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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  October 14, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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go vandy. go michigan, right? go home. go quakers. all right. roll tide, baby. we got ole miss this weekend. hey, it's way too early, willie. what time is it? >> morning joe. see you back here on monday. stick around here now. >> all right. rick perry didn't say much at the last debate but he's talking up a storm this morning. announcing his new jobs and energy plan in pennsylvania and making a blitz of all the morning shows. is today the day he reboots his campaign? and now that herman cain has surged to the top of the polls, his 999 tax plan is getting some serious scrutiny. and a lot of it is not pretty. welcome to the first tier, mr. cain. and protesters march on wall street and there are some heavy clashes with police along the way. we're going there live for the latest this morning. it's friday, october 14th, 2011. this is "daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. let's get right to my first
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reads of the morning. we start with rick perry on defense. his campaign faltering, perry took to the airwaves this morning in a rare media blitz for a candidate who has mostly been off limits to the press. perry wanted to talk about the energy jobs plan he will lay out just over an hour from now in pittsburgh. but it was hard for him to stay on that message. first he was tested on his slide in the polls. >> i don't worry too much about polls. i know a lot of people obsess with them and watch them and talk about them. i'm more worried about those people out there who don't have a job in america. within a hundred days, when i'm the president of the united states, without having to deal with congress opening up those federal lands and waters, pulling back those regulations that are killing jobs and rebuilding the epa, we can do that and get 1.2 million people working. >> perry was also asked to respond to these emotional comments by his wife anita, who tee teared up in south carolina while on the stump yesterday.
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>> it's been a rough month. we've been brutalized and eaten up and chewed up in the press. we are being brutalized by our opponents and our party. so much of that is i think they look at him -- >> nbc's matt lauer asked perry if he shares those views. >> family members always take these campaigns a little more personally than the candidates do. i've been shot at and missed and shot at and hit for 20 years running for public office. the fact is those are just distractions. americans want to hear a conversation about who is going to get this country back working again. >> and perry was asked to repudiate dallas pastor robert jeffress, who called mitt romney's mormon religion a cult. isn't a bit hypocritical to say you are targeted because of your
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faith when it was a surrogate for your campaign that introduced faith in the first place? >> i think you're stretching it to say he was a surrogate. he was picked and he made his comments on his own. we have distanced ourselves from those comments. i've clearly said that i did not agree with his comments and that stands on its face. >> mitt romney's wife ann has said she's a she lion when it comes to defending her husband's record. nbc campaign correspondent weinberg caught up with anita perry on the trail yesterday and asked whether she would characterize herself that way. >> how do you feel when you hear what people are saying about your husband? >> oh, you know, i take a deep breath and really hope people will give him a fair listening opportunity to listen to what he has to say. i can't say that i'm a she lion. you know, i'm married to the man. i've known him since i was 8
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years old. he is a good man. he makes tough decisions. he's a leader. i just want everybody to give a fair look at him. >> anita perry also aggressively defended her husband's performance in the debates and his jobs record in texas. >> i don't think he did near as badly as what i'm reading in the paper so i've quit reading that. we don't need a 59-point plan or a 999 plan to get america working again. because we have the formula in texas that works. >> there you go. the president brings his jobs pitch to michigan. after rolling out the red carpet for south korean president lee at the state dinner last night the president takes the foreign leader on a road trip. that's the reddest of red carpet as the "new york times" puts it and travels to orion township, michigan to tour a gm assembly plant that produces the new chevrolet sonic sub compact. it is an opportunity to sell the new trade agreement with south korea to a state where the unemployment rate sits at 11.2%.
