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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  November 8, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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arizona. the embattled candidate vowing to set the record straight after a fourth woman came forward, the first to go public, detailing unwanted physical advances. >> he suddenly reached over and he put his hand on my leg, under my skirt and reached for my genitals. he also grabbed my head and brought it towards his crotch. i said what are you doing? you know i have a boyfriend. this is not what i came here for. mr. cain said you want a job, right? >> the stark allegations could hardly be more serious against a man seeking to become president of the united states. we must bear in mind this is the fourth accuser. two other women received close to $80,000 between them. settlements from documented complaints. yet despite the increasing gravity of the charges, mr. cain
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struck a glib note with jimmy kimmel. >> we had a little surprise to show up on tv. >> did you watch that? >> we watched it because we didn't even know this whole thing about woman number four was going to come out. so that was a surprise. at least it wasn't one of the many that have the first name anonymous. >> indeed. her name is sharon bialik and she is surely to face her credibility. his opponents have severe financial difficulties including bankruptcy to accuse the republican front-runner. apparently a woman with financial difficulty cannot fall prey to harassment from a powerful man. i'm sure women need that.
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as to why she is coming forward, she told the "today" show's ann curry she hesitated at the time because it would have been a matter of he said she said. >> when this happened, the first reaction is you are embarrassed. number two, i had a boyfriend at the time. we did discuss it briefly although i didn't share the details with him and he said it's going to be one of the he said she said things. this was the late 90s so we still weren't -- we are still not where we should be in these types of cases. >> indeed. might hope in 2011 changes of groping, harassment and abuse of power might be met with serious consideration. especially when the charges are against a presidential candidate. while mr. cain's next step is uncertain, what is clear is his constant undermining of the women who accused him. in fact, their charges are nothing more than an excuse for mr. to mind the cash register and tell another joke.
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>> the day of the firestorm of these accusations, we had the highest fund-raising day online in the history of this campaign and it has not stopped. >> do you think the other candidates will follow suit and hire women to charge them with sexual harassment? >> for they are smart, they will. >> let's bring in the panel now. cath vin an emmy award winning journalist and what americans must do to save the republic and what w us from washington, analyst eugene robin skpon solum nift for "the washington post." if i can begin with you. it's a challenge keeping up with the number of accusers. today in the washington examiner which alleges that mr. tried to coerce a member of the agency for international development to ask an egyptian business woman out for dinner. this was in 2002. if my math doesn't fail me, that's five individual women making allegations.
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what do you think mr. cain will have to say at 5:00 pardon me to address the allegations? >> i think he is going to have to address not only the specific allegation of sharon, but this pattern of behavior. this apparent pattern that could be an accident and twice could be a coincidence. if you get to four or maybe five,you have a pattern of behavior and clearly something about the way he behaves around women or to women. that offends many of them. at least five of them. we know what that is about his behavior. especially troubling because what's allege side not just ration, but assault. >> absolutely. katherine, we have had an early indication of what the campaign is going to do around this
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woman's finances and questions about the employability. she has been unemployed for two years. how does a woman's personal financial circumstances have anything to do with a man putting his hand under her skirt or allegedly forcing her head towards his groin? >> other than it's often vulnerable women in a situation like that and powerful men go she may will succumb to my advances because she needs a job or my help. this is not unusual at all. the truth is it has nothing other than trying to play up she is say liar because i can -- he can't look at other things so now finances are all the campaign has come up with. >> it's a fundamental diversionary tactic. transference of attention. >> years of the law been there done that and seen this many, many times as eugene said.
