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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  September 23, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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and this is "way too early." i'm glad you're up with us watching on msnbc or listening live on sirius xm radio. smooth me an e-mail at or text the word awake followed by your response to 622639. we'll read the best responses later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this thursday, september 23rd. a lot going on including the mellow white house response to the revelations in bob woodward's books, those revelations we told you about yesterday. plus the only thing better than the man wearing a red spandex body suit is the guy who got picked up by jail by his parents still wearing the red spandex body suit. the greatest perp walk of all time. first to the news live at 5:30 a.m. here at 30 rock in new york
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city. we begin with a big development in the fight to reform the nation's public schools. "the new york times" reporting this morning that facebook founder and chief executive mark zuckerberg will donate $100 million to the troubled public school system in newark, new jersey. according to "the times" he will announce the gift on "the oprah winfrey show" tomorrow. with new jersey governor chris christie and cory booker, mayor, the spokespeople for oprah and facebook have not yet confirmed "the times'" report. newark have among the lowest test scores and graduation rates. the $100 million donation would be one-eighth of newark's entire annual operating budget of $8900 million for its schools. his fortune has been estimated at least at $2 billion. again, mark zuckerberg according to "the new york times" ready to
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give 100 million bucks s ts tok and announce it tomorrow on "oprah." today marks six months since the passage of health care meaning the law's key components go in effect and insurers will no longer be able to impose a lifetime spending gap or ban children with pre-existing conditions. parents will be able to keep their kids on their health plans until age 26. . backyard gathering in virginia yesterday, president obama touted the new provisions and called out republicans who threatened to repeal the law. . right now there is a political debate going on about should we maybe repeal the health care act or, you know, because this is part of big government and you've heard the republican leader in the house saying that's going to be one of our priorities chipping away at the health care act. why would you want to repeal something that congressional budget office says is going to save us a trillion dollars if
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you're serious about the deficit? it doesn't make sense. i mean it makes sense in terms of politics. and polls. it doesn't make sense in terms of actually making people's lives better. later he will address the u.n. assembly to emphasize efforts his administration is making to promote peace and strengthen global ties. according to the white house, the president also expected to focus on u.s. efforts to restart the global economy to combat al qaeda and to pursue peace in the middle east. meanwhile, in new york city last night the president attended a major democratic fund-raiser where he was confronted by activists for aids funding and gay rights. the protesters were so loud that obama was forced to go off script several times urging the hecklers to make their case to republicans. >> we listen to you. we heard your point and tas i said before we increased aids funding. if you want to have a
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conversation later it's a conversation i'm happy to have but what i want to do is talk about what's coming up -- i want us to talk about what's at stake in this election. because the people that potentially will take over if we don't focus on this election, i promise you will cut aids funding. >> president obama pointing to republican leadership. after a year and a half of being labeled the party of no house republicans this morning will unveil the ideas they pursue if they win a majority in congress this november. the plan called a pledge to america focuses on six area, jobs and the economy, spendingette care reforming congress and national security. i think that's five areas to create jobs they propose makes the bush tax cuts permanent and giving a tax deduction for small businesses equal to 20% of the business' income to reduce the
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deficit cut federal spending to prestimulus prebailout levels with exception of spending on national security. they advocate repealing the new health care law and replacing it with other reform measures like buying insurance across state lines and among the measures to reform congress they would require the constitutional authority for all new bills to be explained. politico reports today's pledge will include after fir makes of their stance on social issues like the republicans' support for what they call traditional marriage. we'll sift through the pledge to america. get some opinion on it coming up on "morning joe." bobward's new book claims he pushed military advisers for an exit plan out of afghanistan, never got one and developed his own strategy and senior white house officials seem pretty pleased by the portrait actually. robert gibbs saying yesterday "i think the book portrays a thoughtful vigorous policy
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process that led us to a strategy to get us the best chance of achieving our objectives and goals in afghanistan. i hope people will read the whole book." robert gibbs responding, of course, "the new york times" had a bunch of excerpts. we talked about those yesterday. he said he doesn't think it's accurate to say the book portrays the president as constantly at odds with military leadership but rather that he had a "robust discussion about strategy in afghanistan." . "the daily show" jon stewart made an anticipated return to "the o'reilly factor" to promote his new book. he and o'reilly have a thing going on. things did start on a serious note when o'reilly asked stewart about his feelings about the obama presidency. >> stewart is back. it's inexplicable but he's here. >> hi, jon, nice to see you. >> you want me to be a phony. >> it hurts my feelings.
