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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  November 29, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EST

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student accused in the portland christmas tree plot hours away from appearing in court? will sarah palin be the next ronald reagan or comeback kid like bill clinton? the presidential comparisons are mounting as she hints at a 2012 run. plus -- one of the most quoted movie lines of all time. >> can you fly this plane and land it? >> surely you can't be serious. >> i am serious. and don't call me shirley. >> we remember the life and career of one of the funniest men ever. leslie nielsen has died and surely he will be missed. joining me today, former cia covert fields officer mike baker, ezra klein from "the washington post," former assistant secretary of homeland security, julie wood and presidential historian, douglas brinkley. >> good monday morning. i'm chris jansing. this is "jansing & company." breaking news out of afghanistan. a gunman dressed as an afghan border policeman shot and killed
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six american service members today. it happens during a training mission in the eastern part of the country. nbc's jim miklaszewski live at the pentagon. mik, we'll talk about wikileaks in a moment. what do we know about what happened in afghanistan? >> reporter: officials are trying to figure out if this gunman, dressed as an afghan border police officer, was actually an officer himself or an enemy imposter. that is one of the risks that americans face there in a counter terrorism operation because you don't know if that afghan soldier, police officer, standing next to you is friend or foe. the six americans were killed when this gunman opened fire. that gunman was also killed. but not until the other six were killed. this brings the total number of americans killed so far this year to 646 in afghanistan, and that's 46% more americans than were killed the entire previous year, due largely in part to the increased offensive operations
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by the u.s. military. chris. >> mik, the other big story we've been following the release of a quarter million documents by wikileaks and the obama administration has been in diplomatic damage control mode. we know that secretary clinton was on the phone much of the weekend calling folks in a lot of other countries. they've been called embarrassing, at best. at worst, a major blow to american diplomacy. tell us about the documents, mik. >> reporter: much of what is contained in the documents is what we reporters and many others suspected as going on behind the scenes and quite frankly we've been told background stuff over the years. it's particularly stunning to see in print and to see some of the words that u.s. diplomats and u.s. american official as broad and in the states are willing to put in these communiques particularly about some world leaders. disconcerting to those in the military who say that u.s. national security could be threatened by these leaks is
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that it reveals some of the behind the scenes connections, u.s. military operations that are going on in places like afghanistan, particularly yemen, now one of the al qaeda hotbeds, because they're afraid that, by revealing these secrets, it could very well jeopardize the cooperation of those countries' leaders. i turn back to yemen, which is critical in the u.s. efforts to stamp out al qaeda. >> outline for us, if you will, mik, some of the things that could be most difficult for u.s. diplomats to deal with, and in particular what are the ones that, at least you're hearing, the administration is concerned about that could be potentially dangerous? >> reporter: well you, know, there's some reports about u.s. efforts in conjunction with the pakistanis to take custody of some enriched uranium produced in the pakistani nuclear reactors. that effort by the u.s. eventually failed. but the pakistanis long
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complained to u.s. officials secret conversations they have with the u.s. as one official putting it, end up in front page of "the new york times" three daze later. that incident i'm talking about in yemen, for example, when there were discussions revealed between general david petraeus and the yemeni president about secret military operations that were occurring in yemen, and then some of the gulf states who have been urging privately the u.s. to launch an attack against iran's nuclear facilities and even though, again, some of that was pretty much known for these leaders to see those kind of statements in public is going to be very problematic, and difficult for hillary rodham clinton, who is heading to that region later today and we expect to hear from her, a statement from the state department, within minutes. >> plenty of tabloid headlines, too like a moammar gadhafi who likes to travel with a vol lup tuous u canian nurse.
