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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  October 8, 2011 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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it's the top of the hour. you're looking at mitt romney as he speaks at the value voter conference. he talks about whether mormonism is a cult and who is saying it and who is not. we'll see if he addresses that issue. also coming up, the jobs plan. reports that steve jobs worked on a new product before his passing. a pilot lands his plane in the pacific and it's all caught on tape. good morning. we're talking about a mormon religion and he introduced mitt romney at the value voter conference. >> rick pair via christian. he's an evangelical christian, a
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follower of jesus christ. mitt romney is a moral christian but he's not a christian. mormonism has always been considered a cult. >> perry's spokesperson said that the governor does not believe mormonism is a cult. >> you believe mormonism is a -- >> i already answered that. i said no. >> perry's campaign spokesperson said that they did not choose jeffers for the campaign speech b . we'll be talking about the reverend in the next hour. mitt romney is taking to the stage at the summit.
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in the past hour ron paul took the stage and talked about the staggering economy. >> they are undermining the family but $4 trillion of debt has been added in the last ten years to fight a war that seems to have no end. >> meanwhile, several gop candidates spoke at that summit on friday. herman cain criticized the occupy wall street protests. >> those demonstrations on wall street, they are anti-capital lic ism. they are anti-wall street. wall street did not write these laws. the white house did. why don't you move these protests to the white house. that's why you don't have a job. that's why you don't have a business. move it to the white house.
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>> gingrich said, like herman cain's campaign, his own stock is on the rise. >> i don't know if you've watched it, but the elite media said several weeks ago that this was now a two-person race and herman cain and i decided that may be right but they are talking about the wrong guys. >> joining me now is david cantonese, national reporter for politico. good morning. >> good morning, alex. >> was newt gingrich right there, that he and herman cain have seen the greatest surge and the greatest pull from votes have come from perry and romney? >> i think if you look at the national polls, he certainly has a case to be made but i would say it's more on the part of herman cain. we've certainly seen him rise in polls but i think it's still a two-man race and those polls are reflecting dissatisfaction with what the current two front
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runners are doing. >> okay. let's get to reverend jeffers. does this put the religion issue out in the open for mitt romney? >> it certainly does for a new cycle and through the weekend and probably through the next republican debate. i would think that at the next debate the moderator is going to pose this question to rick perry. but if you saw in those clips, rick perry was not comfortable addressing this. this is the problem with surrogates. sometimes with the supporters, you don't know what they are going to say on the stage but obviously this is something that the pastor believes officer eventually and i would be surprised if rick perry addressed this because he wants to keep his focus on the economy, not delve into the
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tricky religion stuff. >> well, he may not folk tus on it but rick santorum said this. >> is he a a christian? >> he's a good moral man. >> >> i'm not an expert in mormonism. if they say they are christian, as far as i am concerned, they are christian. >> what do you make of that response? >> well, this is a big slice of the republican party. i'm not sure if it's the majority of the republican party but certainly evangelicals are catholic. there are portions of the country who do not believe that mormons are christians. mitt romney had to deal with this in his last campaign, probably hoped that he didn't have to deal with it again. but, again, at these conservative summits, where this is a very central issue to their ideology, to their beliefs, it's
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almost inevitable that it would be brought up again and here it is at the forefront of this campaign. >> sit right there. i want to bring informer campaign manager for president reagan, pat buchanan and karin. i want you to listen to mitt romney speaking at a campaign in 2000. here we go. >> there are some americans who say it's more of a tradition than my personal conviction or disavow one of its precepts. that i will not do. i believe in my mormon faith and i endeavor to live by it. >> so he said before he would not distance himself from mormonism. but do you think this is going to force him to talk more about it? >> well, sure. the timing of that speech, during the last cycle, there was a theory of a friend of mine,
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finally realizing that they needed to put some kind of frame around his mormonism and his faith. people want to know what you believe. mormonism is a religion in this country. people watch maybe "big love" on tv or "sister love" on cable. at the beginning of his campaign, during his announcement speech, he talked about freedom of religion and we can respect one another. clearly they've laid their foundation and they will have to come back to it at some point. >> we're going to go to him live right now. this is the value voter summit. let's listen to what he is saying. >> and now i bask in the joy of 16 grandchildren. [ applause ] >> for the last 42 years, ann
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has been my partner and joy. and she's done those things which have brought more happiness to our lives than anything that i have done. for she took the lead in raising our five boys. did you see that steve jobs was asked whether he was glad that he had children ? he said, it's 10,000 times better than anything i have ever done. [ applause ] but we know that marriage is more than personally rewarding social custom. it's also critical for the well being of a civilization. that's why it's so important to preserve the traditional marriage, the joining together of one man and one woman. [ applause ] and that's why i will appoint an attorney general who will defend the by partisan law signed by congress and signed by pill clinton, the defense of marriage
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act. [ applau [ applause ] and unfortunately, when it comes to marriage, the government's policy is out of step with our values. if a couple has a baby, the government will give them more support if they are not married than if they do marry. they penalize the decision to marry instead of rewarding it. that's what is wrong. i will penalize these -- >> all right. we thought maybe he would address the controversy and he did not. i agree with him, when it comes to being a parent, it's the greatest accomplishment. pat, as we go to what happened with reverend jeffers, he says that he's concerned that many evangelicals are going to stay home if they nominate perry.
