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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  November 19, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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joining discussions general barry mccaffrey, jamie floyd and governor of oklahoma frank keating and krista freeland. charlie rangel was found guilty on failure to pay taxes and failure to report personal income. now, he's facing a major
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punishment called censure. shawna is here and i guess the question for most people who don't live in capitol hill is what exactly is censure and why were so many people a little bit shocked because it is very serious. >> well, censure is the sort of second highest punishment the house of representatives can dole out. the house ethics committee has summed that he has to vote in front of the entire house that says he did something wrong. the entire house votes on that. if they find that he is wrong about these things, the speaker then has to read that censure while he stands in the well in front of the house. >> yeah, a very difficult moment. and, obviously, this isn't the end of it because the ethics committee is next going to be looking at maxine waters. any sense of what this might mean for her? they certainly took a tough stand in this case. >> they definitely did take a tough stand in this case. i don't think mr. rangel's case really affects ms. waters but if
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put more of a light on the democrats in that this has been a hard year for them, a hard election and on top of this, the last acts they're going to have to do is stand in judgment of their own. >> all right, shawna thomas, always good to see you. thank you so much. >> thanks, chris. mitch mcconnell has flipped going from support to a year-end compromise to opposing it. if the gop could hold off the democrats, it could give them leverage, big leverage when they take control of the house against the budget priorities. here's the worse-case scenario a government shut down already being talked about by a prominent and influential republican. governor, let me start with you. is this part of the gop agenda intie everything up that's in the lame duck session and then gives him a better chance of getting what they want next year. >> well, good morning, chris. no, i don't think so. how many times do you put your hand on a hot oven? this was attempted in 1995 to
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great embarrassment to the republicans and maybe there is integrity to it at the time but it didn't work out and blew up in their faces. it is important to beat oppositi opposition. no question that the extra 60 seats in the house would be opposition and very tight senate and it has to be loyal opposition. to the extent that the republicans can focus on reforms of health care like the 1099 requirement or reforms of the dodd-frank or the tsa. issues that do ail the economy or the average citizen maybe a lot wiser, but to shut down the government makes no sense. we all pay our taxes to have government. we don't want it shut down. >> we heard grover norquist he, of course the influential head of americans for tax reform saying we need to stop the obama spend-a-thon and if that means, jamie, if they shut down, so be it. >> if they want to shut it down, bring it on. one of the few things about getting older and there aren't many that is great, it's wisdom. where was i in '95? oh, that's right, washington.
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i remember the shut down and who did it help? the democrats. that's right. it backfired on the republicans. if they want to shut it down, i think it's very short sided for them. there's one thing obama has in common with the republicans and that's dealing with the tea party. this desire to shut everything down. the voters i don't think really want that. i think they didn't give change a chance. i think that shutting everything down is not going to accomplish turning the economy around, which is really what we need. and some of the obama plan needs to continue in order to keep the economy going. some spending is necessary. >> and while all this is going on, this bipartisan commission is recommending tax increases and even raising the age of social security to cut the deficit. let me play for you what allen simpson had to say this morning on "morning joe." >> you can come in here with your no taxes. i think grover norquist will be irrelevant in a year because if he's calling this a tax increase, he's in disney land.
