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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  September 30, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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for any crimes. nobody knows if he killed anybody. he might have been associated with the underwear bomber, but if the american people accept this blindly and sazually, we have an accepted practice of the president assassinating people who he thinks are bad guys and i think it's sad. >> he was killed in yemen by a missile fire and his death is in some respects as significant as osama bin laden. president obama detailed the importance of what happened here. >> the death of al-awlaki is a major blow to the most active affiliate. he was the leader of external operations for al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. he took the lead in planning and directioning efforts to murder innocent americans. >> nbc news, producer bob wind
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rom and terrorism analyst evan coleman. thank you for joining us. let's talk about the significance of this. some are comparing it to the killing of osama bin laden. >> one of the things, this is probably the last inspirational leader that al qaeda and affiliates have. the last one who can raise the level of interest in the public that they are going after. the person who succeeded bin laden is not inspirational. he is an academic. this is somebody who a lot of people felt inspired by including a number of people who tried to carry out attacks on the united states. not just in recent days, but going back years. remember, this is somebody who had within his sermons, at least two of the 9-11 hijackers.
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this is somebody who was immediately interview and went off to escape what he called harassment in yemen. this is a significant player who was not new. he has gone back at least a decade. >> let's talk about the intelligence that led to that. on the anniversary, operatives thought they were close enough to take the guy out and turned out he was with innocent civilians and it didn't take place. what happened here? at least the information we have been able to receive. >> there was a meeting taking place and these individuals were out in a location where there was not a concern. that's one of the biggest problems. he has been traveling around in convoys and small towns in yemen and surround bide a lot of civilians. the problem is that it's drone strikes. they can be effective, but we want to be careful not to kill a lot of civilians. you outdo the effectiveness. if you kill the civilian, you put them in a position of being
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opposed to the policies. this was a lucky strike and worked out well. the problem is that he will be a martyr. he is an icon. an icon of homegrown terrorism and the god father of terrorism in a contemporary sense. the issue is his effectiveness is not entirely diminished by him being dead. his sermons and most popular sermons among american jihadists were things he recorded in 2004 and 2005. not last year. those sermons are out there on the internet and anyone can download them f. you listen to the conversations that take place among people, the guys that were convicted for attempting to carry out the terrorist attack, they were scouting terrorist targets in a vehicle while listening to the sermons on the car stereo. >> we know the ft. hood. >> there is a long list.
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it's every single case of homegrown terrorism here in this country. there is some link, every single case. >> there was a report that reported that the intelligence was that machine woke up every day pging of ways to murder innocent americans. this was led by ron paul who said this was a united states citizen and this is wrong and the "new york times" said this is unprecedented that we see something like this happen. >> it's unprecedented in the war on terror. even that is in question. in 2002, the u.s. used a predator strike to kill a yemeni american in yemen, a leader of the so-called. one thing that's important is german-american who is fought on the size of the nazis in combat or support roles were in the distinguished from other germans. if you believe that this is a
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war, then that is the basis for these decisions. i think finally in this area, i don't think the american issue will resonate very much with the american public. as a political statement and a legal statement, it's interesting. i don't think it's going to have much of an effect on the u.s. policy going forward. >> they're declared war against the united states and professed the fact. >> there was another jihadist in america killed in the attack. khan was the editor of this magazine as well. what can you tell us? >> smart young guy born in saudi arabia and lived here and became radicalized in charlotte, north carolina because of the internet. he was out there and what ended up happening is he developed his own english language jihadi magazine and he actually left the u.s. and went to gemmen and
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took that same magazine with al qaeda's logo and it came the official english language magazine. very effective. he knew what he was doing and perfected the science from within u.s. borders. this magazine created for al qaeda had a direct roll and significant role in trying to recruit people to carry out attacks within the u.s. borders. >> thank you very much for more on this breaking news. a live look at the trial of michael jackson's doctor. the paramedic richard smith was on the stand. he was one of the first responders on the scene and said conrad murray was frantic when he walked in. he said the situation did not make sense to him. . >> i asked again what his underlying health condition was. he did not respond. then i think it was the third time he said nothing.
