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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  November 21, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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many call patently unfair. also a discovery that new york could be a ticking time bomb. a truck driver goes off road and into a bedroom. plus the grum belly burger, the thief with a voracious appetite. ♪ >> oh, yeah. that's the holiday's hottest toys or at least one of them. if they squeak, sing, or squeal, they may just be the thing for your child, and good luck with that. in the meantime i'm alex witt and welcome to "msnbc sunday." let's get to what's happening right now for you. security officials say it's the new reality of airline travel. the intense pat-downs at the airports. although some complain about the violations president obama says the measures are not without good reason. >> one of the most frustrating
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aspects of this fight against terrorism is that it has created a whole security apparatus around us that causes huge inconvenience for all of us. >> nbc's mike viqueira is live at the white house. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning, alex. >> the troops were focused on afghanistan and eu, but this is the topic making headlines. >> reporter: right. a whole host of issues on the plate, but this issue following the president to europe. you know, he's had a series of these international summit bus the level of concern in the united states had to answer the question from our own chuck todd at the nato conference. travelers are faced with two choices that can be demeaning, humiliating, they think, even unconstitutional. an illegal search and seizure. if you don't go through one of
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those full body scanners that puts an image on the board that some people come pafr to an avatar of your body, you have to go through the pat-downs which some consider even more an invasion of privacy for those who are trying to get through security and get on their flights. here's a little bit more of what he had to say in response. >> the procedures that they've been putting in place are the only ones right now that they consider to be effective against the kind of threat that we saw in the christmas day bombing. >> reporter: and so he cited that a couple of times. he failed to detonate the device hidden in his underwear. it went undetected at the airports. that's part of what i they've instituted these procedures. the pro has asked officials to constantly rethink an recalibrate what needs to be
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done to keep americans safe, whether this is absolutely necessary. he's been assured that it has, while conceding himself, obviously, alex, that he doesn't have to go through these procedures himself. we're going to hear more likely today from the head of tsa. john is on a couple of shows this morning, but that is the state of play from here at the white house as it stands right now, alex. moving to the airport this morning where the travel holiday season is getting into full swing with thanksgiving on thursday and my colleague michelle franzen is joining me in studio with that part of the story. good morning. >> it's one of the busiest and a planned protest can make things more stressful than usual. an estimated 1.6 million are expected to fly this week, 4,000 more than last year. and passengers fed up over the new security measures are turning to organizing a boycott on wednesday, the day before thanksgiving. they're calling on air travelers to refuse to go through full body scanners and instead opt
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for the pat-down. it's to slow security lines down and overwhelm security agents who perform pat-downs. that could cause delays at dozens of airports including major hubs like new york, miami, atlanta, chicago, dallas, los angeles. even if you're not flying through those airports they could cause delays through the countries. meanwhile they remain divided over the new techniques. >> it's a silly ridiculous waste of time. >> the entire process is a waste. >> if it keeps us safe, i'm not too worried about it. >> many air travelers say they're not sure what to expect. a new poll conducted by the travel alliance shows more than half of the americans, 56 americans say they're more confused than ever about the tsa rules. 41% say they're just as confused as they were before and only 3% say they're less confused. alex. >> you know what's interesting, alex.
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it's not just passengers. some tsa officials are also reported lly frustrated. >> so many have turned to the internet. some claim to post a site. many, too, don't like the new body scanners and enhanced pat-downs. tsa officials say their recent polls show about 80% of the travel support the security. >> officials say they are predicting a smooth holiday travel season. >> here's hoping. thank you, michelle. see you in the next hour. also a few minutes from now continuing coverage of the new screening focuses on the impact the nur airport security measures may have on the thanksgiving travelers out there. the al qaeda branch in yemen says the plot to blow up two u.s. cargo planes with mail bombs says it was simple to do. it says carrying out that plot last month cost $4,200.
