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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 12, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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president obama plans to wrap up his trip to asia without the trade agreements he hoped for. and he's ready to face tough negotiations at home over bush era tax cuts. and passenger home video that shows what it was really like to be stranded on the cruise ship to nowhere. find out why they probably won't be able to sue carnival for the ordeal. and new evidence after a disabled north carolina girl is missing for more than a month, police are testing remains, and in a few hours we'll announce what they know in the zahra baker case. plus the author of the disturbing guide for pedophiles under police protection after his life is threatened. good day to you. i'm tamron hall. "news nation" is following the news as president obama plans to return from his trip to asia. right now he's making a stop after wrapping up his summit with world power leaders. first he failed to win a trade agreement with south korea.
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then he failed to win strong support for his get tough policy with china on tried and currency disputes. the president returns to washington sunday facing critical meetings next week with congressional leaders of both parties as they stake out positions on key shoes. chief among them, whether to extend busch-era tax cuts for wealthy americans. mike viqueira joins us from the white house. we heard the president a little testy in his answers regarding what's happening at home. we also know he's getting heat from progressives and liberals who say the president must keep his promise. >> beginning monday, tamron, we have to wait for the new year for the new republican majority to take over, but beginning monday it's in with the old. speaker pelosi will still be residing over the house of representatives with a significant democratic majority. the question is what if anything is going to get done in terms of if tax cuts that appears to be a
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must-do piece of legislation. the president had the press conference you saw in seoul, south korea before leaving overnight in japan. he should be getting up very shortly in japan, should the white house and traveling press corps. but he was asked questions like have you been weakened overseas because of your political and election losses, was one question. and are world leaders less angst to be seen with you aun talk to you after two years in office because you've suffered the setbacks? the president was nonetheless very upbeat fighting the perception. then the question came to the tax cuts. the white house has signaled ever since the night of november 2nd, basically, since the polls closed that thatly be willing to compromise on the tax cuts for the wealthy. remember the president campaigned against any extension for anyone making over $250,000. >> that is the wrong interpretation because i haven't
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had a conversation with -- wm republican democratic leaders. here's the right interpretation. i want to make sure that taxes don't go up for middle class families starting on january 1st. that's my number one priority. for those families and for our economy. i also believe that it would be fiscally irresponsible for us to permanently extend the high income tax cuts. >> and you saw our savannah guthrie there who asked the questions after the signals were sent by david axelrod. tamron, it comes to this. the democratic side of the aisle is going to be more liberal. the republican side of the aisle will be more conservative. the president wants to reach out to the middle, but is there a middle to reach out to, tamron? >> and breaking news out of washington. less than an hour ago the u.s. supreme court refused to stop enforcement of the military's don't ask, don't tell policy. a federal appeals court is
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currently considering the ban on gays in the military. the obama administration urged the high court not to get involved until the appeals court makes its ruling. and news today that michael steele has his first official challenger if he seeks re-election next month as a republican national committee chairman. and there could be a long list of others, but that first challenger is former michigan republican party chairman saul who ran against steele last time around. he lost, but he thinks he can make the case this time. thanks for joining me. so i want to read the statement that you released to the republican party. you say that you believe that you've been loyal and you have a natural instinct, but this time around you want to give it a shot. you say that mooi steele's record speaks for itself. he has his way of doing things. i have mine. what do you mean by that? >> well, specifically i think if you take a look at the 2012
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cycle it was very different than the cycle we just went through. we have more senators and governors than we've ever had before. we have a very diverse set of leaders across the country who can be literally the face and the voice of of the party. now rather than having a spokesperson, one of the cases he made to the the people was he was a recognizable talking head on television. somebody who would be able to instantaneously get credibility around the country, both on television and in person when he went somewhere. we now have those people. we'll be able to take that place. that is not a shortcoming or a challenge for us. our challenge is really the nuts and bolts of the party. i want to make the trains runs on time. make sure we get the best effort to get out the vote message. >> what proof do you have that michael steele is not doing that now. he says i've won more elections than any chairman.
