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tv   Countdown With Keith Olbermann  MSNBC  September 29, 2010 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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joined by meghan mccain and new york city mayor michael bloomberg. thank countdown is up next. which of these stories you be talking about tomorrow? the day of major spills in the tea party. alaska's senate candidate filing disclosure faces $50,000 fine. florida candidate supporting english ohm with a commercial in spanish. delaware candidates lies about her education jumped from to three and she hears voices. >> she marched on because god god was not releasing us to quit. >> pedophilia asked of rob johnson, get the diocese to release the name of the priests
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involved. when he was on a diocese board, he testified to toughen laws against pedophilia, testified against it because the new laws would be too tough on business. >> it's extremely important to consider the havoc and the other victims would likely embrace. >> nonsensen brenner strikes again. he wants to turn the select committee on energy and global warming into an investigation on green party initiatives and the climate gate. the 9/11 first responders bill passes. and glen beck's latest war. against fox. >> i know you and i have a special relationship. >> several news journalists have complained that beck's antics are embarrassing fox. roger told associates that if beck was at headline news, his event at the mall would have drawn 30 people.
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you know how many advertisers bailed out? 296. glen beck, too crazy for fox? all the news and commentary now on countdown. >> i believe you will have that answer. >> are good evening in new york. the republican party was born in 1854. they run the civil war and -- well, they won the civil war. we know that the republican party of old has been subsumed. heart and mind by the most radical wing, the tea party. a poll finding that 71%, well over 2/3 of republicans have a favorable image of the tea party wing and hope the candidates win in november. it is a remarkable demise for a party that once upheld and so proudly shun and disdained by the sea party as witnessed over and over in just the past 24 hours or so.
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as recently as the bush operation, karl rove and president bush hope to build a permanent majority by winning over hispanic voters. sharon angle has been running an ad demonizing immigrants in such offensive fashion her own spokesperson, chair woman of the nevada republican hispanic caucus went public on monday, condemning the ad. i condemn this propaganda no matter who is running them and whether where they blame mexicans as the only problem and the only source of illegal immigration. not responding to the "las vegas sun's" request for comment. they stood for english only enshrined in law and practice to facilitate simulation. the candidate marco grubaio campaigned on the point. he is reaching out to the spanish speaking voters by doing this.
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[speaking foreign language] >> republicans used to stand and our younger voters might remember this. for elitism. they wrote their own books and stuff. they looked down on those who challenge the cannons of literature and history. when we learned about delaware tea party candidate kiss teen o'donnell's time at princeton and oxford, it went back to a state that valued excellent. in the past couple of days, you have a better picture of her academic history. no, despite years of claiming otherwise, she only graduate friday college this month. no, despite her lawsuit to guessing otherwise, she did not take graduate courses at princeton. despite her online biopage, she got a fellowship from the claremont institute. notice by the linked in page, despite being asked on friday,
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it was the right wing claremont institute. not graduate university and it was taught by something called the phoenix institute in space on the oxford camps and you not an oxford university course. moral rectitude, honesty was only a republican value when supporting the troops still was. sharon angle claiming saturday an audio posted yesterday that she never supported privatizing the care and claiming she was just talking about the care her own dad gets. >> he has served this country and yet he pays $800 a month in prescription drugs and that are not covered by medicare. and there is a lot of you that understand what i'm saying. and that was a challenge for us. i said that they could do a
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better job. that's all i said. is the va could do a better job for our veterans. >> all the republican candidate said is the va could do a better job. not about privatizing. that was the tea party candidate this past may. >> he is needing more and more supervised care and he's 87 years old and has parkinson's and we have to pay more and more for his health care. we pay -- i know he pays over $800 a month in prescription drugs that we can't get through his va nor through medicare. they won't cover those things. >> insure they cover those things? >> no, not if you are working towards a privatized system. >> moral rectitude used to be more important on fiscal matters. this was a party that had to balance books. the last tea party candidate joe miller failed to file his personal finance disclosures as
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require bide law. he was supposed to last spring or face a $50,000 fine and he has yet to file. nothing was more important to republicans than law and order. it was a campaign full of accused criminals and other question marks. they reported an adviser chair woman accused of filing public funds away from the republic and the organizer who got him into the race, a drunken driver who did jail time. they told the times they know all about them. this is a campaign of junk yard dogs. this is to take out the trash. a quote from the manager who has himself failed to pay $53,000 in taxes. it was the respect for authority and respect for the office of president. meet the main tea party candidate.
