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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  November 14, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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would have been something that was totally disrespectful of her as a woman, and i know that's not the person he is. he totally respects women. >> rick perry brain freeze gets the full snl treatment. >> got away from me. oops. >> but, seriously, governor, what is the third department? >> come on, man, i said oops. it's up there somewhere. i can feel it dancing around. come on. >> but perry's plummeting polls are no joke. and resurrection today for newt gingrich. surprising everyone but perhaps himself. gingrich's policy director will be joining us this hour live from south carolina. the penn state scandal woes. the president of sandusky's charity has now resigned. this hour former pennsylvania
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governor, ed rendell. hundreds of police are tearing out the protest camps in portland and oakland. a preview over the huge controversy of alabama's immigration law. good day, i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. what a difference a week makes. herman cain's poll numbers taking a huge hit in the wake of the sexual allegations, rick perry's campaign may be all but over. the new poll from cnn today said cain plunged from 25% to 14% in a month. and rick perry 12%. newt gingrich just barely behind mitt romney. >> i think we could have seen this coming a little bit. herman cain struggling.
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i know his poll numbers held strong for about a week and a half, but now we're seeing them come down in the wake of the sexual harassment allegations in a way that are not good. rick perry numbers also coming down a little bit after the debate. who picks up? who is left, really? michele bachmann has already had her run at things. i don't think we should be stunned by it, andrea, but i would say this is someone with a very long record in public life, this is someone who has been on the opposite sides of issues like immigration, cap and trade, issues that might not sit as well with the republican voter once they're a little bit more he h educated about it. so newt does have potential weaknesses. if he continues to rise, his opponents might look to exploit. let's take a look at the nbc wall street journal poll. we looked back and interviewed some of the people interviewed
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in the poll last week, and after the rick perry brain freeze performance from cnbc, we should point out that the difference was, i believe, that the nbc news wall street journal poll couldn't have been in the field after the saturday night foreign policy debate. how are those results different from the cnn results today? >> i think what he saw, you saw herman cain drop a little bit. you saw rick perry go from 8 to 4. even though rick perry had that 60 seconds of not being able to remember that third department he wanted to eliminate, this was not a front runner campaign. this is someone who struggled in a lot of the debates, a lot of questions about whether he was ready for prime time. what happened wednesday kind of exacerbated, but it wasn't the first question with rick perry. i don't think rick should be all surprised there. the thing i focused on more than anything else was it looked as though the sexual allegations about herman cain are starting
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to catch up with him politically. i've been amazed he's been able to ride above it to the extent he has. he may not now be doing so. >> also is a gq interview with her mherman cain. he had something provocative to say about muslims. he said, i have talked with muslims that are peaceful. i have had very one well known muslim voice say to me that a majority of muslims share the extremist views. do you think that's right? yes, because that's his community. he's a very prominent voice in the muslim community and he said that. >> are you talking about the muslim community in america? where do you think this goes? >> remember, this is the new hampshire debate way back in june, he was asked a statement about whether he would have a muslim person in his cabinet.
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he said no, and then rekancante and said he misspoke. all these anonymous advisers, an anonymous friend. if you run for president of the united states, you can't just be citing anonymous people making claims like this that are relatively controversial. i shouldn't say relatively. that are controversial at a minimum. >> chris russo, we'll see you in a bit. left for dead only a few months ago, the former speaker is now in the middle of the hots for nomination. wow, you've got to be celebrating these polls and his debate performances, i think, have contributed a lot to it. >> yes, they have. we're certainly encouraged but of course we have a long way to go to get to the nomination. i'm in south carolina down here with a great group of grassroots activists trying to win the
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state for newt gingrich. >> what about the fact that n nayisna naysayers would say newt gingrich doesn't have a lot of money, at least didn't until this bump in the polls. he's doing a book signing and one of his movie pre views which some rg u have been the main focus rather than real grassroots organizing. >> you asked a lot of questions there. let me get to a couple of them. in terms of money, we raised money. we raised more than $1 million last week. we'll be very competitive on the money front. as i mentioned, we have a team down here in south carolina, nine people, the largest cam taken staff of candidates in south carolina. we have a team in new hampshire and we'll be announcing the team shortly in iowa. so we will have the ground team and the financial resources to make a run. you talked about losing part of this team. i've been working with speaker
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gingrich for nine years. they were campaign consultants but with one exception. when they left his entire team remained, so we've been with them over the course of the summer. we've been adding staff and certainly as we grow in this campaign, we'll be adding more staff. we certainly will be competitive in each of the states, and i think what you've seen here in the course of the campaign, you have a campaign of ideas and substance. gingrich has put out a new contract for america. you can go to and you can find out his plans for job creation, his plans to control the border, his plans for trying to create dramatic breakthroughs and new medical. this was part of the conversation to gain from the american people, his ideas, where they come from from god, and it's so important we have a government of limited powers, because they'll either limit us
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or we'll limit the government. he will show us those at some time in the campaign as well as those other ideas. >> let me show you an anti-gingrich flyer that was circulating quite a bit this weekend accusing him of backing parts of the dream act, in favor of cap and trade, in favor of immigrants' path to sill zcitiz ship, a thing he would have voted for t.a.r.p. how about some of those accusation snz. >> well, sure, he's got a long record and people will challenge him on different aspects of his record. i think what people are responding to in this age, and that is not a long we face today, his record as speaker when we have four consecutive balanced budget. we reduced the national debt by $4 million. we took the national debt in the sense of gdp down 20%.