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how is he not keeping as you put it the train moving and raising the money that will be needed in 2012? >> well, again, i think there are different challenges coming up in 2012, and so, you know, i'm not criticizing what he did. i mean, he had a lot of successes, and he also had some bumps in the road. the issue is what do we do, and who will be the right leader for 2012, and if you look at we as an rnc has to do, and what will be required by presidential candidates going into a presidential year. if you look at the challenges we have with reapportionment, it is incumbent upon us as leaders in the party, as leaders of the international committee to make a decision. >> but there are 168 members who need to vote here, according to michael steele aids he's got 85 of the votes to win. part of any argument in addition to telling what you can do is saying what the other person is doing wrong. what is michael steele doing wrong? >> well, i think that's not necessarily the argument you
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have to make. i think there will be two or three other members running. i don't think he has the majority vote ls. i think there's a consensus growing for change. i think you'll find a group of people making the case as to why and what they bring to the table for the 2012 elections. >> does he deserve credit for the midterms and the results for the republicans? >> yeah, i think he was part of the team that helped win. that's great. it's a very different environment we're going into and a completely different set of skills that will be necessary. >> what about some of the gaps that he's made including saying the war in afghanistan might not be winnable. there have been accusations of millions misspent. and we know about the bondage theme party that took place in california. he was not in attendance, he was the chairman, but it happened on his watch. what about the list of things like that? >> yeah, those are all things out there. i'm not sure the members are going to be looking at the past as much as they've been looking at the future. i hate to be rhetorical.
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but what we're looking at is who will be the right person to lead us in 2012? who will be the right person to put together what we need in the next few years. >> well, you're the first to make it official. we greatly appreciate you joining us today. >> absolutely. >> right now a team is on board the carnival pl"splendor" assessing the damage that crippled the ship on monday. now we're getting a better look at whapt happened. a passenger captured the smoke on video, and you can hear crew members. take a listen. >> there is absolutely nothing to worry about. >> so that is again some of the smoke from the fire, the engine fire that crippled that ship. officials in panama are taking the lead to figure out how the fire started. miguel, we heard yesterday that the national transportation safety board, the ntsb would be
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investigating this as well. sh that the case? >> yeah, originally ntsb investigators put out a press release. they thought this filed into their jurisdiction. but because the ship is registered in panama, panamanian officials are now in charge of the investigation. we know carnival cruise officials are on board right now we we don't believe the panamanian officials have reached the facility. on monday there was a generator prop in the ship that sent 3,000 people to the upper decks where they were told to wait until the fire was put out. it was put out a few hours later, but it floated adrift for several days until it was able to be towed back to san diego. they didn't have food, hot water or the use of restrooms. they documented their experience with the home video you're now seeing. they described the conditions as terrible. here's what some of them had to say. >> the toilets started to back
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up. the food ran out. it started to smell like rotten milk. the toilets started to back up. >> we were all in it together. the crew weren't eating anything different than we were. they had to do a job. >> tamron, some of the passengers actually said they had a relatively good time on the cruise considering the chain of events. they weren't able to have the luxurious spreads, the all you can eat buffets but they had a relatively decent time. the at least a handful of people told us that. we spoke to several people who came off the boat mchlt are excited about getting back on the cruise ship. carnival is offering them not only a refund, but also their next cruise on the house. and we should also point out at the end of the cruise carnival opened the bar. it was free drinks for everyone. that also helped ease some tension on board. >> miguel, thank you. up next, why police are protecting the man who wrote that controversial book for pedophiles, but at the same time, they are investigating him. and alaska senator lisa murkowski says she's confident
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she will seek -- will win re-election after she calls her opponent's challenges desperate. plus a new twist in the russian spy ring drama. we're going to tell you why a russian hit squad of all things may be in the u.s. [ male announcer ] at e-trade, low cost investing means getting a low price.
