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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  November 20, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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next on msnbc saturday, a key development today about the future of u.s. troops in afghanistan. but will it bring them home anytime soon? it is a deal on airport screening, but you'll have to go through the invasive searches. fighting back, a restaurant customer hopes this video will help her extract revenge on those who helped send her to the
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slammer. plus, where is wesley? and good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt where it's 9:00 here on the east coast. let's get to what's happening out in respect nato officials are embracing a four-year time frame for afghan forces to take over control of their country's security. that formal endorsement came just from this morning. under the plan, coalition forces will begin withdrawing next year. mike is live for us at the white house and lester holt is live for us in afghanistan. we'll go long distance, lester, and begin with you. how would you size up the implications of today's nato agreement? >> well, i think it val dates what we have seen here on the ground, alex, and that is the fact that there are afghan forces taking on greater and greater roles. the transition has been taking place here. we want patrol with u.s. marines in marja the day before yesterday. i'm losing track of times.
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and there were afghan soldiers along with them as well as afghan police. we're going to be going up in a resupply air drop and we'll be supplying, we're told, with an afghan pilot. so it is already happening and the troops here are quick to point that out. that said, the u.s. is still taking the brunt of the xwant combat and there is a lot of heavy combat going on in this country, a lot of heavy casualty peps this particular base houses a lot of nato assets, most of them air force, usair force, but certainly there are a lot of nato members and these planes come and go throughout the night. we're standing here at the 33rd rescue squadron. members were behind me were with me on the "today" show. these choerps are busier than they would like to be because they go in and pick up those wounded on the battlefield. signs that this war is certainly not slackening in its pace, but again, the handover to afghan forces is taking place.
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>> lester, we thank them very much for sticking around and thank them for the job that they do. lester, would any of the folks behind you be affected by this at all or would it be a fresh wave of troops that come in and then they're all gone by 2014? >> interesting point. this unit has rotated and other units will replace it. but units like this will be probably among the last to go. as long as americans are certainly fighting and shedding blood on this battlefield, there will be units if not one just like it who will be here to the bitter end to make sure those troops get to help as quickly as they can. >> please suppress our thanks for the job they do every single minute of their time over there. lester, thank you so you, as well. appreciate it. let's head now to the white house. so it's a good saturday morning to you, mike. what are you hearing there in d.c.? >> lester holt is in
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afghanistan, but the president of that nation is in lisbon, portugal for the nato meetings and the president is there in afghanistan at the top of the agenda for those meetings there. of course, it is a nato operation. and witnessing some 28 countries meeting at their annual meeting there. they're led by a man named anders rasmussen. here is what he had to say about nato's role come 2014 in afghanistan. >> i think this is a realistic timetable. and according to that, i don't fores foresee troops in ra combat role beyond 2014. >> of course, a very controversial point all along. ever since that review, the president obama conducked last year, the review of the afghanistan policy, came out december 1st. do you remember that speech at west point, announced that july
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2011 would be the date by which american force would be to withdrawal from that country. they still holds true, but they emphasize begin and now 2014, emphasized the end of 2014 when nato and u.s. troops which make up the bulk of those troops fighting in afghanistan will hand over security of that country to afghan military and police forces. the other issue on the table in nato, the s.t.a.r.t. treaty. nothing short of contention between republicans and the senate and president obama. he hit them hard in his radio address. he's gotten a lot of encouragement from nato leaders. at issue, republicans fwloking ratification of that arms reduction treaty with russia. a high stakes game going on right now. not sure whether the president has the 67 votes, two-thirds of the senate necessary to ratify that agreement. alex. >> mike, thanks. >> reporter: okay. we're going to bring you all live coverage of the president's news conference b from lisbon seniority at 11:30 eastern time. more than 10,000 ground zero
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workers who were exposed to toxic dust have joined a legal settlement. the $625 million agreement wraps up a seven-year fight between new york city and first responders. the workers say they were not properly outfitted for rescue efforts in the aftermath and they developed respiratory problems as a result. more than 95% of workers eligible for the settlement agreed to the offer. the soous senate is considering separate legislation that could authorize mon than $7 billion in medical care and payments to sick ground zero workers. the fbi is investigating a threatening letter and a suspicious white powder discovered in the mail room of the studio of "dancing with the stars." initial tests show that powder is not hazardous. the letter will be taking to a lab for further testing. tmz is reporting that the letter was addressed to bristol palin who, of course, currently is a finalist on that show. no one was injured. new and big developments this morning concerning those controversial pat-downs and body