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>> it's your government. [inaudible] >> driving force behind the new republican tea party candidates, senator jim dement who is an open warfare with the grand guard. he blasted them for supporting alaska senator ma cow ski after she lost the primary. the old guard replying in stunning fashion. i would take issue with that. a mistaken idea. very counterproductive. totally inaccurate. helpful to republicans? no. disappointed. makes it hard for us to be a team. not if you signed on with the new team. let's bring in a member of our team, howard fineman and plilt cal columnist, soon to make his home at the "huffington post."
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71% of republicans to some degree or another are on board with the 53 r tea party. do they deserve nuancing or is it right as an overall barometer. >> pretty close and the republican pollster with newt gingrich in the old days with the contract of america. it probably does need to be unpacked a bit. there a lot more tea party people who come in and that's a reason the numbers know where it is. he cautioned that just because even republicans say they have a favorable view of the tea party doesn't necessarily mean they will vote for tea party candidates in specific places. like alaska where according to a new poll in time magazine, lisa murcowski is running neck and neck with the tea party candidate and in nevada sharon angle is really out there and same with christine o'donnell. you have to look at it more closely. >> the younger viewers may not
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remember the republican party we described and it was with that brief clip of william f buckley a different beast. >> it definitely was. if you go back in time and permit me, teddy roosevelt was the prototypical progressive and even richard nixon was in favor of national health care and established the environmental protection agency. ronald reagan made a deal with tip o'neal to save social security. george h.w. bush raised taxes to balance the budget. even gorge w. was for -- these were all republican who is wanted to contribute to the discussion and they thought to make government run better, not to run away from government. >> that are raises i guess look to that overall point right now. what happens if enough of the tea partier dos well to shift the balance towards them and not just on the stump, but in congress. what is truly an anti-government
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concept, a group of anti-government people govern. >> with great difficulty if not impossible. i covered newt gingrich when he ran the revolution in 1994. the old one looks like nelson rockefeller compared to this one. newt couldn't do it. newt was much better as an attack guy trying to pull down the democratic hierarchy of that day than he was as a manager and inside guy. he really in the end couldn't do it. there were coos and counter coos. when purists get in, they are more interested in purist thinking than cutting deals and government. it will be difficult. this is really too bad, keith. we need this kind of argument in the country constantly about the role of the government. you have to have people who believe enough in government. i blame for this collapse of the
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conversation. people like john mccain who is the republican stand for barack obama. he went to the tea party side to get the nomination in his state. you ran the list of senators there who were objecting, i didn't see mitch mcconnell, the republican leader. the reason why we didn't is he had the pants scared off him by rand paul who won the nomination in kentucky against connell himself. the people who went in an earlier time to step forward to be the adults in the republican party are too scared to do so. >> to get more here, there used to be somebody else who is utterly absent. that is the word shame. here in new york, mr. pal deano's campaign as a badge of honor. at the risk of sounding like an
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republican of old, where is the outrage? >> i have to say new york is new york. it's a little bit of a special case. he's up against andrew cuomo. a tough customer himself. there is street bravado. generally a lot of republican voters and conservatives are in the mood to say we will reach for any weapon we can. any candidate to send the message we want to send. there was no other way to complain sistine o'donnell or sharon angle or joe miller in alaska. the question will be and is right now in the remaining weeks whether those people -- these are tea party people and the republicans end up voting and turning out. it is yet to be seen. there is a lot of time to look at those people. >> msnbc howard fineman. >> the absurdity of the tea party take over, sometimes
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simply eclipses genuine evil. it was the nominee for the senate and the senator from wisconsin talked about pedophilia laws testified against them because of the laws on businesses. he never mentioned the business with which he was associated with the catholic diocese of green bay. the victims's reaction to ron johnson next. for strong bones, i take calcium. but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal. in the science of color with quattron. by adding a fourth color -- yellow... yellow. banana. the standard rgb color system, quattron produces more colors... banana!
