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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 3, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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talk to your doctor and go to to find out more. at the top of the hour, 9:00 a.m. on the east coast but orlando, florida, the orange county courthouse, center stage of a legal drama that riveted nation. following 33 district attorney of system, full of stunning twists and turns from more than 100 witnesses the seven women, five man jury will hear from the prosecution and the defense one last time. it is the closing arguments in the casey anthony murder trialing live gavel to gavel coverage on "msnbc sunday." welcome, i'm alex witt. what you're seeing defense attorney, the lead defense attorney, jose baez, he is listening to some 16 points that the judge is offering to both sides of of the attorneys and giving them things under which they have to operate, rules. he's saying things such as, we heard earlier during the
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commercial break, that jose baez would not be allowed to bring into the closing arguments today the concept of sexual abuse upon casey anthony, defendant, by her father, george anthony. he said that was nothing that was proven. jose baez is now refuting that by saying, actually, sir, i disagree, because the fbi took dna samples. he's trying to get that allowed into his closing arguments. it's very complex. let's take a listen to some of what is being said by jose baez. >> there's inferences, but nobody got up there and said they saw miss anthony with chloroform in her hand or -- >> you've got one minute. >> administer chloroform to caylee anthony. i think to deny that would be die nidenying miss anthony prop ability to argue her defense. >> state, do you agree with that?
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>> no, sir. we would take the position -- >> what that was, point number three of the 16 counts in which the judge said, counsel will avoid making arguments not based on facts in evidence or reasonable inferences that can be drawn from there. you heard them also talking about this chloroform that is something that was searched for some 84 times on the anthony family computer. you heard also during the trial, cindy anthony, casey's mother, saying it was she that had done searches. that was refuted by a fellow co-worker who said, impossible, because she was at work at the time when certains were allegedly done on the hume computer which brings it back to the possibility of casey having done searches of chloroform, if that was the manner in which chloroformed to death if you will, little 2-year-old caylee anthony died. so these procedures are going through judge perry.
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let's go to lilja outside the courthouse for us. do you have any idea how long the 16 points, the reading through which the discussion of, will continue before opening statements begin? >> reporter: we expected that the jury might be already inside the courtroom by this time. those 16 statements were not only given to both sides during the week, i think it was on friday or thursday, but there were also handed to the media. we have been aware of statements and the most important, like you said, is this one that says they cannot argue about anything they cannot bring up any statements that have not been supported by evidence, and of course the molestation is a big deal. what jose baez was trying to show judge perry, according to himthere's as much evidence of a murder by chloroform as there is of a sexual molestation in the hands of casey's father, george anthony, or her brother. keep in mind, the only person who has spoke been some type of
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molestation or attempt is ex-boyfriend of casey's interrogated who was questioned. he said some point casey told him that she had been molested by her brother or her brother tried to do something. now, this is coming from casey, whose credibility of course challenged throughout the case in terms of the chloroform, they did find chloroform in casey anthony's car. i'm not sure you can equate those two as jose baez is trying to do. now they're determining the instructions that will be given to the jury and the charges to which they can convict or not casey. >> okay. lilia, stand by, if you will, and we'll bring in our two attorneys sitting through all of this with us this morning. randy and jonnah. how important is this, the issue of sexual abuse, from george anthony, the father, none of
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which was proven. how important is the angle to the dmas terps in terms of the ? what does sexual abuse from a father to a daughter have to do with killing her daughter? >> a lot, jose baez said this is what happened, and why it happened has to do with sexual abuse. i don't think it's that important, because quite frankly, i think if mr. baez gets up on his closing arguments and goes back to this is what happened, they're done. so that's why i said earlier i think if anything, he's got to own it and say i probably shouldn't have gone there and focus in on the fact they haven't proven, a, b, c, d, the what, where, when, what. >> you, as awe juror hearing that, does that immediately give an incredible level of discredation to jose baez because you're thinking, are you kidding me? i would think off the bat, pal, you didn't know coming into the sensational trial where you wanted to go? >> bingo. that's why it's important. i think jose -- mr. baez needs
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to focus on the reasonable doubt aspect. the jurors regoing to say why did you not deliver what you said you did not deliver? >> i'm wondering what's going on now. there's a five-minute break. a five-minute break right now before the closing arguments get under way. again, 16 points, some of which are being gone over again by the judge to the attorneys, they were, as lillia had told us given to them earlier in the week. the buildup to the closing statements we'll be looking back to opening statements with regard to the defense, because there were many, many allegations made there, and if they have not been proven, it's a different kind of situation, don't you agree, than the prosecution not proving the manner of death? that's more a scientific thing, right? i mean, is there anything? i know i'm lean, you all say
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you're leading a witness, on the stand here, but do you understand the difference here? >> i do understand. the difference is the defense does not have any burden of proof, that's solely on the prosecutor. but when you're a defense attorney and prop is something to the jurors, you set for an affirmative defense, there's an accident, or she's a liar and you don't deliver that can undercut your case. the jurors can be confused. it could be a very big problem for mr. baez during this closing argument if he's cut off at the knees for making those arguments. >> outside the courthouse, attorney an bremner. good morning to you. we've got a five-minute recess right now. what happens in another couple of minutes? do they hit the ground running with closing arguments? >> absolutely. they just finished all of the jury instructs with the instructions on the law from the judge.
