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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  November 2, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "the ed show" with ed schultz starts right now. good evening, americans. and welcome to "the ed show" tonight from new york. as herman cain twists in the wind, some of the other republican candidates went to the middle of the country. iowa. to talk about jobs. they were all hat and no cattle. this is "the ed show." >> i want to talk about getting americans back to work on the energy side of things. >> today in iowa, republican candidates took on the most important issue in america. jobs. and they all totally whiffed. >> we have too much taxes. >> you're taxing us to death. >> m bill lowers rates. >> robert reich and scott paul will set them all straight. the 99% movement is a major victory with the bank of america. and social security is now on the table for the supercommittee. senator bernie sanders isn't having it, and he's here tonight. reports say herman cain's
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accuser now wants to come forward. as the pizza man's story keeps evolving. >> i don't even remember. they were so ridiculous, i don't remember what they are. >> mike papantonio and krystal ball on the latest herman cain deep dish. and rick perry finally has an explanation for this. >> texas rangers after 50 years are going to win the world series. oops. >> we'll tell you what he's saying now. >> live free or die, victory or >> texas rangers after 50 years are going to win the world series. oops. >> we'll tell you what he's saying now. >> live free or die, victory or death. bring it. great to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. i know that herman cain is the hot cable story that's out there and may be for days, but isn't it about jobs if we want our economy to turn around?
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republicans are done everything they can to block president obama's jobs programs since he was sworn into office. today in iowa, i was there on saturday, today it was the turn of the republicans. this is where they went to talk about jobs. where jobs are being lost. some of the republican 2012 candidates held what was called a manufacturing forum. how fitting. the candidates went to the middle of the country and gave them washington speak. >> we need the federal government to get off our back when it comes to taxes. you're taxing us to death. i will repeal obama-care and also dodd/frank. i wrote that bill as well to repeal dodd/frank. >> we have too much taxes, too much regulation. if we cut spendings and taxes and regulations and do the right things, the jobs will become available. >> you should repeal dodd/frank immediately. it's killing small banks, killing small business, killing housing. i'm for zero capital gains tax and 12.5% corporate tax rate. >> the biggest thing we can do is repeal obama-care. my tax billowers rates and
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simplifies the code. >> bring the jobs back to america. that's what the conversation was supposed to be all about. now, these answers, these four republican candidates gave, will do nothing to bring the 5.5 million manufacturing jobs america has lost since the year 2000. cutting taxes did nothing to stop the 50,000 american factories from closing their doors during the bush years. they had the tact cuts and they shut the damn doors. isn't it ironic republicans came to pella, iowa, to give their take on manufacturing jobs? pella, iowa. it's just 30 miles away from where i was on saturday in newton, iowa, where my wife and i met the salt of the earth middle class americans who worked for maytag. whirlpool bought maytag in 2006. they closed the plant, left 1 1,500 people in the dust. the americans i met weren't complaining about dodd/frank or obama-care. you know what they did talk about? they looked me in the eye and
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talked about fairness. they don't understand how the wealthiest americans -- you know, ed, that graph you show there with the red line up there and the blue line down there, that's what they talked about. they talked about income inequality in this country and talked about who's brining our jobs back. working americans know corporate greed is killing the american dream. republicans have no answer when whirlpool ships the jobs overseas. the jobs from ft. smith, arkansas, are going to mexico. rick perry was asked a direct question about whirlpool workers in ft. smith, arkansas, losing their jobs and he dodged it big-time. >> whirlpool announced it's closing a plant in arkansas losing 5,000 jobs. if your tax plan was implemented with the flat tax, optional flat tax, what would that mean for those workers losing jobs today before election day? >> well, there are a number of parts of my, not only my jobs plan, but my tax plan. i want to talk about the jobs
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plan first, about getting americans back to work on the energy side of things. without having to go to congress, signing my name to exwcutive orders and to executive actions. you could open up these western lands for our energy side of things and putting some people back to work almost immediately. it's been more off of the regulatory side. when you think about obama-care, when you think about the epa. >> do you really think obama-care made pella windows make the decision that they're making around the country? do you really think that obama-care and deregulation set the table for whirlpool to do what they did to those workers? the question is, what are you going to do to bring the jobs back to the middle of the country? where outsourcing is ripping families apart. well, the moderator pressed perry for a better answer, so he asked another direct question. >> governor perry, whirlpool announced the 5,000 job cuts, they didn't cite regulations. the company cited consumer
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demand. that was why they were cutting jobs here in the united states. >> you understand why there's consumer demand being lost out there. i mean, the people have lost confidence that they can go and risk their capital. i mean, that's what's going on in america. for three years we've had a president of the united states that has sent a clear message that they do not believe in the free market enterprise of which i grew up with. they believe that if we would stimulate the economy with more federal money, that if we would pitch more dollars out into the economy, that it would create jobs. we know that doesn't work. >> my lord, did he say that president obama isn't for the free market? how much more help can the president of the united states give to the financial sector? perry is exactly wrong and off base. federal spending has spurred the economy into 19 straight months of private sector job growth. perry doesn't have a clue on how to save whirlpool jobs.