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in essence he testified about pedophiles and the church that employed them explaining business had to be protected. republicans want him in the senate. his plan to to take a committee on climate change and giveing it deniers and other tools in big oil. last time he raged and this time he won. his quoting inflammatory rhetoric makes the network hard for the network to present themselves as a news station. [ joey ] we need to talk to you
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the republican party is or has been or sold itself as the law and order party. the party of family values and the party of business. in our fourth story if you want to know how the new emerging tea party privatizes these things, you might look to wisconsin. ron johnson is running as a family man, washington outsider that doesn't have experience with lawsuits like the d.c. lawyers. he does know about some lawsuits. this is a picture of john feigny, a priest transferred from the green bay diocese to nevada after allegations of child abuse. they sued for covering up feigny's past and moving him on to prey on new victims. he sat on the green bay diocese finance counsel that manages its books and signs off on the lawsuit settlements. the head of the counsel was bishop morneau who was blamed for relocating him time after
11:19 pm
time in green bay. in response to a news conference, johnson now running for the senate on republican ticket in wisconsin called on the diocese to provide the utmost transparency. johnson testified against the bipartisan child abuse victims bill that would have eliminated the statute preventing them from suing later on. keep in mind that johnson was on a finance couple facing that lawsuit over feigny and neither of which johnson mentioned. >> thank you for the opportunity to speak. first question i ask myself when i was made aware of this is what is its purpose. it appears it is intended to confiscate the victims with sexual abuse. i am here to discuss the unintended consequences. it's important to consider the economic havoc and the other victims it would create.
11:20 pm
i am currently involved to demonstrate by direct knowledge of the struggles and the organization on a daily basis. with a cap on republic institutions, any lawsuits would be directed at private organizations and any private organizations on children would be at risk. we shared a deep sense of sympathy and the punishment for the perpetrator should be severe. i believe it is a valid question that the perpetrator should be severely damage and possibly destroyed. what type of organizations am i talking about? it would include any and all private schools, boys and girls clubs, ymca and the boy and girl scouts and churches of all denomination. less obvious is businesses and organizations that don't have time to teach the too opportunities in and out of the classroom environment. one of the primary goals is to
11:21 pm
help facilitate between students and businesses. this can be private businesses that donated employee time in the past vulnerable to future action and send a chilling signal to one of the activities in the future. it's also valid to ask after a long drained process, what are the victim that is the victims will receive compensation. i have no doubt the trial lawyers will benefit, but the victims wouldn't. who are the other victims that could be revolvsolved in the legislation. the children and individual who is go on to benefit from what was damaged. second, they are serving through the organization. to the extent that they build endowments for future operations, those that support the good work would see the donation diverted to a different purpose. any organization relies on fund-raising to suffer and make
11:22 pm
it more difficult. finally, this bill could actually have an effect of leading to additional victims of sexual abuse if they are at risk and become less likely to report such abuse. i strongly support their important missions. the people i work with in these organizations are fine. decent human beings working hard to improve people's lives. i urge you to defeat this legislation so we can benefit from there good work. >> mr. johnson's high speed succeeded. the bill failed and the green bay diocese asked to have the nevada suit dismissed because it exceeded the statute of limitation. they said it can go forward. we are joined by one of the people abused by the priest and it was known to the diocese when they transferred him to las vegas. thank you for your courage and joining us tonight. >> thanks for having me on.
