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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 11, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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have served and protected our country. a busy day for the president. mike viqueira is covering things for us from the white house. explain to all of us after the president arrives at arlington, what's next on his schedule? as i understand it he goes to the west coast. >> reporter: we do understand that the president has arrived making the short trip across the potomac river at arlington national cemetery. it is the 11th hour, the 11th day of the 11th month. veterans day. celebrating or noting the memorial for veterans across this country. the president making the trip and delivering remarks. there's a ceremony there of course at the tomb of the unknown soldier. you see it there to the right with the honor guard deployed around it. if you have been to washington and seen that honor guard with changing of the guard, it's a solemn and moving ceremony. doubly so today on veterans day. as part of veterans day, thomas, you are right, the president will embark on a nine-day trip overseas but first a stop in san diego. a unique event they call the
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carrier classic kicking off college basketball season aboard the "uss carl vinson." it's the aircraft carrier in charge of burying osama bin laden at sea after the may operation in which osama bin laden was killed in pakistan extracted and brought out to sea for the procedure there aboard the "uss carl vinson." the teams are from michigan and north carolina. two purple or swing states the president is going to be contesting in the upcoming year. michigan state home of the spartans and north carolina home of the tar heels said to be very competitive this year favored to go to the final four. that having being said, the president is going to be in san diego tonight. he'll do an interview. we can probably expect since it's a sports related interview some questions about the situation at penn state. now after the game tonight, late tonight, the president goes to his home state of hawaii. he's hosting the annual apec
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summit of asia pacific economic countries. it was started by president clinton. the president will emphasize his programs here at home to try to start jobs and every simphasizi fact that the administration says this will be the asia pacific century that our economy is going to be ever more intertwined and integrated with those around asia and then will continue and president goes to australia and another economic summit at another boyhood home, indonesia, where the president lived for four years. there's an economic summit there in bali. first we start at arlington national cemetery. the president is due to arrive any moment now. there will be a 21-gun salute and playing of the national anthem and the president will lay a wreath and make remarks. >> interesting time for this. 11/11/11 at 11:00 a.m.
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we won't see this happen again for another 100 years. i have to get back to the college basketball game while we wait for the ceremony to start. amazing this hasn't been done before. >> reporter: it is interesting. obviously it's keyed around veterans day. the fact that it is so symbolic aboard that aircraft carrier with war active in afghanistan afghanistan. the president just beginning a drawdown of troops there according to policy to have forces withdrawn from afghanistan by 2014 of course as we see the first lady moving into position here at arlington national cemetery. and of course the president and recent news that all combat troops will be withdrawn from iraq by the end of this year. that's under way obviously and all of those soldiers there will be home for the holidays so a very auspicious veterans day certainly this year. >> we see a crisp fall day in
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washington, d.c. or in arlington that is. nice that they don't have to be overly dressed for the weather. we can tell it's windy. just to give everybody an idea of who is going to be there today besides the president and the first lady who we just saw arriving -- there's the president now. also the director of chaplain services and jim benson will be the master of ceremonies today. we'll see captain from the united states navy who is retired and secretary of veteran affairs will be there as well. as we just saw, the first lady am place and now the president is in place as well. let's listen in as the start of the ceremony begins.