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a lot to talk about with the 250,000 documents. we'll be talking to our company about all of this in a moment. mike, ezra, julie are joining us. first, other headlines today in an hour and a half president obama is to deliver a statement to the press. he is expected to announce a pay freeze for federal workers. it's a big olive branch to republicans. they have pushed this issue time and again but failed several times to pass amendments freezing pay increases for 2 million people who work for the feds. democrats argued that pay freezes would save the government less than $3 billion. today, we may get our first look at the teenager suspected of trying to set off a bomb in the middle of that crowded portland christmas tree lighting ceremony. mohamed osman mohamud, a u.s. sit dan born in somalia, scheduled to be in court for the first time me chose his target a crowded plaza, to hurt or kill as many people as possible, including children. investigators paint him as
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highly determined and deadly serious, but his co-conspirators were fbi agents, and the bomb he planned to set off, unbeknownst to him was not real. coming up, we'll talk with the portland oregon police chief. take a look at these three kids, missing from michigan. these are all brothers. planes, search dogs and behavioral science teams are searching for them. 5-year-old, 7-year-old, 9-year-old last seen thanksgiving day before their father tried to commit suicide. 39-year-old john skeleton claim his gave the boys to a female friend but police can't find her. they don't know if she exists. the father's being treated at a hospital for mental illness, and has not been ruled out as a suspect. china, meantime, calling for an emergency meeting on the crisis in the korea peninsula. tensions are high as joint u.s. south korean war games are under way. north korea is calling those drills yet another grave military provocation. in a nationally televised
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speech, south korea's president. arturo runs the azteca streets game. he says he's responsible for 80% of murders including the shooting of a u.s. consular staff members and the ambush of a party that killed 15 teen averages. to put it in perspective, 6500 drug-related murders since 2008, just in ciudad, juarez. did anyone ever do dead pan humor better than leslie nielsen? one of the funniest men in hollywood. he died at a florida hospital due to complications from pneumonia. despite decades as a dramatic lead actor, nielsen insisted he was meant to be a funny man. best known for his role in
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"naked gun." >> that's the red light district. wonder why he's hanging out down there. >> "naked gun." >> leslie nielsen, funny, funny man. dead at the age of 84. all right. let's go back to the release of that massive cache of second create communications. joining me to talk about it is our company, mike baker, former covert field operations officer for the cia and president of diligence llc, global intelligence and security firm, ezra clieklein and good morning all of you. julie, let me start with you. we have said this before, at best, embarrassing, at worst a major blow to american diplomacy and america's reputation. what do you think the impact of these leaks is? >> it's really hard to assess it right now, but it's going to be grave. the german papers called this a
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disaster for american diplomacy and it certainly is. it also shows you, know, a lot of gossip girl so there are a lot of catty things that i'm sure foreign service officers wish they hadn't said but the serious things are, you know, discussions that america does not want shared and the concern foreign service officers will now not put that down and not share that information with counterparts in washington. >> one of the things, rezra, yo don't are to think very far of something you've heard or something you've said, you're very happy, somebody on the other side, whether a co-worker or in the political sphere never heard you say but multiply that by hundreds of thousands and consider diplomatic implications here. how shaken is the white house and congress by all of this? >> they're quite shaken. this could put into jeopardy a important thing we're doing with our security systems in recent years. after 9/11 we tried to stop stove piping information, we tried to make it so different groups and organizations could share intelligence so something
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important that one organization could use wouldn't get caught somewhere else. it was that integrated system that allowed this massive leak to happen. the answers, if we go back to another system, everything is cut off from everything else, that may in the enbe worse. this is embarrassing, if it was working if the information was getting from one person to another or one organization to another it may have been preventing problems. >> mike, where do you go with this in? on one hand we talked a loet post-9/11 about the need for better information sharing but a lot of these diplomatic communiques accessible to 3 million different people. >> unfortunately, we've become desensitized to this issue every time something like this happens and our tendency is to say, oh, well, it happens. but there's a requirement for secrecy and a requirement in the state department to have a private channel. they've been doing a review since they became aware that bradley manning had stolen documents. >> the 23-year-old army private? >> right, intelligence analyst
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who did this massive data dump. they've been looking at issues. independently a variety of agencies have been look at the sharing of the information and ability of all of the agencies to be able to do it. he made a good point, and i would go one further it would be a disaster if the end result of this is to go back to a stove pipe situation where the various agencies are not allowing access to intelligence that they've got. that's how we improve operations in the field, by allowing access to actionable intelligence. obviously the downside is that we're seeing here with wikileaks. >> you've got this big conversation going on, going forward, what do we do about this information sharing and how do we maybe limit who gets to see those information. on the other hand, you have, jul julie, secretary of state clinton over the weekend calling people all around the world. now this administration came in st saying one of our prime minister goals we're going to repair the bad reputation that the united states has in large part because of the wars around the world and
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if you look at the polls, you'll see that in many parts of europe, in the middle east in many countries around the world, americans are thought of much more highly over the last two years than they were before. what's that phone call like if you're hillary clinton and you're calling a foreign leader? >> incredibly tough phone call. incredibly embarrassing for the secretary when she's made so much progress in so many ways particularly in terms of the catty comments. you know, comments that junior foreign service officers may have made about government leaders around the world. and now secretary clinton is having to call and apologize and offer an olive branch and it's tough to do, but i hope it's well received. >> i just want to read something we just got. sarah palin is tweeting about this. she calls it, ezra, inexplicable. irenely won in court to stop my book "american by heart" from being leaked but the u.s.
