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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  November 13, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EST

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usinesses at the final leg, president obama talks jobs in japan and how the u.s. shapes up against the rest of the world. a report from japan straight ahead. the business back home, centre any winning outcome for all parties? that crippled carnival cruise, this morning, more passengers speak out. and lavish life on the auction block. some of bernie madoff's most personal belongings are being sold today. but who is out there buying? good morning, i'm alex witt. president obama is wrapping up the last full day of his four-day nation trip through asia. s focused on jobs, trade and the economy. the latest stop brings him to
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japan where leaders are hammering out new opportunities. savannah guthrie is traveling with the president and she joins us from japan. good morning. >> reporter: alex, good morning. this is the longest the president has been away since he's been in office. he's looking at improving things at home. the president took his one-man sales expedition to japan where he told a group of ceos, america is open for business. >> in this region, america sees an opportunity to increase our exports to the world. for america, this is a jobs strategy. >> the president is wrapping up his four country mission to try to pry open asian markets to more american exports. the president has prom promised
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to double exports in the next five years which he says will lead to more jobs at home. while the u.s. has been battered by unemployment and lackluster growth, emerging economies have been booming, largely pocketed by the american consumer. by at the g-20 summit in seoul, the president said americans buying more goods from overseas than they sell must come to an end. >> countries must take steps to boost domestic demand. i've said going forward, no nation should assume that their path to prosperity is paved simply with exports to the united states. >> the president has one more day here in japan and the main event is a meeting with the russian president, dmitri medvedev. that stalled arms control pack with russia is one of the items waiting for the president when he return toes washington
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sunday. alex. >> savannah guthrie, thank you. back in washington, economic issues take center stage as congress returns to a lame duck session. president obama calls on both parties to reinvent -- or rather reign in those pet spending projects and author earmark peps. >> we can't afford bridges to nowhere. earmarks like these represent a relatively small part of overall federal spending. but when it comes to signaling our commitment to responsibility, addressing them would have an important impact. >> republican leaders, meanwhile, are split on whether they should make earmark owes gop rules. putting away the government checkbook remain aes top priority. we're tracking down every last rule and road block keeping spending on auto pilot. we need to make it easier to cut
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spending and harder to increase it. >> the issue of the earmarks will be debated by republicans behind closed doors on tuesday. well, the taliban is claiming responsibility for an attempted suicide attack on a major nato base early in afghanistan this morning. the would-be attackers were all fought off. six of the insurgentses are dead. two of them were wearing explosive vests. with another good evening to you, b where do things stand there now? >> hi there, alex. well, the attack did occur in the early morning hours today in eastern afghanistan. gentlem jalalabad airport, it's a citizen airport as well as a nato base. what we're hearing is that they were able to kill six insurgents that tried to attack the base. some reports said that there were nato helicopters flying around firing at the insurgents. just like that government
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spokesperson, the isap also states that they were able to find two explosive vests on two of the six that were killed. but according to a taliban spokesperson, he says that, in fact, 14 of his men attacked a base. he said three were able to leave with their lives. 11 of them died fighting. he also claims that they were able to destroy a jet and three helicopters, a plane that an isap spokesperson laughed off and said no way were the taliban that successful. but we should note that this same air base was attacked twice in the last six months. alex. >> okay. as far as that main attack, do we know how close to the base or how much they permeated any land on that nato base before things got disrupted? >> absolutely. we're getting some come flikting information at the moment, but what we do know is that they
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were able to make it at least into the airport. it's not clear whether they were able to make it into the vivian side of the airport or the isap side of the airport. but no matter what, there are perimeters as well as nato forces are in that area and the outer perimeter is usually guarded by the afghan police and the afghan army. some reports state that these potential suicide attackers were wearing afghan army vests to try and blend in. they were successful as coming through into the perimeter. absolutely. thank you very much. one of the world's most prominent political leader has been freed from house arrest this morning. aung san suu kyi has been under house arrest for 13 years.