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scanning machines at airports that have some airport travelers furious. mara is following the details for us. what is this big change? >> the transportation security administration is changing the rules for at least one group of frequent flyers. the tsa is saying pilots will no longer have to walk through body scanners or submit to intense pat-downs while on the job. pilots traveling in uniform or on airline business are allowed to bypass security by showing two photo i.d.s, one from their company and one personal one like a driver's license. the enhanced patdown machines will remain in place. and a new poll shows 15% ooh americans disagree with airports using the body scanners while 81% say they're okay with the machines, even though they show extremely revealing images. >> it invades my personal space, my body. >> i felt violated. and used her hand to go up my
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skirt. >> this is just going to take us down to eventually we're like, well, we can't scan you because that doesn't work. you're going to come in, take awe all your clothes off. >> the head of the tsa says he's not backing down on the new security measures. in a statement yesterday he said, quote, our best defense against the serious security threats we face remains aes risk-based laird security approach that utilizes a range of measures, both seen and unseen, including law enforcement, advanced technology, intelligence watch list checks and international collaboration. all pat-downs are done professionally and are designed to detect hidden explosives that could bring down a plane. only a maul percentage of passengers end up needing them. that's not good enough for many passengers opposed to the techniques. a boycott of these minutes is set for this wednesday, the day before thanksgiving and that could slow things down big time. >> that would be a nightmare. but i'm curious, mara, with the pilots no longer being subjected
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to these screening measures, other airline employees, might they be xemtd, too? >> the president of the flight attendant's union at southwest airline says if pilot committees bypass the screening process, so should flight attendants. but so far, the rules have not been changed for anyone but pilot peps. >> thanks, mara. >> thanks, alex. people in barso, california, are without tap water. residents are stocking up on bottles water after a chemical contamination. the chemical that they discovered is found in explosives. it can have adverse effects on human hormone levels. major snowstorms will blanket the western part of the country this weekend. california and nevada are already seeing know building up in the lake tahoe region. areas of high altitude could get several feet. significant snow is expected to coat montana and wyoming and snow began in billings, montana,
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on friday. that caused several accidents on the road. for the complete national forecast, let's go to bill karins who is in studio. >> alex, you're a skier, you love it. >> i know. >> this is the first week that everyone is happy. they're excited they're getting this heavy snow out west. your mammoth area could end up with four feet of snow by the time it's all said and done. if you like powder skiing over the thanksgiving holiday, this is your lucky weekend. if you're waking up with us on the east coast, you have no weather problems over the next couple of days. it's cold and chilly, but it's nice. the only troublesome cold weather is this arctic outbreak that's coming down. it won't hit freezing today in minnesota. minneapolis is very, very chilly. much of the western half of the country, that's where we're dealing with the troublesome weather. it will be moving slowly across the country this week. there's no bad weather at all right now from denver to the east coast. we have rain at the lowell vacations. it's a big deal when it rains in
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l.a. and san diego. it's not a heavy rain. it's scattered showers on and off through today and tomorrow. it's only the high elevations that are going to see that snow. here is the predictions for the snow. you noticed the snow is in the sierra mountains, that's the highest total. we're going to see decent snow near jackson and wyoming. the dakotas will have enough snow on the ground to cause minor travel problems. here is your saturday forecast, a really nice day in the carolinas to atlanta. cool in new york and boston. we'll take 50s this time of year. there's that rainey weather out west. a peek at your sunday forecast tomorrow. more of the same. the system begins to ever so slowly move out. if you're in dallas through new england, no problems. alex, here is your last sneak peek at the extended forecast for the middle of the week. wednesday, they call it the busiest travel day of the year and thanksgiving day. a weak system is going to bring some rain and that storm system out to the west will be lingering. looking at the forecast for wednesday, we worry about the airports and the roads and the rails. we're not going to have any
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major storms. >> that's good for wednesday. meantime, i'm texting my friends right now in mammoth. i don't care that it's 6:11 in the morning. is it snowing? what's going on? >> i'm sure they're up. >> i'm sure they are. thank you very much, bill karins. the republicans say they're willing to work at the white house, but are they willing to compromise to get things accomplished? google is going gang buster and putting up the help wanted sign. how many people do they want to hire? where is in the world is wesley snipes and where do authorities say put him in the slammer right now? [scraping] [horns honking] with deposits in your engine, it can feel like something's holding your car back. let me guess, 16. [laughing] yeeah. that's why there's castrol gtx... with our most powerful deposit fighting ingredient ever. castrol gtx exceeds the toughest new industry standard. don't let deposits hold your car back. get castrol gtx. it's more than just oil. it's liquid engineering.