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>> okay, obama remorse, some people who voted for him as you saw velma hart, we voted for the hope and dream. it ain't happening. do you on stewart have obama remorse. >> i think people feel a disappointment in that there was a sense that, oh, jesus will walk on water and, oh, look at that, he's just treading water. >> did you buy the messiah thing when he was campaigning. >> i don't buy the messiah thing with the messiah thing. i thought we were in such a place, much like the tea party feels now that the country was in such a place that we needed a more drastic reconstruction of policy, perhaps a deconstruction of the powers that be. i thought this may be a chance to do that. i have been saddened to see that someone who ran on the idea that you can't expect to get different results with the same people and the same system has
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kept in place so much of the same system. >> things did get a little lighter. more highlights of jon stewart's appearance later. we get all up in your business. anna edwards is live in london. hello, anna. >> hello, willie. good to see you. global equities have done well in the month of september. not so yesterday. we saw the dow breaking a five-day winning streak in yesterday's session to close down by 0.2%. overnight watching closely the developments in the story between china and the united states. the exchange of words that's going on in relation to the value of the chinese currency. the u.s. has been arguing for some time that they think the chinese yuan is overvalued and say this disadvantages u.s. exporters and favors chinese exporters. well, the premier wen jiabao says if we saw a 20% appreciation in their currency
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that would lead to widespread bankruptcies in china so this war of words continues and will continue no doubt because wen jiabao is in the u.s. today and he's going to be meeting with president obama at around 11:00 eastern time. another story to watch out for, blockbusters has just confirmed within the last half hour they are filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy and operate around 3,000 stores in the united states right now. they say all of those for the moment will stay open but will be re-evaluating their portfolio as a result of this measure. the idea being that they try to get down their debt. the futures suggesting we'll see another lower open for u.s. markets when they open up a little later on this morning. willie, back to you. >> anna edwards, thanks so much. circling back for one moment to the facebook story we brought you at the beginning why is mark zuckerberg from northern california giving $100 million to the school district in newark, new jersey. he has a relationship and apparently a pretty good one with newark mayor cory booker. so there you go.
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still ahead on "way too early," a two-hour rain delay dragged the yankees and rays deep into the night. we'll show you the offensive explosion you missed if you went to bed during the storm. 19 months after treating us to one of the most bizarre and most bearded appearances in talk show history, joaquin phoenix returned to letterman last night. so what did he have to say for himself? . it was a little cocker spaniel dog that went all the way from it can, black and white spotted and our little girl trisha, the 6-year-old named it checkers. hz
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. 5:44 here in new york city. looking at rockefeller blases have. what is all that construction? getting ready for education nation, our week-long focus on education. we'll be live out there on the blases have here on monday. let's get a check on your weather from nbc meteorologist bill karins. good morning, bill. >> were you trying to sleep when the thunderstorms rolled through new york last night. >> the lightning, the thunder. >> we live in tornado alley all of a sudden. a couple of big storms. new york city, d.c., areas in baltimore got hit pretty good last night with thunderstorms. those are gone. so this morning, just looking at pretty much clear dry weather for your morning commute. temperatures are warm too. it'll feel like summer once again, yesterday was 94 in washington, d.c. today will be right around 90. new york city will be a little cooler. mixture of sun and clouds around 80. definitely a nice falllike day up in new england. tomorrow by the way, one last hot summer day in many areas so
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the forecast, the southeast very hot. heavy rain to kansas city, chicago, thunderstorms tonight so o'hare airport should be okay and then as we look at tomorrow that's it, willie, probably the last really, really warm day we'll see, d.c. tomorrow will be 94. >> wow. >> just endless. >> pushing 90 all the way up in boston. >> yeah. >> then the leave also turn. we'll talk pumpkins and everything else. >> we need to start talking pumpkins thanks so much. funny how over the course of 162-game season the best team emerges. all year with, wow, look at the red, the braves, no, look at the phillies going for their tenth straight win. continuing their home series against the braves. check this out, roy oswalt wants a new ball so lobs one toward the plate. he wasn't pitching just wanted a new ball from the ump. hits prado. not nice, only contact the braves had all night. oswalt and company held them to one hit.
