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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  November 2, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EST

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man: hey you dang woodchucks, quit chucking my wood! vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. the speeches are over and time for voters to itted is. what the political scene will look like tomorrow is being decided today. right now millions of americans at the ballot box making the ultimate decision on what kind of country they want and how much they want their government to do. >> we have come to take our government back. with a surge of tea party candidates leading the charge, republicans are hoping to turn a wave into a tsunami. now, counting on historic gains in the house, the situation tighter in the senate for a
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surprise hero there could mean the difference between the president facing a very vocal opposition or a complete undoing of the obama agenda. >> you can't have the keys backpen. you don't know how to drive. we have a big show today. joining the company, author michael eric dyson, political columnist joy-ann reid, gop strategist and alicia menendez and special guest the former republican governor of new york george pataki and current dem democratic governor of pennsylvania ed rendell. this is a special edition of "jansing & company." on the election day when the battle for congress will be decided, no one is watching this election more closely than president obama. we just learned the president will hold a conference in the east room of the white house wednesday after election day. that's tomorrow. 1:00 eastern time.
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msnbc is the place for politics. covering key races. john yang is in nevada and ron mott in florida and kevin ti tibbles in kentucky. a race that is really a reflection of the political war that has been raging. tea party backed sharron angle trying to put the most powerful man in the senate, harry reid, out of a j. a race that could come down to less than 1,000 votes if you believe insiders there. which is why the first lady was in nevada last night. >> my husband, he can't do this alone. he needs, he needs leaders like harry reid to help him! >> nbc jong yang is in las vegas and, john, i guess michelle obama's appearance is a sign of how worried the democrats are about harry reid. >> that's right. this race has been a dead heat for weekses. polls have been open for an hour now and remain open for another
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11 hours and at the end of last week, at the end of early voting already two-thirds of the ballots that the secretary of state's office expect in this contest have already been cast. as you say, this is a very tight race and both sides already preparing for the possibility of a recount, assembling teams of lawyers just in case. >> outside a voting precinct here in coral gables, florida, where election officials are bracing for what could be record turnout for mid-term election. already we have seen record numbers for early voting which ended over the weekend and the conventional thinking on the ground is that perhaps favors the republican favorite marco rubio who brings a big lead to election day and followed behind by charlie crist who is running as an independent and kendrick meek who campaigned last night in orlando with one of the biggest stars in his party. >> tomorrow is about more than these elections. tomorrow is about who florida is.
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this is not about right and left. this is about right and wrong. it's about yesterday or tomorrow. >> and come tomorrow in this wave elections democrats hope to have something to cheer here in florida. >> i'm kevin tibbles in bowling green, kentucky, where tea party poster boy and republican favorite rand paul has just cast his vote. jack conway the democrat is running at about seven points behind at this point. last night in a last-ditch attempt he brought in the big dog, former president bill clinton for a big rally up in louisville. rand paul this morning is saying mr. conway brought in clinton too late and is offering too little. now, interestingly enough, the polls in kentucky close early. today at 6:00 p.m. and many people saying that we can also look at the race for the house here and if the democrat starts to go down in kentucky, it is going to be a very long and hard night for the democrats in this
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state and right across the country. chris, back to you. >> kevin tibbles, ron mott, thanks to all of you. whose end game is stronger? take a look at the final push. >> if everyone who fought for change in 2008 shows up to vote in 2010, we will win this election. >> there is nothing wrong with america or in america that a good old election can't fix. >> watch these folks! don't let this happen. >> mr. president, they are patriots. >> the only way this deal can work for them is if people are so mad they can't think any more. >> well, you've been hearing this, two big numbers that will tell the story. 39-10, the number of seats the republicans need to pick up to control the house and the senate. let's bring in our company. former governor george pataki,
