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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  May 8, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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right now, the bin laden tapes, the most wanted terrorists in the world is scene watching himself on tv and practicing speeches. this morning, new inside to why the government released these home videos. memphis exowe dus. many leave their homes as the river continues to rise. and what comes up, must come down. why analysts are saying gas prices could fall before summer. >> i will be filming a cameo in "hangover three," and i am in there, and i purchased rosetta in english. happy mother's day to all of you moms celebrating out there.
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we begin with osama bin laden, as the world has never seen him before. the pentagon released new video of the terror leader, and that was before the special operations raid that killed him. two of the tapes are watching himself. there appears to be a gray-bearded bin laden watching himself in news reports on television, and he is wrapped in a blanket and clutching his tv remote. stephanie? >> reporter: the government is calling it the single largest collection of single terrorists material ever found. they showed these videos to reporters in washington. pakistani officials will be watching this and over the course of this week, there has been anger from government officials over the way the raid was conducted. we heard from the head of the
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military here that said if a similar raid to kill another al qaeda terrorists is launched in this country it will affect the relationship between pakistan and the united states. looking at the video as well, we have been talking to people all week about how they are skeptical in the country that bin laden was in the compound and killed by navy s.e.a.l.s, and they will look at the video and not be convinced. there is little there that shows the compound or will prove that he was there. the raid on bin laden did not just take out the world's most famous terrorists, but a senior official calls the information found there is the biggest information found of the generation. >> reporter: happy birthday. >> let's talk about what political benefits is the
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presidencying right now. >> reporter: the president is seeing a significant bump in the polls. the president had dipped well below 50%, and he was upside down in the polls before, and his disapproval rating higher than approval. and that's changed, he is up in the 50s. and now they have been careful not to exploit this for political purposes. they don't have to. it's such an unmitigated success in the eyes of the american public, and republicans on capitol hill dare not speak against it. the white house very careful to let it speak for themselves. when we saw the president over the last week, he layed a wreath there and did not speak. it was a friday when he did have a rally, but the rally was with
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men and women in uniform that just returned from afghanistan. the white house is being careful not to over step their hand but happy about the benefit over the events of the last week. >> yeah, a lot of people saying the president struck the right tone this week. let's talk about what he has done this week. what will he be doing? >> reporter: immigration. the work of the nation continues now. and one thing on the poll question, alex, everybody remembers in 1990 when h.w. bush kicked saddam, and we know what happened 18 months after that. and this president will continue to tackle a controversial issue, making a speech on immigration policy. this is something that has gone to the back burner and considered a political loser by many democrats, and the president will travel to el paso, texas, and talk about an
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immigration policy, and nobody needs to be reminded that in many places around the country, the latino population has been burgening, particularly in texas. we have seen what kind of damage this issue that can promote a path to citizenship. the president has to worry about his democratic base, many who have been disappointed for him not pushing this issue. and communities in kentucky are feeling relief of the levees holding there, and in memphis, it's another story. rising water flooded 25 mobile homes so far, forcing some
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families to flee, and others to prepare for the worst. >> my husband and i, if we have a hole in our living room, we could probably hold our fishing holds right now and do some serious fishing. because the water right now is underneath this floor. it's about ready to pop through. >> joining me now, alvin benson. how is the fire department helping with all of the middle of the mess? >> the good thing, we have been able to plan for the event. and we have been able to plan, so one of the big things that we have been doing in conjunction with law enforcement is getting notice out to the community. as of last night, we had as many as 1,100 notices given out and had people evacuate ahead of time hopefully to prevent doing a mass rescue effort. for the most part people are
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evacuating and things are moving smoothly. >> yeah. >> yes? >> and sandbagging, when you have specific areas that you feel like you can contain that is always very effective. given the amount of, i guess, river coastline that you have to deal with here, is that effective in this case? >> the mississippi river is very powerful, and it's only as effective as you can be. we had a massive sandbagging effort. it has been a great coordinated effort. sandbags are helping quite a bit. there are flood walls involved and levees reinforced and things are working smoothly, actually. >> what is your biggest concern at this point? >> i think people evacuating. again, we have had to have some rescues and had to effect rescues and we have had our boats out sheltering people, and
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the sheltering effort is going well. and we have had about 400 people in shelters and many have chosen to live with family. if the persons will just get out, because obviously water can be detrimental to cars and citizens right away, so if people will take those precautions, we can get through this in one piece. >> as bad as it is now, you have another 36 to 48 hours to go until this river actually crests. what is your major concern as you look forward? >> again, we know what the areas are. we have gone out and put out evacuation notices. i had the troops going out, two and three times a day looking at the low-lying areas. literally boots on the ground. we're out every day looking at what the conditions look like if we need to make some immediate
