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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  November 11, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EST

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with lawrence o'donnell with tim pawlenty. i'm so looking forward to this. have a great night. so it turns out
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>> i apologize. i apologize for calling her princess pelosi. >> he probably shouldn't have said that. >> you all stop asking me about it, okay? >> time for newt. >> attacking the media. >> it's sad the news media doesn't report accurately how the economy works. >> what is the media reporting inaccurately about the economy? >> maria is so much better than him? >> are you saying governor romney is pandering. >> we're getting our hat handed to us. >> sl have been disruptions. >> don't you love the first amendment?
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who in america last night went to bed feeling worse than rick perry? yeah, maybe mrs. perry feels worse because you get the feeling that she is really more emotionally invested in picking new drapes for the white house than rick perry is for vetoing tax increases on billionaires. there is one man who has to feel much worse than rick perry. the man who should be the front-runner for the republican nomination for president, the man who all the pundits thought was going to go all the way. tim pawlenty the candidate with the best shot at the republican nomination will officially announce what we have known for a year. he is running for president. the view that's the official position of this show since last year, that tim pawlenty is in the strongest position to win the republican presidential
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nomination. >> the official position of this show is that tim pawlenty is the nominee. >> here's the pawlenty wins theory. it's the theory of the show. this show has declared tim pawlenty to be the nominee. tim pawlenty who on this program and no where else is considered the front-runner for the republican nomination. the only candidate present with any chance of winning the nomination was former middle governor tim pawlenty. the thinking republicans surrounding pawlenty. the pawlenty steamroller is starting. my pick through process of elimination to end up with the nomination. each one of the candidates. >> who do you think will be the candidate? >> pawlenty, because there is something seriously wrong with the rest of them. there is too much wrong with every other republican in the field. everything i say is good for my boy tim pawlenty. i am still betting on my boy pawlenty.
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>> we know with reasonable certainty that standing up there on the west lawn of the capitol on january 20th, 2013 is pawlenty or dan el -- daniels. >> well, i thought he had the way to go all of the wi, but he dropped out after the straw poll in iowa. it is safe to say that if pawlenty had stayed in the running long enough and as troubles developed in rival campaigns others might have looked at each other and said, now why was it that we didn't like tim pawlenty? joining me now is former minnesota governor tim pawlenty,
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and thank you so much for joining me tonight, governor. >> well, lawrence, it is an honor to be with you and i'm sorry, you were wrong for so long. >> it is personal with me and you know. this on that day after the straw poll in iowa and you were making the decision to drop out, el the many that there was a moment when you just thought, whoa, this is going to be really tough on o'donnell? >> well, it is actually the lawrence o'donnell endorsement that sunk my boat. the weight of the endorsement i could feel it by the day and by the hour and the minute dragging me down as if it were a political quick sand, but i do appreciate the rhetoric, but the weight of it took us out. >> well, i have to thank you for that very much, governor, because you have redeemed me with the audience that there was some good thing about that endorsement. >> glad i could help you. >> well, you know what i was doing, i kept saying that if the voters were sane and rational and i was not saying that out
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loud, but i presumed that the republican voters would be ra rational and the rational outcome would be that we can't vote for that guy who, you know, brought that health care bill to massachusetts with the individual mandate that we all hate. we can't vote for all of the others for a bunch of obvious reason, and there is tim pawlenty who has absolutely no strikes against him in conservative world, in republican world. i just thought all you had do was to stay in there and eventually come to you, and that is what people are thinking today, because something has gone wrong with all of the candidacies, and the romney candidacy, the one you have now endorsed is stuck in the 25% zone. >> well, lawrence, a couple of things. look, i had my fair shot, and we had our fair shot at it and it didn't work. we could not get it over the finish line. that is behind me, but as you look at the field as it is, you know i endorsed governor romney and i'm one of the national co-chairs and proud and excited
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to do that in my view by far, he is the most knowledgeable, most capable, and most electable candidate in the race, particularly when it comes to the main issue, and that is getting the economy moving again and providing jobs. i feel good about the opportunity that i had, and you know, i tried my best to get over the finish line and we had a strategy that didn't work and putting a lot of chips up early, and when that strategy obviously didn't work for us, but i am excited and please and honored to do all i can to support governor romney. >> you did put a lot of chips up early in. you spent about $4.5 million on the campaign in the ames straw poll where you got -- i have it in front of me -- 2,993 votes which means that each of those votes cost $2,041. what if you had just spent $1,000 per vote in iowa, you'd still be alive today and i would have hope of being right.
