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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  September 30, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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gut that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. join us again tomoight om dublin, i'll have my interview with president bill clinton. right now it's time for "the ed show" with ed schultz. good evening, americans and welcome to "the ed show" tonight from new york, these stories on the table and really hitting my hot buttons tonight. new jersey governor chris christie cares about really two things, money and power. he thinks the key to education is cutting teacherer's pensions and doing away with job security. the guy is an anti-union dude, antiworker and he's trying to raise his political profile on the backs of workers, my commentary on new jersey's teacher of the year is also going to be here to sound-off on all of that. newt gingrich's trying to fire up the tea party nut jobs by calling president obama a threat to our basic way of life. and then he's preaching about values? his cry for attention really at this point is pretty sad, isn't
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it? and after talking about mice with human brains and monkey evolution i was wondering where christine o'donnell actually went to school. it turns out she doesn't even know. some big-time lies uncovered on her academic resume. this story has me fired off tonight. i want to call time-out off the top. i'm going to be accused by conservatives of being angry. i think that there are some angry parents in the state of new jersey and there's going to be angry parents all across america if this is the template for reforming education in this country. education has been one of the big pillars of the progressive movement in the democratic party for decades, can we agree on that? and but you see that, too, is under attack by the conservatives. america's newest republican golden boy, new jersey governor, chris christie, is trying to build his political chops on the backs of public schoolteachers and poor kids in his state.
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after spending the last week just basking in the sun, bask in the glow of the national media, christie came back to new jersey to breakout his education reform agenda. christie's attack on the teachers include, what? well, let's scale back the pensions, tighten the standards in stripping teachers of tenure. this is how christie described tenure for bad teachers. >> your performance was awful, you didn't do what we asked you to do, you didn't produce the product that we wanted you to produce, but we don't look at that. all we look at is you still breathing? >> yeah, you still breathing. you know, the arrogance just drips off this guy. he's just broad brushing the whole situation. this spring, christie proposed cutting public education by $820 million. now, he wants to be judge jury and executioner for new jersey's 113,000 school teachers.
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christie claims he's not going after teachers, you see he has a bigger target. >> i do not bash teachers. i bash their stubborn, self-interested union. >> union, that's what it's all about. union busting. christie and the rest of the republicans have been on a 40 year crusade to destroy organized labor in america, and i don't believe that christie cares about what kind of education new jersey kids receive. this is all about the almighty dollar and power. christie wants to give, listen up, a billion dollars in tax breaks to the top 2% while he threatens the jobs of middle class teachers? the average new jersey school teacher makes $57,467 a year. christie wants to throw them under the bus and base salary teacher -- and strict -- strictly on merit pay, here it is.
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>> any type of compensation based on anything but merit should be gone. in other words, if you have a salary guide or a compensation policy that rewards seniority, then you get paid just cause you're there another year and you get paid more and more and more and year that you're there, we should pass along new jersey that prohibits seniority being a basis for compensation alone. >> just because you're there you get more and more and more. i've talked to educators in new jersey that say that's not way it is. christie's draconian approach to education puts pressure on teachers to be absolutely 100% responsible for their students across the board. now, ask yourself the question, folks, are teachers -- should they be responsible for the product that comes in to the classroom? you know the one thing that public education is when the doors open, everybody's welcome.
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here come the gifted, here come the challenged, here come the rich, here come the poor, and christie is going to make it so the teachers are going to be responsible for what kind of home life the kids have. you know, single moms who might be having some personal issues, don't have the money, the dad hasn't been around. how many of those situations are out across, not only in new jersey, but across america? let's not ignore the fact that the structure of the family in this country has changed dramatically over the last several decades. and so now come up with a new system that is going to hold teachers accountable 100% for the student's performance i think is really wrong-hand and overbearing. if teachers can't do the impossible christie wants to cut their pay or eliminate their jobs altogether. christie is part of the party that just hates public education. they vilified it all the time. president obama thinks that america needs to treat teachers a heck of a lot better.