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nothing. he has nothing. simply that did not add up to me. >> george lewis, another glimpse into the chaos that was happening as michael jackson lay there dying. >> the paramedic said he asked dr. murray if he was on medication and he said no, he had given him lorazepam or at van which was an anti-anxiety medication. he had lines running for jackson's bed. it didn't make sense to him. if they follow the order they followed in the preliminary hearing, there was going to be another paramedic on the stand by this afternoon who will back up the story and say he saw murray rounding up bottles of various medications and that other paramedic, martin blunt,
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will say it didn't make sense to him either and murray never mentioned giving him propofol and there was no mention of that as he got jackson and headed towards the hospital. it appears to both paramedics that jackson looked like he was dead when they arrived in earlier testimony and the preliminary hearing. they described jackson as looking like a hospice patient when they got there and said dr. murray was working over him frantically. the paramedics thought it was too late. >> prosecutors also called a former patient of dr. conrad murray. what was the significance of his testimony? >> the significance of his testimony is he was a heart patient of dr. murray and said he had open heart surgery that murray performs and the dr. installed stents in the arteries of his heart and as this patient was recovering, murray call and said he was taking a sabbatical from the practice and going to work for
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michael jackson and the patient thought it was weird. he felt abandoned by dr. murray, but he said dr. murray saved his life. >> live outside the courtroom. joining me now is john byrd who was part of the team who won the jury award for rodney king. thank you for your time. you have a paramedic saying the situation did not make sense when he got there. he is asking conrad murray what medication fist any was michael jackson taking or under the influence of. what story is the prosecution paint something. >> they are trying to demonstrate that dr. murray in fact was engaged in a cover up at the outset instead of being candid. he knew that the drugs he given he should not have been given in the setting he was involved in. he was trying to gather up everything and put it aside and not allow them to really see the type of medication that was
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given. at the same time he was given the impression that he was working hard to revive michael jackson when it looks like it was too late already and he didn't communicate effectively the status of michael jackson. it appeared to be a cover up going on very, very early. >> i want to play an interview that ann curry had this morning with a representative of conrad murray and he said dr. murray was trying to wean michael jackson off propofol. let's play it. >> michael jack was addicted if not physically, at least mentally to propofol. he felt he needed it to sleechlt dr. murray was attempting to wean him off propofol. do you immediately pull an addict away or do you try to wean them off? >> what do you make of the argument with the defense saying dr. murray was trying to help michael jack? >> that wouldn't surprise me as
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a defense. he was getting paid a lot of money. i would think he would try to do whatever he could to protect his patient. that's not inconsistent with what happened here. the argument here is he was negligent and shouldn't have given it in a manner he did, but he was negligent and did not watch over him and care for him knowing the type of drug he was given. he could have been trying to wean him off, but that doesn't make him less guilty of a crime. >> thank you very much for joining us. thank you. now to the big interview with the president that msnbc contributor was able to secure moments ago. president obama spoke with him on his radio show. the president talked about the recent killing of the al qaeda leader and also talking about the plan to reduce the deficit and the current state of the nation's economy. >> if you have got a job right now that's stable and steady,
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then we want you to just be out there with confidence knowing that the american economy is still the most dynamic in the world. if you need a new washer and drier, buy that washer and drier. if you need a new car, go buy the new car. the economy is going to be chugging along. it's not moving as fast as we would like. if you are unemployed, we want to make sure that you are being helped. >> the president urged that the millions of people worried to take a bet on america. coming up, some republican leaders are blasting florida and even calling florida a rogue state. after that state breaks national party rules and moving up the presidential primary. what it means for 2012. an unbelievable story of survival as a car plunges 200 feet off a cliff and the 67-year-old man behind the wheel survives for days and believe it or not, he is rescued by his own
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welcome back to "news nation." now to decision 2012. today marks the end of third quarter fund-raising for presidential candidates and the gop is coming up short. the official totals won't be available until the middle of the month, but all eyes are on rick perry to see if he is able to compete with mitt romney. there is a new date to mark after florida moved up the presidential primary to january 31st.
