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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 14, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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good day, everybody, i'm contessa brewer. the big story is developing in the middle east. american hiker sarah shourd just left iran. she has been held for a year. various reports that she is on a plane as we speak heading to iran where her mother is waiting for her.
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iran's state news sage says sarah is in good mental and physical condition. this was a tough negotiation to secure her release as the united states and iran do not have diplomatic relations. andrea mitchell has been reporting on the difficulties. >> the swiss who have been negotiating for her release, but there's no confirmation yet from the u.s. government which, of course, is not represented here. it's frankly a confusing day because there are reports that she was being released. we heard at first, but then there was paperwork to be done. there are reports, richard, that money was paid. >> we have just had a statement from the mother of sarah shourd, she said i hoped and prayed for this moment for 410 days and i cannot wait to wrap sarah in my arms. she goes on to say i can only imagine how bitter sweet her freedom is for her leaving shane and josh behind. she was hiking with josh fattal and shane bauer near the
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iraq/iran border. they remain in custody. ali arouzi is there right now. do you know what is in store for josh and shane? >> we got a report from the judiciary that their custody will be extended by two months. that may seem ominous, but that's the first time the authorities put a time frame on their jail time. they never said how long they will keep them for. they never formally charged them. today the chief prosecutor said they will be in custody for another two months and then they will review their case. there could be a possible release for them, but then again in two months they could face a trial. >> shane and josh's family actually joined sarah shourd's family in releasing a statement, they say shane and josh deserve to come home, too. that iran has no grounds to
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deprive them of their liberty a moment longer in this case of sarah shourd, iran described it as bail. will she ever have to go back and face a trial in iran? >> well, by the clause of a bail, yes. a lot of people here over the years have been arrested, especially iranian americans accused of espionage. they posted bail or put up their house as collateral and never came back to the court case and lost their money. if she don't come back, the notion is that she won't get the bail money back. that leaves a question mark of, you know what the future is for shane and josh. >> all right. ali, thank you for the good reporting. i'll keep the viewers up to date on any new developments you bring us from iran. andrea mitchell is in tehran and will have the latest on sarah shourd's release during a special hour live at 1:00 p.m. we have live pictures of air force one taking off heading to
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philadelphia. president obama is speaking today to school kids, encouraging them to focus on their education and we'll have more on that to come later this hour. senate republicans are digging in their heels blocking the president's plan to keep tax cut force the middle class but not the super rich. so much for john boehner's suggestion of compromise. this morning mitch mcconnell flat out said he's not for the president's plan. >> i will tell you what i think we should be fighting for in the senate, a current extension of the rates. >> president obama blasted republicans for holding middle class americans hostage. >> we could get that done this week, but we're still in this wrestling match with john boehner and mitch mcconnell about the last 2%, 3% where on average we would be giving them
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$100,000 for people making $1 million or more. >> luke russert on capitol hill. here is the thing, luke, both sides claim they want to help the middle class. so where is the compromise? >> reporter: what you're seeing now, contessa, in the short three weeks that congress will be back here in d.c. before the november midterms is tax cuts becoming the major issue. you can see president obama trying to drive a wedge between john boehner and mitch mcconnell. john boehner said republicans are unified saying they don't want any expiration of the bush tax cuts. that is somewhat contrary to what boehner said on sunday, where he said if all he could get was the middle class tax cuts he would support that. one republican said he wperson boehner was saying boehner was there for the middle class. that being said, any movement on this issue will start in the
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united states senate where there are not 60 votes right now for president obama's middle class tax plan. there are only maybe in the number of around 52. folks i've spoken to in the united states senate said between six and eight democrats have reservations about this. so you could be looking at a compromise in the future. it might not get done before the november midterms, it could happen in a lame duck session. listen to what chris van holland had to say, a man in charge of the congressional house races. he said this this weekend -- if republicans were to come back and say hey, let's just do one year for the top two% and make it permanent for the middle class that would be something people would obvious lly have t think about. if nothing is done by january 1st, the tax cuts will expire and impact millions of middle class americans and hurt both parties that want to get this forward for the middle class. it is interesting to see who has the high ground on this issue.