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>> one of the things i want to do is lift up the teaching profession to honor it the way it needs to be honored in our society. and by the way when i travel to china, for example, and i sit down with the mayor of shanghai and he talks about the fact that teaching is considered one of the most prestigious jobs, you and a teacher's getting paid the same as an engineer. that i think accounts for how well they're doing in terms of boosting their education system. >> who do you think understands the problem better, chris christie or president obama? ultimately, i think chris christie is trying to bully public school teachers to build his credentials toward a higher office. he was the speaker for the house republicans on the hill, how cute? if republicans take his lead on education, america will fall father behind than other countries. by the way do we want to compete with china? republicans want to privatize the public school system and make a profit on your kid's future.
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that's not the country i grew up in. i think chris christie, the governor of new jersey, is public enemy number one to schoolteachers in his state and dangerous to the rest the country when it comes to the value of public education. you see, the conservatives view it this way, the more we can vilify something, the heck of a lot easier it's going to be to cut. just cut, cut, cut. cut your way into a profit. let's check on christie's background. let's see here. he was a lawyer. he was a lobbyist and a wall streeter. is this the new expert on education reform in america? mr. christie, have you ever taught a class? i'd like to know. it doesn't say anything in your background that you have. maybe you have. i don't know. have you ever done anything administratively with public schools in america? and let me address this tenure issue, if i may, my friends. this is the easy target. ooh, you've been around too long.
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you're not getting the job done. you want to go down the road to the tenure issue you're going to turn political real quick in the local school district because it is all about the money. because someone's been on a job "too long" we've got to get rid of them, bring in the young kid for a much cheaper price enstead of paying somebody $85,000 a year, who has earned it and earned the pension, it's just a heck of a lot easier to bring somebody in at $38,000 a year, ah you know, they've got better blood, they're fresh taught, you know just out of college, and they're a cheaper cut. they've got so much enthusiasm and they're willing to work afterwards. you know, this is a culture that is permeating throughout every profession in this country. if we could get it cheaper it's just going to be a hell of a lot better. i don't buy that. and i don't think that american families buy that. and i really think that we do a disservice for not standing up for minorities, and asking them. mr. christie, i'm curious, i'm just ask think the question,
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have you gone in to the economically challenged neighborhoods and asked the parents of the teachers that you were going to cut, what would you like us to do in the public school system? have we gone really in to the devil in the detail as to who these thousands of teachers are that we cut? did we cut any good ones? or was it all about the money? and merit pay. well, what do you say we have merit pay for politicians. let's see how many great teachers mr. christie can turn out under this new plan and let's judge his salary on that, since he's america's new expert on public education. get your cell phones out, folks, i want to know what about think. do you think republicans care more about saving money than educating kids? text "a" for yes. text "b" for no to 622639. joining me now is maryan, new jersey's teacher of the year and strongly against governor christie.
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maryan ne, what do you think of this pr tour? what has he done in new jersey in your opinion? >> well, right now teachers in my state are really feeling horrified because the emotional toll that this is taking the attack on education, the attack on public schoolteachers and our representatives throughout our association is really, really insulting and upsetting to us. people down in trenton are elected representatives, and we appreciate their efforts and we're sorry that this is happening. >> how many teachers have been cut in the state of new jersey? >> well, we've had over 10,000 educational professionals cut in new jersey. and this is horrifying. this means larger class sizes, programs that are cut. this is a terrible devastation for our state. >> you think it's all about the money? >> well, i think that the money has made it difficult for us to retain these positions. but i also note that there's a hostile tone which is unnecessary, completely.
