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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  August 9, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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colleges and universities who have had a lot of good success doing that. so we're waiting for president obama to speak at the university of texas. at the same time as we said, we are waiting to hear -- we actually have jonathan capehart now joining us from "the washington post." jonathan, how are you? >> hi, chris, how are you? >> what do you make of the president's visit in terms of policy and in terms of him as of this moment making the speech on education? do you think he'll be able to sell the idea that this is indeed an economic issue. >> well, this has been part of the president's message since the campaign trail. he has talked about this in many speeches that he's given, particularly in his first year in office. there's a particular line that i think he might reiterate in this speech, which is telling young people, if they give up on their education, if they drop out of school that they're giving up on their country, that it is
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imperative if the united states is to be competitive, it needs a workforce that is educated and that is able to meet the challenges of the 21st century. he points to particularly to china, you know, the economic power house, you know, the people there who are pushing in all sorts of areas where america used to be competitive in and now he's imploring young people and pretty much just about any american who is involved in education to push harder or push stronger. so i think, you know, people want the president to focus on jobs and the economy, and, you know, this administration and this president views education as being the bedrock of that principle. >> let me also bring in jay newton strong who is the washington correspondent for "time" magazine. the president's going to make points about exactly how many college graduates are going to be needed. i think the number is something like nearly eight in ten new
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jobs in the coming decade are going to require higher education. is this something that's going to resonate? >> what the president is trying to say is that we right now as a country amongst the developing world rates 12 in the 56 developing countries in the world. we need to add another 10 million college graduates over the next decade in order to bring our college graduate levels up to about 60% of the country in order to compete in what he calls the new economy. and he's tying this a lot to the economy. he's saying look, in the future to prevent the kind of downturns, we need to be better educat educated, we need to have a for service based economy rather than manufacturing and sort of more blue collar types of jobs. >> and the economic issue that he's going to take up in texas and that is fundraising and yet even the democratic candidate for governor, bill white is one of the democrats who will not be
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seen with him. tell us a little bit about the politics that go into texas? >> well, let's talk about texas, texas, the home of former president george w. bush, red state, the president is not popular around the country, particularly perhaps in texas, and so if you're a candidate, a democrat running for office and you are saddled with an unpopular president, it, you know, it isn't shocking that he wouldn't want to be there in that venue right now or anywhere near the president where there would be photographs of the two of them together. >> we should say that that is a live picture of president barack obama walking in and he will be saying hello and giving some greetings at the beginning, which we feel comfortable continuing to talk to you while he's doing that. jay, what about the money that he's going to raise here? where is it going to go? >> he's raising money for
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candidates both for senate and for congressional candidates, but i just wanted to make a note about what jonathan said, yes, he's not the most popular guy in texas right now, especially amongst texas democrats, but i think the subject matter is especially important here because education is one of the few issues which is actually still bipartisan with republicans and democrats really liking the president's policy on education, liking the race to the top, liking how he's taking on unions and teachers unions and such. this is the one speech that he could give in texas where texas democrats might not run away from him. >> and one of the things we're hearing is that he may actually be talking about a way to do student loans differently, right, jay, so that more of the money would go actually to student programs and less of it to banks who often serve as middle men in student loans? >> that was one of his campaign pledges was that he was going to get rid of the middle man and the private industry that are making money off these students and bring the system back into
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the federal government, and doing the loans directly to make it cheaper for students to go to college. he's going to do $60 billion worth of new pell grants to help students go to college and another $2 billion in loans for community colleges which he's announcing today and that's in addition to $10 million in teachers aid that the house is expected to pass tomorrow. he's got a lot of money into education and that's one of his big pushes from education. we want to go to hillary clinton, who's speaking about the murder of those aid workers in afghanistan. let's listen. >> medical care to impoverished avenue began villagers, they were doctors, dentists, translate fors and technicians and their missions was solely humanitarian and wholly independent from that of any government. before their deaths, they had spent several days treating cataracts and other eye conditions.
