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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  November 25, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EST

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jump-start on your shopping. we're also monitoring the situation on the korean peninsula. we have the first pictures from the north attacked this week. plus, south korea's defense chief resigns. and sarah palin takes aim at michelle obama over the let's move campaign. millions of people across the country are gearing up for a beloved thanksgiving tradition. the macy's thanksgiving day parade. that kicks off at 9:00 a.m. eastern. michelle franzen is live along the roof. and you've dpot a preview for us along with a tuba player, too. >> we've got purdue university band warming up here and take a look behind us. back here, you've got snoopy getting ready for his close-up
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today. one of 15 giant balloons that will grace the parade route. it is an annual tradition here in new york, nationwide. 3.5 million people are expected to line this route. you've got "diary of a wimpy kid" as well as "kung fu panda." marching bands from around the country and entertainers such as kanye west and jessica simpson. richard, the weather has shaped up to be a wonderful day for a parade. minimal winds. about 39, 40 degrees, so we're all set to go. >> and you've given us a preview with that band. they've got great timing. >> great timing. >> thanks. for many troops stationed abroad, spending thanksgiving with family is not possible.
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atia spent is day with some troops thousands of miles away. >> reporter: thanksgiving in afghanistan is nothing like home, but look, there still football and some service members will be able to enjoy a thanksgiving dinner tonight with all the trimmings, turkey, ham, pie. in fact, over 300,000 pounds of food has been shipped to the country costing over $1 million, a small price to say to thank you to these men and women who have sacrificed their friends and family to be in a war zone. but there are those who won't have a thanksgiving dinner, but at least hopefully they'll know many american rs very thankful for their sacrifice. >> thank you so much. whether you're traveling or
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not, you're going to want to stay inside this holiday. the weather has been cold and wet. bill karins is going to show us where it's the worst. >> it's a lot colder than we've ever seen, but the big population center rs okay. there's a few spots, you have thanksgiving, tons of people. you want the kids to run out and play every now and then. the problem area is in central pennsylvania. that's where we're having freezing rain. pittsburgh has picked up a lot of rain and there's more on the way. the new york city forecast looks just fine. no problems for the balloons out there and the rain will hold off in new york until later today. the green, yellow and orange, those are intensity of rain, but the white and pink, that's snow
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and freezing rain through p.a. that's where people get stuck inside. kansas city, minneapolis, the whole western half of the country, very cold for thanksgiving and it's going to stay that way today. it's really just the ohio valley that people will be stuck indoors. >> i've got relatives right in that space we say very cold. they're like, brrr. >> the coldest thanksgiving they've seen. how about turkey and shopping, too. you don't have to wait for black friday anymore. there's a handful of retailers open today. they say the customers told them they wanted an extra day to shop and in just a few minutes, we'll talk you live to a walmart in atlanta, georgia, and show you how many folks decided to take advantage of those deals.
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south korea's defense minister resigned today amid intense criticism. this comes two days after north korea's artillery attack that killed four people on a small island near the korea's disputed border. meanwhile, we are seeing some of the first pictures of the island since the attack. ian williams joins us live from south korea, just across from the island. that is the location where many folks from the island were moving through when they left that island. you're one of the first reporters that got to get to that island. what did you see? >> reporter: that's right. we had lots of civilians being evacuated here. today, i went back on a ferry with many of those residents who were going to check briefly on their houses, their possessions. when you approach the island,
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you notice nothing unusual about it. it's only when you get close, you see the security, then you see the destruction which goes to the heart of the island's small fishing village. there can be no doubt when you see that that the village itself was targeted by the north although there are many defense insulations on the island. quite a large neighborhood was destroyed. at least 12, 13 houses. many, many more damaged. now, the defense minister has taken a lot of criticism over this attack, but the media has said it shouldn't have been allowed to happen. his handling has been severely criticized by other politicians. >> ian, many describe north and south korea and the tenseness there as like the cold war perhaps. you know, where they are at war, but they are not. what is your sense after being there a couple of days of the
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people that are there in the koreas? >> well, yes, they are technically still at war. yes, this is the world's fortified frontier nuclear weapons just across the border, but you walk the streets of seoul and they are a very stoic people. it's almost as if it is not there. here is seoul, one of the most technically advanced cities in the world, and yet, they have a remarkable ability to shrug off the tantrums. i think this has worried them more. it's got blanket coverage in the media here. people are rattled and worried. they've seen the images from the island, but all the same, they are remarkable steadfast in the face of this. >> amazing that they are. they're only 30 minutes, 10 million of them, in seoul.