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alicia menendez dr. eric dyson, since you're not on set, give us your big picture take on this race. >> what's at stake, the mission of the obama administration to bring change to america as they were mandated in the historic election two years ago. many people think the democrats have lost their footing and that the president hasn't used his bulletproof effectively to argue for the changes that he, indeed, has made. many americans aren't aware of the tremendous change in tide that his administration swept into view and, at the same time, the poor public relations, if you will and communications from the white house have failed to specify to the white house how much they have saved in terms of taxes and the bailout and in terms of getting this economy back up and running. in terms of the picture the number you spoke about is about the future of american democracy for the two years that are
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coming. will we have a stalemate and a log jam and will the republicans continue to ramp up the tea party, if you will, environment that is out there or have some kind of bipartisanship that allows two parties to come together to make the things better for the broader american government. >> where does this take us to? >> i agree that we have to try to have some bipartisanship after this election. >> what do you think the chances of that are? >> i think there's a good possibility if the president and his team are willing to listen. i think, honestly, the republicans wanted to have a bipartisan health care bill and people like senator grassley worked very hard to try to accomplish that and they were just pushed aside. i would disagree with a lot of what mike said because a lot of people know what this administration has done. they ran through obama care that they don't want. they spent almost $1 trillion on a stimulus bill and i don't think it's a question of failure to communicate on the part of the administration. i think they communicated very well and the american people
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aren't buying what they're selling. >> that's the hard of that debate, joy-ann. i heard you make this debate whether the obama administration has laid out what they've done. if it turns out that a lot of the prognosticators are right and i'm hearing this morning anything from 45 to 75, 80 seats that the republicans could pick up in the house now, that's a big spread. who knows. but what happened here? >> well, i think that dr. dyson was largely wright. i think there has been a failure of communications out of the white house. if you look at what the congressional budget office said about the stimulus. saving 3 million jobs. if you're in miami and driving down i-395 and see the construction at the side of the road. people don't understand that's the stimulus and the teachers and firefighters that would have been laid off, that's the stimulus. the white house failed to communicate that. they failed to communicate on health care. you ask people about the components of health care, they love it. they like the fact that they can keep their children on their insurance until 26.
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the white house has to recalibrate its message and readjust that the permanent campaign is reality. the president may not like it, but that's where we are and he'll have to get on board with it. >> i had chris van hollen on yesterday and he said the democrats are going to surprise. >> that's his job to say that, yes. >> but nate silver in the "new york times" put out what he said are five points. five things that could happen to sort of change what the conventional wisdom is, including a lot of pollsters don't use, people with cell phones and that's about 25% of the population. >> which cuts out young people and minorities. >> democrats probably have a better turnout operation. but is that all a little bit of wishful thinking? >> i don't think it is. all the expectations that there is going to be a blood bath. yes, it is going to be a good night for republicans, congratulations, my friends. but it is not going to be the night that they think it is going to be, in large part because the ofa has done some really good on the ground
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organizer that is bringing in a lot of early votes in key states, pennsylvania, ohio where democrats are going to need them. >> so, what is going to happen? >> i want to address some of this absurdity. one, the idea that the problem here has been a communication one is absolutely patently absurd. and the proof of that is that you have seen all these democrats running away from the health care campaign. they have not been running on those initiatives that you think have not been appropriately communicated. that's one. two, the idea that this isn't going to be historic is also patently absurd. let's go conservative and say republicans pick up three more seats, that is more than the huge turn around that we all acknowledged in 1994. >> republicans in washington will wake up -- republicans in washington will wake up tomorrow and realize, gee, we still have a democratic president and we still have a senate controlled by democrats and we'll have to get along. >> we all acknowledge that is a