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at their next stop, they planned to run a dental clinic and offer maternal and infant health care. they were unharmed, they were not being paid for their services. they had traveled to this part of afghanistan because they wanted to help people in need. they winter guests of the afghan people. at least two of the americans had worked in afghanistan for more than 30 years. they had worked under soviet occupation, they had worked under the most difficult circumstances of internal conflict, among various sectors of the country, led by warlords and they had worked under the taliban time. but according to the taliban, they were stopped on a remote road, led into a forest, robbed and killed. we are heart broken by the loss
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of these heroic, generous people. and we condemn in the strongest possible terms these vicious murders. we also condemn the taliban's transparent attempt to justify the unjustifiable by making false accusations about these aid workers' activities in afghanistan. terror has no religion. and these acts are rejected by people all over the world. including by countless muslims here in our country, in afghanistan and everywhere else. as president obama said in cairo, the koran teaches that taking one innocent life is like killing all humanity. and saving one innocent life is like saving all humanity. with these murders, the taliban have showed us yet another example of the lengths to which they will go to advance their twisted idea lodge.
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ideology. members of the taliban have assassinated tribal elders, thrown acid in the face of young girls on the way to or from school and earlier this summer, they accused of a 7-year-old boy of being a spy and then hanged him. the murdered medical volunteers as well as the volunteers from many nations and the international coalition working to establish stability in afghanistan represent exactly what the taliban stands against. a future of peace, freedom, opportunity and openness. in which all afghans can live and work together in safety, free from terror. that is what the government and people of afghanistan are working to achieve, that is what we are working to help them to achieve.
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as determined as the extremists are to spread their destructive view of the wor, the afghan people along with their partners, including the united states are determined to stop them. so as we mourn the loss of these brave aid workers, we will continue with our own efforts and we will be inspired by their heroism, their compassion and their love for the afghan people. richard? >> thank you, madam secretary. i would be happy to take any specific questions you want. >> how do you change -- thank you, how do you change the mindset -- >> we're going to go away from the state department, again, hillary clinton calling the ten who were killed, the responsibility being claimed by the taliban, including six
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americans heroic and generous, there's a lot of concern in aid organizations that this represents a change in afghan policy. they have generally left aid workers alone because they were doing work in areas where no one else could or would. actually the number of attacks against aid workers in the last year have gone down because of fears they have gone into less volatile areas. in the meantime let's go back to texas, the president of the united states with an address on education. >> i have called for doubling our exports within the next five years, so that we're not just buying from other countries, i want us to sell to other countries. we have talked -- renewable energy by 2012 because i'm absolutely convinced that if we
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control the clean energy future, then our economic future will be bright. building solar panels and wind turbines and biodiesel and i want us to produce 8 million more college graduates by 2020. because america has to have the highest share of graduates compared to every other nation. but texas, i want you to know, we have been slipping. in a single generation, we have fallen from first place to 12th place in college graduation rates for young adults. think about that, in one generation we went from number one to number 12. that's unacceptable, but it's not irreversible. we can retake the lead.
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if we're serious about making sure america's workers and america itself succeeds in the 21st century, the single most important step we can take is make -- is to make sure that every one of our young people here in austin, here in texas, here in the united states of america has the best education that the world has to offer. that's the number one thing we can do. now, when i talk about education, people say, well, you know what? right now, we're going to this tough time, we have emerged from the worst recession since the great aggression, so mr. president, you should only focus on jobs, on economic issues, and
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what i have tried to explain to people, i said this at the national urban league this week. education is an economic issue. education is the economic issue of our time. it's an economic issue when the unemployment rate for folks who have never gone to college is almost double what it is for those who have gone to college. education is an economic issue when nearly eight in ten new jobs will require workforce training or a higher education by the end of this decade. education is an economic issue when we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the countries that outeducate us today they will outcompete us tomorrow. the single most important thing we can do is to make sure we have got a world class education system for everybody.