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the two mail bombs were made with ink cartridges. they were discovered in england and dubai. they were from yemen and addressed to chicago area synagogues. new this morning they're looking for two suspected suicide bombers. the suspected islamic extremists are believed to be planning an attack on the prominent location in the german capital in the coming weeks. their newspaper reports they were planning an attack earlier in the year, but the federal crimes office reports call it highly speculative. >> let's go to an alarming one. an american scientist says north america has managed to build a sophisticated facility that can enrich uranium. they toured the plant and described it as modern and clean. the scientist says the plant's control room looks like it could have been built in the u.s.
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earlier today i asked the military expert about the threat that north korea poses right now. >> this is a regime that decided because of changes in their politics domestically to sink a south korean warship. that's how violent and unpredictable they are. this is a nuclear armed state that engages in violence. at some point the real fear is doing something they can't walk back from, they do something they can't ug nor and the end result will be a conflict of that peninsula. >> the special envoy starting a trip today that will include visits to south korea, japan, and china. let's go now to a turning point this weekend in the war in afghanistan. for the first time president obama says he wants americans to be done with major combat by the oechb 2014 but he's not setting that date in stone. >> it's hard to anticipate exactly what is going to be necessary to keep the american people safe as of 2014. i'll make that determination
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when i get there. >> nbc's lester holt is there live in afghanistan. with a good day to you, what steps are we taking to make that 2014 goal a reality? >> well, there is a transition process that's been under way for quite some time where the president's proclamation, it has been filtering around here at bagram airfield and around afghanistan. soldiers and commanders all trying to make some sense of what this means for them on the military standpoint. major john campbell, head of the 101st airborne division says they're on good pace, that four years from now doesn't worry him at all. he says they continue to make very good progress here on the military front and also on the front that probably doesn't make the headlines as much and that's the building of relationships in communities. they have these district plans where they go through town, try to build bridges with local
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leaders and work against the taliban a in that way. in terms of soldiers, many are trying to figure out what four years means in terms of another single deployment before this ends. i can tell you after being in this country six days and talking to marine soldiers and airmen there is a very strong resolve so get the job done and they believe they are getting job done. and on that training point, i spent part of this day with the afghan air force. there is such a thing. it's being built up with the help of american advisers. we went on an aircraft pie lotted by americans and afghan cruise and they'll ultimately transfer all of the crew positions over to the afghans. that's the model that the president hopes will stick and that this is what he wants at the end of 2014. >> can i ask you real quick? if you're there and you're observing the operations between u.s. soldiers and nato forces and after fwanys, what language
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are they speaking or do they have translators with them all the time? >> on the ground troops i think there's translators. in the particular unit i was with the crew members spoke english. in fact the afghan pilot attended u.s. pilot training. so he is a full-fledged pilot. what we were doing today, they were learning the art of the air drop, how to drop supplies. we were supplying a forward operating base, and so the americans are passing on the techniques and in turn they will pass it on to their colleaguesnd ultimately have their own complete capability. >> interesting. lester holt, you always get the great assignments. more snow will pound the western states today. utah will continue to see snowfall throughout the day and into the night. with a complete nation at forecast let's go to alex
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wallace. good morning. >> good morning. it's a mess across a good chunk of the u.s. we've got the full spectrum out there. snow, wind, rain, you name it. it's out there for us. we're seeing it right now describing through these spots. through the sierra nevada you see it here. around reno, snow for us. down around l.a. we've got rain in our neck of the woods on the steady and heavy side of things. calling for wet weather even into the desert southwest around the phoenix area where temperatures will top out in the upper 60s. temperatures really chill down quite a bit. we've got 30s and even sincele digit numbers. it's going be a pretty cold one with snow flying around. looking ahead, thanksgiving eve for us, things quiet down. a very busy travel day but we'll be looking for wet weather. parts of the south and into the ohio valley. dry for your wednesday and new york city but things change a
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bit on turkey day. we're going to watch some of the rain spread on in toward thanksgiving day itself, toward d.c. we're going be dry farther west but we'll notice cold air coming in. a good chunk of the western half of the country is going to be dealing with temperatures quite chilly and well below what it should be. look at chicago, below freezing. 31 degrees for tachb high. >> thanks for the heads-up. amanda knox gets another day in court. what are the chances she'll win this week's appeal conviction. it's a case of rude awakening when rubber leashes the road. we'll explain all of it for you on "msnbc sunday." mom, have you seen my green shirt?