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it baffles me and it hurts me and my colleagues. i don't understand why we have this tone, in an atmosphere when we're looking for synergy between parents, teachers, students, administration to create the education for the 21st century. that's what we want. >> does it offend you that governor christie seems to be in the speeches that he's giving that he's just broad brushing. >> absolutely. >> throwing all the teachers in there. they're all bad and we're going to get your pension and we're going to have a new system of valuation, what do you think about that. >> absolutely i'm horrified by that and it seems ironic when senator -- commissioner duncan, secretary duncan just put out an initiative yesterday to recruit new teachers. we're going to need so many new teachers with the baby boomers retiring. so at the very moment when we need to be thinking about ways to recruit, attract, and retain new teachers, young people all over are saying, why would i want to go into this field? we're hearing such terrible things, people are not
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appreciating our work. >> maryann quickly, the tenure system in new jersey, are teachers evaluated? do they have to meet certain standards, or do they just check the carotid artery, you've been around. >> teachers work very hard and are evaluated systematically by their administrators on a regular basis. many schools have walk-throughs which ascertain on a daily basis how teachers are doing. teachers are working hard to keep their jobs and working hard for the children. >> maryann woods-murphy, thank you for joining us tonight. i appreciate your time and congratulations on being new jersey's teacher of the year. >> joining me now is mike papantonio is this the new normal for the conservative party? is he the poster child what do you think? in he's a perfect republican. mr. christie's paid $175,000 a year by taxpayers.
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taxpayers put him in his house, taxpayers pay for his car, for his drivers, for his pensions, taxpayers, as a matter of fact, through his salary, put his kids in private schools. that's really interesting twist that mr. christie probably doesn't want to address. given the choice about the importance of mr. christie and his governorship to society, educate, counsel, nurture average children $50,000 a guy this guy is really self-inflated when it comes to his image. you have to understand where he came from. christie got all of his training as a lawyer who represents, not consumers, not who represented average-working people, but who represented corporations who polluted the environment. corporations who engaged in consumer fraud, corporations who manufactured defective products that crippled -- and killed people. this guy has nothing in common with the average american. christie, you might remember, was one the alberto gonzalez
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crowd who was involved with the witch-hunt and the prosecutor's office. trends follow a guy like christie. he was also willing -- >> is he beating up public education and trimming the budget any way he can seeking higher office to get the big profile? >> absolutely. >> what do you think? >> that's exactly what it's about. if you look at his profile, look at his background, he's setting himself up for that bigger picture. we think that we can change his attitude. i know the teachers think they can have a -- an arm's length conversation with mr. christie, but really you can't. christie's entire career shows us the picture of this reptilion predator quality. it won't go away now that he's a governor. you can dress him up like a governor, call lim a governor, but that follows him and republicans like this personality that mr. christie has. this -- because he really is -- he's emblematic of the republican party, the attitude about consumers and americans in general. >> mike papantonio, we'll see
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you on saturday on "the one nation march." thank you, buddy. >> thank you. coming up, newt gingrich's delusional fear mongering has been. he's trying to rally the tea party nut jobs by preaching about american values. this is too easy to hit him in the park. light him up in the background segment. and sharron angle wrangles against health care reform where she gets her health care from the government. rapid fire response on that. all of that plus fox businessman john stossel is losing it in the zone. and meg whitman gets sued.
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coming up, south dakota senator john thune has the nerve to say that washington is killing jobs. no, sir, you are the one who are killing jobs. no you are the one. by shipping them overseas to boost the bottom line of the corporation. senator bob casey of pennsylvania sounds off next.
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welcome back to "the ed show." and thanks for watching tonight. you mean we actually agree on something? americans of all political stripes agree on one issue -- free trade is bad for america? now, according to a new nbc/"news"/"the wall street journal" poll. only 17% think that trade has helped america. check this out a whopping 86% think american companies are outsourcing too much production to foreign countries where wages are lower. 86%?