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the faa has agreed to an age limit for aircraft. airlines may choose to retire their planes instead of undergoing more costly schedules. and a group in michigan hit the jackpot big time after hitting almost $29 million in a lottery drawing. the ticket was bought at a detroit area adult bookstore. stocks ending on a down note this week. friday, the dow fell 90 points, the s&p down 13, the nasdaq losing 37. be despite all of this, americans are feeling more optimistic about the economy. a new consumer survey shows edging up in early december. airfare is going up and 24 million travelers are expected to fly over the thanksgiving holiday alone. will all this good cheer chance late to big holiday sales? you know we have to ask veer ya gibbons on that one. >> what a good lead in. we have retailers having all
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these deals out there already. can you believe it? i'm like, plaque friday? it's black every day. >> i think it's been resinating well with consumers. there is demand for all that's types of items. the electronics are very attractive right now. you have $200 tvs. for the most part, it is resinating very well. this is a warm up act for the consumers. combine that with the pent up demand and the fact that the deals are -- people are out there. early indications suggest that it's start to go pay off. >> but is there a concern that black friday will be diluted by all of this? what does this mean? >> i think black friday will still be black friday. you're still going to have traffic jacks and probably a fight will break out as we usually see. >> for the hot ticket items, right? so we see this is phase one of the shopping right now and then you get phase two from black friday and phase three in the final weeks before christmas. so this is just phase one.
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and it's doing all right what does this say about the desperation of retailers to have all these great early sales so early? >> well, they are nervous. we have 15 million people out of work right now. so they're definitely nervous. consumers are cautious. they're trying to get them in there, spending their dollars, trying to be the one stop shop for all electronics. overall, expectations for sales are flat for sales being up 2% to 3%, which would be good relative to what we've seen over the past wum of years, but below the 10-year average. retailers are nervous, but for good reason. they're trying to get people in there spending early and often. >> we talked about 24 million people traveling over the ten-year holiday. people traveling by air are paying top dollar. >> right. more demand means higher fares. 3.5% on average than they were last year. the only way to get around these ridiculous prices is to travel
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on odd ball times. wednesday and sunday are the busiest, craziest. travel at other times or stay at home and have a turkey burger. >> yep. a turkey berger? that's funny, vera. an icee parlor in texas lost part of its topping. powerful winds tore a portion of the roof off that structure. the storm damaged two neighboring businesses and at least one person was injured by that falling debris. let's get the complete saturday forecast now. to do that, we go to bill karins. good saturday morning, bill. >> good morning, alex. it's the middle of november and unfortunately that means it's time to start talking cold air and even snow. when we have our first winter storm of the season over the midwest and the northern plains. it's a narrow area expecting nasty weather today, including duluth, st. cloud, minneapolis, st. paul, all the way down outside of sioux falls. that area in pink, all under a
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winter storm warning. the green is the rain, the pink is a mix and the white, that's where it's snowing and there are some areas where it's snowing pretty hard earlier today. a very difficult morning to get around, especially in the minneapolis area and that's where we're expecting as much as 6 to 10 inches of snow. sheer a closer up view of the radar. that rain/snow line is just to the south of minneapolis now and just to the east. so much of wisconsin, actually, b from eau claire down southward to 94 is looking at rain whereas to the north of you, it's all snow in northern wisconsin, especially out there towards areas as we get north up around marquette and duluth. that's where the heaviest snow is going to be later on today. how much snow are we expecting? 6 to 12 inches which goes through the heart of minneapolis up into st. cloud and duluth. you have a chance for a little bit more. the rest of the country, the weather pattern is very quiet. the east coast, what a beautiful saturday you're going to have. texas looks great and much of the west coast looks nice, not just today, but even into your sunday. there's not much weather concerns once this storm
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consists the plains. in minneapolis, it's a possibility of up to a foot of snow. back to you. >> wow. bill, along the heels of what you're telling us, everyone take a look at minneapolis right now. bill is right on with that forecast. that's not good for any kind of travel. flying has to be a mess there for the airport because the visibility does not look great. snow on the ground, though, doesn't look too tremendous yet in terms of build up. there you have it. we'll bring you more from minneapolis and the rest of the weather throughout this morning. new tales from the high seas now that the carnival splendor is over. new tea party members of congress are getting a crash course on washington. plus, the top three industries adding jobs this year, we'll share all that with you ahead on msnbc saturday.