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the holiday season is upon us, and according to aaa economic conditions will boost
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travel by less than 11%. it's focusing more on the controversial airport screening rules. joining us with the latest from london is the contributing editor of the budget and travel magazine. i have to ask as you were traveling to london what did you experience as you were traveling with the tsa new conditions. >> well, the delays are much longer and people aren't used to the invasive patdowns. they use the fronts of their hands. >> what did you do? >> i went through the scanner where you have to put your hands up like you're a criminal, but a lot of other people choose to do the patdown. the majority of americans say they appear to have the full scan machines according to the latest gallup poll.
9:18 am
>> sean, i'm curious. does it go more quickly. do you see people who go through the scanners, you're going to be gone much more quickly? >> oh, absolutely. the scanners are much, much faster because the machine issing down all the work, you don't have the labor of having to go off to the side and vb someone of the same gender touch you. so it's much faster to go through. >> and -- >> wednesday is the busiest travel day of the year and there are these people trying to have a protest and encourage people to do the pat-downs instead of going through the machines. it will be interesting to see if it slows down security procedures on the busiest holiday day of the year. >> don't you think if people do this -- we spoke with james babb, he's hoping people do follow this through. can you from your perspective thinking this could be a nightmare if people actually do it. >> it could be a total nightmare. you could have security lines of
9:19 am
an hour, hour and a half at major u.s. airports traveling at the holidays because as you say aaa is reporting that a lot of people putting off travel will be doing it. >> it's so stressful to travel at the holidays to begin with. do you think all of this is going to tribute to it and make it a more toxic environment? >> it definitely is. and i mean new york city is sort of like the big apple of the bad apple. it sort of is the rotten core. one out of every four flights out of novgs is delayed on average and it's even higher on thanksgiving weekend when there's a lot of extra traffic. so if you're going through any major airports you'll need more time. you can blame the faa. they say they need to do a better job of controlling the slots, the number of planes that go in and out. here in london we fly far more passengers that have 27% fewer delays than new york city and we have worse weather. so if they copied some of the
9:20 am
london maneuvers the faa could cut down only some of the delays. >> is that maneuver just spacing things further apart? would that solve the problem? >> it would cut down the flights. i would force them to fly bigger jets instead of the small ones that clutter the runways. this report for the d.o.t. says it could work very well in new york city as well. >> better on the budget. thank you from london. >> thank you, maniacs. >> is the deathly hall ohs live about all to past performance? [ male announcer ] you know her. oh, my gosh. [ male announcer ] we know diamonds. oh, my gosh. [ male announcer ] together we'll make her holiday. that's why only zales is the diamond store. where you'll pay no interest if paid in full by january 2012.
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awakening? an out of control truck crashed right through their bedroom while they were sleeping. amazingly they weren't hurt. the truck driver was flown to the hospital. they have yet to say whether he will be charged. so the new harry potter movie is on its way to a massive opening this weekend. let's take a peek. >> go. leave. >> in its u.s. debut alone, harry potter took more than $61 million on its first day which ranks as the biggest opening day on record and it topped the $48 million that last year's movie took in. tony, good morning. so good to have you here. >> so nice to be here. >> big reaction to this film is
9:25 am
that it is different from the previous movies. >> mm-hmm. >> how so? >> well, one of the most noti noticeable things is that every other movie has taken place at the hog warts school where harry and his friends at the school. there are virtually no hog warts. they're all wandering out in the countryside. it has a much more open-air feeling to it and there are fewer appearances of the older british actors that have kind of propped up the series and decorated it for so long. so it's more about these kids, and their swaugs is more dangerous, a little more lonely. the movie is a bit darker than maybe the other ones although each one has gotten progressively more sin ter. >> it has, as you're facing vault i more. not that deathly hallows is drim but it is. sadder and slower than the earlier films.
