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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  May 1, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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since i just assumed he was running as a joke. >> that was no joke to donald trump. wait until you hear how president obama ribs the donald. and welcome to "msnbc sunday." let's get to what is happening right now out there. pope john paul ii is one step away from sainthood. more than a million people jammed the surrounding streets for mass, and now hundreds are filing up to file past the coffin. >> msnbc's chris jansing is live in roam. another good sunday morning to you. i know pope benedict delivered mass. we will get to chris in a moment. we are having a little technical difficulty. i guess we will go to libya, and we will come back to rome for you, and certainly get to more
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from chris jansing relative to the pope's beatification. a missile strike reportedly killed gadhafi' son as well as three grand children. gadhafi and his wife were allegedly inside that same compound, but they escaped unharmed somehow. here is how a libyan official describes details of the incident. >> they attacked and it resulted in the death of brother, seif al arabs, 29 years old, and three of the leader's grandchildren. the leader himself is in good health. >> let's go live to mike. i have yet to hear confirmation from nato about the deaths. we know the air strike happened. what are you hearing about that? >> reporter: what we hear is only what the libyan government
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allows us to hear. you just heard from the spokeman, and he told us who was killed last night. and even nato says they don't have direct confirmation of any casualties, let alone the identity of the casualties. general charles beau shaurd said we don't target individuals or families, and we did strike at that location and there were military targets we were hitting at. and the bombing attacks, these would be the first known casualties in those nato bombing raids in triplie itself. and gadhafi and his wife, sophia, were in the compound, reportedly, again, and reportedly they did escape unharmed. earler in the day, and it was
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the second attack that was close to taking out gadhafi, he said he will not leave my country. seven or eight hours later we were here and heard the two explosions, the attack apparently took out the youngest of his seven sons, and three of his grandchildren. >> i am curious, mike. you said you heard the explosions? where were you? what time of day was this? >> reporter: we were at the hotel here downtown, and you could feel the rumbling -- >> unfortunately, we lost mike taibbi. and this statement was given after the attack.
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so let's go back to rome. we'll give it another shot right now regarding the beatification with pope john paul ii, with chris jansing, who is live there for us. delivering mass, what did he say about his predecessor? >> reporter: we heard about a pope john paul ii that the people in the crowd really know, a great leader of chris ant chr. and they upped the number of pilgrims that turned out for the beatification ceremony, 1.5 million people that crowded the streets. just starting with the appearance of pope benedict, who was close and worked for many, many years alongside pope john paul ii at the vatican. they knew each other very well. it was that moment when they unveiled right in front of st. peter's behind me, that beautiful tapestry with the picture of pope john paul ii on
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it, about 17 years into his service, and you see the life in him and the cheer that went up from the crowd was long and sustained and the flags were flying and people crying, and it was quite an extraordinary moment. many of the people here who have come from far distant lands, we saw a lot of polish flags, and people had been here and who had waited more than six years. pope john paul now, alex, officially known as blessed. >> all right. chris jansing, i know we will speak with you again next hour and look forward to it. thank you. sunday church services are filling with those mourning the dead after last week's devastating storms. in alabama alone officials say many were killed in the storms.
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and charles, what is the latest from there? >> reporter: good moerpg. as you mentioned, church services are beginning across alabama. a lot of the damaged and destroyed churches, congregation members are clearing debris from the foundation of churches and they are planning on holding services at some of the locations today as an effort to the rebuilding processes. thousands of electrical crews from across the country arrived, and they are already reconnecting the power to many parts of alabama, including here in tuscaloosa. we have had crews as far as wisconsin and indiana working to get the power back on here in the south. and tuscaloosa, of course, is not the only community hit by this. there were 200 reported tornadoes across the south, just to the north of here in a town
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called hackleburg, 100 miles north of here, it's confirmed they had an ef-5 tornado. that's the most powerful on the scale. winds more than 200 miles per hour. the storm that came here was at least an ef-3, and the meteorologist are expected to announce today it could go up to an ef-4 or perhaps ef-5 as they continue to analyze the damage across the sections here of tuscaloosa and beyond. this tornado was on the ground for more than an hour and travelled more than 100 miles. alex? >> yeah, such devastation. thank you. and then potential flooding. the city is threatened by two swelling rivers. the army corp of engineers are trying to find a way to fix the
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problem. and then check in with alex wallace for the forecast. >> good morning to you, alex. we are seeing more showers and storms in some of the same areas we have seen them over the past couple days. and all the way down into north texas as well. we had some of the strongest storms this morning. a severe thunderstorm watch, and that's shaded in yellow until 9:00, and then in the red, that's where we have a tornado watch out until noon here for us. so dallas included in some of this. we have big storms rumbling on through this area right now. and heavy downpours, not so much a severe threat right now. heavy rain through tennessee, and into portions of arkansas right now. it's all lining up right along the frontal boundary, which will not move much. this is our sunday, and by monday, notice not much headway off towards the east. same areas picking up.
