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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 11, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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table. and still waiting. under threats of a massive boycott, not explaining why it carried a book. it claims to be a guide for pedophiles. is it an issue of censorship. plus, free food if you're obese. the restaurant that will feed you at no charge if you're overweight. and we are not talking healthy options. it is today's "news nation" gut check. and developing news. the "news nation" is following the first reactions for the passengers stranded at sea since monday. it is now docked in san diego bay, and passengers started walking off the ship just a short time ago. the first time on dry rand land in four days. a california talked o to our nbc station about his experience. >> over the last four days the worst part? >> the food, the stinky
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bathroom. we didn't have bathrooms for 12 hours the first day. there was no water. a lot of people weren't table to take showers. and the food -- there was like nothing except for bread. >> reporter: and you did not realize that the world was actually watching the ordeal going on in the ocean, did you? >> no. no. they made a couple of announcements saying there was some news media here, but we had no idea it was this much. >> stephanie stanton joins me from san diego. we watched the passengers walk off calmly. inside you bet they were bursting wanting to get as far away from that ship as possible. >> reporter: absolutely. they've been trapped on the ship behind me for four days. this is the first taste of freedom in four days. they are enjoying it. they started leaving around 9:30 local time. so this process has been going on for an hour and a half. they're doing it in a very orderly fashion by groups.
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so far, so good. everyone is cooperating. everyone here is in great spirits. tamron. just very happy to be back on land. we also talked to the gentleman you saw earlier in the clip. he told us about when the fire first lapped. he said it was r it was very frighteningment he said he asked officials, is there a fire? he said, no fire. just smoke. he says he did not not find out there was a fire on board until today when he was leaving the ship. that's the situation here in san diego. beautiful day here. >> yeah, beautiful day. hard to enjoy it with that stress level those folks have to be experiencing. this is not the end of the journey, right? they have a two-hour bus ride back to where they originally started? >> reporter: yes. absolutely. they have to clear customs in the tents behind me. some of the passengers will take shuttle buses for two more hours to the port of long beach where this ill-fated cruise first set
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sail. we talked about the food, tamron. one thing that ken king, that gentleman joked about, he thought he was going to gain weight on the cruise, and he ended up losing weight. >> these are live pictures of the passengers getting off the vote. and stern reaction to the bipartisan deficit proposal to cut the national debt by $4. the chairman of the deficit commission just told working americans to drop dead. ten the conservative group, americans for tax reform say "this commission is merely an excuse to raise net taxes on the american people." among the proposals, raise the retirement age to 69. reduce the cost of living increases for all federal programs. and cut the cost of living. including the mortgage interest deduction on second homes and on mortgages over $500,000.
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also on this list, raising the federal gasoline tax and cutting $200 billion from federal programs. president obama reacted to the proposal while at the g-20 summit in south korea. >> before anybody starts shooting down proposals, i think we need to listen. we need to gather up the facts. i set up this commission precisely because i'm prepared to make some tough decisions. i can't make them alone. >> so the proposals were made by the two commission leaders. former chief of staff and former wyoming republican senator. the commission has 18 members and a december 1st deadline. let's talk more about this with john harwood. you heard the president say he needs some help. from the reaction, it's going to be tough to find support there, john. >> reporter: extremely tough. although in some ways the
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semi-hysterical action you heard from the left and right shows the committee is doing what it intended to do, that's to prevent really difficult choices. once everybody has skin in the game, there's a possible that if people accept the severity of the problem itself. that is our stint of deficits over the long run. only by having everyone with a stake in the outcome, a sacrifice being laid on the table will you get a solution. i suspected you will not get one in the next two years when the president will be running for re-election. republicans are asserting themselves in congress. but this is a step -- i believe, towards a longer l term krvgs that may reach fruition. >> it's interesting. a congresswoman from illinois was on with lawrence o'donnell. she's a part of the commission. she's one of the 18 i mentioned, and says at this point it's very unlikely she would vote for any
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of the proposal ls. how far out of range are the proposals to what we might see in reality? >> well, to have a unified recommendation from the commission, it takes 14 of 18 votes, tamron. it's always been a long shot to get a bipartisan commission of this kind to find enough consensus to get 14 votes. i believe what they have done is the equivalent of rolling a live grenade in the room, smoking out the opposition on both sides. the likely result of the commission itself is to start the conversation. put ideas on the table. it begins that conversation that's going to be hard and long. >> maybe this will mean this is the low point of the conversation and it's only uphill from here. >> exactly. >> americans around the world are commemorating veterans day. the first lady made a surprise trip to serve dinner to american troops in germany.