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do you think he has a point in. >> not really. there's no question that many evangelicals are very skeptical of the mormon faith, he especially the southern evangelicals. however, do you want mitt romney speaking there at the value voter conference or rick perry? i think they will vote for mitt romney. i don't doubt that. will they vote for him with the same enthusiasm that they would with rick perry? i don't think so. i thought the speech in 2007 was outstanding but now we've got something out in the open and someone said, something american can live in the sunlight. >> you know what, pat? it was probably bound to come up. >> yes. >> i think people were waiting to see at what point it would come up. in terms of the timing, does this work in mitt romney's favor? i mean, does it work? get it out there and get it through the news cycles now? >> it does indeed.
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but we're only about three months away, alex, from the republican part getting this out there. >> i'm sorry. i just pulled back there. >> you already have him nominated. i think this is a very good thing for mitt romney and, frankly, it was always there. is there any doubt in anybody's mind that mitt romney is a more sn monday? everybody knows that. anybody he was going to lost, he's already lost. and rick perry has a little problem explaining to do when he goes to the next debate and it wasn't his fault. >> karen, hold your thought. we will do strategy talk when we come back. david cantanese, thank you so much. the occupy wall street protests are still going on. people around the country are protesting. nbc's lilia luciano is joining
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us. >> reporter: good morning. >> do you see more people coming there this morning? >> there is. there is more people showing up around the country. it started three weeks ago with a small group of young protesters and now, as you can see, it's probably turning into a national movement. the demonstrations have lasted so long and expanded so widely that even with the funny outfits, they are hard to ignore. occupy wall street, a protest against economic and social inequality has spawned marches in 45 states. in just the last 24 hours, protests from houston to washington, d.c. hundreds took over a los angeles intersection. 4,000 marched in portland and in tampa, they embarked on the
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banking district. and those protesters, not always who you would expect. >> we used to have $100,000 a year salary job. >> reporter: he lost his job and it brought him to manhattan. >> it's our job to let them know that the system is in need of repair. >> reporter: occupy wall street is drawing historical comparisons. >> the first stage of any movement is a lot of people showing how unhappy they are at the situation. so the rights movement, anti-war movement. if it lasts long enough and it could become an organized movement. >> money could help. thousands of dollars have been dropped on to the street but wall street got tax exempt status and quickly raised $50,000, most of it online. >> it's compelling. it's compelling to see how things have taken off and what
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it means is that the burden is on us. >> reporter: they say they will need to plan to use that cash and harnness all of that before rage turns to revolution. and when the jobs report came out, announcing 103,000 new jobs in the economy, some are optimistic but people across the country participating in this occupy wall street protest say it takes much more than that. alex. >> okay. lilia luciano, thank you. what does the surtax have a chance of passing. which candidate can be hurt more by the mormonism comments. and we're going to go back to when john f. kennedy gave a speech to calm fears about his catholic fear.
