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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  November 11, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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the obama debt commission releases its draft proposals to
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cut the deficit from the reactions it seems there's something there to offend just about every interest group. and from south korea, the president weighs in on the commission's chairman's report, while also delivering tough words for north korea, but finding no deal with south korea on that trade pact. a complete report from savannah, who's traveling with the president. and live pictures right now from arlington national cemetery this morning on the day that we honor, our nation's 22 million military veterans. later, the vice president will lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. it's thursday. november 11, 2010. let's get to the rundown. we're going to start where the president is, his visit to south korea. a major setback for the white house. the failure to conclude a long sought after free trade deal with that country. savannah's been traveling with the president on his asia trip and is in seoul this morning with the latest on that and his reaction to the draft proposals
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outlined yesterday by the co-chairs of the president's debt commission. >> reporter: hi, chuck. the president has had his first full day in seoul and he was asked to weigh in on a potent issue at home, which is that debt commission report. the president kind of dodged the issue whether schae ports the various recommendations by this presidential commission in its early report, but he took a shot across the ballot with those who are already criticizing some of its recommendations. >> before anybody starts shooting down proposals, i think we need to listen. we need gather up all the facts. i set up this commission because precisely i'm prepared to make tough decisions. i can't make them alone. i'm going to need congress to work with me. >> reporter: already a setback. hope there would be some kind of a dale on the korean free trade agreement. it didn't happen. the two parties decided to just wait a few weeks and have the
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negotiators go back to the drawing board. the same issues are the sticking points. the issues of whether or not u.s. automobiles will be let into the korean market to the extent the u.s. wants and also beef imports. the u.s. wants to see korea lift restrictions on u.s. beef imports. meanwhile, the president also met with chinese president hu jintao, once again pressing china not to artificially lower the value of its currency, which, of course, the u.s. thinks makes chinese goods cheaper and is unfair to american business, but at the same time the president is being criticized for the federal reserve's decision to pump $600 billion into the economy. some world leaders think that amounts to the u.s. manipulating its currency. here's what the president had to say. >> the most important thing that the united states can do for the world economy is to grow. if individual countries are engaging in practices that are purposely designed to boost their exports at the expense of
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others, then that can contribute to problems as opposed to solving them. >> reporter: the president has a working dinner tonight with the g-20 leaders. tomorrow the g-20 summit gets under way in earnest. chuck, one of your favorite words, it will start with a plenary session. back to you. see you tomorrow. >> we'll have plenary to talk about on the g-20 in about 12 hours when it kicks off. around our dinnertime, a little after dinnertime is when the g-20 will kick off in seoul. returning to that plan to cut the deficit. already so unpopular, its creators joke they may have to go into witness protection. john harwood is cnbc's chief washington correspondent, and, look, we need to emphasize, this is a chairman's recommendation. erskine boles and alan simpson who put out this report. the commission rhas agreed to nothing. >> reporter: exactly. what you have -- the way you have to look at what simpson and
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boles have done, they've kind of rolled a grenade into the middle of the room of this discussion about reducing the deficit, and we see everybody scatter, and you get attacks from the left and the right. that doesn't necessarily mean that this thing is going to be dead or the effort is going to be dead. i think it will take a while. probably not get resolved in the next two years because of the degree of difficulty is very high, but useful in one fell swoop to demonstrate to politicians and to ordinary americans that a whole lot of pain for a whole lot of constituencies is going to be necessary if people want to get serious about what they say they are serious about, which is reduce the debt, deficit, lower spending, because when you talk about rolling together a social security fix with a tax reform that removes deductions, broadens the base also lowers the rates, think about how difficult that is. any of those things individually, social security, medicare, tax reform, would be