11:23 pm
>> if we erred in summarizing the facts, please let me know and otherwise ampify what you know about what mr. johnson would have known throughout the process. >> frankly, keith, i found out about everything last night near about 10:00. i have been a huge johnson supporter since he announced his candidacy and last night i was really taken aback at his position on this. >> what was your reaction when you saw it? you described it in a political sense and how it will affect you going forward, but on a personal level to whatever degree you want to answer, how did you feel when you heard this man saying these things. as remote from the equation as myself, it seemed like pretty mediocre arguments against protecting kids from pedophiles. >> if it wasn't so tragic,
11:24 pm
keith, it would be laughable. when you hear the concern that the victims won't get much of the money if this would passed, it will all go to lawyers, why is he concerned that the victims would get a smaller amount? his statement about the perverse effect that there would be more abuse? come on. no. that's not going to happen. the organizations and the victims are not going to worry about the organizations and the capabilities to raise funds in the future. they are worry about their own well being at that time. my brother in my case sat back and wondered, we shouldn't do something against the catholic church. we needed to deal with it ourselves. >> the other one was the point that i think it's valid to ask
11:25 pm
after a long, emotional draining legal process, what are the chances the victims would receive compensation as if the only reason people would sue or try to get a priest removed from his position of trust and tractor-trail authority is for the money. >> i will tell you, keith, it is not about the money. when my brother and i took the criminal case against him, in fact we still get phone calls from victims around the country that they are in serious pain and because of the legal system they have not been able to get their ounce of justice. they look to us almost as heroes that they call us. you almost start crying hearing their stories. they are looking to us to get their ounce of justice. we did our best and put the
11:26 pm
priest in jail. we did our very best on that and the green bay diocese specifically continues to shirk their duty to do the right thing. >> we asked him if he stands by the testimony. he did not respond to the question. he did issue a statement which as i said called on the diocese to show the utmost transparency. do you have any idea what he means and what's your reaction to the nature of that statement? >> gee, the green bay diocese has been talking transparency for quite sometime now. there 51 individuals out there that they refuse to release the identities of. they have had allegations against them. they may be active clergy members in the community. somebody may be being abused as we speak right now. we don't know. for complete transparency to have happened, i guess we need
11:27 pm
to have a definition of complete transparency. as far as mr. johnson making that statement, it seems a little light. if he did not know what had happened, what was being covered up in the diocese, if someone had told you that and you felt oh, my god, i didn't know this, wouldn't you come out with a strong statement that i was lied to. i was not aware of this and i'm ashamed of the diocese and they need to open up their books right now. but to come out with this weak response that they need to come out with complete transparency. that doesn't show the outrage i would expect from someone in his position on something that is so critical. the child victims act. >> especially when he got a
11:28 pm
second opportunity to say something about it and chose not to. go ahead. >> what i was going to say is and you kind of tapped into it, this is a great opportunity for mr. johnson to come out and for lack of a better term, had his come to jesus moment. say i reconsider what i stated in that testimony. i am going to be forceful and do whatever i can to make the green bay diocese come through and do the right thing. to help all these victims out there. >> indeed. well spoken again. thank you for your time and for being as public as you have been. >> thank you. >> today it is a small committee dedicated to publicizing climate change, but they want to turn it into a venue for witch hunt who were fighting climate change. ahead. you never take an upgrade for granted.
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. >> per climate change changed. they plan to turn a committee into an investigation on pro environmentalists. the tweet of the day from mike king. what are daughters going to tell their moms as to why they can't dress as a witch on halloween. christine o'donnell will get them into oxford. let's play odd ball. we begin in utah with a man who said if tim allen can do it, why can't i. he decided ordinary lawn mowers were too slow so he drove into the record books by going-over 96 miles an hour. he rewired it. however he still fell short of the goal of 100 miles an hour. cleveland said he would have made it, but he had to stop midway and clean up his collection back. philadelphia, pennsylvania. the airlines are really trying to cut back. i knew it would come to this. i knew it.