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now the lawyers will argue what the law is and then connect them with the facts. it's going to be hit the ground run, state's up first, then the defense, and then the state gets up, gets the final word in rebuttal. it's a whole long day of closing arguments where they put it together for the jury. >> i'm curious, ann, how long will they go simultaneously before taking breaks? i believe the pattern has been they start proceedings at 9:00 a.m. in the morning, take a break after 10:00 for 15, 20 minutes, pick back up and continue until lunchtime. is there a problem with following that pattern? you take a break, i would think that, as a juror, you sit there and you percolate all of those things on all of those things that you've just heard. does that give an advantage or disadvantage to one side or the other? >> yes, sometimes, you know a lot of judges, and attorneys prefer no break. each side gets to get up, uninterrupted and give closing argument.
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i think that's better. as long as they don't go too long. some lawyers can go hours and hour, not recommended but you have to have breaks. it's nice to have a closing, closing, and then rebuttal. >> in this case when we hear expectations for all day, some saying four hours per side, half a day each side. >> exactly. >> there will be breaks. what we're seeing now is footage from a few minutes ago, that is not live. casey is wearing that yellow blouse, that's her outfit for the day on closing arguments day here in florida. anne, breaks will be short or long or might they take breaks if things get exclosive? do you expect it to go that way and get emotional. >> this is a case that can be made in closing argument, for either side. the state has prove promised and undersold their case in some ways. boy, has the defense. they can each make that up in closing arguments.
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this is a perfect closing argument case, taking inferences, putting this together for the jury and even side has a lot of work to do in putting forward their theorys of the case and how the pieces of the puzzle come together for their side. one thing on this, we don't have a question of guilt or innocence. a lot of times i say as a defense lawyer there's a scottish verdict, called not proven, and that's what it is when you're defending a case. that's something to look at here, too, what jose baez will be trying to do in sewing seeds of reasonable doubt and he has to wrap those together in closing. >> i would love to get from you and my two attorneys here, the answer, if there's a definitive one to the definition of reasonable doubt. where do you draw the lines under which a juror has to adhere? where does that happen? >> there are two definitions. one is the silly one, which is a doubt based on reason. but here's the easier one,
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follow it for a second, would you have enough information to make a decision whether or not your child should have a open heart surgery? would your child go to school, whether you should get married? if you have enough information to make that decision you have no reasonable doubt. if you need to think about it, get a second opinion, you have reasonable doubt. >> okay. second opinions, that can come from within the jury pool inside deliberations, correct? if you've got one person who, say, off the reservation, as they say, one lone holdout, all of these opinions, all of the thought process will be pouring down on that one, right to give some cohesive answer? >> finally, this is their opportunity to talk to each other and deliberate. >> have they not been able to do that thus far? >> they have been sequestered, they can't talk to each other about the evidence until it's time to deliberate. nobody's allowed to change
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anybody's else's mind until now. all opinions will be coming foo forth in the deliberation room. >> anne, stick around at the orlando camera. want to let everyone know, pictures are not live, take friend a few minutes ago. we're going to take a short break. we'll come right back when the attorneys and casey anthony and the jurors are all garred that orlando courtroom. inside all of us is a compass and it always points true north. toward mountains of sand. toward new sights and sensations. toward the true bounty of nature so let's set our compass for traverse city and find ourselves. in the magic, and the moments of pure michigan. your trip begins at can your moisturizer do that?
