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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 14, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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87% said no. that's "the ed show." for more information 87% of you said no. for more information, go to up next, "first look." >> mission accomplished. the world celebrates as all 33 chilean miners are finally brought home. delaware dual senate candidates go head to head. space smashup, the hubbell telescope captures what are the first images of an astroid collision. good morning. i'm lynn berry. this is "first look" on msnbc. we begin this morning with a
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flawless ascent to freedom. all of chile's 33 miners are finally where they should be, above ground celebrating life with their friends and family. after weeks of planning, drilling and testing, rescuers finished lifting the men from the depths of a mine that easily could have been their tomb. as kerry sanders reports, chile's joy was shared around the world. >> reporter: it's over. all 33 of the miners have been rescued. it took 22 hours, 34 minutes and 56 seconds, more than 1,000 engineering minds to figure out how to get down to those men. 2,040 feet in the earth. they pulled it off and now, this country and the world celebrates. >> it is an inspiring experience not only for the chileans but for the world. >> reporter: the last man up,
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luis aza, the leader who told them they should conserve the two days of food that they have and ration it to being two spoon fulls of food per man, peaches and tuna. that kept them alive. they made contact with the surface. a team of american drillers came in. they made it down to the men. the fenix capsule was tested, retested and, wow, it worked. in the end, the ride up was taking less than ten minutes. now, this country celebrates because the impossible is possible. lynn? >> kerry sanders, thank you. back here in the states, is the senate battle in the states took center stage. christine o'donnell faced off with democrat, chris kunes.
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>> good morning. the two sparred over the economy, health care. o'donnell ended up backinging off some of her more controversial social views on evolution and the military. he was forced to defend his record in delaware on raising taxes. this race may be most remembered for her "i am not a witch" advertisement. last night, christine o'donnell did some name-calling of her own based on a newspaper article that he wrote in college. >> they jokingly called me a bearded marxist. if you take five minutes and read the article, it is clear on the face of it it is a joke. >> you writing an article saying you learned your beliefs from an articulate marxist professor. that's what made you become a democrat. that should send chills up the spine of every delaware voter. >> the other tea party race to watch is a debate between
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sharron angle and harry reid. democrats plan to sink $2 million into ads supporting reed. sarah palin will be coming in on sharron angle's behalf. last night on "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell, he got a chance to talk with chris coons. he was asked how he felt after sparring with his opponent, christine o'donnell, some of which got some laughs. >> we spent an awful lot of time dealing with the distraction of issues that my opponent -- things she said years ago on late night tv, things that keep coming back to haunt her, frankly and i think dogged her in the course of the debate. what i hear up and down the state of delaware, is folks that are interested really in the issues of how we tackle the deficit in debt, how we create jobs and make america
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competitive and wolf blitzer did a terrific job in holding my opponent accountable for her actions and statements and a lot of things she has done as a candidate as well as as a tv pundit. it was great to have a chance to debate her less than three weeks from the general elections. we have tdhad a number of other debates she hasn't attended. a lot of folks have been eager to get a chance to ask her questions and hear her views. she likes to claim she has matured in her faith and policy views. one of the challenges we face is understanding where she does stand today. >> you don't want to miss lawrence o'donnell's last word on the biggest issues and most compelling stories of the day. it airs at 10:00 p.m. eastern time only on msnbc, the place for politics. >> here is the first look at some of the other news going around america today. in kentucky, cleanup crews were called to the skin of the accident that's sure to leave a
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mark. a tractor-trailer carrying 30,000 pounds of evening overturned and spilled all the blue and yellow cargo on to the highway. it is not clear what caused the accident but fortunately, the driver wasn't hurt. a low tide at a local beach left a 1,000 pound manatee stuck close to the shore. they couldn't rescue them so the they stayed with them until the high tide carried them away. in new york, fashion week may be over but cats and dogs at the american kennel club proved they can be just as hip. there was cleopatra the kitty and the mad hatter and even a shih tzu with a snooki poof. that's the snooki one right there. after a look at your national weather, we turn to nbc meteorologist, bill karins. no snooki is complete without
