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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  November 13, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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next on msnbc saturday, it's the last stop, but is it the most important in the president's trish to asia sfp. look or tch? what will makes safer. plus, looking for money. the fed looks for a way to cut the national debt, but at whose expense? >> are you on that? >> yeah, snapple man, we're from china. we're familiar with tea. >> they're the dollars of madison avenue. why are pandas being used so much for tv commercials. good morning, everyone. let's get to what's happening right now. we have some new comments from president obama this morning as he meets with world leader in japan. he's on the final stretch at what's been the longest overseas
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trip to his presidency. >> one of the important lessons of the economic crisis taught us is depending on american consumers and asian exports to drive economic growth. if we work together and act together in strengthening our economic ties can be a win-win for all of our nations. >> monica hair it's is live at the white house. >> good morning, alex. >> pretty busy day here. what is the white house saying about this trip? >> they're saying it's a smashing skres. part of the trip did not meet expectations. there were questions, very interesting questions from the students there about pakistani-india relations. there were great pictures for the white house from a public relations perspective. the first lady and the president got up and danced for a while, saw some beautiful sights.
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on to indonesia, a speech to the muslim world a volcano was spewing ash. they went on to south korea. they had said leading up to it that they expect add break through with south korea. a free trade packet with that country. it was not to happen. they fell short. a dispute over beef and cars led them to continue negotiations. they'll be coming here to continue negotiations and hopefully get a pact in the course of the coming weeks. and on to japan, where they've just tucked in for the night there, this is the asia-pacific income meeting. tomorrow, he will wram wrap things up with russian president dmeet re-medvedev. they'll be talking about the contract that they have negotiated that is before the senate and it doesn't get any easier when the president gets
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back here tomorrow afternoon, alex. that lame duck session of congress, once last ha-rah for democrats in the house, on the skraend, tax cuts and whether to extend them to all taxpayers not just the middle class as the president has insisted. >> let's hope the president gets a good night's sleep on sunday. >> absolutely. nato sources say none of their soldiers were killed in an assault on a base in afghanistan. two of the insurgents were wearing explosive vests. that base is a mix of facilities that include the airport. the taliban is claiming responsibility. one of the world's most prominent political prisoners has been freed after 7 1/2 years of house arrest. several thout thousand supporters greeted aung san suu which is kyi at the gate of her compound. president obama called suu kyi a
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hero of his. auto scary moment for supporters of qantas airlines. another plane had to turn back after a pilot felt bad vibrations. it happened friday on a flight to melbourne. the plane landed safely and no one was injured. >> there's a lot of nervis laughter and people saying and we were worried and glad that we landed in one piece. >> the qantas spokesman says the recent understand was not related to the latest problems on the a-380. the tsa is catching flack this morning from travelers and pilots. first, there are those body scanners that show more details scanners of people's bodies under their clothes than a regular x-ray. then there are the pat downs pep
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screeners used to check sensitive areas of people's bodies but that all changed when that terror plot from yemen target planes and the screens can now use their hands and fingers to search all over people's bodies. good morning, colonel. >> good morning, alex. >> we should say that the latter, when you have a hand pat down, it's because you have opted to not go through what people deem to be invasive x-ray screening process where everything is shown on your body. overall, these enhanced mashs, how helpful is this? >> they're helpful to the extent that they may deter some people who might bring contraband on to the aircraft. but in the end, in terms of its being able to detect stuff, it's only as good as the operator. if you have a picture and the guy is looking at the picture but he's thinking of something else, it doesn't matter how detailed the picture is. if he's patting you down and he's not very good at it or he's not thinking about what he's