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new this morning, the u.s. navy won't charge carnival cruise lines for dropping off spam and pop tarts to stranded passengers this week. instead of hitting mexico, they spent days without hot water and working toilets. joining me right now, ginger kaylan and her 9-year-old daughter. good morning to you. i bet you're happy to be home, right? >> really happy, thank you. >> right. >> tell me what your experience was like. >> the good news is that we were altogether as a family and we had friends with us. so that was good. but yeah, all the stories are 100% true. we didn't have working toilets for the first day.
8:17 am
that was pretty chaotic. when you got there, you weren't sure whether you were going to get a bottle of water or a cup of water, a salami sandwich or a couple of slices of hot dog. it really was, you know, kind of -- >> not exactly what you paid for. >> not the luxurious -- no, no. and i don't think that's what carnival wanted, either. how about you, parker, your mom was saying that you were there and you had friends with you. what did you guys do to keep busy and get through all of this? >> well, i had a lot of friends with us, so i learned a couple card tricks and played around with everybody and just tried to make the best of it. >> we were part of a big magic convention, magic crews prospect we were performers and magicians on board. so we made the best of a bad situation and we all did card tricks and entertained the passengers a little bit. it was kind of -- kind of fun.
8:18 am
>> so you were there for a group event that you still had to look after your daughter. i mean, and you're thinking was she going hungry? what did you do? did you have to say, okay, look, you can have my couple slices of sala salami? >> actually, you're right, yeah, we did. we shared a lot. if we got to the end of the line and there wasn't too much left and said, well, you know, how about you give me your milk and i'll give you this bagel and, you know, b that's pretty much what you did. >> you know, i've heard that the cruise director was great. most everybody says that -- why was he so great? what did you do sdmrp he was a lifeline, even more than any single person, more than the captain. they had the pa system working. i don't know how that happened. there was some emergency lights when the sun went counsel and
8:19 am
this one p.a. system. so to the whole ship, he was on hourly from 7:00 a.m. in the morning until 9:00 p.m. at night, he would give us updates and he just had a great demeanor. i think he was sincere, he was honest, a little light -- you know, he had some levity. so he made -- >> that was good. >> yeah, exactly. and i think that actually was a testament as to why the people aboard actually were very civilized. we were surprised. there could have been some chaos and some rioting, but everybody was pretty friendly and adapted. >> that's good to hear. how about the worst part of all of it, ginger? >> the worst part was not knowing, you know, what was going to happen or how long that we were going to be, you know, in this situation. i think everything got a lot better once we received aid and once we weren't drifting around
8:20 am
out at sea. you know, once the tugs game and they actually secured us, then we figured, we don't know exactly where we are, but we know that eventually, you know, other people know where we are and eventually we'll get back to land. and, you know, at least there was no safety issues, there was no damage to the boat, you know, and we weren't just gifting out there. >> you could see light at the end of that tunnel. how about you, parker, you know you've been offered a free cruise. do you want to go back on a cruise, honey? >> i absolutely do because i want to try to see if it will go -- i'm hoping it will go much better and i actually really do want to go to all the places that i would like to experience all the places that i would like to try it one more time. >> okay. well, it looks likes parker and ginger kaylen will be back on carnival cruise lines at some point. thank you so much. i'm glad you're back home safe. >> thank you. in ohio, a cat named rabbit
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snansy pelosi is defending her loss of democrats. in a new npr interview this week, nancy was asked how to keep republican's criticism of her from hurting democrats more than it already has. >> let me say this. the reason the election results are what they are is because we have 9.5% unemployment in our
8:25 am
country. we didn't lose the election because of me. >> jonathan is a reporter with politico. good morning. >> good morning. >> what's your take on all this, is pelosi right to blame the economy here? >> well, certainly the economy is the back drop. if the unemployment rate is 4.5% instead of 9.5%, i think democrats would have done a lot better. that said, i saw ads with nancy pelosi's face in them. $65 million worth of them, according to one account and i think a lot of folks believe that even if it wasn't nancy pelosi's fault for the democrats, she became a symbol of what voters were frustrated with, particularly as it pertains to house democrats versus what the administration was doing. so there was certainly a lot of money spent on her. republicans believed that was working. and you saw from her, though, no culpa, basically. >> so if she has become a symbol tainted with negativity, what do you think is in store for her as a house minority leader?
