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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  November 25, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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happy thanksgiving. we are going live to afghanistan to see how our troops are spending this holiday. plus, soldiers surprise. we're reuniting one sergeant and his family thousands of miles away. retail rush, doors are opening earlier than ever before. we'll have details for you on how to score the best deals. plus, are you fly thg holiday season? you could be. and guess who is going to join us with advice about how to not stress out about your flight? you see that face. it's jet blue's attendant.
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what does he have to say to us? he joins us this hour. we're going to start overseas in afghanistan where our men and women in uniform are marking this thanksgiving without their families by their side. lester holt is with the troops in camp eggers. how is it for the troops and how are they handling being away from their families this thanksgiving? >> they do it the best they can because they have that family, brother and sisterhood. it's our pleasure to be here. i've been here about nine days, different parts of the country meeting soldiers, sailors and airmen. where you from? >> georgia. >> who's at home? >> my fiance, parents. >> what would they be doing now? >> my mom and dad are in florida
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with a bunch of family. >> i know you're michiganing them. >> yes, very much. >> you are? >> profess topping. >> tell me what's happening at your home? >> probably cooking turkey, getting ready for thanksgiving. >> have you guys been inside yet? it's a long line. this line form probably about an hour or two before they started serving. i snuck in and it was really, really good. try the pumpkin pie. >> okay, i will. >> was it good? >> very good. >> thomas, we want to note that we remember certainly our members of the service on this day, but don't forget there are thousands of american civilians who are here right now doing a tough job, also, p putting their lives in danger and don't forget almost 50,000 american troops still in iraq. we want to honor them. it was our honor and privilege to be here.
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we wish you guys the best. keep doing what you're doing and get home safe. >> you mentioned you spent nine days so far on this current trip. what's sticking with you that you're seeing that you may not have seen in the past trips that you've had there? >> what sticks with me, it's hard to measure progress. as i was talking to one of the generals in charge, there's so many wars here. there's a battle here, there. what strikes me though in spending time with the members of the service is how dedicated they are not just to their duty to country and service, but to each other. probably one of the most memorable interviews i've done, a member of the search and rescue unit. a bullet came up through his helmet, nicked him. he had five stitches. the next day, he was back in the chopper. i said why, he said because the dudes out in the field need me.
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that's the kind of attitude you see over and over again. folks fighting for country. they're watching for each other. >> real fast, i know we've got to go, but you have a die hard football fan behind you holding a jersey. can you ask who she's rooting for? >> who you rooting for? that's a pretty small team. >> these are the raiders, sir. >> what raiders? little league raiders? >> no. i'm from san diego. >> all right. you a charger fan? >> no, sir. >> there's a story there. >> it's thanksgiving. we've got to get all the football fans on that we can. >> we'll see you back home soon. i just want to remind you that we're going to have a special reunion here.
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we will reunite a family with one of their loved ones serving overseas. president obama is spending thanksgiving at the white house with family and friends. yesterday, the family handed out turkeys at a charity center. martha's table. the obamas went there last thanksgiving. now, we shift gears and turn to the crisis in korea. south korea's defense minister resigned today amid intense criticism. this action comes two days after the artillery attack that killed four people on a small island. critics have been charging that south korea was unprepared for tuesday's attack and that the dpovt was slow to respond. richard engineel joins us from mainland, just across from the attacked island and with me here
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in studio is dr. steven nerper. i want to say thanks to both of you for joining us and happy thanksgiving. richard, let's talk about what's taking place there and the word we're hearing about this person resigning. >> there's a lot of pressure here and of course, happy thanksgiving, on the korean government. people in korea were very scared what happened on tuesday. this was the first time that civilians have been caught up in cross border violence in this country in a long time and they are worried that there could be more incidents like this to come. already, north korea has said, if it has to respond to south korean provocative acts, that it will respond again with military measure attacking south korean targets, south korea taking the opposite stance saying it was attacked in an unprovoked manner.