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perry is rejecting controversial comments about mormonism comments made by a supporter of his. john f. kennedy, when he was running for president faced concerns about his roman catholic faith. in 1960 he gave a speech about that. >> let me state once again, not what kind of church i believe in. i believe in an america that is officially neither a catholic, protestant, nor jewish, well nor public official requests or instructs policies from the pope. >> joining me now is karen finney and pat buchanan. they are both msnbc political
10:20 am
analysts. pat, we've seen this before. mitt romney gave a speech on this back in 2007. do you think he's going to have to give another one? >> no, i don't think he's going to have to give another one. lee say, i think romney's speech, as i mentioned, was outstanding. and what john f. kennedy said -- and i still remember it -- don't pay attention to the fact that i'm a catholic. it will have nothing virtually to do with me being a president and when his brother joe hit the v-2 sites in france and died in that, it was a very powerful thing and very effective. but i think the problem here is really not mitt romney in that everybody knows mitt romney is a mormon. if you don't like mormons, maybe you won't vote for him. but the problems with rick perry and how he needs to deal with this during the debate. >> but how about for president obama? how does it play out for him? >> you know, i actually very
10:21 am
much respect mitt romney and the speech that he gave in 2007. i agree with pat on that. but the point that he was trying to make is, hey, i can be different but we can respect each other's differences. that is not always the opinion we get from the republican party when it comes in terms of gay marriage and respecting other people's differences and there are moral considerations to be given to that. the second thing to think about is, think about how people attacked president obama and the nature of his religion and he had to again and again and again -- there are people who do not believe he's a christian as many times as he said it. with mitt romney, it would be interested to see how that plays out. >> hold it, you guys, for just a second. he was talking a moment ago and the only way he's addressed this, just seconds ago at the value voters summit.
10:22 am
listen to this. >> it's never softened a single heart or single mind. the blessings of faith carry the responsibility of civil and respectable debate. the tasks before us is to focus on the conservative beliefs. let it never drive us apart. >> is that similar to the 2007 speech, pat? >> yes, it is. and he updated it here. let me respond to what karen said. there's no doubt that they went after president obama and his belief because they said, what are you doing sitting in a church where people are talking about homosexuality. there's no doubt about it, those of us have who traditional faith and mormon faith, that it's an unnatural lifestyle and it is not the equal of marriage, traditional marriage between a man and woman. that's a clear, philosophical,
10:23 am
religious political difference between our party or most of our party and most of yours. >> pat, i understand that. but here's the point that i'm trying to make. i'm only trying to put up for us to think about and consider that, you know, there are things that have been said and done in the mormon faith that people have a lot of problems with. i hear what you're saying about the pastor and barack obama made it very clear. he didn't agree with that and distanced himself from that and has talked about his own faith and what is in his heart. so if we're going to judge barack obama for that pastor, then i think we're going to have to deal with -- people will judge mitt romney based on some of the tenants of the mormon faith that they might find strange or disagree with. i think we should just put it to rest and agree that both of these men are of good character and put it to rest. >> the good character, that was prefaced. ref jend jeffress said, he's a man of good character.
10:24 am
and mitt romney is talking about being married to one wife, his wife, ann, she does the best job of being a parent to these five children. so this is a man who is much more mainstream. >> now, you've used offshoot of the mormon faith and karen has used the aspect the of the mormon faith that is controversial, too. look, i think it's a valid question to ask of mitt romney but you are hereby putting his mormon faith and is it going to dictate how he is as a public servant into the mix here as they did with jack kennedy or and i think it's a valid one to raise with mit rom romney. in my view, you take the man who has lived his life and his public life. there is nothing that he has done on tour, in his public
10:25 am
life, because he's a mormon. the fact that he's a good family man, five children, 16 grandchildren, if that comes out of the mormon faith, people are going to say, hey, that crowd is okay. >> and if he should be the nominee of the republican party, i hope folks will, for once and for all, put any questions to raise about barack obama's faith. he's a family man, two beautiful daughters, he's very committed to raising them right. >> and if barack obama says, i am a believing christian, you take him at his word. >> he has. >> don't you put this all on me, if i were mitt romney. i think it's the republicans that -- it's not my fault. don't blame me for it. >> you're right in the middle of it, alex. >> darn it. that's what this job does. >> thank you, you two. meanwhile, at the top of the hour, we'll be talking with pastor jeffress. and "the simpsons" has been
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comments because of the pastor who introduced him at the summit. reaction to the latest jobs report. unemployment still stuck at 9.1% but over 100,000 jobs were added to the economy. >> after three years of false hopes and broken promises, americans continue to be left asking the question, where are the jobs? time and time again we trust the american people to liberate our economy from the shackles of this government. >> let's bring in another ohio politician, former governor ted strict land. good morning to you. good to have you back. >> it's good to be back. thank you. >> i want to discuss the pastor discussing mormonism as a cult lead to ugly discourse in the race? >> well, it's unfortunate.