3:20 am
you mean that many americans think that we're doing the wrong thing when it comes to trade and shipping jobs overseas and the senate won't do anything about it? not one republican voted for creating american jobs in offshoring act. they care more about their donors over at the u.s. chamber of commerce than they do the 86% of the american people who say what they said in that poll. now, trade has decimated our manufacturing base, can we agree that? and cause millions of americans to become unemployed. fact, no doubt. the republicans kick the unemployed one last time observe they headed home to campaign for their jobs. now, senator dobbie stabenow who i talked personally with last week about this, called for a unanimous consent on the floor to provide help to millions of 99ers and it happened had afternoon. well, florida republican senator george lemieux blocked the bill, saying "we don't put this debt on our children and grandchildren."
3:21 am
lemieux and the republicans care more about the national debt than the personal debt of people that haven't had any source of income for years? stabenow's bill would have provided an additional 20 weeks of unemployment benefits. now those people will have to cross their fingers and pray the republicans don't win back the majority. joining me now is bob casey of pennsylvania. senator casey, good to have you with us tonight. >> thanks, ed. good to be with you. >> it's over for the 99ers until after the election, that's basically where we are, right? >> well, it looks that way, ed, but i think that we've got to continue to fight. these are folks that are trying to get from here to there. meaning, get from jobless to a job. we know the impact on workers that unemployment compensation has. allows them to get over the hump, so to speak. but it also has a jump starting effect on the economy overall. unemployment, insurance, food stamps to help those out of work through no fault of their own has a big impact. we should do everything to help them.
3:22 am
>> talk about the no vos if we can. a lot of people to check out. they wanted some action. i've been told that this is sufficient action that you tried on get it done but the republicans got in the way, correct? i mean that's the bottom line. >> absolutely, ed. you listed a few things that republicans have blocked. they blocked our efforts to keep jobs here instead of offshoring them and a lot of companies want help on that. through the tax code we could have given them that help. and they also voted unanimously against the small business bill, which would had been $12 billion in direct tax cuts to small business. they voted against that. on issue after issue that will help us create jobs and help strengthen the american economy, there's a wall of republican opposition in the senate and that's one of the things that i think a lot of voters are just tuning in to now. >> what is going to happen as the outsourcing continues in this country?
3:23 am
how in the world are we going to create jobs if we are giving incentives to company to ship these jobs overseas? this, in my opinion, my humble opinion, this should be the number one story for everybody in this country right now. i mean, we've got economic problems and we are shipping jobs overseas in a very callous manner and even when the democrats try to do something about it, the republicans say, no. your thoughts? >> oh, ed, i heard this all across pennsylvania. i was in about half of the counties of our state in the course of the end of august, early september, small towns, rural areas where they have high unemployment rates we have 885,000 people out of work. every place we went, we heard about job. we also heard about the outsourcing and no efforts, at least from the perspective of real people out there, taxpayers and others, no effort by washington to stop it. we finally get to the point where we have a strong bill and a lot of agreement and the republicans block it. if they really care about and are worried about shipping jobs
3:24 am
overseas, they should support an effort, or if they're against our effort, they ought to come up with a strategy to prevent that from think. but they have no bills to do that. just like on job creation, i can't think of a single bill that they've supported in the united states senate ornthe republicans' side. >> there isn't one. >> to create or preserve jobs. >> there isn't one. senator casey, good to have you with us tonight. >> thanks, ed. coming up, fox businessman john stossel think that young people ought to know anything so we shouldn't care if they vote. i'm voting him and his mustache into the zone next.