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adjustments, and finding people on the spot. as long as people are notified and evacuated, we can get through this piece of it and we will be ready for the next piece when the water starts to subside, and we will deal with the aftermath. >> alvin benson, sounds like you have things coordinate, and that's great news from the memphis fire department. rain is expected in some areas, and dry heat in others. can you believe it, there is a chance of snow for parts of the mountain west. let's get your forecast from alex wallace. snow? are you kidding me? on mother's day? >> seems like winter will not go away in the northwest. we are finding threats of the flooding still going on out there. areas shaded in the green, that's where we have our flood warnings in place throughout the ohio river. and the good news for us is the
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bulk of the rain, and not taking place in some areas. it's working northward over top of the areas, so we're not adding any r in additional rain those spots. we will see a few rain showers and storms working through the carolinas in the morning hours. and there will be spots getting up in the 90s. we will see plenty of 90s across much of texas, and storms developing in the northern plains, and some of those storms could pack a punch there. and then wintry weather in parts of the northwest, and southwest areas looking dry. a few clouds around los angeles for the afternoon, but will be dry, alex. >> for more on the weather where you are, you can go to the weather channel's website, the national average for a gallon of regular is under
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$3.97, and now it's heading in the other direction. industry analysts say that after soaring about $4 in some states, demand should continue to push down prices. it should be just in time for your driving summer vacations. >> "animal kingdom" tok the lead. let's watch. >> and sharkleford, and it's animal kingdom, and it wins the derby. >> mu cho macho man had a trainer. we can't talk about the derby without mentioning the hats. look at them.
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colorful reatio colorful creations made the royal hats at the wedding look tame, right? and then should the u.s. ditch pakistan and embrace india? one of our guests says so. three years later, the murder trial of casey anthony is about to get under way. we're live for you in florida. >> record real estate. the stunning price even by new york city's standards. tina fey's one-night return to "snl," right here on "sunday msnbc." ♪ [ male announcer ] doctors have been saying it forever. let's take a look. but they've never actually been able to do it like this. let's take a look. v-scan from ge healthcare. a pocket sized imaging device that will help change the way doctors see patients.
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it's the osama bin laden that al qaeda did not want to you see. aging, narcissistic, and
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flubbing his lines. now that the u.s. released secret videos grabbed during the navy s.e.a.l. raid, a new portrait of bin laden is released. the chief pentagon correspondent joins us. great job covering the breaking news, and it was such an interesting news conference that the pentagon offered up there. they talk about bin laden's final days. he never left that compound? >> according to officials we are talking to, he may have been confined to the compound for at least five years, and not only confined to the compound, but out of sight most of the day. he was confined to two rooms of the compound. and he would go and maybe take some exercise outside a little
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bit every day, and they were frustrated. even their surveillance satellites could not determine exactly who that was. they were close, but they could not come within a foot of the height because of the various angles of the construction of the compound itself, which was very cleverly put together. and the day the navy s.e.a.l.s hit the ground at the compound, there was no certainty that osama bin laden himself was there, but the overall evidence was compelling enough to launch the raid. >> you say osama bin laden was confined to two rooms, it makes sense that he was doing something to occupy his time inside, and they are alleging that he was dangerously still at the head of the operations in the terror group's plans? >> yeah, whether they were trying to diminish his leadership, the intelligence
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saying he was not operational but inspirational to the al qaeda movement, but based on the evidence that they uncovered at the compound that he was in fact in control and if not planning operations on a strategic and tactical level, at least providing advice. the problem was that he was only doing it through curers. and he was interested in attacking large u.s. targets with mass casualties since 9/11, there has not been a successful attack against the united states. >> no, there hasn't. roger kresy joins me, a terrorists analysts. >> good morning, and happy mother's day. >> thank you. i appreciate that. let's get your gut check on why
8:19 am
we have the release of the tapes and why now? >> because it counters the narrative image he was trying to perpetuate. he is not a man that is 10 feet fall. he is a frail, aged looking man, being housed in a complex with not a lot of personal time. and bin laden was the world's most dangerous terrorists, but look at the way he was living and operating. not as powerful as he tried to make himself out to be. >> the video we are seeing right now is where he has a gray beard, and he is hunched over watching himself on the news. his beard is just black in another one, and that was
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reported between october and november of last year. that was a message to the american people that looked like it was good to go. why was that not released? >> we don't know. that's part of the analysis and the investigation now. they could have had communications issues, or there could have been other decisions operationally and the like that could have prevented it from being released. you see that image, and there were two audiences there, alex. one was the american alex and one was his follow wurs. he was trying to paint himself as a strong viral presence who had command not only of the facts but himself. that image is what he was trying to perpetuate to the community. >> and with regard to the statement released by al qaeda on friday, and it was a lengthy one and confirmed his death. there was no name of a successor. why not? >> al qaeda is not an