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we might go all right, we have a lot of substance to back up the story. by the time you get to 4 o or five, there is a pattern we need to pay attention to. >> one of the problems is we got used to laughing at herman cain's policies from the 9-9-9 to the alligators to frighten off illegal immigrants, but are we in danger given his performance last night of laughing about something that is actually much more serious? >> i think that the joke is wearing thin. we got used to herman cain as in some ways the comic relief and in other ways a breath of fresh air and somebody who didn't speak like other who is said things that was more condit and more sort of impromptu and the way he approached the whole thing. he might have said people are not saying that right now and people are taking the reports seriously. i think he is making everything
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much, much worse by the way he is handling it. he will come out and be candid and to attack the victims in the way he is doing now is not only not getting him exoneration, but losing him potential women's votes in the primaries to come. >> that is an indicator. >> it's going to hill him. >> katherine, one mistake might be considered an aberration. potentially five so far? do you think there will be more? >> usually candidates at least serious political candidates hire their own team to vet themselves. they do the big investigations on themselves. what's going to come up? we have seen in our recent history they haven't vetted their own well enough in certain circumstances. this will get to him because
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this attack will come forward. they said we are down by confidentiality agreement. why would they want the scrutiny, exposure and derigz by many in the press to deal with this issue. other than they believe this is something that the country needs to know in making their considerations. >> thank you very much indeed. the book as i mentioned is patriot acts. do stay tuned. we will bring you the press conference live at 5:00 p.m. eastern. the white house playing a bit of defense today. we will take you there. ♪
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they are trying to gut the education. earlier this year nearly every republican in the house voted if for a budget to cut hundreds of thousands of children from head start. >> that was president obama this morning at a school in philadelphia where he unveiled new plans for the head start program. the president also reminded his audience that he would continue taking executive actions rather than waiting for a divided and obstructive congress to get its act together. there were two other stories circulating around the white house today. kristin is at the white house and first i understand that the
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french president was on an open mike using colorful language to describe israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. what was heard and has the white house said anything about this? president obama caught on an open mike with as you say, colorful language. sarkozy apparently called israeli president a liar and president obama said i will have to deal with him more often than you do. a bit of an embarrassment for all three leaders really. white house officials have not commented on that conversation. press secretary jay carney saying he is not going to comment on the conversation, but did point out that the united states and france recently butted heads a bit when the president voted in favor of the palestinians joining and basically a un cultural heritage agency. the united states has been very
3:14 pm
clear that the palestinians should seek state hood only with direct talks with israelis. they certainly did recently butt heads over that recent incident, but having said this, it is a bit embarrassing for all of these leaders. one interesting point, one israeli official said you know what, everyone talks about everyone. >> is there a tape recording? >> there is. we have been trying to access it. if we do, we will let you know. those are the reports that have been coming out of france since the g20 summit. >> very quickly, white house chief of staff is heading off some day soon and pete will take over. what does it mean in terms of the white house and also pop's campaign for the next election? >> there is a little bit of reshuffling.
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the white house is pushing back against the idea that there was major upheaval. the way to think about this is bill daley is still the chief of staff and he is like the coo, given an expanded role at the white house. a to really implement the president's policies here. one white house official told me that this does have in part to do with 2012. they want to make sure that the efforts and what happens here at the white house on a daily basis are integrated. >> kristin welker, bring us that recording as soon as you find it. >> we will. >> for the white house is experiencing flux, so is the country. take a look at the latest poll. asked to describe where things stand in america, the responses were highly generated. this word cloud where the size of the word reflects the number of response reflects
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disappointing and need to working to and downhill were mentioned far more often than words like good shape or hopeful. yet in a matchup between president obama and mitt romney, the president still leads with 49% over romney's 43%. i want to bring back "the washington post" eugene robinson. how do you make sense of the two contrasting responses? there people feeling pessimistic about the nation and yet they want to retain the president? >> i think you have to present an alternative. i think it makes perfect sense. they think the country is on the wrong path. they have questions about whether president obama will be able to make things better. however they obviously have questions as to whether mitt romney or the other republicans in fact are going to improve things either. the policies that republicans are offering, this is my theory
3:17 pm