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raul buy bibanez rips it and philadelphia has won ten straight games. rays looking to gain ground on the yankees in the a.l. east. evan longoria, back up the middle. a.j. burnett reaches around his back to make the play. throws to first in time. what a play. long rain delay, more than two hours after only three innings. some people waited it out. this thing went late into the night. you can see heavy rain has bill karins said. when they came back in the seventh craw crawford's solo home run puts them up 4-2. very next batter, it's longoria, again, a shot of his own. rays blow out the yanks, 7-2. sparse crowd by the end of this one. they're now a game and a half behind the yankees. in the national league west three teams battling for the division title. san francisco with a half game lead heading into yesterday's games taking on the cubs at wrigley, bottom of the third,
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the cubs, a homer to right. chicago up 1-0. top of the ninth, cubs closer comes on and gets jose guillen swinging. they can leapfrog the giants if they can win. tejada against the dodgers in l.a. a two-run home run off ted lilly, his 300th career home run help the padres beat the dodgers 3-1 so leapfrog the giants. rockies takes on the last place d'backs, two-run home run to right for them off jiminez, arizona was down 4-3 and do come back, two-run single. d'backs win 8-4. rockies who had been red hot lose their third straight sitting in third place. so here's how the n.l. west stacks up. giants lost, padres win, san
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diego a half game lead and rockies fall three back with 11 games to play. on tuesday we showed you a highlight from the phillies/braves -- i guess you call this a highlight. he tripped by braves outfielder matt diaz. the story gets better. he went to jail, of course, turns out he's a 17-year-old kid released from juvenile detention yesterday all he had was the same head to toe spandex. he was arrested and, yes, folks, those are his parents picking him up. that's a proud day when you pick up your 17-year-old in a full body gimp costume do you know at juvie. on "morning joe" can you feel the excitement? the republican pledge to america drops today. the party accused of having no ideas rolls out a long list of them to counter that man, president obama's agenda. and when we come back here we'll huddle around the water cooler to watch a little more of jon
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. the housing market has been hit hard by the recession but if you're in the mood to buy a new report from coldwell banker shows you where to get the most bang for your buck. first step move to detroit. tell your friends newport beach is the most expensive housing market in the nation. the most affordable is detroit. that's based on a comparison of listings for four-bedroom two-bathroom homes across the country. coldwell banker found that will cost you $1.8 million in newport beach but only $68,000 in detroit. all right. enough with the real news. let's huddle up around the water cooler to talk about the return of joaquin phoenix to "letterman." shades, full beard here, grunts instead of answers, it was the stuff of legend. well, he returned to letterman's show last night a much different man as we told you last week, the thing with the beard and the sunglasses and the grunting was
5:53 am
all part of an elaborate role play he was doing for the film which he's now on "letterman" promoting called "i'm still here". >> you come out and honestly it's like you slipped and hit your head in the tub. i knew immediately when you sat down -- >> i hope i didn't offend you in any way. >> oh, no, no, no. i was not offended. i'm telling you it was so much fun. >> good. yeah, we just -- >> it was batting practice, you know what i mean. every one of them was a dinger. >> every one of them was a dinger. joaquin phoenix says you interviewed many people. i would assume you had know the difference between a character and real person. i apologize. jon stewart playing a little home and home series. stewart visits o'reilly, o'reilly visits stewart.
5:54 am
stewart talking about his book, that appearance on "open pa." bill o'reilly sad he never gets on oprah. >> didn't all of them help? >> no. >> how many? >> there's probably 12. >> how come they weren't all on oprah? >> i take the credit. >> i can't get on oprah. >> she doesn't like you. >> why? >> you're not likable. >> you're not likable. that's one way to put it. jon stewart went on to talk about fox as a whole and how bill o'reilly has now become the raging left winger of fox news. >> you've been overtaken by a more extreme version of you. you're like fox 1.0. you're the beta version. fox 2.0 has jumped over you to an extent that i don't think you could ever dream of and quite frankly i think you fear. i think deep down inside you can't believe what you've unleashed. >> i'm responsible for all this? >> you're not responsible for it but what you did is spread out the area and set up your stuff
5:55 am
there and these other people just came plowing through. you're on this network left wing. >> still ahead on "way too early" why are you awake? your emotional texts and e-mails are next and "morning joe" just moments away. wall street is getting back on its feet.
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. you know who is in town, mahmoud ahmadinejad is here. oh, man, he was at the u.n. that's right. there was a bizarre scene on yesterday with -- thank you at the u.n. where he addressed the general assembly. did you see this? oh, it's crazy. take a look. >> in an effort to change your reviews as a nuclear threat to the entire world i'm going to do something big. we are going to tehran.
5:59 am
[ applause ] >> you're all going to tehran and you are going to tehran and you are going to tehran. >> wow, that's the trip of a lifetime. very big of him. top story on msnbc, north dakota lake swallows land and buildings. that just sounds horrible. we'll have to look into that. we asked what you're doing up at this hour. our producer alex corson has answers. >> chris said i got up at 5 a.m. to go to the bathroom and when i returned my pit bull rocky had taken my spot. i tried to move him and he got really angry. >> i think you should just settle in for "morning joe." >> he says i am an 11-year-old boy and i have a bad cold and can't sleep so i'm making my mom watch with me. >> bad cold. shake that off. the truth is you say there are no other shows on tv. there's literally not another television show on. that's kind of our sales pitch. there ain't nothing


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