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and in psycho talk tonight, tough one. there's so much psycho talk out there today. the beckster's over there saying that the president is evil, evil. whatever happened to all of that god talk that was on the ball? well, fox business host, john stossel and his mustache, well, he shows up on "o'reilly show" last night so he goes to the zone today. the 61 o'reilly they were flapping their jaws and gums about hollywood campaigns getting the youth vote out. here's the stossel take. >> why do we have all of these campaigns saying we have to get all of the young people to vote. young people often don't know anything. >> you know that's like saying, guys with 70's porn mustaches don't know anything about voting when it comes to issues and voting, and john, most of your friends over at fox, they don't
3:29 am
know anything either but i don't see you trying to keep them away from the polls. john stossel saying we shouldn't try to get young people to vote because they don't know anything is undemocratic, complete psycho talk. reverend barry lynn is teaching newt a thing or two about the battle in the battleground tonight. we'll need time for this one the list is long. and we all than christine o'donnell is no scholar but she thought that she could fool us. i'm starting to think she's a pathologiccal liar. where did she go to school? exposed in a new political commercial and i admit tonight on this show that i'm fat. you're watching "the ed show." ♪
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welcome back to "the ed show." the battleground story tonight. newt gingrich is cranking up the volume on his psycho anti-president obama campaign. he's saying president obama and the obama administration is the greatest threat america has ever faced. i didn't know that. and he's launched a campaign to mobilize 10 million conservative voters ahead of the midterms. he kicked it off with a fear mongering video. here it is. >> i don't remember anytime in american history where we've had such a threat to our basic way of life. a genuinely radical secular socialist machine ramming things through with no regard for american values or the beliefs of the american people. again and again, this administration and its allies in congress simply run over the beliefs and values of the american people.
3:34 am
>> why didn't we use that for psycho talk tonight? newt, do you really want to get into your background? and after being reprimanded and fined for the house ethics violations, you know some think you're a loser. you know some people say the way they do it over there. you're the last guy who should be lecturing us about values, mr. gingrich? let me bring in reverend barry lynn, executive director of americans united for separation of church and state. reverend, good to have you with us tonight. >> nice to be back. >> here we go! mixing religions, scaring americans right back to the voting booth and president obama is evil. >> you know i always wonder, where does newt gingrich get his values? i think, possibly, from -- he gets them in dreams after really bad fish dinners, because frankly, let me give you some numbers. the american people 75% of us believe, for example, that gays should serve openly in the military. 75%. newt gingrich says, no, no, no,
3:35 am
no they shouldn't. the majority of americans in polls and in elections say no to those school vouchers, the things that governor christie in new jersey wants to implement in order to destroy public education. the majority of americans oppose it. newt gingrich wants it. in other words, if the american people want all the things that i would say, normal people want, why is he an outlier, why is he promoting values that most americans don't want? this guy always had bad ideas. we that when he was speaker of the house. always playing fast and loose with morality and ethics. and now he is using religioniosity. who thinks that the poor are poor because they just don't work hard enough and who is simply living on another planet with a different constitution. >> president obama yesterday was asked about being a christian. this is his response, which i thought was very powerful. i want your response.
3:36 am
>> i'm a christian by choice. you know, my family didn't -- you know, frankly, they weren't folks who went to church every week. so i came to my christian faith later in life. and it was because the precepts of jesus christ spoke to me in terms of the kind of life that i would want to lead. being my brothers and sisters keeper. treating others as they would treat me me reverend lynn, if you didn't know president obama, how good is that answer? >> it's a great answer. because it is what more and more americans do. they are -- there's a lot of movement in how we grew up and what we become later in life as a religious matter. we choose what seems to fit, what makes sense, what are the policies of a religious organization that we think are good ones?
3:37 am
now, what people on the far right do is they say, well, you know, maybe we could be our brother's keeper but not the government. the government shouldn't have anything to do with it. maybe we'll be nice people, but we don't want the government to implement policies that are really going to help the people who are at the bottom of the heap. usually by the way put at the bottom of the heap because of other policies that the government has put in place so that the right wingers have gone crazy over that clip that you just said. oh, he's just trying to make excuses. a lot of people think that he's a muslim and he wants to show us. what he said is authentic christianity as many of us develop it. >> and the response today from the beckster and some of the righty talkers was referring to him as the ayatollah. >> yes. >> and also saying that he's evil. >> it's so insulting. they condemn secularism, secular governments. of course we have to have a secular government. the alternative is to have a sacred one.