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government can't stop wikileaks treasonous act. is this a republican mantra that we're going to hear? >> i saw that right before i came on the air. i think it is fascinating how small sarah palin's view point on this is, right? instead of seeing it as -- instead of seeing it for the full thing of what it is, a thing about intelligence sharing and how much stuff we declassify, it becomes a question, she went to court and she's just a mother and a former governor and she could keep her book from getting out. it's a very silly little thing but because we look at her tweets, you will see it all over the news today, probably. but it's a meaningless comment. >> mike, i can see you want to get in lehere. >> not about sarah palin but the operational damage. every time you get a release of information like this, particularly of this magnitude, our sources and our contacts overseas, whether the state department or intel community they become less and less inclined to share thoughts and
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candid operations because they become more and more convinced we can't keep a secret. >> thanks to you. we'll be talking a lot more about this coming up. congress goes back to the hill today for the final three weeks of the lame duck session. can they stop the bipartisan bickering long enough to get anything done? the clicking of our key bores is getting rapturous on this cybermonday. richard lui, what are americans buying? >> folks are clicking away right now. a lot of hot sell to tell you. we'll tell you what they look like. they are interesting. the record in bricks and clicks that all of us will probably help make today. we're talking about millions and we're talking about millions and millions. that's why there's brita, to make the water we drink, taste a little more, perfect. reduce lead and other impurities with the advanced filtration system of brita. >> ♪ >> ( laughing ) >> yay!
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on capitol hill, the wrangling is starting again today in congress. what we want to see if they can
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put a dent in a very long to-do list. giant spending bill to fund the government set to expire, so will unemployment benefits, bush tax cuts. democrats are pressing for action to repeal don't ask, don't tell. they want action on a nuclear arms treaty with russia. they want immigration reform. at this point, democrats and republicans can't even agree on how much they can get done, let alone what. >> my issue is that you can't do everything. i was stating it as a matter of reality, not a matter of policy. >> let's be responsible. let's be constructive. let's be bipartisan. we can get these things done. let roll up our sleeves and do it. >> nbc news correspondent luke russert live on capitol hill. luke, there a consensus on what the big priorities are? >> reporter: there is a consensus but this will be all over the place. what is most important to americans, that's issues that will affect the pocketbook, primarily unemployment insurance, number one, chris,
10:19 am
set to expire this week. it will expire november 30th. if it does it will affect 600,000 americans who collect unemployment benefits and rely on it for groceries, grass. a bill would be a temporary extension. unemployment benefits extended four time this year. extended, democrats like to tell you, when the unemployment rate is above 7.4%. they believe it will pass the house this week. but then it awaits rocky road in the senate because it isn't on the senate calendar and democrats want a couple unemployment benefits, tension with a tax cut compromise later in the future and need gop support on the issue, someone like george voinovich of ohio. that being said, if they're not extended 2 million people will feel the brunt of not having bennetts next month.