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that is a prerequisite for prosperity. it is an obligation that we have for the next generation. and here's the interesting thing, austin. the fact is, we know what to do to offer our children's the best education possible. we know what works. it's just we're not doing it. and so what i have said is, let's get busy. let's get started. we can't wait another generation. we can't afford to let our young people waste their most formative years. that's why we need to set up an early learning fund to challenge our states and make sure our young people, our children are entering kindergarten ready for success. that's something we got to do.
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we can't accept anything but the best in america's classrooms and that's why we launched an initiative called race to the top where we are challenging states to strengthen their commitment to excellence and hire outstanding teachers and train wonderful principles and create superior schools with higher standards and better assessments and we're already seeing powerful results across the country. but we also know that in the coming decades, a high school diploma's not going to be enough. folks need a college degree, they need workforce training, they need a higher education. and so today, i want to talk about the higher education strategy that we're pursuing. not only the lead the world once more in college graduation rates, but to make sure our graduates are ready for a career, ready to meet the challenges of a 21st century
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economy. part one of our strategy is to make college more affordable. i suspect that that's something you're all interested in. i don't have to tell you why this is so important. many of you are living each day with worries about how you're going to pay off your student loans. and we all know why. even as family incomes have been essentially flat over the past 30 years, college costs have grown higher and higher and higher and higher. they have gone up faster than housing, gone up faster than transportation, they have even gone up faster than health care costs and that's saying something. so it's no wonder that the amount student borrowers owe has risen almost 25% just over the
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last five years. think about that. just in the last five years. the debt of students has gone up 25%. >> and this isn't some abstract policy. jonathan, what's this setting up for in terms of action in washington, in terms of congressional action, in terms of bills, what are we looking at coming out of this speech? >> i think the president has he said just a second ago, it's almost as if we had a mind meld, is that the president has been pushing all along for a long time that education is the bedrock of america's economic viability, america's economic future. and so, you know, he has made it one of his many pillars to ensure that the american people get to college, that college is affordable, that they're able to
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access loans and pay them off and that they are trained for the jobs that america's going to need to push forward into the 21st century. he talked about how, you know, renewable energy is something that he wants to do and that america should be in the forefront of but right now a lot of those jobs are in china. wind and solar and all of those things that we, we meaning the american government and in particular in the senate with climate change legislation, trying to get up and running so the american people can take advantage of those jobs, they're not going anywhere, so the president uses just about everyish possible to bring it back to the kpeconomy and whilet may seem like it's coming out of left field when people are focused on jobs and the economy, in his speech in the portion that was shown, education ask a bedrock of that economic -- of his economic policies.
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>> and so, jay, where does he go from here? where does he take us from here? as you pointed out, this is an issue that polls well with both republicans and democrats, everybody wants their kids to have an opportunity for an education. but how do you make that happen? >> well, that's sort of why he's talking about this today is because he wants to talk about and highlight his administration's investment in education, his $60 billion in new pell grants that they have put aside since he's become president, $2 billion for community colleges. he's trying to say, this is our investment in the future, essentially. this is the way that we are going to protect the economy moving forward, not just in the short-term, but in the long-term. and, as i said before, the house is going to tomorrow vote on another $10 billion in teachers aid to the states to avoid the layoffs of 107,000 teachers across the country. that too is something he's expected to highlight,
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encouraging the house to pass this legislation as soon as possible so that it can be signed into law. all of this ties back into as much as they can the economy because frankly the main issue in the fall will be the economy and jobs. so it's everything that comes back to that. >> jane newton small, jonathan capehart, thanks to both of you. and a special programming note, don't miss making the grade, this is an msnbc special present facing on the challenges of the school system, that's sunday noon eastern only here on msnbc. and still ahead, we're going to get the latest on the deadly attack on humanitarian workers in afghanistan, more on what secretary of state hillary clinton had to say just moments ago. and then breaking news in the man hunt for a pair of dangerous inmates who escaped in arizona. police say they have had a major break in the case, happened just a short time ago, we'll get you up to speed on that. and from ground zero and beyond. protests over proposed mosques and community centers popping up all across the country, msnbc back in three.