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actor wesley snipes has not yesterday yet turned himself into authorities. the actor was sentenced into a
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three-year prison term for tax related crimes. the federal judge rejected a motion for a new trial yesterday. president obama is taking a break from nato meetings to plug one of his favorite products, the electric car. obama slid into the drivers' seat of a car made by general motors after a meeting in afghanistan. the vehicle that's an opal impera will start going on sale in europe next year. he's promised to bring 1 million electric vehicles to u.s. roads by 2015. new words from the top senate this week, in the gop's weekly address, senator mitch mcconnell says his party is open to working with the other side of the aisle. >> it's not too late to focus on the priorities of the american people. and republicans in congress are eager to work with anyone, republican or democrat, who is willing to do so. >> good saturday morning to you. >> good morning, alex. >> usually you're a sunday
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morning girl, but it's good to see you. so you heard senator mcconnell. he says the gop is willing to work with anyone, republican or democrat. i'm not sure if that means a compromise. how are you reading this? >> it's interesting. in fairness to the republicans, they feel in this lame deck session, it's not really the republican's responsibility to help them clean up their mess as they are trying to organize a huge freman class and plan their return to the republican majority. when you get to things like an arms control treaty with russia, the fact that republicans are digging in against passing the s.t.a.r.t. treaty is a problem. that is something that -- it's urgent that it passes because it is integral to resetting our relations with russia and more importantly, keeping the russians on board as we attempt to isolate iran. it is not a complicated document and it could probably be passed in this lame duck session. but obama is pushing the
9:18 am
republicans to get it done now because he has more votes now than he will come january. that is something that it really should be passed, it could be passed later, but that's a little game of political chicken going on between the two parties. and, again, i think the republicans just see the lame duck session as not their problem. >> but why when the president said, look, i want to meet with republican webs why the republicans push that back this week? >> that's an interesting question. and they did admit that they were the ones who wanted to reschedule it. i think the president came up right after the election and said i'm going to pick november 18th. arguably, i think we all hoped the president's schedule is more busy than the leaders in the congress, majority or minority. i understand the republicans are putting together an orientation program and a transition here, but it was a dinner and it was an evening meeting and it's probably one that this could have made. they bristle at meetings with president obama. they feel that they haven't gone well in the past. and so that is -- i don't think they're putting the best foot forward when it comes to meeting
9:19 am
with the president to talk substance. they are going to meet tuesday, november 30th at this point, but that's really almost the end of what this lame duck session is scheduled to be and it's not a good sign for things to come. >> with senator mitch mcconnell specifically saying to the american public, i've got president barack obama in my cross hairs here. he's right here. we're going to make sure he's a one-term president, is there a sense that the gop is looking to make sure that nothing significant is accomplished over the next two years? >> well, they believe the election did validate, you know, their saying no consistently over a two-year period to president obama's agenda and that they were rewarded for that. so i do believe that, again, they don't think the lame duck session is their problem. i think next year, it is true that there are leaders like mcconnell who believe that the best wait a minute way to accomplish what they want to get done is to stop president obama and defeat him in 201237. >> but aviie, is there a
9:20 am
difference between what republican leaders believe and what the americans believe? do you think americans voted for gridlock for two years? >> that's an interesting question, alex. we did not see for the first time after this election the victors come out and say it's time to reach across the aisle. many of the newly tea partied backed candidates are dug in. there were signs from tea party supporters who followed their newly elected lawmakers to washington this week that said hail gridlock. so there is a feeling, at least on the republican side, to stick with their principles and fight obama. and they will be under tremendous pressure from the rank and file, even if the leadership wants to try to cut some deals so that they don't look like they're relinquishing responsibility for governing. and that is the attention all along for them. >> we talk about the fracturing of the democratic party. do you think there's the potential for the fracturing of the republican party or will they stay united in their opposition to everything obama? >> well, i just want you to know, alex, the main goal for the republican party right now is to absorb the tea party.