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so it is a long record, and some of those issues you mentioned, we'll address those issues. he is opposed to cap and trade. he enforced strong border enforcement in terms of immigration, and i think he will be able to speak very convincingly about his record and why his solutions are the right ones for the country. >> just quickly, just parn th parenthetically, when he was doing the budget cuts, it was with the president. >> exactly, and i think both of them recorded the american house and owe also record that they worked together. welfare reform, bill clinton actually detailed.
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and that was done with 101 members of the democrat house and representatives. but gingrich and clinton deserve credit for those things because clinton was the president. >> good to have you here. >> thank you. we're nearing the halfway point in the stretch of two dozen republican debates. they've been highly rated. most recent was saturday night's foreign policy debate. a congressional correspondent. what a night you guys had, and what a performance by some of those candidates. let's talk about some of the hard line. clearly, you were trying to drill down and get beyond their talking points. >> we tried. >> clearly they had to figure out something other than the war on terror, or at least the capture of many al-qaeda leaders and also the killing of osama bin laden. but some of the positions on iran and on waterboarding are
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going to be controversial in the general election. >> well, you can see john mccain, republican nominee in 2008, he was tweeting as the debate went on that he believes the law so states waterboarding is torture, and he was suspicious that republican presidential nominees said they would return to it. rick perry said he would defend it in the day he dies, michele bachmann said she was in favor of it. so that was a topic that quade to the public something new. so they may not be. wut they take issues that may not be a big part of the conversation nationally, but whether it's president obama reelected or potential nominees, if they become president, are going to have to deal with. we had a conversation, why? because sta urthey've -- and th,
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wait a minute, we have to deal with pakistan. >> some people were suggesting rick perry did better because he could get through the sentences and the talking points, but when you really look at the meaning of some of the things that the candidates were saying, it's very hard to stand up to a foreign policy test. i wanted to tell you a little bit, though, on a different subject which is iran. because mitt romney, many people believe will have the nomination or presumed front runner for the nomination and the polk may say something different. but this is what he had to say and what the president had to say in response about iran. >> if we reelect barack obama, iran will have a nuclear weapon. and if we electricity mitt ra m with me as president, we will not have a nuclear weapon.