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the aid members who were killed in afghanistan. six were americans. the taliban has claimed responsibility for this despicable act of wanton violence. these men and women were in the region to deliver free medical care to impoverished afghan villagers, they were doctors, dentists, translators and technicians and their mission was solely humanitarian and wholly independent from that of any government. >> secretary of state hillary clinton just moments ago with a strong reaction to the killings of those ten aid workers in afghanistan, six americans among them. the taliban as she said has claimed responsibility.
3:25 pm
they say medical workers were actually spies who were trying to spread christianity. the head of the charity that organized the relief mission says despite it, there are no plans to bull out of afghanistan. >> ngo has worked here for well over four decades and there was a time when security was much worse than it is right now. as long as we're welcome here, we will stay and continue to serve the people of afghanistan. >> i have been reading a lot about the international aid agencies and they all seem at this point to want to stay in afghanistan, they question in fact the taliban's claim of responsibility, the taliban has generally in the past had sort of a tacit agreement to leave aid workers alone because they did work in areas where other people wouldn't or couldn't go.
3:26 pm
is there a question in your mind as to whether this is the work of the taliban? >> there is. it seems to me this is probably a group of what you would call bandits who are claiming they are taliban or it's a small element that belongs to the taliban that's claiming this to achieve notoriety or to achieve some type of public outreach. but in my mind, there's no connection between whoever did this heinous act and the taliban our troops are fighting every day in southern afghanistan as well as other parts of eastern afghanistan. there's no linkage between the two. and that's one thing i hope people understand. the taliban is a very, very broad group, it's composed of seemingly infinite number of local groups, many of which have legitimate political grievances at the local and provincial levels. >> what does the taliban gain by
3:27 pm
claiming responsibility? >> i doubt this is the actual taliban that our troops are fighting, thi think this is probably a smaller group a fringe group and this could also possibly be that the karzai government is saying it's a taliban for political purposes. the one thing i think that we all agree upon is that these people who were murdered were true humanitarians, i have come across these different aid groups and they are true humanitarians, they're not there for selfish gain, they're not over there fulfilling the political mission of a country. >>er or to proselytize. >> they have will to make people's lives better in a truly nonreligious humanitarian way. and that's why it's such a tragedy.
3:28 pm
>> does it by the very nature of what happens force a reassessment? >> well, you know, afghanistan is only getting less and less stable. since 2005, nato has pursued a counter insurgeurgency standard. there's less supports for the karzai government, the country fractures, becomes more unstable, and so what we really need to do and representative frank wolf in virginia pushed this through about a week and a half ago or sent a letter to the president asking for the creation of an alternative strategy, similar to what happened in 2006 where president bush and the congress authorized an alternate strategy. because after five years of counter insurgency operations in afghanistan, and i know people are going to say when general petreaus wasn't there, how can
3:29 pm
it be counter insurgency, since 2005, we have been doing a counter insurgency strategy in afghanistan, it's not been working, we have to look for an operation or a strategy that really addresses the political problems in the country, the root causes of the conflict because what we're entangled in is really a 35-year-old civil war, so we need to find a way to address the root causes of that civil war that we find ourselves really just propping one side up against the other. and not really just propping up one side, because the one side we're propping up, really we're propping up this one kulyccliqut the taliban has. a major break in that case, police searching for those two escaped convicts. the man hunt isn't over yet, but we do have the latest from arizona next. the smell of freshly juiced wheat grass
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i'm julia boorstin.
