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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 14, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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we start with breaking news this morning. a u.s. woman being held in iran is finally free. andrea mitchell will report live for us from tehran. folks across the country, specifically in seven states and the nation's capital, they're heading to the polls today. of course, it is silly season between the democrats and the republicans. >> oh, i'm melting. >> john boehner opposes funding for government jobs. jobs for teachers, for cops for firefighters. also, meet the high school football player who nearly died after scoring a game-winning touchdown. then, men versus women. who is more likely to wash their hands after using the bathroom?
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we got some results for you an odd survey that might surprise you. good tuesday morning, i'm richard lui filling in for chris jansing. u.s. citizen sarah shourd just released from a prison in iran. she was being held there for more than a year. iran granting $500,000 bail for shourd because of health reasons. it's not known if the bail is already paid. the family says they could not afford it and the u.s. says it would not pay for it. now, we'll head live to iran in just a minute for a live report from nbc's andrea mitchell. that just coming in. just when there looked like there could be a comp lumize on tax cuts, another republican has hit. john boehner appearing to backtrack after he said he would vote for a bill that would give tax dutes the middle class. the senate republicans put up a
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brick wall here. just 49 days until mid-term elections. you and i were talking about this yesterday, luke. wait a second, we have to look at the minority leader and they came together and john boehner changed his tune. >> to some degree, richard. what we see in congress coming back from their five-week recess the tax cuts the dominant issue, most likely for the three or four weeks they are here in washington before they go out ask campaign for the mid-terms. republicans and democrats have staked out by listening to mitch mcconnell. >> they should definitely get an extension of the tax cuts that were instituted in 2001 and 2003. we could get that done this week. but we're still in this wrestling match with john boehner and mitch mcconnell about the last 2% to 3% where on average we'd be giving them
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$100,000 for people making $1 million or more. >> and there you hear the president trying to frame the debate exactly what's going on within the republican party trying to suggest that there is a wedge between boehner and mcconnell. there is not much of a way between what john boehner was doing was not allowing democrats to being for the wealthy at the expense of the middle class. we are mostly going to see up here on capitol hill, richard, the senate will take the lead on this. a lot of vulnerable house democrats, folks that come from rural districts that don't like taxes and folks that come from wealthy districts that don't like taxes would not want nancy pelosi to walk the plank on a passable tax vote. they want that to come out of the senate so they know exactly what they have to do. that is really interesting to see what occurs over there. there are not 60 votes right now for president obama's plan solely to enact tax reform for the middle class.
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interesting to see whether or not they can find a compromise heading into the november mid-term elections. richard? >> on the senate democrat side, there are eight senators that disagree with president obama's plan at the moment. luke russert with the latest for us at the capital, thank you so much. the last primaries before the midterms can give us a lot of insight into the political direction our country is headed. haltly contested primaries, seven states across the country today. the big storyline for you to watch, the tea party threatening the republican establishment. the closest races is in delaware where christine o'donnell has a chance to beat congressman mike castle. nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell is live in wilmington, delaware, with the very latest for us. >> well, good morning, richard. fewer than 30,000 republicans are expected to vote in today's closed primary and what they decide could be pivotal in
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whether republicans have any control of retaking the senate november. it's that big of a deal. what's happening here is the typical kind of republican that has more success in a blue state like delaware, is mike castle. he's more socially moderate and has run here many, many times over the years and has always been successful. he is up against a successful tea party candidate, christine o'donnell who has gotten the backing of sarah palin and big financial help from an outside group called the tea party express from california. they have helped to pay for ads and this race has turned ugly. in particular, castle said he moved out of his comfort zone to really take on his opponent saying she is not qualified to run and not qualified to sit in the u.s. senate because of her own financial problems and her personal failings. here is how christine o'donnell reacted to that. >> by him attacking me for financial hardships is attacking the delaware voters who are
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struggling right now and it just proves how out of touch he is with what everyday americans are struggling with. >> it's not what i would prefer to do in a campaign. but, on the other hand, i never had an opponent who has the deficiencies of this particular opponent. >> and castle says that if he cannot win today's primary, then a democrat will surely hold on to this the seat come november. it is the seat that belonged to joe biden and democrat chris kunes is running unopposed today. this is one of the races to watch for the fate of the gop on the senate side and a real test of how much tea party enthusia m m could have in a place like this. >> right in the middle of what everyone is watching across the country. thank you so much. now, we'll go to wisconsin where state officials are predicting record turnout a big republican primary will decide who takes on russ feingold.