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a lot of democrats are fearful at being looked at as tax raisers, but independents worry about the debt, that putting forward the taxes on the highest individuals. >> how do you come up with that money to replace what would get -- the revenue you would get by letting the tax cuts for the richest americans expire. will voters support the republicans stand blocking the benefits for the middle class majority until the richest americans get a break, too? i want to hear your thoughts. right now voters in seven states are headed to the polls. incumbents are watching to see which way voters lean. the tea party is threatening some established republicans. in delaware, tea party candidate christine o'donnell is nipping at the heels of moderate republican mike castle. how are things looking out there
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as primary day unfolds? >> reporter: this race has changed dramatically in the last ten days or so. it's because of a real infusion of money from outside groups, like the tea party express from california, getting way behind christine o'donnell, a more conservative candidate. she has run for office here before, she is trying again this year at a time when there seems to be a greater appetite for that more conservative point of view. even in a state like delaware which is known for really appreciating more moderate republicans. so you have a nine-term congressman who thought he was pretty set in getting the nomination. we're talking about a race to fill the remaining four years of vice president joe biden's senate seat. and a democrat who is appointed is in that job now and republicans said this is a place where they could pick up a seat. but here is the problem. republican infighting. the establishment candidate and now this insurgent, christine o'donnell. and mike castle who is the congressman we're talking about,
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has been very tough on her and has pointed out some of her personal financial problems, some of her work history where she had some difficulty there. he hit her hard with an ad. here is her reaction and his justification. >> by him attacking me for financial hardships, is attacking the delaware voters who are struggling right now. it just proves how out of touch he is with what every-day americans are struggling with. >> it's not what i would prefer to do in a campaign. on the other hand, i never had an opponent who has the deficiencies of this particular opponent. >> reporter: so it has been very personal and it has been really brutal in the last few days. sarah palin is getting behind christine o'donnell. all of the major republican office holders are behind mike castle. they simply believe if he were to win the nomination he would give republicans the best chance at winning the seat in november. it's a good example of the
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tension we're seeing this year. >> thank you very much. just another note here on how the tea party has operated this year. don't forget, sharon angle won her primary in nevada, and they said this would make harry reid a shoe-in for re-election. not so according to latest poll. harry reid has pulled into the lead by two points, and she is the tea party-backed candidate in nevada. we'll have to see how that shakes out for the midterm elections. market alert, business inventories jumped in july by the largest amount in two years. that's at the same time consumers are buying more. retail sales saw the biggest gain last month since march. the commerce department says retail sales were up almost a half percent in august. let's check the markets right now, dow jones is up 36.32. the s&p popped up almost five points. the nasdaq is up on the day a little more than 15.
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in three minutes, we'll ask a man whether he knows his home was on top of a ticking time bomb. it was that gas line in san bruno, california. and days of the over-the-counter cough medicine might be over. thanks for that teenagers. we'll tell you why ahead. [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] the u.s. government may soon require brake override technology on all new cars and trucks. at nissan, we think this is a good idea. so we did it... ...six years ago. [ wind howling ]
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a father could be in big trouble for shooting a bb gun at
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his stepson trying to get him to exercise. robert barker was charged with aggravated assault for shooting at the kid while he was sprinting. here's gale brown from wish in oreland d orelando. >> he needs to get in condition for the next game. >> reporter: lake county sheriffs deputies have charged robert barker with abuse of a child after an anonymous call to 911 said he was shooting a bb gun to his 13-year-old stepson. it happened after a youth football game on saturday. barker and the boy's mother said he never aimed a bb gun at the team. >> all i want people to know is my husband did not harm my son. he has been there since day one since that baby was born. raised him going on 14 years. >> all i did was shoot a bb gun up in the air, didn't shoot it at him or point it at him in any way. >> reporter: according to the report, the teen was taken out of the game because he was numb and busy from the heat.