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doing, it doesn't matter that he can actually find it if he doesn't find it in the end, that's bad news. so it's only as good as the operator. and i think over the longer term, the tsa is going to continue to get lots of tubes of toothpaste and bottles of water. >> okay. so let's say that someone is focused, though. for example, the christmas day bomber. would that have been detected in either of these two security measures? >> sure. well, i think in the picture it would have. almost certainly. the pat down, if he was very serious about it, he would have picked it up, too. yes, the christmas bomber would have been detected before he actually got on the airplane. >> okay. the tsa is talking about these pat downs. they say they're conducted with officers of the same gender as the traveler. passengers have the right to ask for a private screening, as well. they have the right to have a private companion present during any screening. should this alleviate some of the calls that this is just not
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right? >> no, i don't think so. i think there will be complaints continuously from people from passengers saying that even though they have the option of doing all these things, it's just slowing down getting on to the aircraft. in the end, the only way we're going to be actually successful is by the most intrusive means and by profiling and we're not ready to do that and the public is not ready for it, too, so we're going to continue to be at risk and we're still going to have to complaints from people about how long it takes to get through security. >> well, you know, that's something that may be horrific on november 24th, the day before thanksgiving, if this d.c. area man has this way because he's asking everyone to opt out of the x-ray screenings, considering them to be too invasive and have everybody go through a patdown. what kind of a chaos would that cause? >> tremendous chaos. that is the busiest travel day in the year by a lot, so you can expect things to be almost completely shut down, trying to get on -- get through tsa. >> okay.
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colonel jack jacobs, many things. >> you're welcome. >> the search for a mission north carolina girl is now over after police discovered the remains of 10-year-old zahra baker. her father was arrested during the investigation along with the girl's stepmother. >> reporter: the desperate five-week search for zahra baker came to an end friday. >> investigators, agents and officers and staff who have worked on this case are devastated that we're not able to find zahra alive and bring her home safely. >> the 10-year-old from hickory, headquart north carolina, was reported missing september 9th. weeks later, searchers found a human bone in a wooded area miles from her hometown in a place where hunters dump deer carcasses. police say more dna testing is needed to confirm what they already believe. >> we have recovered enough physical evidence to believe that we have found zahra.
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>> zahra's stepmother admitted to writing a fake ransom note. she's in jail charged with obstruction of justice. authorities arrested zahra's father on unrelated charges, but they have not officially named any suspects. >> i can't explain the anger, the hurt. >> zahra's buy lodge i can't goal mother flew in from australia this week. emily dietrich's worst fears, now a reality. >> but i want them to find more because it will tell the story that i don't want to hear. >> at such a young age, zahra was a cancer survivor. her battle with bone cancer robbed her with one of her legs and chemotherapy some of her hearing. her mysterious death shocked the small down. >> today, our community mourns, our state mourns, our nation mourns and the world mourns. >> reporter: the community will hold a memorial for zahra on
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tuesday, the day she would have turned 11. there is a chance proposal to legalize medical marijuana could pass in arizona. a new vote count shows proposition 203 ahead for the first time since election day. right now, that measure is up by more than 4,000 votes. the outstanding ballots are coming from maricopa county and there are more votes to be counted. >> first a ban on happy meal toys, now san francisco might consider banning circumcision. the san francisco examiner reports the proposal was submitted by a resident and he needs more than 7,000 signatures to get that on the ballot. decision point, what does george w. bush's say about president obama? that's ahead. plus, ho, ho helpers, why your chances of finding a job this holiday are much better. and preparing for a blast, parts of the country prepare for a wintry john lawsuit.