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feingold has served in the senate since the early '90s and he's already labeling himself the underdog here. he could be vulnerable to voters frustrated here over the economy. long-time democratic new york congressman charlie rangel also, of course, being watched. he is fighting ethics charges and a primary challenge, as well. rangel is facing some mocking from the group, the rock group here, weezer, using his very own words. ♪ democrats hate republicans hate he's still a contender he will not surrender ♪ >> all right, you know a little humor during these primaries, why not? the parody also coincides with the band's latest album. all right, now to breaking news that we're telling you about. iran has released u.s. citizen sarah shourd after a more than a year in prison shourd and two
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other citizens were hiking near the iraqi border near iran back in 2009 when they were detained by iranian security forces. all three were accused of spying, which could mean that trials for the two men who remain behind and proceedings for shourd. andrea mitchell who broke this story is live in tehran with the latest for us at the moment. andrea, has she been released? >> she has been released, according to all the officials here and the diplomats we're talking to and the swiss who have been negotiating for her release, but no coniffirmation have from the u.s. government and it is being, frankly, a confusing day because reports she was being released, but then there was paperwork to be done and there are reports, richard, that money was paid, bail was paid. we have not confirmed that with anyone other than the lawyer
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involved, but wex pect to hear, certainly, more from sarah shourd when she is able to talk to reporters. we do believe she is heading to the airport or already en route flying out of this country where she may be reunited with family members. >> one of the topic points on shourd was the bail, the $500,000. was that paid? >> we don't know whether it was paid. there's no confirmation of that. there is certainly a lot of reports circulating and there could have been some money paid, a token amount or something less than $500,000, so we don't have the hard facts on that yet. >> of course, along with that bail and shourd being released and as we get the details of exactly where she's at, the two friends she leaves behind. what about the other two hikers in iran? >> well, importantly, we should remember that, you know, josh
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fattal and shane bauer are still in jail. they are in prissen and they are innocent by their families and their own claims and the u.s. government says that they are innocent. they were simply wandering across an unmarked border. that is a key issue now that the iranians are going to need to address, but we don't know what the future for those two young men holds. >> all right, andrea mitchell breaking that story for us. again, the reports of sarah shourd being released. we will continue to follow that story along with andrea. thank you so much. gas industry watchdogs are warning there are thousands of pipelines across the country that pose the same risk as that pipeline that we're telling you about in california that exploded, destroying all of those homes. dozens of them. well, this is new video that we've just gotten in for you this morning of that massive fireball that erupted from the 40 to 50-year-old transmission pipe, which killed four and has
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left four more missing. you can imagine being there, taking this video. nbc miguel is live in san bruno where that had happened. what is the latest in the investigation that is happening today. >> richard, good morning. looking for new clues to lead them to the cause of this. now a 30 inch gas main is relatively big and they're not typically intended to run under residential neighborhoods. they say that pipeline was laid some 50 year ago and the homes were built on top of it. that's not typical. pg&e was criticized for not replacing that gas line earlier. watch dog groups have criticized pg&e and meanwhile the gas company is offering a $100 million fund for the victims from the blast.
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they would automatically give them $50,000 no questions asked. that is their responsibility, richard. >> what about that section of pipe we were talking about yesterday. they were looking at welds, any information on that in terms of progress? >> it's a 28-foot section of pipe, roughly the length of a bus that is being sent back to washington, d.c., for further analysis and that may be critical in helping them determine what happened. >> we hope for the best in terms of this investigation. so further accidents like this do not happen. hurricane igor expected to remain a dangerous hurricane through wednesday, but not a problem for the u.s., good thing. the storm is now a category 4 with 135-mile-per-hour winds and all you have to do is look at the view from space to get a sense of how large this is in terms of cloud cover. this is a big storm. but right behind igor, we've got jay, julia. nbc meteorologist bill karins is
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here. is jay goiulia going to be any ? >> less than a threat than igor. that will head out to sea and no one will have any signs of that. igor has a chance to bring large waves to the east coast and the threat is really bermuda at this time and still a well-defined storm and the big huge eye in the middle of this storm and only weakand little bit since yesterday and the forecast hassant changed much. if you live in bermuda or have friends and family that visit there, for right now the storm head right for it. instead of a category 4, a category 2. should weaken by the time it gets to saturday and sunday, that will make a big difference damage wise if it does hit bermuda. hurricane julia just off the coast of africa and this one will get caught up in one of the cold fronts and turn harmlessly out to sea. we can appreciate their beauty from space looking at them without them doing a lot of
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damage. >> kind of like watching water boil, we hope. we hope, right? >> it's slow, too, these storms are in no hurry. >> bill karins, thank you. what do you buy at walmart? got that list in front of you? stuff for your house, tomatoes, potatoes. the mega store is moving into a new field. details on that for you. plus, more people are washing their hands after using the bathroom than ever before, but not everybody. wait until you hear how many people are not. [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] the u.s. government may soon require brake override technology on all new cars and trucks. at nissan, we think this is a good idea. so we did it...