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>> they haven't come to an agreement on tax increases and i think this is where a lot of the democrats are getting upset with the president. they're saying we've got to stand our ground on this. we have got to do just do tax, extend tax cuts just for the middle class and let them expire for the richest americans. >> sure. i mean, i think that that is what the, that's the democratic age agenda. that's what the president would like ideally. it's a game of brinksmanship. i agree with jamie's point -- >> who is pushing to the edge right now? >> i think what we have seen judging by the past two years is that the republicans are willing to push it harder than the white house has been and so far politically, i'm not talk about in terms of pall aets, but politically being the party of no has worked for the republicans and what the republicans have found, again, just talking about the politics is, you know, the president in a way did the compromising with himself. we saw that with the stimulus. so, i think this is a really important moment in terms of whether the white house is going
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to take a tougher line. >> is this going to say, this is where we are going in this next two years. it's either going to be, as some have put it, either a compromise or cave. it depends on how you look at it. >> i think that's exactly right and i think maybe republicans on the hill should have a conversation with their old mentor newt gingrich about how it went last time around. >> all right, thanks very much. frank keating, krist freeland, we have more to talk about and they'll stick around. meantime, president obama is in porchigatugal for that nato summit. speaking alongside the portuguese president president obama says he's looking forward to transitioning towards afghan security forces taking the lead in 2014. coming up in a few minutes, we'll talk about what this means for american forces in afghanist afghanistan. msnbc military analyst barry mccaffrey is here. we'll go over all that with him. meantime in new zealand at least 27 miners are missing inside a coal mine after a gas
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explosion. a build up of methane gas may have caused that blast. rescue workers are not allowed in the mine just yet because authorities fear there might be pockets of explosive gas that are still inside that mine. toyota motors is hoping that a federal judge in california will dismiss hundreds of lawsuits that claim sudden acceleration defects were in its vehicles. lawyers for toyota argue there is no proof the sudden acceleration was caused by any electronic defects. it blames the problem on driver error and floor mats and sticky accelerator pedals. the other side is charging that toyota bought back cars with acceleration issues and had owners sign a confidentiality agreement. royal watchers around the world are waiting with baited breath. we could find out as early as today where and when the royal wedding of prince william and kate middleton will be. that is a jaunty red scarf you're wearing today, it's good to see you.
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>> a pleasure, chris. this is where we're going to be next summer. we could be a guest together, obviously. >> i'm waiting for my invitation. so that invitation will read, westminster abbey what is the date, what is the time? tell us everything. >> you are good. i'm putting my money on june, july for the simple facthat i think people really do want a warm royal wedding and i think possibly early monday am when david cameron, who's been at bummibu buckingham palace today. once we know the date of the public holiday, obviously, it's the date of the wedding. i have to tell you something, chris, if you know anybody that looks like kate middleton we're desperate over here in the uk for people to become a lookal e lookalike. we have a lot of prince william, but short on kate. if you have somebody, they can make a lot of money. >> what is a lot of money? they want them to show up at
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store openings? what's the deal with that? >> well, i tell you what's interesting, actually, chris. when you look back at the late great princesses diana's lookalikes all these people became millionaires because -- >> i think chris looks a lot like kate. >> the thing is, it's interesting. >> that's pushing it. >> photo shoots, videos, all that sort of stuff and there will be money to be made and the appetite for kate middleton who is gorgeous and beautiful, get a wig. you could be rich. >> i have to say, i actually did see kate once, ran into them on an island that will be undisclosed. doesn't that make me sound -- >> very glamorous and fancy. >> she's a very, very beautiful woman and the economic impact
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beyond her lookalikes is tremendous peep people want the dress and you know the wedding dress is going to be knocked off within hours of the wedding. this is a huge financial boom, not just for the uk but the u.s., as well, right? >> well, around the world, obviously. but i think a lot of companies will benefit. what we can tell you here in england, they're making the souvenir plates and holders. if you get a chance to buy something online, brilliant. because, of course, i think, eventually, mane a few years that will be worth. you could be looking at 5,000 pounds. that's a lot of money just out of a souvenir that may be a few pounds. not bad at all. >> if you just could pick up e everything you see and i will pick it up next time i come over. krista is dying to get in on this. >> i think this is a real gift to the british prime minister
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because this is a time and to have this royal wedding cheer people up. he's very lucky. >> we all love it. we love it and we love your scarf, thank you very much, neal. from the royal couple to his royal hiinous brian williams got to have this exclusive stroll and conversation with prince charles. and we go to where you live to see how your governor is balancing the state checkbook. richard lui gathering the facts on that. hey, richard. >> hi, chris. these are facts right here. most of the states are overdrawn, as we know, big time. the service cuts will explain that and the tax increases and plus short-term solutions to get your state back in the black. no, i know. it's great, right? but, dude, i've been thinking like, this is such a great opportunity for us to write at least an hour to two every single day. you can see this? of course i can see you. but, steve, i'm thinking-- it's like you're standing-- it's like you're standing right there. it's like i'm touching you. yeah.