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that's going to lead to more flooding. >> not the news we want to hear, but thank you for delivering it anyway. visit for the latest weather in your area. new this morning, fresh details about the late-night wedding bash at buckingham palace. one tabloid reports by the end of the party, prince harry was diving from windowsills. and he said william did not have a romantic bone in his body before he met catherine. here with more, let's make sure with a good morning to you, they are going on a honeymoon, right? just not now? >> reporter: that's what we're hearing from the palace officials. they say they will eventually go on the their honeymoon, and it said
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they want a private honey. and we are told they were leaving the weekend to go on their honeymoon. did they plan on postponing their honeymoon for a few weeks to begin with, or security reasons that held them back. nonetheless, the couple wants a private weekend. and they are at the balance moral kasle, where the royal family takes small breaks all the time. we don't know where they are, and they want it that way. they don't want us to know when they are going on their honeymoon. >> who can blame them. we are hearing more about the late night reception. and prince harry with his shirt open, and diving off windowsills, and that's always fun. >> reporter: we can expect no less from harry to put that out there. his speech that was funny,
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calling them the dude and dut dutchess was also warm. as you mentioned, he said will did not have a romantic bone in his body until he met kate. he was gushing on the phone, and he's happy for his brother and said he has the best big brother. and we hearing the information on the songs, and one of the first songs they danced to was "your song," by elton john. prince harry requesting "sex on fire" by the kings of leon. the drinks, very expensive champagne, and mojito, and martinis.
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sounds delicious. >> yeah, wish i could have been there. still ahead, the wedding bells and costs. how much does it take these days for your average wedding? we'll tell you about that. also coming up, the wedding anniversary gifts that mariah carey will never forget. and the presidential pop shots. president obama flashes his witness. >> matt damon. love him. love the guy. he said he was disappointed in my performance. well, matt, "the adjustment bureau," so right back at you, buddy. >> ouch. you're watching "msnbc sunday." this is the neighborhood. you get elm street and you get main street. thank you. and that's just the first quarter. so you want a slide in your office ? or monkey bars, either one.
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stepped up pressureer on
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libya's colonel gadhafi with reports that his son and three grandchildren were killed in a nato air strike. president obama called for the dictator to leave, but nato says the mission is not to remove him by force. let's bring in howard dean, the former chairman of the dnc and ran for president in 2004. good to see you. >> good morning, alex. >> so with respect to libya, sir, how much does it ratchet up the operation if the turns out to be true. gadhafi was there, and that means they targeted where he was. and that had not been done to the best of my knowledge. does that suggest that he was the main target? >> well, he should be. clearly this will not be over until gadhafi leafs, whether he leaves in a box or voluntarily. so the problem, the dilemma is, it's illegal to target other heads of states.
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what we did in chile involved an assassination, and it was illegal and we have not done it since and should not be doing it from a legal point of view. i think they are probably targeting him. and the only way to bring a huh sti huh still tease to an end. >> how do we have to read between the tea leaves? you are saying he should go and should be a target, but legally speaking and that's not the case, it's a humanitary mission. >> if you are the president of the united states, you cannot undertake an armed intervention
9:20 am
without considering all the possible ways it could end. i think president obama is very smart. i think one of the lessons learned from iraq and frankly afghanistan, is there was not an exit plan. general powell, who i have an enormous amount of respect for, he said you should not go in unless you have an exit plan. and probably the president had several plans. >> and overall, governor, he does not strike me as an eye for an eye type of guy. gadhafi has certainly murdered instant people. look at pan am 103. family members, not gadhafi himself, do you think that he might not feel comfortable with that? do you think there is any second guessing going on at the white house this morning? >> well, let's be clear about this. this is a nato operation. i doubt very much the united states is directing this.