8:26 am
>> i think there's a lot of incentive for some of the returning how democrats who won with 55% of the vote. there are probably about four dozen of those. they have a lot of incentive to come back and thumb their nose at her publicly, to stand up and say they think differently than her, whether it's on the floor in january or on legislation. so this is a big rich target of opportunity for john boehner to look for votes on things like adjusting the health care law, fiscal policy, certainly on energy production. so there's an opportunity for bipartisanship for john boehner. speaker pa lowsly, soon to be minority pelosi, her job is to corral those democrats back, to figure out how to convince them that their lot is together. >> with congress returning on monday for the lame duck session, one of the issues it could take up is don't ask, don't tell. is the senate going to vote on that ban? >> it's somewhat still in flux. the repeal of that band is tied
8:27 am
up in the defense authorization bill which authorizes all the programs for the defense department for the year. that has been a problem. there are a lot of republican senators who don't want to move it on that. we're going to see this report that's leaked out a little bit already. i think you're not going to see a repeal before thanksgiving. the politics could change after thanksgiving and before the lame duck ends. >> how about the bush tax cut session ending before the end of the year? is there room for compromise with the gop? is that what you see ultimately happening? >> absolutely. i think what you've seen is the white house has moved off of the market that it used to have, that it wanted the tax rates to expire for those making 55,000 or more. they want to see those taxes go up, but in order to get a solution for the middle class families and lower class families, you're going to have to have some sort of compromise, whether that happens in the lame duck while democrats still control the house or if it's
8:28 am
done retroactively next year, you will see a compromise between the president and the majority in the house and the majority in the senate. >> okay. jonathan, always a pleasure. thank you. >> take care, alex. >> the riches and blitzes of financier bernie matt madoff. why would someone want a pair of his slippers or his drawers, are you kidding? we'll see. 3q (vet) i love working with animals,
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on our car insurance. hey, babe. oh, hi, honey! so i went to the doctor today, then picked up a few extra things for the baby. oh, boy... i used our slate card with blueprint. we can design our own plan to avoid interest by paying off diapers and things each month. and for the bigger stuff, we can pay down our balance faster to save money on interest. bigger? bigger. slate from chase gives you extraordinary control over how you pay for life's surprises. trip...lets... slate customers pay down their balances twice as fast with blueprint. i'm alex witt. president obama talks jobs today at a business summit in japan. he said property in the u.s. is tide to the success of its specific trading partners. news report in japan says north korea has begun building an
8:32 am
experimental nuclear reactor. and friday, a measure that would legalize medical marijuana in california pulling ahead for the first time since election day. you can now own a piece of bernie mad yau. a huge set of his stuff is said to be auctioned off today. it's some of the less glitzy items like shoes and dishes, rather, but bernie's rolex watch is among the hundreds of items up for sale. madoff is spending 150 years in prison for that upon hissy scheme. thomas joins you non the good morning to you. >> good morning. >> there's a fascination with madoff and the way he lived. if you're in finance to be able to have his toaster oven and see
8:33 am
hey, this is bernie's toaster oven, i guess that's a -- >> is this bragging rights or do you think this is a thing that might be an investment and down the road you can sell it for something? >> i think it's the latter. i think people ten, 20 years down the road there will people will be fascinated with this guy. but the more mundane stuff, talk about a collectible sort of if you're in the finance world. >> what about the amount of money that will be brought in? >> u.s. marshalls are estimating $1 to $2 million. >> i was going to say, what, a dollar in a bucket? that's crazy. >> at least it's something the feds say. it's a little bit. so they're happy. there's a time of interest in it. and certainly you'll see very mundane kitchen utensils and things like that going for way