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as the united kingdom awaits
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an announcement on the specifics of the royal wedding, a new look at the man who would be king. brian williams sat down for an exclusive and rare interview with prince charles. he asked the heir to the british throne about his son's impending wedding vows. >> do you have words of advice for your son, william, embarking in this in an even worst media environment. >> don't take the advice of the media is my advice. >> how could he possibly -- >> it is very intrusive, indeed. i feel for him deeply because in my day it was difficult enough. >> the anchor of nbc "nightly news" brian williams joins me now. you get to go with the future king and take a little stroll. >> pretty fancy. >> have a little conversation. >> you get to come home and you don't get to keep any of the stuff. didn't steal a thing. tempted. i have been telling everybody
11:16 am
all day in my house growing up in new jersey, my mother had that maybe you had one growing up, the commemorative mug of the charles and diana and that's as close as i came to the british royal family. >> what's he like? >> he's not like you and me. he was raised very differently, but, on certain subjects environment, media, you know, he lights up. he doesn't get demonstratively angry or anything as i am being now or as you are, but he, he was just, he meets a different set of standards. he had different education. swept up as a kid and sent to boarding school. it is like hogwarts -- >> without the magic. >> he reads books and writes and paints water colors and i think his average day differs from the
11:17 am
jansing/williams -- >> he also, though, is a dad. and he took a lot of hits around the time of diana's death. let me play a little clip talking about fatherhood, i guess. >> for many years you raised two children as a single parent and you have both children in the military, which must wear on you. >> it certainly did, obviously, when harry went. it was very difficult for william, my eldest, not to go. but i did say to him, look, when i was in the navy for the five years i had the same problem, they wouldn't send me anywhere. >> that's very charming. >> it is. and, remember, because he is the heir apparent and then william they really aren't allowed to scuff up their pants. they aren't allowed to go into combat zones but harry loves it. he's got that adrenaline thing.
11:18 am
but, yes, he has, you know, two sons in the military no matter where you slice it. william just did live rescues in the north sea by helicopter. you're going to worry -- >> apparently, if we believe the tabs over there. kate was very nervous about all that. >> catherine as we're now gently urged to call her. i haven't been told. >> is she going to be duchess. >> tamron called her catherine yesterday. i am just following the tamron style guide. >> he's going to get something, right? duke and duchess of something before she's princess. >> these going to get something. besides will's. i'm waiting for my something, something but it hasn't come yet. >> she's going to get something, i don't know what it is. >> what else did you talk to him about? >> i talked to him about what he does and how if he ever becomes king is he ever going to stop these passions and how did he know how to do his current role?
11:19 am
>> what do you see as the job description of prince of wales? >> well, it isn't a job description, so you have to rather make it up as you go along, which doesn't always, doesn't always appeal to everybody else. >> do families like yours talk about how to be a monarch? >> no. i suppose, really, you pick it up as you go along. from a very young age and it gradually dawns on you that what is actually all about or what the implications are. you know, you watch and you learn. >> you know, i didn't come out here to do a movie review, but it occurs to me i have to see a screening of a movie called "the king's speech." it's coming out with cauline firth playing a relative of prince charles and it's an incredible glimpse into the life of this royal family where
11:20 am
things aren't the way you think they are. and, yet, at another time they seem more normal than you and i would think they are. some of the items in the house and things like that are very normal and mundane. but then, again, you realize, wow, they're not attached to our current era. >> imagine there's no where in the world they can go where they're not recognized and they can go without security. i mean, you, i look at it this way. so, here's prince charles. social chart and then here's brian williams and then here's chris jansing, i feel as though, i don't want to say you moved and i don't want to say in what direction but i saw something on "today" show this morning. and i'd love to share. >> okay. here's a very basic dance move and you walk it back. that's don gnash who is like in
11:21 am
management. for first timers there is a viral web video that was done university of quebec years ago in a big college room our friends at "today" show decided to duplicate this experience on the plaza, they asked me to be a part of the family. i consider myself a part of the family. stop, for the love of god, stop showing this videotape. i was walking it back. i do the best i can. 51-year-old white guy using the arms and legs. i had to do the boneless arm thing. just pretend, you know, like you have to do the boneless arms. >> i don't know if it's going to make you feel any better, but, first of all, i was not invited to be part of that video. that's okay -- >> they knew i was going to make a fool out of myself. >> i may be a worst dancer than you, brian williams. >> they knew i was going to do something just that bad.