9:21 am
the biggest threat to the republican party is that the tea party gets more disapointed and disgruntled with republicans and bails, starts getting into the primary, all the new republicans to turn them out of their newly one seat and to back a third party candidate in 2012. the republican party knows that this is the goal, to absorb this movement and not let it stray off the reservation. so they are, in a way, going to have to adhere to the pressures from those members, for sure, and that's going to be a real tension in terms of trying to govern and look like they got through a few things. the debt ceiling is a real stark example. in the spring, the republicans are going to have to -- the congress is going to have to raise the debt ceiling and already they have new members saying i didn't come here to raise the debt ceiling bus, of course, here not going to be able to make enough cuts on time to do so. >> thanks so much. we have a few items to bring you now.
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there is more evidence this morning of facebook's immense popularity. facebook now accounts for 25% of all page view necessary this country. according to hitwise, facebook has 3% more visits than google in this past week. they will surpass google as the most popular website in the u.s. just so you know, americans are still watching a lot of television. the new nielsen study shows americans are watching more than 143 hours of tv each month. that is almost five hours a day and pretty much the same amount we watched a year ago. more fur may wind up under the christmas tree this year. fur is making a comeback. some of it is safe and designers claim it looks like the real deal. and spirits may be higher in many more parts of the country tomorrow and that's because more states are clel selling alcohol on sunday. according to the usa today paper, 14 states since 2000 have -- have lifted blue laws to ban atlanticer sales on sunday and that makes 36 states in all
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♪ [ male announcer ] at&t covers 97% of all americans. rethink possible. google keeps growing and growing and it has to keep hiring and hiring. it currently has more than 2,000 job openings worldwide. google has announced it will give each employee a 10% raise next year. that's a good company to work for. meantime, just released white sox office numbers show the harry potter finale is raking in some big bucks. take a look. >> go. leave! >> yeah, i'd get out of there
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pretty quick. just how much has the new harry potter film earned in its debut weekends? let's find out. good morning. >> good morning. >> how much money are we talking about? >> a big number. analysts are estimating anywhere from $130 to $150 million for opening weekend alone. the midnight showings on thursday earned about $24 million, which is not too shap shabby but does not break any records. what comes before that? twilight eclipse beat it out. >> okay. what about the nature of this particular film? kind of dark, right, compared to the previous one? >> it is very dark. this is not for young kids, that's for sure. in this installment, harry, ron and herminie are looking for the cruxes to defeat voldemore. there is torture in this movie and a lot of the main players in past movies die. it's really good. there's a lot of emotional depth. it sets things up perfectly for
9:28 am
the 234x installment which, of course, is out in july and will be in 3d. some critics are saying it's drawn out. why did they break this down into two movies except to get lots and lots of revenue? but honestly, i think it worked really, really well. >> well, that book was voluminous. there was no way to put that into one movie. there was another movie, russell crowe's. how is that one looking. >> well, you know, for a movie that stars russell crowe and is directed by paul haggis, critics are saying it should be better. the plot holes in it are too gaping to ignore. this is a movie that's probably not going to break $10 million this weekend. "megamind" and "due date," will beat it out at the box office. >> really? >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. the future of u.s. troops in afghanistan, why today auto could help determine what they'll be doing in the near