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welcome back to msnbc. i'm richard lui in for chris jansing. the accused underwear bomber bound for detroit has fired his court-appointed attorneyies and now plans on defending himself in court. now, some of the charges against the 24-year-old nigerian suspect include attempted murder, attempted destruction of an aircraft, attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and placing a bomb on a plane. the judge in this case saying she would appoint another lawyer to act as his stand-by counsel for legal advice and counsel if he should decide to ask for that. you might use the bathroom this morning and you fight finish if you wash your hands after. if there is a guy around you, the likelihood is lower that you've done so in a public restroom than the lady standing next to him. there is a study sponsored by the american society of
10:21 am
microbiology that find that 93% of women wash their hands. only 1 in 16 women did not, but as for us guys, not so good. almost one in four of us do not wash our hands after using the public restrooms. the study determined that both numbers are up since the last study conducted in 2007. that's the silver lining, i guess. i washed my hands. senate democrats believe they have the votes to pass a bill to help small businesses. george voinovich promised he will join with democrats to get this all done. now, it could be a huge victory at a time the democrats are looking for accomplishments here to talk about on the campaign trail as we hit the mid-term elections. will larry is the ceo of target labs and he met with president obama yesterday. and what you did is you were actually in a backyard and you had an opportunity to meet the president, talk face-to-face, you own a small business in the
10:22 am
i.t. area, i guess just under 100 people. and the real question i want to ask you, as a small business owner here, what do you need for your business right now? >> well, actually, we do need additional breach capital to extend our business right now. this is what we need. and we tried to apply with a number of financial institutions and bank, but they are unwilling to lend money to small businesses at this time. i was able to find the small loan that was sba backed and this is how we managed to get small breach investment into our company and we immediately used it to create additional jobs, actually we hired 12 people because of that small loan. and that's how we survived. >> you hired 12 people because you were able to get a sba loan. you are looking for more access to capital. the question is when you were
10:23 am
talking with president obama, face-to-face yesterday, do you think that what he said gave you more encouragement that you could be able to improve this situation about access to capital? >> absolutely. i think it's very important that this deal actually passes the congress and i understood from president obama that the provisions of this bill will enable small businesses to act as capital freely and the financial institutions will be obligated to lend to small businesses out on a regular basis. >> larry, some people say it's a little bit too late, do you agree with that? >> no. i don't think so. it's not too late in my business in high-tech and software programming. >> it's been two years since we hit the recession. >> yes, those were very difficult years but i think we need to think into the future. we need to develop the business now. i mean, it's not, you know,
10:24 am
productive to think what happened two years ago. >> okay. larry, thank you so much. a lot of luck to your business. small business is the main driver of our economy. that's where started my career. good luck as you try to get more access to capital and hire more people. >> thank you very much. >> you bet you. your long wait finally over. one of the most anticipated video games ever, it is out. folks are lining up. but even if you don't play, wait until you see what this game can do for you. plus, a reporter claims she was harassed in the new york jets locker room. there she is. what is she saying now about what really happened? we'll hear from her in just three. hey can i play with the toys ?