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>> there we have the official wreath laying ceremony at arlington national cemetery. the official party is now moving inside and then the rest of the crowd will follow and there is an hour long remembrance ceremony beginning inside the memorial amphitheater. the president on his side for the wreath laying was the major from the u.s. military district of washington. as we saw there we also had the taps played and now they will go inside where there will be a period of a parade of colors and also the pledge of allegiance and welcoming remarks. their guest speaker is the secretary of veteran affairs and the army band will be there as well. we're watching a beautiful moment today as the country reflects and remembers all of our veterans on this federal holiday. it's 11/11/11 at 11:00 a.m. and
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we're coming up right now on / 11:11. time for all of us to reflect from 1918 where world war i was ended. a cease-fire took effect in the 11th hour of the 11th atday of e 11 month. it is 11/11/11 at 11:11 so we thought we would honor our veterans with 11 seconds of silence with our deepest gratitude. shly
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welcome back. tomorrow noon kickoff in a football game that will be
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undoubtedly remembered for scandal and crime no matter what the final numbers on the scoreboard end up being. assistant coach mike mcqueary won't be there for the final home game of the season because of threats made against him. nbc's ron mott joins us from state college, pennsylvania, where changes in the coaching staff are just the start. a newly appointed school president spoke an hour ago. give us a briefing from that speech. >> reporter: hey there, thomas. good morning to you. he talked about moving this institution forward and restore a lot of what has been lost this week since these allegations surfaced on sunday against a former coach. as for the current coach, the wide receivers coach here, mike mcqueary, he's not going to be here tomorrow. he's a potential key witness in the case against a former
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co-chair. he's a key witness and there's a lot of emotion in the air and it is raw and potentially volatile so the university made the decision to keep him away from the stadium for tomorrow's big game. right now mike mcqueary is in the eye of the storm. penn state scandal cost joe paterno his job and several other high profile university officials theirs and mcqueary still holds unbut he's been sidelined for the game. due to multiple threats, the university has decided it would be in the best interest for all for mccreery not to be in attendance at the saturday's nebraska game. he allegedly saw sandusky sexually assault a young boy. he told paterno who notified his boss, the athletic director. paterno hasn't been charged but his boss and another school official have been charged with failing to report the crime and
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perjury. both along with sandusky deny the allegations against them. >> beat nebraska! >> paterno has reportedly contacted a prominent criminal defense attorney. governor tom corbit, the state's attorney general in 2009 when the current investigation into sandusky's alleged abuses began, said there's plenty of regret to go around. >> every pennsylvanian who has any knowledge of this case feels a sense of regret and a sorrow to also see careers end but we must keep in mind that when it comes to the safety of children, there can be no margin for error. no hesitation to act. >> reporter: now in contrast to some of the rowdiness we saw from penn state students on wednesday night after the announcement about joe paterno was made, the students are actually organizing a more somber activity tonight. there's a prayer vigil and
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candlelight service expected to start tonight. it's going to be a somber event to put focus back on the victims of this alleged sexual abuse here at penn state. thomas? >> ron mott on penn state campus. thanks so much. if you read the grand jury, what stands out as much as anything else is how many witnesses might have blown the whistle on this alleged abuse a long time ago but chose not to. i want to bring in a former prosecutor who joins me live from atlanta. nice to talk to you. we haven't talked in a long time. >> good to talk to you, thomas. >> you know because of my personal history that i'm furious as hell over this. i see allegations and get madder and read grand jury testimony and it's mind-blowing. is this just the tip of the iceberg as we pull back the layers of this story here and as people start to remember, yeah, i saw this and yeah i saw that. >> you're exactly right.