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also, michigan is a place where if romney is the nominee it's going to be fully in play. michigan really hasn't been in play for 20 years. romney on the ballot, his father's ties, his own personal ties, he is going to spend a lot of time trying to put michigan in play. he's going to do that. that's why you heard very aggressively the dnc use romney's comments about using t.a.r.p. funds to bail out the auto industry, that that was one point they grabbed and went after romney with pretty quickly. michigan. keep an eye on it as a purple state. yesterday at a news conference the president challenged congressional republicans to take up and pass provisions of his jobs bill. >> if senator mcconnell or speaker boehner say to me, you know what? we want to get some infrastructure built in this country, i'll be right there. we'll be ready to go. if they are willing to renew the payroll tax as we worked on
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together in december, i'll be ready to go. >> but the relationship is hardly sunny after the president and boehner spoke on the phone yesterday. the speaker's office decided to release a statement about the phone call. quote, after they discussed trade, the speaker brought up the president's remarks today about, quote, not having yet seen a republican plan for job creation. and respectfully challenged the president's assertion. quote, i want to make sure you have all the facts the speaker told the president. one way to look at this? the president has hit a nerve a little bit. the other thing we should note yesterday john mccain and rand paul decided to unveil their own version of a jobs plan, plenty of stuff in there that democrats would never agree to when it comes for instance to the balanced budget amendment but having something, a piece of legislation called a jobs plan seems to have put a little pressure on some republicans who do this. we had heard senate leadership wasn't going to be doing this. interesting to me that it's mccain and rand paul, two people that are usually comfortable
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bucking leadership. finally, after two and a half years, is the white house finally figuring out how to tap into the clinton brand? for the second friday in a row, hillary clinton is focusing on the economy. this time in a speech to the economic club of new york. last friday clinton hosted the president's jobs council at the state department. >> we have a significant but untapped potential for job creation and economic growth that comes with attracting foreign investment. we need to show not only that we are open for business but to use every tool in our tool box to attract it. >> so there you go. this is one, okay, two second fridays in a row. usually you wait for three to be a trend. this one feels like though it's already a trend. all right. polls show the republican race is still up in the air. but listening to the obama and romney campaigns you'd think the general election was already under way. there are new web ads out from
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both sides today. let's start with one from the romney campaign, exclusively being previewed right here on "the daily rundown." >> governor romney. >> governor romney. >> mitt romney. >> so romney. >> governor romney. >> governor romney. >> mr. romney, governor romney. >> governor romney. >> mitt romney. >> governor romney. >> didn't know you were a spokesperson for mitt romney. >> clearly, the inevitability train that they would like to create. okay. now let's take a look at one from the dnc. they're out this morning and this one targets mitt romney. >> president obama's payroll tax cut would save american families $1500 a year. what does mitt romney call saving american families $1500 a year? >> temporary little band-aids. >> $1500 might be a band-aid to mitt romney but to a middle class family $1500 goes a long way. >> our guest as senior adviser
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for the romney campaign and joins me now. it was almost as if on point that you were trying to make that you believe your democrat, potential democratic opponent already sees you as the nominee. are you trying to create an inevitability campaign here? >> i think the point of the video that we put out this morng, chuck, is that rome is burning and this white house is fiddling. they are clearly preoccupied with the politics of the campaign, specifically with mitt romney instead of focusing on rescuing the economy and i think what you're going to see is this campaign unfold over the next several months and that mitt romney is running to save america and save the economy and barack obama is running to save his job. >> let me ask you this. i mean, i know we're all shocked there are campaign politics going on. let's talk about the republican primary. you've seen the nbc news/"wall street journal" poll and the remarkable thing about romney is the, i would call it stubborn stability inside the republican
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primary. sits right at around -- exactly 23%. two polls in a row. but there's a fluctuating going on. between rick perry and herman cain. but there's a lot of vote out there that's not moving over to mitt romney. how nervous are you about this? >> well, we have a long way to go in this race, chuck. it's a multicandidate field. people will move up in the polls. people will move down. some will stay the same. but we feel very good about the state of the race. there is a growing momentum around mitt romney's campaign. we were pleased to welcome the endorsement this week of governor chris christie of new jersey. i can't think of a more vocal advocate for reforming government and cutting spending than him. and then just yesterday in arizona, we're proud to have announced the endorsement of penal county sheriff paul babieux who has been fighting illegal immigration in the state of arizona since first elected to office and he sees in mitt romney a person who is best on securing the border and stopping the flow of illegal immigrants