9:29 am
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it's msnbc saturday. it's alex witt. at 31 past the hour, here are your fast five headlines. at the nato summit, president obama and other leaders have agreed to withdrawal troops from afghanistan next year and hand of control of security to afghan leader by 2014. back here at home, airline pilots are exempt from scanning or pat-downs starting today. instead, the tsa says uniformed pilots will have to produce two picture i.d.s. in new zealand, heightened levels of methane and carbon monoxide are keeping crews from entering a coal mine yesterday. the fate of the 29 people in that mine is unknown. there appears to be big trouble brewing on wall street. according to the "wall street journal," the feds are preparing charges to expose a culture of pervasive insider trading and financial markets. the journal says investment bankers and hedge fund managers could be facing charges after a
9:33 am
three year investigate. and the fdic has closed three more banks and that makes 149 bayne bank failures this year nine more than all of last year. those are your five fast headlines. as nato leaders meet in lisbon, the battle on the air and on the ground is at peak levels in afghanistan. they're carrying out far more raids than they did last year. for more on the plan to end combat in afghanistan by 2014, i'm joined live from washington by msnbsz army general mccaffrey. good morning, sir. >> good morning, alex. >> i'm occur why is as what you see nato doing this and what may derail their plans. >> the most important thing we're trying to do is create enough security so that the country can economically jump start institutions. and more importantly, build afghanistan security groups. they have to create an army that
9:34 am
will respond to federal authorities. that's harder said than done. that's probably the work of a decade or so. but by 20 -- you know, another four years, we probably ought to be considerably along the road to do both those things. >> okay. general, i'm often wondering, the timeline for political purposes versus those for military purposes because it certainly makes sense for political purpose. you set that timeline, okay. militarily speaking, is that a problem? >> well, i think militarily, you never set timelines. you announce an im plaqueble political resolve. you think we're prepared to do whatever we need to do to win, but the reality of that, it won't support that approach. so i think the president's strategy was to keep his nato allies aboard. they're all ready to jump ship and try and reassures the american people this wouldn't be a dentalist war. the strategy he announced is pretty good. it pushes it into the next term of the next president.
9:35 am
that gives him a lot of breathing room. >> but general, you talk about combat operations ending and yet, earlier today, you talked about it being probably 20 years until the afghan government is coalesced so strongly and created a position where it can really take control of this country. that is if everything goes okay. does that mean u.s. troops say there that long? >> probably. it's hard for me to imagine that if we had the resolve to do this that we would stay there fighting for 20 years. my impression is in the next three, four, five years we'll probably create afghan institutions that are capable of acting on their own. the question then will be can that federal central government stop what is essentially a tribal war between the sects. that's a long-term effort and the question is open whether that's possible to do. >> general, wa does victory look like?
