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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 15, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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everybody. tea party power. that is the theme today after tea party candidates pulled off huge wins in delaware and new hampshire. mark arubio has a strong lead in the florida senate race. what kind of power does the tea party a have ahead of the primary electrics? nora, let's start off with this new release about marco rubio. surprised there? >> no. because in many ways, governor charlie crist, who was a republican running now as an independent is shaerg some votes with the democrats in that case. marco rubio certainly is someone that is backed by the republican party, a future star of the republican party. we've still got some time to go, but it is significant that he's gaining ground in these final weeks. and it just goes to show the strength of the tea party. they're demanding change.
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they are mad as hell and they're the people that are going to turn out and vote and they like marco rbio. >> and you talk about that, people in delaware turned out to vote for christine o'donnell who came from behind to take the spot from someone they thought was going to be a shoo-in. >> huge upset. christine o'donnell, really a political neophyte, even though this is his third time running for a seat. karl rove has said she doesn't have the character to be the republican nominee, that she's nutty. the state chair of the -- the republican party says that she's delusional, that she couldn't even win dog catcher. but now you have the national republican senatal committee here in washington which pooh poohed her candidacy the whole time now embracing her, endorsing her, sending her the
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maximum amount allowed. and you're going to see another republican candidate doing that, mitt romney who is likely running for president in 2012 voesing his support. but bottom line, it hurts the republican party's chances to take this seat in delaware, which was one joe biden's seat, a democratic seat. so it makes it less likely that they can take back the majority in the senate, even though they have good chances in a lot of the rest of the country. >> new hampshire, explain what's happening there. >> new hampshire, they are now calling it for the attorney general kelly ayotte as the winner there. she had been backed by sarah palin. interestingly, she was not the tea party favorite. the tea paefrt favorite was a candidate by the name of ovide lamontagne. he was barely blocked, a narrow spread there. the tea party, spring strong. kelly ayotte, i think is going
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to be a future star in the republican party, someone that many have talked about can be a future leader in the republican party. >> nora, thanks so much. i appreciate it. >> good to see you. the tea party may have found on voice in the general elections. consider how the tea party movement is dividing the republican party. senator lisa mackowski was defeated by joe miller. as disappointed as i am in the outcome of the primary and my belief that the alaska republican party was hijacked by the tea party express, an out extremist group, i am not going to quit my party she was quoted as saying. michael, i can't help but think to myself, we continually talk about how we're ramping up for the elections in november, but there are three parties in play here. republicans, democrats and the tea party. >> well, thomas, and they all
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split the vote, similar to what's going on in florida. here is the acronym of the day and i've coined it. the tea party activists are always talking about rhinos, like mike castle who won last night, republicans in name only. my act row name is eipo, electricble in primary only, because my belief is that christine o'donnell could never win a general election in delaware, not even in this crazy year. that individuals who sent joe biden back to the senate cycle after cycle after cycle are not going to elect her. what happened yesterday is that in a small turnout, in a closed primary, passionate voters came out and they were tea party activists in the gop. but when she now needs to broaden the base for a general election, i don't think she can do it. that's why this is such a burden to the gop. they need the tea party voters, but they can't have tea party
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candidates in certain states at the pinnacle. >> let's explain to everybody the tea party express statement is this, as recently as one month ago, everybody wrote off christine o'donnell, but she defined the pundits and the political establishment. now she is positioned to shock the so-called political experts in november once again. you say this is impossible? >> no. i think this is a day where folks across the country who share her ideology are having a ewe formic i'm mad as hell sort of moment. but wednesday after the election, and i think like everybody seems to think that it will be a great year of taking gop seats. but if the republican party comes within a whisper ott looking back at yesterday's election, they should look back at yesterday's election where they would have been better off with a more conservative mike
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castle than with a christine o'donnell. we are getting information as to where the money to fund a plot to blow up times square may have come from. a new york man is being arrested for running an illegal money transfer business between pakistan and the united states. the business provided thousands of dollars to two individuals. now, at least one transaction was made for the man who pleaded guilty to trying to set off a car bomb in times square back in may. he was caught trying to leave the country. investigative reporter jonathan davies has been breaking the developments since that times square plot. i was here with you in the studio that night. now i understand that you've learned that the suspect had no idea that the money he was providing to shahzaht had no idea where it was going. >> yeah. the man lives on long island and he was running this illegal money transfer business.