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into this country. >> but i go back to the fact that, sure, you're getting all these endorsements but it is not translated into poll numbers. >> well, again, the poll that counts is when the voting actually happens. we feel very confident that with this growing support that mitt romney is accumulating as we move forward that he'll be in good position when people actually go and vote. >> and we do know that you have your fund raising report was released. 14 million. a little over 14 million raised. cash on hand wise though you have less money in the bank than rick perry. a concern? >> no concern at all. in fact, this is another indication of the success of mitt romney's campaign. 14 million this quarter. 32 million total for the six months that we've been in the race. we have almost 15 million cash on hand. it does cost money to raise money so it's not surprising that we would spend money to
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achieve this fund raising success. but we'll have the resources we need, chuck, to run our campaign. i'm sure that rick perry and the other candidates will have the resources they need. you need three things to be successful in a political campaign. and that is organization, resources, and message. and we have all three and the one that is going to put us ahead is the message because mitt romney's message is a strong pro jobs message. he has the experience and qualifications to turn around this economy. >> eric, when it comes to one of the issues the governor has been talking a lot about is china and there was an op-ed in yesterday's "the washington post" where governor romney laid out his case as to why he wants to sort of ratchet up the rhetoric a little bit with china potentially and he said on his first day in office he is going to label them a currency manipulator. i guess my question is, has governor romney asked -- talked to speaker boehner to make his case? here is what speaker boehner said about the bill that was in
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the u.s. senate having to do with china's currency. he said given the volatility in the world markets, given the uncertainty of the world economy for congress to take this step at this time poses a very severe risk of a trade war and unintended consequences that could come as a result. is governor romney speaking with speaker boehner to convince him of his point of view on this? >> no. he hasn't spoken with the speaker about this subject. he has talked with other republicans. and we had a vote just recently in the u.s. senate where a number of republicans joined or got behind a bill to label china a currency manipulator and to take punitive action to level the playing field. but look. the bill is unnecessary. president obama has all the tools available to him right now today to label china a currency manipulator and to level the playing field and he has chosen not to do that. mitt romney will make that a priority on his first day in office. >> you know, i've covered a lot of presidential campaigns and
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china, i remember bill clinton talked tough on china. i remember george w. bush talked tough on china. barack obama talked tough on china. always easy to talk tough on china in the campaign trail and an amazing transformation happens on the january 20th of inauguration day. why is mitt romney going to be different on this? >> well, he published his plan. it's all part of a 59-point plan that governor romney has to fundamentally transform our economy. one of the tenets of that plan has to do with creating more trade opportunities of course because mitt romney is an aggressive free trader but also making sure that fair trade takes place with our partners. and china has not been playing by the rules. they've been manipulating their currency, stealing our technology, blocking access to their markets, and while we don't want a trade war as governor romney says, we're not going to accept the trade surrender, either. >> very quickly, do you think you should be boycotting the nevada caucuses because of when
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they -- if they're on january 14th instead of january 17th? >> well, let me just say we stand with new hampshire all the way. whatever date they choose for their primary we will abide by and support it. i do think a boycott is counterproductive number one because the secretary of state in new hampshire has already announced his intent to move the new hampshire primary date to preserve their first in the nation status so that's not at risk and number two i think a boycott is counterproductive. i think the people of nevada and elsewhere deserve to hear and see the candidates. we have an important debate next week out in las vegas. nevada is ground zero in the obama economy. a double digit unemployment rate. and they deserve to hear from the candidates. >> i have to leave it there. thanks for coming on this morning. senior adviser to the romney campaign thank you, chuck. up next the state of the race. the herman cain surge comes with new scrutiny over 999. welcome to the big leagues. it's game time for the former
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pizza executive. and showdown averted. hundreds of protesters occupying wall street claim victory after finding out they won't be forced to leave after all. there are more clashes with police this morning. we're live where the movement first started, coming up. first a look ahead at the president's schedule. as we told you, it's off to michigan. a rare foreign leader being taken out of washington, d.c. to another state. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. [ male announcer ] school art supplies, black pants, and a family mobile plan. uh... um... [ bling! ] four score... [ bling! ] ...and seven years ago... [ bling! ] i kissed emily costa... eww! [ male announcer ] unlimited talk and text, only $45 a month, add more lines only $25 each. plus other low prices every day on everything.
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and take care of what you have to take care of.
