hundred, 300 yards from any properties with a good sand dune line. so we're in pretty good shape for this storm. >> are you telling people to get out of any areas of the island. >> we had a mandatory evacuation for high-profile vehicle. all others are a voluntary relocation for any folks that feel very uncomfortable with an event coming, the storm. so hoern other than that, we have no mandatory evacuation. >> so are we going to see you turn and get in that nice piece of machinery as you soon as you say goodbye to us?
3:45 pm
>> yes. >> the mayor is going to be doing the work t heavy lifting there, thank you, mayor bob pinkerton and thank you to all you your folks down there. cnbc is reporting that democrats right now are frantically trying to craft a proposal to get senator bob brown on board for the financial reform. he said a tax was added in the dead of night without hearing or analysis. brown would have provided a critical republican vote, especially with the death of democratic senator robert byrd. nbc's kelly o'donnell gjoins us from capitol hill. could brown just be the first to fall? >> reporter: brown was certainly a very big profile for someone who's pulling away from this financial reform legislation because earlier in the process so much was done to try to get his vote.
3:46 pm
today he sent a letter to the top two democrats on the committee responsible for this legislation saying that because of a change that was made after the senate voted originally, it's something where they were try to marry what was done in the house and the natt, he couldn't support it. now with the passing of senator robert byrd, senator harry reid just doesn't have the numbers. so brown is saying he's a no. we're also waiting to hear from senators collins and snowe from maine. but important to know, chris, there are also a couple of democrats who aren't on board, russ feingold of wisconsin and maria cantwell of washington state. they're really in trouble here, they thought they would be able to get this knocked out before the fourth of july holiday and be able to go home to their states and districts and talk about trying to curb some of the excesses of wall street. they're going back to the
3:47 pm
drawing board and they're going to try to find maybe yet another compromise to get to that magic 60 votes. they don't have that right now, president obama says he believes it can get done and he doesn't believe the passing of robert byrd should have an impact. but it does come down to numbers and so far they don't have enough to get it through. >> thanks very much kelly, and i want to bring folks up to date, i got a note from luke russert, the house failed to pass a recent extension of unemployment benefits, what this would have done is extend unemployment through november of 2010, since the bill was voted on, it needed a 2/3 majority in order to pass, it didn't get it, republicans adamantly opposed the bill, they say it would add $33 billion to the deficit, so that update from luke russert on capitol hill. and also take a look at what's going on, when we came on the air, the dow was down a little over 250, now down 318
3:48 pm
points t s&p down 40, also a big drop in the nasdaq, down 95, we're going to get you up to date on that as well. you're watching msnbc. i'm a random windstorm. shaky! shaky! shaky! shaky! [ laughs ] shaky! shaky! [ gasps ] and if you named your own price on car insurance, you could be picking up this tab yourself. so get allstate. you could save some cash and be better protected from mayhem like me.
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get you updated on what's going on. on wall street, the dow down 2.5%. the nasdaq off more than 3.5%. continuing concerns about the economy in europe. consumer confidence numbers. there's also concern about the housing market. even though now the housing numbers look better. those numbers will continue to get worse as well. so a lot going on. we're keeping our eye on the stock market today. also on elena kagan's supreme court confirmation hearing. president obama's pick for the high court has been facing a lot of questions from members of the senate judiciary committee all day long. and she's expected to get
3:52 pm
questioned all throughout the week. now, down to the wire with an unusual photo with the queen of england. plus primal instincts. why some men franklyact like apes. hit the clock. first up, a funny side of the elena kagan hearings. at one point senator al franken looked like he was taking notes. here's what he was really doing. he was sketching a portiat of jeff sessions. good. queen elizabeth stepping out of a wigwam. this is halifax as she and prince phillip take a nine-day tour of canada. wigwam or not, she's always got the purse and the hat, right?
3:53 pm
they introduced the new spirit this month. claims of orders poring in. flush flush flush flush flush flush flush military power lighting up the skying over hawaii. they just release thd video last night. they say the missile test was a success. a man got into the england locker room after the june 18th match. then he gave an interview to britain's sunday mirror. police arrest ad reporter from the mirror saying he set the thing up. this makes type-a men act like chimps. a new study shows hormone changes bring out the primitive side of over achievers making them act like chimpanzees. seniors complain about how much tv young people watch, but
3:54 pm
turns out they watch more. adults over age 65 watch three times as much television as kids, and they say they generally enjoy it less. we want you to know, we love viewers of all ages. >> i'm not going to be gone long. >> done rush. you need to hunt. >> "twilight" fans on the hunt for movie tickets. the stars make their first appearance on forbe's most powerful celebrity list. >> could spongebob square paints help cure a deadly disease? no. but get this. a real one may help with malaria. university of central florida scientists are studying the drugs. and we have video of the first jaws sighting off massachusetts this summer.
3:55 pm
a boat caught this great white shark instead. it was tagged and released 25 miles off the coast. and dove's real beauty campaign is looking for, get this, real women with dplauless skin, nice bodies, not too curvy, not too athletic. real? where are they looking? and i'm way past the wire. i'm chris jansing. you can listen to msnbc on the go. dylan, what do you have coming up? >> today, something new for you. we're going to audit the war in afghanistan. general david petraeus saying today the war is worth the sacrifice. but is it really? what is the sacrifice? and where are your taxpayer dollars going every single day as you labor to make ends meet? $280 billion spent so far.
3:56 pm
1,125 american troops dead. longest war in american history. for what? we'll do that audit in just a second. plus, day two of fix it week here on the dr show. tackling our nation's energy crisis. you've heard of alternative sources for the future. there are many. but we have solutions you can start this afternoon. among our guests, oil man t. boone pickens and actor and environmentalist ed begley, jr. are more russian skies undercovering in our own country? everything from how congress works to allegations with iran. . stop it. hello? you spotted a million dollar accounting error that no one else noticed. that was pretty sweet. but you did have eight layers of sweet crunchy back up. what can i say? you're the man. or -- you know, the little dude. that's me. [ female announcer ] stop mid-morning hunger with kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats® cereal. an excellent source of fiber from 100% whole grain that helps you stay full, so you can stay focused.
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also, try chocolate little bites. so, how'd the meeting go? outstanding, i wowed them with my chocolate chip center.
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good afternoon to you. it is gut check time on the afghan war. let us tak


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