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ian williams, first reporter on that island that had the artillery fire. >> doug is a senior fellow with the cato institute. let's continue talking about this. a way forward, some are saying, is that china should exert some clout on north korea to get solution here. how key is that? >> china is the only power that is influence on pyonyang. if they wanted to put pressure on, they have that ability. so far, they've refused. in recent weeks and months, they have increased trade and investment, so they've become enablers of north korea, so almost everybody is looking at beijing to do a lot more. >> what about moscow though? traditionally and historically, russia has also played an important talk in this six-way
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talks, trying to influence their relationship on north korea, too. >> russia's played a secondary role. after the soviet union recognized south korea, the north koreans really rupture that relationship. the putin government has helped rebuild some of that relationship, but they don't have the kind of aid policies with north korea. we don't perceive it has a lot of clout these days in north korea. >> looking at what the united states has done with north korea and what it should do going forward to reach a solution, containment and deterrence has been the strategy with north korea. has it worked and if not, what are the options? >> i'd say containment and deterrence have worked in the sense we haven't had a full square war. north korea has been a very rough player.
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it's used brinkmanship over the years. there have been incidents of bringing down a south korean airliner. they haven't been as violent in recent years as in the. but the good news is we haven't had a real war. i don't think the north koreans are suicidal. what worries me is that they have a leadership transition. the so-called dear leader is in bad health. he wants his young son to take over. we don't know exactly what's going on in the north. i don't see any better options. >> we got to go, quickly, 15 seconds though. they want bilateral talks yet the strategy has been to have them multilateral talks, including many key players. should the united states engage directly? >> i don't think that would hurt, but i wouldn't have great expectations of a lot coming out of it. >> thank you so much for filling us in on this thanksgiving. congress is working on its
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one time powerful house majority leader tom delay has been convicted of money laundering and conspiracy. yesterday, a jury finding the republican congressman guilty of funneling corporate donations to state races in 2002. he was first indicted in 2005, but still maintains his innocence calling yesterday quote an abuse of power. he could face life in prison.
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delay planning to appeal. senate democrats will have one less vote next week when mark kirk is sworn in. congress is running out of time in this lame duck session and president obama is meeting tuesday with leaders from both parties to prioritize the agenda. msnbc contributor jim warren is a "new york times" columnist based in chicago and joins us to talk about this lame duck session, what they can reasonably get done. let's start with the s.t.a.r.t. the new treaty. is that something you could see might get ratified here. >> i thought it looked like a no-brainer. you have senator kyl from arizona who is holding it up, but they can probably twist his arm and say look, these modernization issues can be dealt with even after you ratify this. >> senator jon kyl also saying there might not be time to debate and vote in the session
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to get this done. get all the facts out. >> there's been heavy lobbying on him. even republican former secretaries of state like henry kissinger, that will probably weigh on him. >> last bid, this is an op-ed from the vice president. he's saying quote, trust and confidence in a relationship with russia would be undermined without senate approval of the new s.t.a.r.t. treaty. saying our military supports it, our european allies support it. it is time for the senate to approve new s.t.a.r.t. so, he is also weighing in on this. when we see what is happening with a potential nuclear power in the asian region and russia being involved in those discussions as well, that could become more key. >> life will continue on. the soviets are pretty savvy folks. they know kyl is holding it up
8:17 am
and that they'll be able to dpet him on board. >> there's a report that came out here on don't ask don't tell. it is expected to conclude that the ban of gays in the military can be lifted with limiting of risk. that will probably come up. will that make it through? >> big hearings coming up. military guys will probably say you could get rid of it. the next few weeks with the lame duck, this is as big a mess as any of us will face at any unruly thanksgiving party today when maybe uncle joe gets ov oversevered. it's whether or not you're going to have money to continue our government after december 3rd. you're going to have to pass a so-called continuing resolution. the democrats and obama
8:18 am
administration want to fund it through next october and the republicans saying wait a second, we don't want to approve much spending. you're probably going to have some stopgap measure which funds things through february, when the republicans control the house and can start slicing the obama budget. >> you talk about uncle joe getting overserved. >> nobody's going to get much of what they want and democrats have only themselves to blame. when they were in control before, they did not pass a budget and any of the 12 appropriations measures. they have themselves to blame and now, the republicans are saying wait a second, no real reason to compromise right now. let's wait a little bit. maybe until february. >> still good theatre for me and you to watch. >> the washington press corp.,
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this is a wonderful thanksgiving. they should give thanks because they're going to have a great story to cover. >> jim warren, thank you so much. another setback for the shuttle "discovery" launch. why its last flight to space may be pushed back again. and retailers are hoping you'll head to the stores today and not wait until tomorrow, but what's the best deal for you? stay with us on msnbc. we've got some answers. per mont. so you can focus on the things that really matter. go to for details. my professor at berkeley asked me if i wanted to change the world. i said "sure." "well, let's grow some algae." and that's what started it. exxonmobil and synthetic genomics have built a new facility to identify the most productive strains of algae. algae are amazing little critters. they secrete oil, which we could turn into biofuels.