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in the 2012 race several republican candidates are struggling to simply stay in the
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conversation but that's not the case for mr. herman cain. his 999 plan is under the microscope at the debates and in the papers, he's got voters attention but does he have the campaign team to get past the primaries? let's bring in two guys who do this better than everybody. >> your payment will come later. >> we appreciate that. >> come on now. herman cain. what is amazing about this pop is everybody is just waiting for when it falls. >> right. >> again, i go back into our poll. he's got the base of republican support that any republican would dream of having at this point in time. >> if we've learned anything from politics in recent years the rules don't matter. throw the rules out. as my colleagues wrote today he is defying the rules right now of political gravity. can that last? i think it can't last as he's running right now. with basically no staff, not going to early states, and very
9:21 am
little money. but the good news for cain supporters is that he acknowledges that he can't go on like that. >> i was just going to say. i felt like yesterday he turned a corner going yeah okay. >> sort of professionalized his operation. just think about access alone. we are now at october 13th. these deadlines are looming. places like illinois you've got to get signatures across the state. it's not an easy thing. >> it would be embarrassing if somehow he didn't get on a ballot. you brought up illinois. state of virginia is another tough one. >> the hard thing for him is he's been running with no organization, no anything. no money, no attention for so long. now all of a sudden jonathan is right. i think he does get that he has to staff up. they now say they have 35 staff. but it is nowhere near the organization mitt romney has. mitt romney has been building this organization since he started running in 2006. herman cain has to do it in a short period of time. my guess is he winds up getting
9:22 am
on these ballots. it is a question of can you build real detailed organization. >> what is interesting, a good point this morning, trying to understand like why is it that herman cain is resonating? everybody wants to look at different reasons why he is resonating and her take was, well, he's coming up with a big idea. you may think it's -- it may get trashed in every reality tax check going but he is trying to do a big thing where mitt romney doesn't sound like a big thinker is trying to tinker. >> two important things i think that are sort of self-evident. he has a plan that is concise and easy to understand. one. and two, i think more importantly from a gut level he's likeable. he is somebody that you can relate to and that is very accessible. for a lot of people romney is just not like that. so people look at that stage. you've got gingrich, often very angry, romney who can come across as very sort of remote. huntsman seems obviously i think similar in some ways in terms of his background. here's somebody, yeah. i know that guy.
9:23 am
>> he's the only one speaking to people not at them. >> exactly. >> you know what's interesting? he used in the debate on tuesday night, he kept using the word "bold." i have a bold plan. >> mitt romney? >> herman cain. i feel like people want someone who is painting in broad strokes. look. we all knew once the 9-9-9 plan got mentioned 1,050 times in that debate we'd see exactly what you showed, the headlines detailing, oh, a little short, may not work. the truth is i think at this point it's almost more important symbolically for herman cain than a practical level. it says i'm doing big, bold things. this country is badly off on the wrong track and we need to turn it around. one quick stat. nbc/"wall street journal" ten years since the right direction number has been over 50. we are dealing in a decade-long pessimism. >> there were people, somebody, a historian friend of mine reminded me of this there were people saying the new deal with f.d.r., a lot of people trashed
9:24 am
that, that the country is open to, quote, this new compact. the question is what is it going to be with government? sort of what is going to be the next flue denew deal of some so? that's why they want leaders to do something bigger. scrap the tax code. let's start from scratch. not let's do this, this, and this. >> there is an appetite now for that because of the times that we're in. the challenge, though, is can he survive once the details are unpacked? >> and he doesn't seem to have the infrastructure to do that. >> in a place like new hampshire where there is no sales tax at all and then all of a sudden a 9% sales tax? >> i bet 50% of the people who say they are with herman cain have no idea what the three nines stand for and when they are informed as they will be -- it's on top of state sales tax. >> we'll get more into that later. rick perry still got a shot? >> yes. october 13th much could happen. lots of games to be played. >> all right. >> 15 million reasons why, chuck. >> a lot of work to do.
9:25 am
thank you both. still ahead we're going to fact check the cain tax plan. we'll get the 411 on the 999 that anita perry says she dials 911 for. what it really means for the middle class and americans. that is what she really said. she said i want to dial 911. rick perry set to deliver a big policy speech today in pittsburgh. does he have the chance and the time to make a comeback? first today's trivia question. which member of congress ordered that bean soup be on the menu every day in the house restaurant? get me the answer at chuck todd@daily rundown. the answer is coming up. it's killing jonathan martin. he thinks he should know this answer. >> john dingle? >> i should know this.