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at a quarter past the hour, everyone, taking you right inside the orlando, florida, courtroom, in which casey anthony's trial, closing arguments, are beginning shortly. everyone is standing at attention right there. they've gone over a few instructions to the attorneys. the jury is being brought into the courtroom.
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they will all pay homage to the judge there, of course, judge belvin perry, and thicks should get under way. we're going to be following this. look like that has just happened. we're going bring all of this to you live. here we go. >> defense? >> yes, sir, we do. >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen. did you heed all of the previous admonitions? ladies and gentlemen of the jury, dr. william rodriguez called by a witness by the defense, three no fault of the defense or the state of florida, dr. rodriguez was not able to complete his testimony. therefore, you are to disregard his testimony and not consider it in your deliberations. ladies and gentlemen of the jury, both the state and the defense have now rested their case. their attorneys now will present
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their final arguments. please remember that what the attorneys say is not evidence, or your instructions on the law. however, do listen closely to their arguments. they are intended to aid you in understanding the case. each side will have equal time, but the state is entitled to divide this time between an opening argument and a rebuttal argument after the defense has spoken. state may proceed. >> thank you, sir. >> good morning. i want to be the first, and i know i will not be the last, to thank you for the time that you've given us in this case. we have taken you away from your
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families, from your lives for the last six weeks and all of us appreciate the sacrifice that you've made. i am happy to say that we came in on the low end of ur estimate we said six to eight, it's been six, and our job here is virtually done. and your work is about to start. now, the video, the cd.
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>> it's easy to be a parent sometimes. it's easy to be a parent when you're playing with your children. it's easy to be a parent when children are a joy and when children are fun. but we all know that being a parent is so much more than just playing with your children. being a parent is about sacrifice. being a parent is about sacrificing your time, about sacrificing your love, and about sacrificing your dreams and
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sacrificing your life. when you have a child, that child becomes your life. this case is about the clash between that responsibility and the expectations that go with it and the life that casey anthony wanted to have. when caylee was born, casey was saddled with expectations and responsibilities. those expectations came not only from society but from her parents. the expectation is that she would care for her daughter with the support of her parents, that she would work hard, help support her daughter. her response to those new
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responsibilities as the evidence has shown in this case was to lie. the first expectation of her parents, shortly after caylee's birth, was that she would work, that she would help support her daughter, along with the generous contributions of her parents. for whatever reason her solution was to lie. she told her parents initially that she went back to the same job that she'd had before caylee was born, working at universal studios for a subsidiary company, taking photographs, a daytime job. and her parents accepted that. they believed that. they both worked during the day and it appeared that that that's what she was doing. the significance of what i'm
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about to tell you isn't simply that caylee -- casey anthony lies. it's the pattern and the reason that she lies that is important in this case, because what you'll see and what people going to tell you and what you've heard in those case is that when casey is faced with a problem, her solution is to change her lie, to modify it. casey is very bright. you can't take any of that away from her. she's very smart. and her lies are very detailed. but what you find throughout this case is this persistent pattern. when casey wants to do what casey wants to do, casey finds a way. so, first, she tells her parents, i'm working, i'm working during the day at universal studios. sounds fine, sounds plausible. the problem is when working and you have a child, you have --
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someone has to take care of the child. the obvious question, who is taking care of caylee? the solution, make up a lie. so casey makes up zani. so for almost two years, casey anthony pretends to have a job and pretends to have a nanny to take care of caylee while she's at work. and everything seems fine. but that creates a problem. the problem is that casey's with caylee 24/7, she's with caylee every day and every night. because when mer pareher parent she's at work, she's not. she's with caylee. what kind of life is that? so casey solves the problem. the solution, a new job. a job as an event coordinator, a
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job with flexible hours a job where sometimes she has to work at night. perfect solution. if she wants to go out at night, if she wants to hang out with friends, see her boyfriend, she simply says, i have to work. and drops caylee off with her mother. and her mother is happy to help. happy to watch caylee. and that works for a while. works well for a while. everything is good. casey can do what she wants, have the life that she wants have, have the for of her parent have caylee when it's fun, and when it's not, she can leave caylee with her mom. everything works great. but then she meets ricardo morales someone who she has a relationship with, someone who accepts caylee as part of the relationship but that creates a problem. how do you include caylee in the
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relationship without letting mom mow that the whole thing is a lie? so you create a new solution. oh, zani, zani will take her overnight. we spend night there. so in spring of 2008, three, four nights a week, casey and caylee stay at zani's, another creation in this case. when in fact they're staying at ricardo's house, and it works perfectly. it's great. mom and dad think that i'm working late, so caylee is with zani, makes perfect sense to spend the night and i can spend the night instead with my boyfriend. works perfectly. it's great. but ricardo decides that he really done want a serious relationship so this playing house isn't working anymore.