10:20 am
bush tax cuts, president obama meets with the congressional leadership. some of the issues out there, democrats want to solely extend the middle class tax cuts for those earning $250,000 and below. republicans want to extend it for everybody. what are the xroe plizcompromis? possibly moving it up $1 million. possible lay contemporary two, three-year extension of we'll know more after a congressional meeting tomorrow. however, house democrats have said they will bring to the floor possibly this week or next week a bill that will only raise taxes for those making above $250,000. it's what a lot of progressives have wanted all along. they want to put the gop saying they will not go forward with tax cuts for the middle class unless they get them for the highest earners as well. >> i want to bring ezra klein back in. how this looking, or is it clear, is it likely to be compromised on some of the things like a bush tax cut? more likely to be let's make a
10:21 am
deal? we'll give a little on a domestic issue because the economic things obviously are the things, as luke says, that the american people are watching. but you know, we've got come to an agreement on s.t.a.r.t., on the other hand? how does this look like it's going to play out? >> the bush tax cuts are almost a compromise. if the tax cuts are allowed to expire, every american gets a large tax increase. neither party wants to be left holding the bag for that. they will figure something out. i think, at this point, still the likeliest outcome a one to three-year extension with conditions on that for full tax reform or other negotiations down the line. one u.n. employment insurance is more difficult. they've let that lapse before and they will likely to do again. republicans will say it can't be paid for on the deficit. but that is still more likely than s.t.a.r.t. to go through. because s.t.a.r.t., there is no forcing mechanism, no american immediately suffers if it doesn't happen. and so, as you watch them argue over these couple issues and they take time, s.t.a.r.t. is
10:22 am
one that is likeliest to fall by the way side. >> thanks so much. the president's announcing a pay freeze for federal workers next hour. ezra, again, thank you so much. john mccain compares sarah palin to ronald reagan, is he right? we'll ask a presidential historian who wrote the book on reagan, next. [ female announcer ] humana and walmart are teaming up to bring you a low-price medicare prescription drug plan that has the lowest national premium in the country of only $14.80 per month.
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here's provocative proposition. is senator mccain right when he compares sarah palin to ronald reagan? he also says his former running mate should keep her options open for 2012 though he admits she's a divisive figure. >> i think that anybody who has the visibility that sarah has is obviously going to have some divisiveness. i remember that guiding ronald reagan used to be viewed by some
10:26 am
as subvisive. >> you know more about reagan as the average person, writing a best-sell book him do you see parallels between reagen and sarah palin? >> superficiales one. i think the big similarity would be that reagan was a master of television, as the medium of choice on "death valley" days, ge theater. by the time he ran for president in 1976, and by 1980 he was an old hand how to use television. sarah palin's using the new media, you know, facebook, twittering and reality tv in an unprecedented way. the way they're communicating to the american people has a similarity, but that's about it. i mean, reagan had a long and distinguished career, known for decades by the average american, not only head of the screen aek t actors guild but as governor of california during a contentious
10:27 am
time. he was a main stage player, you know, year after year. sarah palin's just kind of come into our purview for two years now, so she's a wonder con. reaganed had stolen the show in 1964 when barry goldwater ran. >> i'm wondering if the "it" they both had if that's more important these days than even was back in reagan's era. >> there's no question that the q factor as some call it. i team classes on the presidency, all my students are fascinated by kennedy and reagan. they have an aura about them. palin certainly grabs people's attention. i think she's a formidable person in the republican person. she has momentum on her side right now. i think her biggest challenge is if she quits, she quit governor after just two years. if she leads all of the media
10:28 am
america to think she's running and in february decides she's not i think it will do a lot of brand damage to her. she would have been seen as one of those fluke two or three-year fluke, not that she won't have a career, but i think the helium will go out of the balloon. but if she runs or becomes a key make somewhere endorses somebody like governor rick perry of texas, you'll see her as a main stage player for quite a while. >> well it is always interesting. we just keep talking about her. douglas brinkley, thanks. good to see you, as always. who is this teen terror suspect? 19 years old, hellbent on bombing portland's tree lighting ceremony. i'll be talking to portland's police chief about the fbi sting.ay is it? okay, we take a train to a dude ranch, then we canoe to the conference. or we could book with and stay closer. [ male announcer ] accumulate 10 nights and get a night free. welcomerewards from
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until the combination of three good probiotics in phillips' colon health defended against the bad gas, diarrhea and constipation. ...and? it helped balance her colon. oh, now that's the best part. i love your work. [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. this i attorney general eric localer taking questions, both about the wikileaks document
10:32 am
dump and the 19-year-old charged with trying to set off a bomb at the portland tree lighting ceremony. let's listen. >> in terms of a possible hate crime. and on a separate matter you said recently the decision of the 9/11 case was, quote, coming soon. we've had a decision in the galani case. >> with regard to the first thing the fbi has issued a statement indicating that there was a reward for information with regard to the attack on the mosque. it is something we are looking at, something we are investigating and something if related to this matter or if in some ways related to an attack on islam, on the mosque, is something that i personally decry. it is not something that i consistent with who we are as americans. with regard to your second question, the case has had no impact on our process. we are -- that is ongoing with regard to where the ksm trial