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mobile medical international, a builder of mobile surgical units, hit hard times in its first years of operations. owner rick cofrin asked employees to work without pay maintaining their health insurance. soon business boomed and the company was named the sba 2011 small business of the year. for more, watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc.
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wall street getting a boost today for new numbers that show buying and selling is picking up. cnbc's brian shactman joins us with the market rundown.
9:29 am
you guys are always buying and selling. tell me what you mean here. >> listen, retail sales, the best in about seven months. >> there you go. >> up about 1%. if you take out aut motives it was twice the growth expected and the dow-jones industrial average when it opens in about 1:02 will be up triple digits. import prices were up as well though which means things were a little more expensive. that might have boosted the number a little bit. google unbelievable profits. they hit it out of the park as they say and the wall street sports metaphor department. all of this optimism despite a downgraded spain by s&p and a key vote that silvio berlusconi should narrowly get by in italy, doesn't matter. europe not a factor today. we're not going into recession, chuck, and that is a good thing according to people on wall street. >> all right. consumer spending up so wall street up. thank you, brian. looks like the end of a good week for wall street. the daily rundown will be back in 30 seconds.
9:30 am
here is a look at other stories making headlines. just a day after congress compromised on trade the house descended into the bitter part of the battle they love to have this time over aborpgs. 15 democrats joined all but a few house republicans to pass a bill that would amend the health care law to bar federal funding for health plans that provide abortion services. the white house has issued a veto threat but the democratic controlled senate isn't even expected to consider the measure. the u.s. government is weighing possible sanctions against
9:31 am
iran's central bank in response to the country's alleged involvement in the assassination plot against a saudi diplomat. in speaking yesterday president obama said no options were off the table. code words for military options. and there are long lines at apple stores as the latest iphone goes on sale today. one of the people waiting for the new device was the company's cofounder steve wozniak who spent the night chatting with fans in california ahead of the highly anticipated release. well, new york city authorities canceled plans to force the occupy wall street protesters out of their camp in the park today. the announcement came just 40 minutes before the 7:00 a.m. deadline as close to a thousand protesters crowded the park with plans to resist the eviction. nbc's mara schiavocampo is there with more. the city was saying they were simply asking them to leave for a little bit to clean up and the protesters just never believed the city? >> reporter: no. frankly they didn't. they thought that all of that
9:32 am
was a pretext to try to get them out for good. the city originally told them they could stay here indefinitely. this is the base camp for the occupy wall street movement. they've been here a month now. last week mayor michael bloomberg said they would have to leave temporarily because the owners of the park, this is a privately owned park, wanted to power wash things and that then there he could come back but that when they came back they had to obey the rules of the park. that's where things got a little tricky because the rules of the park included things like no camping, no sleeping bags, no tarps, no personal belongings on the ground. their impression was once they were made to leave they wouldn't be able to come back and occupy this camp in the same way they've been doing so for a month. they vowed to stay here. this is for the most part a pacifist group and pledged to behave in a nonviolent manner but did say they were going to engage in nonviolent civil disobedience and they would have to be removed from the park because they weren't going to leave voluntarily. early this morning there was a rally of up to a thousand protesters saying they were speaking out against this
9:33 am
pretext for an eviction in an attempt to silence them they believed. when word came that the cleaning had been postponed and that they would be allowed to stay, they erupted into celebrations. it was as if they considered a big victory for them here and it began an impromptu celebratory march to wall street and the stock exchange where things got a little testy. there were some clashes with police and a few arrests during that because they had not planned to march and they were taking up the streets and things like that. other than that, it's been very quiet and peaceful here because they have avoided what could have been a potentially complicated showdown with police if they refused to leave, chuck. >> mara, i want to talk about a little substance here. did any of the protesters respond or react to what former president clinton said the other day when he said that they need to sort of clarify what it is and who it is and what it is they're protesting for and against? >> reporter: no. we haven't heard any specific reaction to that. that's actually pretty common. when you hear officials like
9:34 am