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here's a look at how your stocks are trading. the dow jones industrials up 47 points, the s&p up 5 points. last week it was fannie mae and today it's freddie mac. the government backed more tajs -- freddie mac reported a loss of nearly $5 billion in the second quarter. the request would bring the company's total rescue package to $63 billion. last week fannie mae requested another $1.5 billion in aid. despite seeing demand for its cars and trucks increase, chrysler is still struggling a year after emerging from bankruptcy. the company has cut its losts thanks to increased sales and lower costs. sales in the u.s. rose 13% from two years ago. that's cnbc first worldwide. we have breaking news, u.s.
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marshals now say they have captured one of three dangerous fugitives who they have been chasing for ten days now. tracey province was arrested this morning in northwest wyoming about 60 miles from yellowstone national park. police say a tip led them to province who was carrying a handgun at the time of his arrest. police also say province told them he was actually relieved to be caught. but john mcclusky and his cousin and fiance, casslyn welch are still at large. police say welch helped mcclusky, province and one other inmate break out of the arizona state prison july 30. that third escapee had been captured back on august 1. i'm joined by pat brown, criminal profiler and author. good to see you, pat, how are you? >> hi, chris, how are you. >> what should police be looking for as they try to target these two who are still on the run? >> luckily, in a sense, ez the
3:35 pm
two are together. mckrus i can and his first cousin, and apparently the one who who -- a mommy who helped them all escape. you have two different people to look for, two different faces to match together. so that is good. but he is extraordinarily dangerous. he's got nothing to lose. they put this guy, look at this, they put this guy in a medium security facility which he got out with a pair of bolt cutters and he's got a life sentence for homicide. and what does he have to lose for doing anything out on the outside, the only thing they'll do is put him back in prison to serve out his term. so he's very dangerous. >> do you believe he has learned or will learn soon that his buddy has been caught and that will change his tactics a little bit. >> first of all, he's not going to care if his buddy got caught.
3:36 pm
he probably thinks his buddy is an imbecile who didn't know how not to get caught. but it really depends on how good he is at moving, keeping on the move and hiding himself from the public. he's going to change up vehicles, no reason why he can't carjack another vehicle. he's going to hide in the mountains an he's going to go into secluded areas or he's going to blend in with the crowd or he may try to do both. >> what do you think of those people who think of this couple as a modern day bonnie and clyde? >> if you're in prison for that period of time, really quite frankly, you want a vacation. if you can get on the outside, you don't care how long your vacation lasts, you hope it's going to be forever, but you don't know if it's going to last ten days or 30 days. first of all i got out of your stupid prison with a pair of bolt cutters and i'm on the run and you can't catch me because quite frankly there's not much you can do to me because all you
3:37 pm
can do is eventually catch me and put me back, i'm going to get the good chicken, and i'm going to have sex with my little girlfriend/cousin so i'm going to have a good time and i'm just thumbing my nose at you and all we can hope is that he doesn't commit more homicide as he goes along because he really does have nothing to lose, he's extraordinarily dangerous. >> i want to bring in al nash who is a spokesman for yellowstone national park. bar you telling visitors at this point. >> the u.s. marshals held a news conference to announce that they had apprehended one of the suspects and they are telling us that the other two people nthey are looking for are believed to be in montana and no longer in the area around yellowstone national park. >> so are you basically sort of standing down on warning tourists? >> absolutely. we're back to a very busy, normal summer day in yellowstone.