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a truck here hits a pole right there causing a brilliant flash of light follow by some sparks. two people injured in this accident and the driver taken into custody by police and no further word on the victim of the conditions there. always scary when you're around gas. not your average, this cheerleader got into a bit of a spat with the mascot. you see what just happened th e there. with ten minutes left in the game the mas caught gobbling up the titans' cheerleader. this was much more entertaining right there. new york yets owner woody johnson made a phone call yesterday to personally apologize to ines sainz. according to a complaint filed
10:29 am
by the association of women in sports media she was harassed on the field and on the field at saturday's practice. now, after questions were raised on whether sainz dressed appropriately sainz took to twitter twitter to post the picture. well, sainz also appeared on "today" show this morning to talk about this whole thing. >> i dress like i feel, it's good. all the women like to be attractive, i think so. so, my way of dress is because i feel comfortable and not pretending to be provocative, only to pretend to be attractive. that's the reason. >> sainz said she had no contact with jet players since the incidents and expressed her gratitude to woody johnson for the apology and all that. of course, we're keeping our eyes on breaking news this morning and we got a bunch of that for you. the u.s. citizen that is finally
10:30 am
free. we are hearing after being detained in iran for more than a year. we'll get a live report on that. plus, a high school football player scores a game-winning touchdown. but then you have to listen to a story. he nearly loses his life. i'll talk with him and the nurse who ran to his side to save him. after using rogaine for a while, i went to my stylist and she said hair was growing back... i was like, yes, this works... [ male announcer ] only rogaine is proven to regrow hair in 85% of guys. puhh puhh puhh putt and that's it. [ male announcer ] stop losing. start gaining. [ animals calling ] ♪ [ pop ] [ man ]h puhh puhh putt ♪ well, we get along t. ♪ yeah, we really do - ♪ and there's nothing wrong - [ bird squawks ] ♪ with what i feel for you ♪ i could hang around till the leaves are brown and the summer's gone ♪ [ announcer ] when you're not worried about potential dangers, the world can be a far less threatening place.
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on surfaces for up to 48 hours. words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill.
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i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right. welcome back. president obama delivering his second back to school message in a couple hours from now. he'll tell kids here that nothing is impossible as long as you dream big, work hard and focus on learning. a new drug resistant superbug has made its way to the united states. at least three people have been sickened by this bacteria that is resistant to nearly all antibiotics. that's got to scare you. walmart is offering a new
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cell phone plan now. it will have unlimited talking and texting for $45 a month and no contract is required. that sounds like a killer offer there. we're following a breaking story, of course, for you on this hour. one of the u.s. hikers held in iran and nbc news confirming that sarah shourd has been released from custody, but is still in prison. finalizing details. do we know when she might leave the country? >> well, we don't know when she's going to leave the country. we know that she has been released from jail. this has been confirmed from government officials, state officials and her lawyer that i spoke to earlier. she will travel to imam at the soonest available opportunity. i also asked the lawyer how she was and he said she was in good physical and mental health and looking forward to seeing her
10:35 am
mother who might be waiting for her in imam. >> now, ali, did the lawyer give you any information about her two friends because everybody is still concerned about those two other hikers that are being held. >> that's right. i mean, it's been a day of good news for sarah shourd. they will be see there for the foreseeable future. no word from the prosecutor's office or the officials in the government office saying that they will be bailed or they'll face a trial. so, the future still hangs in the balance for her two mail companions that are still in prison. >> ali with the very latest from tehran watching the release there of sarah shourd, the u.s. hiker, along with her two friends. drama and heroism is expected beneath friday night lights but what happened at one high school football game in oregon was truly extraordinary. after running 45 yards for the game's winning touchdown,
10:36 am
herald, you see here, collapsed and his heart stopped, as well. a cardiac nurse in the bleaches stopped to help and after two long minutes he suddenly came back to life. here with me now, hayward iii and his father and the cardiac nurse, lisa, who was there on that fateful day. thank you, all, for joining me right now. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> hayward, i want to start with you. can you take us back to that day, how did it start? >> yes, sir. it all started when my coach called the play and they handed me the ball and i took it to the sideline and as soon as i scored the touchdown my heart begins to like beat faster and faster and i started to panic a little bit and once i got to the sideline i sat on the bench, but it increased my heart even more.