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it was more somber at the tomb of the unknown where vice president joe biden laid a wreath. present! joining us now is harry robinson from the vietnam veterans memorial fund. he served in the army in vietnam and was awarded a bronze star and a purple heart. sir, it is great to have you on. thank you. >> thank you, tamron. good to be here. >> and thank you for your service. 2.1 million men and women have served in iraq and afghanistan. many of the men and women are coming home to a very difficult challenge. that is fighting the mental ramifications of going to war. are we taking care of these young men and women, sir? >> i believe we are. i think the lessons we learned from vietnam have overcome the problem that our vets are having now.
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in terms of the medical care i think that is where it should be. >> i want to play a clip of a documentary that will air tonight. it's called war attorney. i'm sure you heard about it. it deals with post-traumatic stress disorder and families having to carry this burden. let's listen into a clip. >> the united states army turned my son into a killer. they trained him to kill to protect others. they forgot to untrain him. it's like they put him through a paper shredder. and then sent him back to us. we got to try to put all the pieces back together. >> that's a powerful clip there. and beyond the mental health aspect of it, the homelessness and the sense that maybe the country doesn't appreciate the great sacrifice. even though it's a volunteer service. what are the next challenges
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that need to be addressed? >> if you look at the the "washington post" this morning, there was a corporal at walter reid, an amputee. and the title was unbroken spirit. the value of an unbroken spirit and all the values that have been in the military services since 1775, comradeship, courage, brotherhood, family. i think that those values will carry the day, but the country needs to address all the new problems coming home with the vets. >> absolute true. we thank you for your service like so many others out there today. thank you. >> thank you. >> and now may be a time to refinance your mortgage. po 30-year fixed rate mortgages dropped to the lowest level in decades this week. the federal reserve new bond buying program meant to drive down interest rates and spur the economy. and now calls growing to boycott
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amazon after a book calling the pedophile guide to love and pleasure is sold online. the author defends his work. >> i wanted to provide some guidelines for pedophiles so they could avoid harming their victims. >> what amazon is saying now. >> it is a story that's hard to believe. a controversial self-published book is no longer available at after outrage all over the internet. the anger exploded after an e-book advocated sex with children was put up for sale. thomas roberts is with me with more on this one. it's hard to understand and believe, but it's happening. >> today the book's title, the pedophile's guide to love and pleasure. the author says it's his attempt to make pedophile situations safer, though he says he's not a pedophile. he says he hopes it will result
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in less hatred and lighter sentences. >> every time you see them on television, they're murders, rapists and kidnapers. >> but they are criminal ls. thousands of people commented in disgust on a.m.son. first they defended the sale. we or others believe their message is objectionable. amazon does not support or promote hatred or criminal acts, however, we do support the right of every individual to make their own purchasing decisions. last night the book became unavailable for purchase without any explanation why. if someone clicks on the book, they say the web address is not a functioning page on their site. users on twitter and facebook called for a boycott of amazon until the book was removed. last night the book shot up to
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number 65 on the best sellers. it's no longer on that list. we are still waiting to hear back. shot up to number 65. >> that is hard to figure out, for sure. now joins me to talk more about it is michael sper cmerconish, an msnbc contributor. i don't know where to start with this, but we'll start with the interview with the author who attempted to defend this guide that he's written. >> he's also got a word i've never heard. pedosexuals. it sounds like a bid to legislahe legitimize gross and wrong behavior. i would like an app to show you all the people who bought the book. they should be on a watch list. >> absolutely. it is against the law. we do have these websites that
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show us where these convicted sex offenders are. maybe some of these people are on the list. why do you believe they've not come out again and clarified where they stand here? whatever, don't they joe it to the public, to the people who log onto the website and purchase legitimate books to explain where they stand here? >> yeah, i'm a great customer of theirs. i think they owe it to those of us offended by this. people throw around the "c" word, the censorship word. the first amendment is not absolute. we regulate all sorts of speech. we regulation obscenity and defamati defamation. you can't yell fire in a movie theater. we have them in the context of the mosque adjacent to ground zero. censorship of a pedophile's manual is entirely appropriate if you want to call it. it's disgusting. >> so is the clock ticking on
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amazon to get an answer out there you still have plenty of people on facebook and other social media sites calling for a boycott for the fact that it was simply listed. >> the book was taken down, but they ought to clarify their position. tamron, what if someone were to now create a manual that would instruct al qaeda members how to gain access to commercial aircraft and blow them up. would they sell the book? i think it's a fair analogy. >> greatly appreciate it. join the news nation and tell us what you think about amazon's decision. or twitter. or go to right now alaska election officials are counting tens of thousands of ballots in a senate race that may come down to voters' penmanship and spelling skills. and could the white house extend the bush era tax credits across the board? that's what a top adviser is
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suggesting. and a disturbing scene inside a new york city apartment. a woman hoarding dozens of cats is finally forced to part with those animals. trust me. trust me. ya i like that. trust me.