at least. they are policies that people are familiar with. people are paying attention and until they hear something new and promising from those who would be president, i think this is hard to get them to say that they are going to throw out the old president. >> i want to play you a comment that president clinton made this morning on "morning joe" and i would like to get your response. listen to this. >> we have lots of room for debates between the liberals on how to bring manufacturing back. what's the right kind of incentive. if we are in conflict about getting rid of the government and taxes are bad and all that, we will never get to the main subject. >> it sounds to me that listening to that, president clinton is describing how president obama may have failed to coalesce the country and bring the countrying to and formulate some kind of single narrative that he can persuade
3:18 pm
the american people to follow. is that right? >> what he said is that the failing of president obama and the democrats last year was their fail tower develop a counter narrative to the anti-government tea party narrative that propelled the republicans to victory. this is his way essentially of saying this is kind of what that sounded like. i think he is going to be out there. he has been clear in saying he wants to do everything he can to support president obama. i think that includes a back seat grinding and a few helpful suggestions about what one might say. >> eugene robinson, it's a mark of how highly they were held that we keep you for two segments of the broadcast. >> i'm so appreciative. very good to be here. >> before we go to break, we pause to mark the life of one of the greatest boxers who ever lived. gold medallist and once heavy
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>> all eyes are turning towards michigan. presidential candidates are scheduled to square off in the latest debate. for more on this, i am joined by maria bartiromo and anchor of closing bell and moderator of tomorrow night's debate. we are delighted to have you. good afternoon. >> good afternoon and good to see you. >> this comes at a hot time and what can we expect from tomorrow night's debate? >> it comes at a hot time in the political world and a hot time in the economic world as well. they focus on the pocket book issues like taxation and number one like jobs. we want to focus on what the difference is between the candidate's job creation plans
3:24 pm
in terms of their idea for tax reform and the regulatory environment. the base now is they try to figure out who the candidate is and try to decipher where these plans in terms of job creation and economic growth and tax reform, where they differ. that's what we want to in on. >> i assume there will be questions for herman cain given what's taken place over the last two weeks. >> these questions revolve around character, integrity and leadership. every day what i continue to hear from the american people and leading ceos and managers of business is they are looking for leadership and integrity and character. yes, the issues that you refer to surrounding herman cain speak to his character.
3:25 pm
whether or not he is being honest. we are not looking for the goss gossipy types of questions, we want to get at the facts and what went on here. was there transactions involved and where is the integrity in the character that really the american people want to see. >> we know that two women have received financial settlements. there allegedly five women who made allegations. are you going to allow the candidates to go for mr. cain or will you ask him questions about his integrity and his truthfulness and also his attitude towards women who have worked for him in the past? >> both, martin. we will have questions on that and we want to see interaction.
3:26 pm
i also think it's about how sain responds to this. a headline out there is his sponsor lack of response to the american people. you can say look, this doesn't matter to me, but it's not up to herman to decide we are going to move on on this subject. it's about how he answers these questions and how he faces up to whatever allegations are out there. whether it's two women or five. >> absolutely. we will be watching and thank you so much for joining us. be sure to sewn in at 8:00 for cnbc's presidential debate focusing on the economy live from oakland university in rochest rochester, michigan. coming up next, mitt is it. we have the top lines. ♪
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from the scandal that grows by the hour to poor old inevitable mitt, here are the top lines. >> i want to talk about any and all future firestorms. >> i want you, mr. cain, to come clean and admit what you did. admit you were inappropriate to people. >> here's thing people don't know about herman cain. i'm in it to win it. >> tiger woods tried not to talk about it and that didn't work out. >> right, right. >> they had to lay all this out and put it to rest. >> mr. said you want a job, right? >> what part of no don't some people understand? >> the pressure on them to do that will be very real.
3:31 pm
>> you almost make me say something that my cameras say you should not say. >> mr. cain instead decided to provide her with his idea of a stimulus package. >> i can't think of anything i would hire her to do. >> mr. cain's definition of harassment might be different. >> violence, buy a lick. >> it's not about me. i'm not the one running for president. >> this mess has been growing and growing and growing like a frog in boiling water. >> your kids turn to you and say how did you make it through the obama great recession? >> i think he has done a better job than he gets credit for. >> you turn on your for about a year from now and you see something that says mitt is it. >> you, mitt romney as the great white note. >> for more on the great white
3:32 pm
note and the herman cain scandal that the candidate will address at a press conference, i am joined by julian epstein who joins us from atlanta. good afternoon. i want to start with you. you heard mid-romney say in a year from now, we will see mitt is it on tv screens. confident for a man who hasn't seen a ton of movement in the polls and is not exactly the ideal candidate for the majority of republicans. >> it seems only 25 or 26% of republicans think mitt is it. i wonder what the others will do when they come together and coalesce behind a candidate. mitt romney is probably the only guy who is running a formidable campaign in terms of putting together the organization and staying on message. i think that's key. the fact is that there is a lot of race left here that we haven't had the first caucus vote or primary vote cast.