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this is just the indictment. this is what we have seen publicly. as the case develops, there could be more and more as word spreads. the local paper there started actually reporting on this back in march. there was a grand jury investigation leading up to this indictment that we now have and all these people will end up being potential witnesses in the case subpoenaed and having to tell under oath now what it is they saw and what happened and how many, if others are involved. and it just -- your story that you were courageous enough to talk about, you know, displays in the cases worked on but criminal and civil that institutional protection whether it's a university, a church, the boy scouts, any institution that tries to protect itself is really, really got to change its ways. >> there are so many casualties not only the victims but
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everybody involved especially the students who are there now become collateral damage in all this especially the football team itself for who knew what and when. as we found out sources telling nbc news that ousted coach joe paterno reached out to a prominent washington defense attorney. there are no criminal charges right now leveled against joe paterno but do you think that was a reasonable move on his part? >> well, absolutely. he probably should consult counsel because remember this. both mcqueary and paterno will be critical witnesses against schultz and curley who are the two penn state officials who have been charged with knowing about this and failing to report it and have been charged with lying to the grand jury. and so they are going to be critical fact witnesses and this is going to be an opportunity for them to tell fully what they know in order to look at those people and just beyond them in
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case there's anyone else in this whether it's criminally and also remember there are civil accusations that are coming and could be a very important component in fixing the institutional problem because individuals may fear for their liberty. institutions tend to be motivated by fear of extensive damages that they face in civil courts. >> it's hard not to think of the timing of all this because in 2002 the boston archdiocese scandal against kids was erupt and one has to wonder when you think about dates in 2002 on the penn state campus, there were certain things being investigated but certain people didn't speak up. it's unforgivable to think they shut up or played down what was really happening there because maybe they looked at what was going on in boston and thought that's what's coming our way. we're sitting on a powder keg. >> i started prosecuting and getting involved in these cases 24 years ago. and the state of the law has been such that we have very pro-active laws and it is not
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like 50 years ago where when you heard something you don't know what to do with the accusation. so i think that's what has really shocked people more with this particular case that in 1998 we were sophisticated on this and 2002 and yet i think the protection of being in a small university where the football was king as opposed to the concerns for anybody else other than themselves and concern for the institution over children is what is going to make this a hallmark case and hopefully scare every other institution to reexamine what they do. >> unfortunately this is probably going on somewhere undiscovered right now in this country. for anybody watching this that may have any information or suspects anything, use this as a great example to stand up and scream from the highest hilltop
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what they know. always a pleasure to talk to you. we'll take you back to the event that we're keeping a close eye on. live pictures at arlington national cemetery. president obama will be making remarks about veterans day any minute. we'll take you back there and show you all of that after this quick break. stay tuned. what's better than gold ? free gold ! we call that hertz gold plus rewards. you earn free days, free weeks and more fast. that's a plus. upgrade your ride. that's a plus. rewards with no blackout dates so you can redeem anytime. and it's easy to redeem your points online. already a gold member ? just select gold plus rewards in your profile and start rewarding yourself now. just go to to join. hertz gold plus rewards. journey on.
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at the injection site. get medical help right away if you experience serious allergic reactions, body rash, trouble with breathing, fast heartbeat or sweating. ask your healthcare provider about novolog flexpen today. learn more about the different insulins available in flexpen at flexpen, insulin delivery that goes with you. live look at arlington national cemetery where we'll return you to the ceremony that's going to take place any moment with the president and the first lady inside the memorial amphitheater. we do want to get to some other news of the day back with our special hiring now segment that's exclusive to this hour and we always try to focus on where the jobs are in this country for you with 13.9 million americans listed as unemployed. believe it or not, there are some companies struggling to fill the available jobs they have out there. those include some of the biggest named companies in california silicon valley where there's a hiring boom these
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days. joining me now is brendan wallace. a personal job search website. you have good news for all of us. it's nice to have you here. we're talking about this shortage of trained people in the high tech field. why would there be a shortage especially in this day in age? >> i think what's happened is there are so many startups and technology companies are growing at a fast pace and the number of engineers being produced out of the top universities and great engineering programs haven't really changed and hasn't really kept pace with the demand for those engineers. so companies like ours are getting started and we're growing so quickly that we've created 30 jobs in 12 months and so for that exact reason that wasn't the case 10, 15 years ago. so i think it's been very hard for a lot of these engineering programs to keep pace with the demand for jobs in the market. >> so that certainly is encouraging. explain recruiters that will look from silicon valley across the country, what are they specifically looking for and what do people out there need to