10:37 am
so i asked my teammate for my inhaler and he got it and my coach came and said, what's wrong? i said my heart is beating too fast and i'm starting to panic a little bit and he said to calm down. i started to feel dizzy, nauseous and then sick to my stomach and then i couldn't really see anybody. i took one step and that's when, you know, i just collapsed. a few minutes later i just wake up and i'm in shock and people are standing around me. >> lisa who is a cardiac nurse was in the stands and you saw what hayward just described to us and something in you said, i'm going to get up and go down there. what was that voice? >> you know t was funny because i sat on the aisle of the seat and wouldn't move out of that seat for the entire evening and
10:38 am
seeing enough commotion down there and thinking that maybe being a nurse there was something that i could help with. when i got down there he was unresponsive, they said he had a history of asthma and it sure didn't look like asthma and no response in his pupils at all and he wasn't breathing and he didn't have a pulse and at that point i started doing chest compressions on him. >> you were doing chest compressions for quite some time, about two minutes, as you said in the past, and then something happened. >> you be, the doctor that was there gave him a couple breaths and said, okay, let's check, we might have something and i kept my hands on his chest and having my hand there and actually feeling his heart beat in his chest was totally amazing. >> no doubt. and you're thinking of how miraculous this really is and i know that the gentleman to the left of our screen is saying
10:39 am
this is a great miracle and, mr. deminson, from what i read and what i know so far as far as doing research in the story, your young son is a good 17-year-old and works hard and well loved and now you can turn to him right now and hug him and tell him that you love him, but i know that you must have thought for a second either that night or since then what it might be like. >> you know, richard, it was -- i think about that every night and every day. i am constantly hugging my son and telling him i love him. you just never know. i think about scenarios that he could have been out running or if lisa wouldn't have been there that night all the things that could have happened. but i'm so thankful and, you
10:40 am
know, i've been raised to love god and know i'm thankful for her being there. i tell lisa that she was an angle that night. god had her there for a reason. >> you know, i was thinking here, hayward, you and lisa have said this along with mr. deminson, this is all about fate. what do you think? >> i believe there was a god. he is really my true savior. and i'm just thankful to be alive right now. without him i wouldn't be here. >> you say you're going to play again and i have no doubt you are going. but are you worried about what you're going to go through going forward? it sounds like you have the faith, though. >> as long as god got his hand on me and gives me strength, i'm
10:41 am
likely to have it done and fixed and looking forward for next year and be healthy. >> i was thinking about this, your number's 21. you are lucky 21, my friend, hayward. and you're going to do well and you're going to make it through this and you're going to be strong and if this is any indication of our discussion today and what you were able to make it through, you'll have a great season ahead. i'll see you in college and i'll also see you in the pros. thank you for stopping by. a really great story, lisa, h hayward, mr. deminson, have a great day. >> you, too, sir, have a great day. off camera what he was telling me is that he wants to play for the oregon ducks and i said you have to play for the cal bears for where i went. the ducks are doing fine. the coach that team says he plans to bring defibrillators to every game which could have perhaps revived hayward sooner but a happy ending.
10:42 am
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a new study finds young hispanic teens are at the greatest risk of substance abuse and more likely than students of any other race or ethnicity to have tried alcohol, cigarettes or marijuana. peer pressure and a lack of knowledge of the negative effects of smoking and drinking are considered factors in the risk. george michael's song "freedom" was all about being set free. well, there's a judge in london
10:46 am
that made that decision today for him, 47-year-old george michael now sentenced to eight weeks in jail for driving under the influence. now, the singer pled guilty last month to driving under the influence and possession of marijuana. on july 4th he crashed his range rover into a photo shop in north london. freedom. once on the brink of extinction, grizzly bears are making a comeback. wildlife experts are capturing more grizzlies than ever before. well msnbc science and environmental expert jeff cowin is joining us right now. why does that happen, jeff? >> good morning. it was a herculean feat to take this animal that was in danger and recover it to the point where today we have 600 grizzly bears surviving in the wild. the good news. the bad news, they're running out of space. when jerry ruth retired from his job as a policeman in maryland,
10:47 am
moving to the wyoming frontier was a dream come true. last summer his dream became a nightmare. you're out with your friend back east and exploring this beautiful country looking for elm but an elk isn't what you found. >> i remember a brown blur and a growl. the next thing was a big fur of blanket over my head and the sound of bones crushing in my face. >> reporter: jerry was attacked by a grizzly bear. the man so lucky to be alive, but this is the place where he was attacked. and this is high desert, it is not bear country. why are we today now finding grizzly bears here? >> we continue to see bears pushing out into areas that we typically haven't seen them. >> reporter: mark has been capturing and relocating grizzlies for 20 years. this year he and his team have captured more bears than ever before.