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we are following breaking news out of washington. less than an hour ago the u.s. supreme court refused to stop enforcement of the military's don't ask, don't tell policy. nbc's justice reporter pete williams joins me now with more details out of washington. pete? >> well, tamron. this is not a huge surprise given the courts seldom
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intervene at this stage in the court of appeals. what log cabin republicans said is they wanted the supreme court to lift the stay imposed by the court of appeals that prevented the enforcement of a judge's order. the judge said the don't ask, don't tell policy was constitutional. that judge ordered the the pentagon to stop enforcing it. but the state court is leaving the stay in place. justice elena kagan, the newest justice who was the solicitor general, the government's top lawyer declined to take part in the case. so that means there were only eight justices now. we don't know what the significance of that is. theoretically it's possible because it takes five votes to grant a stay that with her not on the court they only had four. but we don't know. they don't usually indicate the score in cases like this. so we just don't know, tamron. but she didn't take part. >> real quick, pete. because the supreme court refused to stop enforcement, we are now waiting again to hear
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the latest decision from the appeals. where does it stand timeline wise? >> well, we're not going to hear from the court of appeals until the spring. so what this means is unless congress acts, the don't ask, don't tell policy will remain in effect for several more months. >> pete williams live in washington, d.c. on this breaking news out of washington. thanks, pete. >> you bet. and a stack of new evidence in the sexting scandal against nfl superstar brett favre is now in the possession of the nfl. the manager for jenn sterger, the woman at the heart of the sex scandal. she was the woman allegedly sent the messages and voicemails by brett favre during the time that she was a jets sideline reporter. she apparently submitted this evidence to the nfl and is now expecting them to make a decision here very soon on brett favre's future. joining me now is nationally syndicated radio talk show host michael smerconish.
2:17 pm
you've got the voicemail, brett favre admits his his voice on the voicemail. >> it's the picture, tamron. it's that graphic issue that's been bannied about online that it's either him or it's not him. and i guess you can say, well there's a way we can figure out if it is him. i don't know if i want to go there right now. but i think the forensics of the picture is what's driving this. otherwise it's bad behavior, but probably behavior best addressed by his wife and not the nfl. >> and beyond the forensics, as you put it t at least one report say that the pictures are from the exact same phone, so that ties at least a similar phone, if that's brett favre's phone. but moving ahead here, he's now announced that he's gone. he is retiring. that's the big story. it's been reported. they're going to make the announcement on sunday. is this what we'll think about now forever with favre? >> well, first of all, i have to say and this time, what, he means it as opposed to the prior three or four times. it's a part of the legacy, but i don't think anything in terms of
2:18 pm
what happened with these off the field exploits is ever going to tarnish what went on on the field. the guy's been an absolute warrior. his worth critics would have to give him that. this is a problem in terms of his marketability. the brett favre brand has been as a straight arrow. a father, a grandfather for goodness sakes. the jeans they did a heck of a food job parodying. >> what about the nfl? they have a huge push to get women more actively involved in the sport as fans, and they've had great success. but you've had this skun dal with this young lady. you have the reporter who went inside the locker room and said she was a victim of cat calling here. two big situations this year with football. does the nfl need to do some damage control overall? >> this is the part you're not going to like especially on a friday. but i'm going to say it. you see how she dressed in terms of her sideline responsibilities.
2:19 pm
i want to be very clear because i got all those e-mails the last time i addressed this. and she certainly did not invite a photograph of his genitals to be e-mailed to her. so if that's what happened, it's absolutely inexcusable. but the provocative nature of her dress, i'll say it this way, she certainly invited attention. and perhaps she got more than she bargained for with brett favre. >> we're going to have to discuss this another time. we do not have enough time to discuss the issue here, but you know what, one day we're going to figure out a way to block out a couple of minutes to discuss the way a woman dresses and how men react and what is crossing the line. >> oik. >> that's going to be a gut check coming soon. >> good, i like it. >> thank you, michael. have a great weekend. and make sure you cover up. >> and the college student who hacked into sarah palin's e-mail account learns the punishment of his crime. and black friday is two weeks away. apparently black friday has turned into black november.