3:38 am
a religious one, where the majority religion gets to make off. rules. that's never worked. anywhere on this planet. it certainly wouldn't work here. newt gingrich the other day said, he wants a new federal law. i know that some people say that he's a naysayers. bar judges from using sharia law in their decisions. that's a big issue, isn't it? do people call your radio show i just lost my job because of the sharia law, my house has been closed because of the sharia law. of course not. the point is, this is a man who's look for these fringe issues to try to scare people when there isn't even a problem there in the first place. and by the way, if somebody said, oh you don't have christian values governing constitutional law either, you'd probably say oh well that's different from sharia. he's totally hypocritical. >> reverend barry lynn, great to have you with us. thank you. rapid fire response from our panel on these stories tonight. as i just said, president obama spoke about his faith during a backyard discussion in albuquerque, new mexico,
3:39 am
yesterday saying he's a christian by choice. sharron angle is a hypocrite. she says she doesn't want the government involved in health caper but it turns out, she gets coverage through her husband's federal employee health program. and democrat charlie melan son is pulling out his constitution card. with us tonight laura flan ehost of grit tv and free speech tv and the author of the upcoming book "at the tea party." and also with us republican strategist john fiery. john, what did you make of the president's statement to the question about his faith? how does that that play in your opinion, as a conservative? >> hey, listen, i'm very happy that president obama is a christian. i thought that his comments about why he became a christian are fitting for what he believes and i thought that was all well and good. i don't disagree with president obama on those types of issues. what i disagree with him on is his role as president.
3:40 am
i don't think that he's a very good president and i don't think that he's showing the right leadership or not the right focus on jobs which i think is the number one issue in the country. >> strategically a very tactful way of pushing back on the birthers, wasn't it, laura. >> yeah, absolutely. and another point that needs to be said and maybe he'll get props from his critics on the left, is he said this is a country of people of all faiths and of no faiths and even mentioned agnostics and atheists, so that's good. and he also made the point of saying, this is why i do what i do, which i think is more of what we need to be hearing. we're going to be hearing it this saturday. i'll be there at the 1 nation, free speech and i will be covering it live. i hope that you'll come over and talk to us but i think there we'll be hearing a lot of people explaining the personal connection to the choices that they've made about policy. >> yeah. john, i need you to make a phone call for me. would you call sharron angle and ask her to give up her health caper because it's government-run? >> well, ed, what she has -- her husband has retired benefits that include health care.
3:41 am
that's all well and good. she's opposed the health care plan which is extraordinarily popular in nevada and again this decision by the reid campaign is a distraction from the fact that 14% unemployment in nevada and that's why he may lose to angle. >> she's taking over the government dollar, man. she doesn't want anybody else to have it. but she's got the government health care program. laura, what about that? >> she's made the point that i don't want to cover my sister, if you want to put it that way, her mammogram over there. the point is we've been covering her health care through her husband's pension plan and i'm okay with that. that's the difference between the, we want to care for the least of us attitude to society, and it's all just for me and none just for you. this is the kind of thing that i think -- i hope, even sharron angle supporters on the right will blanche out because this is not just hypocrisy it's cruelty. >> john is it hypocrisy? >> not at all. i think that there are two different things. you could be against the obama health care law and understand that there are government
3:42 am
benefits when you work for the government. there's not hypocrisy at all. >> okay, so if the republicans get in and cut it back, then she's going to be okay with that? that'll be interesting. all right, go down to louisiana. we all know about senator vitters' issues in the prostitution scandal. he's admitted it, this was months ago. he said that he was sorry. reconciled with his wife but his opponent who was behind congress melanson is playing this card. here is the ad. >> david vitter won an election. as a proud family value's politician but under the surface vitter was battling his own demons. a former french quarter prostitute gave an interview exposing details about her sexual relationship with vitter. >> he went in, took a shower, spoke very little to me at first, he did his thing, he wasn't there 15, 20 minutes at that. i was $300. >> laura flanders, what do you make of this? is this fair play especially when he's behind by double digits.