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the spray tan. i had a little problem with the shih tzu. it needs to be orange. it wasn't complete to me. >> it won't be, yes. when we see you with the snooki poof, that will be when everything is complete. >> all will be well with the world. >> and you with the six-pack. >> the spray-on six-pack. let's chat about hurricane paula. it is a hurricane still. not that far away from the florida keys. it is weakening quickly. this is probably the last day it will be a hurricane. after this, it will drop down to a tropical storm. it will interact quickly with the land mass of cuba. it is a very small hurricane. here is the forecast just out from the hurricane center, taking the storm more or less over land and weakening it quickly. down and completely destroying the storm. it should disappear sometime on saturday, maybe at most on sunday. you notice in south florida, you
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look okay. a little bit of rain but no winds. here is what they are also watching today. new england, beautiful leaves, the peak of the season. you do not want a big rain storm and wind storm. that will take all the gorgeous leaves and put them on the ground. unfortunately, that's the forecast. this storm system is going to intensify off the coast during the day. especially later tonight, it will be located in the gulf of maine. winds will be gusting up to philly and northern new england. here comes the rain. the area of yellow. the reds, the heavier rains. 1:00, d.c. will be prepared for rain. philadelphia, sometime around mid-afternoon. the worst of it, around new york city. the tail end, until about 8:00 p.m. the rain will pivot. the storm will deepen. boston, heavy rain and gusty winds on your friday morning.
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then, the storm system sits up here and weakens a little bit. saturday morning, very breezy in that region. showers this morning, cleveland and pittsburgh. that's all some of the energy that will form the big storm. west coast, no problem at all, new england is the troubled spot the next two days. >> thank you, phil. stocks spike, intel takes a hit and how to blow $671,000 in one night. your first look at this morning's business headlines is straight ahead. sidney crosby tries to rally the penguins. the cavs just can't let lebron go. you are watching "first look" on msnbc. [ female announcer ] what if your natural beauty could be flawless, too?
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welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. defense secretary robert gates is warning an abrupt end to the "don't ask don't tell"
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policy would have enormous consequences. they came a day after a federal judge ordered them to stop enforcing the ban on gays and lesbians openly in the military. he said the question to repeal the law should be canceled by congress only. a blast has killed three coalition troops in western afghanistan today. no word on whether any of them are americans. at least 37 nato service members have been killed this month. federal authorities say they have taken down an armenian-american crime organization that carried out one of the largest medicare program crime screen billing them for $163 million in treatments that were never given. they charged 73 people across the country, mostly in new york and los angeles. nasa's hubbell space telescope is captured what
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scientists believe are the first images of a collision between two astroids. the images show a bizarre x-shaped object that astronomers have never seen before. now, here is your first look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 11,096 after adding 75 points yesterday. the s&p rose eight points. the nasdaq, 23. the nikkei climbed 183 points. the hang seng surged 394. stocks hit a fresh five-month high fueled by better than expected earnings and a sinking u.s. dollar. overseas this morning shall the dollar dropped to a ten-month low after singapore unexpectedly tightened policy to give the currency more flexibility. industrials and materials led the day's gains while commodities spiked in response to china's record impact growth.
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despite posting strong earnings that lifted sentiment in the tech sector, intel slid nearly 3%. elsewhere, jpmorgan chase also beat the street earnings estimates. shares were pushed lower by the firm's weak revenue. the number of home foreclosures stopped 100,000 for the first time ever last month. however, that number will likely drop going forward after all 50 states launched a joint investigation of the mortgage industry yesterday in response to widespread reports of lacks foreclosure filing procedures nationwide. aol and several private equity firms are in early stages to buy yahoo!. finally, studies show money doesn't always buy you happiness but it can finance one very
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so go forward, with confidence. and with the hartford behind you... achieve what's ahead of you. ♪ welcoming back to "first look." hockey enjoyed a rare moment when the focus was on the ice. here is fred roggin. the nba still ramping up with pre-season games, the nhl took center stage. penguins and maple leafs pick it up in the second. the leafs were up 4-2. sidney crosby tried to rally the penguin penguins. it wasn't enough. maple leafs, 4-3.