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what happened was and this was according to to a senior official. on tuesday, the south korean military was conducting a military exercise. this was something third-degratn announced, it was nationwide. during this exercise, the marines were conducting a live fire exercise where you fire artillery. the north koreans thought that the artillery crossed into their territorial waters and responded by firing and this is what's different, on both military and civilian targets in south korea. the situation here remains tense and people wanted answers and the first victim of that was the defense minister. >> doctor, when you hear what richard is saying, can you explain to us what is it that north korea wants? if they're hearing that south koreaens were practicing an exercise, what is north korea showing to south korea and the world by the action that it
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took? >> north korea is trying to push the line with a couple of different priorities. one is they're trying to signal their leadership transition is consolidating under the third son of the current leader, kim jong-il. secondly, they're trying to test south korea to resolve and to really see where the south korean red line is and to create a test for the south korean public. thirdly, they're trying to up the ante with the united states so they appear to have their strongest suit at the negotiating table. they did this earlier in the week by showing centrifuges. if you go back to the spring and the sinking of the south korean vessel, they really are trying to instigate to the extent they want to see what the resolve is. >> this is the worst soil strike since the korean war since i believe 1953, explain the south
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korean people are willing or trying to communicate with their leader to say we need to stand up for ourselves. here, the u.s. state department is urging south korea to not say anything provocative, to not do anything in retaliation. so, how is there a divide or is there between the people of south korea and their leadership? >> there's a frustration on the ground among many koreans because they don't necessarily want to see a war with the north. they have a lot more to lose than the north does. south korea is a very wealthy country. a lot of neighborhoods look like they do in manhattan, so if they were to suddenly get involved in an exchange of missiles with the north, is south would have a great deal to lose. if you could imagine the united
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states getting into a conflict where there are skud missiles reigning down on manhattan. there is that sense of frustration. they want the north to stop acting, to stop carrying out these acts, but they don't know how to put pressure on it. that's why they're relying particularly on the united states and this weekend, the united states is sending a warships to the region as a show of force, be cruising not far from where this incident took place, to send a message to north korea that the south and the united states will not stand idly by while it lobs missiles into civilian areas and to send a message to china that the united states will increase its presence in the east asia unless china does more to try reign in north korea. >> we're looking at images of the u.s.s. george washington moving into the area.
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doctor, explain why this is so pivotal? >> the united states has pushed china for a more active role, but it's important not to overstate china's role in this case. the north koreas are independent. they want stability on their northeastern flank and are at a real strategic disadvantage. it's a very difficult strategic reality for all of the partners and players in the area. china's very concerned to see a u.s. carrier in its yellow sea and the west sea off korea, so they are watching closely and urging negotiation, but the white house is calling on china to do more to pressure and create the leverage where it can. >> dor tok, i want to thank you for joining us and richard, wish you both happy thanksgiving and
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thanks for joining me. take plenty of time to relax after all of the turkey you're going to have because the black friday shopping marathon, just around the corner for everybody. here's a small preview of the retail madness. does it just make your hair stand on end to see people rushing in like that? the malls are going to be packed with shoppers eager to capitalize on the sweet deals. thanh is live in atlanta. the parking lot seems calm right now. people walking slowly. >> reporter: it is pretty calm. well, it is an early start. let me take you down to the walmart here in atlanta and the doors opened here at 6:00 in the morning and they're going to stay opened until midnight saturday, is they're trying to do this big push. trying to attract a lot of shoppers here. the people we spoke with inside actually a lot of them just came in to get their last minute thanksgiving preparations. other stores are hoping to
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capitalize on that frenzy as well. sears, k-mart, toys "r" us, they're all opening early, too, instead of the traditional waiting until midnight. because of the weak consumer spending we've had, they're hoping profits will be boosted by doing so. one shopper we spoke with says black friday is still the day. >> black friday for me is christmas. the only thing i miss when you used to come to walmart and everybody was rushing and in and pushing and shoving and knocking folk down, that gave me an adrenaline rush, but they don't do it anymore. now, you get a ticket and stand in line. the other way was fun for me. >> reporter: they have to wait and see if this is going to work as this is kind of an experiment. it takes a lot of money to open the doors this early, keep your
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workers through thanksgiving and the weekend as well, so they're hoping this is all going to pay off. >> we shall see. happy thanksgiving. thank you. so, it could be tough going on the roads for some that are driving to thanksgiving dinner. take a look at some conditions in fargo where there's a foot of snow on the ground. the da ko tas could be hit by snow today. bill karins joins me now. looks like there's something for everybody out there today. >> unfortunately, it's a little too chilly. the temperatures are really the bigger deal. we have rain, a little snow, but it's way too cold for thanksgiving seattle of all places had snow twice in the last week. that included what happened during this morning hours. we've pick up about a half an inch. let's show you what's happening here on the radar maps. looks like some little kid got
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up there with his coloring crayo crayons. pennsylvania is a mess. especially north of state college in the high country through the mountains. that's where we're seeing a lot of problems on the roads. some of that near philadelphia hasn't hit the ground yet, it's been evaporating, but soon, we could see a few wet snow flakes there. we've had heavy rain in pittsburgh, cleveland, indianapolis. even further to the south, we've dealt with rain in areas of arkansas. there's a lot of places you'll have thanksgiving indoors. the cold temperatures, brutally cold in the northern plains. the east coast looks fine. west coast not bad either. you like to get outside and play that football game with the relatives outside and in the ohio valley, that will be a muddy game. >> can you bring up your first map? you showed my hometown in maryland. that's tupelo.