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historic moment for republicans. >> we have a chance to continue this conversation. i have to ask you, governor pataki -- >> i was just quietly sitting back here while the three of you were going at it. and i think the answer is very simple. we don't know what is going to happen tonight. you can predict that the ground game and the early voting in pennsylvania will win for sestak and you can say we will have 55 seats. the fact is there are so many very close races and it's going to hinge on what happens with those undecided voters in the last 24 hours. and we don't know that yet. my personal view is that what you were saying were right. they ran away from health care and ran away from the sympttimu because the american people don't want them and the american people are going to remember them and we will have dramatic changes. the fact is, we don't know. that's why you have to watch tonight. >> absolutely. all night long. but, governor, i have to ask you, "the new york times" reported that you have endorsed, can i just read to it our good friend jonathan capehart here
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wrote, he has a very popular blog on "washington post" pal deano is backwards thinking pataki is that breed of moderate in philosophy and temperament. republican that is going the way of the polar ice cap. that paladino called him in november, you have to know. jaws dropped at this late hour. >> first of all, paladino ran a hore horrendous campaign and apologized for. a good campaign focus on three things of the state of new york that are important. reducing the size of the government, reducing the cost of the government and lowering taxes. by the way, chris. we need a bipartisan state government in new york state. we had one party rule and it's not just been an embarrassment, it's been a disgrace and we need -- >> you don't think there is a chance that paladino is going to win. there is no way. >> the more likely it is that republicans like harry wilson and dan donovan and republicans
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running for the state senate will win and that will create the bipartisan state government that we need to get this state back in the right direction. >> i wish we had more time because jonathan capehart is suggesting that you are setting yourself up to run for president in 2012. >> we'll talk about this election. >> thank you so much, governor. great of you to come in. we do appreciate it. >> thank you, chris. >> we have a lot more to talk about this hour. coming up, the tea party keeps saying, we want to take our country back, but what or who are they taking it back from? this is an important question that we want to talk about. but there is some other news today. police in greece think domestic political extremists were behind four parcel bomb attacks on monday. the targets were french president nicolas sarkozy and three embassies in eths. one of the devices exploded at a delivery service leaving a working hospitalized with burns. two greek agents are now in custody. the terrorists who wanted to blow up planes by putting
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explosives in cargo may have been practicing in september. new word there may have been a dry run leading up to last week's cargo bomb terror plot. an official believes they were used to test the air cargo system. this video shows what a similar bomb with the same amount of explosives could have done. enough fire power, they say, to blow up 50 jets. now, u.s. officials think that the military commander offal al qaeda in the arabian peninsula may be behind that plot. breaking news out of virginia where shots were fired at a coast guard facility in woodridge. gunshots have been fired at four other military facilities in the area. law enforcement officials, including the fbi, continue to investigate. in pennsylvania, democrat joe sestak and republican pat toomey fighting for the last-minute, undecided voters in their tight senate race. the governor of pennsylvania ed
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rendell joins me in three minutes to talk about that and the overall impact the results could have on the president. which are the top races that would ultimately decide tonight? richard lui tracking those for us tonight. >> the first polls will shut their doors and talk about three races that you can watch early on to get a sense of where the rest of the night might go. storyline here, the moderates. - the gulf. - and i saw things. - incredible things. - and people you never forget. - i did my job. - for my country. - my buddies. - for total strangers. - and i was proud. - so grateful. - for my family. - my freedom. for all who served and all who serve, we can never thank them enough.
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in delaware early this morning christine o'donnell cast her vote with democrat chris coons. we'll bring you the candidates' voting throughout the day and our special live coverage here on msnbc. in pennsylvania the fight to win arlen specter's old senate seat has been an expensive one. $25 million spent on campaign ads and mostly negative ones.
11:20 am
going into the polls, democrat joe sestak and republican pat toomey are in a statistical dead heat. ron allen joins us now from allentown, how are things looking there now? >> like you said, boiled down to pretty much a dead heat. pat toomey had a lead consistently throughout the fall and it appears joe sestak narrowed the gap here. had a lot of heavy hitters at the last minute and michelle obama, the first lady was here last night in philadelphia and pat toomey has been running a steady, solid discipline campaign and promising to undo just about everything the obama administration has done in the first two years and that message res res resinating in lehigh valley out here, the third most populous part of the state where there is a concern about jobs. basically joe sestak spending the last two days in urban philadelphia pounding the pavement trying to get out the vote.