9:26 am
do you think, tony, that means it's geared more toward adults? >> i think it's kind of trusting the audience that has grown up with the books and the movies. a lot of the children have read the books and seen that each of j.k. rowling's novels have gotten not only darker and more sinister but longer. this time they split it into two movies. what's fascinating to me is how they managed to get after a movie to feel more or less satisfying. >> and leave you wanting more. >> a nice emotional feeling to end on while everything else is still to come. >> would you suggest that it is really a movie that's aimed toward people who have read it? >> not necessarily. >> really? >> people who have been involved with the series.
9:27 am
it's hard to tell one from the other. for those who have grown up with the books have done both, go back and forth. reread thech, watch them on dvd. obviously if you haven't seen the previous six movies, if you're coming to it cold -- >> there are a few things you're going to miss out. >> it could be a little confusion. you need a little core card. >> time for young wizards to put away childish things and we think about these young wizards, these three that you write how the book or movie focuses on them. have they done a plausible job of growing up as harry, ron, and hermione? >> i think so, yeah. i think it's an extraordinary stroke of luck that these three were cast from the beginning when they were young unknown kids. >> 11 years old, whatever they were, 12. >> and they have grown into the
9:28 am
roles. i think it helps that they've worked with some of the very finest actors in the world in each of these mirrors, but you really feel like you know these people very well, these characters. the actors know the characters very well. and i found them completely believable. and the complicated things that started happening within their relationships and the tension between harry and ron and the way hermione is in the middle of the two of them. very dramatically compelling and very well played by these actors. i would love to see what they all do next after the harry potter. >> that's my question because we've seen harry. we've seen him on stage and didn't places. i'm drawing a total blank. daniel radcliffe. we've seen him performing and trying to branch out. emma watson is at school at brown, taking a bit of a brick to get through her studies. do you think it's going to be difficult for them to shed their roles?
9:29 am
>> it's hard when you're so identified with these roles. it's often difficult for child actors to make the transition. >> people are going to be rewatching these movies, you know. >> >> they'll always be around. but i think they have enough talent and intelligence that they could really blossom. i think emma watson in particular could be the next vanessa redgrave. >> really. she's that good. >> she's good. there's a lot to see. i think the others as well. rupert gridd. it depends on what kind of roles they get, what kind of chances they take, and how the audience is able to make the transition from seeing these guys -- these kids to seeing them in more grown-up roles. >> okay. good to talk with you. >> good to talk with you, too. >> he's like, yeah, okay. thanks. >> in suburban atlanta, police are on the lookout for the so-called hungry burglar. yes, it's true. he's broken into a number of
9:30 am
homes and even disabled the alarms. once inside he rummages through the kitchen. >> he's cooking, eating, sits down, turning off music he doesn't like. he's feeling too comfortable. >> the culinariry crook leaves with empty handed with a full stomach. it's true on "msnbc sunday." ♪ [ upbeat instrumental ] [ rattling ] [ gasps ] [ rattling ] [ laughing ] [ announcer ] close enough just isn't good enough. - if your car is in an accident, - [ laughing continues ] make sure it's repaired with the right replacement parts.