10:33 am
will be held. that is something that continues an interagency effort, continues in an interagency effort. >> expect a decision soon? the process is ongoing and it's on the same time line it was before. >> the insider trading investigation going on on wall street right now. can you tell us where that stands? how far along you are in that? >> attorney general eric holder, taking some questions here. one of the things that we heard him talking about was this 19-year-old, mohamed osman mohamud, he is under arrest and charged with blplotting with wh he thought were terrorists but turned out to be undercover fbi agents to set off a bomb at a tree lighting ceremony in portland, oregon. a u.s. citizen, born in somalia. this is, at least, the 15th homegrown conspiracy disrupted over the last couple of years. i want to bring in portland's police chief, michael reese. thank you for joining us. good morning. >> thank you. good morning. >> what did you know about the
10:34 am
plot before the suspect was arrested, and what can you tell us about him? >> well i was brought into the investigation in late september when the suspect indicated that portland, oregon, would hb is primary choice of a target, and of course i was shocked that someone was going to target our tree lighting ceremony and knew that it was very serious. the fbi had a good background on the suspect. i was confident that we had a good plan in place to protect our citizens. >> a kid, from everything that i had read, had all of the opportunities that people come to america for. he had a good ed case, by most accounts a nice kid. as you're talking to people, are you getting any insights into what caused him to have so much hate? >> well, it's very disheartening that this country provided great
10:35 am
opportunities to this young man and he wasted those opportunities. and, in fact, was going to commit a horrific act of violence against the country that gave him refuge. >> we understand the fbi is offering a reward for information about the sunday morning fire at a mosque where he one time prayed. what can you tell us about what happened there? >> well, that's in corvallis, out of our jurisdiction, but, again, we're providing extra patrols here in the portland area mosque and certainly talking to people about remaining calm. this was an isolated incident in the somali community. it's not reflective of the entire community. >> i know there are some somalis who are concerned, and i'm sure you've heard this, that he essentially was a troubled kid who never would have tried anything like this if the fbi hadn't gotten involved, in other words, he might have been entrapped. we should say that it was a muslim who tipped off investigators to this and that
10:36 am
in general the muslim community has put out statements, obviously condemning any kind of violence. but what's been the overall reaction in the community there? >> well, again, this isn't reflective of the somali community or the muslim community. this in is an isolated person who certainly had intent to commit a horrific act of violence. people here are condemning that in all of our communities and i certainly have reached out to people in the muslim community to talk to them about it and i know that they join me in condemning this person's intent. >> portland police chief michael reese. thank you so much. everybody breathing a sigh of relief there that nothing terrible happened at ceremony. let's bring back mike baker, ezra klein, julie meyers. is this an example of the system
10:37 am
working, the fbi was able to bring this kid? >> i suppose you could say that in a narrow parameter that, yes, they identified him. he had repeated contact with an al qaeda sympathizer overseas and that in part is what you know led the authorities to him and they developed this sting operation. in part, we've had a troubled history ever since 9/11 with the issue of homegrown terrorism in the u.s. within the muslim-american community and we've known this is a major issue. we were putting out paperers in '05, '06, '07 how to get ahead of this. we have had examples in england in spain, europe, where an inability to embrace the muslim community within that country can lead to real problems. now the difficulty here is how we react to this issue is problematic because, in all reality, the muslim-american community, since 9/11, has worked very well with local and state and federal authorities to assist. now most of the time it's off
10:38 am
the radar screen, as it should be. but their cooperation in providing tips or providing information or just working within their community at the behest of local and state and federal authorities has been a very important part of trying to get our arms around this problem. >> and it happened in this case, julie, as i was saying to the police chief, it was someone in the muslim community that first tipped officials off about this. but what about those concerns that, you know, maybe this is just a kid who, you know, like kids say and do things they don't really mean anything by it, if he hadn't been brought in by the fbi, if there hadn't been this sting operation, he would have just been another disgruntled kid who maybe would have moved on to the next thing in. >> i think the complaint shows the fbi was sensitive to potential charges of entrapment. they asked mohamud a number of times, would you rather pray about this, are there other things you can do? but he insisted he wanted to move forward with at potential bombing. again, the fbi didn't contact
10:39 am
this individual first. he reached out via e-mail to al qaeda sympathizers. so he was looking to get involved and persistent in that. i think the fbi, under the leadership of the u.s. attorney has been careful to avoid potential entrapment charges here. >> i've got to say one thing that sort of stood out to me is he talked about the fact that he really took great pleasure in watching people jump from the twin towers on 9/11, which obviously is sickening on the face. ezra, does this change the politics of terror at all? does it change the conversation in washington? does it move it up at all? >> it shouldn't. this the system appears to some degree have worked here. we will need over time, you're seeing this in the debate over tsa, learn how to deal wis isolated incidents of almost terror without losing our grip as society. somebody was potential lil going to plan something, we caught them, and it's good.