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immense accomplishments on their own. to do all at the same time, really, really tough, and this demonstrates it. >> it does. it will be interesting, of course. they begin their next meeting, i believe it's next week. is that right, john? and then they have to get, explain the amount of votes they have to get for this even to be an official recommendation. >> reporter: well, there are 18 members of the commission. by the design of the commission, 14 members have to agree to a unified recommendation for that, then to go to congress for an up other down vote in the house and senate. i think it is unlikely. it's always been considered unlikely, and this demonstrates why that's the case. that you can get 14 members, because that means you've got to get some democrats and republicans joining together. you've got so many sacred cows hit by this proposal. that's going to be hard to do and you have nancy pelosi saying it's unacceptable. you have the labor union saying it's unacceptable. someone on the right saying tax
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increases are in here. we can't go for that. what's likely to happen, some set of proposals that do not get the 14 votes necessary, but nonetheless, get the ball rolling on a discussion that is likely too proceed for a couple of years and not be resolved until after the next presidential election, in my view. >> all right. john harwood, cnbc's chief washington correspondent on capitol hill. thanks very much. >> reporter: you bet. staying on the tax front, the tax adviser to president obama signaling the white house may bend on the bush tax rates saying that extending the rates for the wealthy may be the only way to ensure the middle class keeps their tax relief from the last ten years too. here's what david axelrod told the "huffington post." we have to deal with the world as we find it. i don't want to trade away security for the middle class in order to make that point. john boehner's spokesman this morning says he's happy that the white house agrees with the republicans course of action. what's interesting here is the timing, by the way, of the
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deficit commission's co-chairs report which has a huge centerpiece of it is massive tax reform at the same time that this debate is just about to begin on what to do with these bush tax rates/bush tax cuts. anyway, we'll see if it has any influence on the debate itself, be it one year versus three years. a lot more on the debt commission in a few minutes with one of the democrats' chief deficit hawks ken conrad. moving on. it's the 2010 version ever the hanging chad. up in alaska, they're examining every one of those 92,000 write-in ballots to gauge voter intent. one key point of debate, how important is it that voters spelled lisa murkowski's name corre correctly. kristen welker is watching the process, live for us very early in juno. kristen, walk us through the math here of what we learned yesterday about how many of these votes look like they're going to be counted for murkowski. >> reporter: right, chuck.
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well, good morning. an overwhelming majority of those votes so far have been counted for lisa murkowski. 9 percen 89% counted in lisa murkowski's box. about 8% of all votes counted yesterday were counted for lisa murkowski but contested. that essentially means folks from the miller camp believe they shouldn't have been counted for her. these votes are going to be key ultimately if this goes to a court of law, because those contested ballots are going to be the ones that the court reviews and looks at first. the murkowski camp -- or the miller camp, rather, arguing all along any variation of lisa murkowski's name should not be counted at a valid ballot. the officials elections say it's their job to determine voter intent. if they can phonetically pronounce a name they're going
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to count it for lisa murkowski. we saw a lot of variations, murkowski spemed with an e or a y instead of an i at the end. by the end the day, some of murkowski's people were actually saying that the miller camp was rejecting some of the ballots on frugalous grounds. miller people disagree. here's what they both had to say about that. take a listen. >> the miller camp right now is actually contesting absolutely correctly fimed in ballots, which is why the state of alaska is returning 90% of them back to be counted. why they're doing that, we have no idea. but they're obviously trying to boost the number of challenged ballots. >> all we've asked, if it's not spelled clearly and if it's not -- any sort of misspelling or not spelled clearly, if there's any question, go ahead and let's segregate those out for further review. >> reporter: now, officials initially thought that this counted process would take about three day.