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they say he met with shazad, provided him with thousands of dollars and shazad turned around and used that cash to pay for the vex, for the materials used in that failed bombing attempt and that the money, as investigators have discovered, comes from the pakistan taliban. but nowhere to investigates believe that mohamed unis knew where this money was coming from or what it was going to be used for. if convicted, this charge carries a five year prison term. he did not know about the bomb plot, but he did meet with shazad and provided that money transfer. >> has he been providing money to other people? >> yes. there's at least one other man, a new jersey man who came that same month and was provided thousands of dollars. it is unclear the nature of where that money originated from and the investigation certainly
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continues into this individual. as you know, there were people in boston and in main and in south jersey that the fbi conducted searches and raids and several people were picked up on immigration charges, but this is the first case where there are clarnlgs related to the money transfer. >> jonathan, thank you. >> thank you. we turn now to army staff sergeant salvador punta will receive the medal of honor. it is the country's highest decoration. sergeant june has distinguished himself in october of '07 in afghanistan, risking his life to rescue two soldiers from enemy fire. but this afternoon from his post in italy, the 25-year sergeant from iowa said he was just doing his job. >> in this job, i am only mediocre. i'm average. this was a situation that will -- we were put into and by
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no means did i do anything that anyone else wouldn't have done in that situation. >> colonel jack jacobs was awarded the medal of honor during the vietnam war. giunta called this a bittersweet moment because so many of his brothers aren't alive to share this with him. did you experience that same feeling? >> yeah. by the way, i apologize i have the tail end of a cold. i've been asked frequently, particularly on veterans day and memorial day, what do you think about on those days? like sergeant giunta, i think about the same thing every day, all the people i left behind, all the friends i serve with. you fight to defend the country. >> wa does it take to receive the medal of honor, to be a recipient? >> it is very subjective. you have to do something which,
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if you had not done it, you couldn't be faulted for not doing it. but there are a lot of people who perform valorus acts in conduct, every recipient will say exactly the same thing, that sergeant giunta is saying, he wasn't doing anything extraordinary. he was just doing what a soldier would do. he thought that then and he still thinks that today. i think that's true, i know that's true if you ask anybody else. he's wearing the malgd for all those who can't. >> sometimes it has to be seen and sometimes people may not live long enough to retell that story. but in your case and in giunta's story, there was a witness. you didn't even know somebody saw it. >> no, i didn't. by the way, there has to be several witnesses. i didn't know it and the first i heard about it was when a colonel called me up from army -- identified himself as being from army awards branch.