10:40 am
it doesn't require us to relook at the way we look at terror. we have to keep moving forward, keep trying to gather good intelligence, keep trying to keep a lid on the issue. the point of terrorists is terrorize. it's not the only way terrorists can win is by detonating a bomb. if this kid manages the way we do thing, that's a win in his book. >> as we have seen so often with the attacks or would-be attacks on planes and the security we're all going through these days. ezra, mike, julie, thank you so much. ready for another round of shopping? the biggest cybermonday ever. 107 million people, that's one out of every five americans, are expected to take advantage of online holiday sales today. so, richard lui's been bargain hunting, crunching all of the numbers, playing with toys. >> practicing as i preach. yesterday i was doing shop on my own. why not? cybermonday, also, though,
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chris, bleeding into friday with one in ten dollars spent online, says comscore on that day. what are we interested? this -- >> squishy, squashy, squinkies. >> well the small toys, couple out of gumball-like machine dispensers. an interest in that has doubled, says google. another one we're interested in -- >> ♪ la, la, la made of imaginic and love♪ >> a lot of catchy tunes here. la la loopsy dolls. $20, $40 each. come in different characters like crumbs, sugar cookie and splotter splash. >> splatter splash. okay. >> for us older kids, shall i say there are some toys.
10:42 am
top black friday search according to google plasma tv deals, noise canceling headphones and 3-d tvs. flat plasma tv rs no good anymore. higher priced items jumped 40% from last year. all of that interest has resulted in great numbers. black friday set a record of just a fraction of a percent but the big story is this right here. the national retail federation said seasonal sales are going up, up, up, 2.3%. when you look at previous years, that is good news compared to tough years before. this rise is good because, as you know here, chris, 7 out of 10 dollars of the gdp comes from you and me spending. so that's important. we started by talking about cybermonday. it is here. it is today. expecting to set a record as you said of 107 million surfers, spending under a billion dollars but cybermonday could be giving way not only to cyberfriday but
10:43 am
cyberturkey because comscore says number of folks who put down the fork and grabbed mouse jumped from 28% from last year. folks are shopping more online here, chris, it only represents, by the way, roughly 10% of what we spend come this time of year. of course we can't forget squinkies. >> they were sold out. >> thank you for that again. >> why not? >> thank you, richard. we're going to have an update on the missing three boys in michigan. the sent for them has been halted. waiting for a news conference with authorities at top of the hour. ♪ [ deb ] people don't just come to ge capital for money. they come to us for help. at ge capital, we've been financing taylor guitars for over eight years, helping them build a strong dealer network. bringing music to people... i like that. ♪ ♪
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oh, say does that flag banner wave over♪ >> leslie nielsen, comedic best in "naked gun." 84-year-old actor died yesterday due to complications from pneumonia, he would want us laughing today, i have no doubt. he loved being a funny guy. joining us next hour, minnesota congre congressman keith ellison, paul callan and mick sehelle sigona. congress could vote on the dream act for 2 million people who moved to america before 16, a path to becoming full u.s. citizen as long as they have lived here for five years, earned a high school degree, completed two years of college or military and don't have a criminal record. joined by two undocumented college graduates calling for passage of this bill.