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they now think more like five days. yesterday got off to a little slower start than expected, chuck, but it gets underway here in about four hours, alaska time. chuck? >> hey, kristen, quickly, i've noticed there seems to be a pattern in the challenges. it's as if the miller camp is challenges almost the exact number they need to challenge so that whatever the result is before they deal with the challenged ballot, you'll basically have a margin of error difference between murkowski and miller. is that a strategy on the miller campaign's part? >> reporter: that's certainly what the murkowski people are alleging. that they are rejecting some of these ballots that are spelled perfectly accurately in order to stack up the contested ballot pile, because, as you say, if the margin is small enough, grounds to take it 20 court. if they do, all ever those ballots will be reviewed. have some of the people are saying you're rejecting some of
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these ballots base and hand writing that might be a little difficult to read. there's certainly going to be heated debate over the next several days about these contested ballots, because that is a charge the murkowski camp is making. that essential pi miller's people are rejecting ballots spelled perfectly fine. chuck? >> all right, kristen welker. fascinating day. get your magnifying glass out for the counting as we're watching today. >> reporter: i will. >> good work. thanks very much. thanks for getting up early. 20 minutes ago before the opening bell, all right, 19 minutes, joined with a preview and, i've got to ask, anything about the deficit commission report have any impact on wall street? >> reporter: interesting. something that's been kicked around today. something that the street's watching closely, but i think right now they this a lot of talk. they'll believe it more when it looks like the specifics. cluck, as you pointed out a few minutes ago, just a recommendation from the chairman. not even something the committee itself agreed on. they're watching with interest. they'd like to see more but they're not necessarily betting
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with their pocketbooks just yet. it's a wait and see attitude. what they are betting on, though is what we've been hearing from technology. the dow futures down by 80 points this morning because we got a very bad report out of cisco last night. the current quarter, looking for 3% to 5% growth in the second quarter bp the street looking for 13% growth. this came as a huge surprise. in fact, cisco shares down 17% in the free market. not just cisco is getting hit. a lot of other technology names. ibm, hewlett-packard, oracle all opening lower because of comments coming out of cisco. surprising is cisco pointed to some of the european governments and said that those governments because of their austerity programs will spend a lot less on technology. i gless this is the first time wall street is figuring out this is coming home to roost. all they've been hoping for, oh, yeah, a price comes with it. as thalgts settling in, that's caused a lot of concern this morning. we will watch technology trade lower at least when we get to
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the opening bell in just about 16 1/2 minutes from now. also we've been talking a little bit about geithner, what he said to steve liesman earlier this morning about how they're not ever going to abdicate for a weaker dollar policy. obviously, dollar trading lower. believe the axds action not the words. >> becky, thanks. interesting thing to watch, cisco and its reliance on international government investment. thanks very much. coming up, midterm voters send a strong message, cut government spending. but what should get cut exactly? of course, that's not so easy to answer. the president's panel is already drawing fire for its proposal. we'll hear from a member of the commission, senator kent conrad next. on this veterans day, live in kabul as u.s. and nato forces pay tribute to their fallen comrades. first a look ahead at the
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the path we're on today is not sustainable and i don't know a sole on this commission or anywhere else in the congress that believes it is. the arithmetic is compelling. this debt is like a cancer that
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will truly destroy this country from with if we don't fix it. >> well, the leaders of president obama's deficit commission laid out an ambitious politically explosive plan to bring the federal budget under control. bottom line, it's going to hurt politically everybody. millions of americans say they're fed up with government spending, the deficit, but has anyone been really ready to make the painful choices? senator kent conrad is a member of this bipartisan deficit commission and joins us from capitol hill and also the democratic chairman of the budget committee, at least for now. we'll ask you about that in a few minutes. so senator, i want to quickly run through this plan for viewers here among the highlights, it would raise the social security eligibility age to 69, but not, that wouldn't happen until 2075. curtail some medicare spending have a trigger on health care spending raising medicare premiums for some folks, eliminate a lot of tax credits,
9:20 am
expenditure, add 15 cents gasoline tax, slash budgets inside washington, eliminate earmarks altogether a massive simplification of the tax code that also could lead to what some will call tax hikes. so let me ask you this -- what did you think of this plan from 30,000 feet before we get into the details? >> from 30,000 feet, i think they are going in the right direction. they deal with the crushing debt threat that threatens to put this country in a second tier economic status, and they've talked about $4 trillion of deficit savings over ten years. that's about what we need to do to get the country back on track. it does have revenue, albeit a much smaller proportion than spending cuts. spending cuts are about 75% of the package. revenue is about 25%.