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i promise you, i can see little tiny beads of snow there. that is what it looks like right now in minnesota. that's a live look at minneapolis. there you see barely the make out of a roadway in your lower left corner there of the screen. yeah, that does not look too good for anything in terms of flying and that is a mess. and it's here already now, old manner winter apparently arriving a little early there. bill karins, what do you have to say about that and the national forecast? >> you know, i like snow. i'm sure there's a lot of people
9:15 am
cringing from around the country. it's minneapolis that's the target of these big winter storms. first win of the season and it's one to make you shovel, take out maybe even the big blower out of the garage. all the kids are taking their shreds out. now, this picture is a different tower cam picture i took from the downtown area. you can see a lot of the roads have snow on them and they're snow covered. and it is a heavy, wet snow at this time. the areas of pink, you're under a winter storm warning. that means you have conditions that are dangerous and treacherous from travel down through duluth and st. cloud, minneapolis, st. paul, and just outside of sioux falls. it's that northeast corner of iowa. as far as the radar goes, the white at the heavy band of snow and right now, the heaviest snow is right over the top of minneapolis. this is when you're going to pick up one to two inches of snow an hour here. then it will slowly taper off as the afternoon moves on. but if you were in the heavy, wet snow, you're probably going to stay that way. only northern wisconsin is getting snow out of this and a
9:16 am
mix. it's the minneapolis area that's really the target. they're right in that brightest, white band right now. this is the heaviest the snow has been. you can tell our computer, that pink area, that's estimating 6 to 12 inches of snow by the time we're all said and done. that's enough to keep you indoors for most of the day. duluth could end up with close to a foot by the time this storm is over with. now, everyone on the east coast is looking at that snow and saying, not me. it's a beautiful start to your saturday from the southeast up to the mid-atlantic. mild air is in place. what a gorgeous weekend forecast. you talk about crystal clear skies, the visibility is as good as it gets from the empire state building. if you're going to be at any high elevations, from the appalachians up through new england, you can see there's a little foliage left there in the central part. this is as crystal clear as the visibility gets. if you look at the west coast, anyone waking up with us earlier, one of the warmest spots in the country today, los angeles, 81 degrees.
9:17 am
sunday should be about 79. we should watch the show ending late tonight in minneapolis. sooner or later, instead of minneapolis, we'll be talking about the east coast. >> is that snow going to stick? all that snow in minneapolis. >> it will be chilly l there for the rest of the week. it wouldn't surprise me if there's snow of the ground for two or three days. >> and 82 in l.a. good grief. now to politics, george about, wush's new book, he cites president obama on a number of positions. he's holding back criticisms. here to talk about the differences and similarities between the two add mip administrations is steve komar. let's talk about former president bush's book, "decision point." there aren't many mentions of president obama but there are a few. wa stands out to you? >> first, the fact that he only mentions him four of five times
9:18 am
in the entire book stands out, but there are two mentions that have some substance. one is that at the fall of 2008 meeting in the white house when they talked about bailing out wall street, president obama praises then senator obama. he says he was prepared, engaged, willing to help. oddly, he says of john mccain at the time that he passed. he had nothing to say. george bush says he was puzzled by that. but the more interesting one i think is on the question of race. president obama comments that on the night of the lekdz, he watched the tv and he was moved by the sight of people, particularly african-americans, crying over the election of barack obama. but he's oddly neutral, alex. he never says whether he was moved, whether he thought it was good for the country. on the question of race in the book, when he talked about being accused of being a racist in the aftermath of hurricane katrina, he had plenty of emotion. he was outraged, angry and hurt.
9:19 am
but on the election of the president, he had nothing to do other than the fact that he saw other people crying. >> that whole issue on kanye west and the president and kanye west talking about it. it's a touchy subject for the former president. but having covered both white houses, how are these two administrations different? >> well, george w. bush, i thought, connected with people better. having seen both of them on the stump and in the white house, i think he enjoyed and got more energy out of meetings with people. whether it was soldierers or workers or even the press. george w. bush's administration, particularly in the first term and tishgly in the wars before iraq and afghanistan was much more open and acceptable to the press. he and his senior staff in the bush white house were much more willing to talk about how they made decisions than this white house. this white house is much more closed about those things. >> i find that interesting because isn't this the white house that talks about
9:20 am
transparency? >> well, yeah, we haven't seen that. the senior staff don't talk to us, they don't return calls, they don't answer questions. when we have gotten some of them to talk, they're very closed mouth about simple things, like how they make a decision. there are certain things they want to talk about because they know it will make the president look good. but when we choose a subject, not so open. >> they're home bodies. george w. bush, barack obama, go some place, do business and come home. they spend a minimal amount of time. i also covered bill clinton. he was completely different. when he went overseas, alex, he wanted to see everybody, meet everybody, see everything. when he went to china, we went for ten days.