12:16 pm
barker said his son's sides were hurting because he has heat cramps. the teenager told detectives his step dad never pointed the bb gun at him. >> no, he never shot me at all. >> reporter: and how do you feel about the fact he made you run the sprints afterwards? >> i know he was just teaching me, just telling me to condition right and i won't have that problem out on the field. >> so barker was released on $10,000 bond, as a condition he's not allowed to see his stepson. bell, california will soon send home owners there $3 million or so in property tax refunds. the lieutenant governor signed into law the legally collected taxes to be returned to homeowners. people in this tiny town were making more than $700,000 a year. one down, one to go. firefighters slowly making progress in containing a second wildfire in colorado.
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they dug a containment line around 20%, 25% of the fire. crews are facing more warm, dry weather today. the other wildfire was fully contained last night and it already destroyed at least 166 homes. industry watchdogs are warning the deadly explosion that leveled a california neighborhood would happen in thousands of american towns and cities. aging pipelines are a national concern. the one in san bruno was 40 years old to 50 years old. when it ruptured, a massive fireball killed at least four people, destroyed nearly 40 homes and damaged dozens more. four neighbors are still missing. pacific gas and electric company set aside as much as $100 million for the families. by the end of this week, residents could get as much as $50,000 for their immediate needs. bill has not been able to return to his san bruno home. tell me what they tell you about
12:18 pm
the condition of your house. >> you know, they have told me nothing. i have not heard a single thing. they told me it was red-tagged. i don't know why. they didn't tell me the destruction or if it was on fire or not. yesterday was the first time we got to see the house, we took a tour of the neighborhood, got drive by, take pictures, that's it. i have not heard from an engineer or people investigating it it's frustrating because i need to make long-term plan forplans for my family. >> did you have any sense your home was sitting on this ticking timebomb? >> we had no idea. my kids play two days a week down at that park. i drive by that intersection every day. it's unbelievable that this has happened to our community. i think people are getting frustrated and they're starting to get angry. they were sitting on the bus yesterday, there's lots of tears but we're also asking what will happen to us? what kind of compensation will we be having for having our
12:19 pm
neighborhood exploded and our lives interrupteded in such a severe way. >> there are questions now about whether residents had smelled natural gas, had reported natural gas before the explosion happened. the authorities say so far they're not finding reports of that. had you ever smelled that natural gas odor? >> i have not. >> yeah. >> i have not done that. i have driven by that. >> what about the $50,000 that pacific gas and electric says you might be able to get by the end of this week for your immediate daily needs. will that sustain you for the period of time where you may not be able to get anywhere back in your neighborhood? >> you know, that's a great step. and the president of pg&e spoke to us, he was very contrite and concerned. he expressed himself very well. the money going to our neighbors and ourselves is definitely going to help uses in the short-term. we need, though, long-term solutions. we need to sit down with our insurance companies and pg&e and the people who are in the devastated zone need to come up with individual solutions. some of my neighbors wanted to
12:20 pm
rebuild as soon as possible. we should make that happen. they should be compensated for the pain and suffering. other people, even with green-tagged houses, they don't want to live across from a devastated war zone. i think some kind of relocation plan needs to be set up, maybe if they want to move to another neighborhood down the block, you know, pg&e needs to buy them a house and give them a pile of money to get their lives restarted. that's all we want. i wasn't sitting up on skyline watching this fireball thinking i've won the lottery. what i was thinking is, my god, my neighborhood is devastated. now is the time to think about how do i start my life? restart my life after this catastrophe? >> we want to wish -- >> i'm afraid to bring my children back. >> i'm sure you are. i wish you, your wife, your three kids the best of luck. keep us abreast of the developments as you move forward. >> thank you. i would be happy to. >> great. after the break, the high school football player who had a heart attack after a touchdown
12:21 pm
talks about the second he knew something was wrong. hot on the web today, some of the most-viewed stories on, new drug-resistant superbugs found in three states. it spreads from person to person. the u.s. cases and two others in candidate all involve people who received medical care in canada. irish premiere denies being drunk and hung over on the air. ryan cowans voice was hoarse and he was giving vague and incoherent answers during an interview with state tv. penelope cruz's rep confirm she's is 4 1/2 months pregnant. it is the first child for the actress and her husband. the two got married in a hush-hush july ceremony in the bahamas. trust me. trust me. ya i like that. trust me.