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right now alaska officials are counting more than 90,000 write-in ballots and that nail biter of a senate race between joe miller and lisa murkowski. 89% of the votes counted yesterday went to murkowski. miller filed a lawsuit that write-in ballots with misspellings should be denied. it's the million-dollar question, kristen, how much
2:19 pm
longer? >> reporter: well, could be several more days, tamron. initially they thought the process would take about three days. now they're estimating closeer to five days. but as you said, yesterday looked very good for lisa murkowski. she received 89% of these ballots, and then 8%, as you mentioned, were for her. but contested. that essentially means that folks in the miller camp said, hey, those votes shouldn't be counted for lisa murkowski, mostly because of spelling errors and things like that. those votes are ultimately going to be key. if this all goes to court, those contested ballots will be looked at first. miller camp has been arguing all along that spelling matters. however, officials with the division of elections have been saying it's their job to determine voter intent here. so if they can pronounce the word phonetically they're counting it as a vote for
2:20 pm
murkowski. i want to show you the action taking place right now. counting got under way about an hour ago. two observers. one from the miller camp. one from the murkowski camp. then that ballot is marked as voting for lisa murkowski. being questioned by the miller camp. those are what will be looked at if this matter goes to court. and back here in new york, a disturbing story that has managed to shock perhaps the most hardened folks who live around here. it involves a woman who is keeping 50 cats in her very small apartment. reporter tom yomas is here. and this is more than just one of the stories that you frown and wonder what someone is thinking. this is a mental health issue. >> definitely. it's animal hoarding.
2:21 pm
it happens across the country every year. between 900,000 new cases. most of the time the animal hoarders have no idea they have a problem. this woman named carmen. she was elderly. she started with two cats five years ago. there are now 50 cats living inside her 1,000 square-foot apartment. the cats are everywhere. they walk all over the kitchen table. there was about 30 on the dining room table when we were there. they're under the beds, they're under the tables. every piece of wood in the apartment has been scratched. the first thing you notice is -- >> the smell. >> the smell. cats are clean animals. it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. but our clothes stu s stunk for entire day coming out of there. a lot of times people know how to spot them because we've heard about the cases more and more. the things that lead to your neighbors know, the stink. they went in and found 50 cats, and they removed them. >> how did it get to this point?
2:22 pm
isn't it against the law? >> it is. and it's against her landlord's law as well. what happens is she's very generous. she doesn't like to hurt animals. she doesn't like to hurt people. the cats started breeding. more cats were dropped off. 50 cats all inside the apartment. they don't go outside. it costs her $1,000 a month to keep the cats healthy. she's obviously trying to take care of them. >> sheefs crying when she was there. but it's also a health issue. she has medical issues. all the cats are up for adoption here in new york. >> thank you very much, tom. >> coming up, dirty politics literally. rahm emanuel's run for mayor is getting messy on the tough streets of chicago. plus -- >> what i like best is the
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that's best for your feet. and footcare scientists are behind it. you'll get immediate comfort... ... and, you could save a couple hundred bucks. for locations see covering the unborn child. we are not permitted to determine citizenship because the child once born is a u.s. citizen. >> we go out there like rats and multiply then, i guess. >> that was tennessee state representative curry todd with another example of the growing division and hostile language if you will when it comes to illegal immigration. four days from now msnbc will host a town hall event on the subject. the event will focus on the impact of arizona's controversial immigration law and the role latino voters play in this year's midterm election.