9:36 am
>> victory to us would be a state that doesn't sustain international terrorism, doesn't welcome back an al qaeda, doesn't make war in its even people slaughtering them by the hundreds of thousands as was happening during the civil war. and then finally, victory is when we get to leave and chaos doesn't follow our exit. >> let's hope we get there. general mccafferty, thank you. >> happy thanksgiving to you. an 11-year-old boy and two women whose remains were found, in just hour the coroner will release more information about tina herrmann, her 11-year-old son kody and family friend, stephanie sprang. her 13-year-old daughter, sarah, was found alive on sunday. hoffman is charged with kidnapping her. he could face murder charges. sarah palin is taking aim at
9:37 am
an internet blog after parts of her new intook released on line. on wednesday, the blog posted scanned images of 1 leaked pages from palin's book, america by heart. the ex govern went on twitter to complain but the website says it was fair use to post that material. a storm racing akrod canada will bring a storm to northern canada and new york. cooler temperatures will stretch into the mid 50s. bill karins has the national forecast for us. good morning, bill. >> a good saturday to everyone out there. alex, we're talking about the west coast. that's where the stormy weather is this morning and all weekend long. everyone pretty much east of the appalachians is going to see beautiful conditions this weekend. chillier than some people would like, but that mild air has been pushed to the south. the only real mild temperatures are from texas down athrong gulf coast into florida. that cold blast is the first
9:38 am
arctic outbreak into the northern plains and this of that cold air is bleeding through the great lakes into new england. we're going to see a significant snowstorm in the midwest over the next 48 hours. this is mostly a high elevation event, though. but you noticed montana and north dakota, that will be difficult in the next couple of days. it's going to be windy and cold. i threw this in here for alex. she's skied here and probably walked right where this picture is from. mammoth lakes ski resort. probably up to four feet of snow in the high elevations of california. looking at your forecast. not bad from atlanta to dallas. chicago, chilly. d.c. looks nice. mostly on the west coast we'll see on and off rain. san francisco will typically get two or three days in a row. it's what we've been waiting for big time later on today. back to you. >> you are so nice for throwing that picture. i'm getting a text from my
9:39 am
friends. at least 10 inches on the back deck. it's stumping. anyway, we're just days away from the busiest retail shopping day of the year, black friday. huge savings await approximately but first, you will need a plan of attack. to coordinate all that for us, vera gibbons. >> that's right. my favorite thing about black friday. >> the deals. >> they're out there. >> they were out there early, but they're out there yet again. black friday draws out a lot of people. 49% of households according to one survey say they're going out on black friday. as many as 200 million people out there braving in the colds, waiting in the lines to get those hot items. you've got $200 and $300 flat screen tvs. you've got the e-book reader. so people are out there. everyone wants a good deal. everyone wants a value. and this black friday will not disappoint. >> so strategy as you approach. >> strategy, right.
9:40 am
what do you do? >> you have to hit the designated black friday sites before you go out there. blackfriday2010, dealnews is another popular one. go to the black friday tab on there. find out who has what and do your comparisons on, price to see if anybody can beat those deals. people who go out on black friday, they're pros. they've done all their homework. >> you go armed with a list, right? it's this is my must have, it's where you want to go. >> you have to have a list. where are you going to go? walmart, target, best buy, whatever the case may be because this is not a day to browse. people are very aggressive. there's a lot of pushing and shoving going on. you have to have a plan definitely before you head out. >> can you go in teams, like families and friends? >> people do go in teams. and you desic nate responsibilities. one person will be running up and down the aisles getting the stuff. another person will be by the checkout line with a cart, stationary position so you know
9:41 am
where to find this person guarding the cart because some people steal. it's an aggressive day and you have to have a plan and it's good to shop in numbers so you have the bases covered. >> you set it up. there you go. thank you so much. >> thanks, alex. they're kind of like crime fighters, but are these folk heroes or fools? mom, have you seen my green shirt? ♪ i can't find it. ♪ [ female announcer ] new tide with acti-lift technology helps remove many dry stains as if they were fresh. hey! you found it. yeah, it must have been hiding in my closet. [ female announcer ] new tide with acti-lift. style is an option. clean is not. get acti-lift in these tide detergents.
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it's right out of the comic book. a group of masked crusader res hitting the streets, part of the group real life super heroes patrol the streets at night and it has some residents baffled. >> captain america and spider-man and all those guys. >> are you one of them? >> sometimes. >> police say these super heroes can cause harm, though. a bystander mistook a masked
9:45 am
super hero for a masked rob he. they don't carry guns, but they back taser webs night sticks and pepper spray. a florida woman has her car stolen while taking her child to school. tracks it down and found it upside down in a pond. no arrests have been made. a heart warming home coming for a 6-month-old puppy in california. tuesday, barry disappeared from a vet nair hospital in the san francisco area, but three days later, the family who owned bear got a fortunate phone call. the pup had been mysteriously dropped off at another vet's office 10 miles away. no one knows how he disappeared or got to the other vet, but the family is very thankful bear found his way home. a heated fight at hooter's between an off duty cop and a grandmother eating there has left that grandmother behind bars and suing the straent.