8:34 am
more than you would pay for something like that. can anybody get in on this auction? >> you need to put a deposit down. the u.s. marshalls are the ones who run this auction. it's open to the public and probably will be quite the spectacle later today. >> and what do we have? a grand piano, that's a big ticket item, no doubt. the rolex watch. >> the rolex watch. ruth madoff's engagement ring, b which is quite the ring. >> i'm sure it's beautiful. >> that's expected to fetch probably $500,000. that's the other really big item. >> thomas, is this the last thyme auction we will see? i read somewhere this is@the last of his stuff. >> this is more of the mun dale dane stuff from the drawers and closets of his house or his two homes. there's one more next spring in the palm beach area. you also had a home there that was sold last month. >> maybe they're doing the same
8:35 am
kind of thing, the more mundane? >> they'll just clear out all the junk in his house and that will be sold in the spring. >> i'll be very curious to see who picks this stuff up. thank you. >> thank you. about 00 students involved in a cheating scandal at the university of florida have come forward and confessed. a professor at the school got notice that his students had received copies of the exam. students who kept quiet would be expelled. nearly 600 students had to retake that exam this week and 15 students believed to have cheated did not confess. they haven't been sworn in yet and already new tea party lawmakers are getting schooled on the ways of washington and their education is coming straight from tea party groups who want to carry their legislative cries into chambers. dick army had a two-day retreat in washington on thursday and friday.
8:36 am
joining me now from washington, politico staff writer james holland. good. >> good morning, alex. >> one senator elect went to this freedom works orientation. is this a way to make sure these members get to washington and do what they promise, make government smaller, cut the deficit, things like that? >> i think a lot of members going to these conferences have been running on these same issues for the last several months. the people we saw go to the freedom works event are the tree believers. the people that they think might be able to affect changes in washington and don't recognize the constraints that exist. it speaks to those conservative activists who don't want these republicans to go establishment. yesterday we saw some activists post the e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers of all the new republican elect members of congress with the idea being to hold them accountable when they don't follow the line on the tea party issues. >> wow, you see, on the heels of
8:37 am
that, i'm wondering about a civil war. do you agree with that? do you think the tea party is going to change republican strategy? >> absolutely. john boehner has all these members now of his right flank who will support him until he tries to go too much with obama and with nancy pelosi. so the conservative is make it so there's no reason to compromise. >> what about the creation of a so-called tea party caucus? that's something that senator elect rand paul says he wants to do. would that change things? >> probably not because we saw this week the real constraints
8:38 am
on the tea party. michelle bachmann tried and failed in a big way to get a spot in the republican leadership. she threw her hat in and jeb hencerling has the establishment support and michelle bachmann withdrew before the vote which underlie tess limits of a unique tea party base outside of the republican leadership table. >> but what if they do put together and in growing numbers create a tea party caucus, doesn't that mean that the larger they are, the louder they're going to clamor and then they're going to have to be listening to? >> absolutely. i think they're already being listened to because there is so much concern about a unique calk bus developing. last year or earlier this year, they already developed a tea party caucus in the house, but it only got about 45 minutes and a lot of those people were folks who were established republicans and wanted some tea party credentials. >> oh, i see.