obama, nancy pelosi, or in this case former president clinton speak we go into the crowd to ask what they think. they seem to be a little in a bumble because they are focused on what is going on here so they're not reacting as quickly as you might expect. but they seem to be very frustrated with this repeated question that everybody is asking them which is what do you want? what do you specifically demand? what would you like to see changed? their feeling is the movement itself is evidence of something much bigger than any specific demand, that people are frustrated, angry, and that's what we should all be focusing on. you know, one guy said to me this is like water. you just got to let it flow. so they have a very zen approach to how the whole thing is developing. it's grass roots, organic, and they are fine with that for now, chuck. >> all right. mara schiavocampo at the park in downtown new york. thanks very much. well, with increased poll popularity comes, guess what, increased scrutiny. the lesson herman cain is beginning to learn first hand but most of the questions are less about cain himself and more
9:35 am
about his often touted 9-9-9 tax plan. "the washington post" glen kestler did a little fact checking on the plan and joins me now. thank you, sir. let's get right to it. we're going to play some of the things cain said in his interview with us earlier this week about specifically having to do with the family of four that makes $50,000 and here is what cain said about a family of four that pays $50,000 that he says pays $10,000 in taxes. >> let's take your $50,000 a year family of four scenario. okay? today under the current system they will pay over $10,000 in taxes assuming standard deductions and exemptions. >> true? first of all, he is not right on that. explain. >> well, a family of four making $50,000 essentially they're paying about $600 in income tax. there are additional payroll taxes, social security, medicare, which is about $2,500.
9:36 am
you know shall the cain people talk about the hidden payroll taxes that companies pay, which would be another $2,500. i don't see how he gets to $10,000 one way or the other. >> the most you could come up to $3,515 at the high end assuming standard deductions for children and all that stuff. that is the most tax you can come up with on a family of four making $50,000. >> exactly. there is one thing, the child tax credit. you have two children. that's a huge cut off here. >> your income that you're taxable income goes almost all the way down i think to $24,000 for the family of four that makes $50,000. let's talk about then how much money is left over. here's what cain said how much money would be left over and how the 9% tax works. >> with 999 they're going to pay that 9% personal, tax on their income so that's only $4,500. they still have $5,500 left over
9:37 am
to apply to the sales tax piece. >> actually under yours, do you have them, they would have more potentially left over but how much money would they have left over to apply to the sales tax fees? >> you know, i mean first of all, his numbers are -- he is operating off that $10,000 which we found out is not true. >> so when he says they pay $4,500 in their 9% income tax already they're paying more than they're paying. >> a thousand dollars more than what you came up with. >> right. and then, you know, a family like that is going to spend most of what they earn on purchases and that sort of thing. so what i figured out was about $3,000 in sales taxes. so he's essentially doubling their taxes. >> by the way, if you get rid of the child tax credit which he would in his plan, correct? >> right. >> then that adds more money that you would have to pay. >> yes. >> all right. so let's go to the next assertion with what he said when it comes to this idea that somehow it would broaden, increase the amount of money
9:38 am
that would come into the government. here's what he said. >> not all situations are the same. for most people they're going to have a net-net tax decrease because we've expanded the base. >> how is that? it seems like for most people, the number of people that are going to be paying more taxes even though less tax money will be coming into the government. >> that's right. when he says expand the base he says more people will be paying taxes. >> that's a fact. >> that's right. and people that are in the upper income levels who are currently in a, pay 30% of their income in taxes, that is going to go down to 9% plus 9%. you know, different tax experts will say that the interplay works out so that you could, you know, that kind of person would get a huge tax cut and the people that are currently paying virtually no income tax but they pay payroll taxes, their taxes are going to increase dramatically. >> so with no payroll taxes, how does social security get funded under the cain plan?
9:39 am
>> you know, he hasn't provided those details but there is a flow of money. i mean, i think the revenue question is very unclear. i mean, you could stipulate that for the sake of argument he gets exactly the same amount of revenue we get now. >> there is an argument. you feel like financially there is an argument that that part of it is correct. >> yeah. you could make that case. that's what they've tried to make. i think that you shouldn't look at that because you could turn the dials on a computer to come up with whatever assumptions you want and maybe he's right that the growth expands so much under his plan that we get more revenue but the real thing to do is look at what the impact is on individual people. and right now, 47% of americans pay virtually no income tax, federal income tax. they pay lots of payroll tax. >> and so you would say under his plan, 47% of americans would see at least a thousand dollars tax increase. >> at least. yeah. there are lots of people that actually get a tax refund. they're going to have to pay, you know, more -- >> actually take up more into the coffers.