8:21 am
organization that works on elections. there is a council that will get together and decide who will replace him. will it be defact yoe number two? or maybe somebody outside like cashmery. the bottom line, anybody that replaces bin laden does not have the stature or charisma of bin laden. that creates desention, and it will continue to pound the organization in the ground. >> we will continue to talk about this a lot more. thank you so much. into the wild. some stranded whales get a second chance at life. that story behind the pictures coming up? in celebration of this mother's day, check out a new
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two police officers are recuperating at home this morning, after a deadly confrontation in texas. a man with a gun tried to pass through security. he was stopped and wounded one officer in the hand. a second officer was hit in the leg. after a two-hour standoff, the gunman shot and killed himself. in the florida keys, two of those stranded pilot whales are back in the wild. they were released by a team from the sanctuary. seven dies, and 11 others will be set free after they are rehabilitated. in new york city, real estate prices are heading back
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to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible. welcome back. i am alex witt. the new videos released by the government get a glimpse into what life was like for osama bin laden in pakistan. it shows himse watching himselfn tv. and then rescued, 400 migrants after their boat was stranded on rocks. tens of millions of migrants
8:30 am
have fled since january. a slide deflated because too many older kids were playing on it. then bin laden meeting with chinese officials. with polls showing his approval rating above 50%. and karen finny is a msnbc political analysts, and starting tuesday she will have a weekly column on "the hill." >> happy mother's day, alex. >> thank you, and it's a great day, certainly. let's get to is it a crucial time for the president to bounce off the ratings because of last week >> we know it's not going to last. we have seen it time and again. what is important is to
8:31 am
capitalize on the feeling that the people have, and he talked about, yes we can in 2008, and earlier this year in the state of the union, what was the message? we do the big things, winning the future. the idea of recap actualizing on this optimism, and looking to the future, and getting america's confidence back, that's what he's trying to capitalize on. >> yeah, it's all about the money. and just 34% of americans approval of the handling of the economy. what can he do to in the short term to reassure americans about their wallets? >> part of it is, we saw a mixed bag on friday with the jobs numbers. the good news is, more people are out there trying to find jobs. trying to reassure people that we are moving in the right direction is an important thing. and conversations with the chinese this week on currency manipulation, and we don't expect a lot of news out of that
8:32 am
but those are important discussions on have. he will continue to talk about the jobs message and green energy, and the problem is there is not a lot the president can really do in the short term in terms of the actionable items, other than to reassure confidence, essentially. >> how much of a problem can that be what he can't do in the short term extends 17 or 18 months from now? >> at the end of the day, people will take a look before they go to the polls next november and say, okay, how am i doing? but if they feel like the economy is moving in the right direction, and things are getting better, i think that will benefit the president. remember, part of the problem that we have had in this country for so long is not that things have just been bad, but increasingly people feel like it's not going to get better. if we can turn the corner where
8:33 am
people believe and can feel in their own lives things are getting better, that will be a big help. >> and immigration, that's a big topic. republicans criticized his plan as rewarding lawmakers and being soft on security. but now the gutsy move with bin laden, do you think he has more chances of getting the gop onboard? >> i think the truth is president obama has actually been very aggressive in terms of the border security, and in urmz of the raids that they conducted, and in terms of the sending people back. some of the meetings he has had have been about the issue of can we slow down some of the deportation of the kids. by going to el paso, we need to secure the border. that's an opportunity. we'll talk about how we have a comprehensive report. the danger for both sides for
8:34 am
the democrats, if it doesn't seem to be a sincere effort, that will anger latino and hispanic vote. >> karen finny, we will see you next hour. thank you so much. >> thank you. we invite you to watch "meet the press" today. and we will here from new york city mayor rudy guiliani. check your local listings for that time. our world view begins in southern thailand. all members of the security forces. more than 4,000 people have been killed in the region since the insurgent began in 2004. a bigger rally is expected today in another part of mexico
8:35 am
city. in venice a. visit from the pope. 3,000 faithful packed into the park for an open air mass. this was the city's first visit in 26 years. taking a look at the wall street. big economic reports due out next week. most on thursday. the government will tell us how much the prices of clothing food and gasoline and everything else rose during the month of april. what jobs are out there and who is looking for workers? the labor department tells us about advertised opening and which businesses are looking to hire. and the national retail federation says the average person is spending $140 on mother's day gifts this year, and that's $14 more than last year. gas prices have shot
8:36 am
uplanding at $3.98 last week. and the drop in prices now may fuel the economy in other ways. so for more on that, let's bring in neil irwin. good morning to you. >> thank you. >> these analysts are expecting a steady decline. what is behind this? >> well, the simple answer is some of this run up in oil prices and other global commodities. the price of oil came down, and it was over $110, and now it's south of $100. that will flow through what you pay at the pump. that's good for people who need to go on summer vacation or have to go on a long drive. >> absolutely. at what point will we see them level off to a new form, or will it ever get back to $3?