9:21 am
when both bush and obama go so china, it's a two-day business trip and they're out. they're both supremely confident. they both managed to get elected. george bush actually lost the popular vote and barack obama won 53%. very solid, yet they're both equally confident. they're both big spenders. it's hard to remember in the current political environment that george w. bush dramatically increased domestic spending on his watch. so did barack obama. and both of them, i think, are paying a political prior to price for that. >> on these books, do they shape a president's legacy? >> no, no. the only thing they can impact now is public opinion. public opinion after a presidency has no standing on a legacy. >> no, his best shot is to just get his voice on the record for the historians in the future to
9:22 am
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facebook's further expansion with more than 540 million members worldwide, the social network announced it will build a second gateway to be located in north carolina. earlier this year, facebook broke ground on its first data center being built in oregon. so they're not your typical salesmen, but pandas are popping up in all kinds of commercials, most recently for snapple, but for kit ka t-bars and in one commercial for cheese, a panda turns violent when his brand of cheese is rejected. ♪
9:27 am
why use a panda instead of a person? you're not going to get that gotcha look with a person? >> i think you have a blank slate with a panda. he can be really funny. . i'm curious about dvr and its effect on advertisers. if i see a commercial, i'll be like, what was that? and i rewind. is that the point? >> of course you're going to rewind. but now it's in facebook or it's in a tiny thumbnail or youtube. that's why we're talking about this today because it went viral. >> but with the cheese, that is counter intuitive to how we believe pandas are.
9:28 am
is that the way to go, do you think? is that going to get more noticed and more attention as the panda goes ballistic? >> i think pandas in general are cuddly and we love them. but there is not going to be a panda contingent writing in, you made me look bad, right? just have fun with it. >> do you see any other entity that is going to come down the pike and pass the pandas? >> our last small item, our last spokes an ma was the gek co, right? and that caught on. maybe you should use a panda. it might be cute. get more people to watch the news. >> we are so done. thank you very much. the end of the road for houston's red light cameras comes monday morning. the 70 red light cameras will be turned off after rush hour almost two weeks after voters approved a ban on them. since they were signaled more than four years ago, houston collected more than $44 million
9:29 am
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it's liquid engineering. it's msnbc saturday. i'm alex witt. at 31 past the hour, here are your fast-five headlines. president obama talks jobs today in japan. it is his last stop in asia. he returns to the states tomorrow. in myanmar, the government released a democracy believer from house arrest. in afghanistan, six insurgents are dead today after they tried to storm a nato based part of the country. the taliban claimed responsibility for that failed attack. in germany today, a fire swept through the zoo before it could be put out. 26 animals died including shedland ponies, goats and sheep. some firefighters fought the
9:33 am
fires. back at home, sarah palin's ratings is at now possibly viewed more negatively. fall out today in des moines, iowa, after a man convicted of killing his wife speaks out in the courtroom with a shocking statement. as her family talked about their loss, he tried to justify what he did and said he's not sorry at all. the judge says he's never seen anything like it. reporter sonia height-susan has more from inside that courtroom. >> this is the day ann lynch's family and friends have been waiting for. they filled the courtroom to hear how randy moore would be punished and to give words to their feelings. >> what you did to my daughter was evil, hateful and despicable. >> moore kid naped, murdered & his estranged wife. >> okay. 303, adam has been hit. officer down.