3:33 pm
who knows if mitt will be it. who knows who else will be the flavor of the month and who else will fadeaway or implode. he is doing all the right things to be it. >> will hold back on the ice cream flavor for the moment. we have grown accustomed to calling him the inevitable mitt. he is going to win the candidacy, isn't he? >> we are not always sure. we think if romney were running against bernie madoff he couldn't get 25%. it's not just his flip flops, but that people tell you when you see him in person, he resembles a mannequin. if he wins and i think the betting money right now is that he will win the nomination, none of the above will lose. >> we have to go to herman cain. he is set to give a press conference in a little over an hour from now. what do you expect to hear from him? >> i expect to hear all the wrong things again.
3:34 pm
if i say that mitt romney is doing the right things to win a primary election, herman is doing the wrong things to win a primary election. he can't stay on message to save his live and you have to wonder what his strategy looks like. my reporting said that herman cain is running his own campaign and you have to worry about a man who takes his own council in terms of running a race. candidates ought to be candidates. that's where we have seen herman cain fall down over the last week in answering the questions and shifting answers from hour to hour, minute to minute. we will hear another version tonight. i think we will hear him continue to out right trash the women who made these accusations. i think that is a mistake. a flat out mistake. >> if you were running the campaign, how would you suggest he handle the situation? we have now allegedly five individuals who are accusing him of sexual harassment. what should he say?
3:35 pm
>> he should deal with each of them individually in case of dismissing them the way he has. the reason that herman cane is popular among primary voters is only because of his likability and because he is amusing. both of the personal factors that explain his success are out the window at this point. the senior republican statesman in the party are all sending the signals that he should step out of the race. it's not just the accusations as series as they are, but the way he suddenlied them and further it's the way he dealt with the questions on his position on abortion and china. the importance of uzbekistan and afghanistan. he is including his 9-9-9 plan that doesn't add up and has not been able to give an answer on. when you put the factors
3:36 pm
together, this guy is doing enormous damage to the republican party. between him and romney and perry also who looks like a half wit on ambien half the time, all of these candidates are doing serious damage to the republican brand and doing nothing to level any blows on obama. this entire race looks like a freak show. >> the final show to you. herman cain has repeatedly alleged that all of these allegations are fabrications and denies all of them, goldie first. does herman cain survive beyond this week? >> i think he does get beyond this week because he has the money to get beyond this week, but i'm with bill dare i say. herman cain was never going to win the nomination. it's less than zero now. >> does he survive beyond this week? >> agree with goldie. if he survives beyond this week,
3:37 pm
not much. the reason is the senior republicans inside the party have all decide that his 15 minutes of fame have come and gone. >> i'm afraid our time together has too. thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks, martin. >> the dnc seems to have found its favorite target and his name? what's better than gold ? free gold ! we call that hertz gold plus rewards. you earn free days, free weeks and more fast. that's a plus. upgrade your ride. that's a plus. rewards with no blackout dates so you can redeem anytime. and it's easy to redeem your points online. already a gold member ? just select gold plus rewards in your profile and start rewarding yourself now. just go to to join. hertz gold plus rewards. journey on. it really was his baby. he has no idea that we've searched for it,
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3:41 pm
pedal to the metal. watch this. >> where rubber meets the road and a town that has been to hell and back. what was his answer for the motor city? >> let detroit go bankrupt. >> now he is asking for our votes. >> what are do you say to the man kicking us when we were down? >> let detroit go bankrupt. >> hit the road, mitt. >> brad wood house's director for the democratic national committee, good afternoon. romney defend fended his position on letting detroit go bankrupt saying managed bankruptcy a better way than having the government write a check. he hasn't flip flopped, but how do you suppose that will play in michigan tomorrow night. >> not well at all. this is mitt romney and typically he is trying to have both sides of the issue. that is great spin now.
3:42 pm
he said let detroit go bankrupt and said we shouldn't help the auto companies get back on their feet and didn't have any problem at all bailing out the banks. when it seems to come to what's important to little class families and workers and those who could benefit, mitt romney tells them to hit the road. we will point it out. >> in the new "wall street journal" poll, romney is now in a virtual tie with herman cain, but this poll was taken before cain a accuser comes forward on monday. a head to head matchup, romney trails by just six points. the dnc is ignoring everyone else and don't care about herman cain. you care about mitt romney.