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refreshingly good. the heated battle of arizona's immigration bill may be having a direct effect on the state's population. a new study finds hispanic families are leaving that state in droves. the policy which requires police to determine the immigration status of people they detain has generated protests and demonstrations across the country. and look at this new study. 100,000 hispanics have moved out of arizona since before the debate over that new law. the difficult economy could also be playing a role in this. and msnbc is holding a special town hall event on immigration monday night. lawrence o'donnell will host the two-hour discussion with voter latinos maria theresa kumar. that is monday at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. and the update on the
2:24 pm
controversy surrounding an ebook that sparked outrage across the country. after at least one death threat, police in colorado are protecting phillip greaves. he's the author of "the pedophile's guide to love and pleasure". they're investigating him to make sure he's not involved in criminal activity. the book was pulled and he was surprised when told his book was not available and brought up his first amendment rights. >> the last time i looked i had like 81 negatives to 3 positives who are basically standing up for my free speech rights. >> and joining me now to talk more about it, a constitutional law expert, bruce fine. bruce, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for inviting me. >> we're still talking about this story because, "a", this guy is getting protection from police. and you have a lot of people on the internet who are saying is this about first amendment rights? what do you say to this author?
2:25 pm
>> well, i think it's misplaced to some degree. there's obviously a first amendment right not to speak, just like there's a first amendment right to speak. there's a first amendment right to publish as well as not to publish. the only foundation, of course, with regard to this particular publication that would justify the government prescribing it would be if it incited a lawlessness and was likely to succeed. that's called the brandontest. or it was obscene. with a way that was ochbtive and had no other redeeming value. so i don't suggest that this particular book is outside the first amendment if the government was acting, but remember the first amendment rights apply to restrictions on government, not private parties. and it's just within the right of amazon, like it was within the right of many other media outlets when there are these pictures or cartoons of the prophet mohammed to say we just don't want to public that, even
2:26 pm
though it's protected by the first amendment, because it could have anti-social effects. whether you agree or not agree, it's not unconstitutional to take that judgment. >> what about the argument of criminal activity here? this individual greaves say his book is to help people do it the right way so they don't hurt children. he's not saying this is a guy to cure yoours and to know this is disgusting behavior. this is a guide so that you can do it the right way. it's promoting criminal activity, isn't it? >> no. if the tests that the supreme court has laid down for forfeiting your first amendment rights are if you're inciting other people to commit a crime, and you're imminently likely to succeed. if you could satisfy both of those yardsticks, then it could be prohibited. i've not read, and i don't intend to read this particular book. it has many unflattering elements to it just in terms of
2:27 pm
its subject matter. but those are rather strict yardsticks. but if you could prove the intent was to incite criminal action and was imminently likely to succeed, then the government is in its right to punish it. >> thank you, bruce, for coming on and answering our questions on this one. i'm sure we'll sadly be talking more about it. >> thank you. the "news nation" had a strong response to the story. michelle e-mails i think the book was reprehensible, but in order to have a free society, one must tolerate things that is not to your own liking. i applaud the decision to pull it. george writes amazon should be ashamed of themes for allowing this book to have ever been put on their site. i will not be buying anything else from them. and this one from robert. this is not censorship. censorship concerns governmental actions. a private seller is free to prohibit the sale of offensive items that promote or advocate illegal or unethical activities. thank you all for letting us know your views for the "news
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helped me find a surgeon. you know you can't have great legs, if you don't have good knees. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. the latest in the race with alaska senate seat lisa murkowski appears to have a solid lead, despite her opponent's attempts to disqualify the ballots. plus it's been six months since kyle horman disappeared. and now there's new allegations about kyron's stepmom. and the man who exposed the russian spi ring in the u.s. is now said to be on the run, and he may be in america. plus president bush finds a fan in president clinton. find out what president clinton is saying about president bush's new memoir.