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he said congratulations, you're a recipient of the medal of honor. some major is going to call me up and organize the logistics for getting me and my family to washington. >> how do you think that changed your life and how do you think it will impact giunta's military career? >> well, first of all, there's all the media exposure and in his case in particular it's going to be particularly intense. but more than that, it's a burden doesn't sound right because it sounds like you're carrying something you don't want to carry. but i was no longer jack jacobs. i was jack jacobs medal of honor recipient. and because i am and because all the other 87 living recipients are recipients, they carry with them the responsibility of completing themselves in a way that represents all the people who ever wore a uniform and all the people that fought in
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combat. it's a big burden but it's a good soldier and i'm sure he'll carry it well. and we continue to talk about this at this hour. the atlantic ocean -- excuse me, i just want to say, jack, we'll talk about this later. but at this hour, the atlantic ocean is roar, a rare duo of thunderstorms. igor and julia are both churning. take a look at this. very incredible video coming to us from nasa. oh, we don't have the video. i apologize. meteorologist nick walker, he's going to save me now from explaining what's going on out in the atlantic ocean. >> i wanted to see those pictures, too. we can show you the satellite pictures, anyway, from about 22,000 miles up in space. we've got three tropical systems. tropical storm karl, hurricane eps igor and julia. those are category 4 hurricanes. the first time we've had those category 4 hurricanes since 1926
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at the same time. it's just amazing. let's talk about karl. this is the closest one to home. this tropical storm made landfall this morning on the yucatan peninsula. become ago hurricane later on, probably reaching the gulf, though, by tonight. and then reaching the mexican coast again this weekend for a second landfall. then there's our monster, igor, just an amazingly huge storm. and it will bring some wave action to the islands, but they won't feel hurricane force winds. we will find it turning to the north and continuing that turn through the weekend, look out, bermuda, though. right there in the center of the path. as we get through the weekend, we could very well see a major hurricane, either side or perhaps even directly over bermuda. here in the i'd, we're going to feel rip currents. we're going to see a lot of surf out of this. high waves, those swells arriving as early as tomorrow, but increasing into friday and saturday, so some indirect effects here along our coast. >> nick, i'm being told we finally have the nasa video that
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we've been dying to see. there we go. impressive stuff. look at that. >> that's it. wow. >> no, but you can tell, the way it's forming, you see the eye there. nick, for all of us that aren't paying attention to the calendar, how much longer do we have to go for hurricane season? >> basically, we're just past the peak. but officially, it goes all the way through november. although by the time we get into october, things really begin to wind down. not unheard of to have some storms in november, though. >> nick, thanks so much. >> you bet. could senator harry reid's push to attach a controversial immigration proposal and a don't ask, don't tell repeal mean trouble for an arms bill? rory kennedy will be here with a first hand look at the trouble of undocumented immigrants at the mexican border. plus, it looks like a hollywood movie, but it's a real bank robbery. we will tell you how this ended after this. g for who? try new market creations from lean cuisine.
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welcome back, everybody. next week, the senate will vote on a huge defense spending bill that is expected to include two highly controversial elements. first, the bill will include an amendment to repeal the don't ask, don't tell poll. and it could serve a proposal known as the dream act, that would give green cards to illegal immigrants after they go to college or serve two years in the military. luke russert is on capitol hill to explain that. what is the dream act all about? >> it's legislation that essentially says, look, if you came to this country before you were 16 years old and you've been in the country for five years and you got your high school degree and you've gone to the military for two years or to college for two years, the u.s. government wants to put you on a
2:19 pm
path to citizenship. that's what the dream act is. it was created a few years ago with an essence of sort of giving illegal immigrants who are here for a while, who are younger, who have been engrained in american culture a pathway to citizenship. harry reid attaches it to the defensive authorization bill. he's saying it's part of the defense bill because there are a time of folks who serve two years in the military that are not citizens who if they're fighting and dying in this country, they should get their citizenship. >> and let's talk about the connection between lady gaga and harry reid. in the first tweet that we have for everybody, it reads, gay veterans were my vma dates for don't ask don't tell. call harry reid to schedule a senate vote. then reid replies saying there is a vote on dadt next week. anyone qualified to serve this
2:20 pm
country should be allowed to do so. so now talking back and forth, what does this say about the expectations of the two things actually really appearing in this bill. >> well, what does it say about the social media climate we live in now, thomas, where the senate majority leader of the united states gets advice from the largest pop star of the united states over twitter and 140 characters? we're a long way from jefferson and jackson. but that being said, that's going to be attached to this defense reauthorization bill. republicans, a lot of them want to support it, but there's a study going on within the military to see what exactly the ramifications would be if this policy was carried out. republicans like john mccain said, we don't want to give a yes vote on that until we see the study. democrats say this needs to go forward so the law can be changed. we know this is an unjust policy. some moderate republicans have shown support for this in the
2:21 pm
past. do they have the votes for all this coming together on tuesday? harry reid said yesterday, he quotes, i don't necessarily know. i sure hope so. democrats don't necessarily have a 100% commitment from 60 senators to break the filibuster from this so they can have a final vote on this. thomas. >> luke, thank you. >> i'll speak to you later. >> okay. speaking of the topic of immigration, tomorrow night, hbo airs a new examination of the immigration issues along the u.s./mexico border. >> new york, new york, new york, ft. lauderdale, miami, new york, newark, ft. lauderdale, miami, orlando, washington, cincinnati, miami, miami, new york, washington, los angeles, new york, new york, orlando, miami, new york. you might sense a trend here. >> did you get all of that? emmy winning filmmaker rory kennedy produced, wrote and directed this film.