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i could pick you as being the guy who barack obama was going to beat in the re-election campaign, but you spent it all. you blew it all. that was not a republican thing to do, governor. now, just blow your wad in one big night in iowa. >> well, look, the iowa, ames straw poll was a significant event, but not as depositive as people sometimes think it is. it is more of a speed bump in the straw polls while they are interesting for a moment or day, with the benefit of hindsight you will see they don't have that much lasting effect or impact, but again, that part of the race is over. we had our chance. we made our decisions, and we live that with that. the outcome is the outcome, and the point is that this country is in trouble. i believe that president obama has not lived up to the promise. he has been a failed leader, and you look at governor romney's performance in the debates and not just last night, but the last ten or so, he is like the varsity playing the junior varsity.
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governor romney has the vision, and got the substance and the knowledge and the steadiness, and none of the candidates are perfect. i wasn't, and he wasn't and none of them are, but if you look at the whole picture, it is just fb to e and i think it is obvious to the republican party and the conservative movement in the country, this is the person who should be the president of the united states. >> well, you are a lot more perfect than the guys still in there. for example, how many wives have you had? >> one. we have been married for 24 year, and i love her very much. >> okay. that is a lot fewer wives than newt gingrich and nobody told him that the reagan rule is two wives running for the nomination. >> is that reagan's 12th commandment? >> yes, it is. it is. it is the 12th marriage rule. >> oh, okay. >> and you don't have any accusations of sexual harassment against you, and how many times in the debates, governor, gubernatorial or otherwise have
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you forgotten what you were going the say in the middle of the sentence you were saying it? >> look. governor perry had a moment last night, and everybody and i'm sure you have had this and said things in your show in ways that you wished you had not and regretted it earlier. i have certainly done that and i had a moment to take a swing at mitt and i chose to beat up on obama, and everybody has had the moments. if we are going to take on barack obama, my party has to stand up in the debates at least three of them and debate the president of the united states, president obama who is a skilled orator and skilled debater and we better have somebody who we know can steady, knowledgeable, and capable, electable, and again over ten debates, it is obvious that person is mitt romney, not just because he is a great debater, but he wiz a great governor and business leader and great leader in the olympics and turned all of those things over in a positive
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direction and that is what the country needs as a whole right now. >> i asked the twitter followers, governor where we would be if you were still in the race, and they agree with me. jim groves says, tim pawlenty would have continued to make the others look like a buffoons that they are and he could have beat them all. nick gutierrez said still couldn't have won, not crazy enough. that is ultimately position s governor, you just weren't crazy enough to beat michele bachmann in that straw poll. you weren't crazy enough to be up there in the herman cain level in the polls. that wasn't ultimately the big problem, just not crazy enough? >> well, setting all of that aside, lawrence, i know that some people bemoan the length of the campaigns an wish we had the one-month system like in other countries burk i think that the longer campaigns while they have a lot of downsides play another important role which is over time as the candidates have to get before the cameras in
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everyday and present themselves to the voters and to the media, over time, you get the to see who is the steadest, person at the hand on the controls. clearly, that is mitt romney in race so far and it will continue to be. so, look, i had my shot. we had a strategy. i didn't work, and we are moving on. i appreciate the tip of the cap that you have given me, and i ap appreciated the endorsement, but it didn't work and we have to live for the future and not the past. >> we have news to make tonight, you and me. you know, last night i instantly declared at the end of last night's debate that rick perry is not only out of it, and i mean, i thought he was out of it and no chance at the presidency at the end the first debate when he attacked social security the way he did, but after last night, i insisted to this audience that rick perry just lost any opportunity to be considered the vice presidential
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nominee, because the party cannot afford to have a moment like that in a debate against joe biden, so in my view in the official view of this show, tim pawlenty remains at the top of the vice presidential list for the obvious nominee to be mitt romney. >> you are killing me. lawrence, you are killing me. you should take a dagger and put it through my political heart right now. >> and now, let me continue the endorsement that the only competition you have is chris christie and he does not have your experience as governor and out there in iowa, and so tim pawlenty vice presidential slot of the republican campaign cannot be stopped. you are on that convention stage accepting the vice presidential nomination. >> lawrence, i have already said publicly and repeatedly that is not something i am going to consider.
