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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  May 1, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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right now on msnbc sunday, the conflict in libya, hitting home for moammar gadhafi. nato bombs hit his son's house with deadly results. one step closer to sainthood. thousands watch as pope john paul ii is beatfied. and new details about prince's wedding. >> who, trumping trump. he lampoons the tycoon at a gala in washington.
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you will hear about the highlights right here. welcome to "msnbc sunday," and it's 8:00 a.m. here on the east coast, and 5:00 a.m. out west. a spokesman for the libyan government says gadhafi's youngest son and grandchildren under the age of 12 were all killed in the strike last night. mike taibbi is there. good morning. >> reporter: it happened 8:30 local time. we heard two explosions, and we were brought to the cam pound for the gadhafi family, we were shown that two were virtually destroyed, and there was ununexploitunune ununexploded missile. it was explained that the
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youngest of the seven sons of moammar gadhafi had been killed, along with three of the gadhafi's grandchildren, all under the age of 12. the government spokesman called it a direct operation aimed at an assassination of the country. and in all instances in the campaign bombing were targeted on military targets. he said we do not target individuals or individual families, and he regretted any loss of life, especially innocent civilians. again, the youngest of moammar gadhafi as well as three grandchildren, killed. let's bring in mike viqueira. >> reporter: good morning, alex. >> what is nato saying about the
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strike? >> reporter: well, there is a contradiction from the u.n. mission resolution security counsel, 1973, and 1975, their numbers to protect libyan civilians from moammar gadhafi. nato forces could go search and destroy the offensive forces the military assets that the gadhafi government had. this morning, nato, which is in charge of this operation is saying they only target command and control centers. this is a statement from brew shaurd, a canadian. he says they are military in nature, and clearly linked to the gadhakau dauf's systematic attacks on the libyan population
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and populated area. nobody here suggested that gadhafi or any family members be targeted by military air strikes, which has apparently happened. nato says they cannot confirm that the son and his three children were killed in the air strike. but there is a contradiction over the two separate policies, how they are carried out and where the lines in between them get blurred, alex. >> thank you very much, mike viqueira. hundreds of thousands of catholics are lining up to seat coffin of pope john paul ii. a man now designated blessed. msnbc's chris jansing is live in
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rome. six years after the late pope's funeral, he still draws huge clouds of faithful from all around the globe. describe the moment when the tap strae covering his painting was revealed. >> reporter: they knew the moment that tap strae was unveiled, that officially pope john paul ii was one miracle away from sainthood. it was six years ago we heard the same shots in this square, and it may seem like they waited a very long time for this moment, and it's lightning speed in church time, because there has never been anybody
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beautified faster. and perhaps more, it has been said than any other living human being, he was seen as he travelled the world. so now the wait is on. when will he become a saint? it could be several more years. there are people who waited decades and centuries. i don't think that you can expect that in the case of pope john paul ii. >> you know, chris, something quite extraordinary, the nun at the center of the miracle with the pope, she was there and took part in the service, right? >> caller: yes, she was. she is actually carrying it. and with her, is sister marie
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simone pierre from france. it was the curing of her parkinson's disease that allowed him to be bequutfied. she told her story of waking up at 4:30 in the morning and she knew something was different and her parkinson's was gone. moving, of course, because we saw in the later years how pope john paul continued his ministry despite the obvious suffering he had with parkinson's on his own. we should clarify that miracle was not the only one that could have been investigated. there are many others that vatican officials thought they could certify through medical and scientific proof, but it will have to be a miracle that happened after the beat fau
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indication. in the tornado ravaged south, sunday church services are filled with those mourning the dead. in alabama alone officials say at least 250 people killed in those storms. and we have a correspondent in one of the hardest hit areas. >> reporter: the death toll still stands at 39 in tuscaloosa alone. and people are trying to find places to worship after their church was destroyed. some churches in alabama is scraping away debris and holding service on the foundations, and they are starting the rebuild of their church and community. they will need it because nothing is as it was in many places such as tuscaloosa. loved ones are missing. neighbors are gone. landmarks that were familiar
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have disappeared. the rebuilding will begin. electricity is being restored to a large part of tuscaloosa. the electrical company here in alabama has done a pretty good job. we have heard no complaints about the effort to get the electricity back on here. however, several hundred thousand people are still without power, mostly in northern alabama where the transmission towers have been toppled. it will take a while to get those back up and running. >> where are now people staying? red cross? fema centers? neighbors taking in those that lost everything? >> reporter: all of that. the red cross set up 33 shelters in the state and a lot of full, and a lot staying with relatives and friends in other parts of the state, and coming back here and picking up belongings and going back and reassessing what they need to do to restart their lives. >> many thanks.