11:21 am
the voters who voted for president obama two years ago. that as your next guest will tell you will make the difference. >> okay, ron. let's bring in our next guest, ed rendell. good morning happy election day, governor. >> morning, chris. democrats have a huge edge. nobody knows this better than you, 1.2 million more. joe sestak is in this race to the finish. now, you were quoted in "the morning call" as telling voters at a lunch counter as you were going around, you know they're trying to screw the president, right? is that your message that what the republicans are trying to do is roll back what the president has accomplished. what is your closer here? >> i have been consistent in this campaign saying we democrats haven't talked about what we accomplished nearly enough. credit card reform, student loan reform and financial reform on wall street and a health care bill with the component parts that have come online are very popular right now. the stimulus. there are 22,600 people in
11:22 am
pennsylvania working today on construction sites and in factories because of stimulus. >> let me just ask you about one of those things because health care is one of the points that a lot of republican candidates have made and we just had, i don't know if you heard george pataki on, but he said, while you're right that you ask people about the individual components of health care, people are generally for them. when you ask them about health care, repealing health care, they're pretty split and it does seem that the republicans have gotten some traction calling it obama care. is it really, though, just that their message was stronger or more focused? >> yeah, no question. we got beat out of the gate on health care on message with last august the death panels and all that stuff confused people. most american people believe that the health care bill will run up the deficit. but the budget office said it will reduce the deficit by $1 trillion over the next two decades. most americans don't believe that. same thing with stimulus. if you ask, chris, 1,000 people,
11:23 am
you earn less than $250,000, can you get a tax cut from the stimulus? they'd say, no. yet all of them did. all of them did. people don't realize out of $870 billion in stimulus $375 billion were tax cuts. exactly what republicans were asking for. tax cuts for the middle class and tax cuts for small business. >> in fact, last night on rachel maddow she put together a big, long clip probably seven, eight, nine minutes long of all the things, all the reports on the administration accomplished and let me play you just a little bit of that. >> sure. >> what did democrats do? what did democratic politicians do? what did the democratic party do with these last 21 months? what did they stand for? what were they made of? turns out what they were made of was historic. >> another big break from the bush era, democrats in congress have been trying to get this equal pay law through for nearly two years. >> today the president signs the bill imposing new rules on
11:24 am
credit card companies. >> today president obama signs a bill that gives the food and drug administration unprecedented power to regulate tobacco. >> the president and democrats can point to one success here in washington for the marchers. that is the imminent passage of a hate crimes bill that would make it a federal crime to commit an assault based on sexual orientation. >> the senate has passed a bill that the president has been pushing that would extend government sponsored health insurance for about 4 million uninsured children. >> if we buy your argument that the american people just haven't heard a clear message from the democrats and republicans disagree they think they don't like these policies. even if we accept that, does there need to be as a lot of headlines are suggesting a shakeup within the administration. does the president need to get new people around him? could you be one of those people? >> well, no, not me, chris. >> not you. are you saying here and now, you don't want to do that? >> i haven't worked for anybody in 33 years and i'm not sure i would be very good at it, number
11:25 am
one. and, number two, i have a tendency to say what i think and it gets me in trouble all the time. i wouldn't want to get the president in trouble, working for him. but, yeah, i think we need not necessarily new people but we need a clearer message and the president is the one that should be delivering that message. had i been in charge and i have no interest in being in charge, the day the stimulus was siped i would have had the president address the nation and break down the component part of the stimulus. let the american people know that they're getting a check for $800 back to help stimulate the economy. not taking it out of payroll deduction. no one saw it when we took it out of payroll deduction. but you get that $800 check and you never forget that the government gave you almost $1,000 back in a tough economic time. so, those are the things i would have done differently. we kind of use the president more. he's a great communicator. if tonight turns out to be better than expected for democrats, it's because the
11:26 am
president got energized in the last month and got out there and, of course, president clinton deserves enormous amount of credit. but i have found that our base in the last two weeks has woken up. young people, we had a great rally last night. 4,000 young people screaming their heads off with michelle obama. african-americans know that the president is energized. latinos, gays and lesbians and the heart and soul of the democratic base is, in fact, starting to wake up. >> so, we're going to see. we're going to see how it all plays out tomorrow. if you haven't heard, we just found out ourselves the president will speak tomorrow at 1:00 in the afternoon. we'll see what he has to say whatever the outcome. always great to see you, governor, thanks for your time. >> thanks, chris. could we see a case of deja vu. both parties readying recount teams. if you're voting in pennsylvania or some of the other key states like florida, connecticut, delaware, a reminder. polls are closing for you at