9:46 am
she's disputing a charge on the bill. she agrees to pay but gets into an argument with that security guard, joseph smith. hat one point, she loves the offduty police officer. shortly after, here it comes, he's going to grab her and put her into a headlock. the family of trerre is he is he made a racially charged statement while the officer claims he spit in her face. karen desoto is a former prosecutor and confidence attorney. do you see justification for a seven-month prison sentence? she's still in jail, by the way. >> yeah, you know, and it's horrible. one of the only reasons is that usually if you're convicted on something like this, you would get probation and the judge would slap you on the wrist and go home. however, if you have anything in your background, you have other charges, then you don't get that presumption. >> which she does. she has a dui and retail theft. so that -- >> so one, two, three times you're out. so you don't get that
9:47 am
presumption. a person, if they're a first time offender, they're fought going to get jail time. however, because of her past record, she's going to do time no matter what she gets convicted for. >> now, she alleged that she spit in his face after he made a racially charged comment. be that as it may, is spitting in an off duty police officer's face, is that enough for seven months? >> yes, actually. the -- any kind of flinging of bodily fluids is actually, in many jurisdictions, a separate charge. in this case, if you look at the tape, and you know if you look at the tape, a lay person will look at that and go, wow, this seems really harsh. however, from a police procedure standard, she did bump him. at the time she bumped him, even prior to this, that's grounds for arrest. you're calling him an off duty police officer, but according to the record, he did identify himself as the police. they did say we're having a police officer come over and talk to you. >> but, you know, if you look at this, we had a lawyer on a couple hours ago and he looked at this and he says, you know,
9:48 am
it's just too extreme. >> yes. >> it's too rough. >> of course because that's what a defense attorney is going to say. and i have been that defense attorney -- >> but it's a 54-year-old grandmother and a big, hulking police officer. >> i would say that. >> tall guy. >> i would say that. however, dwlur not -- at the point that he place a person under arrest, they're supposed to turn around and put their hands behind their back. >> whoa. >> you're allowed to step up force as a police officer. and listen, police officers deal with people who are not acting in a civilized manner. but as a prosecutor, i can tell you that there's at least four charges that i seen even prior to this that he could have arrested her on and probably did say you're under arrest and let's talk about the spitting. at the point that she spit on top of him and also the fact that she had another family member there, then the force is -- that's why she got the time. >> do you think she's going to win anything in this civil lawsuit against hooters and i believe the off duty cop, as well. of course. because if he's identified
9:49 am
himself as a police officer, then he's acting under color of law and you could hold the police department liable. however, at the point that she bumped him, she should have been placed under arrest. if she spit on him, it's resisting arrest. >> so you don't think it's too extreme? >> no, i don't. i think any police procedure expert will be able to knock all of that down. it's hooter's. maybe the cops should have put her in jail and let them go at it or -- >> oh, my gosh. or you get arrested? oh, no, we don't want any ors. karen, thank you so much. >> thank you. it was the find of a lifetime for a homeless man who needed so much, but what did he do with the $3,000 discovery? [ male announcer ] for fastidious librarian emily skinner, each day was fueled by thorough preparation for events to come. well somewhere along the way, emily went right on living.
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but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuality. which meant she continued to have the means to live on... even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you.