8:39 am
james hohmann, thank you. >> thanks, alex. despite votes for donald duck, elmo and revolt, lisa murkowski is getting 90% of the write-in votes in the alaska race for senate. joe miller is suing to make sure all the ballots are filled out correctly. nbc's kristin welker has the latest. >> good morning, alex. it appears that lisa murkowski is faring well this weekend, but all eyes will be on those contested ballots. those are ballots that the miller camp has contested, mostly for spelling errors in murkowski's last name. if at the end of this counting process there aren't enough contested ballots to make up the difference between miller and murkowski's lead, the miller camp is going to have a tough time building an argument that this should actually go to court. now, we got a bit of a surprise this week when representatives from the miller camp stepped forward and announced that they
8:40 am
had been getting calls about possible voter fraud and possible voter intim date addition. when we pressed him for specifics, he couldn't really give any names or actual examples. the miller camp says they want to get to the bottom of these allegations. lisa murkowski has called this an act of desperation. so the count continues again this weekend. 15 teams of two counting all of these ballots. they were initially expected to be finished with the process by sunday. now it looks like it will extend well into next week. alex. >> okay. kristin welker, thank you. the student who hacked into sarah palin's e-mail will go to prison for one year and a day. at the time, palin was on the campaign trail and her bid for vice president. kernell apologized and said he did not want to make excuses. our world view this morning begins in thailand where 19
8:41 am
provinces remain under water. officials have now raised the death toll as a result of 215. the country's weather bureau has forecast more heavy rain in southern thailand for this weekend. in haiti, the northern city of gianne is bracing from conditions of cholera. there are more than 1100 confirmed cases. the united nation sess asking for $164 million in aid to fight the spread of the disease. and in northern china, strong winds whipped up a sandstorm in many cities. recent storms are to blame for it. a lack of rainfall contributed to that problem. the top three industries adding jobs and the top three industries losing jobs this year, we're going to show you that list next.
8:42 am
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industries more than others. when it helps to find a job, it helps to dig deep to find out exactly where those jobs may be. that is what rick newman did. >> hi, alex. >> so let's get to the top three areas that are adding jobs right now. administration and support, employment services and health care. what is it about these fields that make them strong? >> these first two aren't exactly job categories. admin and support, this just means that companies are starting to hire back some of the people they laid off over the last couple of years. there's one here and one there, those are office workers, different types of people. and one of the things that probably happened two or three years ago is that one of the companies laid off too many people and they've been holding back and saying we're just not sure where the economy is going. this is one of the reasons why we're starting to see jobs come back. >> one place that you see wasn't hit all that hard by the recession was the health care industry. in fact, there's 738,000 jobs
8:46 am
now than this was in 2007. >> there was no recession in the health care industry. we know why. everybody needs health care, obviously. that trend is just going to continue and especially if health care reform sticks and doesn't get repealed. more people are actually going to be getting care. and the demographics just show with the baby boomers retiring and things like that, it's going to be a growing industry. >> makes a good point. i'm always hearing about nursing shortages. >> and those are good jobs, by the way. >> let's get to the industries that are losing jobs this year, those beam of the top three, state and local government, construction and insurance. okay. construction alone has lost, what, almost 2 million jobs? >> yeah, almost. and that's obviously no surprise. that reflect tess housing bust, which is still ongoing. we are still not out of that. we've got way too many homes on the market. this is one of the reasons that this recovery is so slow is those jobs are not coming back any time soon. that's a huge part of the economy. housing is about 15% of the whole economy. usually b after a recession, housing takes off and that's one
8:47 am