9:40 am
>> maybe that's a good or bad thing. there are some people that are very upset some people don't pay taxes but people have to understand what it really means. >> all right. glen kestler with "the washington post" doing a lot of fact checking becoming a very popular place to go. thanks for coming on this morning. >> you're welcome. up next a big day ahead for rick perry. the texas governor is trying to regain momentum in what could be a make or break speech for his campaign. how many last chances does he get? our friday political panel breaks down what's at stake. but first, the white housoup ofe day. not just gumbo. they're calling it rajin cajun gumbo. is it carville's recipe? we'll try to find out. my mother froze everything. i was 18 years old before i had my first fresh bun. the invention that i came up with
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9:44 am
stuffed in his coat pocket before lodging in his chest. the former president delivered the speech before being taken to the hospital, declaring it takes more than a bullet to kill a bull moose. now you know why every president i think to this day says teddy roosevelt is one of their favorite presidents. they all wish and like to think they would be as tough as teddy. rick perry is trying to steer the conversation back to the economy this morning with a 10:30 speech on domestic energy production in pittsburgh. his wife anita talked to nbc campaign embed ali weinberg based in south carolina about her husband's feelings about the campaign. >> it's been a rough month but you know it's been a good month. every campaign that we've been in none of them have been easy. we've always had to work very hard to win. we've been successful. and this isn't any different from any other campaign. in fact for the last one he was down 20 points so we're used to this. this is a marathon not a sprint.
9:45 am
>> we have the political editor for pbs news and a former white house deputy press secretary now president of the center for american progress action fund and a national political reporter for "the washington post." i'll start with you because -- >> you think i have some experience with campaign spouses? >> well, i think it's because i see anita perry and i hear her yesterday and the first two people i thought of were bill clinton in the last campaign and elizabeth edwards in the last campaign. >> right. >> and how it's how the spouses can give, channel the frustration of the candidate. >> yeah. it's a hard thing particularly when, i mean anita perry, her husband has been elected to the state, been governor for a long time but she hasn't been on the national stage and i think it's hard for spouses to sort of filter their spousal views and not appreciate how that's going to hear on the national stage. they all think but this is what
9:46 am
i'm feeling. anybody else would feel the same way in my shoes. i should just say it. and, you know, it's why you need people like me around. >> well, you know, wow. selling yourself. anita may be calling on the phone. you know, what struck me about the entire day of anita perry, we had ali weinberg with her all day. that's why she's, we got her down there. it was as if someone got to her and said, hey, you realize you got to sort of tone this down a little bit. >> yeah. she was down there in south carolina and making this very religious speech. i think it was -- >> it was a prayer group. >> in south carolina. a lot of evangelicals down there. but she at some point sounded like she was whining a little about this campaign and, you know, criticizing the press. criticizing other conservatives. she was playing the faith card saying they were attacking her husband because of his faith, his very conservative views. and you imagine that at some point they're going to have to have sort of an anita perry
9:47 am
remake. you saw that happen with michelle obama for instance when she kind of went off script and they had to give her a remake and you imagine that might have to happen here too. >> and that transformation, here is more of the interview she did with ali again sort of dialing it back. here's what she said. >> they've been in this longer than we have. some have been in several months, 12 months. some have been in for years. yes, i think for you to come in and, you know, shoot up in the polls was not something that was comfortable for them. i can certainly understand it. if i had been in the race longer it would be uncomfortable to have someone in and take over that lead. >> so there you go. sort of dialing back because earlier that's what she had said, when i hear 999 i want to call 911. >> there is no dialing back here. what is anita perry talking to a campaign -- good for ali she got this interview but why is she talking to a reporter on a camera like that driving in the car? it seems to me the perry campaign is doing a big corner turn today.