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a homeless man in tempe,
9:53 am
arizona, is receiving praise and financial rewards after returning a lost whackpack that contained more than $3,000. a flash drive found in the bag helped authorities track down the college student who was going to use that money to buy a car. the homeless man, dave tally, said he had no intention of keeping the money. >> i'm so elated that the man has his money back. i knew in my heart, that this wasn't my money. i didn't earn it. and it needed to be returned. >> that's a good man right there. since news of his deed went public, he's received donations as has the shelter that he now calls home. the question now is where and when -- you know what i'm talking about, with the announcement of the royal engagement, speculation about the date of the wet wedding. in an exclusive interview with brian williams, prince charles shared some words of wisdom for his son on how to deal with the spotlight. >> do you have words of advice
9:54 am
for your son william embarking on this in an even worse media environment? he's under a microscope already. >> don't take the advice of the media is my advice. >> well, jessica hayes, an nbc news world contributor. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm well, thank you. i know you are, too. this has been quite a whirlwind for you because you're a friend of kate middleton's. >> absolutely. >> so a sense of how this couple is dealing with this tremendous media coverage this week, especially for kate. >> absolutely. i think they're dealing with it quite well. they're not together right now. they're obviously he's training somewhere else and she's at home in berkshire. but they're very, very much in touch and they're planning their big day. >> this engagement was announced tuesday. we haven't gotten a lot of details. why do you think it is taking so long for information to be released? >> i think this they're probably
9:55 am
taking their time. they want to make sure that everything is perfect for them because, obviously, they are in love, and that's the point. so i think it's taking a long time because they're preparing for, obviously, an announcement. it is going to take a long time. because both of them are quite busy people so -- >> jessica, have you and kate ever had chats about what it would be like to get married and did she ever indicate that she wanted a quiet wedding, like that's going to happen, or if she was all prepared for a big glamorous event? >> i think that they know that it's going to be a public event. but she does want something private. so i think they'll try and do both at once, if that's even possible. >> yeah, right, exactly. because we know that she was seen at westminster abbey. speculation that that's maybe the only place we saw her. do you know if she's looking at several places?
9:56 am
>> there's a lot of speculation. obviously the public are going to be wondering where it's good to be. it may be at westminster abbey, but we're thinking it might be somewhere more personal or private to them. at the moment all very speculative. >> as kate's friend, i'm sure you'd be able to explain what it is about her that americans seem to have fallen in love with. what is she like? because we're all so excited about this. >> she's a very, very strong-willed person, but she has a lot of class and intellect. i think she's a support for william as much as he's a support for her. i think that's what makes their relationship so perfect. they both love each other very much. you can see it's a natural love. >> when they had that period apart now i guess 3 1/2 years ago or so, i even said on this broadcast, i'm so bummed they broke up. i hope they get back together. that tells you how i feel about it. was that a tough time for her? >> it was a trial separation
9:57 am
just purely because they were both so busy at the time. they knew that it was going to be temporary. obviously they've come back together and show everybody that relationships can work. that's why i think americans and the world love her. because she's a normal person. she's very, very grounded. that's what i've always said about her. and wills absolutely adores that in her. >> and you say she's got strong opinions and all that. >> absolutely. >> has she shared anything about the prospect of being queen? i'm sure she grew up and had her own plans for her life and she'll be queen of england at some point. >> she's still got her own plans. i think that's very important to her. that will come across in the years to come. it's a different kettle of fish now. she's very independent and so is wills, but they support each other. but the prospect of being queen, of course, she's very nervous, but that's what any normal person would be like. but i'm sure she'll take it in her stride and she'll be
9:58 am
confident beyond belief. she's got a good head on her shoulders. >> good to know. god willing being queen will be some ways off just so she can enjoy life as a newlywed for a while. >> i think she will do and that's the plan for them both. >> jessica hay. thanks so much. >> nice to meet you as well. nice to meet you on tv. >> while there appears to be a lot of interest in the upcoming royal nuptials, americans aren't so key on tying the knot themselves apparently. why are americans so down on going to the altar? ♪ i was young and i was stupid ♪ i had just turned 17 ♪ a harmonica and a box guitar ♪ ♪ in a canvas-covered wagon stuffed... ♪ [ male announcer ] while the world's been waiting on the electric car, maybe the whole time, the electric car has been waiting for this... the wattstation from ge. it's going to change the way we get to where we all want to go. ♪ i didn't think much of it till i took it apart ♪
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