9:21 am
this is the principal people involved. my guess is the president himself has little to do with the targeting with any of this. i don't think anybody, including the british and the french targeted gadhafi's family, but i think they would like to get rid of gadhafi. the fact of the matter is, he ruled with an iron hand and murdered thousands of innocent civilians over his long reign, and lived by the sword and die by the sword, that's his choice. he can give up tomorrow and everybody would be fine in his family. wars are ugly, and unpleasant and horrible things and sometimes undertaken to prevent something worse. let's turn to the issues at home. we will start with the cost of a gallon of gas. how significant is this issue for the president? >> well, it's always tough
9:22 am
because the president, whoever it is, gets blamed for whatever goes wrong. i think one of the things that the republicans have a problem with is they have actually voted without a single democratic representative joining them to maintain the $53 billion a year that taxpayers are giving the oil companies. this is normally speaking, the president would wear almost all of this unfairly may it be, and this will be a mixed bag. the president and the democrats will look back at the republicans, because of you we are giving $53 billion to oil companies when they don't need it. i think this is an interesting mixed bag. it's more tough on the president, but there are tools the democrats could fight back with on this one. >> let's get to the politics. 2012 -- >> i thought that was politics. >> that's true. you're right. let's get to the candidates. let's get to donald trump.
9:23 am
has all the talk of him running evaporated, the birther controversy, that's over, and he had a speech on wednesday, and he said the f-word three times, and does that disqualify him in the public's view as a legitimate candidate? does everything go south from here for donald trump? >> your question assumes he was a legitimate candidate ever. as far as i am concerned, he has been the best thing that happened to the democrats in aur long time. he has been a spectacle. i was so glad of the royal wedding just to get him off the air. >> i know. i have to say, i was at the white house correspondent dinner last night when we walked into the ballroom, and i thought, wow, that guy has got some courage walking into this crowd. you have seen the laughter at his expense last night, which i think he took none to kindly
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too, but howard dean, good to see you and thank you forgetting up early on a sunday. >> thanks for having me on. up next, the white house correspondent dinner, it's something we will share here on msnbc sunday. membership rewards points from american express. they're a social currency with endless possibilities. does that airline go out of it's way to reward you? it should. because loyalty is a two way street. and when one side gives, the other has to give back. dedicated redcoat customer service.
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president obama is setting his comedic sights on challenge challengers. of course the conspiracy theory over his birth certificate was often the butt of the joke. >> just in case there are lingering questions, tonight i am prepared to go a step further. tonight, for the first time, i'm releasing my official birth video.
9:28 am
michelle balkman is here i understand, and she's thinking about running for president. which is weird, because i hear she was born in canada. yes, michelle, this is how it starts. so now you know. tim paw len tea. he seems all american. but if you hear his middle name, tim jose, what a shame. my buddy and outstanding ambassador, john huntsman is with us.
9:29 am
there is something you may not know about john, but he didn't learn to speak chinese to go there. oh, no. he learned english to come here. >> but the president was also a target himself. hosts, seth myers, teased the commander in chief on everything from the strategy to his graying hairline. >> and then another out come in the battle of the sexes. this one on dogs. researchers discovered the difference between males and females, and basically they found the females are smarter, and one might generalize and say females of all species are indeed smarter. oh, gosh, did i say that? yeah. you are watching "msnbc sunday."