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i am proud to be governor romney's co-chair, and he will have a lot of great people to pick from as the vice presidential candidates. i am sure he will make a great pick. it is a great balanced ticket, but that is not something i am going to consider. so you have to make a second pick, but again, thank you for the consideration. i appreciate it. >> sewn we comes to you and says, tim, look, it is you and nobody else. they are all too crazy and it has to be you, you are actually going to say to him, governor romney, i just can't do it. i'm not going to do it? >> i won't consider it, lawrence. i appreciate your throwing me the bone, but i continue consider it. you look around the country at the, just i won't name all of the names, but by way of example chris christie, and marco rubio, and brian sandoval, and john kasich and the great governor of wisconsin, governor walker, and many others, nikki haley from south carolina, and the bench strength of the republican party in the conservative movement is incredible and governor romney
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will have tremendous people to pick from and it will be a great pick and a great ticket, and it won't include me. i will help as best i can as a volunteer and do what i can to get it done. >> and so those names that you rattled off is proving it, it has to be tim pawlenty. nobody else in the polls. >> you are out of control. and tell rachel maddow that she has been afraid of me. she used to have me on the show, and she is ducking and bobbing and weaving. i always said, look, i don't agree with her, but i always thought that she was bold and courageous and even though i disagreed with her, she is ducking me. tell her to come out, and have it on. >> i think you said the magic words and you will be booked soon. tim pawlenty, this show, and the last word's official choice for the republican vice presidential nomination. thank you very much for joining me tonight. >> you are welcome. coming up, doug flutie of
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how do you feel about the debate? >> i was very pleased about the debate. i got most of my points across pretty well. >> how did you feel about perry? >> i have to worry more about me than anybody else. >> that was mitt romney after a speech in michigan today. romney has a lot on his worry list, but it no longer includes rick perry. a new quinnipiac poll out today shows romney trailing herman cain in the key primary state of florida. among registered republican voters cain has 27% and romney has 21% and newt gingrich with 17% and perry with 5%.
1:21 am
16% say, they don't know who they would vote for. when the choice is narrowed to just cain or romney, cain still beats romney, 45 to 39%. the sexual harassment controversy that has surrounded cain may begin to quiet down after this announcement by the attorney for one of cain's accusers today. >> for several days, my client karen kraushaar has been trying to contact the other two women who were subjected to sexual harassment by herman cain while he was the ceo of the national restaurant association. despite diligent efforts, shes ha not heard from these two women. mrs. kraushaar has decided not to hold a press conference unless and until the other women come forward and want to participate. she will have no further comment until that time. >> joining me now is john harwood, cnbc washington correspondent and a moderator of last night's debate, and jonathan capehart, an msnbc
1:22 am
contributor, and thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you, lawrence. >> john harwood, they are erecting a special exhibit in the museum of broadcasting, and they are going to name a room after you, because you have taken your place in television history with what happened last night. when i saw it, i just said right away, this is never going to be anything like it or we are just going to have to take one more look at it right now. >> it is three agencies of government when i get there that are gone. commerce, education and the -- what's the third one there? let's see. >> five. >> oh, five. okay. commerce, education and the -- >> epa? >> okay. epa, there you go. >> seriously? >> is that the one you were talking about? >> no, sir.