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but at least he showed up today. i give him credit for that. iowa front-runner herman cain was a no show. the pizza man has a direct connection to whirlpool. herman cain supervised the firing of thousands of iowa workers as a member of the whirlpool board of directors. how inconvenient for him to show up today. so he didn't. the republican candidates who came to pella, really a nightmare waiting to happen for anyone who earns a living in the manufacturing sector. pella, iowa, is famous for one thing. that is making windows and doors. pella windows and doors have been around a long time. they've been in iowa since 1925. deregulation led to the crash of 2007 and pella lost market share ever since. what have they done? cut 20% of its workforce over the last five years and the numbers are growing.
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pella is going to shut down a plant in fairfield, ohio, next year, which will eliminate 160 jobs. last wednesday, pella announced they're shutting down a factory in columbia, south carolina, laying off 147 people by the end of the year. no republican, not one, has any answer for those folks. it's all wall street, washington talk. every republican candidate wants to reward the job eliminators and just spit on the job doers. nafta loving newt gingrich is considered to be the big thinker in the republican field. this is what he offered middle america today. >> you have an anti-petroleum and anti-coal administration and the richest country in the world for energy. obama is a left wing radical who believes in class warfare and surprised everybody who's attacking doesn't create jobs. what does he think was going to happen? >> iowa, the middle of the country, a very focused conversation about what are you going to do to bring back
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manufacturing jobs? in a sector of the economy where we've lost almost 6 million jobs, 50,000 factories with employees at 25 and over. you see this chart? there it is again. the red line, that's who the republicans are rooting for and that's who they are protecting. every time you hear about a job being outsourced to another country, you're talking about the blue liners. these middle classers down here. here are the whirlpool employees. here are the maytag employees. here are the pella window employees. and here's where the red liners go. every time that there is a job shipped overseas, it hurts the blues and it skyrockets the income of the red liners, the top 1% and 2%. and republicans today, i guess you could say in the belly of the beast, the middle of the country, where jobs are being lost, they had all the same garbage they have at all the debates. tax cuts for the wealthy. not one person that i talked to 30 miles away from pella, iowa,
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on saturday said, i need a tax cut. no. they said they needed a freakin' job and they wanted to know why the rich who have gotten all the tax cuts in recent years, two of them in 2003, or 2001 and 2003 -- where are the jobs? outsourcing has butchered our economy and the republicans have absolutely no solution other than washington speak. even in the middle of the country. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question. are republicans responsible for killing manufacturing jobs in america? text "a" for yes and text "b" for no to 622639. our blog, we love your comments and will bring you the results later in the show. joining me, robert reich, former secretary of labor, now a policy professor at uc berkeley and
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author of the book "aftershock." scott paul. they have the numbers. professor, good to have you with us tonight. scott, thank you so much. >> good evening, ed. >> i want to start with you, professor. how have the deregulatory policies the republicans put if place killed manufacturing in his country? it is all about deregulation, is it not? >> a big part of it is deregulation, ed. they deregulated wall street which means essentially every major american company is designed now for only one purpose, that is to increase the value of the shares on wall street. not to create employment, not to help communities, not to deal with any other stakeholder at all except wall street and financial markets. that's it. and until we get a set of regulations, a set of understandings that this economy is about jobs and wages, it's not just about profits. it's not just about wall street.