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then we get into april and may of 2008, and this is where the problem starts because the solutions of the lies are no longer giving casey what she wants. it's not giving her the freedom that she wants. ler from the testimony of amy hiuizenga huizenga, the friend of ricardo and her, the friend through the period of april, may, june of 2080 that cindy is resisting. the excuse isn't working anymore. cindy isn't allowing casey to go out and do what she wants and baby-sit caylee. there's a tension there. the freedom that casey wants just isn't there anymore, and she can't come up with a story to make it happen. but that's what she wants. her parents are getting suspicious. remember the story from
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mr. anthony about the sports authority job early 2008. george is getting suspicious. and george is trying to find out what's really going on, but george is being told to stay out of it. you'll read george's suicide letter, it actually says in there, one point, i think on the third page, he says, i've tried for months, in fact, over a year, and i was told to stop being negative. george is trying to get beneath the layer of lies, at least to the sports authority issue, but being told to stay out of it. stop being negative. and casey's lies continue. but there's a problem. the only way casey's lies work
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is if caylee isn't talking. caylee's 2 1/2, almost 3. she's starting to become verbal. she's starting to talk. caylee is not going to cooperate. she can't. she doesn't know enough to lie. at some point, caylee is going to say something. someone's going to ask her about zani and she's going to say, who? someone will ask her, did you have a good time at zani's? she's going to say, no, tony. it just can't keep going. casey meets tony. tony has this life.
9:29 am
he's free. he's a club promoter. he's out there at night with the loud music and dancing, and it's a great, free, life. with tony, she can do whatever she wants. i believe the testimony was, on june 6th, and on june the 13th, they have the nightclub fusion. and it's fantastic. shot girls, music, dancing. young people doing what young people are supposed to do, i want to say that clearly. there's nothing wrong with young people being young people. there's nothing with young people drinking and dancing and having fun. there's nothing wrong with that. but that's not the life that casey has because casey is a mom and that gives her
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responsibility, whether she likes it or not. but that life is so much what she wants. during the week of june 2nd through june 9th, in fact, casey has a chance to truly embrace that life because cindy was on vacation. that whole week. and spent most of it with caylee. she talked about how wonderful it was spending that week with her granddaughter. the whole week casey is essentially free. she has a taste of that freedom. she done have to lie to get around it. she's free. and it is fantastic. so she has a choice. a life tethered to a child or a
9:31 am
life free to be 22. you might ask yourselves, why not just caylee with cindy? why not just give cindy custody and walk away? because, based on the evidence you've heard in this case, cindy would never permit casey to walk away from caylee. cindy wanted her daughter to be a mom and to act like a mom and there is no way that isncindy anthony would have ever permitted casey to walk away. so those were case's choices. the life that she wanted or the life that she had.
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and as hard as it is for anyone to imagine, she had to choose between two -- sacrificing two things. the first was her dreams and the life she wanted. the second was her child. we submit to you the evidence in this case shows that the choice she made was her child. on june 16th, 2008, casey left the house, pretended to leave the house with caylee and used the tried and true ricardo excuse, i've got to work late, we're both going to spend the night at zani's.
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an excuse she hadn't used, based on the evidence, since she was with ricardo. sounded plausible, didn't seem strange. used that excuse both to her father when she left and also to her mother, i believe in a phone call later that day or perhaps even the night before. what this tells us about the plan was this, she wasn't going to stay at tony's with caylee because that was not their relationship. so on that morning casey knew she would not be staying at that house, that neither would caylee because she knew that that night she would be in the arms of her boyfriend and that caylee would be dead.