1:23 am
we were talking about the agencies of government, epa needs to be rebuilt, no doubt about it. >> you can't name the third one? >> the third agency of government that i would do away with the education, the -- [ laughter ] commerce, and let's see -- >> i can't. the third one i can't. sorry. oops. >> john harwood, i have to tell you that when i was watching that, i thought if i was in your chair, my head would have been spinning with what was going on there and i wouldn't have had the presence of mind to go with it, and it was like a loose ball and you stayed with it as seriously as is that really your answer? and without you staying with it, i don't think it would have expanded into what it really turned out to be. what was going through your mind as you were listening to that? >> well, first of all, lawrence, i had some very able producers in our truck who were
1:24 am
encouraging me to stay with it, and that is one of the main reasons that moment happened. at first, it was a little bit ambiguous, because the governor started laughing and the thing devolved into a moment of levity and he was struggling and then mitt romney came over from the other side and said epa and i guess i should have known what his stroika of agency eliminations were and i asked him about the third one and he couldn't do it. it was incredibly painful to watch. >> and i thought it was epa because they always show up on the republican destroy it list, but it was an absolutely stunning thing to watch. what did you get after the debate, what reaction did you get from any of the candidates, from perry, himself, or from the perry team or any of the other teams?
1:25 am
the main reaction i got was unhappiness from the romney team interestingly enough, because they thought that the questions that we haven't played and maybe we will talk about them later, but when i asked about mitt romney's reputation for flip-flopping and framing it as an issue of political character, they thought that was unfair line of questioning, and they were pretty mad about it. but one of the reasons i think was that what you mentioned a few moments ago which is that despite a pretty flawless campaign they have run so far, excellent debate performances by mitt romney including last night, he still hasn't been able to break out and he finds somebody like herman cain who has been dogged by a scandal for the last week and a half leading him in a state like florida. >> jonathan capehart, the romney campaign just sounds like they don't know how to win. they won that debate running away, and john harwood's question of that character question, i think that it was phrased so perfectly coming off
1:26 am
of a previous debate response in which romney had used that phrase, i'm running for office for pete's sake to explain to someone why he shouldn't have illegal workers. i mean, you could not ask for anything more, the relevance of a question to be more carefully constructed of that, and there is something they are complaining about it? >> well, yeah, because that is mitt romney's biggest, biggest problem. you know, what i loved about mitt romney's response and i think that we would be talking about it today had it not been from, for governor perry's flub or one other thing that happened when mitt romney said i believe that people understand that i'm a man of, quote, steadiness, and constancy, and if you look at what has happened from, you
1:27 am
know, ads from the priority usa which is a pac that is supporting president obama to erick erickson of the red state blog, they are peeling the skin off of mitt romney, because he is on both sides of the issue or has been on both sides of every issue, and so for mitt romney to know that he is a man of steadiness and constancy flies in the face of ample evidence of that. >> and lawrence, you know, he used a buy a graphical argument to make this steadiness and constancy, his marriage, his church, and career in business and evokes in some ways george h.w. bush in 1988 when he gave that speech at the convention and talked about the life in texas and the life in world war ii and he said i'm a man who defines life by missions defined and missions completed and i'm the man in the oval office and specifically about him this the nature of him as a person, and that is mitt romney's defense. >> and the main thing that
1:28 am
happens with rick perry now is the question of the day, and it seems like set over, but he has made some very, very smart choices today that i did not see coming especially the way he is making jokes about it and doing david letterman's top ten list and we will have a clip of that later in the show. he started the day on the "today" show and then pretty much a boilerplate repetition of that throughout the day. we have a clip ready of what he said on the "today" show. let's take a look at that. >> i don't mind saying clearly that i stepped in it last night, but i think that i'm kind of like most americans, and there is so many agencies of government out there that we'd like to forget that the department of energy was one of those. i'm human like everyone else. >> he is obviously trying to humanize the moment which is an easy thing to do. we can all identify with it, and it has happened to me on the show, and happens to everyone, but could he afford that moment, john harwood? >> no.