3:43 pm
we are going to michigan and a state who feels like you should lay claim to. it's a state he said with the auto industry that let it go bankrupt. we will point it out as they attack the president. mitt romney has been most vocal in his attacks on president obama. we will be there to respond. i do think that the race on the republican side is still fluid. the poll that you pointed out shows that no matter what happens, whether one candidate is supporting and another faces a difficult and controversial subject, mitt romney can't crack 30%. he has 70 to 5% of the electorate that at this point doesn't have any interest in supporting him. the race is fluid. >> thank you for joining us. we would like to have you back in the near future. >> thank you, martin. >> breaking news out of italy as
3:44 pm
prime minister berlusconi promised to resign as early as next week. for more on this, let's go to nbc's correspondent richard engle in rome. of all the things to bring down berlusconi, no mention of a woman. it's the economy! >> it is and a lost them are saying there is a degree of irony in this. this is a prime minister who has been accused of having sex with a 17-year-old prostitute and then using his authority to call police to get a release from custody, claiming she was a granddaughter of the former egyptian president mubarak. i have to look at the notes. embezzlement, tax fraud, attempting to bribe a judge by berlusconi's own account. he has been in court more than 2,500 times. in the end, the economy is bringing him down.
3:45 pm
he is just the latest european program to fall victim to a widening european economic crisis. berlusconi failed to get a majority in parliament in the building behind me. they went to the president and said he will step down after measures are passed by the members of congress here. that could happen next week. >> do you think that he has taken a leave out of the prime minister's approach in greece where he did the same thing and said if you accept and pass the austerity measure, get out. >> exactly. i think both people, both of these prime ministers and the greek prime minister saw the writing on the wall and saw they would lose power and trying to leave by appearing to put the benefit of the nation first. in greece, he was effectively a dead candidate and decided to to
3:46 pm
say we will bring both parties together and will pass the measures for greece and step aside for a more popular leader. he is attempting to do the same and said once a larger majority can be brought together, measures will be pass and he will step aside. this is a person who survived and he is not only one of the richest men, worth about $9 billion, he is say political survivor and has been in power for about 20 years and some worry until he actually steps down, he might go back on his word and try to find a way to remain in power. at this stage it looks very, very difficult for him to do that. the president announced that berlusconi will resign and it has been a public issue here in italy. >> normally in the middle of a war zone and economic revolution. thank you very much indeed.
3:47 pm
we will head to the buckeye state on election day. the man of the people when we come back. a check on the markets, hampton has cnbc market wrap. it's yours. >> with about 13 minutes left in the trading day, stocks getting a bit of a berlusconi bounce as we look at the major averages right now. the dow is up about 98 points and the s&p 14 and the nasdaq up about 13 points. we had positive news for job seekers. employers advertised more job openings in september than at any other month in the past three years. openings up 7% from august and the most since august of 2008 before the financial crisis collapsed. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. luck? i don't trade on luck. i trade on fundamentals. analysis. information. i trade on tradearchitect. this is web-based trading, re-visualized. streaming, real-time quotes. earnings analysis.
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this is reserved for you! reserved for governor john kasich.