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and copays as low as $2. with savings like these, you have more time to remember what it's really all about. enroll starting november 15. ♪ go to for details. breaking news we just got this video from germany where a suspicious package was found in the office of chancellor angela merkel today. apparently she wasn't in her office at the time. it was in the post office at the chancellery. they have not ruled out that it could have explosives in it. that investigation is ongoing. we'll let you know as we get more information on that breaking news. tea party republican rand paul cast his vote just a few moments ago in bowling green, kentucky. in one of those very closely watched races. the gop needs to win if they
11:31 am
have a chance at taking the senate. there's a good chance all this, in fact, won't even be decided tonight. one republican source tells politico more than a dozen recounts maybe as many as 20. with hanging chads and florida 2000 still etched in people's minds. democrats and republicans have been dispatching an army of lawyers and political operatives to close races all around the country, ready to monitor any recounts. ken gross is a former legal council for the federal elections commission. thanks for being with us. florida might be making headlines again. they have a possible recount in a razor tight governor's race and alaska three-way race and the pennsylvania governor's race too close to call. are there certain rules about what triggers a recount or is it different in every state? >> that's the problem. the rules for recount are controlled under state law. so, even for federal election, it could be one set of recount rules for one election and another for another election
11:32 am
and, of course, some of the recounts may be under state electi elections. >> in 2000 we got with that phrase, voter intent. i know the election's commissioner in alaska because of that write-in for lisa murkowski he was asked what if it is spelled wrong or someone puts murk period. what does that mean and how wide is the area for interpretation? >> it's quite wide. alaska is going to be a special challenge with write-ins because people write in all kinds of crazy things or they don't write within the lines or they don't spell the name correctly. murkowski is a difficult name to even write. and, you know, if it has an m in it and it doesn't have all the other letters, is that going to be a reflection of someone wanting to vote for murkowski? >> there's going to be litigation if that thing is close because there's going to be a lot of ambiguous balloting.
11:33 am
>> hence the teams of lawyers on their way. ken gross, thanks so much. >> thank you. and we want to hear about your voting experience. here's how to get in touch with us. e-mail us online or tweet. sure i'd like to diversify my workforce, i just wish that all of the important information was gathered together in one place. [ printer whirs ] done.
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we all do it. but you don't have to. thanks to secret flawless renewal... with odor-absorbing micro capsules that capture... odor and release a fresh scent. it's still working, so you can stop checking. we have some good conversations coming up about the tea party and midterms. michael eric dyson and joy-ann reid and s.e. cumpp and alicia menendez. there are key races to watch if you want early indications of how this election is going to go. richard lui keeping tabs early on. what should we be watching?
11:37 am
>> in just about seven hours, three key races we're talking about moderate democrats and keep your eye on to see how big of a gop way we will see. first off, i want to show you, take you to indiana and a partial results come in there starting at 6:00 p.m. blue dog moderate democrat hill and something new being a tea party backed candidate and todd young for congress. a young win could mean a larger gop wave. south carolina polls, they close, same song, higher key. long time incumbent and democrat john spratt survived the way back in 1994, but this wave may sink him. he lagged in recent polls versus mick mulvaney and spratt is the chair of the house budget committee and that overseas the legislation for the $3.5 trillion budget and this local race has got some attention outside spending, for instance,
11:38 am
beating alaska senate race there. also for you, one more. 7:30 p.m. watch those clocks. results on the first key senate race for the night may be coming out. west virginia with the popular governor there joe manchin for the u.s. senate seat versus john raese tea party back and democrat manchin like raese have political backgrounds. many similarities and small differences. this race can show how small of a straw it may take to break the democrats back tonight. those are some of the races we could watch and also later on, ohio. a little bit later on we'll hear that. let's go to luke russert on capitol hill. you're watching district 16, luke. >> i am watching district 16. between the incumbent against jim renacci. these are the type of districts that the gop needs to win. renacci is up a little bit ahead
11:39 am
and this is battleground usa. a statement with an $8 billion budget deficit. a state hit by job losses and jim renacci says he will grow jobs. if this seat goes to the gop, they have the potential to pick up five seat in ohio. that's what one gop pollster just told me. don't be surprised if you see a gop wave go through the state. if boccieri holds on, it will really show the state of the democratic ground game, which might be able to narrow the margin of victory for the gop on election night. richard? >> possibly six for six and what will that mean? the president has spent a lot of time in ohio. we'll have to wait and see how the races do come out later on today. again, chris, we're looking at 6:00 p.m., partial results coming in from indiana. we'll see how that fairs out. luke, thank you. >> thank you, luke. and thank you to richard.