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so for june 16th, it was the same old excuse, the tried and true, i'm staying at zani's, i've got to work late. made perfect sense. she actually spent the night at tony's. june 17th, well, you know, they had done it a couple days before, she knew her mom would accept one more day of this spending the night at zani's problem. so she said, yeah, 17th, we're spending night at zani's again and cindy accepted that. but by june 18th, casey knew that cindy would no longer accept that excuse. it didn't make sense that they would be staying at zani's three nights in a row, never had done it before, it wouldn't make any sense. casey had to change the lie, had to add an element to explain the
9:35 am
continued absence. so on june 18th casey adds the conference in tampa wrinkle. well, i've got this conference, this hotel in tampa, so i'm going to take caylee with me, along with zani, the baby-sitter, to this conference in tampa. but it's not just that, she adds another element, al element that would appeal to cindy, by the way, there's another mother there with a child the same age. what a great time caylee will have. you see, every time you add to the lie, you add to the lie for a reason. casey's very smart. casey knows how her mother th k thinks. she knows she needs to add, so she adds the element of out of town trip to a fun place and another child to play with. a great story. mom will absolutely buy it.
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it will keep mom off my back for at least a couple more day. while in fact, casey is staying with her boyfriend, tony, and sadly caylee is in all likelihood in the trunk dead and decomposing. put out of casey's mind as easily as she puts out the truth. remember on the 17th, the 18th is the day -- on the 17th caseys car is seen backed into the driveway of the anthony home when no one is home. a believe it's that day or the next day the evidence showed casey goes to the next door neighbor and borrows a shovel. now i submit to you the reason to borrow the shovel under those
9:37 am
circumstances because she thought briefly about burying caylee in the backyard just like they buried their pets. apparently that was too much work for her so she decided, instead, to just throw her in the swamp. anyway, so the story on the 18th is pretty good. it buys her a couple more days. so through the 18th and the 19th she continues to tell her mother, we're having a wonderful time, we're at this conference in tampa. she, on the 20th, actually extends it to add busch gardens. it's going to be great. going to have fun. caylee's going to busch gardens with these other children, they're going to have a wonderful time, zani's going to watch them while i'm at my conference, it satisfies everything. sandy's sad that her grandchild's not with her but happy that caylee's having a wonderful time at theme parks.
9:38 am
tells cindy that they'll be back on saturday the 21st. the 21st, she tells cindy, again, that the conference is still going on, that they're still at busch gardens in tampa with zani. juliet lewis and annabel, the fictional people. now, counsel, in questioning, has suggested that these people are somehow imaginary in the sense of being not a deliberate fabrication. i would submit to you that the fact that they are deliberate fabrication is established by the fact that while casey is telling cindy that she and caylee and everybody else are at busch gardens, she tells another witness, maria kish, that caylee
9:39 am
is with the nanny at the beach because obviously the friend doesn't need to have the story, and she can't very well tell the friend, by the way, i'm in tampa because she's standing in front of her. again, casey's lies fit the audience and the necessities of that audience. by sunday the 22nd, clearly they should be back from this conference by now. but on the 22nd cindy's told, oh well, the conference ran late the day before, this he were going to plan on coming back but figure they'd would stay and go to the park at busch gardens on sunday and have fun, and cindy is play indicated by that. but there's supposed to be back on the 23rd. casey, of course, is still at
9:40 am
tony's. and by this point, ladies and gentlemen, in all -- based on the evidence you've heard, caylee was already in her resting place, off suburban drive, in the process of decomposition. on the 23rd, when they're supposed to be home, casey needs to come up with some other reason for them not to be there. at this point casey comes up with the story of the accident. zani, this imaginary person, has been involved in an imaginary automobile accident in an imaginary place and is now in an imaginary hospital and of course they couldn't possibly leave without her. since juliet lewis is and there annabel's there and casey's having a wonderful team we going
9:41 am
to stay a now more days. that excuse extends the stay a little bit longer. casey continues to update her mother about the progress of zani's imaginary injury and extends the stay even longer. on the 24th, however, she has a problem. the 24th is when she comes home and runs into her father. this is the gas can incident. so on the 24th she's got to come up with something for why caylee isn't with her. so she tells her mother that she came home to orlando to get insurance papers for zani for the accident. casey is smart. casey is quick. it is absolutely amazing how nimble casey anthony's mind is in the ability to come up with
9:42 am
an appropriate and believable lie in an instant. she's impressive. but again, it allows her to extend this absence. well, she is in fact again hanging out with tony. june 25th, still in the hospital, staying there to be supportive of zani. june 26th, zani is finally released late. amazing how that's the theme. everything seem to be late. zani's released late, so they decided to stay at the hotel, not try to come back that night, they're going to spend one more night at the hotel. so finally, finally, cindy thinks, caylee's going to be home. finall finally. it's been more than a week. longer, ten days, long than she's ever been away from her precious granddaughter but fi finally they're going to be home. the next day.