of the things that helps end the recessi recession. that's not happening right now. those jobs are not going come back for a long time. >> so what do people do with this information? if they want to or knee they're trained to have a job in an area that's losing, what do you do? >> it almost needs to be a self-fulfilling prophesy. we're in the middle of a massive readjustment in terms of our economy and our labor markets. this always happens, but it's happening in an abrupt fashion right now. some jobs go away. other jobs emerge. if these jobs are coming back, they should be starting to come back now and it's a good sign you're in an industry that's in a permanent decline and you need to find something else to do. >> and you're attributing that concept to construction? >> it's going to be so long before we see the levels of activity -- i mean, it could be ten years or longer before we get back to the lowest levels of activity. so there just is not going be
8:48 am
demand for all the people we had in this industry. so you can sit waiting for those jobs to come back and wait for a electric of a long time or start getting new skills, retraining and sometimes moving is the thing to do. that's hard to do because a lot of people can't afford to leave houses that they're under water in. but you've got to do something other than just wait for jobs that may not ever come back. >> always good to have you on. we'll do it later again. >> thanks, alex. new details about the timing of the cargo bomb plot. there's new details on when those explosives were scheduled to detonate. in our next hour, new insight into the lives and loves of the two famous brothers in the world. what are those lives like? (announcer) if you think all batteries are the same, consider this:
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monday, "agenda borderlines will be hostedly lawrence o'donnell & with maria teresa kumar. we'll take a look at life and politics, monday night 10:00 eastern on msnbc. new details are emerged in that failed cargo plane bomb plot. one bomb that was found in the uk was primed to dead nate over the eastern seaboard. that plane was heading for philadelphia. but the bomb was set to blow up long before it would have arrived there. i'm joined now by michael sheehan. good morning, michael. >> good morning, alex. >> let's talk about the timing
8:53 am
of this. what's the ideology behind trying to blow that plane up midair as opposed to there or philadelphia or somewhere else. >> obviously, a modern terrorist would prefer to get his attack on video and get that loop on the cable channel. but for an aircraft that's flying over the ocean, you're probably not going to get that vid video. on the other hand, that small plane will blow a hole in the airplane and at those high altitudes, it will make the plane break up. without video or blow it up or a tarmac but maybe not at devastating -- >> when they say eastern seaboard, were they hoping it would open up over ground and things would come raining down? perhaps, but that's risky. what if you don't get that right and it's ove some remote area?
8:54 am
again, it's a trade off we're trying to reach between getting this spectacular video. >> let's talk about this crucial tip which came from a saudi ip formant. the department of homeland security has now enacted some new cargo restriction toes make us less rely land on these tips. and yet, were it not for this tip, they might not have been able to find us. it's a voluminous task. >> right, alex. it's always a tension where to increase security measures which slow down our economy versus having the proper security measures. in this case, the economy -- the impact of our economy, things being shipped out of yemen, negligible to zero. now that's being shut down. other places will find the types of restrictions. you'll see this give-and-take between security measures versus leaving the economy free so we don't allow al qaeda to unjustifiably affect our economy. this is going to keep going on.
8:55 am
>> how about literally blocking importing cargo from certain areas? >> that's going to be really tough to get anything out of yemen or other places like somalia and other places like asia and south africa will have much more difficulty. but the places where we have a great deal of commerce in asia, china, europe, we'll have to keep those open. unfortunately right now al qaeda will have more difficulty operating out of those places. they have better security measures. it's going to be a contact back and forth. >> how many other potential plots are out there that you think are reliable? >> unlimited. this bombmaker is very creative and he realizes that -- remember the 1988 plot at lockerby, they used basically an alarm clock and watch to set off the debt nation. you can use any took place of device to set off a bomb. you can have it by gps, so a
8:56 am
destination, we alar clock, a device, any type of device that measures any type of signal, you can then detonate it. that's what's troubling about this. this guy is getting very creative. they're going to have to figure out ways to have bombs detonate on times, altitude or location. >> so as always, michael sheehan, what are you going to do, right? well, a new trend in the ad industry is pandaemonium. >> these guys know a thing of two about >> so why do you see pandas in so many ads these days? we're going to take a look at that, coming up.
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