9:48 am
they've really wanted to put the last month behind them. they want to focus on policy. ads are coming within days. right? so a much more controlled message. policy speech, ads, downplay his presence in debates. he tried to disappear in the debate this week as best he could on tuesday night. >> wait. that was a strategy? i'm sorry. >> i think it was a strategy to hang back in certain areas. i really do. i think they realized he was not going to be able to knock it out of the park and turn around his debate. >> not without a plan. >> exactly. they're trying to do this big corner turn to see if they have a second act and i think having mrs. perry -- >> i know how that happens. she is so great. she does -- >> put her out there. people will love her. and the thing, and it's sad but, you know, because of what happens is it gets, you know -- >> probably in a way she never intended. >> it worked in that moment with that crowd, evangelicals in south carolina but when it goes wide and everybody sees it nationwide it didn't work. >> when we come back it's herman
9:49 am
cain train time. we will get to that. what has he got to do to not just nosedive like everybody else has? trivia time we asked which member of congress ordered that bean soup be on the menu every day in the house restaurant? the answer? speaker of the house joe cannon. we even have a soup themed trivia question sometimes. legend has it that the republican from illinois eight bean soup every single day for lunch and when one day he came in to find bean soup not on the menu he declared it must be served, quote, from now on, hot or cold, rain, snow, or shine. we'll be right back on this rainy day here in washington. you're watching the daily rundown only on msnbc. i'm not a. and i'm definitely not a pushover. but i am a voter. so washington... before you even think about cutting my medicare and social security benefits... here's a number you should remember. 50 million. we are 50 million seniors who earned our benefits...
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report, first of all, no debt. you see i run this very tight like a start-up business because that's my nature as a
9:53 am
businessman, and we are going to have -- we will report at the end of the quarter several hundred,000 dollars in cash on hand. >> let's bring back our panel. first of all, most start-up businesses, actually you're supposed to have that. you know, that's sort of the nature of a start-up. but david chalian, i mean, $700,000, that's not even great for a house race these days. >> when you compare it to perry and romney, $15 million on hand -- >> which, by the way, is underperforming if you ask me. >> exactly. there's no doubt about it. herman cain is not going to be able to be in the medial stream. the conversation is about to change because these ads are about to go up so he needs to work his way into staying in the conversation. >> but, jennifer palmieri, the rules have changed. the rules are changed a little bit when it comes to the importance of money. >> the importance of what?
9:54 am
>> your money in these races. for instance, the super pack and all this other stuff. >> yeah. and there's a -- but i still thing there's the earn media he can get, but i think that only goes so far. i think the bigger problem more so with money isn't like how he can get his message out but how much infrastructure feel he's going to have. >> what surprised me is he's got all this attention and all this support. where are the small donors? why haven't we seen howard dean? >> not a lot of small donors or ground gain. i talked to people in new hampshire and other places. no presence there. that's going to affect him down the stretch. >> it's resonating above politics right now but you see it everywhere, occupy wall street. one of the stories is where they're going to have to be effected from this park or not,
9:55 am
but, david chalian, peggy noonan writes about this. you may not know what it's ffr but this is bigger because of the doom and gloom. >> and you've seen the stockage from eric cantor's talking point. you don't hear republicans saying what he said, to dismiss it, because you don't know where the energy is. you heard john larson, the chairman really trying to embrace this, echoing the sounds of how they were trying to harness this. i think they're very different groups but i tell you if you watch these politicians right now, no one is dissing this group because they don't know where it's going. >> 28% of the country thinks it's federal government. there's no wonder there are people in the streets. >> i feel good about it. >> how come it didn't happen sooner. >> but you realize, okay, america's not going to accept us no longer having an american dream or not going to accept
9:56 am
this inequality, that people are going to fight back and i think the political system at some point will react. >> even mitt romney is starting to embrace these guys, saying -- >> it's so dangerous for them not to. >> they seem to be very, very nervous. quickly, david chalian. >> northwestern wildcats are playing. they need a win. we've had two rough losses, illinois, michigan. we need a win. >> we had our american idea congress. this is conservatives. governor gave a terrific speech we'll be putten online and. >> my new cam bane blog on post website. check it out. >> quickly your twitter handle. >> yours is easy. >> that's it for this edition of ""the daily rundown."" at 1:00, "andrea mitchell reports." i'll see you monday, bye-bye.
9:57 am
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