9:21 am
one could argue about that distribution, but nonetheless, the overall direction, i think, is the right one, because if we don't deal with this, look, we're spending, borrowing about 40 cents of every dollar that we spend. that is unsustainable, and it has to be dealt with. >> now, this is a proposal that's going to hit everybody in their pocketbook in some form or another. make your case to the public about why, you know what? you're not going to be able to write off all of your mortgage tax potentially. you are going to pay more at the pump. make your case for why this is necessary as you're one of, i know you're one ever these folks that has been on this for years. >> well, look, what we have to ask ourselves is when we are borrowing 40 cents of every dollar we spend, headed for a circumstance in which the debt of the united states will be 400% of the size of our economy,
9:22 am
every serious economist tells us that is utterly unsustainable, that it will threaten economic growth, threaten job creation, threaten the economic position of the united states. what is the alternative? some advocate, don't do anything on revenue. to me, they are totally detached from reality. some say don't do anything about medicare and social security. they are headed for insolvency, a fancy word for going broke. those who say do nothing are condemning this country to subpar economic growth, to a circumstance in which the united states will fall to second tier status. we will not longer be the dominant economic power in the world. that will limit our kids' economic futures. is that really the future that we want to have? i don't. i think it's much better to take the medicine now and have less draconian solutions than we
9:23 am
would have to have if we wait for a crisis to impose a solution. >> let me take you through somed right. speaker pelosi called this proposal totally unacceptable. most of the criticism on their part has to do with social security, and the larger argument is, why should social security -- why should social security beneficiaries be having to contribute to this pain when they weren't part of the problem of, you know, not paying for two wars, or not having the prescription drug benefit paid for. you know, why should they be paying a penalty here? that's one of the arguments. what do you say to that? >> first of all, the social security reforms are not used as part of the deficit reduction plan. the social security reforms are designed to make social security solvent for the next 75 years. the hard reality of social security is headed for
9:24 am
insolvency. in just a few years, we will be spending more in social security than the revenue that is coming in. and so we have to deal with it. the same is true of medicare. it's a simple reality that those programs, so critically important to the country, have to be reformed, or they will go broke. >> now, let me ask you this. this was a kbbusiness part of ts had to do with having massive tax reform. this is coming right on the heels, you guys are about to take up this issue of what to do with the bush tax rates. i obviously -- compromise is in the air. david axelrod saying, we know the reality is we have to accept a compromise. how long do you want to extend them for now before you take up tax reform? one year, two years, three years? >> chuck, you may recall that several months ago i proposed we
9:25 am
extend all the tax cuts for two years, because you don't raise taxes or cut spending at a time of serious economic weakness. that's bad economics. only makes the downturn worse. so i would extend them all for two years and then put in place very dramatic tax reform. what the chairman proposed is eliminating much or perhaps even all of tax expenditures. >> right. >> and then to dramatically lower tax rates. so -- that is the trade-off that they're proposing. i think something along those lines has merit. i would do it somewhat differently than they have. i would maintain part of the mortgage deduction. i would maintain the child tax credit, for example, and then use other revenue sources to fill in the gap, but to lower rates to make us more competitive as a country. >> quickly before i let you go, there's been speculation that you may move from budget to
9:26 am
become chairman of the agriculture committee. when are you going to make that decision? >> soon. i am talking to constituents and colleagues. as you know, i have to make a decision chairman of the agriculture committee and we'll be wright a new farm bill, critically important to my state and to the country as well, or do i remain as budget committee chairman, where, of course, we face some of the biggest challenges confronting the country. so that's a significant decision to make, and i will make it soon. >> all right. senator consent conrad, thanks for joining us this morning, and breaking down this co-chairman's report and good luck with the meeting next week as you get together one more time. a few more times before the final report. >> thank you, chuck. still ahead, the power struggle on the hill. the election is over, but both parties now locked into some internal battles over leadership. next, also, we're live in afghanistan where u.s. forces are honoring service members
9:27 am