9:43 am
the next day comes. friday, june 27th, well, we're back in town but we met up with jeff hopkins. jeff hopkins is the imaginary connection to zani that she came up with years before. she's got an amazing memory. i mean, imagine being able to remember the lies you told a year ago and incorporate that into a new lie. it's really quite impressive. so now jeff hopkins is in town and they're staying at the hard rock hotel with him, a fun place. again, mom will be play indicated by that. but of course she tells jesse -- tells amy that caylee's at the beach with the nanny. again, we're getting contradictory lies, depending on the audience. june 28th, having a great time. still at the hotel.
9:44 am
jeff hopkins, zani, the other children, everybody's really just having a wonderful time, mom, so we can't come home. june 29th, gee, mom, we're having so much fun, we can't come home at the hard rock hotel with jeff hopkins. jeff hopkins because an interesting part of casey's long-term strategy in this case. june 30th she tells cindy that jennifer and caylee are going to universal studios. they're going have a wonderful time at universal studios. july 1st, she makes a mistake. july 1st, cindy is actually on vacation. she makes the mistake of telling cindy that casey and someone named jennifer rosa are at universal.
9:45 am
sent d cindy goes to universal, calls casey on the phone, because she wants to see her granddaughter. i'm sorry. that's july 3rd. july 3rd, we're at a character breakfast. great thing for caylee, having a wonderful time. isn cindy tries to go and see her. arrives at universal studios and say calls casey, i'm here, ready to see my granddaughter. no, we're in jacksonville. we're with jeff hopkins in jacksonville. remember, jeff hopkins, the back story of jeff hopkins, he's a wealthy friend of hers, that she has some romantic interest in who conveniently lives out of town. oh, you know, we were going to be at the character breakfast because but now we're in jacksonville with jeff hopkins. this is the beginning, i submit to you, of casey's long-term strategy for how to deal with
9:46 am
cindy because she has to have one. remember timer 55, timer 55 is the password that casey creates for her myspace and facebook accounts and there were two references business casey to timer 55. the first was, in one of the tape recorded conversations with lee anthony, you saw in jail, where she says timer 55 is related to caylee. and late, lee testified, he had to be -- his recollection had to be refreshed, as he frequently did, but admitted that casey had told him that timer 55 reflected the 55 days between june 16th and caylee's birthday. now, he -- she told him the story that that was some reflection of when she thought that zani would bring caylee back. but we know now that's not true.
9:47 am
we know zani is a fiction. what did it mean? what did timer 525 actually mea? timer 55 meant that she knew that she could only stall her mother till caylee's birthday. timer 55 days. the most she could do was 55 days. and then her mother would insist on seeing caylee. what i submit to you the jeff hopkins jacksonville story is a long-term strategy. remember on july 3rd and 4th the big blowup, cindy created a myspace page and she and casey finally hadded a heart to heart. what does casey tell her? casey tells her, i'm in jacksonville with jeff hopkin. this man with whom i think i
9:48 am
could have an actual relationship. a wealthy boyfriend who has a child the same age as caylee with whom i think i can have a long-term relationship. mom, you've got to get used to the fact that i won't always be with you. now, this is all made up. so she's now got her mother convinced she's in a potentially long-term relationship with a wealthy man who li lives out of town. timer 55. she's coming up with a long-term strategy because maybe she'll marry jeff hopkins, maybe they'll elope to europe. she could extend that 55 days for months. she never had the chance.