8:37 am
is that going to happen? >> i doubt it. what we are seeing now whenever the global economy is doing okay, whenever the demand for oil is strong, prices are very high. we had that spike in the summer of 2008, and they only fell after there was an economic collapse, and we don't want that to happen again. as long as the world economy remains on a path, and china and india are growing and demanding more oil, that will keep up the price at the pump. >> how is it that dropping gas prices can power the economy overall? >> this would be a big boost. if the predicted decreases in the gas materialized, and it appears likely they will, that has a benefit for ordinary americans. you can buy a more efficient car and move closer to the workplace, but you have your
8:38 am
commute and errands, you have to do, and take kids to school, there is other stuff you have to cut back on. >> the president recognizes the importance politically speaking of fighting the price of gas, but is it dealing with regulation or speak laters? how is it that we can avoid these horrific gas hikes in the future? >> in the short run there is not a lot of the president of the united states can do, and it hurts his poll numbers, and it's not something that the white house has a lot of power over in the short run. there is maybe some speculation, but it's hard to know how much or what to do about it if you want to. and then you have the question of the long run. and there are things that you can do. you can create incentives so when gas prices do rise it doesn't cause a pinch on americans, and you can generate
8:39 am
and create a better supply of gas, and those take a long time to develop and nothing can you flip a switch overnight. >> thank you. >> thank you, alex. last night on "saturday night live," tina fey returned to her oroots. >> it's so great to be back on fox news, a network that pays me and shows me the questions ahead of time. i just hope that tonight the lame stream media won't twist my words by repeating them vur baitam. first, i want to acknowledge, we finally vankwishes one of the greatest villains, and i will say good-bye to katie couric. but i will run for president
8:40 am
every four years for the rest of my life. it's my olympics, and i intend to been a whole bunch of silvers. >> she will be a mother for the second time soon, played nice and reminding us all to be kind to our mothers today. another special nod to others on mother's day today, jessica alba comes in first, and natalie portland, and kate hudson, all mothers-to-be. [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee.