11:28 am
know? >> i think what's important is giving professionals a sense of what's in demand to companies right now. that's exactly what identify does. we deliver to candidates a score that measures based on what companies are searching for in the market, what's in demand to companies right now. we're seeing that engineers and in particular computer science engineers are the most in demand skill sets right now to companies. i think what you see is a lot of people graduating school don't know what the right career path to go into is. they don't know what companies are looking for. so a lot of career decisions they end up making are not informed by a lot of data and information. they are informed by they have to pay off their student loans or their parents tell them to do something or their friends are doing something but nothing tells them if i want to get to be cto of a company or creative corrector or lawyer, what companies should i work for and what skills do i develop and what education should i get? what we tried to do is add that transparency to the decision making in the career process so
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students can make the best career decisions they can. >> with someone out there right now that may not have the skill set necessary to fill this job and want to make a course correction in advancing the skill set, what would you recommend to them? >> i think right now given how in demand technical jobs are in particular computer science jobs right now. one thing a lot of people can do is look at options available to you. it's never too late to learn how to code. it's never too late to learn a technical skill set leabeing an engineer to a designer. skill sets are in demand right now. people should look at where do they want to end up? if they want to be at a startup or technology company, those are skill sets they need to look at. >> how many are you going to hire? >> hope 100. >> that's a big jump from 30 to 100. >> we are growing fast. hope to continue the pace. >> thanks for your time today. we appreciate it. we do want to show you those
11:30 am
live pictures to take you back to arlington national cemetery on this veterans holiday 11/11/11. looking at the ceremony that has begun there in the memorial amphitheater at arlington and take a quick break and be back with the president shortly. [ male announcer ] all over the world, there's a battery that's relied on to help bring children holiday joy, and while it doesn't travel by sleigh or reindeer, it does get around... in fact, every year duracell sends loads of batteries to the mattel children's hospital, u.c.l.a. of course, children here and everywhere don't really think about which battery makes their toy run... but, still... you'd never want to disappoint. duracell. trusted everywhere.
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[ male announcer ] halls. a pep talk in every drop. see? he's taking his vitamins. new one a day vitacraves plus omega-3 dha is a complete multivitamin for adults. plus an excellent source of omega-3 dha in a great tasting gummy. one a day, gummies for grown-ups. a look back at the live event going on in arlington national cemetery where we await the president's address there right now inside the memorial amphitheater. jim benson, master of ceremonies, is still speaking. president shall be coming up shortly. once he begins, we'll take you back there live. right now as we are speaking inside closed door meeting, republican members of the deficit reduction supercommittee are pushing a plan to overhaul the tax code. gop senators pat toomey and rob fortman are leading this effort to bring democrats to that plan to lower income tax rates.
11:34 am
the committee has just 12 days to broker a deal that would shave up to $1.5 trillion from the federal deficit. nbc's kelly o'donnell is live in our washington bureau to explain what's going on. democrats have said that the $300 billion in new revenue is just not enough. any want to raise taxes on the wealthiest of americans. where do two sides stand in this new round of negotiations? >> it is tense and it's difficult. when you talk about senators toomey and portman it talks about how the group of 12 is breaking down into smaller groups trying to build coalitions and get momentum. there are democrats like senator dirk durbin who is also a member who says that what republicans are offering in terms of adding some revenue is progress but not enough he says. it is really dicey at this point. there are lots of predictions that the group will not be able to come to some agreement in 12 days but they are still working at it. it's a federal holiday. they are at work and continuing to try to reach some sort of
11:35 am
agreement. so the two republican senators are also reaching out to democrats who have been a part of other kinds of groups trying to tackle the benefit sit and trying to find some deficit reduction. looking for people who are already knowledgeable on this hoping to find some friends who can garner support across the aisle. republicans suggest that maybe democrats don't want to see a deal for political reasons. >> let's talk about veterans and jobs for them and benefits. the senate overwhelmingly approved that gives a tax credit to companies who hire disabled vets. what kind of message is that sending in washington today given the partisan bickering back and forth that we've seen with the supercommittee? >> you can put bickering on pause with this piece of legislation. it did overwhelmingly passed and they got there by finding common ground everyone's support and concern about veterans and iraq/afghanistan veterans who have had such a hard time
11:36 am
finding employment when they are back home especially those that are disabled and those that have been long-term unemployed. this would offer employers several thousand dollars in a tax credit to hire those veterans and to consider it a signal that is a sign of support for veterans at large and a way to help small businesses get a bit of a break to commit to hiring some of these veterans who have skills that as the first lady and president have been saying don't translate so easily to civilian life. it's a positive for veterans and also a brief moment of zen coming to putting bickering aside. >> if only we had more of those. it would be nice. kelly o'donnell, great to see you today. thanks so much. now to decision 2012 and top political headlines for you. herman cain is raking in big bucks. the cain camp says it raised more than $9 million since october 1st. occupy wall street protesters interrupted a speech