11:22 am
i would invite me, too, because it ends up looking like i have boneless arms. >> in spite of the fact that you were part of that video, i'll watch the "dateline" special. i'm fascinated by this. >> there is a great eddy izzard stand up routine. that's what i was doing, in my own defense. thanks for having me. >> okay. i'm sure you'll come back right away. he's going to be calling my booker and saying the man who will be king -- >> you're trying to read the graphic over my shoulder. >> we said earlier -- >> high class tv here, folks. there he is. we are being certain about it, though. >> "dateline" tonight on nbc. >> thanks, pal. copd doesn't just make it hard to breathe... it makes it hard to do a lot of things. and i'm a guy who likes to go exploring ...
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for the first time the u.s. military is rolling armored tanks against insurgents in afghanistan. coalition forces are at peak levels dropping a record number of bombs carrying out far more raids. several hundred insurgents have been captured or killed. still, president obama is keeping a close eye on the way out. >> i look forward to working with our nato and our partners as we move towards a new phase, a transition to afghan responsibility that begins in 2011 with afghan forces taking the lead for security across afghanistan by 2014. >> let's bring in msnbc military analyst and retired army general barry mccaffrey and also with us, richard engel live from bahgram air base in afghanistan. richard, let me start with you. the comments from the president about 2014 and turning over security and just a few moments ago at the nato summit.
11:27 am
tell me where things stand right now on the ground. >> no surprises here. that was the expectation. that is the american plan and, obviously, that could change. we're told it is conditioned based. right now we are in the mist of a surge. about 100,000 american troops here and 150,000 nato troops and the trajectory to stay at this level around 100,000 americans until july of next year and then a small number of troops and we are told it will be a small number will start to leave and then there will be this gradual decline all the way until 2014 when the combat mission will be over. so, that means four more years of the combat mission, plus, the nine that we've already had followed by a training mission and, as general mccaffrey knows, training missions can take a long time. if that training mission takes five, seven years, that's almost 20 years of involvement in afghanistan. >> general, the coalition plans
11:28 am
to keep pushing this flight through the winter. lester holt is over there at the same time richard is, he just spoke to a top commander. let me play for you what he said. >> we're going to press the insurgents at the very limit. we're going it keep pressure on him all through the winder and deny the opportunity to retrain, restock and to reenlist his people and make sure that he has no chance to rest. there has been a traditional lull in the fighting and we're not going to allow him that luxury to have that opportunity. >> is that a correct strategy? >> try to run the taliban out, particularly the city of kandahar. marines are out and they province and brits are heavily involved in it and combine that and the taliban led by karzai and the afghans and some chance that will work but as richard reports in the long run, we just heard the president nato was. we have another four years of combat it gets him into his second term and then the message
11:29 am
to the american people is there is going to be an ending. >> is the weakest link of those things you just enumerated the outrage to the taliban? >> i think what they're hoping is that maybe we better talk. special operation units particularly really hammering these people and there's a realistic chance it seems to me of negotiations actually producing some sort of a cease-fire in the next two years. but right now the taliban still think they're winning the next year will be telling. >> richard, lindsey graham, senator lindsaygram said this is the last best chance, this offensive. is that the sense you get from there? >> what they're trying to do here as the general just said is really beat the taliban to the negotiating table. put military pressure on them and take away their momentum and convince them that they're not winning and the night raids by special ops will continue and if they don't come to the negotiating table, they are
11:30 am
going to die. that is the strategy and they feel that they have the forces in place right now. there is this surge under way. that surge is supposed to end in july 2011 or just start to end. so, there is a feeling here if they don't do this now, they won't have an opportunity to do it in the future. they have about a year to convince the taliban that they better make a deal or they're going to face some real military reprecussion. >> we have been talking all morning now about this report from "washington post" for thirfirst time moving into afghanistan. what is the advantage behind that? >> it's an insurance policy for starters. but encountering opposition and these people are using heavy machine guns and rpgs and automatic weapons. they need instant pinpoint fire power. >> this gives them some distance. >> the tank of ours, the tank is
11:31 am
72 tons, but it has a foot print that is less than most armored vehicles. i used to tell people, you know, i love the m1 tank and it will outrace a german beer truck going uphill and it sees in the dark and strike targets of 3, 4 kilometer range. it's going to give an insurance policy to the marines. it's going to be less dead u.s. soldiers and marines because of that armor there. >> general mccaffrey, always good to see you. happy thanksgiving to you, sir thank you, richarrichard, as we the dog was mistakenly youthenized at a shelter in arizona, but back in february target belonged to a national guardsman stationed in afghanistan and he saved dozens of american soldier there's by attacking a suicide bomber. when back home he wandered away, was returned to the shelter where target's owner found out that he had been mistakenly put with two pills. the morning is over, it's time for two more pills.