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then we are not going to be able to turn the economy around. ed, one more thing. you know, these republicans, what they again and again say is that corporations and the rich need more tax cuts, corporations need more deregulation because if they just had more money, they would create more jobs. what they don't say is right now big corporations in this country are sitting on $2 trillion of cash. that's a record amount of cash. they don't know what to do with it except buy back their own shares of stock and also don't say the ratio of corporate profits right now to wages is the largest it's been since before the great depression. i mean, anybody who says corporations need more money in order to create jobs doesn't know what they are thinking about. the reason they're not creating jobs is because there's not enough demand. the reason there's not enough demand is because consumers are
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worried about their jobs. they don't have enough money. their wages are dropping. that's why there's not enough demand. >> well, mr. reich, exactly what you just said is exactly what i heard in iowa on saturday. sot, what would the unemployment rate be if america hadn't of lost the 5.5 million manufacturing jobs? let's say that america got really competitive and said, you know what, we're going to beat other countries and we are going to really, really go after the manufacturing sector, we're going to add jobs. we're got going to lose jobs, we're going to add manufacturing jobs. if we hadn't have lost the 5.5 million manufacturing jobs, what would the unemployment rate look like? >> the unemployment rate would be about 5% which would seem pretty good compared to what it is right now. we would have added about 8 million jos overall to the economy if manufacturing would
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have grown along with the rest of the economy. our trade deficit in manufactured goods wouldn't have quadrupled by 400%. we wouldn't be borrowing as much from china. ed, here's a fact that will shockour viewers, i think. nearly every state budget in the entire united states would be in balance if we had just held our share of manufacturing jobs over the last decade. because of the value and the income that that brings into the rest of the economy. >> so, professor, what can we do? we have a congress that won't even talk to one another. in the meantime, we have people in the middle of the country who are seeing their jobs go overseas. what's the remedy? i mean, these people are in the streets protesting right now. what's the remedy. >> ed, number one, right now, we don't cut the federal budget. we create jobs and we get better wages. that's the number one objective.
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and anybody who says that we have to cut the budget before we get jobs and wages back doesn't really know their economics. the only way we can begin to make progress is to get jobs and growth and wages back. number two, you know, a lot of people, long-term unemployed, we're going to have to employ them directly at wpa, a civilian conservation corps. number three, if big corporations are basically sending jobs abroad, there ought to be severance payments to the people they're laying off. that are proportional to the social costs that those companies are creating. in terms of unemployment insurance, all the benefits these people need, all of the hardship that it's caused on the communities. housing prices declining in value because the people don't have jobs and you have major closures. severance payments, every profitable company, whirlpool, if it's going to lay off 5,000
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people, it has to give people a lot of money back. >> and also, scott, can american-made compete with a chinese product when it comes to the ticket price? i mean, people, consumers out there, they want low prices. they're not getting the better products. i mean, the jobs that we're seeing outsourced have made some phenomenal products. but we just can't compete, can we? >> ed, absolutely, we can compete it we're given a fair chance. i mean, all these republican candidates cited taxes, regulation and health care. if that were the case, germany wouldn't make a thing. they have national health care. they have relatively high taxes. manufacturing workers make $48 an hour in germany compared to $32 in the united states. the difference is there is a culture that cares about manufacturing. these republican candidates are in the pockets of wall street right now. there's a lot of short termism. there's a lot of this attitude about we need to outsource just to make profits. they're not patient. that's part of the challenge with dealing with wall street policies today in these republicans. we need information investment, we need targeted tax relief for job creators in the united states. and we need good skills and training for a new generation of manufacturing workers and need to make sure we keep that in the united states and have a level playing field for our workers especially with china, where we have a skyrocketing trade deficit. i didn't hear any discussion of
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that today. >> robert reich, scott paul, great to have you gentlemen with us tonight. this is the issue in america, creating jobs. if you think you can lose the manufacturing sector, 6 million jobs over a decade with no plan to bring them back, where do you think the new normal is going to be? remember to answer tonight's question on the bottom of the screen and share your thoughts on twitter @edshow. republicans want to start chipping away and sena the accusations against herman cain may soon go into new territory because one of the accusers now says she wants to tell her side of the story. her attorney says she should be released from her confidentiality agreement. it's getting interesting. that's a recipe for failed investing. open an e-trade account and open doors, seize opportunities, take action with some of the most powerful yet easy-to-use trading tools on the planet all built to help you maximize the potential of every dollar you invest. successful investing isn't done by throwing ideas against the wall and hoping. it's done by lowering your costs and raising your expectations by using unbiased research and powerful screeners to build a diversified portfolio with stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and every etf sold. and we'll help you every step of the way. with 5-star research and free education covering everything from the basics