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>> he doesn't know what they're talking about. >> the very fact that mitt romney would talk about a nuclear solution which is in great debate in israel -- >> in the last week and a half. >> yes. and i think it was very clear indeed. you could not be more decla declarative. this is a very difficult issue. he didn't say anything about how you work with the security counc council. russia and china are not with the united states on this particular issue. he and newt gingrich also talked about wrapping up co vert issues on iran. that is the kind of asymmetric, but using other means to achieve military outcomes that oftentimes with lead to direct military involvement, which he
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was much more aggressive leaning on than the president has said. there's more difference between conducting legislation, and he has said, i will do it. >> thank you very much, major gary. you've had a busy weekend. thanks for being with us. as the scandal at penn state grows, we're right here at "at dree andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. days like this ♪ ♪ "there'll be days like this," mama said ♪ [ male announcer ] the toughest job on the planet just got a little easier. with one touch technology and even an air scrubber. the nissan quest. innovation for family. innovation for all. get up to $3,050 total savings on the 2011 nissan quest. ♪
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as authorities continue to dig into the penn state sex abuse scandal, the public is asking why weren't these allegations investigated when they first were reported? a sentiment shared by pennsylvania's governor, tom
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corbett, who was the state attorney general when the investigation finally began. >> i think one of the lessons that we need to learn from this is that when people see something like this or hear about something like this, you need to investigate right away. you need to report. we have lost the focus of what's in the best interest of the child when you see something like this. >> word out of the big 10 that the conference's football championship trophy will no longer bear the name of legendary coach joe paterno. it will instead take the name of one of the founders of the big 10 back in 1892. former pennsylvania governor ed rendell is, of course, also an nbc political analyst and joins me now. governor rendell, this is a tragedy for everyone concerned, and you know pennsylvania state college so well, the culture of it all. people wonder, why did it take so long? back in 1998, first the investigation of the mother of one of the victims, it was
1:19 pm
overheard by state police or by local police. why couldn't that have been followed up and why couldn't victims have been protected sooner? >> you're absolutely right, andrea. everybody is focusing on 2002 because that was the first thing that involved coach joe paterno. but in 1998, the allegation by the mother was brought to the center county district attorney, a man by the name of edward drecar. he declined to prosecute the case, he didn't think there was enough evidence. again, it's always easy to second-guess, and if i'm district attorney, and as you know, i was for eight years in philadelph philadelphia, i would bring that case for no other reason that it brings to light a predator out there by the name of sandusky, and even if you lose the case, there is benefit to bringing it to light. nobody knows except the victim and the police who interviewed the kid how agreeable the child would have been. as you know, drecar has
1:20 pm
disappeared and is now presumed dead about three or four years ago. i don't know whether that's a connection. you have to be a real conspiracy theerist. >> do you think that should be investigated? you were in charge of homicide when i first got to know you, and then, of course, the district attorney and the mayor and then the governor. do you think there should be somebody looking into that 2005 disappearance of the district attorney who first chose not to follow up on this case? >> well, sure. i mean, i think that's worth looking at. there are a lot of things worth looking at in this -- as it plays out, andrea. so you have the 1998 failure to act. but then you get into what is clearly -- and penn state obviously knew about that -- the football program, at least somebody knew about that. but then it goes on to 2002 when we had that absolutely horrible incident of a young child being anally subjected to sex by
1:21 pm
sandusky in the shower which the grand ju assistant coach sees and he does nothing about it. try to stop it, pull the guy off, hit him over the head with a -- towel rack. >> what i can't understand, governor, how is it possible after that, after 2002 and going forward, after sandusky was retired or whatever it was that happened to him and he's still getting his pension, all of this is pretty inexplicable. how could someone, even if there weren't a legal case, how could somebody not say, take the keys away and protect the children? why did it take so long for the former attorney general corbett to take some action against those who were still at large? >> in fairness to governor corbett, then attorney general corbett, his office didn't find out about it until early 2008. because nobody reported it, and that's really the flaw of the
1:22 pm
penn state family. everybody in charge, everybody did the minimum they're required to do. >> and he was in the locker room a week before he was arrested. if they wanted to have a grand jury impanelled, they could say, look, we don't have charges yet, but you better do something about protecting young children. >> they didn't need the grand jury or the panel to tell them that, they were all aware there was something bad that happened in the shower, number one. how he could still be around kids, nobody two, but more importantly, how someone in that whole hierarchy didn't think this was worth bringing to the police attention is beyond me. they weren't doing sandusky any favors. interestingly, andrea, if he had been arrested back then and put in jail, he probably would be out of jail by now. now because of the number of cases that have happened since, not only were those kids
1:23 pm
brutalized who didn't have to be brutalized if this was reported, sandusky is going to be in jail for the rest of his life, probably. it makes no sense and it is a black mark on president spanier, coach paterno, all these people who many have done great things for the university and great things for the state of pennsylvania. it's a tragedy at so many levels. but first and foremost, it's a tragedy because a lot of kids were subjected to this type of abuse and it could have been prevented. and that makes it almost unconscionable. >> ed rendell, thank you very much. tonight on "rock center with brian williams," bob costas tackling the penn state scandal. that's 10:00 eastern on nbc. it's the economy. what president obama has to do to overcome his biggest vulnerability in next year's election. the politico leaking right here on "andrea mitchell reports." what's better than gold ?