2:27 pm
and maria theresa-kumar will be there. we played that state representative. comparing illegal immigrants and children of them to multiplying rats. how do you combat that kind of hyper rhetoric to having a knowledgeable conversation that moves forward? >> i think his sentiment is what is dividing the country. when you poll people on whether we need comprehensive immigration reform, you have 70% of americans say we need to. this divisive crimes. what we hope to do with this town hall is, one, have an open conversation. start talking about the issues, you know, that latinos care about. immigration being one. but also talk about the history.
2:28 pm
we'll have rosario dawson and several other actors. i'm so proud of msnbc that they're opening up the dialogue. >> they're opening the dialogue, the pressure on this administration and quiet honestly lawmakers on both sides. there was a time when we saw republicans and democrats agree that this needs to move forward. that's fallen apart. will this put pressure on the lawmakers to do something. >> we need to. today nancy pelosi talked about providing a pathway for young people who want to serve in the military or go to school. they've already demonstrated they're good citizens. representative boehner said he wants to do something. he said in order for the republicans to win back the white house they need 44% or more of the latino vote. so they need to have a conversation without being so
2:29 pm
divisive. maria theresa kumar will host it. [ j. weissman ] it was 1975. my professor at berkeley asked me if i wanted to change the world. i said "sure." "well, let's grow some algae." and that's what started it. exxonmobil and synthetic genomics have built a new facility to identify the most productive strains of algae. algae are amazing little critters. they secrete oil, which we could turn into biofuels. they also absorb co2. we're hoping to supplement the fuels that we use in our vehicles, and to do this at a large enough scale to someday help meet the world's energy demands.
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they look back and think, "wow. i never thought i could do this." but we've actually done it. [ male announcer ] visit and put a confident retirement more within reach. welcome back to "news nation." new details about how a repeal of don't ask, don't tell, may affect troops serving overseas. then the mother of a teenager killed in a senseless brutal beating speaks out. she's demanding justice for her son. and an update on the barefoot bandit. the teenager accused of a two-year crime spree faces a judge. and the google employee who leaked word of the company's pay raise is now looking for another job. what? well, anyway, sources are saying the pentagon's study on don't ask, don't tell, shows more than 70% of people in the military think it would be okay to end
2:33 pm
the policy. that is no guarantee the repeal will come easy. jim, give us some more information from what this report revealed. and this is early. the official vote has not been released. >> officials for the pentagon are confirming some of the details resulted of the survey first reported by the "washington post." one which says that 70% of the u.s. service members surveyed had no problem with the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. but they also cautioned that -- this was multiple choice. and that there were about three different of the multiple choice answers that were lumped into that 70%. and some were more okay with the repeal than others. so, you have to be careful with these kinds of numbers right now. but even those who are not necessarily for the repeal of don't ask, don't tell, and i'm talking senior military leadership understand this is probably inevitable, the repeal eventually. that this is a generational
2:34 pm
thing and many troops don't have a problem serving alongside openly gay service members as others did before. and particularly the marines. they commented on james amas recently. reiterated that he's against the immediate repeal of don't ask, don't tell, while troops still find themselveses in two wars. partially in iraq and then in afghanistan. >> developing news about the carnival cruise ship stranded at seas. at the top of the hour we showed you live video of people finally being able to get off. the national transportation safety board is investigating the engine room fire. they only announced this just a short time ago. as the passengers are getting off the ship there, the ntsb planning to investigate what happened. and as americans around the country pause to honor the
2:35 pm
military men and women who serve the country, american troops in afghanistan are holding their own services. we are joined live from kabul, afghanistan. this has been the deadliest year for troops there. more troops on the ground than any other point during the war. what was the sentiment as they look as how americans are saying we appreciate what they've done for us. >> reporter: well, the mood was beautiful. it was a beautiful tribute of unity among the troops in afghanistan that were able to pay tribute. but you make a great point, tamron, that it has been the deadliest year in afghanistan but we also have to look at the service members on the ground. some of them have seen their friends die. but they don't have the luxury of a holiday or taking a day off that today some of the troops here in kabul were able to pay tribute to the veterans. a day to remember in a place