10:48 am
the mighty grizzly bear once on the brink of extension is now recovering, that is the good news. but today these incredible creatures are running out of wilderness and bears out of the need for survival are wandering into what is now human territory. >> one, two. >> reporter: why was this bear trapped today? >> this bear was frequently this ranch housing compound and almost every night for on and off for about a week. >> just look at this. i mean, it's just amazing. look at those claws. and those canine teeth can easily crush through bone. >> reporter: i assist the team in taking hair and blood samples. they'll be used to check the animal's health and genetic history. he'll also be fitted with this radio tracking collar. >> so, he's been collared, you've got your data, your information. what happens next? >> i think we have a good release site for him and we'll
10:49 am
release him and monitor him weekly with a flight and see how he does. hopefully he returns to being a wild bear. >> reporter: with the grizzlies, it's not just a matter of changing bear behavior, but changing human behavior. a lesson jerry ruth has learned well. >> well, bears have every right to be here as i do. i have to learn to live in bear habitat and that's just something i have to do. >> all right, so, jeff, as we watch that piece and we can hear the bear snoring throughout. it wasn't your cameraman y know that. as we were watching that, the question that came to my mind, as a boy scout camp goer they said, you know, they're coming down because they want food. is that the situation here or is it something bigger? >> first of all, i should qualify this. a truly amazing experience to be so close to an iconic creature. amazing experience, but never forget what they are, powerful, wild animals. the truth is, the reason why bears are now coming into conflict with human beings is because they're running out of
10:50 am
space. and food is the number one attractor. >> it's coming down to food. all right, jeff corwin, thank you so much. appreciate it. one of the most anticipated games of the year and the gaming industry is hoping it will spark slumping software sales. long lines of people sneaking out of gaming stores like this to get the latest edition of "halo." it has amazing special effects you could imagine. the game may bring in $220 million on its first day. the halo franchise has grossed nearly $2 billion. we are all in the wrong business here when you take a look at that. a victim comes face-to-face with the men accused of brutally killing his family. we've got that incredible story. earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at
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very good morning to you and to new york. little bit hazy this morning. could still see a little bit of that.
10:54 am
debate in the newsroom what is typical this time of year. weather all around the country nowadays. again, a very good tuesday for you. we go to a father who survived an unbelievable attack who killed his family. he's taking the stand today and his wife was raped and strangled and his two girls were tied to their beds and then doused with gasoline. nbc jeff rossen is in new haven, connecticut, jeff, with the very latest. >> richard, good to see you. dr. william pettitte who watched as his family was tortured and killed he is the lone survivor in this attack. he is recalling that moment when he woke up and saw the two men standing over his bed with guns in his face and his family's face. that is dr. william pettitte on your screen right now. this happened back in 2007. apparently two men, one of them on trial right now broke into their home overnight in upscale suburb of connecticut, tortured
10:55 am
this family, drove jennifer hawk petit to the bank and told her to take out a large sum of money. she went in and did that, the bank tellser is the one who called 911. we expect to get the 911 tape a little bit later. she thought she could pay these would-be killers off. it didn't work. they went back to the house and killed this family, except for dr. petit who was also tortured and burned the house down. once his trial happens, the other suspect will be on trial. prosecutors say they have a mound of evidence and they said that the testimony here is going to rock the inner core of the jury because it was such a brutal attack, richard. >> jeff, we have to think about mr. petit, dr. petit. how is he holding up knowing he lost his wife and two daughters and having to relive all this again. >> i talked to him during jury selection a couple months ago and i said how do you stand
10:56 am
there in court. >> jeff rossen live on that story and hope things go well for him in this trial. i'm richard lui in for chris jansing. i'll see you back here at 3:00 eastern when the u.s. about to conduct the biggest arm sale in history to saudi arabia. now, is this a good idea? well, there are some economic and natural security implications. we'll get to that. tamron hall picks things up for us next. be able to afford insurance. when i graduated from college, i lost my health insurance. the minute i got sick, i lost my insurance. not anymore. not anymore. not anymore. america's healthcare reforms change lives for the better. to find out how it can help you, visit us at it's not just fair, it's the law.
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