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meanwhile, residents have been ordered to evacuate in one city because of potential flooding. more powerful spring storms making their way across the country. let's check in with alex for the latest forecast. >> good morning to you, alex, as well. looks like we have a break from some of the strong storms saturday, and more in line for sunday and next week. it's lining up on into north texas. we are dealing with strong to severe storms here moving across texas. the thunderstorm watch in the yellow that's in effect until 9:00 in dallas. and a tornado watch until noon. big storms you can see rumbling by into parts of oklahoma. we have heavy rain moving across parts of tennessee into kentucky, an area already inundated with water. flooding is going to be an issue for us as we head through the coming days. it's along the cold frontal
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boundary, slowly marching off towards the south and east. by monday, not much movement with the frontal system. more storms for the areas that need no more rain. alex? >> all right, alex wallace, thank you for the heads up on that. the attack on the home of mow mar gadhafi' son. gas prices, is it fair? and then barack obama targets donald trump at the white house corresponde'esponde dinner. and brewed the coffee. we heated the bathwater and gave kelly a cleaner ride to school. cooked the cube steaks and steamed the veggies. entertained dad, and mom, and a neighbor or two. kept watch on the house when they slept. and tomorrow we could do even more. we're cleaner, domestic, abundant and ready now.
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celebrations in the rebel held areas of libya today at the
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news that the son of moammar gadhafi was killed. it's raising new questions about the nato mission there and whether western powers might take a more direct approach at removing the dictator from office. i am happy to have our guest here today. let's talk about the libyan government which is calling this an assassination attempt on gadhafi. will this escalate tensions? >> the tensions are pretty high. the question is what can forestall a long civil war, which is a nightmare scenario for the nato forces and not great for the united states. you remember a week ago, lindsay graham, the republican center from south carolina called on the allies to cut off the head of the snake, and this would certainly seem to be in that pattern. >> let's go back to the
8:16 am
beginning. the original intent of the mission. is there a different tone here? it was not to take out moammar gadhafi, it was to secure the civilians being brutally besieged upon? >> that was not the stated mission, but the unstated mission was to take out gadhafi. the policy behind the actual military intervention was to protect civilians. that's how you get an international coalition to move in there, because you're not going after the leader of the regime. on the other hand, they are trying to use other means, diplomatic means and pressure, and you can also see they are using some of the military pressure for the same purpose. >> give me a read on the obama administration, and if there is any regret in having gone into libya? >> i don't think so. the administration -- the
8:17 am
president decided he was not going to sit by for what he thought might be a massacre. he was influenced, and some of his aides were influenced with president clinton's experience with rwanda, and he was going to intervene in a limited way. the united states has been disciplined about lowering its profile on this. we are implicated in the situation and we are involved in the on going military action, but the usa does not have boots on the grounds in terms of the combat forces. >> how about in terms of the worldwide interpretation? >> i think the world does see the united states as being involved, and nato is led by the united states, and it's one of the reasons why the united states has an interest, as nato does, in not having this be a prolonged conflict.