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i am joined by deputy political director mark murray. a lot to get through. the fund-raise suggest to be expected as you pointed out in your team. august is typically slow for the candidates and the president. >> absolutely. we are looking for the numbers for rick perry. mitt romney, the boston globe reported might be raising between 11 and $13 million. we haven't confirmed that amount, but the romney people say it will be less than the 18 million they brought in. a good number for rick perry would be competitive with that and $15 million. to really make up for the fact that he has had a tough last couple of weeks. a strong fund-raising showing from him getting him right back to the front-runner status or competitive with mitt romney. >> what are about michele bachmann who is in the headlines and we are looking at her possibly only bringing in a couple of million. she didn't do well in the other quarter. >> sheer a reversal of fortune.
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they quoted bachman as saying they will bring in more than the four million they raised and the thing to keep an eye on is the cash in hand and money in the bank. that campaign spent a lot of money in the build up before that straw poll. it will be interesting to see how much money she raised and how much money she has left afterwards. >> some of the reaction is scathing from other leaders across the country. south carolina chairman chad conley said today's decision is disappointing and could have been avoided. rogue states have once again dictated the presidential nominating calendar. >> context here. the democratic and republican parties in a show of rare bipartisanship in coming out with the calendar, we are going to start going in february. florida's actions saying they are going and forcing everywhere to move up their primaries. they will say it's something
2:19 pm
similar where iowa will go in early january and new hampshire with a week after. the bottom line is a lot of political reporters will be spending new year's eve in des moines, iowa like four years ago. >> this is not sitting well. another quote from a leader called florida's leadership arrogant. >> remember florida did this exactly four years ago as well and made them have to move up. some people said florida is being greedy here. they are hosting the republican national convention in tampa. people are saying look, they are trying to move up and have an influence on the primaries. they are getting that big bite of the apple of having the convention in their state in 2012. >> thank you very much. >> a 67-year-old man missing for six days in california is found alive after his family refused to give up searching. david's three children decided to take matters into their own hands and look for him after he
2:20 pm
never returned from a trip last thursday. his family split into teams and retraced his route and shouted down his name into ravines hoping he would hear them. >> i thought i heard a voice and streamed down there and someone said help. i got to him and of course i hugged him and we both cried. i said how did you make it? he said i drank the water in the river and ate leaves and bugs. >> he suffered broken bones and dehydration after the car plunged 200 feet into the ravine. another car, believe it or not, was found at the bottom of the ravine, a decomposing body was inside. they are investigating whether changes in the roadway need to be made after the two incidents. we have a follow-up to a story about the syracuse area jv football coach who took his players to a cemetery after losing a game. james marsh has been suspended
2:21 pm
without pay. he said he was inspired by the movie, remember the titans and made his players lie between rows of graves as a way to inspire them. he offered to resign when parents complained and after meeting, he has been allowed to keep his job. up next, i will talk to a 20-year-old cancer survivor who used her battle to live as an inspiration to launch her own new company. she teamed up with kate spade to launch the campaign. so many other small business owners are suffering. lawmakers are calling for a federal investigation into u.s. supreme court justice slarns thomas. details in a live report on "news nation." ♪ been torn apart
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. despite the tough economic
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times, it is possible to start a new business. a cancer survivor did it at the same time she was raising money for charity. this 20-year-old at the university of pennsylvania nursing student and a handbag designer who created a limited edition tote bag that raised tens of thousands of dollars for charity. it's good to see you. thanks for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> you were diagnosed with cancer. how old were you in. >> the first time i was diagnosed i was 5 and the second time around i was 9. so yes. >> you had quite a struggle and you have this beautiful smile on your face. >> thank you. >> you turned your battle that you are winning into the successful business. how did it get started? >> well, as i said, they always carry on this origins that came from my experience as a patient.
2:26 pm
it's my private line that is called such to empower people to carry on even in the face of medical baggage. i always say i studied at the soonest design. children's memorial hospital at chicago. the art therapy programs. >> you use that creativity and turned it into the bag and you were able to team up with kate spade who is like a different class of her own and her bags are so popular and very much sought after. these are tough economic times. how were you able to turn into a winning and successful business? >> the line is actually under my private label. kate spade gave me this wonderful tools and inspiration to move forward and be an
2:27 pm
entrepreneur. the line is called you always carry on to signify how cancer survivors carry on with grace and elegance even in the face of their medical baggage. it also always -- it always empowers people to keep carrying on and keep moving on in the case of any adversity they face in their life. >> that was enough to convince people to buy your $85 handbag and your message? >> i certainly hope so. i think it's important to remember that illness really strips a child of their childhood. it's important to emphasize the creative therapies we provide for them in the hospital, they give them a chance of a child to be a kid. and to enjoy and create and take power of their life.