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look, right there. normally, it's baltimore. >> don't say i didn't do anything for you. >> i really like your tie today. happy thanksgiving. coming up, so what are the hottest holidays toys this year? we're going to show you the it item of the season. we're going to have them in studio. plus, nancy pelosi's new mission in congress. details on the real reason democrats are keeping pelosi as their leader. and the pope gives say that it's okay to use condoms. health officials weigh in on the pope's new position. my doctor put me on an aspirin regimen to help protect my life. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. check with your doctor because it can happen to anybody.
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the stalt has been welcomed by the pope that condoms can help prevent the spread of aids.
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an official says -- his statement will soften resist ens to their use particularly from the catholic church. nancy pelosi is redirecting her focus to make sure president obama doesn't lean too far right, but without some sort of compromise, how does the president get anything done? good to have you with us and happy thanksgiving. >> thanks for having me. >> i want to start with what the co-chair of the progressive caucus was quoted as saying -- what's your interpretation of that? >> this is kd of like a warning shot that represented woelsy who's a key progressive has put out there. what they're afraid of happening is what happened to president clinton in 1994. they're afraid president obama will take the same route and cut
9:21 am
some deals with house republicans basically trying to push legislation through. well, woelsly would like pelosi to play liberal blockade to that. >> so what's on your radar though that you would say is a deal that could get done? like somebothing everybody coul agree on. >> gosh, well obviously the tax cuts -- gosh. >> putting you on the spot. >> happy thanksgiving to you, too. i think tax cuts coming up in this lame duck session. people are going to be looking to that to see if there's a deal that can be made. pelosi's made it clear she doesn't want to extend their bush era tax cuts. we'll obviously be looking at that. going forward though, i look at what happened in the november elections. i look at the senate democrats having a slight majority. i look at house republicans
9:22 am
having a huge majority and president obama up for re-election in two years. this is a recipe for stalemate. if there ever was, this is it. >> and everybody has their guard down because it is thanksgiving day, so everyone can relax in washington for the day. >> just for the day. at least until monday until they come back to town. >> have a good weekend. >> you, too. >> thanks so much. he's the flight attendant most known for his freak out. he's learned his lesson, moving forward and giving us some lessons. give us a wave. he's going to join us next. plus, it's as much a part of thanksgiving as the turkey. we're going to take you live to the macy's thanksgiving day parade in the heart of new york city. right after this. stick around.
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we got the gobble gobble in there. the 84th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade is now underway and from kanye west to the kool-aid guy, there are a lot of big names. michelle franzen is coming up to give us the details. we've got kermit, snoopy. one of our producers is going to be holding the string. there's ronald mcdonald. i know -- a bunch of others just laying on each other. they've got to get going. there's one of the pandas from "kung fu panda." who's that? charlie brown? i don't think that was charlie brown. we're going to back to that. moving on, the former flight attendant back in the news. steve slater made headlines when he deployed the emergency shoot on the jet blue flight then dove
9:27 am
out of the plane. he's now working for and joins us from los angeles. great to have you. happ happy thanksgiving. it seems like you've gotten away from the angry young man to good manners advocate and probably, you always had good manners, you just got caught on a bad day. does this feel like a good role to be taking on? >> absolutely. i had a wonderful 20 years with it. met a lot of wonderful people and it's nice to sort of guide others to good behaviors that will help them enjoy their travels. >> a lot of people identified with you back when your name hit the press and that flight back in august, obviously, it wasn't the best way to handle things, but what would you say to people
9:28 am
who might find themselves in a situation like that, we're they feel like they're boiling up and they're angry. how can you keep your cool? >> we've got to take a deep breath. we're all in this together. if there's crowds, stress, chaos, but everyone's going through it. the crew, the passengers. we're all in it together and it's just a matter of giving yourself some space, taking a deep breath, arriving early, being prepared, as educated as possible. i try to keep my priorities in line and remember why i'm traveling. i'm going somewhere wonderful and going to see the people i love. >> give us the three hottest tips you should recommend for anybody that's going to be out there today. i'm sure you've been watching this about what's taking place with tsa and security lines. what are the three best ways everybody can keep their cool?