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here are some other stories making headlines this friday. joe miller isn't giving up his battle for senator. lisa murkowski declared victory on wednesday but he wants a judge to stop it. he is challenging the thousands of write-in ballots for murkows murkowski. areuben authorities have asked the parents of missing american teen natalee holloway for her dental records. investigators are analyzing a jawbone that was found by a tourist last week. the 18-year-old disappeared five years ago while on a high school trip to aruba. following the rollout of more personal pat down methods some are thinking about ditching their tsa agents and replacing them with screeners from the private sector. ever since the announcement that officials plan to ban four loko people stocking up. the fda warned makers of the combo caffeine and alcohol
11:36 am
drinks that the government could seize their products if they didn't take them off the market or prove that they're safe. and the mexican government is auctioning off 12 million items seized from mexican drug cartels, rings, watches, luxury vehicles, helicopters, boats and at least one airplane is on the block. officials hope to raise about $6.5 million. 2 million out of work americans are in limbo wondering their jobless benefits will run out over the holidays. yesterday the house failed to get enough votes to put the benefit extension bill on the fast track. luke russert is live on capitol hill and, luke, nancy pus lowy promises to bring this back for a vote after thanksgiving. will she have enough votes by then? >> she could have had the votes if she brought this vote up under normal rules. yesterday the house tried to do it under suspension which they needed a two-thirds majority for this to pass. democrats knew they were not going to get enough republican support and they wanted to publicize the issue before thanksgiving and sandra leaven
11:37 am
saying i don't see how republicans can go home for thanksgiving knowing that they blocked this bill hundreds of thousands of people may not have turkey on their table. what exactly is this bill? it's a $12.5 billion unemployment extension, unemployment benefit extension package that will carry on for three more months and extended this year and when the unemployment rate is 4.7 %. what really needs to happen is policies that would create jobs, not necessarily keep on having handouts. democrats say that it is heartless in this time of need and that people absolutely need these benefits and they need them for grocery bills and need it for all sorts of medical bills and things of that nature and money that goes directly back into the economy so it helps at the end of the day. that being said, though, even if this bill were to go through the house and most likely will the week of thanksgiving under normal rules it faces an uphill ballot in the senate and currently not on the senate
11:38 am
calendar and some republicans will cross over to the democratic side. last time around they got moderate senator and they'll need to get more folks like that if they want to pass an unemployment benefit the first week of recess. >> have a great weekend, luke. >> be well. governors new and old raised fees to fix tuition and fix huge deficits in their states but americans are showing their anger. this was the scene in san francisco earlier in the week and let's go now to richard lui who has been looking into all this. they're not happy about where to go to college, that's what that is all about. >> governors are trying to raise revenue as we look at difficult financial times right now. states have hit an all-time low if we take a look at their budget imbalances. look at this budget from the data and policy procedures. they're showing the last recession right here. that is the current recession and that is the largest on record. come over to this record on my right. it is everywhere. 46 states across the union have budget shortfalls. only alaska, montana, north
11:39 am
dakota and arkansas have no budget shortfall at the moment. then we swing way over here and this is what states are doing. they're cutting their budgets. what does that mean. health services cut in 31 states. k through 12 education cut in 34 states and employees just getting the slash, happening in 44 states across the country. then we take a look at taxes. they are raising them. 17 states doing that in sales tax. you can take a look at what they do in business taxes as well as excise taxes. it happening almost everywhere. so, as new governors in san diego look towards 2012 some know what's at stake here saying "we have a two-year window to prove ourselves if we do what we talked about doing." ideas from the center to help them do that, well, they say separate state and federal tax systems and close some of those corporate loop holes. it's daunting with the boogie man looking, of course, at $3 trillion in unfunded pensions. that's out there. plus, you've got rising medicaid costs across the states.