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>> it's "msnbc sunday." i'm alex witt. the nuclear labs are coming to light now because the scientist has informed the u.s. and calls it stining in its sophistication. the u.s. is sending an envoy to the region to talk about this with the allies. a day after nato reaffirmed its commitment to afghanistan, a
9:34 am
taliban skpoeksman said the militants will drive on and drive the western forces out of the country before it's schedule departure. residents still can't go inside the mine because of high levels of carbon monoxide and methane. meanwhile, joy in china where a trapped worker had been trapped under water for more than 77 hours. >> more than 46% knew that the gop regained the control of the house of representatives. a u.s. scientist claims new york korea secretly built a facility aimed at enriching uranium. we're joined from london for a perspective. ali, good morning to you. given its already shaky standing with the u.n., what possible motive could they have for
9:35 am
building this facility? >> there's probably a couple of motives behind it. some of the latest speculation is that in light of the north korean public changing their leadership, kim jong-il puts his son kim jong-un into power, this could be the reason. the revelation could be to strengthen china as unveiling the centrifuges could also be an attempt by north korea to force a resumption of stalled international nuclear disarmament for aid talks. it's aimed at a domestic audience. during the success process, the north wants to muster loyalty amongst military generals showing the north will continue to bolster its nuclear de-tarrant, so those are probably the primary reasons that they've disclosed this program at this point. >> okay. are there any leads, ali, about how this complex was built, who
9:36 am
did it, who paid for it? >> there aren't many leads about who built it or paid for. . we dough no there was no complex in 2006 or 2009. this has all been built in the last, say, two years. the american scientists that have visited it said it was an extremely modern complex. it would fit into any american unit of the same construction, you know, the centrifuges were all lined up perfectly, they were all perfectly maintained. the koreans had previously bought this sort of technology from a.k. kahn, the sort of nuclear merchant. but these centrifuges are all of dutch designs. they're very new. we don't know where the money has come from but they're very modern. >> thank you very much. there is controversy today surrounding a new book. he says in the case of male prostitutes using a condom could
9:37 am
be a good first step of leading a more moral life. some have interpreted his words as justifying the use of comdons. but george weigel is saying the pope has not changed. >> the pope is saying if someone is going to rob a bank with a gun, it's better that the gun be unloaded. but, no, he's not trying to justify con dudom use any more n he's trying to adjust fie male porosity substitution. >> the new book is called "light of the world" and will be released this tuesday. the head of the tsas responding to critics and enhanced pat-downs in airports, many who have been through the process say it's too intrusive. some are likening the pat-downs to sexual assault. john addressed those complaints on the "today" show.
9:38 am
>> we are trying to deal with each person with dignity and respect, recognizing that it is difficult to have the ultimate security and privacy blended in a precise manner. we know that the threats are real and the stakes are high. >> a loosely organized internet protest is targeting. they're asking air travelers to opt out of the full body scans on wednesday and instead insist that they slow down the line and cause a troubled mess at the airports. and a lot of people are planning to take to the skies this week. aaa estimates 1.5 million people will be flying this holiday and many will be skbernsing the new security measures for the first time. he's the former chief of intelligence for l.a.x. and a former counterterrorism expert.
9:39 am
thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> you headed up security for l.a.x. do you think both of these are critical for safety? >> it's interesting that you ask me. first believe we should do what is absolutely necessary because safety is paramount. it's so important that that the president was asked a direct question yesterday at the summit in lisbon about pat-downs. i know there's a threat. it's a real and adapive and intelligent adversary and we have to stand up to tomorrow's threat and not yesterday's. >> this kroes as you know is over the full body scan and enhanced pat-downs. hands, palms on people's bodies in very sensitive areas. is there another way to provide the same level of screening out there? >> well, i think that this really speaks to a whole host of intelligence issues and more importantly the human factor. you know, the israelis have being very good and looking at behavior, and we understand that there's a human element that has
9:40 am
to really focus on the bomber and not the bomb. so i'm a full endorser of trusted traveler programs where people can go through a process where they're subjected to a high level of scrutiny such as a background check where they get a passports that has a bar code, your hand is biomet rickly entered into the system and your face and we know that traveler. now we can have a more risk base because we have a vetd population and unvetted population. >> there are those who will say that level of profiling is appropriate. what do you think? >> what i'm suggesting is a level of behavior analysis is paramount. i believe that there are people out there willing to enter into trusted travel programs. i believe behavior is pair mount here. we really have to get to know the traveling public. people want to take control of the things that they know they can have control of. you can't have control of the knowledge of what's going to happen to you at the airport,
9:41 am