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people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. i had fun today, grandpa. you and me both. if copd is still making it hard to breathe, ask your doctor if including advair will help improve your lung function for better breathing. get your first full prescription free and save on refills. could the shult shuttle "discovery's" flight happen this christmas? they are refusing to set a new date for the launch. the initial count down was scrubbed early november. their next opportunity is december 17th. joining us now is james oberg. when we look at the cracks, we have heard the line of problems
8:23 am
before. are they going to be able to overcome this? >> they fixed the cracks. they've had cracks in the past with this kind of tank. the problem is these are the first time they found it on the launch pad. they appeared after having passed all the security, all the safety tests and they're curious as to how they could have missed the weekend ribs. then the crack. because the question is, which other rib rs now weakened that we don't know about that might crack during launch. until they know for sure, they don't want to commit to launch. >> what caused these cracks to happen? some are saying it was a change to lightweight materials. we've only got a handful more of these missions that are going to go back up. how do you understand where we got to this point? >> about halfway through the the shuttle program, a newer fuel tank, this external tank, the
8:24 am
world's largest throw away cold drink can, it's the fuel tank under the belly of the shuttle. it's right here. and when the shuttle goes up, it's got the tank under it's belly. the problem with that is that you lose insulation from it, it will hit the under side of the shuttle and do some bad damage. these cracks are in an area that if they had cracked during launched, it could hit the shuttle in a very vulnerable place. want to find out why the weakness hadn't been detected earlier by the stringent screening. once they understand that and they're working on that, they think the repairs are good enough. they're worried about other cracks that are going to be good enough. >> so many variables when you talk about each one of these shuttle launches and nasa
8:25 am
working so hard to fix the problems. thanks for breaking down what they need to fix by december 17th. if thanksgiving dinner is a small affair or can't wait to ditch the relatives, why not get a jump on your holiday shopping. several big name retailers are opening their doors today in an effort to cater to the most ambitious shoppers. looks like you haven't been pushed out of the way yet. >> reporter: this walmart opened at 6:00 a.m. and they're staying open until midnight friday. that's what a lot of other store rs doing. not exactly those hours, but the k-marts, serious and toys "r" us are opening. it's to boost profits after two
8:26 am
years of weak consumer spending. even though that's happening, a lot of shoppers say black friday is still the day to do the shopping. >> black friday for me. christmas. the only thing i miss is when you used to come to walmart and everybody was rushing in and pushing and shoving, that gave me an adrenaline rush, but they don't do it anymore. now, you get a ticket and stand in line. okay, you know. but the other way, it was fun to me. my wife thought i was crazy, but i thought it was a lot of fun. >> this is an experiment. they're hoping shoppers like david delaney there will come in early, but they're spending a lot of money to keep those stores open. >> thank you so much. nearly half of the mexican public says their countries drug war is a failure. today, mexico is launching a new offensive. plus, it may be thanksgiving,
8:27 am
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making headlines this thanksgiving day, the fbi has taken its next step in the agency's insider trading crackdown with a arrest of an executive in new jersey. don chu is accused of tipping off a hedge funds manager. an e-mail shows officials playing a guessing game when it came to the size and scope of the gulf oil spill. the messages detail the struggle l by the officials in the obama administration to accurateliest mate how much crude entered the waters. 172 million gallons spilled was released this week. and then to the world bank. it's coming to the aid of haitains ravaged by the recent cholera outbreak offering a $10
8:31 am
million grant to stop the disease from spreading. it could be slow for some driving to thanksgiving dinner. conditions in fargo, already dealing with a foot of snow. forecasters are predicting a possible blizzard in north and south dakota. julie martin is live along the i-90, near chicago. looks like everyone will have something to contend with today, but at least not snow as we can see behind you. it looks pretty clear right now. >> reporter: still a little warm here, richard, but as far as is roads, they're a little wet, but the traffic not too bad. what a difference though yesterday around 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. these interstates were all extremely congested and packed as so many were trying to get to their thanksgiving destinations. 42 million people taking to the roadways, that's about 94% of all travelers, so definitely busy times. we don't need weather in the