2:36 pm
they will never forget. u.s. service members along with nato counterparts gathered to reflect on veterans day. for chaplain, veterans day has an added personal significance. >> four generations of my family have served in the united states military. first, it's a personal thing. and second, i don't think veterans get the respect that they should sometimes. >> reporter: since 2001 nearly 1,400 american lives lost in afghanistan. 2010 proven to be the deadliest year so far. war veteran and former prisoner of war senator john mccain led a congressional delegation to salute those in uniform. >> it's an honor for all of us to spend this veterans day in
2:37 pm
afghanistan. >> reporter: honoring and remember the sacrifices of generations both past and present. let's put numbers into perspective right now. 12 americans died in afghanistan in 2001. in 2010 the number is more than 400. a total in these nine years of 1,400 americans dying in afghanistan. and there's no doubt that each one of those deaths have families. they have friends that are today remembering them and likely remembering them every day. well, disappointment for president obama at the g-20 economic summit in south korea. despite intense efforts, the u.s. and south korea failed to reach agreements on a long-sought trade deal. american men and women on south
2:38 pm
korea. the g-20 summit concludes tomorrow. then the president heads to japan. and there's word president obama may in fact be ready to agree on an extension of all bush era tax cuts, including those for the upper income earners. nbc's mike viqueira joins us live from the white house. this is based on a new interview with david axelrod. >> reporter: right, in the huffington post. virtually since the time the polls closed on november 2nd, the white house has let it be know from the podium and robert gibbs, and now this interview with top counselor david axelrod and the huffington post that they would be open to perhaps a temporary extension of the tax cuts for the wealthy. you remember in the time leading up to the election the president campaigning time and time again, hitting republicans on wanting to extend the bush era tax cuts. they expire on december 31st. wanting to extend them for everyone including couples making more than $250,000 a year and individuals making more than $200,000 a year.
2:39 pm
well, the republicans all along. and since the election administration officials have hinted they would be open to a temporary increase. the question becomes will the republicans in the house be willing to deal on the issue and both sides from the republican side of the aisle is they are going to draw a hard line, they feel they have the advantage politically and tactically after the november 2nd elections. this is something that they campaigned on, on keeping taxes low. they don't want to see the taxes rise back up. this is going to be first showdown when congress returns next week, tamron. >> mike viqueira, thank you, mike. and a grieving mother is hoping her son's death may help in the cycle of violence and
2:40 pm
bullying among teenagers. they say he was stomped and beaten to death at an unprovaked attack over the weekend where one of the four suspects under arrest had promised to beat up the next person who walked past him at the party. bobby's mother talked about what she hopes will come out of the tragedy. >> saving another child. putting strength into these children so they can stand up to these bullies. my sister is an attorney. she's in the process of trying to get the bobby tillman act. juvenile offenders who are also counseling for juvenile offenders that have been released for the parents so they now how to handle that children and their rage. just so we can stop the bullying. also the children like my son who want to live and have a
2:41 pm
happy life and be successful, that they can have the strength to stand up to these kids. if three or four more would help my son, he would be alive today. those four bullies can't beat up everybody. thsz my son's bracelet. it can fit my wrist. that's how big my child was. he was small. if they would have just gotten together -- i just want to put strength in these kids so they can stand up to these bullies. and this will never happen again. >> bobby's mother wants everyone to know her son was a respectful loving child and wanted him to be happy. she called him everyone's light. and new charges for the so-called barefoot bandit tops our look at stories around the nation. you may recall kohl on the harris moore. he's suspected in more than 80 crimes across nine states in the
2:42 pm
caribbean, including stealing airplanes and boats. police named him the barefoot bandit because they found footprints at several crime scenes. and to springfield, ohio, where the demolition of a tower went horribly wrong when it fell the wrong way. listen and watch -- >> get out of there! they took out power lines. you hear all the activity behind there. thankfully no one was hurt in that. and the world's biggest retailer raisinging the stakes before black friday. walmart will offer free shipping online. no minimum purchase required. it runs through december 20th. still ahead, it may pay to work at google, but not for the employee who leaked word of the pay raise and holiday bonus. there's a lot going on today.