9:34 am
>> you're evil, hateful and dark and disgusting and couldn't stand to see her happy and you couldn't stand it. >> i hope you forever remember the difference between you and you. >> in the journal she wrote, she hated you. >> thank you for the opportunity to -- your honor -- moore also got the opportunity to address the court for more than ten minutes. he tried to justify murdering the mother of his son. >> i have not one ounce of remorse for her death. it could have all been prevented. all you had to do is let me see my kid. now you're never going to see her again. >> moore did apologize to his family as well as officer rowland, but he prosecute faced the apology with a claim. >> you know that that day when you were laying on the ground behind the police car, killed, i could have killed you. i could have shot you 25 times. i chose not to. >> at times, those in the courtroom gasped at moore's remarks. >> i hope there's more cases just like this where people that don't want to let their spouse
9:35 am
see their kid, i hope it happens more and more. >> i just can't believe what i heard, but i am really glad you had your right of electrocution and you can say everything that you said because if anybody didn't know what a piece of work you were before you started talking, they know it now. >> the judge ordered moore's three life sentences be served consecutively, a symbolic gesture to underscore moore's disregard for the law. >> this defendant has no remorse whatsoever. the court doesn't allow me to punish you any more that i'm doing now. if i could, i would. >> wow. that was shocking, right? moore was convicted of kidnapping his wife from a mall parking lot, sexually assaulting her and shooting her in the head. he was the convicted of shooting a des moines police officer in the hand. the clock is ticking in the
9:36 am
space of those ten russian spies who were kicked out of the united states earlier this year. the report says the kremlin knows where the spymaster is and so has put a hit out on him. this sounds like a spy thriller. what do we know about this alleged double agent? >> well, it really does, alex. we don't know that much. everything we know is from a report thoovs in a russian newspaper this week. it gives his name as sherbakov and doesn't give hymn himself first name. he was in charge of sleeper agents in the united states and he had been working in the russian foreign intelligence service for some time. it mentioned a number of red flags which should have tipped off the surfaces. they said he had a daughter living in the states for a long time and a son that recently moved to the states. and he turned down a promotion one year ago which would have
9:37 am
forced him to take a lie detector test. some some of these things should have tipped off some of his bosses that he may have been a double agent and supposedly he escaped to the u.s. from russia three days before president medvedev went to visit with president obama last june. alex. >> you know, people aren't sure which group of spies we were talking about, all we have to see is anna chapman who is a celebrity over there. what is she doing these days? >> that's right, alex. anna chapman is the only celebrity. everybody else has been keeping a low profile. anna chapman certainly has not. just this past week, she was at the opening of a swift watch boutique. she was on the cover of this month's russian maxim magazine with a photo shoot and an online video to go. she has an online app to play poker with her. she is not keeping a low profile and is turning herself into a russian personality.
9:38 am
alex. >> okay. thanks for that. diamonds, row lexs and his boxers, today you can buy a bunch of stuff that blonkd to bernie madoff if you want it. u.s. marshalls are auctioning off more of madoff's belongings on line in new york city. the vintage items are a 10 karat diamond ring and a grand piano. a lot of everyday items are mixed in there, too, socks, shoes, dishes. the auction is expected to bring in more than $1 million for madoff's victims. retailers will add up to 650,000 temporary jobs to handle the big holiday rush. last year, retailers added about 500,000 holiday helpers. says it will hire more than 15,000 workers around
9:39 am
the country. when it comes to electronic tablets, apple is no longer the only game in town as samsung has released its new galaxy tab. the device is slightly smaller and cheaper than the ipad. it could prove a major competitor this holiday season. let's get the sizing up effect here from the two tablets. jen ackerman is going to do that for us. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> i know you're an ipad guy. what do you like about the galaxy? >> it let's you get access to that android market that has a ton of different apps that you can't get on the iphone. it has cameras on it. it has a camera in the front and a camera on the back so you can do video chat. and b of course, you can get it from all of these different cell phone provideser. >> pop this on. >> i'm going to pop this on for you. very similar. it's smaller, a 7 inches screen. there you go.