11:34 pm
600 us airways employees took turns pulling the plane down the runway. i said it to them, that thing would never get off the ground. i fear since the plane is in eagles materials, it would change. time marches on. his full name is frank james sensen brenner jr. after you hear this, you wonder why it is not james none sensen brenner. o the other lane. [ kim ] i was literally falling asleep at the wheel. it got my attention, telling me that i wasn't paying attention. i had no idea the guy in front of me had stopped short. but my car did. my car did. thankfully, my mercedes did. [ male announcer ] a world you can't predict... demands a car you can trust. the e-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial. ♪
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. >> per he voted against the committee and the gop takes the house in november, they have the opportunity to get rid of it. in our third story, george sensenbrenner wants to keep a committee alive to show there is no such thing as climate change. politico reporting that the 16-term congressman not only wants to keep this going, but he is eying the top spot. the better for investigating climate and science and green
11:38 pm
policies. sensenbrenner, a climate scent sift is ranking the republican of the committee, mr. sensenbrenner employing expertise as the former chair and able to obtain information on the administration without subpoenas. i had a reputation of being a tying or oversight. listen to this tiger in action in the committee hearing in september. they want to be reviewed on the climate gate e-mail and stolen from the university in britain. the content of the e-mails distorted and blown out of proportion. >> at worst it's junk science and a part of a massive international scientific fraud. >> it's increasing the evidence of scientific fascism going on. >> they have since been cleared and several inquiries finding they did not engage in the practice.
11:39 pm
darrell issa wants to investigate but he wants to do it as the head of oversight reform. he told politico to use the position and he will keep them in check and it's a made up committee for show and travel and much less aspirations, he made statements about how little he thinks well before he thought about being chairman. in 2007, they told politico it was a stunt and a vehicle to give a form to his views and the calls for legislative action on climate change. how much climate change is cause bide human activity and how much is cause bide a natural cycle? there has been countless studies and rulings finding that yes, there is a scientific consensus and yes, the cause is us. the consensus among republicans, out of all the candidates vying for the seats in the senate, not one supports legislative action.
11:40 pm
the who did eliminated by christine o'donnell. the environmental reporter kate. >> thanks for having me. >> invert the purpose from watch dog to witch hunt. it's not a new republican trick, but we have seen a spark example like this ever before? >> i don't think so. this is a committee that was created to educate congress on the issues of not just climate change, but energy independence. i am hopeful that you know we face a huge energy problem. this was designed to raise awareness and hold them investigating the topics and this is treated as a joke. we had a few hearings where you asked a scientist if we should put catalytic converters on kous. you think this thing is a giant joke and as much for the last three years it has been around.
11:41 pm
>> as the speech for governor schwarzenegger was around, the environment had to be targeted for big oil and leting it off the money leash, is there any defense against this? >> absolutely the big oil and another fossil fuel industries are looking to have their best friends in power in congress and having someone like sensenbrenner would be a huge win in that pursuit. the best defense is getting out and voting and making sure that folks don't get that chance to make a joke of the committees and make a joke of the huge issues facing the country right now. >> what is this scenario if the republicans take the house and they come in on the other possibilities for examining the climate change that issa brought up. how would the obama
11:42 pm
administration work to deny there is climate change? >> there is no question that we are going to see just hearing after hearing with folks like sensenbrenner if he controls the committee and folks like issa, they will drag it out and make them testify before the committees and drop subpoena after subpoena and prevent them from doing their job. when they ask for a report, the republicans asked for a new report that prove what is they want it to prove. they are going to have these people on trial in congress day after day. not just people in the administration, but independent scientists as well. attempting to just did she them and fear the scientific community. that's their goal here. the administration i think still has much they can do with their own executive powers on the big questions of climate and energy even if the house is controlled by republicans. you can just guarantee that
11:43 pm
folks like issa and sensenbrenner will make it as difficult as possible. >> kate shepard, environmental reporter from mother jones. >> thanks, keith. >> sorry this possible? fighting between fox's biggest mouth and the biggest executive. another reason to vote for tea partier alan west. his security clearance is higher than that of the president. of course he is lying. when rachel joins us, shocking discovery in the election season. candidates running on their own records. of course they are democrats. hoo? omnaris. [ men ] omnaris -- to the nose! [ man ] did you know nasal symptoms like congestion can be caused by allergic inflammation? omnaris relieves your symptoms by fighting inflammation. side effects may include headache, nosebleed, and sore throat. [ inhales deeply ] i told my allergy symptoms to take a hike. omnaris. ask your doctor. battling nasal allergy symptoms? omnaris combats the cause. get omnaris for $11 at
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>> today the house of representativesed aed recovery workers who become ill as a result of the devastation. it provides free health care and compensation. republicans complained the bill cost too much and tried to send it back for amendments including that would have prevented benefits from going to undocumented workers. that effort failed today. but the bill has to pass senate.