past and present on this veterans day. first, let's do washington speak and veterans day washington speak. armistice day. until 1954 veterans day was known at armistice day. history here. on the 11th hour ever the 11th day of the 11th month ever 1918, armistice was declared to end the fighting between germany and the allied nations in the first world war, the war to end all wars, the following year, november 11, 1919, the event was kplemerated as armistice day became a legal holiday in 1938 and prez eisenhower signed legislation changes the flame to veterans day as a way to honor those who served in all american wars. washington speak you'd like to us clarify, send an e-mail. "daily rundown" on we'll be right back. ♪
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across the states memorials. 2.1 million men and women served in iraq and afghanistan, believe it or not. 100,000 american troops station 23 in afghanistan. and how they're hornoring veterans day in afghanistan. take it away. >> reporter: there are no holidays or days off for veterans fighting wars overseas. today some of the troops here in afghanistan were able to pay tribute to the veterans. a day to remember in a place they will never forget. u.s. service members along with their nato counterparts gathered at camp eggers to reflect on veterans day. >> this day calls to mind the fallen in foreign wars. >> reporter: for the chaplain,
9:32 am
an added personal significance. >> four generations of my family have served in the united states military, and so first it's a personal thing, and second, i don't think that veterans get the respect that they should sometimes. >> reporter: since 2001, nearly 1,400 american lives have been lost in afghanistan. with 2010 proven to be the deadliest year so far. >> we pray that we work ourselves out of a job. >> reporter: many service members here have served on more than one deployment. they want the people back home to see past the bullets and bombs and concentrate instead on their accomplishments. >> we're making a lot of progress with this transition command. >> reporter: at the u.s. embassy, war veteran and former prisoner of war senator john mccain led a congressional delegation to salute those in uniform. >> it's an honor for all of us to spend this veterans day in afghanistan among what i believe to be the greatest generation of
9:33 am
men and women serving in our military. today we honor you. >> reporter: honoring and remembering the sacrifices of generations both part and present. as you mentioned, chuck, there are millions of survivors and veterans from the past wars as well as the two mother recent in iraq and afghanistan, and there is no doubt that these veterans will be thinking of their time of service today as well as the friends and comrades they lost who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> all right. in kabul for us this morning, again, welcome to nbc, msnbc, a fantastic report. thanks very much. >> reporter: thank you. coming up, the white house asks the supreme court to weigh in on the battle over don't ask, don't tell. plus, will graphic new warnings on tobacco products scare smokers into kicking the habit once and for all? for those that have seen
9:34 am
canadian cigarettes, you'll know what i'm talking about. first, today's tribute question who is the oldest living veteran of world war i and how old is he? the answer and more ahead on "the daily rundown." when i use expedia, my friends at work think there's more than one "me." ...because on our trips, i always get there faster. see, expedia lets me mix and match airlines. so i can take one airline out... and another home. so with more flight options, i can find the combination that gets me there and back quickest. with a little help from expedia, my friends will think i can be everywhere at once. where you book matters. expedia.
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so, you know, i can feel a bit better about my son playing football. [ male announcer ] how would you use toyota technology to make a better world? learn how to share your ideas at bottom of the hour now. a quick look at other stories making head looirchs this morning. "the washington post" is reporting that a pentagon studly conclude the military can lift the ban on gays serving openly in uniform with little risk to the current war effort. that's according to two people familiar with the draft of the study due to the completed on december 1st. yesterday the obama administration urged the supreme court not to intervene by immediately overturning don't ask, don't tell. and federal officials hope that graphic health warnings on packs of cigarettes will make you think twice before lighting up. the new warnings would cover
9:38 am
half a cigarette pack and include images of dead bodies, cancer patients and diseased lungs. officials are hoping to have them on packs by 2012. again, can you see similar ways that this has been done in canada, if you've ever seen cigarette packs there. now to our week-long series, "meeting the incoming class of the 112th congress." easily defeating sanders, tom won 69% of the vote. in january, rokita replaces steve buyer leaving washington. and the congressman joins us now. congratulations on your victory. welcome. >> thank you, chuck. >> i've been asking all new members of congress, what are the three things wants to get accomplished, first congress, go back to the voters in indiana and say i told you i was going to do this. this is what i have to get done in order to earn your vote for re-election.