9:29 am
>> i think the first thing is to be educated. there's so much education out there, be it the airline websites. it's easy to get involved in the hoopla and emotion, but get the actual facts and know regulations are changing every day. i have a personal rule that i never buy a ticket unless there's a seat. i don't want to get bumped especially if i'm traveling with a group of people. always make sure you have that seat assignment and travel light. especially this time of year. gift some packages, anyone that's prewrapped is target for being screened and possibly unwrapped. anything i can ship ahead, i love fedex and ups. >> steve, it's good to see you taking on such a positive role and we wish you the happiest of holiday seasons and i urge everybody to check out the website.
9:30 am
take care. >> thank you. up next, sarah palin is on the attack and she's taking aim at the first lady. you're going to find out why she is criticizing michelle obama. plus, the must have toys this holiday season. we're going to show you what all the kids are talking about. msnbc is back right after this. the morning is over, it's time for two more pills. the day marches on, back to more pills. and when he's finally home... but hang on; just two aleve can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is steven, who chose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. oh. about what? uh, they don't really think you're an exchange student. what? they think you're a businessman, using our house to meet new clients in china. for reals, player? [ woman speaks chinese ] they overheard a phone call. [ speaks chinese ] something about shipping with fedex to shanghai.
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welcome back. making headlines this thanksgiving day, lisa murkowski is ready for the alaska senate race to be over. she wants the lawsuit by joe miller to be resolved by january 3rd. she says that any delay to that ceremony would hurt the state. sarah palin is still taking verbal jabs at the first lady. this time, it was on laura ingram's radio show where she mentioned michelle obama's comments on the trail. she criticized the let's move campaign saying it was another
9:34 am
instance of big government. zblmpb agency leaders say caffeinated alcoholic drinks will be off off the shefls by des. here's a look at what's taking place outside the minneapolis airport. minnesota state police say they've had more than 120 reports of car crashes statewide. that storm system is send iing icy mix east ward today. julie martin is live along i-90 near chicago. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: not too bad. we are getting a light mist here, but nothing is sticking. the bad news is temperatures are going to drop throughout the afternoon, so we could be looking at the freezing rain situation on that return trip from the thanksgiving dinner for many people across the midwest. i want to take you to minneapolis and show you the scene there from yesterday where
9:35 am
snow hit the airport very hard in the late afternoon hours just as so many people were taking off to travel to their holiday destinations. one of the runways there had to be closed down for a period. mi no protests or anything inside the airports to worry besides the crowd. the system will continue to push east ward today, probably get into new york and parts of western pennsylvania and then it's going to be a messy black friday for people in the northeast. so, those shoppers are going to have to prepare from the rain, bring the mittens and gloves as well because it's going to be cold. thomas, by the way, windchills in minneapolis, about 25 degrees below zero, so not a good day to be outside. >> happy thanksgiving to you. enjoy the holiday. >> reporter: you, too. >> thanks. general motors is recalling almost 200,000 pick up trucks
9:36 am
over child restraint problems. the vehicles affected -- gm is also recalling some isuzu models. the company says one of the tethers is not accessible. it plans to mail customers a manual describing how to fix the problem. cabbage patch kids, tickle me elmo, furbies and zhu zhu pets. on average, gift givers will spend about $690 this holiday season. what is this year's it gift? jim silvers has brought us some of the hottest toys. >> this is the nerf stampede. just turn it on. it's a rapid fire. go ahead. just pull the trigger. go to town.