1:29 am
it was a very bad time for him. he was at a moment where he needed to restart the campaign and herman cain is struggling and perry has always had the potential for a formidable candidacy with experienced governor from texas and right in the beating heart of the republican base and he has a lot of money this bank and you can't dismiss somebody with $15 million in thebank, and once he starts to spend that and go after mitt romney, and you look at the poll numbers and the way he has collapsed nationally and in south carolina where he is way trailing in a state that he ought to be highly competitive in just shows he has a really deep hole to dig out of. money can help, but it can't do everything and today was a good start for him though. >> and like i said, it eliminated perry frommings can for the vice presidential slot and i suppose that you will both
1:30 am
want to get on the pawlenty bandwagon of tim pawlenty for the republican vice presidential nomination. jonathan capehart i invite you to join based on my track record of predicting politics. >> thank you so much. >> and pawlenty is number two, isn't he? >> you know, i don't know about that. i mean he sounded definitive, but you can't believe a politician when they say, no, no, i don't want to be in politics and i will not be the nominee, but if the republican party were smart they would look at tim pawlenty, because he is a conservative guy, and a lot of people don't know, but he is extremely conservative, but the problem he had is that he didn't catch fire. no one wanted to buy what he was selling. >> john harwood, you didn't let anybody duck any questions last night, but i am going to let you duck the pawlenty prediction question tonight. thank you both for joining me tonight. >> thank you, lawrence.
1:31 am
all of the candidates from last night's debate agree with the essential principles of grover norquist's american anti-american tax pledge and i will explain why that pledge is un-american and why some republicans are now trying to get out of it. that is in the re-write. later on, the week in campaign comedy. sso. it fits! fantastic! [ man ] pro-gresso they fit! okay-y... okay??? i've been eating progresso and now my favorite old okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of a pain free holiday. this season, discover aleve.
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and in tonight's episode of "it could only happen here" michael moore meets jack abramoff, and it happened in studio 3k at 30 rock when michael moore finished the segment with me and met the most corrupt lobbyist of them all jack abramoff coming in to join me for the next segment. and our trusty cam caught the reactions of both of them and neither one of them expected it to happen. >> well, my last word actually just took place when we went to commercial break because jack abramoff, one of the convicted lobbyists came on to the set, and i have seen his interview on "60 minutes" the other night where he is 100% revealing everything and encouraging the american people to stop people like him. i said to him, you know, god
1:36 am
bless you for coming clean and making amends and saying what needs to be said, and actually there's no more powerful person to say it than you, jack, because you were there. you were at the epicenter of all of this greed, and you saw firsthand and you participated in it firsthand. so, i think that, you know, he's a bit of a broken man as you can see if you saw him there just now. but like all human beings, people can redeem themselves and do good for the world. we all have that capacity. so, i wish him the best. >> well, michael was very gracious and kind and very meaningful to me that he came up and that he appreciated greatly what i'm trying to do. he appreciates how difficult it is for he to do it both in terms of personally, and the forces opposed to what i'm trying to do.