8:32 am
mix. unfortunately, today across the midwest, we are going to see a bit of a wintry mix. i'll show you what we're talking about. we have the potential for more snow in the northern plains and then an icy rain mix throughout the great lakes area moving on east into new york event eventually so, it's going to be tough going for travelers. you could be seeing ice on the roads as the temperatures will continue to drop throughout the day today. richard. >> if you're in the midwest, get going now. thank you so much. president obama's asking americans to come together this thanksgiving in the face of tough economic times. he asked people to look out for one another. >> to every american, i am thankful for the privilege of being your president. to our service members stationened around the world, i'm honored to be your commander in chief. >> so, the first family handed out turkeys at a charity in
8:33 am
washington yesterday. mike viqueira is live at the white house watching what the president is doing today. anybody home? >> happy thanksgiving, richard. yeah, they're all here. family, food, friends and football today. no public appearances scheduled for the president. this is what we are told by his aides he'll be doing, keeping it low key. there is a on the president's plate, pardon the pun. there is the korea situation. there are new diplomatic pressures put on china now. the administration asking china to get more involved. north korea perhaps more closely tied to china than any other nation. the situation there calm for now as far as we know, but south korea's in turmoil now with the government. a lot of krit m about the reaction there. leading up to the holiday, he did find time for some cherished traditions here at the white house.
8:34 am
in the roads gardse garden yest pardoning with turkey. a 45-pound turkey named apple will live on its days in mount vernon, just down the potomac river. an institution here in washington, a charity, plus one, michelle's mother, the five of them handing out thanksgiving day meals. in that internet radio address you mentioned, an interesting call for bipartisan ship on this day. mindful of the political battles to come, then tuesday for that delayed dinner at the white house. >> we were looking at video of the president petting apple, the bohemeth, as you called him. his daughter's like, don't touch the turkey. >> he was petting the head of it. >> he was not scared. thank you and have a good
8:35 am
holiday. what mike was talking about, the obama administration is hoping that china will reign in its ally, north korea, after tuesday's artillery attack that killed four people in a small south korean island. adri aid ran joins us now. >> good morning. he basically stuck to the line china's taken throughout these incidents that have happened in the past, which is to urge for maximum restraint and to call on all parties involved to reconvene again. china's very unwilling to handle the situation unilaterally despite it is a close and long standing ally of north korea. they would prefer to deal with this within the framework of the six party talks and that's
8:36 am
basically the line they're talking. now, much speculation. china is obviously very about destabilizing the region. they're biggest concern is about refugees pouring across the border. they're not interested in escalating tensions. the former prime minister also expressed concerns about these exercises expected take place this weekend and they've again asked that everyone bring the temperature down. now, there is some speculation that china may not be able to do anything with north korea despite its close alliance. north koreans have definitely maintained their own foreign policy. the chinese say, and that north korea's a sovereign state and they cannot really tell the north koreans what to do. back to you, richard. >> china, a key player in the six-way talks that have been
8:37 am
ongoing for years now. thank you. a plan today to rest back control from two mexican drug cartels after a surge of violence between the groups. each fighting for dominance over sm smuggling routes to the united states. the mexican government says it's sending significant troops and federal police to the country's northeastern corner. let's bring in nbc's military analyst. you were there at a conference on border security. you were also the white house drug czar under a previous administration. what did you learn when you were at that conference? >> we brought together authorities from all along the texas border with mexico. hosted in el paso, mayor john cook of el paso and also had the mexicans come across the border. mayor juarez was there. to discuss how we're going to
8:38 am