9:39 am
>> well, i think we've got to work on repealing and significantly revising obama care. there are better productive, private sector ideas. i want to work on that. we can certainly keep the bush tax cuts in place, anything sells a tax increase. we can get that done. one of my personal ones, i'd like to have a law that has bureaucracy costing $24 million has to come back to congress for an up or down vote keeping bureaucracies accountable. >> let me ask you this, on the deficit co-chairs, the commission of the co-chair report. you've seen some of the reaction alrey from the left and the right, sort of universal interest group condemnation of this from the left and the right. what did you think of the report?
9:40 am
>> well, you know, it was a good precursor to what we need to have in this country and what i started with my campaign in the fourth district. that is an all conversation. the fact of the matter is, the federal government is not living with its means, and the other fact of the matter is that the government is a reflection of the people. and the people send representatives to the government. so this is our responsibility. and by the way, the out of control spending just didn't start january 20, 2009. it's been exacerbated since then, but this is a generational issue. my whole campaign was about, the entire theme, was about living with our means and having that adult conversation. what we found was not only that the people are indiana's 4th drangtd all over indiana are willing to have that adult conversation, we're willing to lead it. if you look at indiana's record you see that we are living with our means and you can see the great result we're having. >> your fellow republican, mitch
9:41 am
daniels, some would like to see him run for president has said you can't somehow just say no to any tax hikes at all, which this, if you're going to deal with this deficit and national debt issue, are you on that same page? you look at this proposal. it's 75/25 spending cuts to tax reform, which would mean you'd get rid of a lot of these tax reductions and some would call it a tax hike. a lot of conservative groups already condemning this proposal saying there's too many tax hikes in here, but if you get 75% of what you want on spending cuts, can you accept that as a member of congress? can you vote for that? >> well i see that as tax simplification. we have so many special interests. the reason they're in an uproar is because the tax code is filled with their special interest group deductions and this and that and the other thing. simplify the tax code. ronald reagan did that back in the '80s, and i don't know any conservative that should be against something like that.
9:42 am
so i see the deductions as mitch more a tax simplification issue than a tax increase. i'm for having discussion about fair tax. >> so you know, the language you eyese eused, i understand someby from the right could attack you saying you're using different language that's simply a tax hike. what grover is arguing already this morning. >> that's up to grover norquist. i'm willing to have an adult conversation. we have to live with our means again. i signed grover's pledged. lived by them for eight years at secretary of state and never raise add fear of tax in my political career and don't intend to, but that doesn't mean we can't make this tax code workable for the 21st century for businesses can be competitive with the rest of the world and we can get jobs. that's the only true way deregulation, cutting taxes, keeping the taxes low so we can be competitive in that we can
9:43 am
compete with china and india and everyone else. >> before i let you go, i've got to ask you, two different indiana republicans thinking about running for president. your governor, mitch daniel. a colleague now in congress. mike pence. do you have a preference? >> chuck, you'd have the zingers. they're both great friends. ex-lengths peop excellent people. that will be worked out. maybe one for governor, one for president. we'll see. >> that's what you hope happens? is that what you're saying? you don't want to vote for -- >> well, until we do some major changes i don't think they both can, and be successful. the country would be very well off with mike pence and mitch daniels in whatever capacity. >> all right. todd rokita welcome to washington. you're still in indiana. welcome to washington next week when you get here for your leadership post. >> if you see the backdrop, baltimore freedom works, convening a preorientation
9:44 am
meeting, pleased to be invited. of course, the group that helps the tea party candidates. >> all right. there you go. so baltimore on your way down to washington. todd rokita we'll check in with you again and see how you're going on these pledges. >> thanks, chuck. >> all right. trivia time. the holdest living veteran of world war i and how old is he? meet 109-year-old frank buckles. he is the last survivor of the 5 million americans who served in world war i. he's also the honorary chairman of the world war i memorial foundation which is pushing to create a world war i memorial here in washington for those watching tony there is a world war i memorial on the mall but for washington, d.c. veterans, if you look closely. it's buried in there. trust me. i stumbled upon it dwun day. coming up, lawmakers jockeying for leadership positions on the hill. following the latest as michele bachmann is bowing out of the
9:45 am
republican race. us a know, on hiatus, breaking news about what the white house press corps is eating in seoul, south korea. look at this. it's a good one. smoked pork knuckle. anything sort of korean barbecue can be a good thing. according to savannah, so kind to send us this picture, the dish is the best she's eaten yet. got to love korean barbecue. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. [ female announcer ] humana and walmart are teaming up to bring you a low-price medicare prescription drug plan that has the lowest national premium in the country of only $14.80 per month. so you can focus on the things that really matter. go to for details. that really matter.