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and alaska senator lisa murkows murkowski's camp is speaking out today in her bid as a write-in candidate. that's still an undecided race. about 790% of the ballots are going to team murkowski. enough for her campaign to forecast a victory. but joe miller is poor spellings. the dispute is a sign of desperation. desperation seems to be the word. and a lot of busy activity behind you. still counting the ballots behind you, kristen. >> reporter: they're still counting, tamron. and lisa murkowski has been fairing very well over the past two and a half days. someone who was a representative with joe miller's camp came forward and said they were going to basically issue a new lawsuit
2:33 pm
today to get their hands on the voter roles so that they can compare the voter roles against the ballots that are being counted here. everwards he said the miller camp had gotten a number of phone calls about voter fraud and voter intimidation. so both candidates spoke out about these new developments. enough said. >> an affidavit has issued from one of the poll workers up in fairbanks reflecting there's some inconsistencies. we simply want to verify that. >> the miller campaign realizes they are not getting ahead in thebsentees that they had hoped. they're not getting ahead with the challenge ballots as they had hoped. and they're seeing they cannot get on top of this, and so this is an act of desperation. >> now we should mention that we pressed the representative for the miller camp for the examples
2:34 pm
of voter fraud and voter intimidation, and he couldn't give any. so the counting is under way here. it was expected to wrap up on sunday. now looks like it will go well into next week, tamron? >> and a judge has sentenced the man who hacked sarah palin's e-mail account to one year and one day in a halfway house instead of prison. he's convicted of hacking into palin's e-mail account two years ago. the judge also recommended he receive mental health treatment. >> a russian hit squad may be in the united states tracking down a double agent who reportedly blew the cover of a huge spy ring in this country, and now a deadly warning from vladimir putin, sellouts end up in a ditch. the latest on the spies, lies and betrayal now on "news nation." >> well, the tale of espionage
2:35 pm
and double crosses comes from a newspaper report in moscow that says a high ranking intelligence officer has defected to the u.s. now the officer reportedly exposed that russian spy ring broken up this past june when ten people were arrested on charges of secretly fuming information about the u.s. back to russia. well, russian president delaware me is saying that lessons should be drawn from this reported betrayal. nbc's andrea mitchell has more. >> reporter: he is credited with recruiting the bond woman of this tale, anna chapman and nine others to live under deep cover in the u.s. until they were arrested and sent home by the fbi. russian newspapers identify their spy master as a double agent who apparently deflected to the u.s. last summer. now reportedly under fbi protection from a russian h hit man, named after an assassin
2:36 pm
who was stabbing with an ice pick in 1940. >> whenever an important person comes to the united states, he worries about his security. the cia is very good at resettling these people, giving them false identities and hiding them. >> prime minister vladimir putin, once a spy himself, sounded deadly serious about the double agent this summer, telling reporters they were traded by atraitor. the other day one kicked the bucket abroad. but in this country the defector would be given a new identity by the fbi and cia. for them a double agent is a huge price. but the head of the spy operations for the russian intelligence service, you know, the old kgb has defected to the
2:37 pm
united states, and if that's true, that's a big blow to the russians. now a celebrity back home posing for russia's edition of maximmagazine, launching a russian boutique and an app so people can play poker with a virj wa virtual. that was andrea mitchell reporting. it's been six months since the disappearance of the 7-year-old boy that we covered so much. his name is kyle horman, and he's from portland, oregon. the days of intense searching have given way to painful waiting game for his mother and his father. kate snow has been following this case for dateline. this little boy had been dropped off at school, and then he was missing. hope was there. >> and they were searching and
2:38 pm
zernling. that has really become a waiting game. they firmly believe now that his stepmother, terry horman, who you remember dropped him off at school that day at june has the answers to where their little boy is. and they are demanding that she tell authorities and the public what really happened. >> i think she knows where kyron is. >> if she's not a suspect in this, then who is? >> they no longer mince their words in new interviews kyron's mother, stepfather and father are emphatic that his stepmother, terry horman is responsible for his disappearance. >> she has still not proven her innocence in the investigative part of the process. >> this summer cain said police informed him that his wife tried to pay someone to kill him months before kyron went missing. terry horman denied that.