11:40 am
that's what they're also looking at right now. it's tough. >> all right, now, i'm really depressed. it's a serious situation and we'll have a lot more debates on that, richard, thank you. this morning, vice president joe biden left off sarah palin's assertion if she tried, she could take the president in 2012. in an interview with barbara walters, palin was asked if she could beat obama and she said, i believe so. here's how the vice president responded. >> well, look, i don't -- you're going to get me in trouble. i don't think she could beat president obama, but, you know, she's always underestimated. so, i think i shouldn't say any more. >> as the vice president is couching his words, probably very wisely, what do you think, governor? could sarah palin beat barack
11:41 am
obama in 2012? >> i have not had a drink of four loko this morning so, i don't think i'm exaggerating the situation. but sarah palin is really quite remarkable. john mccain called me today that he selected her. i said i think it was a great choice. pro-life nra member and her husband is a steel worker. she was and is an extraordinary asset to the party, as she brought out a lot of people. obviously, we misfired as republicans on the o'donnell and the nevada race, as well. but the fact is, she has two very successful books. i guess the second one coming out. it will be very successful. she is alive and well. >> nobody is arguing the fact that she's got the it factor. no one is arguing infact that she has taken the vice presidential nomination and really run with it. but, again, could she beat barack obama? >> i think that barack obama is an extraordinary politician, but
11:42 am
he's had extraordinary problems. he's had real problems in foreign policy and certainly domestic affairs and a lot of people are mad about obama care and supposed to hold down health care costs and health care costs substantially higher. i think the tea party movement and the conservatives for sarah and the issue is where the independents will go. if they nudge sarah palin's way assuming she is a candidate, i think she can defealt him. but right now it will be very, very difficult. a lot of people don't know that much about her. but, still, an amazing political climate we find ourselves in. >> it sab luabsolutely is. the vice president was laughing but he made the point that a lot more people are making which is she has been underestimated before. >> never underestimate your opponent and the governor says she's an extraordinary asset to her party. i say she's an extraordinary -- >> are we allowed to say that? >> i think we can. we're all grown ups, i think the grown ups are watching and the kiddies are in school. i pray, i pray sarah palin is
11:43 am
their opponent for barack obama. the more the woman says, the more trouble she gets into it. i don't know if anyone has seen it. you can see it on youtube. glenn beck asking sarah palin who her favorite founding father is and she struggles to think of a founding father. yes, she does. this woman is the candidate from the old robert redford. this woman is the candidate from the old robert redford movie. she is a fascinate, fascinating figure and great fund-raiser and beautiful on camera and brings a lot to the table, but she is not the next president of the united states. >> real quick. >> i think the democrats need to be really careful to assume that sarah palin is ani asset for th. the one thing she is really good at is expressing the anger of this sort of hammered middle class. she's a great populous leader and if the economy is in bad
11:44 am
shape, maybe a populist is the person that wins. >> not as the candidate, only in the background. >> not the last we'll have of this conversation. >> oh, no. >> have a great weekend. >> thank you. some u.s. baby pandas have a new home today in china. isn't that weird, u.s. pandas to china. it is set up to help the little black and white bears adapt to living in china. the staff will help the babies who were all born overseas get used to the chinese food and the chinese language. who would have thought? ♪ [ male announcer ] open up a cadillac during our season's best sales event and receive the gift of asphalt. experience the exhilarating cadillac cts with a direct injection v6. it's the one gift you can open up all year long. see your cadillac dealer for this attractive offer. backed by the peace of mind that only comes from cadillac premium care maintenance.
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♪ free-credit-score ♪ you won't regret it at all! ♪ check the legal y'all. >>offer applies with enrollment in triple advantage.® officials in one california city are turning to facebook. post the pictures of people arrested for dui. they hope this digital form of public shaming will keep drunk drivers off the road.