11:37 am
by michele bachmann. she left the stage but then returned to finish her address. white house officials are confidence that president obama regained the upper hand on the economy. it's great to have you both on with me this morning. this new report on the had hill says president obama will put together this intense focus on the payroll tax cut and one element of the president's jobs bills that administration official vote will not hold up. if that happens, payroll tax credit is not extended. that means everyone that works for a paycheck to make a living will see taxes increase, correct? >> i'm not going to sit here and debate the democrat talking points on the tax cut bill. what i will say is i think it's fascinating that the president and white house are saying the news conference you mentioned that they want to run a re-election campaign on the economy. and that's an election campaign that we would welcome. >> so let's talk about the
11:38 am
article saying that the white house will ratchet up pressure on congressional republicans to extend his payroll tax credit. that's a key component of the president's jobs package. unemployment rate at 9% number. latest poll saying that 30% of americans are approving of the way that president obama is handling this economy. so how can the president reclaim the upper hand on the economy with this current situation? the conversation may be going positively for him but the economy, the facts of it, reality don't add up. >> a couple things driving this conversation over the past several months, thomas. one side on the republican side you have the best reality show on television, which is the gop presidential debates. on the other side you have the president barnstorming the country talking to every day people about his jobs package. here's what the american people appreciate. the president has put forward a plan that will create jobs, get the country moving in the right direction and it's paid for in a
11:39 am
balanced approach with cuts and with revenue raisers. this is the approach the american people appreciate. on the other side you have the republican party and the gop presidential candidates in particular saying that they are presenting the same old approach of cutting spending and reducing regulation, which we all know just won't work. you add to that what you see on capitol hill and in particular with the republican leadership in the house and the american people understand what's going on here. the contrast couldn't be clearer. >> let's talk about this. watching debates is the best reality television we have going on right now. let's look at the new poll showing a tight three-way race for gop nomination with herman cain on the top 18% and mitt romney in the middle. 15% and then newt gingrich right there at 15% as well and then at the same time 61% of republican primary voters say sexual harassment allegations against
11:40 am
cain won't make a difference in their vote. is that a sign that cain can move on and put this behind him if he plays his cars right or will this continue to dog the campaign especially if these women team up for a joint press conference as they alluded they're going to do. >> i don't think this issue is going away any time soon for the cain campaign. they'll have to deal with it. they've been dealing with it aggressively. the candidate addressed it aggressively. obviously with these types of stories other shoes tend to fall it remains to be seen if they're going to and what else the campaign is going to do to react to that. you know, i think it's been a side item. we were talking earlier about the economy. i still think that's the main issue that's going to drive not only the primary race on the republican side but also the general election campaign post-election with president obama. i think that's going to be the issue that will drive voters to the polls. i think ultimately regardless of who comes out of this gop primary race, i think the president is probably looking at one term and out based on his
11:41 am
record on the economy. >> gentlemen, i want to show everyone today rick perry on david letterman last night showing a lot of personality poking fun of his recent debate performance. take a look. >> here to present tonight's top ten list, top ten rick perry excuses, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome texas governor rick perry. number ten -- >> there were three reasons i messed up last night. one, was the nerves. two was the headache. and three -- >> a lot of commentators pundits are counting perry out. give me a reason why democrats shouldn't count him out just yet because given that performance, i mean, maybe debates aren't his thing but late-night tv really is because he has charisma and personality to spare. >> there's no question that that was the worst moment in debate
11:42 am
history that i had ever personally seen after years of observing and working in presidential politics. but while everyone is focused on perry, we really have to take a closer look at romney in the state of michigan -- >> i'm sorry to sburinterrupt. i want to take everyone to arlington national cemetery where the president has just taken over for his veterans day address. >> thank you for your commitment to our veterans and to secretary of defense, leon panetta, to chairman dempsey and our veteran association for the work they do for for our nation's heros to hall who tend to and watch over this sacred cemetery and above all to every active duty member, guardsman, reservist and veteran of the united states armed
11:43 am
forces. there are many honors and responsibilities that come with this job but none are more humbling than serving as your commander in chief. i'm proud to be with so many of you here today. here where our heros come to rest, we come to show our gratitude. a few moments ago i laid a wreath to pay tribute to all who have given their lives to our country. for even though this is a day we rightly honor america's veterans, we gather today in solemn respect mindful that we are guests here. mindful that we share this hallowed space with a family's moment of quiet grief.