2:39 pm
but now in recent court documents more allegations from cain about terry east character. he says it was common for terry to be visibly impaired from alcohol several nights a week, and that she would pass out on the couch, allowing their 2-year-old daughter kiara to play or watch tv until late at night. she says those allegations are deeply upsetting. >> without a doubt i wish i would have known it before. i wouldn't tolerate it, and if i would have known, i would have taken him out of that house in a second. >> terri horman has responded in court papers calling his allegations vicious. she's told law enforcement she had nothing to do with kyron's disappearance, and before the new allegations surfaced friends of terri spoke out in her defense. >> i don't feel terri is capable of harming a child, period. >> in september they celebrated
2:40 pm
his eighth birthday in his absence. >> he likes legos and star wars like me. >> carson lopez prays for kyron every night. >> dear jesus protect kyron, and i say let kyron be safe. and let him get home soon and let him get home safely. >> we're still searching. we're not going to give up searching, and we'll never give up hope, as long as i'm living. >> kyron's parents are worrying that as more time passes people are not looking for him. this is the picture of him that morning, tamron. it really tears at your heart when you hear from his little friends. tonight we're not only going to hear from his friends and other bystanders that saw him that morning. but also friends of terri horman defending her. and we're going to map out what we know about that morning. where she was each step of the
2:41 pm
way. >> the report tonight on a special "dateline" on 9:00 eastern, 8:00 central on nbc, kate, thank you very much. we'll be watching the very important story. the possible remains of a 10-year-old australian girl may have been found in north carolina, and that tops our look at stories around the "news natio nation". police are calling a press conference set for later this afternoon after skeletal remains were found yesterday that are believed to belong to 10-year-old zahra baker. her stepmother is charged with obstruction of justice in the case. and in ohio frightening moments for students at kenyon college after an overnight campus lockdown as police search for a woman, her friend and two children. the woman was reported missing on wednesday by her boyfriend. the lockdown was prompted after police found herman's abandon pickup truck on campus. and garfield's creator is apologizing. the strip ended with a spider
2:42 pm
teacher asking its class if they know why spiders celebrate national stupid day. jim davis said he did not know the comic would run on veterans day. and still ahead, jon stewart talks politic with rachel maddow. first there's a lot going on today. ten days after the midterm elections plans are already under way for the first 2012 republican presidential debate. nancy reagan is inviting contenders to debate next spring at the ronald reagan library and museum. and bill clinton is a fan of "decision points", a new book by former president george bush. he calls it well-written and interesting from start to finish. "decision points" sold 225,000 copies on the first day. clinton's book sold double that on day one. h is why i'm really excited. because toyota developed this software that can simulate head injuries and helps make people safer.
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sat down with rachel maddow last night to talk about the current climate and waterboarding. >> i think the criticism on george bush on waterboarding is a precise criticism. >> i don't get the sense the argument is as passive as that, but okay, that's a fair point. >> yeah. >> i think that's it's somewhere in between. i think the argument generally has not been this is wrong for the country, and it has overstepped a certain line. i think it was a little -- a little more -- >> well, it's passionate. this is wrong for the country. >> i would suggest that it wasn't necessarily just this is wrong for the country, but that you're a bad man. >> i don't think that -- i don't -- i think that you are
2:47 pm
glossing over the grey areas in a way that isn't fair. >> maybe. >> well, you can watch the rachel maddow show weeknights at 9:00 p.m. eastern of course only on msnbc. and the struggling economy create ad new reality for retailers and new bargains for you if you're planning to shop because of the sluggish economy. black friday is no longer a one-day affair. this year black friday deals can be had for the entire month of november. joining me now washington retail reporter elan mui. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> we know retailers have to make money here. usually the discounts go deeper the closer to the holidays. this time around they're just opening the doors if r the shopper, but how are they going to make money in the end? >> yeah, well the thing we're seeing different this year sh that these discounts are planned. sears and k-mart started having discounts before halloween came around. so retailers have planned in advance. they know they're doing this in
2:48 pm
order to get shoppers inside their doors, and they really have to come out with something spectacular to keep shoppers motivated and interested. >> target has $3 appliances. we know that sears is ready for black friday. this is the first time i believe they're going to be open on black friday. >> sears has always been open on black friday. some stores are opening on thanksgiving day itself. >> oh, okay. >> so, yes, old navy has opened on thanksgiving day in the past. k-mart has been open on thanksgiving day. so we're seeing the black friday bleed into other days of the month. >> when money is tight, the retailers have to step up to impress. you're already counting your change and using your money wisely. >> that's right. retailers know consumers are uncertain. they're not sure what's going on with the economy. sometimes they hear things are getting better. they don't know what's going to happen with their taxes. so that makes them wary about spending money. so retailers have to give you a reason to get into the store.