11:40 am
msnbc is the place for politics and we have you covered throughout this election day. a special edition of "andrea mitchell reports" is up next followed by "news nation" and a special hour with david gregory. primetime coverage kicks off at 6:00 p.m. eastern. a reminder we're on all night tonight right here on msnbc. in a business like ours, personal connections are so important. we use our american express open gold card to further those connections. last year we took dozens of trips using membership rewards points to meet with the farmers that grow our sweet potatoes and merchants that sell our product. we've gone from being in 5 stores to 7,500. booming is using points to make connections that grow your business. progresso. hi. we love your weight watchers endorsed soups but my husband looks the way he did 20 years ago.
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11:44 am
candidate now looking at some of the faces of the tea party. here's one of south bend, indiana's sons sparked by office to run for the tea party. there's something ait first-time candidate for indiana state assembly has plenty of them at his shop. >> sometimes, yeah, absolutely. >> inside, more impressive machinery. we're the only ones in town with 12-foot equipment. >> reporter: that investment was a risk that will have to pay off but will have to wait for this one. >> i have never been a politician before and i am not sure i am a politician right now. >> are you a tea party candidate or a republican candidate? >> i'd like to say i'm a conservative candidate. under george bush, we disagree with the republicans then. and we disagree with the democrats now. >> two parties he knows well given he was a democrat for decades and now a registered
11:45 am
republican. >> i didn't leave the republican party, they left me. >> that left him with no political home. >> i always live within my means. i own my home and we own the building and the equipment inside. >> reporter: he bought this crane with bush tax cuts. >> i looked at that that first $36,000 i would have paid in those taxes on the down payment on that piece of equipment. otherwise i wouldn't have bought it. >> how has your involvement in the tea party assisted you in the campaign? >> it was the push. why would we want to start another party when we could actually take the republican party back to what it's supposed to be. >> reporter: it's not easy, though. >> that is one of the hardest things i had to deal with. not being able to change somebody's mind about me or being a republican. >> hey, stephon. >> reporter: we vfinish our vist at one of his work sites. >> i'm just an ordinary american
11:46 am
worried about the country. i am a strong, common sense person and i can help. >> chris, that tea party backed republican he chose to run a union yoon shop. those were union workers and he has a diverse political background which could be confusing to some. something that he hopes will change after today's election. you can catch more reports on the faces of the tea party at chris? >> i think he's a good example of how to serve pigeon hole and what the tea party is. kevin jackson runs a conservative blog and alicia and michael eric are back with me. do you think the tea party movement has been good for this election and this process? the one thing i just heard from that candidate is i always lived within my means. they have, if nothing else, focused on how much involvement of government and how much money should be spent. >> well, there's no question that, obviously, people want to
11:47 am
talk about living within their means as we're tightening the belt of this economy. the problem has been, however, is that people have assumed that they are the first people to engage in certain kind of activities. that is to say they are the first people concerned about tightening the belt of the government and being concerned about what it means to deal with the economy or to talk about the constitution. there seems to be an undertow here of we're taking our government back, who is the our and who is the we? people have been suffering for quite a long time. black people and latino people have been suffering for quite a long time and where people are now, black and latino people have been for quite a while. when you talk about taking back our party, you're not the first people to talk about the need of the constitution to be protected and the question is what degree will we protect the constitution from people who are alive with the tea party who want to undercut and suvert some of the -- when we talk about it in the broader stroke.