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chalk this up as a major victory for the people. bank of america is dropping plans to charge customers $5 a month for using debit cards. the atm surcharges received such loud pushback from consumers across the country. other banks backed off plans to set up similar fees. bank of america has become one of the biggest targets of the 99% movement. as seen here in a youtube video from austin, texas. but recent i, the bank's ceo brian moynihan defended the fees as good business. >> we will talk to our customers, we will talk to our teammates which we have and understand what we're doing,
3:20 am
understand we have a right to make a profit. >> the teammates turned on you. they have a right to make a profit and customers have the right to take their business elsewhere. bank of america heard the voice of the people and realized the $5 atm fee was a big mistake. it's a lesson the democrats should learn. they're on the verge of making a much bigger mistake in congress. i'll tell you why next. and later, rick perry gives an explanation for his, i guess you could say, loopy speech in new hampshire? he may have already done too much damage to his campaign. when i inspect homes, i can't be in an allergy fog.
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so i get claritin clear for strong, non-drowsy relief of all my allergies like dust mold pets and pollen. looks good. thanks. i live claritin clear.
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there is a critical deadline coming up for the congressional supercommittee. i don't know about you, i didn't vote for a supercommittee, but they got one. social security with the supercommittee appears to be on the table. during his speech in louisville yesterday, john boehner told the debt committee what he expects them to cut. >> but i have high hopes here in the days ahead that we can find common ground. everyone knows that we can't solve the debt crisis without making structural changes to our entitlement programs. you know it. i know it. president obama knows it. >> no. the people don't know that. the idea of common ground for republicans is to give us everything we want and you get nothing in return. right wingers, they are determined to get rid of social security, go after the new deal and destroy it. democrats appear to be helping them. according to politico, cuts to social security are on the debt
3:23 am
committee's agenda. may i ask why? the democratic co-chair of the committee, senator patty murray, was asked pointblank, is social security on the chopping block? she responded, "everything is on the table and we've made no decisions." let me make this very clear to the viewers of this television show. the government set up social security, but you and i are making it work. not one of these democrats was ever sent to washington to pick on the big three. medicaid, medicare and social security. any democrat onboard with cuts to social security, you have a new political enemy. you're looking at him. it's the guy that does the 8:00 on msnbc. i will not let the democrats off the hook on this. just like we listed the senators who voted against the jobs package, we're going to put the democrats who are turning on the party platform, turning on what the american people want. we need to draw a line in the sand and let the democrats know
3:24 am
you're going to be vulnerable, too. this is about people. not party. this is about what's right for america. and there are no polls out there supporting any cuts to social security, medicare or medicaid. all this washington speech these guys are going out on the road making these speeches saying you know, i know and president obama knows. what about the people? did you notice how john boehner in the sound bite never mentioned, it's the american people. we have to matter. we have to matter. we call the shots. joining me now is senator bernie sanders of vermont. senator, good to have you with us tonight. >> good to be with you, ed. >> do you know who put social security on the table? can you give me some name snames? >> well, you know, you have the three people in the senate. the three democrats are patty murray, john kerry and max baucus. and what they are saying -- i mean, it's hard for me to defend this or explain it. the problem stems back to august
3:25 am
when the democrats reached, and the president reached an absurd agreement with the republicans who were threatening not to lift the debt ceiling and cause an international financial crisis. in my view, what the president should have done there is say, i'm sorry, we're not going to enter into an absurd agreement, we're going to use the 14th amendment of the constitution, we're going to pay our debts and if you want to take me to court, you do it. but people on social security and veterans benefits are going to get their payments. >> it amazes me how they are willing to go against the will of the people. the polling here is just astounding. nobody sent any democrats to washington to cut these three. what the heck's going on in caucus? >> in some cases there is a real separation from real america in terms of the perceptions that exist in the congress. we sought today, by the way, ed, something that was really extraordinary.