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a one-armed man survives an attack with a florida gator. it appeared to be wounded by an arrow. wildlife officers were coming, but alexander tried to capture it himself. he put a rope around it, and then he took a bite out of his only arm. >> i couldn't really handle him too good. the guy i asked to help me, he got scared and let go of the rope. since i couldn't secure his mouth, and he got me. >> he called police for help. they tracked the reptile. they also wrote him a ticket for trying to trap the alligator. by the way, he might want to rethink rescuing animals. he says he lost his right arm trying to rescue baby birds from high voltage power line. we are hearing today from the high school football player who died on the field and came back to life after yards. he just scored the winning
12:26 pm
touchdown when his heart stopped. a nurse in the stands came down to help. after two minutes of chest compressions, his heart started beating again. this morning he explained how he knew something was wrong. >> i said my heart is beating too fast. i'm starting to panic a little bit. he said calm down. i started to feel dizzy, nauseous and then sick to my stomach and then i couldn't really see anybody. i took one step and that's when, you know, i just collapsed. >> i believe there is a god, he is my true savior. >> hayward will undergo surgery for a left defective coronary artery, he hopes to take the feed next season. this could be the biggest blockbuster of the year. it's not playing in theaters, it's halo reach. it went on sale today, 12:01 in
12:27 pm
25 different countries. it is the latest in the halo franchise which sold more than 34 million games to date. just seeing pictures of air force one landing in philadelphia now. the president is on board. he will talk to school kids today about focusing on their education. we're keeping an eye out for the president there and we'll bring it to you live if and when we see him. bears in your backyard, how the grizzly has gone from near extinction to sightings in areas where they never went before. and the latino sports reporter at the center of the jets locker room scandal. she says what really happened to her. engine revving ] [ drums playing ] [ male announcer ] 306 horsepower. race-inspired paddle shifters. and f-sport-tuned suspension. all available on the new 2011 lexus is.
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12:31 pm
her two friends are still behind bars in iran. it is the last major primary day before november's election. voters are going to the polls in seven states. a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of president obama's health care plan is before a federal judge at this hour. 20 states filed the suit. right now on msnbc, live pictures from philadelphia where we just saw air force one land at the philadelphia international airport. at the top of the hour, president obama will urge students to dream big and stay focused in his second annual back to school address. he will speak at the julia r. masterman laboratory and demonstration school. we are also getting a statement from the president on the release of sarah shourd. let's go to richard wolf now. here is part of the president's statement. i'm pleased that sarah shourd has been released by the iranian government and will be reunited with her family. all of america celebrate her long-awaited return home.
12:32 pm
he also says josh fattal and sean pbauer remain jailed in irn having committed no crime. >> there has been pressure that has been brought to bear here. the statement also thanks the swiss and the sultan of oman. we knows there been no diplomatic contact between the united states and iran for many, many decades now, but diplomatic pressure, channels of communication do run through other countries. there's a big role for the white house, the state department here, and in addition to welcoming their release and pressing for the other two to be released. there is this diplomatic international game that goes on behind the scenes which can be effective. in this case it was. >> let me go back to the event we're watching for in philadelphia, the president speaking to these school kids about their commitment to education. is he expected to inject politics at all into this chat with the youngsters? >> it's really interesting. he does actually engage with
12:33 pm
some current affairs more than politics. he talks about news that the kidses may have heard from -- about the war in afghanistan, about the struggling economy. but he relates it not to the politics, not to what we talk about every day and what's going on in washington, but how it effects their lives. he says some of you may have to grow up faster than you should have because your mom may be working an extra job or maybe you have a brother or sister serving overseas, or you may have to pick up a part-time job because your dad is out of work. it's interesting how he relates that kind of news event, the stuff of politics to the kinds of pressure that school children are facing, the demands they have on themselves and what they should be thinking about, which is their school work. >> thank you. this political ad by a tea party candidate may have been -- may be a bit of a hail mary. it casts nancy pelosi in a starring role, but ropepublican
12:34 pm
john dennis is challenging pelosi. it features her playing a wicked witch in the wizard of oz. the witch is not on a broom, she's in a plane and melted by a bucket of freedom instead of wate water. >> hello, my pretties! i will save you from those evil republicans! here are my evil monkeys to pay for it all. >> step back, everyone. >> thank you for saving us. who are you? >> i'm john dennis, i'm running for congress. >> interesting. that's what a bucket of freedom looks like. a spokeswoman for nancy pelosi commented and lions and tigers and bears, oh my. lady gaga wore loads of costumes to the mtv music video awards this week, it's only fitting she took more than one date. gaga's escorts were all gay former members of the military.