2:22 pm
rory, great to have you here. >> nice to be here. >> so let's take about this. why did you get involved with this project to begin with? >> well, it's a subject that i think is very important to us. i think it defines us as a country right now. it touches on issues of immigration, who is going to become part of the citizenship of this country, issues around the war on drugs, the war on terror and it's also about holding our policymakers accountable for how they're spending our tax dollars. >> now, in reading the review of the film, which the reviews are very good, but some are saying you take a comical approach at some of these issues. explain to us, what's not working and what are the solutions that maybe your film will tell us what would work better? >> well, i think the premise has been pretty faulty. it's a 670 mile fence on a 2,000 mile border. so what that means is it breaks up along the way. so when people aren't climbing over it or creating tunnels
2:23 pm
under it, they're simply walking around it. so as an actual fence, it's pretty ineffective. and all of the studies indicate that it has not achieved any of its stated goals to reduce the number of immigrants coming into this country or reducing the number of drugs coming into this country. as that clip showed, there have been no terrorists who have come from the southern border, so it hasn't reduced that number because there's no number to reduce. >> what's this going to cost us, $45 billion, something like that? >> $49 billion over the next 25 years. it's already costs $4 billion just to make it and every year it's going to cost a couple billion dollars to sustain it. this is an investment that we are making as a country. given the issues and the challenges and the complexities of these issues, i'm not sure that this defense was really the solution. >> okay. and an off topic, i can't have a candidate here without asking your thoughts on what the tea party is doing to american politics. >> well, you know, i am concerned about the tea party.
2:24 pm
i think a big part of their message is anti-government and the role of government in society and for me, government plays a huge role and historically has done a great job creating an education system, creating a highway system. you know, our trash is collected because of this, you know, our kids are educated because of the role of the government. so i think when you say we don't want government, then what's going to take that place? and i have a lot of concerns about the bigotry and the racism that comes out from a lot of the tea party leaders. i don't think it's the direction this country needs to be going in right now. >> rory kennedy, emmy award winning filmmaker. thanks for joining us today. i want to tell but the fence, it debuts tomorrow on hbo. >> thank you. up next, we'll tell you why police are calling this criminal one of the dumbest criminals in the world.
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welcome back, everybody. in florida, the hunt is on for two men who robbed a chase bank in west palm beach on a motorcycle. surveillance images show the motorcycle inside the bank. police say the two men rode the bike into the bank's entrance, got the cash, made a quick getaway out the front entrance. then the men crashed into a truck and car jacked a woman's toyota corolla. wow. in michigan, police are looking for a man who walked into a detroit yeah convenience store on monday, slipped on a darth vader mask and robbed the attendance at knife point. despite the mask, police have a clear picture of the man and that's because he din put on the
2:29 pm
mask until right before he entered the store. that's why police are calling this man one of the dumbest criminals in the world. the fbi seems to be having trouble deciding who gets the $10,000 reward for helping catch the so-called barefooted dandit. 19-year-old colton harris moore led authorities on a two-year manhunt. he's accused of stealing cars, boats and airplanes, all without wearing shoes. stay with us, everybody. we're back right after this. my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a liquid gel. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. comes in a liquid gel.