continue economic cooperation while enhancing security. this is a huge challenge, richard, as you know. 28,000 murdered. mexico struggling to regain the rule of law. >> it does endanger the border towns across the united states with mexico and you talk about the complicated problem in mexico. these are basically drug cartels that operate as futile lords, right? >> the level of violence is astonishing. drug cartels are employing heavy machine guns. mexican army, thanks god for the mexican army and navy and marine corp. has seized over 30,000 weapons. the struggle is significant. el paso, one of the three safetiest cities in america, and yet, right across the border, 2
8:39 am
many plus people in juarez, 7,000 murdered. >> what was the slus solution at the conference, sending in troops -- >> well, it's workinging to the extent that mexican states still survived. minus the military, the mexican federal police are trying to build a solution to maintain order. right now, president calderon is using the military to try and keep the rule of law going, so there's thousands of mexican combat forces along that border region in particular are all that stands between the mexican people and chaos. >> thank you so much and have a great holiday. >> same to you, richard. sarah palin's new book is making waves in washington and how she would stack up against
8:40 am
president obama in 2012. the latest numbers for you. >> my name is leon jarvis, currently deployed the afghanistan. i want to say what's up to my kids, my wife and everybody back in the states. happy thanksgiving. i'd like one of those desserts and some coffee. - sure, cake or pie? - pie. - apple or cherry? - cherry. oil or cream? oil or cream? cream. some use hydrogenated oil. reddi-wip uses real dairy cream. nothing's more real than reddi-wip. we know diamonds. together we'll make her holiday. that's why only zales is the diamond store. where you'll get an extra 15% off storewide this friday till 2:00 p.m. lord of the carry-on. sovereign of the security line. you never take an upgrade for granted.
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topping the political headlines, the chairman of alaska's republican party sends a blistering rebuke to joe miller. he is refusing to concede despite murkowski's lead. miller is suing, saying officials illegally counted improperly marked ballots. he's also getting advice from norm coleman. he says it is time tor miller to
8:44 am
quit. coleman also told c-span he's open to running for rnc chairman if steele does not. new york's first district is the last to confirm election results. the race is still too close call. yesterday, jim mcnurney secured the victory. p sarah palin goes on the attack again, criticizining michelle obama, saying the first lady has a different world view that bleeds into white house poli policy, name her let's move campaign --
8:45 am
now, this is the second attack by palin on the first lady this week. in her new book released tuesday, palin again dredging up the obama's ties to reverend wright. let's go to republican strategist, kerry lucas and democratic strategist david goodfriend, a former clinton white house staffer. let's start with you, david. what does sarah palin gain by attacking the first lady, who has very high approval ratings? >> in fact, the highest of public figures in the united states today. the first lady has a by the latest count, 65% approval rating. that's unheard of. it's stratospheric. then you compare that to o sarah palin's, who's in the basement,
8:46 am
can't even get her party to rally around here. she's trying to attack a popular first lady and it's going to backfire in her face. to attack the first lady means you're trying to take on that popularity head-on. sarah palin, i mean, i hope you are the republican nominee for president, i really, really do, but this is going to backfire and you should try another tactic. >> kerry, is this another move here to knock away, if you will, the future 2012 campaign that maybe happening from president obama against sarah palin? >> well, i think that sarah palin is talking to her base and she's actually bringing up concerns that many americans share. this really isn't about michelle obama, this is about the obama administration in general, which the american people find much more intrusive, big government and trying to micro manage our lives whether it's things like
8:47 am
the antiobesity campaign or health care law. this is a very legitimate concern. i don't think it's really about michelle obama. it's much larger than that. >> let's take a look at what palin said about michelle obama. she called her a politician's wife, mentioning a campaign comment, alluding to the time she is i am a proud american. in response, president obama responded to palin's comments that she could beat obama in 2012. take a listen. >> you may have heard that sarah palin told me just last week that she could beat you. if she ran. could she? >> you know, i don't speculate on what's going to happen two years from now. >> mr. president, you will not tell north korea you think you could beat sarah palin?