9:49 am
july 5th she tells cindy her car's being fixed in jacksonville, that she'll return on the 12th, that she's staying with jeff hopkins and his mother. july 13th, she tells cindy that jeff hopkins' mother's getting married, miraculous and fictional marriage and they're going to stay to finish that. in fact, she's just hanging out with her friends. now, the july 3rd conversation did back cindy off. cindy was largely leaving her alone after that until july 15th. on july 15th all hell breaks loose because they got the car. i submit to you, had they not gotten this car, i would submit to you, based on the evidence, that casey would have continued this story at least till
9:50 am
caylee's birthday and probably beyond. for as long as she could. but the car made that impossible. july 15th, impossible. july 15th the car is discovered. cindy is on a mission. cindy is on a mission. cindy is going to find and see her granddaughter and she will not be denied, and that's it. tracks down amy huizenga, tracks down casey and say, you will take me to my granddaughter now! she tries to rely on the old song, she's at zani's. i don't want to wake her up, ze's add zanies, at zani's. despite everything sing difficult says, the threat of cindy anthony to call the police, same old song, zani, zani, zani, zani, zani, until finally her brother, lee anthony
9:51 am
says to her, hey, let's play this out. i'm the police officer and you're you. ms. anthony, take me to your granddaughter. no, she's sleeping. huh-uh, take me to your granddaughter -- your daughter, and convinces her of the reality that this story simply will not stand, cannot survive. your lie will not succeed, and in a pattern which you will see repeated in the face of a lie that simply cannot stand, she comes up with a new lie. yes, there's a zani, but zani kidnapped caylee. kidnapped caylee 31 days ago. it's interest that casey got the
9:52 am
date wrong -- remember she told the police it was june 9th. it was actually the 16th shechlt got the number of days right. 31 days. 31 of the 55 were gone. i haven't seen my daughter in 31 days. i've been looking for her, i've been doing my own investigation, and tells this elaborate story of how she knows zani because she works at universal and jeff hopkins and his son zack and tells the police this elaborate and consistent lie. initially the police treat her as if, in fact, she's a victim of a child kidnapping. but the more they investigate her story, the more it seems to fall apart. in what can only be described
9:53 am
as, if it weren't true, you couldn't write it this good is the incidents at universal studios. it's indicative of casey anthony and who she is and what she does. she maintains this story about the kidnapping, about working at universal. she takes them to universal. she walks with great confidence from the security gate to a building, enters the building with absolute confidence. walks to the end of a hallway, turns around, puts her hands in her pockets and says, okay, i don't work here. casey anthony maintains her lies until they absolutely cannot be maintained anymore. when she gets to the end of that hallway or when she gets to the end of that conversation with her brother and realizes this
9:54 am
lie has failed me, so i must abandon it and replace it with a new one. so in that amazing conversation oovps with yuri melich and john all allen, she admits to not working at universal studios for reasons that are not clear, but maintains the zani story. i'm lying to you about working here, but everything else i told you is true. and she maintains that lie for -- through conversation with law enforcement, she maintains that lie through conversations with her parents and her family which you saw through all of july and into august. but during that period of time, a problem comes up, and that is that her claim of where she dropped caylee off has been
9:55 am
conclusively disproven. there's just no way that's true. her claim that she was looking for caylee has also been conclusively disproven. there's no way it's true. realizing that, when she is briefly released from jail on bond and stays with her family, she comes up with the new story, the kidnapping story, the forceful kidnapping story, the blanchard park story. remember the testimony where she told her brother lee when she was out in that later part of august that, in fact, yes, zani did kidnap caylee, but it was by force. we met at blanchard park on the 16th, that they held my arms, they held me down, they took caylee away from me because i was a bad mother. again, faced with overwhelming
9:56 am
evidence that the story is a lie, casey comes up with a new one. call it casey 3.0, a new version. the problem with that version comes up on december 11 of 2008. could i have state's exhibit 208, please? caylee's remains are found. caylee's remains are found within a quarter mile of the anthony home. with her remains are found a number of items, a number of very important items. could i have 222 please?
9:57 am
could i have state's exhibits 302 and 284? that should be the gas can and the -- the first problem is the tape. the tape that is found on caylee anthony's remains which is contained in this box -- in this bag, and you can look at. three pieces of duct tape, photographed with a distinctive brand on it. henkel brand duct tape. found on caylee's body. the difficulty for caylee 3.0 is that the same tape that was
9:58 am
found on caylee's body was also found on a gas can taken from her home. you'll see from the sales exhibit that you have that was put in by the defense that this tape is a fairly rare kind of tape, hasn't been sold since 2007. and even then it was only a hundred thousand rolls of it shoel sold, very unusual tape. it's on caylee's body and on that exhibit in, in fact, what has got to be the most bizarre part of this case. that very tape was used unknowingly by her own father to display a photograph of caylee, that missing person poster. the tape that was used the kill caylee anthony was used to implore people to look for her.
9:59 am
could i have photograph in evidence 224? this is the bag that caylee was found in. this is what -- i guess you could say this was her coffin. this bag that -- can i have photograph 227? this is the tag from that very same bag. 2 293.


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