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the supreme court has agreed to hear the challenge to president obama's landmark health care legislation. they are setting aside an unusual five and a half hours for pro and con oral arguments. a decision will be likely in june in the middle of the election campaign. the cnn poll shows support of the loss has risen since january. the department of transportation accusing one of the largest single protection finds ever and they're limiting the number of hours passengers can be held on the tarmac. jetblue is being charged $900,000 for tarmac delays and inconveniencing people in chicago because of bad weather. it was only 20 delays the year
1:28 pm
after, but they all need to try to avoid violating the rules. president obama is firing back at the republican candidates as they take a hard line on iran, waterboarding and on foreign aid. is the supercommittee getting ready to kick the can down the road again? jim fiber joins us next right here on "andrea mitchell reports."
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>> they're providing a service or product. when i get on an airplane, i want to know that there is a federal regulator who has checked out that plane or at least checked out the industry to make sure it self-regulates effectively. you want to know there is a government standing behind the safety and the health of that product. and i've never met anybody that doesn't agree with this. we want regulation when regulation is clearly looking out for us. by a dream. i'm embarking on a journey of epic proportion. i will travel, from sea to shining sea, through amber waves of grain, and i won't stop until i've helped every driver in america
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save hundreds on car insurance. well i'm out of the parking lot. that's a good start. geico, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent, or more on car insurance. in today's politico briefing, another poll indicating that the president is vulnerable on the economy, and that is if republicans, of course, could settle on their candidate. john harris is new politico in chief. it shows real vulnerability there. hey, john. >> there is no question these really underscore both the challenges of the economy, andrea, as you mentioned, but also how that has created an overall sour mood for the country, and that's the climate in which this election is going to be taking place. the highest in the two-decade
1:32 pm
history. 75%, three out of four people say it's on the wrong track. that's just a real headwind that affects president obama, but i would say it also affects any politician including the republican who he is eventually going to run against. >> and john, early today you were monitoring a panel on ronald reagan on some cinematic abilities that he had and how that contributed to his ability to perform as president. there will be another reception on that tonight with some of the motion picture studio heads. in comparison to barack obama and his ability or inability to connect with people, retail, political skills, how did ronald reagan as an actor help contribute to his ability to campaign and win the election in 1984? >> i was privileged to be moderator. it was an extraordinary group of people on the panel, if i might point out, andrea, and thank you for being there. a number of people with a great
1:33 pm
vantage point watching president reagan in action. one thing that reagan had going for him, and i think you made this point, he loved the audience. he connected with them in a real way. seemed to come alive being in front of people in a way that barack obama doesn't, necessarily. he doesn't have that actor sense of connection or electricity between the character on stage and the audience. president reagan used his actor's ability to help frame the narrative for the 1984 reelection and told the story of a country coming back. the economy had been bad then as it is now, but he was able to tell a story that quaconveyed optimism that the country was on the rebound. so far president obama has not been able to tell that story. >> they use a lot of the same techniques, cinematic techniques, ways of staging events. but it's that peripheral connection, whether it's real or not real.
1:34 pm
if you can fake it, you can fake anything. thanks a lot, john harris. thanks for being with us today. >> thank you, andrea. with the deadline of the supercommittee only nine days away, the panel appears to be deadlocked. will they blame congress if they fail? in hawaii, president obama. >> the math won't change. there is no magic formula, there are no magic beans that you can toss on the ground and suddenly a bunch of money grows on trees. we got to just go ahead and do the responsible thing. >> money doesn't even grow on palm trees. assistant democratic leader of south carolina, member of the sup supercommittee. thank you for being with us. congressman, we're hearing that maybe they are going to have a deal? what was your impression from being at the table? >> well, i remained hopeful that we will get a deal. i am not as confident as i was,
1:35 pm
say, 10, 12 days ago, but i'm just as hopeful that we will. i would not say that we are deadlocked. i think that what would be a better description is that we have not quite coalesced around a plan. a lot of things are on the table. we are still discussing these things. the members are very positive on both sides of the aisle. there is some tweaking of things here and there, but we're just -- have not yet coalesced, but i think we'll get there. >> is it possible that you will come together around taxes? i mean, is there really going to be an agreement that involves changing the tax base in some way that would not be revenue neutral, which is what the republican proposal, at least the last republican proposal, in fact, was revenue negative. >> well, i think that some of my republican friends have called