12:35 pm
and last night rachel maddow interviewed one of them. this woman left the military because she felt don't ask don't tell was compromising her integrity. she was asked about wearing her military uniform to the vma's. >> i've been put into a position where i'm able to vocalize what the voiceless can't say. and make visible what was previously invisible for these soldiers. though it was a controversial decision, i feel like i'm doing the right thing. >> katherine miller was ranked ninth out of more than 1,000 cadets when she left west point. she is now studying at yale but says she knows she will one day serve her country. that female tv reporter at the center of a sexual harassment flap was back on the job last night covering the new york jets season opener from the sidelines. the nfl and jets say they are looking into how ines sainz was
12:36 pm
treated in the jets locker room when she went there to interview m mark sanchez on saturday. this morning, sainz told us what she thought when she tweeted she was dying of embarrassment. >> i was looking into mark sanchez's locker room, and i feel very rough, because i hear things. i'm like, okay, it's a difficult moment. i'm going to be relaxed and calm, present nothing is happening. when i express i'm uncomfortable it's because also i'm very conservative. >> conservative? >> yes, conservative in my way and style to think about it. it's not nice to see naked men aroun around. >> how can you even respond to that, really? she says she didn't feel threatened or harassed at the moment. she doesn't plan to sue, but she says the behavior she encountered was not acceptable.
12:37 pm
new restrictions could require to you have a prescription to buy cough medicine. the fda is considering new restrictions to deal with the alarming increase of cases of teens using cold and cough syrup to get high. tom costello has more. >> reporter: hi, good day to you. a lot of stores require an i.d. to buy something like this. they stopped selling these common cough medicines to anyone under the age of 18 because too many kids have found this is a cheap way to get high. >> it's friday night. and i just want to have some fun. >> reporter: they call it robo tripping. youtube is filled with teenagers demonstrating how they get high on robotussin or nyquil. it's called tripping on dex, or dxm. doctors say drinking a little
12:38 pm
too much cough syrup can make kids feel like they're drunk, but drinking one or more bottles can lead to an irregular heartbeat, brain damage, seizures or loss of consciousness. >> i found about abuse of dxm about seven years ago. i found out after my son passed away from abusing this product. >> reporter: california nurse misty fedko found her 18-year-old son carl dead in his bed after he od'd on cough syrup and prescription drugs. nationwide er visits related to overdosing on cough medicines jumped 73% between 2004 and 2008 to nearly 8,000 cases. at children's hospital in boston, dr. sharon levee says half the kids being treated for substance abuse also used dxm. >> we think as with any other
12:39 pm
psychoactive substances, this use is associated with other mental health problems and can precipitate problems including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and even psychotic disorders. >> reporter: now the fda is considering whether to require a prescription for cough suppressants with dxm. products millions of americans use every day. the cough syrup industries opposes that saying these medicines are very safe, abuse is low, and the harm from abuse is rare. and it started a public campaign to warn of the dangers of abuse using five moms to tell their stories of overdose. one of those moms is misty fedko. >> it's not what we are looking for. we are looking for needles, powders, looking for a lot of the legal street drugs. >> reporter: the advice to parents, if you see used cough syrup bottles in your child's
12:40 pm
room or in your car, get suspicious and start asking questions. it's not just syrup t could be pills, anything with the drug in there. the fda is considering, in fact today is hearing testimony on whether they should require a prescription for you, contessa brewer, to get something like this. >> how annoying is that? that's just inconvenient. you have to go to the doctor, get the prescription. oh, kids. >> yep. >> tom, thanks. >> all right. those little bottles of hand sanitizers you keep in your purse or car, they're not that effective in stopping the common cold or the flu, according to university of virginia researchers who conducted the study for the dial corporation, the results showed the hand sanitizer does not significantly reduce how often a person catches a cold or flu. speaking of that, did you wash your hands today? if you're a guy, the likelihood