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it may be mid-november, but if you think all the elections are over think again. next week members choose their leadership for the next congress. critical votes. above all, all of the democratic side is speaker pelosi's decision to run for house democratic leader set off a series of intraparty squabbles. martin frost chaired the democratic congressional committee and former v congressman tom davis chaired the national republican
9:49 am
congressional committee which is an elected leadership position on the republican side, the d triple c is not there. let me start with you, martin. this decision by speaker pelosi had a trickled down effect and the real fight, seems to be two fights. grumbling by a lot of blind quote democrats. few have gone on the record. these blind quote democrats, let me ask you there. is there enough, i'm up to 36, 40 democrats in the caucus who don't want her to come back. is there enough? >> i don't think there is. the election is next week. not delayed. secondly, this is a liberal caucus. she wins -- i said before the election, if she wants to continue, she'll be able to continue. the real question, though, is hoyer versus cleburne. that's interesting. >> let me ask you, michele bachmann backed down. john boehner quickly proved to create basically a tea party slot in the leadership with this idea that this freshman class --
9:50 am
you came in with the last big freshman class of republicans. you guys did a similar thing then. is this a real leadership post or is this with looks like kristy will be the pick. the south dakota -- is this a real post or nothing more than nothing -- >> the decisions are usually made by the speaker and majority leader anyway and you have other leadership groups you meet with, but at the end of the day, they're the two you need to influence and they recognize that to hold their power they have to keep the 80 plus freshman happy. >> speaking of new seats at the table, there is some speculation to deal with the hoyer, i know i'm going back and forth here. i want each of you on your specialty here. some speculation that pelosi is trying to end the fight. they are trying to get, clyborn has no interest in going down to the next leadership spot. they are talking about creating a new spot, is that the right
9:51 am
thing? >> the top two leadership positions get a car, a driver and they get more staff, they get security, they get an office in the capital. >> by the way when it was the three in am majority, clyborn had all that. >> when i was office chair in the caucus i had an office. >> next to the laundry room. >> pretty close. so, that when you're in the minority, caucus chair doesn't carry any of the stroke or perks that carries even in the majority. so, this is a real race. now, the problem for clyburn if they don't work this out. if he takes this to the vote, the caucus board is first. >> so, he'd have no, he couldn't like go -- >> can't run for both. you pick your caucus chair first and that person then presides over the election and he would, if he says he's running for
9:52 am
whip, he's running for whip. if he loses whip, he has no position. >> tom, a lot of republicans licking their chops. we don't have to change any of our ads. but, let's be realistic here. the minority in the house has no power. >> correct. exactly correct. >> don't in three months this becomes so, of course, she's going to be talking more to the base, sort of rallying the faithful. at that point isn't that her job and the -- >> it is a different dynamic in two years altogether and the republican leadership in the house will be an issue and pelosi will fade it into the background. >> the key for democrats is that she is a very good fund-raiser and remain a good fund-raiser even in the minority. >> i have to leave it there. i believe you're a veteran. are you a veteran, as well? >> both of you are veterans. thank you, both of you, thank you very much. follow us any time on twitter. of course, this is "daily
9:53 am
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well, that's it for "daily rundown." david axelrod gave a quote to national journal. we shall see. looks like a little bit of more parsing of language rather than a definitive statement on where the president stands on this. anyway, coming up next on msnbc, chris jansing and company. we'll have have more on this and other news. at 1:00 p.m., don't miss "andrea mitchell reports." please, remember a veteran today. someone in your family. call them up and say thank you. we'll see you back here tomorrow. it was so complicated. there was a lot of information out there. but it was frustrating trying to get the answers i needed. then my company partnered with unitedhealthcare.
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