what your options are and how you can respond to that. look, this is the most busy travel season of the year. it's the holidays. we all want the same thing. we all want security. we all want to see our families and perhaps eat too much, but at the end of the day, we want to make sure we can get on the plane safely and i think we want to enlist our international partners in protocols that are appropriate today. >> can may i also ask you about sensitivity training? are they mandated to go through that? are we certain they're properly prepared to do this kind of job? >> honestly i don't know if they go through a sensitivity training. i can say we're often compared to israel. that's a didn't work force and different threat environmental, but i do believe the administrator mentioned they are trying to be sensitive. the public wants to be as cooperative as they can. with e don't want someone
9:42 am
disrupting the system that allows someone to slip through. >> on a personal note if you go to the airport this holiday season which are you going to go through? which do you find less invasive or better for properly screening for any kind of trouble. >> honestly, i travel a lot. i've not gone through either. i want to go through full body imaging. i get through pretty quickly so i'm looking forward to getting through whole body imaging and so i can recount my experiences to people. >> glad you're doing that. maybe you can come back and talk to us as well. appreciate it. an interit in blog is no longer linking users to leaked pages of sarah palin's new book. p palins publisher is sugar for
9:43 am
copy right images. palin's book hits the shelves on monday. in a moment, the search for the hottest toys. this year's zhu zhu pets. we'll take a look on this "msnbc sunday." [scraping] [piano keys banging] [scraping] [horns honking] with deposits in your engine, it can feel like something's holding your car back. let me guess, 16. [laughing] yeeah. that's why there's castrol gtx... with our most powerful deposit fighting ingredient ever. castrol gtx exceeds the toughest new industry standard. don't let deposits hold your car back. get castrol gtx. it's more than just oil. it's liquid engineering. [ male announcer ] what does it take to excel in today's business world? our professors know. because they've been there. and they work closely with business leaders to develop curriculum to meet the needs of top businesses.
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despite tough economic times people are planning to spend a wee bit more. they will spend on average $688 this year. they're going to spend the most on electronic gadgets. are you stuck for ideas on what to get your kids for christmas? how about a pillow pet or a justin bieber singing doll. if you're parent and have no idea what we're talking about, we'll give you a low down. la toya drake is here.
9:47 am
good morning. >> good morning. >> what is it that makes a toy hot? >> one thing we look at is a hot list. toys "r" us comes out with a list. we're looking at the inventory, the toys that big box retailers can't seem to keep in stock. they're showing up on ebay at the increased mark-up. those are the ones you know will be hot. >> among the hot ones, paper jams. >> this is about a $20 paper thin cardboard guitar. it actually plays music and like guitar hero -- >> it actually plays music? >> you strum the strings. you're playing the i guess tar and it's cheap. >> it's 20 bucks? >> it's cheap. it's not a lot of loss. >> that's actually cool. what about the v-tech reader? it's like a speak-and-spell? >> it's like an e-reader for
9:48 am
kids. they see you with your sony e-reader. they understand the knowledge and technology. it teams them how to read. it's touchscreen. very interactive and colorful. >> we mentioned the singing bieber doll. >> justin bieber is going nowhere. they had trouble keeping it in stock. if you're looking on amazon, you're not going to see it. it says we'll be back december 1st. he has a built-in generation youtube following him. he's harmless enough. >> we're going to go to the sing-a-many-jigs. let's let everyone listen to what they are. ♪ >> that's what my producer nick sounds like in my ear. >> talk about tiny rag dolls.
9:49 am
you skeeds them and they sing and they're teaching kids how to know pitch and harmonize. if you collect them you can squeeze them and get them to sing together. for some, you know, it might sound like a bunch of noise but you're talking an christmas carol in your house. >> these cute. how about safetyives. sometimes you look at little pieces with little ones. >> not the ones we mentioned but others called squinkkys and zubls. they're small. you have to worry about children swallowing them. the issue with paper jam guitar, it's about the worry of breaking it. if you break it, you're out 20 bucks. >> good to talk with you, thank you. >> thank you. we said americans would be spending slightly more. don't expect moms to do so. they're cutting back. [ man ] if it was simply about money, every bank loan would be a guarantee of success. at ge capital, loaning money is the start of the relationship,
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new comments from a top administration official as the
9:53 am
white house urges the senate to pass a nuclear treaty with russia. on "meet the press," secretary of state hillary clinton says the issue is bigger than politics. >> once people have had a chance to carefully consider these arms control treaties, they have been passed overwhelmingly. we have seen it with the reagan and the bush administrations, the clinton administration, now, of course, we are in the obama administration and in this one area, this goes beyond politics, this should be nonpartisan, not just bipartisan. >> eleanor cliff is a contributing editor for "newsweek" and emily miles a staff writer for roll call. welcome back, ladies. >> hi. >> eleanor, i will begin with you, leading republicans say they want a delay on this issue is that just par for the course in washington, republicans don't want the president to have any success and then vice versa? >> it is not par for the course, certainly not on these really national security treaties.