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♪ [ upbeat instrumental ] [ rattling ] [ gasps ] [ rattling ] [ laughing ] [ announcer ] close enough just isn't good enough. - if your car is in an accident, - [ laughing continues ] make sure it's repaired with the right replacement parts. take the scary out of life with travelers. call or click now for an agent or quote. sarah shroud is spending her first day of freedom resting in oman. sho you rd is one of the three american hikers detained in iran for more than a year. her fiancee, shane bauer and their friend, josh fattal remain in prison charged with
2:33 pm
espionage. since her arrival in oman, what has she been doing since? >> since the reunion at her airfield, it's been street about what she's been up to. there have been multiple reports that she used her time today, her first full day of fro come to get an examining. whether or not this is a routine checkup, or linked to the medical problems her mother had says said she's experienced in prison, we don't know. but sarah shourd did say yesterday that she would be using her time to campaign and her number one priority would be to release -- or have released her fiancee, shane bauer and their good friend, josh fattal. so there's a good chance that she is campaigning in oman and is pressing for them to be
2:34 pm
released soon, as well. but we really don't know at this point. >> we know the campaigning for their safe release is very important for her. do we know whether she's going to consider doing that there or in the united states? >> well, there's no confirm age here. what it seems is it's been -- it's day number one and she has probably been trying to relax and spend some time with her mother, perhaps having this medical examination. so we have to find out more soon, possibly tomorrow, if there's any confirmation if she is planning to travel to the united states soon or anywhere else. it's up to her at this point. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. it's another day on the hot seat for tony hayward. he testified about the gulf oil disaster at a british parliamentary proceeding in london. that comes almost three z months after his grilling by congressional lawmakers in the united states.
2:35 pm
they wanted to know if the bp operations in lobtd are safe. >> everything we have in operations today are working as it is designed to do. the second thing we have done, which i believe is something the industry will also do is significantly enhabs the testing protocols of blowout preventers, included in ensuring the backup systems work and are tested in the course of drilling the wells. >> more now on hayward's testimony from daisy. >> now, the select committee, as they're called in the uk parliament, they're not as powerful as the equivalent on capitol hill. they're nos ago aggressive. they're more gentle in their line of inquiry. so we weren't expecting the bulletes and shots we saw earlier this year. nonetheless, he was put through
2:36 pm
his paces, asked different elements about safety and particularly bp. his first statement said that he found the whole experience personally devastating. i'm sure that's probably an understatement. then when he was quizzed about his relationship about the american government, he seemed to be telling us that his and his company's relationship with the american government is perfectly excellent. well, i hate to think what a bad relationship with mr. hayward would look like. though, when he was quizzed on safety standards in the north sea particularly here in britain, that was specifically what the british politicians did want to talk to him about. things did get sticky. this morning, two newspapers using the freedom of information legislation found some rather disturbing elements of bp's safety record in the bp. seemed to be showing that the safety exercises hadn't been done properly. at that point, mr. hayward passed the buck to the gentleman on his right who goes by the
2:37 pm
extraordinary name of bernard loony. i kid you not. and mr. loony said that those details were simply the cause of an administrative error. authorities in louisiana are trying to determine what caused a massive fish kill in a bayou near the mississippi river. hundreds of thousands of dead fish were found floating there. fish kills are common in the summer months along the gulf coast, especially by the mouth of the mississippi river. what's unusual about this one is that it's so large and a number of species are involved. officials are looking at the bp oil disaster as the possible cause. today marks the opening of the 3d entertainment summit in las vegas. los angeles. >> my only care for survival is finding the source of the signal. >> "resident evil after life 3d" did more than just survive this weekend. it opened at number one.