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moammar gadhafi and his wife are safe after a nato air strike, but a spokesperson says the leader's youngest son and grandchildren under the age of 12 were all killed in that strike. nato confirmed it hit a government building but cannot confirm the deaths so far. joining me is the director of the heritage foundations margaret thatcher center for freedom. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> and clearly the last couple nights, colonel gadhafi has been the target. my recollection of the outset that it was a humanitarian mission, and political leaders, including our president, saying he must go. >> the revolution is very wide ranging, and it gives a great latitude for the alliance to take whatever action is necessary to prevent the regime from killing civilians. certainly, nato commanders have taken that interpretation to
9:34 am
justify strikes directly against gadhafi himself. and gadhafi's family controls the regime, and gadhafi's six sons are intracutally involved in the killing of members of libyan civilians. nato is taking action against gadhafi and the control of the infrastructure in order to save large numbers of libyan lives. >> understanding all of that, there seems to be a mixed message being sent, then. nato takes the steps to put out a statement which says we do not target individuals. there's a conflict if you look at what you said, and understandably a lot of understand that, why does nato then put that out there? >> well, i think clearly nato does not have yet all the information available with regard to the full out come of
9:35 am
this strike, and so there is a hesitantcy. >> does that mean that the nato mission, nato air strikes, continue until gadhafi is eliminated? >> clearly the ultimate goal is to get rid of gadhafi himself, otherwise you will see continuing killing. we are dealing with a barbaric and brutal regime. and he has a lot of american and british blood on his hands as well. he has backed a number of
9:36 am
terrorists organizations in the past, and what we are seeing now, the nato taking direct action against the man responsible for the killing of thousands of libyan men, women and children over the course of the past two months. >> i want to ask you, what happens post gadhafi? is there a natural path of succession, or would that country be placed into more turmoil? >> i think gadhafi's days are numbered, and we have to do what we can to build-up viable opposition who can takeover once gadhafi leaves power. >> for the latest on the situation unfolding right now, you can head over to the website
9:37 am
website@msnbc.c website@msnbc.cwebsite at and then we believe the launch is going to happen on tuesday, and the launch team has been told more repair work has been needed. the flight is to be the next to last space shuttle launch that will leave nasa without concrete plans for america's future in space. right now, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims in vatican city are filing past pope john paul ii. and elizabeth, it's good to see you this sunday. can you tell us why the pope is being moved? >> reporter: well, there are about 140 popes that have been buried in st. peters and usually placed downstairs in the crypt, but pilgrims and faithful, when
9:38 am
they want to visit, they move them up in the upstairs part of the church. and john paul ii is certainly somebody people want to come and see. >> there is so much about the pope, elizabeth, that people truly found they could relate to. can you tell me more about his background, his days as a struggling actor? >> reporter: i think -- one of the things about john paul ii that makes him so universally attractive is he started out thinking he was going to be an actor. he was tremendously attracted to the stage and dreamed of becoming an actor, and wrote plays and in doing so he began to conceive of people, a way of making people see themselves as stars. he could adapt himself to every single situation, but at the same time he encouraged people to star in their own lives. it's like he anticipated the reality show, except he had a way of making young people in particular feel like they were
9:39 am
destined to see the grand stars of their own lives. >> we have been talking so much about the polish culture and all the poles that travelled to visit here, and john paul ii was the pope in many years that was not italian. he had a connection to rome that started with his youth. can you tell us about that? >> reporter: john paul ii did not arrive in rome and say, i don't know my way around to find the pizza, and when he came here he had been here twice before elected pope. and he was right near the heart of town, and right around the corner. and then he came back for the second vatican council. he wrote a beautiful poem about
9:40 am
how it could find the spaces within us. he visited the garbage people set every year. he was very much a part of rome. >> okay. wonderful details we can only get from you, elizabeth. thank you so much. across the tornado-ravaged south, volunteers jumping in to help the survivors. after alabama, mississippi was hit especially hard with 35 deaths. and many of the survivors are sharing their stories. >> there wasn't time to think. after it hit, you was just there. i just didn't believe that this much damage was done in that short of time. >> msnbc's ron mott is in
9:41 am
mississippi this morning. isn't that what people are marveling about, how much damage was done in seconds? >> reporter: in seconds, alex. the headline in the paper here, ten seconds to cause all of the damage. it's very widespread here in town. this was an ef-5 tornado, and that's the strongest classification for tornadoes. they estimated the width of this tornado half a mile. it will be a while before folks can begin to think about rebuilding. down here they started to put in new power poles. and there are very few others that are still standing. it's not just trees on power lines, but the power lines themselves and the poles are gone. they have to reinstall power poles and main lines into town. it will be a long time before power is back on here. there are homes back behind me to the south and east that did
9:42 am
not suffer any damage, so those folks are without power and probably will be for sometime, so it has affected them as well. they found two victims yesterday, and one just in this area where this church was destroyed on wednesday afternoon. so today is a day of thanks. it's sunday, and folks will be heading out to services. there is a unity service in the next town over. this chur search holding services in two hours time, and they want to give thanks and get back to rebuilding. >> thank you for that story. still ahead, i know you have not heard enough about her in a while. we will give you a new word about lindsay lohan's legal troubles. dressed to the fril. we will measure prince catherine's wedding dress and how that's next here. you to ♪
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mariah is a mom. the pop singer and hubby are the proud parents to a twin boy and girl. the girl was born first, weighing in at 5 pounds, 3 ounces, and then the boy came next, 5 pounds, three ounces. the dress seen around the world. today we are learning about exactly who made it. 20 seam stresses worked on the ground washing their hands every 30 minutes. and the needle work was changed every three hours to make sure they were sharp. good morning to you, vanessa. >> good morning. >> we have to talk first the costs, because there was one british tabloid report putting the cost of the dress more than $400,000. given what i was just reporting and what you know about it, do you think that's possible? >> i think the truth is that dress is priceless.