3:43 am
>> at least the advantage that the democrats have here is he's told the truth, this is not a made up scandal. but if i were advising the guy, i know he's in trouble but come on. the threat that vetter poses is not that he's going to prostitutes is that he could privatize your social security in order to give tax cuts to the super 2% richest in the country. this is what i wish more democrats would be focusing on and i think it's actually sad to see the approach that the guy's taking. >> desperation, john is that what it is? >> well, of course it is, ed. and the big problem for democrats is they are using this type of campaign tactic all over the country because they know that they really can't talk about the issues because they know that the american people are ready to throw them out of congress. >> does it say anything about character? rush limbaugh was always on bill clinton saying that character counts. doesn't it in a round about way question the character of senator vitter? >> this is a slimy ad. and i think it's going to rebound against melanson in a big way.
3:44 am
he's not going to win anyway but this kind of slimy ad will go down and history. one of the worst that i have ever seen. >> it's slimy but again the slime is coming off of vitor. it's his social policies. it's his economic policies. there's slime there to talk about. i hope that the next ad focus is there. >> laura flanders, john feehey, always a pleasure. laura see you on saturday at the 1 nation march. >> see you on saturday. >> i won't be there, ed, unfortunately. >> come on, come on! >> you know, john, since you're such a good guy coming on this program, i want to make a public invitation to you, john feehery i've gate seat right next to me if you show up. >> maybe go for a beer, afterward, ed. >> this is one nation. up next, restored absolutely in his rally next month. we're going down to washington this weekend to make a real difference for jobs, for education, for our future. larry cohen president of the communications workers of america is behind the rally. we celebrate the american worker, next.
3:45 am
3:46 am
it's not too late to tell us what you think. do you think that republicans care more about saving money than educating kids? text "a" for yes. text "b" to no. uh oh.
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sorry, son. you still have too many of 'em. [ female announcer ] you can't pass inspection with lots of pieces left behind. luckily, new charmin ultra strong is soft and more durable. so it holds up better for a dependable clean. fewer pieces left behind. new charmin ultra strong. and in my playbook tonight, we're counting down to our 1 nation rally to saturday at lincoln memorial in washington, d.c. hundreds of thousands of people will gather to compact corporate greed and call for good jobs in america on the right for a good education. for more, let's turn to the president of the communication workers of america, larry cohen, who helping organize the one nation rally this saturday. larry, why are you involved in this? >> well, it's a chance for all of us to build a big tent to talk about economic justice issues, that -- the fight for change that we started in 2008. a lot of it's still unfinished, thanks to the senate rules and
3:49 am
the failure in the senate to really take up a progressive agenda in this country so we're determined to dom washington, show that there are hundreds of thousands of us, talk on november 2nd when the buss going down and back. and fighting for change on election day and take that fight onward, talk about issues like changing the senate rules and bringing democracy to the u.s. senate. >> so, october 2nd is all about november 2nd, very clear, right? >> all about november 2nd. absolutely. it's all about you know folks from the 16 states, where most of the people are coming from, and as well as across the country, saying we are here, we are united, we are, you know, the progressive majority in this country, we are committed to working together. those are really the keywords, one nation, working together. we're going to be work for economic justice. not just for jobs, but jobs with justice as long as that takes. >> what do you say to those who are criticizing the rally that some of the groups that are involved in this are fringe?