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>> let's be stateside and look at the horrible devastating tornadoses in the south. this is the worst environmental disaster, if you will, of this presidency. how do you think the president has handled it so far? >> fine, not a lot the president can do. he did show up. he learned from the lesson of president bush who took his time to go to the site of katrina. but this was an unbelievable scale of devastation. the loss of life was much larger than when people became aware that there was a huge line of tornados cutting through the south. i think the president's mission in this is to show concern, and be on the ground and get help there as quickly as possible. >> and i cannot let you go without talking about donald trump as we look ahead to 2012. we have the birther controversy -- let's just say it's over. there will be those that will
8:19 am
say there may be something to it, and no, come on, it's over. you look at the donald at a speech dropping the f-bomb left and right throughout this, and look at the white house correspondent dinner last night, he was the butt of the jokes, do you think it's over for donald trump? >> it never started for donald trump. he has been acting like a clown across the country for several weeks, and last night everybody put that right back in his face. he did not like it, to judge by his reaction, but it just shows the reason why donald trump could never be president in the first place. >> you have to have thick skin to be the president, you do. >> donald trump does not project the qualities the people want as the president of the united states. people were making fun of his hair or the way he talks, and
8:20 am
making fun of the garishness of his persona. >> he can do that, and he doesn't like it when everybody else does. when i saw him walk into the ballroom, i thought wow, he has courage, because he knew he was going to be mocked. >> the president really had the opportunity to throw it right back. >> john, so good to see you bright and early on a sunday face-to-face. well, as we said, everybody, it's no surprise trump was the target last night. and even the president got in on the act. you have got to see this. here we go. >> no one is happier to put the birth certificate to rest than the donald, and that's because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter, like did we fake the
8:21 am
moon landing? what really happened in roswell? and where is tupac? all kidding aside, obviously we all know about your credentials and breath of experience, for example, you know, seriously, just recently in an episode of "celebrity apprentice," at the steak house, the men's cooking team did not impress the judges from omaha steaks, and there was a lot of blame to go around, but you, mr. trump, recognized the real problem was a lack of leadership, and so ultimately you did not blame little john or meat loaf, you fired gary
8:22 am
busing. and these are the kind of decisions that would keep me up at night. well handled, sir. well handled. say what you will about mr. trump. he certainly would bring some change to the white house. let's see what we have up there. >> the night was huge. we will show you more of it throughout the morning. many say beauty comes with a price. new information about the cost of kate middleton's wedding dress right here on "msnbc sunday" 37
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new details about the dress catherine wore at the royal wedding. that dress costs more than $400,000. yikes! meanwhile, the duke and duchess of cambridge ducked out of the eye. after announcing their honeymoon has been delayed. the palace said that decision was made weeks ago. and here , $400,000 by one estimate? wow. >> reporter: that's a pricey price tag there. it varies on what you are hearing. we are hearing everything from $45,000 to $400,000, but nonetheless, it was very intra
8:27 am
cut, and it was designed by the top designer for steve mcqueen. the couple wanted to make it a british wedding, and so they picked a british designer. we are seeing the dresses made in china and all over the world. co copycat dresses being made. >> the middleton's checked out of the hotel yesterday, and i understand the rooms there were pricey too, right? >> reporter: well, the middleton themselves spent $250,000 pounds for the wedding, and that's an estimated $400,000. the price ranges. they did rent out a 71-room five-star hotel near becoming ham palace, the goring hotel. that is estimated to have cost them $136,000. they threw two parties, that
8:28 am
included champagne and caviar. so they are estimating they spent a pretty penny as well. they are not the royal family but considered to be millionaires. at the same time, this wedding cost more than most weddings that we have seen. alex? >> yes, i would say it did. you were right on that front. thank you. and then what the beat fau indication of pope john paul ii means for the roman church. well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number? our points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel. we're like forget florida, we're going on a safari. so we're on the serengeti, and seth finds a really big bone. we're talking huge. they dig it up, put it in the natural history museum and we get to name it. sethasauraus. really. your points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel?