2:38 pm
it was supposed to make the future of films so bright that you had to wear shades or your glasses, but is 3d all that it's cracked up to be? jewel gentleman boorstin is like to explain. what are we learning about the big buzz here? >> thomas, there's lots of buzz about 3d movies. folks pointing out that six of the ten biggest movies this year were 3d. there has been a lot of concern, concern that high prices are keeping people away from movies. but the buzz here is very, very positive. and we just got news out moments ago that disney's latest pirates of the caribbean movie is going to be made in 3d. so it sounds like the big event movies that are made in 3d will continue to be big hits. maybe some of the smaller ones, potentially those are the ones that could suffer. >> julia, what about 3d
2:39 pm
televisions, is this in our future? >> absolutely. we are seeing 3d vision all around this conference today. we have 3d streaming to computers. the thing now is that 3d tv is starting to come up and it's really going to be for video gamers and also for sports. we probably won't be 3d tvs in every home in america for another seven years or so. but in the meantime, it's going to be huge, especially for that gaming community. starting this christmas, we will see more 3d tvs on the market. and the stuff here is pretty cool. it's amazing, you put on these glasses and all of a sudden, you can see it in 3d. and it's not thaun comfortable or complicated. i think we will see more adepartmented later this year and into next year. thomas, back over to you. >> so far, though, one pair of glasses works on the different 3dp monitors? >> no. it's different ones. if you buy a television set, you
2:40 pm
will get 3d glasses with that set. these are real d glasses. they're pretty standard. of here, we have a display that's for nvidia and they have different types of 3d glasses to go with their 3d monitors. that's mostly for video games. it's more like a computer monitor with special glasses. but as long as you buy this set, you will get glasses with it. for those hard core sports fans who want to watch in 3d and gamers who are obsessed with playing in that experience. >> julia, thanks so much. i appreciate it. so the winner of america's got talent will be revealed tonight and one act is favored to win. i want to get the scoop now from courtney who is hooe here in real d. >> in real d. i don't ever want to be here in 3d, just for the record. anyway, yes, "america's got
2:41 pm
talent" we'll know after a two-hour special who is going to win. the front-runner, we did a poll and the front-runner on the news line poll is actually 10-year-old jackie evanko. i believe we have some sound of her performing. she's been getting so much buzz because she's just so, so young. listen in. ♪ i'm not sure how it's going to work to have a 10-year-old with a show in vegas. that's what the winner of "america's got talent" gets. but she's amazing. >> you've got to have it at 6:00 in the evening. >> she's an amazing talent. stirred some controversy earlier over the idea that maybe she isn't even seconding. she's just that good.
2:42 pm
about this year's finalists, three out of four of them were found online. in other words, they didn't show up for an audition. the producers found two of them virally. jackie submitted her work via youtube. >> i would totally go to early bird supper and catch her show in vegas. i'm just saying. so topic number two, kid rock and the waffle house fight. >> the great waffle house fight of 2007. surveillance camera right there catching the fisticuffs as they go down. kid rock is beelg charged with assault. >> where is my waffle? >> yeah. it was over a woman, actually. >> waffle, woman, they both begin with a "w," courtney. >> exactly. but the judge has been selected. unspecified punitive damages and $6,000 in medical bills are what is at stake right here and kid rock's self-worth.
2:43 pm
>> right. and lastly, kate gosselin, people are buzzing about that magazine cover that shows kate gosselin in a bikini. this is a woman who has produced eight children. look at that. i'm almost at a loss for words. she talks about her new body and says it's from running, not center countless medical procedures and she is just doing better than ever and waiting for mr. right. >> well, she was on dancing with the stars. >> when i spoke with kate gosselin right at the beginning of the summer, it was just off her dancing in the with the stars run. that's what got her on her fitness kick. >> we'll see if she sells some magazines. republicans launch a bustory aimed at taking back the house, and its target, nancy pelosi. and american troops launch an offensive in southern afghanistan. we'll going to find out what it's all about. ♪
2:44 pm
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today we've been keeping a close eye on assaults by u.s. and afghanistan forces on the taliban strong hold of kandahar. tom joins us now live from kabul. troops from the army's elite 101st airborne division are involved in this, correct? >> that's right, thomas. the military says several companies of them accompanied by afghan soldiers and they're moving in the zahri district, slightly to the west of the city of kandahar. the aim of the moment is to stop taliban supply lines from reaching into kandahar city itself. they've been using it for some time to move ammunition and the proceeds of drug trafficking into the the city of kandahar. the military says they've encountered some resistance. they've been in the area for about four months, but this is the first time they've gone near some of the smaller villages that until now have been controlled by taliban fighters. many afghan farmers and the
2:48 pm
civilian farm population have moved out of the area. it's the haven for the taliban and it's where the movement started years ago. and it's known to be the homeland of the taliban. american forces and afghan forces taking along with them afghan police and newly appointed government officials in an effort to resemble the area as they go through it and put that government administration in place so that that taliban can't return. the military has made no mention of any casualties so far. they're call it a significant movement rather than an operation and they're pointing out that it's part of a wider strategy to pacify kandahar, but most in southern afghanistan. >> can you confirm or deny whether or not the taliban is using anger for the possibility on the koran burning here, using that to fuel fire and support there? >> well, in fact, there was a demonstration here today in kabul. ten protesters were injured and
2:49 pm
up to 25 police were injured when demonstrators clashed with police. now, it started as a protest against any burning of any koran anywhere in the world. but they shouted death to america, death to israel, death the britain and death to hamid karzai. the interior ministry is saying it's only half about the koran burning. it's signs that the taliban is acknowledge stating these crowds as we approach an election saturday morning. and from the war to in afghanistan to iraq, there are serious dangers for american troops still stayinged there. my name is vonetta, and i suffer from allergies.