11:44 am
mindful that many veterans not far from here are tracing their fingers over black granite for friends who never came home and expect us to do all we can to bring every missing american service member home to their families. to all our nation's veterans whether you fought you are part of an unbroken chain of men and women who have served this country with honor and distinction. on behalf of a proud and grateful nation, we thank you. when i spoke here on this day two years ago, i said there would be a day before long when this generation of service men and women would begin to step out of uniform. i made them a promise.
11:45 am
i said that when your tour ends, when you see our flag, when you touch our soil, you will be home in an america that is forever here for you just as you've been there for us. [ applause ] for many, that day has come. over the past decade more than 5 million americans have worn the uniform of the united states armed forces. of these, 3 million stepped forward after the attacks of september 11th knowing full well they could be sent into harm's way. and in that time they have served in some of the world's most dangerous places. their service has been selfless. their accomplishments have been
11:46 am
extraordinary. in iraq, they have battled a brutal insurgency, trained new security forces and given the iraqi people the opportunity to forge a better future. in afghanistan, they have pushed back the taliban and decimated al qaeda and delivered the ultimate justice to osama bin laden. in concert with our allies, they have helped end gadhafi's brutal dictatorship and returned libya to its people. because of their incredible efforts, we can stand here today and say with confidence, the tide of war is receding. in just a few weeks, the long war in iraq will finally come to an end. [ applause ] our transition in afghanistan is
11:47 am
moving forward. my fellow americans, our troops are coming home. [ applause ] for many military families, this holiday season will be a season of homecomings. over the next five years more than 1 million americans in uniform will transition back to civilian life. joining the nearly 3 million who have done so over the past decade and embraced a proud new role, the role of veteran. this generation of service members, this 9/11 generation has born the burden of our security during a hard decade of sacrifice. our service men and women make up less than 1% of americans but also more than 1 million military spouses and 2 million
11:48 am
children and millions more parents, relatives, all of whom have shared the strains of deployment and sacrificed on behalf of the country that we love. only 27 years old on average. these young men and women have shattered the false myth of their generation's apathy for they came of age in an era when so many institutions failed to live up to their responsibilities but they chose to serve a cause greater than the the themselves. they saw their country threatened and signed up to face that threat. they felt some tug. they answered some call. and they said let's go. and they've earned their place among the greatest of generations. [ applause ]
11:49 am
that is something for america to be proud of. that is the spirit america needs now. a stronger newer spirit of service and of sacrifice. that spirit that says what can i do to help? what can i do to serve? that spirit that says when my country is challenged, i will do my part to meet that challenge. so on this veterans day, let us commit ourselves to keep making sure that our veterans receive the care and benefits that they have earned, the opportunity they defend and deserve and above all, let us welcome them home as what they are. an integral, essential part of our american family. [ applause ]
11:50 am
when our men and women sign up to become a soldier or sailor, an airman, marine or coast guardsman, they don't stop being a citizen. when they when they take off that uniform, their service to this nation doesn't stop either. like so many of their predecessor, today's veterans come home looking to don't serve america however they can. at a time when america needs all hands on deck, they have the skills and the strength to help lead the way. our government needs their patriotism. and sense of duty. and that's why i've ordered the hiring of more veterans by the federal government. [ applause ] our economy needs their tremendous talents and specialized skills. so i challenge our business
11:51 am