3:50 am
>> well, this is a democracy and you don't turn people away. but the groups that are behind us, are the key civil rights groups, the key labor groups, people of faith, women groups, students, there's nothing fringe about us. >> amen to that, brother. i'm glad that you're part of it. the democratic party base. you didn't get everything that you want. and the question has come up, how motivated are wage earners in this country? what's your -- what are your thoughts on that? >> you know i think that our folks are -- by the way has 10,000 people on buses already -- you know, committed to riding those buses. i think that our folks are fired up that change difficult in this country as you've said so well, the corporate greed is at an all-time high and that kind of motivation that we need, everyday people to stand up, to shout out, to make a difference, to turn out not only saturday, but to go door-to-door, to go into the work site to talk to
3:51 am
our members and work with our allies, which is really what this is about, that there's a lot of us together, for the change that we voted for, that we still believe in, and that we can accomplish it if we stick together and work together in the days ahead. >> larry, good to have you with us. the see you saturday. >> look forward to seeing you, ed. >> for more information on the one nation march go to my website final page of the playbook tonight billionaire republican candidate for california governor meg whitman doesn't think you can buy elections? this coming from the ebay ceo who has spent $119 million of her own money on the campaign. that's more than any other campaign in the history of the united states. and it's a good thing she has -- she has all of the money, you know? her former housekeeper of nine years announced today that she's suing whitman for wrongfully firing her. whitman fired her for not having the right papers for employment right before she started her campaign. now, that timing really doesn't sound like a coincidence to you,
3:52 am
does it? it does to me. coming up, christine o'donnell, well she said mice have fully functioning human brains, so it's no wonder some universities are freaking out, because she falsely claimed she went there. o'donnell's lies, next op "the ed show." for those of us who have lactose intolerance, let's raise a glass to cookies just out of the oven. to the morning bowl of cereal. and to lactaid® milk. easy to digest and with all the calcium and vitamin d of regular milk. [ female announcer ] lactaid®. the original lactose-free milk.
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delaware's tea party and senate candidate christine o'donnell is not only a psycho talker she's a liar. she's padding her academic resume online and caught. the "washington post" first reported. the attending of university of oxford on her linked in profile. and then a radio producer in california found out that she never attended claremont graduate university which is also listed in her profile. claremont graduate university tells talking points memo quote -- eight years ago she did receive a fellowship from the claremont institute, a conservative think-tank with no affiliation with the university. as for oxford, an o'donnell spokesperson told the "washington post" that she took a course, on the oxford campus ran by the phoenix institute. a phoenix spokesperson said quote -- today o'donnell said that the
3:57 am
information that was posted by someone else. someone else posted that stuff. she wants the site to remove the profile and i think that this is the biggest bunch of baloney i've ever heard. and i can't believe this candidate. joining me now is the reporter who covered this all in the story. christine bella toni of talking points memo. one to follow, isn't it? where did she go to skooshlgs anyway, and did she ever graduate? >> hi, ed. well, christine o'donnell did attend farrell university and received her degree actually just a few weeks ago right before she defeated republican mike castle in the primary in delaware. but this there's a bigger issue here late-breaking news. that link did take down this profile. they said they're not verifying if it was a true profile created by the o'donnell campaign or o'donnell herself but campaign
3:58 am
did request that it be taken down and they've done that tonight and we're really trying to get to the bottom of this because it's really difficult to see who created a profile. obviously a lot of private issues involved but certainly something going on. >> all right, she suggested in a lawsuit that she was pursuing a master's degree at princeton university. what's happening with this? did she ever attend a class at princeton? >> no, this was a lawsuit where she alleged that she'd been discriminated against for her gender, and in the very detailed lawsuit in which she at first filed by herself and then had a lawyer amend the lawsuit, she said that her employer had prevented her from attending graduate course work at princeton. now, this is also, she at this point, had not earned her undergraduate degree. we just mentioned she'd received that a few weeks ago. so she now says that was an error by her lawyer and of course as i mentioned she filed it herself and got a line of
3:59 am
scrimmage later so a lot of sort of passing the buck here of what it was and it could all be a big misunderstanding but when you put all of the instances together it does cause reporters to ask more questions about her background. >> christina bellantoni great to have you with us tonight from talking points memo. thank you. tonight in our text survey i asked, do you think that republicans care more about saving money than educating kids? 92% of you said yes. 8% of you said no. and before i say umber, you must