2:49 pm
>> all right. we'll see what the sales look like. i'm sure most of us will be there. thank you. thank you. and the seventh harry potter movie is on track to be the biggest of the holiday season. natalie port man's seductive new movie is getting a lot of buzz and actress jane fonda makes a surprising announcement regarding her health. courtney hazlett has the day off. we're starting with the harry potter movie. had the world premier. >> had the world premier. thousands of fans descended upon the theater to see them. apparently this is going to be a huge, huge hit. the last film grossed nearly $80 million in one weekend. people are anticipating this will do even better. >> this is the beginning of the end. >> this is the beginning of the end. buharry potter fans can rest easy because there's one more installment coming out next july. but they're saying this is the appetizer and jex null is the full entree. >> watch out twilight fans. >> move over. black swan, this movie.
2:50 pm
i read so much about it. >> already oscar buzz for natalie port man's performance. apparently they're saying it's a combination of mom my dearest meets single white female. can you imagine? >> now that's a one liner. and she put in a year's worth of work training for this. it's essentially a film about the valley world and how competitive it actually is. you think beautiful swans in tutus. natalie port man's character will do anything to get the lead role in swan lake. >> yes, there's steamy sex scenes between her costars mila kunez. she says they were soberful that's the only way they would be able to do it. >> when does this open? >> december 3rd. >> oh, got to get there. and jane fonda has revealed she was diagnosed with breast cancer. >> yes. they found a small tumor in one of of her breasts. she is 100% cancer free now. you think jane fonda i you think the e pitmy of health.
2:51 pm
she was just on oprah the other day talking about her new fitness dvd. it goes to show you it can happen to anyone. so mammograms especially after 40 every year truly important. early detection is the key. >> absolutely. great list, lla. great to have you on. >> thanks for having me. >> for the entire entertainment news that you need, log onto or be a fan on the scoop on facebook. have a great weekend. up next, why school officials made a student remove an american flag from his bike. this was for veterans day. it is the gut check today. we'll hear what the "news nation" has to safe. we know why we're here. ♪ to connect our forces to what they need, when they need it. ♪ to help troops see danger, before it sees them. ♪ to answer the call of the brave and bring them safely home. [ female announcer ] around the globe, the people of boeing are working together,
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time today for today's "news nation" gut check. a 13-year-old boy in california is told not to fly the american flag on his bike to avoid, quote, racial tensions. middle school student cody elicia has the flag on his bike to honor the veterans including his grandfather. but a superintendent says racial tensions erupted around cinco de mayo when hispanics flew mexican flan flags. he says it will lead to more tension the school would like to avoid. other students at the school have been complaining about cody's bag. so now he must pack it up and put it in his backpack while in class. what does your gut tell you about that image? should students be banned from flying the american flag at schools over fears of racial tensions? this case he had his on his
2:56 pm
personal bicycle. go to to cast your vote. take a look at what the "news nation" is saying about yesterday's gut check. should a restaurant encourage obese people to eat unhealthy foods. the restaurant was saying if you're over 350 pounds, they would open the doors for you to eat there for free, all the bad foot you want. 33% of you say yes. that does it for this friday edition of "news nation." catch us every friday at 2:00 p.m. eastern here on msnbc. cenk uygur picks up coverage after a quick break. over those . took some foolish risks as a teenager. but i was still taking a foolish risk with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more... and now i'm also taking lipitor. if you've been kidding yourself about high cholesterol...stop. along with diet, lipitor has been shown to lower bad cholesterol 39% to 60%. lipitor is fda approved
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at, we put the law on your side. hello, everyone. i'm cenk uygur from the young t turks. we have a great show ahead for you. today has been a volatile day for the republicans. the gop has turned in on itself, and there's a smell of civil war in there. first the tea party branch of the gop has targeted earmarks


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