1:37 am
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>> that was penn state football coach joe paterno late last night after learning he'd been fired after 46 seasons. paterno's former assistant coach jerry sandusky is charged with sexual assault over eight boys over a 15-year period. minutes after the announcement last night of the firing of coach paterno and the university president graham spanier, police say that 5,000 people descended on the nearby town of state college and the crowd turned violent turning cars upside down and tearing down poles and as this video shows toppling tv vans. the police moved in with pepper spray, and the rioters with were not expressing outrage over the victims, but over the paterno
1:41 am
firing. and today, the penn state spokesman said that he asks the students to stop the violence. >> the eyes of the nation are on you, and your actions speak much louder than the words. lit carry with you for a very long period of time. >> joining me now is doug flutie, college football hall of famer and former nfl quarterback and now an analyst for cbs sports and versus, and thank you for joining me tonight, doug. >> my pleasure. >> first off all, doug, as a boston guy, i have to thank you for the single most exciting moment i have ever seen in college sports, your 48-yard pass was virtually with no time on the clock, and that one, that won the game by two points back in -- i don't know how many years ago and that is what college football is supposed to be about, the exciting, and in
1:42 am
many ways the unpredictable achievement of amateurs out there playing their hearts out, and now tonight college football in this country, as a subjects has suddenly become about something el. how did we get to this? >> well, you know, the bottom line is football takes a back seat here. this is not about football. this is about the victims, the kids that were taken advantage of, and an institution that needs to monitor what is going on more closely. that is what this is about. it happens to be the football department that it surrounds, and initiated in, but overall, it is the university and right now, they are doing a lot of putting out fires and trying to move forward and put it behind them by getting a fresh start. >> doug, we have breaking news tonight, mike mcquery who went to joe paterno after witnessing
1:43 am
the 2002 child sexual assault in the penn state showers and is now the assistant coach for the team has just been pulled from saturday's game with nebraska, because quote of multiple threats made against him according to the university. what is your reaction to that? >> well, i think it is a smart move. and personally, i can't understand why if paterno is fired, then mcqueary should go also because he saw first-hand what went on and relayed information to paterno. so for his safety, yes, they are removing him from the game. it shows the polarizing end of this topic of some of the students out there in support of paterno, and on borderline rioting and others that are threatening mcqueary, so there are so many emotions here. >> and doug, we are putting ourselves in the shoes if we had
1:44 am
heard what paterno heard and all of that stuff, but the mcqueary for me is the strangest part. he is the eyewitness and he is actually standing there and seeing this. imagine yourself in a locker room like that seeing that. what would you have done? >> you know, i don't know if you can say 100% for sure what you would have done until you are in the situation, but you would like to think that, my gut reaction, i would have headed into the shower area, and taken care of business and gotten the youngster out of there, and probably gotten myself into a little bit of trouble with sandusky. but you can't say 100% for sure when fear kicks in or pure shock as to how you would handle the situations. >> doug, what is it about a big money program like that inhibits people's natural reflexes and a
1:45 am
football player has reflexes and you don't even have to think on a scene like that, you make a move, and what would inhibit mcqueary and inhibit everybody in the aftermath? >> well, to start out, he is grad assistant and low man on the totem pole looking at a guy who probably he idolizes doing wrong. he doesn't know how to react to the situation. the only thing that i can say is that if he was a 28-year-old grad assistant at the time and passes it along the chain of command and now individuals in leadership position don't do the right thing, you know, or they have to make this judgment over a friend, someone that potentially they protect or doing the right thing. i could not imagine being a parent of one of the kids that was victimized later after leadership-type people know this information, and don't do anything about it, and years
1:46 am
later, victims continue to get abused, that is an ultimate crime. >> doug flutie, thank you very much for joining me tonight. >> thank you. >> more and more republicans want out of grover norquist anti-tax pledge and maybe they are realizing that the norquist pledge is anti-american, and that is next in the "rewrite." and in the week of campaign comedy.