11:48 am
devin is a huntington beach city council member and supports this proposal. thanks for being with us, good morning. >> good morning, chris. >> why do you think this is a good idea? >> well, in huntington beach duis are up 70% in the last decade. we're looking to use every tool we can to curb binge drinking. we're not trying to stop the person that's just going to out to have dinner and drinks. >> what makes you think this will work? as i understand it, the local newspaper, up until recently, would post pictures like this and they stopped, it didn't have any impact on it and as you just said, in fact, the problem there is on the rise. >> i don't know if they stopped it because it didn't have any impact. it was an editorial change and the new editor did not want to publish it any longer. we just feel it is one of the tools that would help and trying to keep people from drinking and getting behind the wheel. >> i'm sure you heard the arguments about invasion of
11:49 am
privacy and whether or not this is fair. so, is this going to be just of people who are arrested or are you waiting until they're convicted? >> we're looking at waiting until they're convicted and putting that on the website. any of it is public information, though. once you're arrested, that becomes public information. even when it was in the paper, that becomes a permanent record. >> so, what other things are you doing? this is a problem that had gotten better for a long time, but there are places in the country like huntington beach that have seen a rise. what other things are you doing there? >> well, yeah, we're fourth out of 55 cities our size in dui-related traffic incidents. so, we're also looking to put another dui officer on. we have one officer that has had over 400 arrests, average that for the last three or four years. >> well, we wish you well, obviously, with it. devin, good of you to take the time to talk with us today. >> thank you, appreciate it. big story when outrage over the new airport screening
11:50 am
procedures leads to a taiwanese video animation. willie's week in review, up next. [ male announcer ] there are billions of people in the world. ♪ but only one dad. ♪ show him how much you care with gillette fusion proglide. ♪ [ male announcer ] there are billions of people in the world. ♪ but only one dad. ♪ show him how much you care with gillette fusion proglide. ♪ ♪ yes! ♪ look, they fit! oh my gosh, are those the jeans from last year? how'd you do it? eating right...whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who eat more whole grain tend to have healthier body weights. multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories.
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yes, another incredible week filled with politics, pat-downs and, of course, sarah palin. but what was willie geist's number one story of the week? take a look. >> if you ran for president, could you beat barack obama? >> i believe so. at number three, the palin's tv takeover. >> this mom of grizzly brown bear really protecting her cubs. >> sarah palin rolled out her new reality show this week where she introduced the country to the le vie johnston memorial, no boys upstairs gate. >> see this gate? it's not just for trig. it's for "no boys go upstairs." >> from sarah's palin alaska we traveled south to watch bristol palin dance.
11:54 am
despite multiple reports that she's not very good at dancing, bristol survived another week on "dancing with the stars." >> brandy and max. >> those boos were with s weree of those who suspect the integrity of the show has been compromised by a tea party conspiracy to keep bristol around. >> tea party americans, you're winning! at number two. if you touch my junk, i'll have you arrested. >> american travelers expressed frustration this week that they hadn't at least been bought dinner before being exposed to the pat-down. >> my body, personal invasion. >> i felt violated. >> up my skirt, that's when i freaked out. >> when the flying public protested the heavy petting at least one tsa agent appeared to be enjoying the controversial new hands-on policy.
11:55 am
♪ when i get that feeling i want sexual healing ♪ >> reporter: some travelers worry that the new x-ray body scans violate private scans and are more importantly unflattering through the hips. you know a story has reached critical mass when taiwan rolls out an animation. and the number one story of the week -- >> tonight at 6:00 at bumming ham palace, a royal wedding. >> prince william and his girlfriend have announced their engagement. >> what will they represent to modern britain? will people care? >> while most of the world press obsessed over the engagement of two rich, rosy-cheeked britain people, a small band of brave reporters remain focused on the real issue of that affects the lives of ordinary folks. >> let's break the ice. >> a family traveling on u.s. 75 in kansas came upon a sedan that appeared to be carrying its
11:56 am
giant dog in the back seat. >> okay. there's a car here. we're going down the highway. >> but as they pulled up next to the car, a horrifying equine discover discovery finding a horse in the back seat of a car incidentally is a big score in the i spy family travel game. >> in the back of the car, there's a porous. >> it's a miniature trick pony named rascal who tors kansas in his owner's old toyota broiten may have wills and kates, but, by god, the colony has rascal. >> smile, horsey! >> there's a horse in the car. >> thank you, willie. that will do it for me this week. i'm chris jansing. join me on monday. contessa brewer will pick things up next.
11:57 am
we're looking at the backlash against the tsa, the intensifying controversy over the screening. one congressman wants to dump the tsa altogether and hire private security. those men, those few men in that building over there, are the most powerful men in the history of the world. >> the director of "fair game" joins me live. he tells us how he wants to spark an american conversation about what we expect of our highest leaders. plus, the search for a missing family from ohio comes to devastating end. we'll be right back. she felt lost...
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