3:26 am
the american people took on the bank of america, the largest financial institution in this country and they beat them. and they beat them because millions of people said, enough is enough. you people caused the recession, you're now making huge profits, we bailed you out and the reward that we get is you raise our debit fees $5 a month. and because millions of people stood up q[3iu(r" no, the bank of america retreated. we need to expand that grassroots effort in terms of social security, medicare and medicaid. we need to say loud and clear that if the democratic party means anything, it means that we are going to protect those vitally important programs which in some cases are life and death. for many people in our country. >> we just did a story on how 6 million manufacturing jobs have left this country. and so now the democrats want to
3:27 am
turn around and make it harder on the people that have lost their jobs. it amazes me. i have to bring this up. a report from "roll call," members had a collective net worth of more than $2 billion in 2010 219 members reported having assets worth more than $1 million. that's almost ten times the wealth of an average american. now, the average american, i mean, is the blue line, right there. those are the people relying on congress to make the right decisions. i mean, can the wealthy elite in congress relate to the financial needs of most americans? i mean, we have the elite making decisions, do we not? >> well, the answer is yes, but it is not only that. it has a lot to do with campaign fund-raising and the fact that to get elected you need to raise millions and millions of dollars and the easiest way to do that is to go to the wealthy and corporate america. when you do that, you begin adopting their world view, not
3:28 am
the world view of working class people back in your district. >> so what has happened in the last year here, folks, we've seen the democrats cave in on the bush tax cuts, extend them. then turn to their base and say, you have to bite the bullet on social security, medicare and medicaid. where is the democratic party when they're thinking like that? i don't know how they can go home and face their constituents. that's not how they got elected. senator, great -- go ahead. >> well, the -- this is the fourth round of negotiations. >> yeah. >> the democrats are 0-3. let's hope they get their act together and win this one for the american people. >> senator, good to have you with us. bernie sanders of vermont here on "the ed show." next up, a firearm instructor from texas refuses to teach muslims or people who voted for president obama. it's becoming clear how rick perry got himself elected governor three times in texas. psycho talk is next. we're in the home bust in the battle to repeal senate bill five.
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the people of ohio will finally be heard on "the ed show." we'll be live from columbus.
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and in "psycho talk" tonight, one of rick perry's constituents is practicing texas style gun control. secret is, you only let right wing christians get ahold of the weapons. crockett keller is his name.
3:33 am
he owns a store in a small town in mason, texas. and he offered a class on handguns. but it's not open to everyone, as crockett makes it clear in his radio ad. >> attention, be a victor, not a victim. we will be having a beginner's concealed handgun class this coming wednesday. if you are a socialist liberal and/or voted for current campaigner in chief, please do not take this class. you already proved you can't make a knowledgeable and prudent decision required under the law. if you're a non-christian arab or muslim, i will not teach you the class. once again, with no shame, i'm crockett keller. >> crockett can afford to have no shame in mason, texas. mason is right in the middle of the state and home to just over 2,000 people. now, according to the census bureau, none of them are of arab ancestry. nothing to worry about there, crockett. furthermore, 546 people in the surrounding county voted for president obama in 2008.
3:34 am
so crockett's not really losing too much business, is he? however, the texas department of public safety has opened an investigation into keller's situation and his discrimination could result in the loss of his firearms instructor's license. but crockett, well, he's willing to take that chance. >> i will give up my license to teach before i will teach them. if you are a devout muslim, then you cannot be a true american. why should i arm these people to kill me? that's suicide. >> and you still want to know how rick perry got elected three times in texas? crockett, keller's anti-liberal, anti-muslim ranting amounts to a whole bunch of shameless "psycho talk." herman cain keeps explaining what he remembers about his accusers and now one of those accusers says she wants to tell her side of the story. loose and passionate. that's how one attendee described rick perry's head scratching speech in new hampshire. later, wayne slater of "the dallas morning news" will join
3:35 am
me for analysis.