9:47 am
having said that, certainly the couture dresses that are made for one person that are never copied and never made again with run into the thousands of dollars, and if you add in the man hours requires to make the dress and the lace and it was hand cut, and the fabric that went into it, that could well be accurate. >> okay. of course you say never re-made, but they will be copied, as they have been already. people putting knockoffs out there. we had two stunning looks from kate on her wedding day. what did you think of her style of choices? were they the classic looks that could work on a lot of brides? >> certainly the wedding dress itself was timeless, and very elegant. the second dress was beautiful, although i liked it not as quite as the first one. it was a little disney princess for me, but because it was so much simpler than the first one,
9:48 am
it will be easy to be inspired by if you are another designer, and it will be easier for other people to wear. >> how about this dress, the wedding dress with regard to comparisons to what diana wore on her wedding day. >> it was about half the size of diana's dress. >> true. >> and the train was i think just under half the size. diana's train was 25 feet, and catherine's was 10 feet. diana's dress was a dress of its time, in its size and it was a very 1980's dress, and catherine's dress looked like she had gone through an album of famous wedding dresses that withstood the test of history, and settled on one that has been picked almost every year as one of the great wedding dresses of all-time, which was grace kelly's dress. >> indeed. right. there was a lot made of pippa middleton's dress.
9:49 am
she made a big splash at the wedding. there were people, while thinking she was beautiful, were critical that she wore white. what did you think of the dress? >> i thought the dress was fantastic. it was a mcqueen dress more than the dress itself. it was fitted to the body, and a fishtail hem, and there is precedent in english royal wedding history of brides maids wearing white, so while that fact seemed strange to some americans, in england actually it was not quite as shocking. >> okay. i have to tell you, fun talking fashion with you, vanessa freedman, from the financial times. >> thank you, and you too. a remarkable gentleman throws out the pitch at dodger game in los angeles tom willis was born without arms. he winds the ball between his toes, and look what he threw. the perfect strike.
9:50 am
incredible. way to go! you are
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9:53 am
it's msnbc sunday. i'm alex witt. thousands gathered in poland to watch a broadcast of the beatification of their native son pope john paul ii. the mandatory evacuation is prompted by groundwater seeping up. in grand junction, colorado, a microburst of wind sent two 700-pound hot tubs into the street. fortunately no one was hurt. four people are hurt in pittsburgh at a helicopter crashed into an apartment building. the chop are was involved in the filming of a tv show. it's 33 cents higher than it
9:54 am
was a month ago. those are your fast five headlines. lindsay lohan wants to plead no contest according to various reports. word is she wants to make that plea before her next court appearance. she's been sentenced to four months in jail related to a probation violation. the royal wedding surely cost a pretty pound, a survey finds that an average wedding here in the united states costs about $28,000. we'll bring you more on today's top stories, including a close call for moammar gadhafi. is nato not targeting him. a solemn ceremony to honor perhaps the greatest popes of modern times. he's closer now to sainthood. ♪
9:55 am
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the conflict in libya hitting home for moammar gadhafi. reports say nato bombs hit his son's house with deadly results and the leader was there. we're live in tripoli. several hundred,000 watch as pope john paul ii is beatified. ready, set, celebrate. on the heels of the royal wedding, the parties are just getting started for the city of london. we'll tell you why. good morning, everyone, from washington. i'm alex witt, welcome to msnbc sunday. we're going to have all those stories for you, plus the president takes donald trump to task at the d.c. gala last night. let's start in libya, where a nato air strike has reportedly claimed the lives of moammar gadhafi's family, including three children.
9:59 am
nbc's mike taibi is live. >> reporter: we're hearing an unconfirmed report that the italians embassy is showing smoke. we spoke to the spokesman, who said the british embassy itself was attacked by pro-gadhafi demonstrators, all having to do with a bombing attack. that reportedly killed the youngest of the seven sons of moammar gadhafi and three of his grandchildren. the youngest son who is saif al arab, who lives in a complex not far from the hotel, we heard those explosions, and then brought by libyan miners to the scene, where two of the four structures in this housing complex owned by the son were badly destroyed. we cou


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