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maybe you didn't hear. but dimes, nickels, even pennies have power now. because the volt charges for about a buck fifty a day. making most commutes gas-free for just a handful of change. so we're taking it back. all of it. we have some driving to do. the 2011 chevrolet volt. it's more car than electric. a government spokesman in libya says gadhafi' youngest son and three grandchildren were killed in an air strike. moammar gadhafi reportedly escaped unharmed along with his wife. nato cannot confirm if one of gadhafi's sons and grandchildren were killed. richard, good sunday morning to you. let's get the read on reaction from the rebels. what has that been like? >> reporter: the reaction was one of great excitement here in
8:32 am
benghazi. people were firing guns, and what sounded like tank fire into the small hours of the evening. people thought, well, this is what gadhafi deserves. he brought this upon himself and hope that gadhafi will be next. but in this excitement, there was a great deal of skepticism. people are looking at the source of the information, the libyan government spokeman, and very little that this government spokeman says turns out to be true, and people here are wondering if this is another tactic by gadhafi, to make himself look like a victim to try and evoke some sort of sympathy from the international community. you can see the excite, and people firing in the air, and also curiosity and skepticism, because they learned not to
8:33 am
trust moammar gadhafi or the spokesperson. >> and they say moammar gadhafi himself and his wife escaped, which means nato pinpointed his location, which thus far has been hard to do, right? >> which if it's true, and it's like listening to the iraq days. was he in the house? maybe. there was a dinner party last night at the son's house. the son is seif al arab, he's the youngest son. he had been studying in germany, and during this dinner party, there was an attack. and seif al arab was killed along with gadhafi's grandchildren, and gadhafi and his wife escaped.
8:34 am
if you look at the pictures of the aftermath, looks like anybody in the building could have been killed. it's possible gadhafi was in there and had a miraculous escape or just left. definitively, air strikes over the last several days have been closing in on gadhafi. he was in a building close to a libyan tv station, and if you believe this report and the nato air mission is closing in on gadhafi. >> richard engel, thank you. and then backing away from an exit deal. and refusing to sign an agreement to give up immunity. demonstrators rejected one deal because it would prevent him from standing trial.
8:35 am
and then mahmoud ahmadinejad is boycotting his duties in what is seen with a power struggle with the country's spy chief. he has not been seen at his office for eight days, missing two cabinet meetings and canceling a trip to a holy city. and then in the juarez area, they found grenades and bullet proof vests, all found at a home in a residential neighborhood. in poe lupd, thousands of jimi hendrix fans came together in hopes of breaking a record. and one group won the title two years ago, and this year on the record, more than 700 players short. and then a live look at
8:36 am
vatican city where the crowds of the faithful continue to lineup. the late pope was beatified before many this morning. father robert barron is the founder of "word on fire," and george waggle, nbc analysts. father, tell me the name where you are because i know i just misspoke. >> it was an extraordinary moment with the declaration of beatification was made and the wave of joe swept through the enormous crowd. you could not help but be moved by that. it was unforgettable. what struck me was it was much than a celebration of a great life, but also a celebration that we have a heavenly friend and predecessor, and it was the meeting between heaven and earth
8:37 am
that struck me at that moment. >> george, you knew the pope well. what went through your mind when the tapestry baring his portrait was revealed. i will remind folks that i could hear a lot of emotion in your voice. >> it was a remarkable moment, alex, in several respect. first of all, to see him in that picture, young and vibrant again, with the sprinkle in his eye, and you caught a sense of the rich humanity of this man. i was also thinking at that moment about 70 of his former college kids now people in late middle age sitting in the square, attending the beatification, and wondering what must have been going through their minds to think of the man that they first knew when they were teenagers being
8:38 am