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welcome back to "the ed show." one of the two women who accused herman cain of sexual harassment wants to tell her side of the story. and she wants to be released from her confidentiality agreement. her lawyer told the "washington post," "it's just frustrating herman cain is going around bad mouthing the two complaintants. the national restaurant association ought to release them and allow them to respond." of course, herman cain keeps on talking. this morning he seemed to remember other things about the first accuser or maybe not. >> there were a couple of other things in there that i found absolutely ridiculous that -- >> what were those? >> i don't even remember. they were so ridiculous, i don't remember what they are. >> you remembered they were ridiculous but you don't remember what those other things
3:39 am
were? >> the reason i forgot them, robin, is because they were ridiculous. i dismissed them out of my mind. i said, if she can make that stick and call that sexual harassment, fine, but it didn't stick. okay? >> are you a parent? have teenage kids? we all go through it, right? when you give your kid the keys to the car and they leave the driveway and they turn the corner and they're gone, you really don't know as a parent where they're going. all you know is what they're telling you, right? i mean, there's a whole lot of trust involved here. dad, can i have the car? you know, when i was parenting those teenagers, i said, you know what, if you get stopped by the cops, i want to hear about it, okay? that's one of the rules. he's acting like a 16-year-old. we get different answers. if you're a parent and your kid gets in trouble and you first get the answer and then 24 hours later it's a hell of a lot different, all of a sudden that
3:40 am
trust is gone. do you want this guy who can't get his story straight to be the republican nominee? well, yeah, i actually do because i think obama would really beat him. but that's another story. let's bring in democratic strategist and former candidate of the united states congress krystal ball and "ring of fire" radio host mike papantonio. great to have both of you with us tonight. now, the woman's attorney says she's staying with relatives because the media is staking out her house in maryland. now, is it, mike, just a matter of time before these women come out and talk? how do you see this? >> yeah, even if they don't come out and talk, ed, there are going to be plenty of witnesses that have observed this. they've seen this conduct going for a long time. let me just tell you something. sometimes it's worst breaching a contract. look, this contract may be as worth as little as $10,000, so
3:41 am
mr. bennett who represents her, he might want to consider that. the truth is there may be all kinds of ways out of the contract because he's out there running his mouth, attacking his victims. just like he attacked them when he harassed them. this is a bully. the only way to deal with a bully is to bully back. that's what i'd recommend these women do. >> krystal, the lawyer for one of the accusers says herman cain waived the confidentiality agreement for all practical purposes. so doesn't it increase the chances that this is all going to get out eventually? >> well, i really hope so. mike is absolutely right. i mean, herman cain is out there accusing these women of either havingcompletely frivolous allegations or flat-out lying. they need to tell their stories. the thing that i'm really afraid of, though, i know as soon as their names are public, everything, their whole personal lives, everything they've ever
3:42 am
done or said is going to be scrutinized. they're going to be drug through the mud. you can already see this happening from the way that the right has responded. they've already gone to blaming the women saying they're too uptight, they're too politically correct. >> krystal, why is herman still talking about this? isn't it a one-day story? he said what he said. although it's all over the board. isn't it time for him to move on and decline interviews? >> he went to the anthony weiner school of crisis. he knew ten days. he had to have known this was out there even before that. they should have gotten their story straight from the start, come clean, answered every question. and you know what, ed, i don't think we have the whole story. not even close to it now. this thing is going to continue. >> i'm sure the republicans will like to hear that. i asked politico's ken vogel this question last night. here it is. can you emphatically state tonight that no other campaign was involved in helping with this story? >> i can -- we're not going to get into our sourcing of it. >> what does that tell you, mike papantonio? >> it tells me that you've got to bet that this is being leaked in every possible source. here's the crazy thing about it, ed. most of the time you would think this matters. with the tea party, they don't really care. this is a party that's a one-issue party. they care about taxes for the, you know, not raising taxes on the wealthy and not having big government. they could have satan, himself,
3:43 am
involved with this as long as satan, himself, would deliver on those two issues. so you got to ask yourself, does this really matter to the tea party? and that's who he's playing to. he's all about the tea party. so i have to question whether it makes a difference in the long run. >> rick santorum strategist went after herman cain's campaign manager at the "national journal" event today. here it was. >> the problem was, the answers changed during the day, so if you want to be the front-runner, then i would encourage you to help all republicans make sure we beat barack obama by making sure that your campaign and your candidate is forthcoming. >> krystal, how can this not be a problem for herman cain? he's shifted in the wind. >> well, i think it is a problem for him ultimately, and here's the thing. he's asking voters to trust him. because he has no prior experience, no record to run on. so he is running on his character.