1:36 pm
and talked about structural changes and i would like to see some structural changes in our taxes. i think that when you've got a structure that yields 275% growth in personal income for people at 1% and only 18% in the lower quartile, we need to change the structure. so i believe we need to really look at how we can make structural changes in both entitlements and in taxes to get it to where we need to be. this ought not to be about whether it's written in neutral. it's got to be whether or not it eliminates the deficit, creates jobs and gets people in a much better mood. you were talking earlier about the sour mood that people are in. i think a lot has to do with the fact that they don't think that their leaders are doing enough
1:37 pm
to get us to where we ought to be. so if we can get this plan done, it will say to the voting public that the elected leaders can, in fact, get something done. and i think they will do as much as they can possibly do to create enough jobs to eliminate all the unemployment in the country. >> congressman jim clyburn, thank you very much. >> thank you. republicans were in jim clyburn's state. they were taking a hard line against iran, against pakistan, against china and talking about waterboarding. the international center for scholars and also the author of the book, can america have another great president? that's due out next year. we look forward to it. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me here. >> let's talk about iran. you have mitt romney. let me play a little bit of the
1:38 pm
tape of mitt romney talking about how he could stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon. let's watch. >> if we reelect barack obama, iran will have a nuclear weapon. and if you elect mitt romney, they will not have a nuclear weapon. >> campaigning is a lot different than governing. he's going to move toward the center. he's going to create the bad options in iran that this country con fronts. diplomacy isn't an option. i suspect in a year or so, the israelis will be very tempted, and no american president can sit down and say, look, sanctions haven't worked. i won't allow what iran does in eight minutes what hitler failed to do in eight years. that kind of compelling presentation against an america
1:39 pm
that can't stop it rain ya-- th iranians is going to be a very tough position. the answer is no. mitt romney, and he knows he doesn't have an answer to this, and he's going to be shackled with trying to deal with it. maybe. >> before we leave that, israel is having its own debate over whether it's even militarily possible. we've seen them or someone slow down through a computer virus. they've now apparently overcome that. we've seen some very suspicious fascinations, and there was a death today reported of prominent iranian politician sonen dubai. the palestinians wanted to bomb them. the reality is just like mowing the grass, and this is the problem. if you mow the grass, the grass is going to grow back, and the reality is there is no end state
1:40 pm
here. unless you can bring about a change in the regime and fundamentally alter its motivational character. it's an inquisitive character. it's a nation that's entitled and insecure in its own perception. very hard to figure out where this is going to end. >> waterboarding, i thought we were past this debate. here herman cain and obama on the subject of waterboarding as torture. >> if i were president, i would be willing to use waterboarding. i think it was very effective for our country. >> i don't see it as torture. i see it as an enhanced interrogation technique. >> let me just say this. they're wrong. waterboarding is torture. it's contrary to america's traditions, it's contrary to our ideals. that's not who we are, that's not how we operate. >> so are we going to get into another argument over weather waterboarding is torture? you've got john mccain talking about the army manual.
1:41 pm
michele bachmann saying the army manual is on line and can tell the terrorists what kind of questions they'll be asked. >> this debate is as old as the old republic. balancing security, safety rights. herman cain and the president are absolutely right. people will say anything to stop the pain. it's not a reliable source of interrogation, and they have yet to demonstrate fundamentally that it is. for a guy who really isn't that vulnerable on foreign policy, the president, he's basically a more infinite version of president bush. by and large, the president has been pretty confident, at least on foreign affairs and foreign policy. >> thank you very much. good to see you. police clad in riot gear
1:42 pm
cleared out the occupation camp. it opened this morning after several warnings. removing several demonstrators in handcuffs shortly after 6:00 a.m. the conviction comes a day after they talked them into leaving their encampments. the impact of a controversial immigration law in alabama. this is andrea mitchell reports only on msnbc. ♪ ♪ walk, little walk ♪ small talk, big thoughts ♪ gonna tell them all just what i want ♪ ♪ i said don't stop, don't stop ♪ ♪ don't stop talking to me [ male announcer ] the most legroom per dollar of any car in america. the all-new nissan versa sedan. from $10,990. innovation upsized. innovation for all. ♪ ♪
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1:46 pm
allegations. did they set sandusky free on an unsecured bail? where he allegedly picked his victims. if it's true, should the judge have recused herself from the case? it's our newsnation gut check. alabama's new immigration law, the toughest in the nation, is the center of a bitter court fight that could stop the state from enacting the most controversial parts of the legislation. but even with an uncertain future, the law is already impacting immigrant communities and non-immigrant populations. a new look at tonight's "rock center" and she spoke to clint who opposes the law. >> this is just mean spirited. this is finding the most vulnerable people within a society, people who can't vote, most of them are women and children, or they have no political power, and so in a