9:54 am
international treaties, i think they infringe on our sovereignty and i think they are playing politics with this and you have establishment republican figures, former secretaries of state, henry kissinger, jim bakker, ranking member of the foreign relations committee, richard lugar, prominent republicans urging passage and i think this is a matter of politics. this is -- it is just like the ban on earmarks. it is another sop to the new tea party members on capitol hill but the stakes here higher than congressional earmarks. >> emily, also this week, republicans delayed their meeting with the president. how unusual is that? the gop simply working out deet times of their own agenda first or is there something deeper at play here, like dealing with the tea party new members in congress? >> i think there is a lot of that and i think what secretary clinton just said it should be nonpartisan, i don't think there
9:55 am
is such a thing in washington, at least not right now. we are coming off midterm elections, the republican party is feeling very energized and very empowered and i think what you are seeing here is this effort to delay this treaty. you know, if it's bumped from this lame duck session until next year, right now, if it were to be approved right now, they would need nine republicans to vote for t next year, because of the slimmer democratic majority, they are going to need 14. so and republicans haven't said that they are going to vote against it. they merely want this delay and it seems they want to bump it to next year to make it even harder for democrats to get those vote he is. and i think they are sending a message to the white house saying it is not that there won't be any victories for the obama administration, but there won't be any easy victories. and it could be part of a tactical sort of organization looking at other pieces of legislation and trying to get more leverage there it remains to be seen. doesn't look like it is going to happen in this lame duck session.
9:56 am
you had jon kyl, one of the top republicans in the senate said it doesn't look like it will happen this lame duck session which means it will happen next year with a slimmer democratic majority. >> republicans aren't saying we are not going to not let you get anything through but make it hard. do you agree that with that or a sense republicans will say they will hold off on everything. >> i hope emily is right, there are some victories ahead. right now, i think this treaty does put national security at risk because we don't have our inspectors over there looking at the loose nukes in russia but more importantly, richard burt, who was ambassador during the reagan era who negotiated the first start treaty said there are only two governments in the world who don't want this treaty ratified, they are iran and north korea. so, this really does undermine this president's credibility, in terms of as a leader in trying to rid the world of nuke and
9:57 am
ability to keep his word there are significant ramifications here that go way beyond our shores and i hope -- i hope the republicans will listen to their elders who now they really disrespect but time for henry kissinger to come back into the picture and explain to the new republicans why this is important. >> and very quickly, emily, you know, americans did not vote against the democrats, the gop could blog block progress, are republicans misreading the midterms? >> that is an interesting question. i think the midterms are seen more as a mandate on domestic and economic issues, not so much on foreign policy matters. so, i don't think -- i think republican once mistake finance they thought the midterms gave them a mandate to block these sorts of things. i don't think that was the signal that voters sent but that is something they are going to have to look within themselves to decide. but they are going to have
9:58 am
members of congress now when you think about the new senate. you are going to have tea partiers like rand paul casting these votes and i think they have a very different sense what they were sent to washington to do. >> very interesting. anyway that is a wrap, ladies, eleanor cliff and emily mile, happy thanksgiving. there is a tremendous outcry over the new airport security screening but is it only a small vocal minority position the measures? we will talk about it on msnbc sunday. uh, a little help... oh! you know shipping is a lot easier with priority mail flat rate boxes. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. plus, you can print and pay for postage online. and i can pick them up for free with package pickup. perfect! cause i'm gonna need a lot of those. wow! i knew i should have brought my sleigh. priority mail flat rate shipping starts at $4.90 only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship.
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