12:41 pm
is lower that you have done so in a public restroom. at least the likelihood is lower than if you're a lady. a study sponsored by the american society for microbiology finds 93% of women wash their hands, only 1 in 16 don't. as for the guys in the united states, not so good. almost 1 in 4 don't in public restrooms. you know how this is written? it says as for guys, one in four of us. i don't know what they're trying to tell me, but i think they're wrong. the number is up since the last study in 2007. us guys. right. he sings about freedom, today a judge told george michael he will lose his. we will tell you why in a live report. who new where you live could effect how much sex you have. men's health magazine ranks the top 100 sexually active cities in the country. they base it on condom sales,
12:42 pm
birth rates, sex toy sales and the rate of stds, who takes the cake? austin, texas, dallas, columbus, ohio, durham, north carolina, and denver colorado round out the top five. where aren't they having sex? the bottom three are yonkers, new york. burlington, vermont, and portland, maine. i will let you make your decision about why that might be. quick break here. (announcer) if you think all batteries are the same, consider this: when a tornado tore through holly, colorado, air life denver took to the air... their night-vision goggles keeping them safe on a perilous flight... and powering those precision goggles--- is the only battery air life trusts: duracell. broad daylight or the darkest night... it just has to work. duracell. trusted everywhere.
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a new study finds young hispanic teens are the greatest risk of substance abuse and more likely than students of any other race or ethnicity to have
12:46 pm
tried alcohol, cigarettes or marijuana. peer pressure and a lack of knowledge of the negative effects of smoking and drinking are considered factors in the risk. we're just getting video of sarah shourd following her release following an iranian prison. this is her at the airport meeting her mom in oman. her mom said she waited 410 days for her daughter's release. she said her daughter is having major health problems and the iranian government agreed to some type of bail set for sarah shourd and allowed her to leave. the president just weighed in saying he's pleased the government released one of the hikers, but two more still remain in iranian custody. the president says he is hopeful that iran will release those hikers as well. in world view, a major setback to get those 33 chapped miners to safety. the drill boring one hole snapped and sent broken metal everywhere. a replacement drill is being
12:47 pm
sent for, and they're drilling several different holes to get those miners out. "newsweek" had this interesting little piece today. they come -- come in close. they says what if everything you needed to survive fit through this space. this is a little more than three inches around, that's the size of the tunnel they're sending things down through. they are sending an ipod down, vitamin d, medicines, flu shots, syringes. imagine they also are sending down water-proof shoes and clothing through this hole. everything they need. hams. the miners want wine. crazy. george michael heading to jail this morning. the 47-year-old singer was sentenced to eight weeks in jail for driving under the influence.
12:48 pm
on july 4th he crashed his range rover into a photo shop in north london. so, stephanie what kind of punishment is he facing here? >> well, you know, he's been sentenced to eight weeks. probably serve about four of those weeks. he smashed his car into that storefront. the police testified when they got on the scene he looked "spaced out." he pled guilty to being under the influence of cannibus and a sedative. in february of 2006, he was found slumped over the wheel of his car. that same year in april, he hit three parked cars trying to get out of a garage. in october of that year, he was found slumped over the wheel of his car again in the middle of an intersection. last year he was in a late-night car crash with a truck. he said in a statement then that he was stone-cold sober.