9:37 am
keep going. that's right. comes with foam, just keep firing away. you rule the studio. that's right. don't mess with tom. >> say hello to my little friend. any way. >> in the doll aisle. >> it's thanksgiving. it's all right. >> the monster high dolls, based on the whole vampire diaries and "twilight." these are the daughters of famous monsters. this has just caught on with girls everywhere. >> barbie and "twilight" had a baby. >> you can't get them. they're going on ebay for $100. harry potter is very hot. lego for the first time ever is making harry potter games. you get to build the game and it has trap doors, moving
9:38 am
staircases, you build it and play it. first time we've seen that. >> see my gun. all right. no, this is again, the cool thing about this is for the kids that actually have to get to start to play, they've got to make the board. >> that's rilgt. they get to build the board and you can build different variations. from the young kids from mattel, also, there's thing a ma jigs. $10. >> i might transfer my gun to the other arm. this is the way to be balanced. a gun and the sing a ma jig. >> it has three different modes. you press his hand. he'll gibber jabber, but each has their own song. for 9. -- >> how many do you get to harmonize? >> all of them. >> they can put on a show. >> now, this is the v-tech v-reader.
9:39 am
the kindle for kids. it opens up and kids want to do wa their parents have and it has books. it's educational. you can download content from the web. simple, great reading toy for young kids. >> oh, well thank you. but it's not like an adult kindle. can you get children's books on it? >> it's for 3 and up. >> then we've got this. >> these are tough to find. these are vending machines little toys. this is the surprise hit of the holiday season. it's like having a vending machine at home. you have a special coin. they pop out. it comes with a little toy and there's over 100 different little collectibles. >> i'll take my squeezable and gun and this blackberry and that's all i need. thank you so much for this. we love all these toys. everybody out there, these are the hot ones you need to look
9:40 am
for. >> if you can find them. >> if you can find them. look inside my coat for some of them. still ahead, we're going to go live from afghanistan and hear from a marine who's spending thanksgiving away from his family. this is sergeant anderson with 64th bsb, third brigade fourth combat team. just want to give a big shout out and say happy holidays to my wife and kids in colorado springs and my family in california. i love you and miss you and cant wait to get home. ♪ ♪ i'm gonna get my hair cut ♪ even if i have to cut it myself ♪ ♪ i'm gonna get my hair cut ♪ even if i have to cut it myself ♪
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medium range missile during an army training exercise. a spokesman said the missile was fired off the easter state of orissa. the spokesman insists that pakistan was informed of the test as it has standard practice. thousands of government e-mails show the obama administration had a tough time figuring out how much oil was leaking this summer. the associated press obtained e-mails that hinted at uncertainties about what the government new. this week, the government insisted its final estimate of total gallons spilled, 172 million gallons. for our men and women in uniform stationed over seas, getting together with family is just impossible on this holiday. one marine in that situation is sergeant mark rebott and he joins us now to talk to us.
9:45 am
he may not be aware his family is in studio, so after a few questions, i'm going to bring him on. but i think you heard out. your mom is here in studio because i can't hold out. your mother, carmen. can we get a shot of carmen. there, let's talk to your son. i'm coming over here and into your shot. >> hi, son. >> how nice is it to see your son on this holiday? >> it's gorgeous. happy thanksgiving, son. i miss you, i love you very much. >> sergeant, can you hear your mom? >> happy thanksgiving mom, i love you, too. >> tell us what's it's like for you now? >> good morning, first of all, to everyone in new york. thank you very much for this opportunity. it's a great opportunity to be here. i get a chance to speak to my mother. thank you for this opportunity. >> so, mom, what do you want to say to your son? >> i miss you, i wish you were
9:46 am
be here with us and i want you to come home soon. >> why don't you tell us when was the last time you got to be together? >> thank you, mommy, i love you and i'm doing everything i can to be home soon. >> stay safe, son, may god be with you. >> when was the last time you got to be together? >> at the beginning of the year. yes. >> and how proud are you of your son? >> i'm very, very, very proud of my son. very proud. >> who is this young lady? >> my little daughter, his sister. >> sergeant, your sister is here as well. what would you like to say to your brother today? >> happy thanksgiving, christ a christina, i love you and miss you. >> you're welcome and happy thanksgiving to you, too. i love you and miss you. >> how does he look? because i have a sister and i know what it's like when you
9:47 am
have the sibling rivalry stuff going on. what's it like to see your brother and know what he's doing for our country. >> i don't know what's up with the mustache -- >> let's find out. sergeant, they're trying to rip you on your mustache. what do you say about that? let's get this family dynamic going here like it's a real holiday. >> it's a new look, but it's something i'm doing to honor my fellow marines and everyone back home supporting us because back here, we call it an afgh afghanistache. i'm very proud to do it. >> it looks good, like tom sellek from magnum. tell us about live in afghanistan.