3:38 pm
>> i'm curious about what the reaction was. was it keeping people away? did there seem to be a lot of concern around the park? >> the greatest concern that we heard were from people who were outside the park who had friends and relatives who were visiting who heard the headlines and were contacting us worried about their loved ones. >> all right, so the good news is that at least as far as officials are telling you, they're no longer the two escapees or two people on the run, one an escapee, one of his apparent accomplice are no longer around yellowstone. >> they do believe they're north of the park somewhere in the state of montana and are reportedly looking for them there. >> thanks very much al nash, we appreciate it. after a police raid, a mosque in germany that was once frequented by some of the 9/11 hijackers shut down today. police in hamborge say that the house was being used for islamic
3:39 pm
radic radicals the cultural group that ran the mosque has been banned. now here's in the u.s., plans for an islamic cultural center near ground zero have become a lightning rod in the debate over religious freedom. opponents stay a mosque so close to the world trade center side is at the very least insensitive and more zealous critics have suggested it could have ties to muslim extremists. anti-muslim sentiments is also playing a part in protests in mosques across the country from wisconsin to california. let let's -- bridgette let me start with you because your organization is against the building of the mosque ground zero. tell us a little bit about why you feel so strongly. >> first of all, we believe it's a slap in the face of the majority of those who lost their lives on september 11 as well as their families. i speak to 9/11 families, 90% of
3:40 pm
them are extremely hurt by even the suggestion of building a mosque which they call a shrine basically celebrating the same sharia ideology that the 9/11 hijackers used as their justification for their unconscionable acts of murder. they are still finding body parts up until five years ago as far as four or five blocks away from ground zero. 1,800 body parts were found on top of buildings. so the whole area is sacred ground to all americans. there are plenty of spaces in new york for people to put mosques, what's wonderful about this country is people can put mosques anywhere they want. there are 100 mosques in new york. it's not that there is a shortage of mosques, they are welcome to build a mosque anywhere else but ground zero is a sacred location to all americans. >> so you have no problem at all with a mosque being built, say, in upper manhattan? in the northern part of manhattan or any of these other
3:41 pm
places where there is controversy from illinois to california to tennessee. >> our government gives us right to build any house of worship, you can come here and build a mosque, you can build a synagogue, you can build a church. no one is against that. but americans across the nation are becoming more alert and concerned especially in the last 18 months. ov over 55 homegrown terrorists have been arrested in the united states who all worshipped in different mosques across the country. look at the imam who was using his mosque as a shooting range in detroit. they found weaponry, the third man in charge of al qaeda right now is the son of an imam whofsz raised in a mosque in florida. when you look at the guy who was planning to blow up the subway system in new york, it was his imam the mentor that tipped him
3:42 pm
off that the nypd were on his tail. that's why americans are concerned, they hear the news and they see the radicalization coming out of the mosques. >> charles wolf, you lost your wife katharine in the attacks on 9/11, how do you feel about this controversy? >> first of all, i would say that any time you try to stop a mosque from being built, what you are saying here is that all muslims are guilty for the actions of a few. president george w. bush said that we are in a war against radical islam. and there are 2 million, i think there are 2 million muslims in the united states and there were 19 hijackers, plus of course the folks that trained them. but the actions of a few people do not make the entire religion a bad thing. >> so for people who say, as you just heard from bridgette and i have heard this from family
3:43 pm
members, they don't have a problem with mosques being built elsewhere but they think there is sort of an insensitivity to build a mosque or in this case a cultural center. so close to ground zero. do you understand that sensitivity? >> i understand the pain, okay? and i think that it's something that we're going to have to get beyond. because those hijackers, one of the major reasons buy those hijackers attacked us was because of our religious tolerance. we have a multiplicity of religions in this country. i'm a episcopalian, i don't want someone else telling my religion or the catholic religion or the jewish religion that they can't build a certain building in a certain place because they don't like something that their extremists did. i think what we're going to have to do is we're going to have to get beyond this. i understand the pain of my fellow 9/11 family members.
3:44 pm
i live in the shadow of ground zero. i have interfaith with muslims every day. i understand that they are not evil people, they are good people. the religion of islam comes from the same roots of christianity and judaism, so they all come from abraham. so different people have different ways of worshipping god. the word allah is arabic for god. this happened as other minority groups have come into this country, which brings us back to the other point and that is what this really boils down to is this is racism. and that is what we're really talking about, we have always been an open country, we have had bud yiss come in here, we have had minute dews come in
3:45 pm
here? we have had all sorts of folks come in here. these are folks are coming late to the game. the only things americans have seen regarding muslims are the fact that they did 9/11, the extremists did. and the television cameras have been on the extremists wherever they do something bad making people think all muslims are like this. it is not so. >> we're going to continue to debate this issue, it's one that's not going to go away. charles wolf, thank you so much for coming in. bridgette gabriel as well. we'll be right back. waking up with morning pain can drain the energy right out of you.