10:34 am
we have religious people. americans tend to be religious people but we are a secular nation. i think this baptist minister and other leaders need to inject a little more humility into their comments and rhetoric. i was a united methodist minister earlier in my life and i respect people of faith and people who deeply felt religious beliefs. but we are a coralistic diverse nation. and it's unfortunate that divisive, political rhetoric would be injected into the race for presidency for a country. what does this do to create jobs or help our country? all it does is divide us or polarize us. what we need, in my judgment, are people who are ethical,
10:35 am
honest. >> you bring up the jobs. let's go to that report, which has good news. 137,000 private sector jobs added and in august, 57,000 jobs. that number in your state is still stuck at 9.1%. what do you think that means for our nation? >> i think it means we are in danger in going into a double dip resilcession and it's total irresponsible to look at these numbers and consider the state of people these days and pass civil wait for things to improve. what we need is a positive, assertive, governmental action, in my judgment, and that's why i'm hopeful that the president's jobs bill will be considered by my friend and colleague from ohio, speaker boehner, as well as others in the congress.
10:36 am
>> you know, i was going to say, i don't recall hearing a president hammer something the way this president has. pass this bill now, pass this bill now. how many times does the president have to say it before congress takes a loot at it in the way it will get passed? >> well, i'm encouraged by what the president is doing in the last few weeks and what he is saying. the fact is that the american people need to know who is on their side and the president is now speaking up, taking action, and holding the republican leadership accountable for their inaction. but, quite frankly, both parties need to be cooperating this with this president at this time. >> at this time, though, may i ask you, when you say at this time, the question is, should this have been done? >> yes. >> as definitively, as forcefully, quite some time ago? >> i think so. but we have to deal with what we are dealing with in the present and the fact is that here in
10:37 am
ohio, we were seeing unemployment come down. we had 157 months of either stable or declining unemployment. for the last three months, unemployment is now increasing in ohio. and i think that's because we're facing the real possibility that this country would go into a double dip recession. we haven't really emerged from the first one. there are 14 million people unemployed today. millions and millions more underemployed. families are hurting. homes are being lost. hope is diminishing and the president, finally, and i'm glad he's doing it and i congratulate him and encourage him, and i say, go for it. do it. he has got to travel this country, spreading the message, getting the people of this country energized. alex, i'm encouraged by what i'm seeing on wall street. a lot of people want to criticize the folks who are
10:38 am
gathering there in boston and i was in washington a couple of weeks ago. there was a gathering of folks in front of the chamber of commerce building in washington, d.c. i think this is an indication that the people of this country are finally drawing a line in the stand and saying, you've pushed us as far as you can push us. it's time for us to start fighting back, defending ourselves and standing up for the middle class and that's what i think is now happening. i'm encouraged by it. the president needs our support and congress needs to get to working and get this jobs bill past, in my judgment. >> okay. former ohio government, ted stri strictland, thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. and tomorrow, an exclusive on "meet the press, paul ryan will be joining david gregory
10:39 am
tomorrow morning. the fbi is focusing on a landfill for a 10-month-old baby that is missing. jay gray is live. good morning to you. second visit to the land fill, we're told? >> reporter: yeah, good morning, alex. this is the second time that agents have looked through this area and unfortunately, no substantive clues in that area and they've also spent some time in the backyard of the little girl's home with metal detectors to try to figure out where she might be. as investigators start the fifth day of why this is happening, they are no closer to figuring it out. >> so there is a problem between the police and lisa's parents
10:40 am
and cooperation and lack thereof. >> they say that the parents got to a point where they were exhausted and had no answers for the police and really just needed a break. now police have characterized that as a break in the cooperation. they have since said that they feel like they are back on the right track but still trying to develop that relationship. so that's where it stands from the police standpoint. as for lisa's family, they say that they understand that the police are doing everything that they have to here but that they are also frustrated in trying to find the little girl as well. >> jay gray, thank you from kansas city. >> reporter: thank you. sony impgs the deal to a steve jobs movie deal and apple is looking at another record year. let's get the details from msnbc analyst vera gibbons.
10:41 am
>> good morning. sony is entitled to the rights for the movie called "steve jobs." it's a 1 to $3 million deal produced by the same man who produced "saving private ryan." sony was behind the facebook movie and this should be a big success, too. >> and from movies to books, jobs' biography is going to be released sooner than anticipated? >> the original date was november 21st and it's been pushed back due to the demand. it's based on a series of interviews of steve jobs over the last couple of years. there were something like 40 interviews. they are all going to be culminated in this book. steve jobs is a very private person but it's a way to seem
10:42 am
meant his legacy and he did it so his kids would have a better understanding of who he was. we the public want to know who he was, too. this book will be through the roof, also. >> to steve jobs' credit, apple is looking at another year of potentially record sales. even in this economy. >> that's amazing, right? plus, he left the company in the best financial state. $100 billion in sales for products that there was no demand for these products. we didn't even know what these products were, whether we wanted them or needed them. so huge phenomenal success. they did $80 billion in the first quarter of the year and they are sitting on $90 billion in cash. >> that's incredible. talk about the impact that he's having on the fashion industry. we all -- >> you see these presentations as he's introducing new products as he is there. he apparently bought two dozen every year from a high-end
10:43 am
boutique called a st. croix shop. he wore them almost every single day. very simple, very clean. just like his products, they are selling out online and in stores and lesser expensive versions are also selling out. >> vera gibbons, thank you. >> thanks. retailers have a lot riding on the upcoming shopping season but will savvy shoppers be in the mood to part with more money this holiday season. and the new movie "real steal" is is it a must see? [ male announcer ] this is lara. her morning begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills. the afternoon tour begins with more pain and more pills. the evening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills.