11:48 am
>> let me read, if i can, eugene robinson wrote a very provocative column about the tea party this morning in "washington post." i want to read one part of it. >> i ask myself what's so different about obama and the answer is pretty obvious, he's black. for whatever reason, i think this makes some people witness the willingness of so many to believe absurd conspiracy theories about obama's birthplace, his religion and even his absent father's supposed. >> i don't think anybody cares at this point about obama and his policies and what you're about to witness today is the carnage on the left of those policies and to michael dyson's comments, there are 15 blacks that ran this election under the republican party, 18 hispanics and 4 asians and a variety of women, many of whom will get elected and make this the republican renaissance that should have been recognized for
11:49 am
years, for decades. the policies that dyson is talking about are things that the left should have allowed to happen. the reason why we have this. i will not exonerate the republicans because of this. it's the left that wants to spend and they want to tax people. the tea party movement said, enough is enough. you're going to follow the constitution and follow the rule of the people and not have a bunch of elites thinking that they rule us. >> in what way do you think that this administration has not followed the constitution or what do you think the tea party means, s.e., when they say take back our country? >> well, right, first of all, i don't think they're acting as if they invented fiscal responsibility or a return to the constitution. they're bringing it back. and inherent in that is the understanding that other people before us had the good foresight to lay these plans out. we need to return to them. to the race issue, anyone that reads race in the phrase take our country back, i think that
11:50 am
says way more about that person than it does about the tea party's. and this identity politics that the left is playing on is not working. they're trying to market to special interest groups, minorities, blacks, young people, the elderly. the problem right now is we're all united as americans around one special interest. jobs. so,jobs. the democrats have been playing this angry identity politics game and it's not working. it's why they are going to lose big today. >> i definitely agree with you on the jobs issue. i think when you get to this question -- let's use the question of more african-american candidates and more latino candidates, a lot of the latino candidates that are running, marco rubio, they have policies that are bad for latinos and latinos aren't going to just show up because martinez's last name ends in a z. they want to see you are behind immigration reform and an economy that works for everyone and if you're not, they're not going to just vote to you.
11:51 am
>> that's a great point. >> the beauty of candidates is they're not running on the idea of identity politics but on the idea of constitution and getting back to the way america was meant to be run. when you look at health care, something like 60% plus of the people didn't want legislation but it got rammed down our throats. >> african-americans and latinos benefited from it. >> it's harry reid who is running on identity politics. harry reid said if you're a democrat, if you're hispanic you should not vote republican. that's crazy. >> you shouldn't vote for sharron angle because she has run ads that -- >> michael, i'll give you the last word. >> when kevin talks about back to the way this country needs to be, he has to remember he wasn't included in the vision originally of what america meant. the genius of america is the ability to interpret new people to be brought into the brought --
11:52 am
>> kevin is a trader to his race because he forgot to be black enough. that's crazy. >> i've never been a slave. >> i'm saying in america the tea party talks about cutting deficits and wants to lower taxes and it wants to lower the government's size. it wants to reduce it. i say to them that the government intervene on behalf of people, african-americans, latinos, and women, does democracy apply to them? without intervention application of law would not have occurred to african-americans, latino, and women. >> we have to let that be the last word. we'll continue the conversation in our next hour. i think that this is a good indication of what our next covering should be and we'll talk about that in the next hour. how do we take folks with these views, tea partiers, republicans more moderate, democrats and move the country forward. that's the critical question coming out of this election whatever the final numbers are. thank you so much.
11:53 am
if you're heading out to cast your vote in states like new york, colorado, texas, michigan, you have until 9:00 tonight. you are watching a special edition of "jansing and company." get out there and vote. ♪ ♪ [ growls ] ♪ ♪ [ polar bear grunting ] [ growls ] [ male announcer ] introducing the 100% electric nissan leaf. innovation for the planet. innovation for all.
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