1:47 pm
sense, it's like the blacks in 1963 who couldn't vote in alabama. >> they agree that they feel like the alabama blacks of the jim crow era. and as in 1963, the sanchezs and the federal agreement are in a feud over the industry. >> she said the man was a racist. she was talking about you, sir. >> i certainly am not racist. i am not racist. in fact, that's insulting that anyone would think that i would be racist. i love everyone. >> the governor said alabama had to pass its law because the federal government wasn't enforcing its own laws on immigration. >> can you understand, sir, how this looks to people outside of alabama? people think about alabama and they think about the past, unfortunately. >> but they shouldn't link it. in the '50s and '60s, the federal government was trying to
1:48 pm
get alabama to obey the constitution. they were right and we were wrong in the south. they were trying to get us to obey the law. today what we're trying to do is we're trying to get the federal government to obey the law. so it's just the opposite. >> and kate snow joins us now. kate, this is really extraordinary because this immigration law has been largely unreported. but what you have done in drilling down is show how all communities in the state are really affected by this. >> there are a lot of people affected. of course, the immigrants who live there, some of them have fled the state already. we met that family in the bakery who think they're going to lose their entire business because they can't have a business license anymore under this law. but it's also affecting farmers, which is the most interesting thing we found, andrea. republican farmers who voted for their state senate and state house and their governor, the governor you just saw. they now feel betrayed by the governor. they feel like he forgot what would happen to the farmers, which would be losing their work force, and they can't find
1:49 pm
people to hire at this point. >> what is the state of it right now? >> they have sued the state of alabama basically saying the state doesn't get to decide about immigration matters, it should be a federal issue. that is now at the court of appeals level and pending some kind of resolution. but at this point, parts of the law have been temporarily enjoined, some parts of it, but many of the provisions that the opponents of the law really don't like are still in full force in alabama right now. >> kate snow. we'll all be watching. and you can catch kate's full report and so much more on "rock center" tonight, 10:00 on your local nbc station. thanks, kate. and the cancer research movement has lost a fierce advocate. evelyn lauder, founder of her breast research cancer foundation which has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for cancer around the world for nearly two decades, and who inspired the pink ribbon movement has died.
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which political stories will make headlines in the next 24 hours. managing editor of post we are going towards iowa. >> we should always look towards iowa. once the weather turns cold it's time to look towards iowa.
1:54 pm
two interesting visits there tomorrow. rick perry and newt gingrich, the man of the moment. both spending time in iowa. what's fascinating is we have this story line and no one has really done that much. perry has run ads and nude earlier had done things organizationally, but the campaign struggled. hard to raise money and that sort of thing. is there anyone in those two, perry or gingrich who can beat mitt romney who is going back to iowa. it starts to look like mitt romney played a little bit hands off and may be going in there. can perry and can gingrich head them off at the pass. he is likely to win new hampshire. we have a short election nomination process. mitt romney is the nominee. >> what happened four years ago or in the previous cycle, he made that play and was embarrassed by it, but seeing perry falter, unless gingrich can recapture the support, iowa
1:55 pm
could be an opening for mitt romney. >> i don't think there is a question about that. he spent $10 million in iowa and watched the guy who spent way less than that and beat him in the last minute. they are wary, but there is not a mike huckabee at the most. no one is coalescing behind them. some for gingrich and some for perry and some for cain. there can be an establishment support and to justify going in there, he is going in again and if he can pull off a win, the nomination could be decided in iowa. >> iowa tomorrow. thank you very much. that's in the next 24 hours. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow online and a look at what's next. >> absolutely, thank you. in our next hour, a new reaction
1:56 pm
to the supreme court hearing challenges to the president's health care law. the white house commented saying it is pleased the court will hear the case. the law was rushed through congress and americans don't support it. it can come to an end four months before the presidential election. we will take a look at it. senator john mccain is coming out against all but two republican candidates who said they would support waterboarding in this weekend's debate. we take a look at the republican in fighting on waterboarding and new poll numbers with perry sinking further. phillips' caplets use magnesium, an ingredient that works more naturally with your colon than stimulant laxatives, for effective relief of constipation without cramps. thanks. good morning, students. today we're gonna continue... thanks. smal l bu thanks. sinesses are the smal lifeblood of our communities. on november 26th you can make a huge impact by shopping small on small business saturday. one purchase.
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