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caps and an absolute laser from the top of the circle tied the it at one. niklas backstrom redirected it past the goalie. the caps won, 2-1. the devils $100 million man picked the perfect time to score his first. ilya kovalchuk ripped one past ryan miller. devils beat the sabres, 1-0. a quick football note. brett favre's iron man streak of starting 289 games may be in jeopardy. latest problem, tendinitis elbow. he will rest his arm before the game on sunday. tennis, something special to show a highlight from the shanghai masters. john isner with a shot over roger federer's head. he put the ball under the net. he may not be number one in the world anymore but no one is better at this trick shot. he won it in straight sets. the cleveland cavaliers may be in a bit of a denial that
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lebron james skipped to miami. that's the king himself on the cover. actually, they were presented before lebron bolted for the heat. they are still trying so sell them for $15. the calendars were printing by a company called perfect timing. talk about horrible timing for the cavs. that's your first look at sports. here is msnbc bill karins. >> we never make mistakes like that. >> ever. >> ever. >> hopefully, youtube hasn't compiled our top ten. >> i have never missed a forecast. come on. let's chat about what's going on out here, lynn, temperatures are chilly. stormy weather. grab the umbrella. rain is on its way for d.c., everywhere around the d.c. area. for that matter, if you live anywhere from hartford southward, bring the umbrella.
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you will need it. we have clear skies to start. here come the clouds. the green is the rain. pittsburgh has some showers. it is moving now through the appalachians soon into areas of d.c. it will overspread philly and later on this afternoon towards new york city. harvard and boston, yours will come overnight. tomorrow, the rain is up here in new england. it will be a cool, rainy delay. airport delays possible. david arquette apologizes for spilling the beans on his divorce. former dynasty star, joan collins, proves she still loves a good cat fight. you are watching "first look" on msnbc. trust me. trust me. ya i like that. trust me.
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welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. for the first time in "30 rock," the show is going live from 30 rock. mark barger has a preview. >> this is 30 rock live, baby. >> that means a totally different rhythm for a show that's used to filming each week. >> it is nice we don't have to get up as early. >> reporter: another difference, sitcoms like "30 rock" are filmed like movies and generally don't have an audience. the producers an actors have to take into account extra time to wait out laughter that's usually only supplied by viewers. >> hopefully, a lot of laughter and different. that's my biggest concern is that the show will just end in the middle because of the laugh
5:27 am
spread. >> reporter: while nbc's slogan is more colorful, 30 rock producers have to make sure it is not too colorful. >> who knows. even when rehearsing for a regular episode, things can get dicy. >> reporter: they will use a five-second delay to guard against slips of the tongue. this might bring out the mischievous side of any cast member. >> i think everyone will be very professional or not. >> reporter: either way, live laughs are expected. mark barger, nbc news. time for your first look at entertainment news. gay bugger, perez hilton is vowing to stop outing celebrities. he tells ellen degeneres that the recent string of gay suicides have inspired him to rethink his writing, cl you go any material that could be deemed as bullying. david arquette says that he regrets his racy overshare on
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the howard stern somehow. he opened up about his split and gave intimate details tlof sex life or according to him, lack there thereof and revealed a post-separation fling with a cocktail waitress. he apologized and said he shared too much. what is courtney saying about all this? a source close to the couple tells "people" magazine that nothing surprises her at this point. meanwhile, joan collins is pulling out the claws with another former friend. the 77-year-old star tells us that with the exception of angelina jolie, hollywood is devoid of any beautiful actresses. she says, quote, jennifer aniston is cute but i wouldn't call her beautiful. if i were joan collins, i wouldn't throw stones. i'm just saying. >> really? she had her day. >> yeah. >> but it is not really nice. jennifer aniston, she is trying to be the cute, nice woman next
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door. she is not trying to be the hollywood starlet. >> right. he heard it here first. i'm lynn berry. this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned. "way too early" with willie geist starts now. christine o'donnell and chris coons go at it in their first debate with o'donnell accusing coons of being a marxist. did she also accuse him of being jealous of her "saturday night live" fame? you bet she did. as you have heard or seen, all 33 miners and their rescuers are now free and safe in chile. question is, how are they responding to their new international celebrity? we will have a report from outside the mine in a minute. and, an amazing story in "the washington post" this morning where the man who was shot by dick cheney in 2006 reveals that his injuries were much more serious than was known then. the question is, how


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