9:48 am
we have lester holt who's over there at camp eggers. he was talking about some of the progress and some things he's seen. what are you seeing currently? >> well, one of the things i have to say right away is we're doing everything we can and we're definitely fighting a good fight. we're keeping focused on the mission ahead and what we're told to do every day and moral is very high. we have some great celebrations throughout the year so far to include today, which is a wonderful day not only because i'm able to speak to my local hometown and family, and yourself this morning as well, on behalf of the marine corp., which is something i take great pride in. >> ladies, i have to give you the last word. mom, what would you like to say to your son? >> i love you. i miss you, stay safe. may god be with you. happy thanksgiving and please
9:49 am
come soon. i love you. >> christina, what would you like to say? >> i miss you and love you so much and i'm so happy to finally see you and hear your voice. that's very comforting and happy thanksgiving. i miss you so much. >> tell him you love the mustache, too. >> i love your mustache. >> i'm going to foster adopt your mom and sister today, but we thank you for your service and for coming on msnbc today. i wish you nothing but the best on this thanksgiving holiday. >> love you, son. >> thank you, my pleasure and have a great, happy thanksgiving. >> i'm going to give your mom a kiss. christina, thank you so much for doing this. have a wonderful thanks give. coming up, claims for unemployment benefits dropped to their lowest level in years, but how real is the recovery out there? [ male announcer ] open up a cadillac
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welcome back, everybody. weakless jobless numbers came in early this week because of the holiday. dropped to the lowest levels since july 2008. even though the numbers are moving in the right direct, they're moving pretty slowly out there. i want to bring in democratic strategist david goodfriend and republican strategist joe watkins. good to have you with us, happy thanksgiving. >> good to be with you, thomas. happy thanksgiving. >> we'll start with you, joe, because right now we're having a little bit of difficulty. let's start with the federal reserve just put out a report that suggested unemployment will go down slightly to 9% next year and maybe just by 8% by 2012 and theprisal election. so, what does that mean for president obama and how does that work in favor for the republicans? >> well, of course, that's good news if, indeed, those numbers do continue to drop. at present the numbers stand at 9.6% nationally, pretty steady since may of this past year,
9:54 am
that means 15 million americans are not working. another 2.6 who are not included in that 15 million number are marginally attached. they're not working either but if those numbers go down, great news for everybody. certainly for all the folks in office right now. >> joe, president obama is in the process of redrafting his economic team with a bunch of key people that are leaving. who to you recommend? who do you think should be a part of this? >> a lot of good people out there and it's bigger than party. the president has served people who had hands on experience and certainly business sector experience. those people can really help inform the president as to what it takes to get the economy moving in the right direction and to get people back to work. and they'll understand what it is that businesses are really looking for because business owners have to have confidence in the movement of the economy in order to start hiring folks again. increased business regulation doesn't always help and usually hurts the growth in jobs.
9:55 am
but, clearly, the president is well served to have those people around him. >> david, what do you think? do you agree with joe? >> i agree with joe that it's good to have someone with business experience in the white house. i think the president has been given a bad re pp of oan -business. a lot of names have been floated like the chairman of evercorp and whether the president is good or bad for business. the economy is improving on his tenure. >> by 2012 if the unemployment is still down by 8%, 9%, that's not good. >> i think there's no question about it and what we're hearing out of the fed, i hate to even say this, perhaps we're faced with a new normal of what constitutes full unemployment
9:56 am
levels. i was hearing 5% and now perhaps 6% or higher. if unemployment is at 8%, obviously, a trepd in the right direction. is it enough, though, to show that the american public that the economic policies work. >> i know right now today on this thanksgiving i'm happy to have a job. >> amen, brother. >> as you gentlemen are, too. wish you guys a happy thanksgiving. take care. we'll get the lates st on snow and rain across the country. i say happy thanksgiving to everyone if you have to leave us. don't go anywhere, we're back after a quick break. gobl, gobl. it's called the new humana walmart-preferred prescription plan. ♪ it's a breakthrough in medicare prescription drug plans. hey buddy! hey grandpa! with monthly plan premiums less than $15 and copays as low as $2. but for savings this big, visit or call 1-800-808-4003.
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