9:40 am
>> so, yeah. >> but they do a lot of the same things. they both read kindel poox, they both go online and play some of the same games. there are a few things missing from the samsung. you can't do the netflix screaming and you can't do any hooloo. >> and the scrolling is not so smooth? >> the scrolling is not so smooth. that's what apple does so well. on the samsung galaxy, not quite as smooth yet. >> but some people say it's the new thing on the market and it will be cheaper and bring us a lot of what the ipad can do. is that true or not? >> it is cheaper. you get it for $399 instead of $500 or $600 for the ipad. but then you're paying $30 or $60 a month for that data contract for two years. >> what is it about apple and ipad? don't you think innovators should look elsewhere and do
9:41 am
down a different path.? >> true, but apple does so well. thief steve jobs and when he says do something, everybody does it. a lot of other companies, there's more bureaucracy and it takes them a lot of fresh ideas. >> the bottom line, what do you think, holiday season, is this going to be a winner or will people go for ipads? >> i think if people think ipad is too big and too heavy, then they'll like a smaller tablet and you'll see a lot of these from other companies. >> dan, thank you. >> thank you. it was 10,000 fires as firefighters were coming to the rescue. sxaby keeper fell into a cold bond after a bee hive came out. only one firefighter was stung before they pulled that man out to safety. thank heavens, right?
9:42 am
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it is another weekend of ballot counting in alaska where the state senate race is still up in the air. election officials are counting tens of thousands of write-in votes, most of which are for senator lisa murkowski. while the republican is very confident in her chances, tea party favorite joe miller is challenging the spelling of many of those votes. the royal curtains are being peeled back to reveal perhaps the most famous brothers on the planet. the e-mail on sunday gives us an inside look at what makes the royal pair tick in their book, william and harry, behind the palace walls. i was happy to say i read this. it is such a dpun book. you get mind the scenes where you're dealing with two fun men. particularly harry. >> that is the whole point of this, but that's why it's called
9:46 am
behind the palace walls. we see a carefully construction of public image. i partied with these boys. they are great fun. they are good fun. and i think it's important that people see that other side to them, as well. >> fun, i ran over to get my notes. listen, everybody, to what harry did for his grandmother. she got a cell phone, correct? >> she got a cell phone for christmas. she asked her grandson kindly if he could record a message. here is the message. the message is hey, what's up? this is lynn. sorry, i'm away for the phone. for a hol hot line to phillip, press one. >> william is laughing in the background. it didn't last very long because when the queen's secretary called up to check that everything was working, i mean, he literally fell off his chair. he got the shock of his life and he was like, mum, you might want to change that message. >> yeah. before we get the details about
9:47 am
the romance in these giefs lives, the romance with ka mall la pa camilla parker, she was nervous, wasn't she? >> absolutely. there's still such a wave of affection and camille knew she would encounter that on her wedding day. but you know what? we've seen camilla help charles and make him a happier person. and i think it was very helpful that the princes had publicly spoken about camilla. >> now to kate middleton. i remember when they broke up. i think it was around easter time, a couple three years ago. and i was bummed. i really liked her. what did she do? what happened to bring her back into the royal relationship? >> well, the reason that they split up was because william was playing the field. he was training at the time.
9:48 am
she did not want to be made a fool of. but there's a lot more to kate than you realize. she is not a wall flower and she wasn't going to tolerate that behavior. so actually she ended things. i think william realized very quickly when she stepped out in sexy dresses and she went to his favorite nightclubs, the message was clear. look at what you're missing. he went running back to her. >> they had they have a deal, though. >> they made a packet. after they got back together in 2007 in the summer, william took her to this beautiful island and they made a pact that they were going to stay together so that this would end up in a marriage. so really, they're going to have the last laugh. every time we spec lakt on an engagement, they extend it another time, but it's going to happen. it's going to happen next year. the wedding, i believe, is going to happen in july. >> when you talk about what happens in their relationship, something similar to chelsea davey and prince harry?