2:28 pm
>> that are is a powerful message. >> i think people really speak to that. i think they see me as a survivor as well and they identify. cancer is a prevalent disease. it's something that a lot of people know about and it's not only speaking to cancer, but any challenging experience in your life. it's overcoming that challenge. people really love it and really embrace that message. >> we are congratulating you on launching this handbag business and your work. >> thank you. >> we appreciate you joining me and congratulate you on your success. >> still ahead, is facebook tracking you each when you are not online? calling for an investigation into the social network and practices. details on michelle obama's under cover shopping trip. we now know what was inside the cart. viva las vegas. elton john returns to sin city for a three-year headlining gig.
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courtney has the details. i habe a cohd.
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[ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you! that's the cold truth! >> democratic lawmakers are calling for investigation into clarence thomas and his finances. public relations backlash. bank of america customers are outraged over a new monthly fee to use their debit card. savvy shopper, new details to first lady's michelle obama's shopping trip to target. we now know what was in the basket. this is a real talker. nelson mandela's granddaughter is getting a reality show, but they said "we are definitely not the african kardashians." those are their words. new pressure on clarence thomas. a group of 20 house democrats
2:33 pm
demanding the justice department investigate him. he may have violated ethics rules by allegedly failing to disclose income. he said through a spokesperson that any omissions were inadvertent. luke russert joins us from washington. a lot of people say it's just politics. >> yesterday the group of 20 house lawmakers from western new york did send that letter and what they are saying is look, from 2003 to 2007, the wife of clarence thomas, virginia thomas got about $700,000 from a conservative organization known as the heritage foundation, a think tank that employs a lot of individuals here in washington, d.c. they are saying that look, clarence thomas is's excuse that he didn't understand how to file his wife's returns and her income from this group because
2:34 pm
he was confused with it is really a bogus claim. they said he's a smart man and should be able to process them and think he willfully refused to disclose. he didn't want to look like there was a conflict of interest. what's the politics involved? i spoke to a republican who said look. what they are trying to do is try to get this to a point of where they will call for the justice department to investigate and they want him to recuse himself on any possible case that has to do with the health care law that the president of the united states, president obama said he would like decided before the 2012 election in the steps they have taken to do that. that remains to be unknown. republicans point out to the fact that elena kagan from the united states under the obama administration worked heavily and clarence thomas has to
2:35 pm
recuse himself because his wife works for a conservative group and is opposed to law. there is a lot of politics and an issue that played a long time in washington with a lot of folks saying here's a supreme court justice and his wife having these strong ties with conservative-leaning groups. can he be non-biased? that's a question only he knows. >> outside of washington as well. you see some of the blogs especially the liberal and progressive ones going after justice thomas. it is resonating beyond that town. reaction is poring in after an announcement from bank of america about their debit cards. starting early next year, the second largest bank plans to start charging a $5 monthly fee if they use their debit cards. those who only use them at atms don't have to pay. rick, i had the line in here
2:36 pm
because this was the only bank to do this, i understand. >> there a lot of banks imposing new fees and coming up with new ways to get a few more bucks out of customers. they say they are testing new fees and there lots of changes happening. free checking is a thing of the past. some still offer it, but they are raising the minimum balance and things like that. this is something they have to get used to and have to start playing the angles. >> how? >> every bank has to have a fee schedule and have to give that to you if you ask for it. that lists all of the fees. it tells you what the thresholds are for the fees. this is a real patch work of fees. if you ask for the fees, say here's what i have to do to make sure i hold the minimum. maybe you can combine accounts and make sure you have the savings and exactlies at the same bank. those will get combined. figure out how to play the game.
2:37 pm
>> you explain this very well and this turned into outrage from customers. they feel like the new banking regulations and they find the way around it and you get changed to use your own money. this is not a credit card. it's a debit card. >> the other thing is they are taking things that used to be free and trying to charge for it. that is a tough pill to swallow. the banking industry is changing. profits are down and not allowed to do the risky things they did in previous years that inflated profits for a while. they are providing a service to people. you have your choice to keep your money under the mattress. they are providing a service and saying it's basically time for us to get paid a little bit for our services. what needs to happen is this is going to be a lot of wrestling in the market place. consumers can look for other banks and some banks would be happy to have you.