10:48 am
caesar vargas, in his third year of law school, erica andiola has a degree in psychology. good morning to both of you. caesar, are you worried, nervous? you've been here since you were just 5. what's at stake for your and your family? >> i'm a law student and i have proven myself academically. i've proven myself in terms of my commitment to the law that has been basically, you know, as a law student, the constitution has been the principle of what a love about the country the argument on the other side they'll say you're breaking the law, number one and the dream act will encourage other people to come into the country illegally, lay low for five years and then try to become u.s. citizens. what do you say to them? >> i say, as a law student, that being in this country without proper documentation is not a
10:49 am
crime. it's a civil violation. so in essence, legally, i'm not really breaking the law. it's just merely a civil violation.erica, you were arres protest supporting the dream act. tell us a little what happened there. >> yeah. in july 20th, a couple of -- it was 21 of us, we decided to do a sitting at the senators' offices, one 0 senator reid's office and the other senator mccain's office. the reason for that is pretty much to push them a little more, you know, actually put in for a vote and not only vote for it. for us come out and say that we're not -- we're not afraid anymore, like we've been told all of our lives we're not supposed to be saying we're undocumented, that we're criminals, that we're illegal. in fact many of us are not criminals many of us want to
10:50 am
show the country that we care, that we love it, and we want to give back to, you know, to the country that let us grow. >> are you there talking to members of congress? are you optimistic about the dream act? >> i am. i mean, it's pretty much all we have right now to look forward to. we're waiting about ten year. it's been introduced since 2001 and we think this is the year and we've been risking everything. a lot of us have been risking everything to have that tune this year. >> thanks to both of you. good luck. just a couple of minutes we will take you live to a news conference on the search for those three missing brothers in michigan. all we know is that that search has been halted but we don't know why. we're talking about 5-year-old tanner, 7-year-old alexander, 9-year-old andrew skeleton last seen on thanksgiving the day before their father tried to commit suicide. set it in motion...
10:51 am
and it goes out into the world like fuel for the economy. one opportunity leading to another... and another. we all have a hand in it. because opportunity can start anywhere, and go everywhere. let's keep it moving. ♪
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10:54 am
a lot of folks in the southern michigan town spent yesterday looking for three brothers. these are the skeleton boys, 9, 7, 5, they have not been seen since thanksgiving day but the search that went on all day yesterday has been called off. we don't know why. we're waiting for a news conference at the top of the hour. we should get some more information. we hope police know where they are and they're okay. other stories making headlines today. witnesses say a man ran to the top of soldier field during the bears game yesterday, jumped, fell 50 feet, and died. the 23-year-old is the second person to fall to his death at a sport eeg ving event after a 2-year-old died eight lakers game last week. the supreme court could announce whether it will hear the largest job bias lawsuit in history. walmart wants to block the suit filed on behalf of as many as 1.5 million women on charges that walmart shortchanged them
10:55 am
in pay and promotions for many years. nearly every presidential candidate in haiti's first election since the devastating earthquake this past january is calling it a massive fraud. protests swept the capital amid cries of ballot stuffing. election officials deny the charges. they say the vote stands. look at these new photos of michael douglas celebrating thanksgiving holiday with his wife and their two children at the resort in orlando, florida. let you guess which one. the hollywood icon has been battling stage iv throat cancer for the past three months. he looks pretty good, we're happy to say. president obama may be announcing a pay freeze for federal employees. also, got bedbugs? the attorney biting back in the form of lawsuits seeking more than $7 million.
10:56 am
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breaking news that we're following. this is where michigan police are holding a news conference in the case of the three missing brothers who were last seen the day before their father tried to commit suicide, that was thanksgiving day the last time these little boys were seen. the search for them has been put on hold. but we don't know why. the father of 5-year-old tanner, 7-year-old alexander and 9-year-old andrew skelton say he left the boys with a female friend on thanksgiving day. the 39-year-old, john skelton, being treated at a hospital for mental illness. authorities have not been able to confirm his story. our investigative crime reporter, michelle sigona is on the phone right now. what are you hearing about this case? >> well, i spoke with investigators -- >> sounds like she dropped out. i don't know if she was on a cell phone or what. we'll keep our eye on what's happening there. again, all we know is that virtually then


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