9:49 am
what's he playing the field or was long distance taking a toll on them? >> chelsea decided earlier this year that she was going to move back home to south africa and i think they found it difficult to make this relationship work. harry's training is in an apache helicopter. but he has begun to see her quite frequently. they're very much in love. i think it's the circumstance between these two. >> you've seen them together and they do seem to be quite the couple. >> they're very tactile, they're very warm together. and chelsea doesn't seem to care that he's a prince. to her, he is harold. they love each other. >> didn't she break up with him in a very public way? >> she dumped him on facebook, which is about as bad as it can get. >> that's anti-royal. >> that was probably the thing that upset harry more than anything else. but they got back together in weeks. clearly, she's playing a clever game, as well. the point is that both of these
9:50 am
princes are dating very normal women and they've had very long relationship peps harry and chelsea, even though it's on and off, it's been five years. >> is kate prepared for what lies ahead? >> i think she is. i've watched her very closely to write this book and i've compared her nine years ago to now and there is a confidence about her. the palace helped her a lot. she has a hot line to prince williams. she has a support that i don't think diana ever had and i think that is going to stand. if you're prepared, i think she can make success of it. >> well, i am so pleased to speak to you about this. william and harry behind the palace wall peps thank you so much. you've got this one in the bag. >> thank you. trimming the national debt, will it cost homeowners their deduction for mortgage interest? i'm robert shapiro.
9:51 am
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we envit you to watch an msnbc special event monday. "beyond borderlines" hosted by lawrence o'donnell with maria teresa kumar. monday night at 10:00 eastern here on msnbc. one thing to campaign loudly about cutting spending. it is quite another to actually wield the ax, but spending cuts came one step closer when the co-chairs of the president's debt reduction commission released their plan to balance the budget. rick newman is chief correspondent with "u.s. news & world report." welcome back. social security age should be raised up to 69? >> right. >> we saw how well that went over in france, by the way. this would be phased in gradually taking full effect not
9:55 am
until 2025. >> that's emphasis on phased in gradually. social security is not running out of money like some of the other programs. it won't take a lot to fix social security but if you do this gradually, what will have to happen is people will, first of all, if you want to retire at 65, do better retirement planning so you can do it yourself. what that means is that social security payments kick in at 69. you have to take care of the rest yourself. >> you're talking about the program -- we always hear that social security's in dire straits and it might be ending. >> social security is not in dire straights. medicare is the real problem to fix. social security, extend the retirement age a bit, maybe increase the revenue, the withholding tax a bit or some combination of things like that and it's solvent for a long time. the other ones are the big ones. >> limiting the tax deduction. people can't take the mortgage.
9:56 am
>> 50 million homeowners won't object to that, i'm sure. this is an example of one of the things that's going to be extremely controversial, and remember, these are only suggestions that will go to the congress and they'll debate it for year, no doubt. this will go on for years. but there's a lot of money tied up in that mortgage interest deduction. given that so many people have made commitmentses to homes assuming that would be in place for a long time. unlikely it will be revoked. but there might be a time that we see a phased-in reduction in the tax credit. >> what about adding 15 cents a gallon to the gas tax. >> some people think that's a mild increase to the gas tax. green energy advocates point out if gas weren't so cheap and it costs as much as it did in europe or asia, japan, for instance, it would be an incentive to adopt more green agency and that's part of the thinking. but that's a quick way to raise a lot of money. again, i don't think we're going
9:57 am
to see that overnight either. if that ever happens, it will be something that gets phased in over a long period of time. >> we'll be talking more about this. rick newman, our birthday boy, by the way, happy good one. >> thank you, alex. a trip to remember for all the wrong reason. passengers from that crippled cruise line are talking about their ordeal. we'll hear from a couple. [ male announcer ] montgomery and abigail higgins had a tree that bore the most rare and magical fruit, which provided for their every financial need. [ thunder rumbling ] [ thunder crashing ] and then, in one blinding blink of an eye, their tree had given its last. but with their raymond james financial advisor, they had prepared for even the unthinkable. ♪ and they danced. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. [ male announcer ] what does it take to excel in today's business world?
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