8:48 am
>> what i'm saying is that i don't think about sarah palin. >> so, the president not thinking about sarah palin yet in a quinnipiac poll that came out, it showed that in terms of front-runners, is the statistical dead heat. you see it here. president obama versus sarah palin, 48-40, plus or minus 2%. very, very close. so carrie, shouldn't the president be thinking about a sarah palin run against him? >> he's right. two years ago, he was sky high in the polls, looked like he would just sail through. a lot can happen in two years. a republican could have a good chance of beating him, so it's really too early to tell, but the president should be concerned in general about his standing with the american people as people are groeg more and more concerned.
8:49 am
people are really worried that hope and change has become just translated into big government. >> can i respond? >> please. >> president obama's rating is better than reagans was at this point in his presidency, better than clinton's was. he's really sustaining a favorablety rating. the economy is going to determine everything. i don't think it's right for democrats to laugh off our ignore sarah palin. she is a formidable politician. i will say it now. i will answer barbara walter's question. sarah palin cannot beat barack obama. >> let's add another number to this from a quinnipiac poll. palin's favorablety rating is quite low. she's viewed the most negatively among possible republican candidates. 51% over all. would the strategy from the president just to be let her go on as she has because on her own, has a high unfavorable rating.
8:50 am
>> yes, he did the right thing in that interview by demuring. we're actually witnessing a kind of civil war in the republican party. you're seeing the resurvey gent tea party movement led by sarah palin against the establishment republicans. that is going to play itself out in great drama at the republican side unfolds, sarah palin will be leading that effort on behalf of the tea partiers and you'll see establishment republicans like karl rove recoiling at that. the republicans have to sort it out. are they going to put up somebody with these high unfavorable ratings or stick with their next in line philosophy. we should watch msnbc and learn more. >> carrie, last word for you. >> sure, i think it's funny to talk about the republicans and civil war because the democrats are in a bit of disarray themselves. i'd like for the governors. there's some really popular governors out there talking straight and making real changes in states and changes that
8:51 am
people like like balancing the budget and taking on unions. >> very good. debate between the two. thank you so much, both of you. >> thanks. >> thank you. polar bears are now living what's designated a critical habitat. the obama administration making the change to protect the animals from extinction, but could have implications for the oil and gas industry along the way because it could restrict offshore drilling. it includes 187,000 square miles, including some ice off the coast cht until one of the guys brought in some fresh bread that he'd made from our pale ale. and from that first bite, i knew my business would never be the same. [ male announcer ] when businesses see an opportunity to grow, the hartford is there. protecting their property and helping them plan their employees' retirement. ♪ beer or bread? [ male announcer ] see how the hartford helps businesses at
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the race to get the best deals for black friday, this year, it's more focused on technology than ever. lee cowen shows us the secret weapons you need. >> reporter: remember when window shopping involved real windows and not the virtual
8:55 am
ones? these days, it's not just santa who knows if you're naughty or nice. now, you can tell instantly if retailers are offering the best deal or not. >> to be a smart shopper, it's better to have a smart phone. >> reporter: we found brandon in one store using his iphone to scan bar codes. he found one somewhere else and saved 100 bucks. then, there was chris greene, google price comparisons on the spot. he stayed, finding the best price at best buy. >> it's where consumers are heading. >> reporter: she says 17% of shoppers plan to use mobile phones this holiday, but 12% say that social media sites may be the most valuable tool of all.
8:56 am
if you facebook sears and click like, you can knock the price down to just $89. what it means for retailers that getting customers into the store is no longer enough because with a virtual shelf in the palm of their hands, retailers know they have to kaep up. >> we're trying to meet the customer's needs in product and pricing. >> reporter: in an age where there's an ap for everything, there is still no ap for holiday spirit. it's still a context war. >> certainly is all about the content sometimes. thomas roberts picks things up on this great holiday. what have you got? >> happy thanksgiving. you're off to the airport. the tsa is ready for you, buddy. if your kids have a holiday wish
8:57 am
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