11:46 pm
worse, and they ticketed a hearse at a funeral. 
11:47 pm
>> glen beck versus fox news? get out your pitch forks and torches. time for the worst person in the world. in milwaukee, she handed out three $35 tickets including an odd station wagon thing with a backdoor and strange back
11:48 pm
window. it was a hearse. she ticketed a hearse at a funeral and the war of at least one of the mourners. it was for mr. bill penzy sr. and held at a beer hall. one saw this happening and i asked the woman you are not ticketing a hearse, are you? it's parked illegally. they wrote it up and the city void the the ticket. speak of robots, the sunner up is one of the wilder right wing writer who is has been hallucinating about the president with his anti-colonial attitude. he has a book, they all have a book. they found this on page 47. addressing the cameras, obama worked up enthusiasm and condemned british petroleum since they changed their name to bp. it's no surprise he wanted to remind them what he used to call
11:49 pm
them. several conservative tabloids wrote about this in the spring and not one could cite one instant where the president did not call it bp, what good is a book if it's fact checked. sn maybe he was confused because one of the swine did call bp british petroleum and did so on may 14th and did so addressing the tv camera. >> i'm frustrated with british petroleum and any of the subcontractors who are kind of playing the blame game and not fixing the problem. >> his work is in the fiction section. our winner is alan west. nut job. this is the guy drummed out of the u.s. army after a torture incident in iraq running for the 22nd house district in florida who told supporters they wanted to make sure the incumbent was afraid to come out of his house. >> i told you if you look at the
11:50 pm
application for security, i have something he could not obtain because of my therefore as the nonpartisan fact checkers suggested colonel west is flat out lying. they rated his lie "pants on fire." nobody gets a higher security clearance than the president. moreover lieutenant west resigned from the army while facing court-martial because he was threatening to kill a man his unit was interrogating and had already beaten. right now mr. west couldn't get the security clearance of the may tag repairman. alan west, tea party house candidate in florida, today's worst person in the world. mom, i want to drive.