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3:49 pm
but may says it's a well disguised plot to turn denver into a united nations community. dan mays is running for the republican nomination for governor in colorado. good afternoon. >> hi, how are you? >> you live in a state where there's a lot of environmental consciousness, we keep hearing about how we're too dependent on oil and you have a program that encourages people not just to bike around and not use gas but also presumably to get a little healthier, what's so bad about that? >> well, the denver post article that you might have learned this from, it took a lot of comments out of context, the bike program in and of itself, i'm a biker, i rode the seat off my mountain bike last year myself. but what we're concerned about is this is just one piece of a larger u.n. for sustainability. it also includes other dynamics
3:50 pm
within city management. i was trying to draw distinction between myself and the democratic mayor for denver. what i'm concerned is what's behind it all. >> what's behind it all that has you so upset? >> we're trying to differentiate myself from the mayor. if i win the primary and when i win the primary tomorrow, people are going to say what the difference is. we're both business people. when a mayor signs onto a prom sponsored by the united nations, that should bring concern to people on how the program may or may not be compatible with our constitution. >> you've taken flak for saying one of the first things you would do is lay off 2,000 state employees. critics say you won't have the power to eliminate the jobs. why do you think the prospect of a huge layoff would appeal to voters? >> it's not about appealing to all voters.
3:51 pm
it's about appealing to a conservative base who thinks the government has gotten way to large, not only in washington, but denver. in denver we added 2,000 people to the core part of state government. they added 2,000 more to higher education. they were adding the jobs while the private sector is downsizing and government should be smaller and the private sector should be flourishing. attrition is one great way to do this. i think someone again finally took comments of saying i'm going to walk in and lay off 2,000 people on day one. i don't think i've used those words. it's about downsizing state government. head count is one way to do it. >> colorado is one of the states folks are watching in the election. thanks, dan maes for being with us. the new orleans saints got a white house welcome from the president himself. president obama honoring the super bowl champs calling the win a, quote, big win for the
3:52 pm
country. the win came four years after hurricane katrina, of course, ruined the super dome and left them playing an entire season on the road. the president talked about the special bond between the saints and the city of new orleans. >> plenty of cities carry their sports team through a tough season. it's a rare thing when a sports team carries a city through tough times. >> quarterback drew brees presented the president with his jersey. number 44, the number of his presidency. 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a new liquid gel. new zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. comes in a new liquid gel. save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really is having a snowball fight with pitching great randy johnson a bad idea? randy: sorry man, you all right? man: yeah, im good. yeah you just winged me.
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time to go across the usa. this rescue in san diego literally a cliff hanger. first responders had a pull this student paraglider off the side of a cliff after he collided midair with others. the other walks away without a scratch. families like this one in campbell, minnesota, are picking up what's left after a tornado ripped through two states.
3:56 pm
saturday night's tornadoes left a path of destruction collapsing homes and toppling trees. the national weather service says as many as seven tornadoes may have touched down in southeast north dakota and western minnesota. and that's going to do it for this monday. i'm chris jansing. "the dylan ratigan show" is up next. he has the latest on the aid workers murdered in afghanistan. talking with a worker who knows two of the americans who were killed.
3:57 pm
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our raise your rate cd gives you a great rate... ... and the opportunity to raise it to an even better rate... ... one time over the course of your term. try us at good afternoon to you. my name is dylan ratigan. today some atrocity in the least in afghanistan. developing news on the deadly attacks against american workers. could the murder of western civilians by the taliban be the tipping point for this war? plus, a clash of civilizations happening right in all of our own backyards. while the mosque being built around the corner may be the best way to fight terrorism here in the u.s.


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