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i'm giving you the -- now, you missed tonight, but we'll be here tomorrow night, not only at 8:00, but at 11:00 eastern time. so, governor, here's what i need you to do, governor kasich. be a man. stand up. win, lose, or draw. >> today is, indeed, election day in ohio. and it could be a preview of what's to come across the country in 2012, as voters in the buckeye state decide if a law passed by republican governor john kasich went too far in limiting collective g ii bargaining rights for union workers. ed schultz, who you just saw, is the host of "the ed show," and i'm delighted to say he joins us live from columbus, ohio. and ed, today, a vote is taking place on this anti-union law over collective bargaining. which way do you think this vote is going to swing? >> well, martin, it's good to be with you. there are a lot of people in this state on the edge of their
3:52 pm
seat right now, wondering how this is going to turn out. if you believe the polls, it could be a good night for workers. but just to give you a snapshot, about a half a mile from here, a precinct for voting place, they're at 15%. they're telling us that's a very good number in an off-year election. but the next three hours are going to be very crucial here in ohio. a lot of these folks who are going to be affected by this senate bill five, they're at work right now. they get off work at 4:30, 5:00, 5:30, 6:00, and the polls close at 7:30. you've got to get to the polls and vote and do the due diligence to make this thing turn around for workers in ohio. the next three hours will be very crucial. they're expecting a very good turnout. so far, it's been above average today. >> john, i saw you -- sorry, ed, i saw you inviting governor john kasich to front up, to be a man. i know what you look like physically, so that's more challenging than many of our viewers might realize. what did you think of his
3:53 pm
failure to come down and confront the workers whose collective bargaining rights he effectively, crushed. >> let me say, the people who were at our broadcast last night and tonight are the most peace-loving folks you've ever going to meet in america. they're trying to convince the governor that he's wrong on the issue. they're not trying to be confrontation confrontational. they're trying to make a statement for not only workers in ohio but workers across the country. that this attack on labor is the wrong way to go to balance budget budgets. and i'm really surprised that governor kasich, why wouldn't he try to convince me? why wouldn't he try to convince the people that are watching our broadcast as to why his way is the right way for ohio? the fact of the matter is, martin, not one republican outside of the governor has gone on camera in this entire campaign and said that you got to uphold senate bill five. the fact is that the credibility of the firefighters and the teachers is what's carrying a no vote in this state. and i think a lot of voters in
3:54 pm
the state are paying attention to what the teachers and the firefighters are saying, and they're going door to door. there's been a tremendous misinformation campaign here the last 24 hours, with robo calls, all the way from sarah palin to pat boone, throwing out information that's not true. the fact is is that a no vote is what the firefighters in this state want. a no vote is what the workers of this state want. and to attack collective bargaining is the wrong way to go to fix the budget. and one more thing in this, not to be too long winded, but the fact is that no one in this state, in my last 48 hours of being here, has been able to put a number. if senate bill 5 is upheld and it stays law, give me a number of what it's going to do to help the budget. they can't do it. >> of course they can't. ed schultz, thank you for joining us. good luck tonight. and of course, we'll be watching you at 8:00 p.m. eastern live from ohio here on msnbc. and it's now time to clear the air.
3:55 pm
and ever since he embarked upon his campaign, it's been hard to know when herman cain is being serious and when he's not. take, for example, his simplified approach to reorganizing the tax code, his 9-9-9 plan, which has been laughed at by virtually every economist on the planet. or how about his approach to foreign policy, which includes a naval war with iran and the somewhat belated understanding that china already has nuclear weapons at her disposal. again, it's tough to know whether to laugh or to cry about his poor grasp of economics and global politics. he chooses a campaign manager who was found guilty of voter suppression in wisconsin, fined $15,000, and banned for three years from political campaigning there. the same individual, mark block, is then depicted, cigarette in hand, in an advert, commending herman cain for president. again, is he being funny? should we take him seriously? and that's why we need to be very careful about how we
3:56 pm
approach the allegations of sexual harassment that are bedevilling mr. cain's campaign. because we now know that mr. cain likes to respond humorously. after sharon bialek made her disturbing allegations yesterday, mr. cain went on to a late-night comedy show and played it for laughs. >> we didn't even know that this whole thing about woman number four was going to even come out. so that was a surprise. >> but the sober facts are not so funny. one woman has now come forward. she says without any financial incentive to describe an appalling incident in a car when herman cain allegedly put his hand up her skirt and forced her head towards his groin. two women have received tens of thousands of dollars each after complaining about herman cain's sexualized behavior. and each day, it seems, a new allegation arises against him.
3:57 pm
because mr. cain is such a showman, because he preaches the need for a sense of humor, it's easy for us to be seduced by his rapid-fire one liners, his singing of "imagine there's no pizza," and his smoking chief of staff. it's all good fun. but while mr. cain's campaign might be a joke, his conduct, his alleged conduct, is not. in fact, as the accusations pile up, mr. cain seems less funny by the day and more like a dirty old man. [ rattling ] jason... really buddy, wow. samantha jane. ♪ guys, christmas dinner and you're bringing toys to the table? ♪ that, that's not a toy... let's eat! [ male announcer ] get low prices on the gifts they love. and layaway is back, so you can pay a little at a time. save money. live better. walmart.
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