12:49 pm
but that remains a little unclear. now, of course, it's no big surprise that he will have to spend some time in jail. his troubles keep continuing. >> sounds like he needs some help. stephanie, thanks. we're waiting for president obama to deliver his annual back to school speech to students. he will talk to kids at the masterman laboratory and demonstration school in philadelphia. and we are watching for that speech any moment now. as soon as we see it, you will, too. we'll be right back. before rogaine, my solution to the problem was to go ahead and wear hats. i was always the hat guy. i can't even tell you how much it's changed my life. [ male announcer ] only rogaine is proven to regrow hair in 85% of guys.
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you won't believe this. it looks like the bears are moving out of bear country and into civilized society. wildlife experts say they're catching more grizzlies than ever before in areas where bears normally don't live. jeff corwin joins us now. not only are they moving in but they're starting to attack humans. >> it's very interesting situation. in some ways, contessa, we can celebrate a few decades ago the
12:53 pm
grizzly bear was on the brink of extinction. the reality check is that there's only so many places these animals can live. only so many designated wildlife areas like yellowstone national park. and as these animals get pushed out and they come in contact with human beings, it can be a recipe for disaster. let's take a look. >> reporter: when jerry ruth retired from his job as a policeman in maryland, moving to the wyoming frontier was a dream come true. last summer his dream became a nightmare. you were out with your friend from back east, exploring this incredible country looking for elk, but an elk isn't what you found. >> i remember a brown blur and a growl and the next thing was a big fur blanket over my head and the sound of my bones crushing in my face. >> reporter: jerry was attacked by a grizzly bear. >> reporter: the bear encounter that jerry had was catastrophic. the man so lucky to be alive but this is the place where he was attacked and this is high
12:54 pm
desert. it is not bear country. why are we today now finding grizzly bears here? >> we continue to see bears pushing out into areas where we typically haven't seen them. >> reporter: mark prucino has been capturing and relocating grizzlies for 20 years. this year, he and his team have captured more bears than ever before. the mighty grizzly bear once on the brink of extinction is recovering. that is the good news. but today, these incredible creatures are running out of wilderness, and bears out of a need of survival are wandering into what is now human territory. why was this bear trapped today? >> this bear was frequently this ranch, a housing compound and almost every night for on and off for about a week. >> just look at this. i mean, it's just amazing.
12:55 pm
look at those claws and those canine teeth can easily crush through bone. >> reporter: i assist the team in taking hair and blood samples. they'll be used to check the animal's health and genetic history. he'll also be fitted with this radio tracking collar. so he's been collared, you've got your data, your information. what happens next? >> i think we have a good release site for him on the west side of the tetons. we'll release him and monitor him weekly with a flight and see what he does. hopefully he returns to being a wild bear. >> reporter: for the grizzlies, it's not just a matter of changing their behavior, but changing human behavior. a lesson jerry ruth has learned well. >> well, bears have every right to be here as i do. and i've got to live in bear habitat and that's just something i have to do. >> unbelievable. so, that's happening across the nation, you know, in places where grizzlies, their habitat is encroaching on human territory.
12:56 pm
>> these bears are surviving. the bad news is the wild habitat outside their protected areas has disappeared. >> thanks. that wraps up this hour with me. i'm contessa brower. i'll see you back here tomorrow. we'll break down today's primary results and gop michael steele will talk about nancy pelosi. up next, andrea mitchell reports. sophia amarosa launched her clothing company, nasty girl, at age 22. she started by selling vintage clothes on ebay and now runs her own successful e-commerce site. for more, watch "your business" on msnbc.diana, t ay. ay. elkhart's a place that has lost jobs faster than anywhere else in america,
12:57 pm
and the people who've lost them have no idea what to do or who to turn to. in fact, local tv stations have started running public service announcements that tell people where to find food banks, even as the food banks don't have enough to meet the demand.
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right now at "andrea mitchell reports" u.s. hiker sarah shourd is free today after a year in an iranian prison. she is on a plane en route to oman. her two companions, josh fattal and shane bauer remain in prison at this hour. their families released a statement saying they are overjoyed by


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