2:38 pm
smaller banks don't have these fees and banks that didn't get into much trouble don't have bad mortgage loans or others. find those and say what can you offer. >> see what's out there. >> good to see you. >> a wall street protest is not getting bigger. that tops our looks of news. new york city union workers plan to support the occupy wall street protest and they are planning to rally next wednesday. they represent door men who hold a rally and postal workers may support as well. later today, protesters gather to speak out about how police are treating the demonstrators after a weekend said the police use excessive force. a new food contamination concern, true lease farms in california is recalling chopped romaine lettuce over fears it may be contaminated with
2:39 pm
listeria. it was sold in california, washington and idaho with a use date of september 29th. at least 13 people have been killed and 73 sickened from a listeria outbreak due to tainted cantaloupes grown in california. on dateline, an eight-year long mystery about a husband that suddenly vanished with a wife, a daughter, and a stepson. they discovered he also had surprising secret. joining us live from our burbank bureau with more. quite an intriguing tease to say the least. tell us more. >> that's the idea. we top the make it intriguing. what does it mean when somebody just vanishes? in law enforcement, they call it going off the grid. what does it mean when you don't apply for a driver's license and use your social security number to get a mortgage or any kind of credit or take out a credit card or don't have a moment or cell phone.
2:40 pm
it can mean a couple of things. it can mean somebody is dead, or somebody doesn't want to be found. perhaps the loneliest place on earth is in the middle of a bad marriage. that was exactly where ellen snyder found herself. in the early morning hours of january 11th, 2002, that came to an end. in a rage, she said, mike left his home and family. he disappeared. >> he was so calm in the house. it had been a very long lonely time to be married and lonely every day and that loneliness was gone. >> ellen tried to reach him, but couldn't. neither could mike's family. he wasn't returning their calls either. mike's sister, terry. >> your mother calls you and said i haven't heard from michael in a couple of weeks and you said his ms is getting him. >> we were concerned. >> she knew mike was planning on
2:41 pm
leaving ellen soon. the whole family knew that much or assumed it. he wasn't supposed to leave everyone. the rumors spread through the albuquerque auto business quicker than the latest recall. >> mike left town. he took the money out of the house and all these things and disappeared. >> several months passed with no word from mike. now his side of the family was so concerned, they decided to go to the police. >> we thought he fell victim to foul play. i didn't have a concrete explanation besides that's how i felt. that was my gut. >> one of the interesting things is that mike, the person who is missing in this story or doesn't want to be found filed tax returns if are a couple of years after he vanished. the question that everybody was asking, including the police in albuquerque is did something happen to him or has he
2:42 pm
purposely disappeared. tonight on dateline we will tell you the story of how he came to be lost and how he eventually came to be found. >> sounds interesting. the secret by the way airs tonight on dateline at 8 strg. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar.
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maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. [ male announcer ] get five dollars in money-saving coupons at a new study finds among obese people with hypertension, two servings of potatoes reduced blood pressure as much as oatmeal. french fries won't do it. they it them eat purple potatoes with skin cooked out oil in the microwave. >> i'm martin bashir, the president and his intelligence team deal another blow to al
2:46 pm
qaeda. michele bachmann attempts to flash her foreign policy credentials and mitt romney plays to the mob. stay with us. back to tamron. . >> thank you, martin. it was the picture of the day. michelle obama spotted shopping at target. he wore dark sunglasses with a bright shirt in her secret mission wednesday. she strolled the aisles of target in alexandria, virginia. we know what she picked up and how she was spotted. michelle o'donnell has the details. >> mrs. obama said she likes to get out and do normal thing that is not part of in the white house. it turns out this alexandria, virginia shopping center was on the first lady's to do list. check this out. behind the dark glasses, tucked under the nike cap, one of the world's most famous women. yes, that is the first lady of the united states at target. >> when you have a photo of the first lady out of context, there
2:47 pm
is a wow factor. >> like whether mom but her egg was juggling two blackeries. her agents were blending in. she spent 40 minutes in the store apparently unnoticed by other shoppers. sources say she was recognized only by the cashier and a photographer from the associated press who worked sources to find out she was there. >> really the only way they can go out and shop is if it is incognito and on the fly and no one paying attention. >> aides say she likes to get out and run errands. she bought dog food and treats for bo. she goes to target before moving to the white house. >> i drove my own car and took my kids to school every day and went to target. >> it's not always bargain shopping. no disguise when she visited high end stores in europe.