lifted up before the whole world, is an example of heroic virtue. and then the picture of the sister who was with john paul ii as an assistant in his household and office for more than 30 some years. the pope died with this sister cradling his head in her hand. there was recollections that had to touch anybody that came close to this remarkable life that was lifted up before the church and the world today. >> it's astonishing to hear the kinds of details that were not public around the time of his death. with regard to the pope's placement now, he will not be in the lower crypt, he will go in the upper church next to michael
8:39 am
an j angelo's pea atau. >> there was traffic jams because so many people want to visit the site that it was causing all sorts of problems. with the beatification they moved him up to give the crowds greater access. and the chapel is adjacent to the most popular site within st. peters. some are concerned there could be a greater traffic jam. we will see, but john the xxiii was moved up, too. >> father, that may not be the final resting place? they have the option to move him yet again if need be? >> i suppose so. we will have to see how it goes. for now that's where they will keep them. >> george, quickly, give me the most poignant personal glimpse into the man being beatified
8:40 am
today that you would want to share with your viewers. >> i mentioned on our broadcast earlier this morning, alex, that the last time i saw john paul ii, which was on december 15th, 2004, just a few weeks before his final illness began, i became up to dinner with him, and my father had died six weeks before, and the first words the pope spoke to me were how is your mother doing? he remained a pastor until the very end. and those last months of his own illness and suffering, as difficult as they were for him, as difficult as they were to watch, provided an extraordinary example and an extraordinary witness to christian faith and the transformtive power of suffering, and the witness to the fact that there are no disposable lives, and everybody counts, and everybody has a dignity and value, and he lived that, and that was lifted up and
8:41 am
celebrated here at st. peters by a million people today. >> i want you both to know you count to us and thank you for your time. gentlemen, thank you. churches across the tornado-ravaged south is expected to be full this morning with survivors who are mourning the loss of life and devastation. the red cross opened emergency shelters and has the enormous task of having problems with housing. and then with a good morning to you, greg, do you have an explanation for an ef-5 tornado hitting mississippi? >> good morning, alex. first of all, again, our thoughts go out to those suffering today in that area of alabama, and mississippi, georgia, tennessee, those areas, and they experienced tremendous loss over the last week.
8:42 am
these storms are rare. they are extreme, but they do happen. when they do, we want to get the word out. the national weather service invested a lot of time and money into the effort. >> greg, when you look at the increase in these, is there an explanation in why we are seeing the upswing? >> actually, alex, there is no upswing that we are aware of. we have a short record with respect to these events. you have to go back to 1925 to find an event of magnitude, a larger magnitude than this. this will go down as one of the deadliest on record. 1925 is the last time we saw magnitude of loss of life like this. violent tornados of this magnitude are extremely rare and
8:43 am
we do not see a change in the record. >> i know our technology and ability to predict tornados in any storm is so much better than it used to be, but were we able to gauge the strength of the tornadoes that swept across the country on wednesday? >> on that morning, the conditions for tornado development were about as extreme as any forecaster i have worked with, or has experienced in their career. we knew the environment over a large area say the size of mississippi and alabama was primed for volatile and explosive storm development. we have the products that we wanted, and national weather service was telling people days in advance that the region would be under the gun, and we had products out saying this is serious, a particularly dangerous situation. once the storms form, we can be more accurate as to their father, and that's when the local weather services in birmingham issued the warnings
8:44 am
for those localitielocalities, people it's time to get out of the way and take cover immediately. >> thank you. return to the abbey. one memorable part of the royal wedding makes its way back to westminster. the latest from london next. we used to bet who could get closest to the edge.