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fox pack has distinguished itself by going where no news organization has gone before, virtually no news. in our number one story what does it look like when even fox pack gets nonnewsed and out promoted? what happens when the crazy is too crazy for fox? the happening is glenn beck. chronicled for the "new york times" magazine though not quite in these terms the scary scares advertisers and the lost advertising makes for a very troublesome relationship between beck and fox. as of september 21st, 296 advertisers have asked that their commercials not be shown on beck's show up from 26 in august, 2009. fox has also a difficult time selling ads on "the o'reilly" factor when beck appears as a guest. his show is known in the tv sales world as empty calories meaning he draws great ratings but is toxic for ad sales. he has no problem using his tv show as a platform to make more money for himself as he endlessly plugs his multimedia multipersonality stuff and while the fox pack president is described as generally supported
11:55 pm
of beck the beck himself promotion appears to be becoming a problem. the cross promotion can be a sore spot at fox news particularly for the president who has complained about beck hawking his nonfox ventures too much on his show. l their is also a sense of egos where ailes has also been vocal around the network about how beck does not fully appreciate the degree to which fox news has made him the sensation he has become in recent months. in the days following beck's lincoln memorial rally which by beck's rally drew half million people he said if beck were still at headline news there would have been 30 people on the mall. of course they've occasionally gotten our attention for sheer lunacy as well as beck's ability to lead some of the lunatics. when fox news complains about one of its own unsomething is terribly wrong. several fox news journalists have complained that beck's antics are embaasing fox and makes it difficult for the
11:56 pm
network to present itself as a legitimate news network as if they didn't have that problem already. paul, good evening. >> hi, keith. >> the gist of this is in "the times" that glenn beck is the universal solvent, great at first and then you realize you don't have anything in which to keep him because he eats through everything. >> the thing to understand about glenn beck is that he actually does offer something pretty compelling to his viewers. you know, what he says is that the end is near. disaster is upon us. and if you watch me, i will reveal the truth to you and you will be one of the few people who understand, you know, what the sinister levers of power are and the deep conspiracy behind everything that's going on. as long as you don't step back and realize that what he is saying is completely insane, it's actually a very compelling message and a lot of people are drawn to it. >> yeah, but that's the follow me to freedom thing, my pal charlie steiner did that in the espn commercial and we all laughed and everybody slapped ten, 12 years later.
11:57 pm
this is not done humorously obviously and also in this context in many senses it would seem beck is sort of the quint essence of fox news. he likes to tell stories, doesn't get bogged down with actual facts and can sell, promote like nobody's business. what would the problem be between him and fox? >> when it gets to a certain level of extremism it can become dangerous for them. when he lost all of those advertisers when he came out and said that barack obama had a deep seeded hatred of white people, and now according to the article there seems to be concern, some concern at fox that he's more concerned with the glenn beck brand than the fox news brand. he takes in about $35 million a year, only a small portion of which is his fox salary. he has the radio show and books and live performances. so he is really a one man industry. >> and don't forget that didn't just happen organically. that was pushed to a great degree by the fellow on twitter stop beck who has done such a marvelous job on this. is there an analogy to be made
11:58 pm
that the gop let in the tea party vampire and look what happened over there, now that is the tea party that has kind of a republican house that it lives in and fox news let in glenn beck figuring he'd fit in amongst the rest of the craziness and now it is glenn beck with his backup group the fox news network? >> yeah. i think that's true that in many ways he is sort of the perfect man for the right's moment. you know, every time there's been a democratic president in the last half century or so we've seen the right wing populist movements consumed with conspiracy theories come up. when bill clinton was president you had the militias talking about black helicopters. in the 1960s you had the john birch society and so when beck is up there with his chalk boards and circles and arrows, it touches a real nerve. but the -- there are some questions about whether or not that has a lasting negative effect on fox's brand. >> how do you get out of it? if it suddenly does and though his ratings are down and
11:59 pm
obviously the advertising thing is the ultimate question not the ratings but the advertising thing, how do's fox get out of it if they need to? >> well, i guess they can think about whether or not they want to renew his contract when it comes up next time. but, you know, the nature of those sorts of movements is they dissipate after a while and with beck's show as i said before it's very compelling but there is only so long you can kind of sit there on the edge of your seat grinding your teeth thinking that the walls are all falling down and armageddon is around the corner. after a while when the person you're watching keeps saying it's happening tomorrow, happening tomorrow, and armageddon doesn't come, eventually people sort of start to drift away and that may end up happening to him or maybe it is already. >> but they're the guys, i mean the people who forecast the end of the world and said, no goit it wrong. the new end of the world is three years from now. they stay in business. so perhaps, perhaps not. and he could always, i don't know, get a job somewhere else i suppose. great thanks for your time, paul. >> thank you, keith.