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10:47 am
with robots. take a look. well, let's get the details from pop culture from amy palmer. good morning. >> good morning, alex. >> what is it? a must see or must avoid? >> it's a must see. i went into this movie thinking this is ridiculous, i will walk out. but it was fantastic. and i was not the only adult in the theater without kids. there were adults in there going crazy. this is a must see and your kids are going to love it. >> i take your word for it. also out there is --
10:48 am
>> tell us what you want to know. >> tell her what she wants to know and jump. we can control this moing r thing. >> i've got to go. >> is this a must see or must avoid? >> oh, no, alex. it's must avoid. >> i'm shocked. >> i know. i didn't expect it either. the story line is one dimensional and falls flat. it's an amazing cast but doesn't hold up to the hype. >> all right. denise richards tweeted out this photo of her 16-week-old daughter with these jeans from gucci that are $265. this is bad taste in this
10:49 am
economy. this is causing quite a stir. >> okay. this could go either must see or must avoid. what do you think about "the simpsons." >> they are coming back. their contract was renewed for two years. there was talk that they were not going to come back because the ratings have been slipping but they will be coming back for two seasons. so "the simpsons" fans can rejoice. >> thank you, amy. we will be speaking with reverend robert jeffress and why he says that romney is not a christian. steve jobs and what he did before his death to make sure apple will continue to thrive. you're watching "weekend with alex witt." cut! [ monica ] i have a small part in a big movie. i thought we'd be on location for 3 days, it's been 3 weeks. so, i used my citi simplicity card to pick up a few things. and i don't have to worry about a late fee.
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a report today suggests steve jobs had a blueprint for
10:53 am
apple products for the income four years. joining us is ron insana. is that true? what have you heard about that? >> we heard apple's pipeline was three to five years deep and when you think about technology, what appears to just kind of come out of the blue has long been in the planning stages. so it is not remotely implausible that there was a five-year plan for the country. and they are doing that with mr. jobs and they will continue to do that. >> i know that you interviewed him. what was he like? >> first, we had a contentious relationship. steve jobs always stayed on message. when it was a product i introduction, he never talked about the prior and had the tumor removed and came back. given that he was somewhat
10:54 am
sensitive it was interesting to have all of those guys on the stage at one time. >> yes, that's quite the group right there. >> particularly since i didn't know what to call, the edge. >> but, you know, steve jobs was so unique in so many different ways, being able to pull cultural icons to products that were already hot and in the public hands. it was a fascinating experience to chat with him. >> why do you think, just on a
10:55 am
personal note -- >> yeah. >> -- i'm presuming that you were sad like everybody else was about his passing. why was that? i was genuinely sad. >> you know, i was talking to lawrence o'donnell when it happened. i mentioned that it was kind of like when i was in college, i was driving home from work and john lennon had been shot and i had the same reaction to steve jobs passing. he wasn't just a businessman. he was a cultural icon. he did so much that affected the fabric of society in the way that other big names have in the past. he didn't just appear to be a businessman. not that there is anything wrong with that. but he really changed our lives and did it in such a dramatic fashion and an incredibly short period of time. 56 years, not a lot of time on this planet. his work life was even shorter and what he has put in place changes the way that we
10:56 am
communicate, do business, has changed culture and political regimes as a result of the communication capabilities. >> absolutely. do you think that we are going to see the likes of him again? is there anybody right now sort of percolating? >> it has been said there was no other thomas edison or henry ford. there will be someone else that is impacted in a different way. it will just be different. it won't be the steve jobs of apple. there are great minds that come along and do things that alter the course of business, economic, political, and social history. there won't be another steve jobs in the sense that he touched a lot of different industries and touched the entire world with respect to the way we live and it will take a while to find someone like him again. >> yeah, it is pretty remarkable what he accomplished. ron insana, thank you. he has touched fire and prim
10:57 am
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