2:50 pm
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2:52 pm
so there is a lot going on today. there's two things we thought you should know about. republican chairman michael spiel launches a major bus tour. he's going to offer his support to gop candidates across the
2:53 pm
country. steele is calling it the fire pelosi tour making reference to house speaker nancy pelosi who would lose her job if democrats regain control of the house. michaele sa lee hee has multiple sclerosis. those are just a couple of things that we thought you should know. u.s. and iraqi forces launched a raid today on falluja, reportedly killing insurgents. this is the second incident this week in which american troops in iraq have been involved in fighting despite the official end of the u.s. combat mission there as of september 1st. that's prompting xlients by some of the 50,000 remaining u.s. troops there that say they are still in harm's way. matthew alexander is an adviser
2:54 pm
with and he's a fo veteran. they still feel that they're a target. little has changed since their milligram was said to be accomplished as of september 1st. >> no doubt, thomas, that our troops are still engaged in combat, whether we call it semantically combat operations, they're still getting shot at and we still have to give them the resoufrss that they need and we can't forget that every day we have troops in harm's way in iraq. >> we should have -- i mean, i don't think this comes as any surprise to most people knowing the important work that still needs to be done there with these 50,000 men and women that have remained behind in the training that needs to take place. >> yeah. we still have a long way to go to get the iraqis up to the form that they need to be, be able to go out and conduct solo killer caption missions against remaining al qaeda elements and to offer their help to the stability of iraqi. you know, we still see major
2:55 pm
operations being conducted by al qaeda, roadside bombs, attacks on bases. we just lost two troops there a little over a week ago. u.s. troops. and we continue to see reports which just came out of valad recently. a military spokesman said she endured five attacks in the last week. obviously, al qaeda is still a threat there and our troops are still in harm's way. >> on september 7th, it was two u.s. soldiers that were killed and nine others wounded during that attack. matthew, is this something that we need to prepare our as americans to continue hearing about while we still have those 50,000 troops there? >> i believe so. i don't think we're going to see an end to u.s. troops conducting combat in iraq until we at least reach the negotiated sofa level that will happen in 2011, at the end of 2011. so until that point, we are going to see u.s. troops continuously engaged in combat.
2:56 pm
>> all right. i just want to give a plug in again to your website. thanks for joining us this afternoon. we appreciate it. >> glad to be here. >> i'm thomas roberts. thanks for joining me. richard lui is going to pick up things here after the break. keep it here. ♪ [ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? ♪ introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid, specially formulated to fight morning pain and fatigue. ♪ so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever. with new bayer am. words alone aren't enough. my job is to listen to the needs and frustrations of the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel or restaurant workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility
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looks really good. call us at... or visit your local liberty mutual office, where an agent can help you find the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual auto insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? tea party power at the polls, three big victories against establishment republicans. should the gop be worried about what's going on now? palin in 2012. she's already the engine behind some of these big political upsets. so is a white house run in her future? find out what her parents have to say about that. plus, this -- >> you point fingers at whoever you want to point fingers at, but it has to start in the mirror. what are you doing about it? denzel washington issues a challenge to you and every other u.s. citizen. what will you do to help the country's children


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