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residents in memorandumfuss, tennessee residents in memphis, tennessee, their river is expected to crest monday night sometime. let's go live to the weather channel's julie martin. how are things looking there
8:44 am
this morning? lots of sandbags. >> reporter: yeah, the fight still in full force, alex. this is a school and they have done a good job at protecting it from the water you see here. i am not standing in much water now, but this drops off rapidly. this is an amphitheater that is under water. you can see how deep this water is from the mississippi river spilling in. this is a community called harbor town. there are homes that have taken on a bit of water. for the most part, residents are staying put here. that's not the case across memphis. officials have asked as many as 1,000 people to voluntarily evacuated. from what we understand, 365 people did spend the night in the shelters last night. city officials say they will keep opening them as needed until the situation gets better. as far as the river levels, there is a bit of confusion that
8:45 am
gauge here. it looks likes it's much higher than it really is. right now, we're at 47 1/2 feet or so. we are expecting a crest of 48 feet late monday into tuesday morning. we still have half a foot to go, but right now nobody letting their guard down in memphis. it will be a few days before it drops considerably. >> you will able to see the difference, right? the flooding still expected, that will make a tremendous difference from what they have now? >> reporter: yeah, another half foot could reach neighborhoods that have not been impacted so far. >> thank you. let's go to florida, where almost after a three-year wait, the trial of casey anthony is set for tomorrow. she is accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. with a good sunday morning to
8:46 am
you, let's get the latest. i cannot believe it's been three years. a long time coming. >> reporter: a very long time. i was there day one when the little girl was reported missing. now the murder trial is set to begin, and it's perhaps going to be the largest murder trial in our nation since the o.j. simpson case. more than 500 reporters from around the world requested credentials from the court to cover the case. the judge is so concerned about pretrial attention, he will not even reveal what floor they will be on. her story was captivatincaptiva. a 22-year-old mother, whose daughter disappeared. and then something did not add up. she waited 31 days to tell
8:47 am
anybody her daughter was missing. when she finally told her story, it was under pressure from her mother, cindy. she dialed 911. repeated searches turned up no signs of caylee. and then her skeleton remains were found a five-minute walk away from casey's home. her legal team says she's not guilty. >> she is not running from this. she never attempted to run away from the situation. >> but the evidence prosecutors will present is compelling. photos of casey out partying,
8:48 am
when her daughter was missing. and then there is the residue from a heart-shaped sticker found on a piece of duct tape that was placed over caylee's mouth. they will hear about 2,500 pages of the evidence in the case. they will seat a 12-member jury with eight alternates, and that will be a challenge. >> people that you want on the jury can't serve because of it being out of town or the duration or because of the case. >> reporter: they will listen to all of the scientific evidence and come to the conclusion if there was a murder. the medical examiner ruled it a homicide, but it technically is a homicide by undetermined means, which means the medical examiner and prosecutors won't
8:49 am
be able to tell the jurors how caylee was killed. >> going to celebrating mother's day, and then going to tomorrow, that's something else. everybody loves a free bargain. comic book fans were in seventh heaven when they were the 10th annual free comic book day. fans got to meet some of their free characters. this is one of the comic industries biggest days of the year. it's celebrated from new york city to london. ♪ . instead of getting to know you they simply assign you a number. aviva is here to change all that. we're bringing humanity back to insurance
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a company in new york released a new game based on the u.s. special forces raid on the compound in pakistan. they have five minutes to make
8:53 am
their way through the compound and gather intelligence on al qaeda, and players also have the option to defend him. president obama was supposed to visit pakistan later this year, but when the associated press asked the white house about the trip they refused to say whether or not it is still on. good morning, gordon. why is pakistan a u.s. ali? why do we continue to cultivate the relationship which is interesting? >> because the dominant narrative is pakistan is too important to ignore. it's the world's sixth most popular nation, and fifth largest military, and almost all of the dangerous militant groups have homes in pakistan, and that's the reason why we have been working with them. >> what happened if tomorrow the
8:54 am
u.s. said we're done with pakistan? >> most people think the country would unravel if we were not paying the money and supporting the moderates, but i don't think so. if we stop paying the pakistani government, they would get serious, and then saudi arabia and china would control them, and we pay for it, but that doesn't make much sense to me. >> how does india feel about our relationship with pakistan? >> we have been trying to work with pakistan and india. our cia force works with the pakistani intelligence against the militants, and the isi at the same time works with other militants to attacks india, and the indians are losing patience with all of this. they cancelled where they made
8:55 am
ineligible our two u.s. defense contractors for the $10 billion fighter project. we need to make a choice between pakistan and the next democratic super power, and that's india. to me that's a clear choice to make. >> what is our relationship with india? it's a key ally, but does it goes potential problems? >> well, india is so much powerful than pakistan. and you look at the two countries, and india is the more successful, and will be the most successful. it will be the world's most popular country in ten or 15 years and will have a tremendous economy. we need to be on the right side of this one. >> if it emerges that pakistan knew bin laden was hiding out there, and there are members of the isi government officials not
8:56 am
necessarily aided and abetted but kept it to themselves, how does that change the equation? >> people in washington are saying we need to get tougher with pakistan, and we have been saying that for two decades and things don't get better. >> what are we afraid of? >> because pakistan is so dangerous, we need to work with them. but over two decades we have been trying to do that and it has not worked. >> where do you see the future with this? what do you think will come down with pakistan? >> i think what will happen is saudi arabia and china will become so much more powerful f there. >> good discussion. thank you so much. >> thank you. in just a moment, we will take a closer look at the osama bin laden videos. what is the message the u.s. wants to send. one week ago today, a
8:57 am
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