1:47 am
1:48 am
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fresher less processed foods just like we do introducing freshpet healthy recipes of fresh meat and fresh veggies so fresh the only preservative we use is the fridge freshpet fresh food for fido in tonight's rewrite, the rewriting of grover norquist anti-american pledge is gaining momentum in washington. among the signers of of the norquist pledge to never raise taxes in anyway including by closing loopholes is anti-american in the extreme, because the founding fathers intended for members of congress to take only an oath of office, not an oath to a lobbyist. the norquist pledge is anti-american because the elected officials who take it are forced to take it before they are elected, and it is intended by norquist to
1:51 am
supersede their oath of office. the norquist pledge is grotesquely un-american, because a member of congress swears himself to in effect be incapable of truly taking the oath of office, because by taking the norquist pledge that member of congress is saying that i promise to never under any circumstances support and defend the constitutional power to tax. the words of the oath of office are, i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. the norquist pledge is in direct conflict with those words. it is impossible to honor the oath of office and honor the norquist pledge. i reported to you here last week that 37 house republicans chose their oath of office offtheir oath to grover, and signed a letter to the super committee saying that the tax revenues
1:52 am
should be considered in any deficit reduction package and now the hill reports that some of the republicans are busy rewriting their understanding of the pledge to grover. congressman mike simpson of idaho asked, if it sticks with you forever, why do they ask you to resign it every two years? ohio republican congressman steven la turette said that the pledge is no longer valid, because i have not signed it since 1994, and my driver's license expires and the milk in my refrigerator expires and my gym membership expires. okay. so driver's licenses take years to expire and gym memberships take at least months to expire, but milk expiring takes days. how did grover respond to that? his veneer of confidence gave way to thinly veiled rage. a promise not to do something doesn't have a time limit.
1:53 am
i haven't even had junior state legislators pull that crap. new jersey congressman robert andrews one of the few democrats in congress who signed grover's pledge said that i never considered it to be like my marriage vows. i did not promise him to oppose tax increases until death do us part. hey, grover, if your hero ronald reagan could break his marriage vows to the first wife, don't be surprised when some congressmen break their vows to you. when you're a sports photographer, things can get out of control pretty quickly. so i like control in the rest of my life... especially my finances. that's why i have slate, with blueprint. i can create my own plan to pay down large purchases faster... or avoid interest on everyday items. that saves me money. with slate from chase, i'm always in control. financially, anyway. get slate with blueprint and save money.
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lldo e e ti
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last night rick perry was having some difficulty in the debate, and here to present tonight's top ten list, top ten rick perry excuses, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome texas governor rick perry come on out. number seven -- >> i thought that the debate was tonight. >> well, you see, that happens to everybody. it is a mix-up, ladies and gentlemen.
1:57 am
number six -- >> hey, listen, you try concentrating with mitt romney smiling at you. that is one handsome dude. >> that is a preview of rick perry tonight on "david letterman," but for the second week in a row herman cain dominated late night comedy. >> let's get straight to the huge news out of arizona. herman cain held a press conference this evening to address the sexual harassment charges from numerous women coming out of the woodwork and incidentally the woodwork coming out of is one of the thing is he is accused of. >> you are here for a special night because everybody in the balcony tonight is a herman cain accuser. by the way, while you were applausing three more women have accused herman cain of improper behavior. >> and people say that he had a pizza chain. i think that pizza and politicians are hand in hand, both are hot and steamy and go
1:58 am
straight to your ass. >> when asked what president he would put on mount rushmore, herman cain hinted, it would be himself. i don't know about you, but i don't want to hear the words herman cain and mount in the same sentence. >> and people of italy looking to replace silvio berlusconi, you need someone with proven business experience to take care of the challenging issues as well as taking on with berlusconi sexual antics, italy needs herman cain. he knows a lot about italy, and a lot about pizza. >> about pizza, yes. >> and folks, the harassment allegations keep coming at herman cain like an uninvited hand up a pleated skirt. and cain is not afraid to point out what is really behind these charges. >> a businessman by the name of herman cain stepped forward and
1:59 am
that is one thing that the american people don't know about is that some people don't want to see herman cain get the republican nomination, and some people don't want herman cain to become president. i can't tell you what that motivation is other than it is to stop herman cain. >> evidently, there is another herman cain out there who keeps talking about him. >> who talks about the third person? maybe herman cain is the hulk. >> herman cain sad. either way, jon stewart is impressed. >> and now the democrat machine in america has brought forth a troubled woman to make false accusations. >> oh, the democratic machine. i believe i have seen one of those. it is the democrat machine. i don't know if you knew anything about it, but from what i understand it costs billions of dollars and runs on solar