2:48 pm
her much-admired taste inspires trends. >> the fondness for affordable clothes. >> this is a $30 dress. >> the brands has been part of her appeal. >> this is a j crew ensemble. you can get good stuff online. >> kate middleton makes all the tabloids when she pushes her own grocery cart. beyond the desire to break out of the bubble doing ordinary things in tough economic times can be good for i public image. >> great pr because they say look, on this trip and others, we know what's going on outside the gates of the white house. >> it's not gist mrs. obama. others have wanted to get out too. hillary clinton was seen walking outside the white house. laura bush was at a pottery barn and there weren't any pictures of that. >> here's a question.
2:49 pm
will nelson mandela's grandchildren be the next reality tv stars? elton john returns to vegas and now it was nick cage and another celebrity bears ay is semblance to a photo. next on the pop culture columnist. let's start off with mandela's grandchildren. >> headed for reality television. he confirmed that three of his now grown grandchildren will be on a reality show. they actually grew up in the united states and moved back to south africa for a variety of reasons. family and business and that sort of thing. now they are going to be appearing in 2012 on a reality series. the director's said this is about three women who find their own feet. the show will be about our lives as young black women. one of the granddaughter who is is on that show had a funny
2:50 pm
line. in case you are going to think this is going to be a kardashian rip off, we are not wearing i'm a mandela t-shirts and not the african kardashians. >> that are is the best line. >> one of the best ever in pop culture. maybe years. >> we are not the african kardashians. take that. love it. >> then moving on, elton john has a show that opened in las veg vegas. he is returning, he had an extremely successful run. he is back in las vegas. it is called the million piano named after his own that took manufacturers something like four years to build. he got about 15 shows scheduled for october and the rest of the multiyear lineup is not totally set in stone. they are not worried about elton john's son going to college.
2:51 pm
that's not just a domestic, but an international audience. >> outside the venue is the elton john shop where they sell everything related to that concert. it's incredible to see. >> from the category of stories that are taking off for reasons i can't explain, hollywood has civil war doubles. there is a guy selling photos from the civil war. nicholas cage was one of the people. "people" magazine has this kind of amazing spread of eight celebrities. they all have a sort of civil war double. who knew there was a cottage industry of this. you can buy these on ebay and prove they are time travelers. >> the guy with the nick cage
2:52 pm
photos said is nick cage a vampire? he is told to take it down from ebay and got 30,000 hits from it. >> it's absolutely amazing. i think more than anything, it proves we don't change our features that much overtime. >> or vampires. >> or time travelers. >> for the latest, logon and be a fan of the scoop on facebook. we'll be right back. my employees are like family. and, i want people that work for me to feel that they're sharing in my success. we purchase as much as we can on the american express open gold card. so we can accumulate as many points as possible. i pass on these points to my employees to go on trips with their families. when my employees are happy, my customers are happy. vo: earn points for the things you're already buying. call 1-800-now-open to find out how the gold card can serve your business. we're off to a good start. but now it's time to go to the next level.
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time now for "news nation" gut check. a teacher in the san francisco bay area banned students from the common practice of saying god bless you when someone sneezes in class and threatened to lower the grade of those who violate the rule. the teacher saided the practice is disruptive and take away time from class. >> if someone sneezes and another person behind you said bless you and other people say
2:56 pm
bless you, bless you, and thank you, and you're welcome, you're welcome. >> sounds like a chorus line. after parents objected to the ban, the matter is in the hands of the district superintendent. this went all the way to the superintendent. what does your gut tell you? should the teacher ban students from saying god bless you when someone sneezes in class? go to "news nation" to vote. i was going to fake a sneeze, but i won't. that does it for this friday edition. martin bashir is up next.
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here's what's happening. on target again. >> the death is a major blow to al qaeda. >> the u.s.-born al qaeda leader killed by a u.s. air strike. >> here took the lead in planning


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