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one part of the royal wedding is back at westminster abbey today. the bouquet carried by the bride was laid at the tomb of the unknown warrior. and she went to an undisclosed location for the weekend. and then columnists for "the
8:48 am
daily telegraph." what do you make of the decision of the newlyweds to break tradition and postpone their honeymoon? >> we are all surprised by this. if you think about it, maybe it does make sense. they were worked up in such a frenzy over the wedding, and the idea that the press could leave it there is just not going to happen. wherever they did go, the press would have followed them and they would not have had any privacy at all. i think the decision was made purely on those grounds. >> interesting. what about the middleton family. they returned to their charming town, and will they now have regular contact with the royal family? will royal events include them or not necessarily? >> no, they won't at all. i mean, there is no reason why they should have been included to the extent that they have so far in terms of the press coverage that they have had, except obviously we are
8:49 am
fascinated by them. apart from a very, very big ceremony, they will not be included in such at all. they will live very separate lives. >> how about in terms of things changing for william and kate. look at these two. they take off, and they are driving themselves and seem to be a normal and happy couple, but do they have a more full schedule of obligations and events. >> they will have more servants, and kate will have a lady in waiting, and the rumor is it will be her sister, pippa, who takes that role. she will probably get a stylists, too, just because for the engagements she goes to she has to look a certain way. william made it clear he wants the first two years of their marriage to be as normal as they can be.
8:50 am
>> that's while he is finishing his training, right? >> yes, that's right. he has insisted that he wants to try and keep the beginning of their marriage as normal as possible. >> i am curious about the aftermath. give me a check on the tenure of folks over there in england. is there a greater appreciation for the royal family? has this done a lot to boost the image? >> yeah, the mood is fantastic. we have been glum in britain. the recession has been bad, and royalty has been caused nothing but embarrassment for the couple of years, and it lifted the mood and gave people a well-needed injection of hope. >> we need it on this side of the pond as well. thank you for your coverage this morning. gas prices rise again. that's next.
8:51 am
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here's bad news. gas prices jumped another penny today, creeping towards $4. the national average for a gallon of gas is $3.94, up from a month ago. and if you compare it to last year, fuel is costing more than a buck more per gallon, making the prices hard to swallow are the profit reports for oil companies. look at the numbers. exxon making more than $10 billion. and then that's in the wake of the gulf oil disaster last year. here with me now, senior analysts, good morning to you. >> good morning, alex. >> a lot of people look at the numbers and say, come on, big oil is to blame for these high prices. >> there are a lot of things as
8:55 am
a federal chairman, ben bernanke explained in the first news conference, and that affects gas prices. and the problems we are having in the middle east, libyan oil is off market. the dollar has been weakening, which races oil prices, and because they are priced in dollars, and so the companies are the dish airies. >> and let me look the screen back up, the full screen, where they see the profit margins -- >> not profit margins. the profit margins are probably 10%. >> we're talking billions of dollars, ron. couldn't they lower their prices a we bit and make a giant profit. >> yeah, i would love to say that's true. we are having windfall profits. during the depth of the
8:56 am
financial crisis in 2009, oil was at $34 a barrel, and maybe a depression and deflation at the same time, and since then, our economy has rebounded, and emerging market economies like china and other countries have rebounded strongly. the demand for oil exploded. it's not a situation in which oil companies just benefit from rising prices. the cost of the inventory goes up. the same for gasoline marketers. they are paying higher prices themselves to get the oil to market. as a consequence, the final retail price has to go up because of the cost of obtaining oil is rising at the same time. >> can i ask you about the royal speculators in playing in all of this. and how does speculation play into this? >> normally i wouldn't go down this road because typically speculators provide a useful function in the financial
8:57 am
markets but in this environment there has been speculative excess. when you look at the reports we follow in the financial industry, the speculative interest in things like oil, gold, silver and to an extent c copper, have hit record levels. individuals are speculating, by the way, in the commodity markets as well. they are buyers in things like oil, gold and silver. it's not just professional speculators, but individual speculators are speculating as well. mr. bernanke pointed out that almost all of the rise in the gas of gasoline is attributable to the uncertaintieuncertaintie. >> at least you are giving us an explanation to the pain in the pump. the latest big news from libya.
8:58 am
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