2:43 pm
rahm emanuel was nearly egged greeting chicago residents and talking about his plan to run for mayor. here it is. take a look. >> what was that? >> someone just threw an egg. >> the egg did miss him, but it hit a nearby camera man. and history buffs are in luck. a piece of his 45th birthday cake is on the auction block. the police officer was working jfk's birthday party got permission to take the decoration home. he held onto it for 48 years and is expected to sell for up for $10,000. and this is strange. the president of uganda turned into the country's newest rap
2:44 pm
star. the 65-year-old president released a rap song and video entitled you want another rap. we're told it's been played in dance clubs across uganda and on the radio. ♪ you want another rap ♪ ♪
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wow. it has been quite a week for kanye west. plus the day after it looked like google was the place to work, the company lays the smackdown on an employee. and guess what? wendy's goes gourmet. courtney hazlett has the day off. so tourre joins us. it's been a big week for kanye west. not because of matt lauer's interview but because of his album getting leaked. >> my beautiful dark twisted fantasy has been released. >> what's that?
2:48 pm
>> that's the name of the album. they can't show the cover on msnbc because it's art and there's nudity on it. >> that's a blurred version of the album cover. >> the most important thing is the album is finally out. we've been waiting for this all yearlong. it's fantastic. if you've listen listening to his leaks all along, you already know it's great. jay-z is on it, it's a fantastic album. it's very musical. >> wasn't the release date november 22nd? the official release date? >> you have to expect an album will get released. it will still be one of the greatest albums of the year. >> and the google employee who was fired. twhast the back story here? >> well, google put out a memo
2:49 pm
10% raises for everybody. we love you and this is the place to work. at the bottom of the memo it says you are the people who make magic happen at google. so this was meant to raise morale. so then they fired the person who leaked the memo. >> why did he fire them? >> because this is an internal memo. i think any company would feel that way. everybody still gets a 10% raise and christmas bonus. they're putting that in the salary as well. that's still a good place to work. >> if you work for google, keep your mouth shut. in the last story we hoped to have a prompt for you, but it all fell apart. a little pop culture thing happening here.
2:50 pm
>> wendy's wants their fries to be more gourmet. they're going to use different potatoes. they're going to use sea salt. they're going to be a little more fattening, but not too much. mcdonald's is the big dog for fries in the fast food game. i don't eat fast food anymore, like you probably don't. >> i eat it every day. >> really? that's impossible. we tried to get french fry but the closest wendy's to us, not here yet. that's very entertaining. thank you. for the latest entertainment news, log onto or be a fan on face book or follow toure on twitter. he tweets more than any human being on the planet. other than kanye west. coming up next -- >> other diets don't deliver results. but i've made incredible progress on the heart attack grill diet.
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>> an arizona restaurant called the heart attack grill. they're offering anyone over 350 pounds a free meal. it is today's gut check. and tonight the rachel maddow show. rachel talks to this guy. catch rachel's interview tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. don't forget mrs. collier. i won't. ♪ [ female announcer ] clear some snow. ♪ or spread a little warmth. maxwell house gives you a rich full flavored cup of coffee
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join the "news nation." tweet me at or go on facebook and it is time for the "news nation" gut check. today we are taking the phrase gut check literally. a restaurant in arizona is offering free meals to anyone weighing more than 350 pounds. if you're tipping the scales at nearly a quarter of a ton, they will help you with a double
2:55 pm
bypass burger or flat line fries on the house for free. they have a medical theme with waitresses dressed in skimpy nurse uniforms. customers are called patients and wear hospital gowns over their close. blair river, the nearly 600-pound man you see here. hee is the restaurant's spokesperson. >> other diets don't blif r deliver results, but i've made incredible progress on the heart attack grill progress. a couple months ago i was wearing these. >> i personally guarantee a stable upward progression of body while enjoying great food. >> so blair is a regular customer at the heart attack grill, which according to twitter fans has been featured on food network and other places. he says modeling contracts are hard to come by in the economy and it's hard for him to lose weight because he loves food. but with nearly 30% of our population overweight, should they encourage obese people to
2:56 pm
gorge on fatty foods, and are they exploiting their model there? what does your gut tell you? should obese people be given burgers and fries for free? go to "news nation" to vote. take ha look at what you're saying about yesterday's gut check. graphic cigarette warnings proposed by the fda really work on getting people to stop. 36% of you say yes. i'm tamron hall. catch "news nation" every weekday at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. the most powerful half ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. that's forty thousand more than ford. chevy silverado. the most dependable, longest-lasting full- size pickup on the road.
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