3:44 am
so for him to go out and make one statement in the morning and something a little bit different in the afternoon, something a little bit even more different at night, and this is not the first time this has happened, either. remember him having to walk back statements on abortion, on electrocuting illegal immigrants, on negotiating with terrorists. this has been a pattern from him of having to walk back stories and not getting it straight from the beginning. >> i think he'd be a great republican senator. beyond that, i don't know. krystal ball, mike papantonio, always a pleasure. good to have you with us. the fight for workers rights in ohio is pinning public employees like teachers, firefighters and police officers up against right wing corporate cash. one week from tonight, we'll see who comes o ut top. we'll show you governor kasich's closing argument. turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp... medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, helps cover some of the medical expenses...
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3:46 am
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in my "playbook" tonight, one week to go before ohioans
3:48 am
get to beat on the union busting senate bill five, issue two on the ballot. the money is pouring in. the anti-issue two group, we are ohio, reported raising $19 million since july. meanwhile, the pro issue two organization, building a better ohio, disclosed $7.6 million raised. those numbers don't take into account independent corporate spending which heavily favors the camp. liz cheney's alliance for america's future. the koch brothers, americanssperity and dick armey's freedom works are among the big money donors supporting senate bill five. both sides are putting their money to work in the homestretch. governor kasich is trying to close the deal with this new commercial. >> give taxpayers a helping hand, we've asked government employees to cover a reasonable cost of their benefits. by joining together we will get people back to work. after all, we want our kids to chase their dreams right here in ohio. >> vote yes on issue 2. >> meanwhile, retired ohio
3:49 am
supreme court judge andy douglas who is a republican has condemned senate bill 5. >> before the enactment of ohio's collective bargaining law in 1984, ohio for four years led the nation. in safety forces work stoppages. that is why we passed the collective bargaining law. the law has worked. it would be tragic for our communities to return to those dark days. that is what senate bill 5, if it becomes law, would do. to fully protect our citizens and our police officers and firefighters, senate bill 5 must be rejected. >> one week from today we'll find out where the people of ohio stand. and "the ed show" will be in columbus, ohio, as the results come in. next monday and tuesday night. we'll broadcast live from outside the columbus firefighters union hall at broad and starling streets. you can find more details on our blog at we hope to see you there. folks are still scratching their heads over the speech rick perry gave in new hampshire.
3:50 am
now the texas governor is defending his behavior. wayne slater of "the dallas morning news" breaks it down. stont tonight in our survey, are republicans responsible for killing manufacturing jobs in america? 96% say yes, 4% say no. coming up, rick perry explains his strange speech in new hampshire last friday. wayne slater of "the dallas morning news" next. and it's rick perry like we've never seen him before. >> it's governor rick perry like we've never seen him. >> the texas governor seemed both giddy and fidgety before the crowd. >> terry, the campaign says perry was just passionate about the issues. >> that guy's been drinking. >> well, the fallout continues over a speech rick perry gave to a right wing anti-gay group in new hampshire. perry's remarks have gone viral. i'm supposed to do. like, keep one of these over your head. well, i wasn't "supposed" to need flood insurance, but i have it. fred over here chose not to have it. ♪ me, i've got a plan. fred he uh... fred what is your plan? do i look like i have a plan?