leaders to hire 100,000 post- 9/11 veterans and their spouses over the next few years and yesterday many of these leaders joined michele to announce that they will meet that challenge. [ applause ] our communities have always drawn strength from our veterans' leadership. think of all who have come home and settled on in a quiet life of service. as a doctor or a police officer, an engineer or an entrepreneur. as a mom or a dad. and in the process changed countless lives. other veterans seek new adventures from taking on a new business to building a team of globetrotting veterans who use skills learned in combat to help after a natural disaster. there are also so many in this
11:52 am
young generation who still feel that tug to serve but just don't quite know where to turn. so, on this veterans day i ask every american recruit our veterans. if you're a business owner hire them. if you're a community leader, the mayor, a pastor, a preacher, call on them to join your efforts. organize your community to make a sustained difference in the life of a veteran because that veteran can make an incredible difference in the life of your community. if you're a veteran looking for new ways to serve, check out if you're a civilian looking for new ways to support our veterans and troops join michele and joe biden at find out what you can do.
11:53 am
there's no such thing as too small a difference. that effort you make may have the biggest impact. i say this because recently i received a letter from a vietnam veteran. she wasn't writing to tell me about her own experience. she just wanted to tell me about her son jeremy. now, jeremy isn't deployed. jeremy is not a veteran. or even in the military at all as badly as he wants to follow in the foot steps of his family and enlist. you see, jeremy has down syndrome. so, jeremy chooses to serve where he can best. with his local vietnam veterans of america chapter in beaver, pennsylvania. he calls them the soldiers.
11:54 am
and one day last spring jeremy spent the day with several of these veterans cleaning up a local highway. he worked tirelessly, wrote his mother. he never asked to take a break. he didn't stop to talk about his beloved steelers. he didn't even ask for anything to eat or drink. he only asked one thing several times. mom, will president obama be proud of me for helping the soldiers? well, jeremy, i want you to know that, yes, i am proud of you. i could not be prouder of you and your country is proud of you. thank you for serving our veterans by helping them to continue their service to america. and jeremy's example, one young
11:55 am
man's example is one that we must all now follow. because after a decade of war, the nation we now need to build is our own. and just as our greatest generation left a country recovering from depression and returned home to build the largest middle class in history, so now will the 9/11 generation play a pivotal role in rebuilding america's prosperity in the 21st century. we know it won't be hard. we have to overcome new threats to our security and prosperity. and we've got to overcome the cynical voices warning that america's best days are behind us. but if there's anything our veterans teach us is that there's no threat that we cannot meet, there's no challenge we cannot overcome, america's best days are still ahead and the reason for that is because we're
11:56 am
a people who defy those voices that insist otherwise. we are a country that does what is necessary for future generations to succeed. [ applause ] you are veterans fight so our children won't have to. we build and we invent and we learn so that we will know greater opportunity. america leads so that the next generation here and around the world will know a more hopeful life on this earth. so, today i thank you all for making that possible. god bless you, god bless our veterans and our troops. and god bless the united states of america. [ applause ] president obama wrapping up the ceremony there for this
11:57 am
veterans day at arlington national cemetery. laying a wreath of the tomb of the unknown and having a service there inside the memorial amphitheater. giving a speech about how integral veterans are. if you're a business owner you need hire a vet today. that will do it for me. i appreciate you spending your veterans day with me. dad, i owe you a phone call. follow me on twitte twitter @thomasaroberts. why do we have aflac... aflac... and major medical? major medical, boyyyy! [ beatboxing ] ♪ i help pay the doctor ♪ ain't that enough for you? ♪ there are things major medical doesn't do.
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