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stont tonight in our survey, are republicans responsible for killing manufacturing jobs in america? 96% say yes, 4% say no. coming up, rick perry explains his strange speech in new hampshire last friday. wayne slater of "the dallas morning news" next. ♪ [ male announcer ] you never know when a moment might turn into something more. and when it does men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven
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3:54 am
and it's rick perry like we've never seen him before. >> it's governor rick perry like we've never seen him. >> the texas governor seemed both giddy and fidgety before the crowd. >> terry, the campaign says perry was just passionate about the issues. >> that guy's been drinking. >> well, the fallout continues over a speech rick perry gave to a right wing anti-gay group in new hampshire. perry's remarks have gone viral. scoring well over a half million hits on youtube. dude, what were you doing? and judging by his own reactions, the texas governor seemed absolutely delighted to be there. >> this is such a cool state. i mean, come on, live free or die? i mean, you know, you got to love that, right? i come from a state, you know, where they have this little place called the alamo and they declared victory or death. we're kind of in to those slogans, man.
3:55 am
it's like live free or die, victory or death. bring it. gold is good. if you've got any in the ÷ backyard, because, you know, if they print anymore money over there in washington, the gold's going to be good. our -- that. you know, pretty easy math. subtract it, send it in. it's awesome. why not? nothing i will -- i look forward to the day when i can salute to the south to mr. chaves and say, átd any of your oil. we are doing it ourselves in america with domestic energy. or maybe i won't salute him. the good news is, that little plan that i just shared with you doesn't force the granite state to expand your tax footprint. if you know what i mean. like 9% expansion.
3:56 am
i love herman. is he the best? i mean, i have fun with him. and then the coolest thing happens. i mean, i mean, like, today has been awesome, girl. >> you know, i think the guy's a little visionary. seriously. he might have been practicing for the white house correspondence dinner. who knows? tough act to follow, huh? tonight the host of the event, kevin smith, is speaking out. he told the "hill" newspaper, perry was just, quote, being loose and passionate. smith also insists perry drank only water before and during the event. today in iowa, the governor defended his speech. >> it was a great crowd. good response. and, you know, i guess you can do anything you want with a video and make it any way you want, but i felt good, felt great.
3:57 am
i think the message got across very well, so it was a good speech. >> let's bring in wayne slater, senior political writer for "the dallas morning news" and co-author of the book "bush's brain." mr. slater, good to have you with us. you know, it was strange to us. was it strange to the folks in texas? what about that? >> it was probably strange to some folks in texas. i actually have seen governor perry act like this on occasionç rarely, sort of like after hours at the frat house. in his office at the capitol and sm small groups where he feels comfortable. but i and you and a lot of people in texas watching the full thing go on for 25 minutes had to ask questions, what was the boy on? although i have to say, and i'm serious about this, the prospect of having the president of the united states greet vladimir putin and say, awesome, dude, would be something i would pay to see. >> so this is not out of character. i mean, we may see more speeches like that.
3:58 am
is that what i'm hearing tonight? >> i think he really has a problem in a presidential race calibrating himself. somebody says, look, you look too stiff. look presidential. so he tries to look presidential, he looks stiff. somebody says, no, look, you need to look like you're enjoying yourself and being pleasant and being attractive, then he becomes giddy. i think that's a real problem of self-calibration. it's very possible he'll do this again in one way or another. now, i've asked, to be serious, i've asked the campaign -- he had back surgery four months ago. and was using prescription painkillers, as anyone would be after the surgery. the campaign won't directly respond whether or not he may have been on a painkiller the other night. it certainly looked like it to me. but they do say he was passionate and they have said in the past that he's no longer using the painkillers or at least he wasn't at some point. so i have to take them at their word. it was perry being perry.
3:59 am
sort of like that moment in the oscars with sally field when she said, you like me, you really like me. >> pretty interesting. last night, politico reporter ken vogel would neither confirm or deny whether the campaign ç gave -- any of the other campaigns gave politico any information about the sexual harassment allegations against herman cain. do you believe the perry campaign had anything to do with this? >> first, i don't know. ed, as you know, what you do is you see who stands to benefit with this. it's got the romney camp. they were happy with cain, keeping him away. they're more afraid of perry than cain in terms of winning the nomination. it wasn't bachmann or anyone else. the perry camp would be the one camp that would benefit directly. there's one other person who could benefit, ed, and it wouldn't be one of the direct presidential campaigns. but someone who has been