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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  November 15, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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>> libya. president obama -- >> when asked about that oops moment, the candidate reverted to a familiar refrain. >> do you think the libya comments reinforce that you don't have a good understanding of foreign policy? >> let us walk through. 9-9-9. >> and we'll talk to the senior editor from gq who sat down with cane for a memorable interview. and is he sorry now? sandusky's extraordinary conversation on "rock center". >> are you sexually attracted to underaged boys? >> am i sexually attracted to underaged boys? >> yes, sir. >> sexually attracted? you know, i enjoy young people. i love to be around them.
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i -- i -- but no, i'm not sexually attracted to young boys. >> eviction notice. the birthplace of occupy wall street raided overnight. the stand yauf continues. and an oil pipeline through nebraska putting pressure on the president. good day. live in washington, herman cain is once again in a familiar situation, damage control. this time because he couldn't answer a simple question. whether or not he agrees with president obama on libya. msnbc contributor and managing editor of post, we have the daily fix. it's hardly a gotcha question to ask whether or not he agrees and this is what happened when cain was asked about libya. >> you say you agreed with president obama on libya or not?
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>> that's a different one. no. >> got all this stuff twirling around in my head. >> we all got a lot of stuff twirling around in our heads. but when you are running for president -- is this part of the reason he is going down in the polls? >> sit is part of the reason he will keep going down in polls. we saw polls that suggested his support was ebbing away. some of it has to do with -- a lot of it has to do with the sexual harassment allegations and his response to it. but this is not going to help. it comes at a very bad time. herman cain trying to bounce back, 9-9-9, trying to get back on message. this is not a gotcha question. this is a very open ended do you
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agree or disagree with president obama's stance on libya. the idea that someone running for the highest office in the country, you don't have to be an expert on every single thing. he knows more about economic policy than foreign but you have to have some answer out there. he went on for -- i know it is only an hour long show but he went on for two and a half minutes where he could not find his way. he didn't know, couldn't remember. the act of running for president is to prepare you to be the leader of the free world. you cannot have moments like this. democrat, republican, independent. you can't have these kind of moments and say i am ready to lead the free world. >> thank you so much. herm herman cain's negatives were up double just in the last month.
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fatigue to the december issue. the magazine's top editor sat down for pizza and politics. how did he impress you? it seemed to be a very easy going session? obviously comfortable, pizza on the table. t did you drill down at all and find whether he could get past his talking points? >> that was part of the approach that he wanted to handle and he knew that the interview that he did wasn't able to see print? so we wanted to ask him questions and put him in situations and bring up subjects that would hold up. >> we talked on this program about what he said about muslims being extremists. >> one of this things we were curious about was the not being
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comfortable. in the weeks following that he seemed to suggest that he had been taken out of context and quoted unfairly and treated unfairly in that regard but it seemed to portray in his comments some real discomfort regardless of what his comments were. in the course of having that conversation he revealed something quite remarkable to us that he believes a majority of american muslims hold extremist beliefs which is almost surely not the case. >> you pressed him on that. you, yourself, according to the transcript pressed him on that. he said yes, he felt that was the case with american muslims? >> one of the things that herman cain does is he puts the claim in the mouth of someone else and that someone else is often a person he will not name. this time he attributed it to a
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muslim leader who told him this was the case that more than a majority of american muslims have extremist beliefs. >> he talked about the fact that he doesn't believe in political correctness and he thinks that people like his directness and then he proceeded to talk about some of his opponents in a very direct way. let's run them down. he talked about mitt romney as being plain vanilla ice cream and he was asked what kind of ice cream would he be? >> he was asked whether he was the flavor of the month and he said i am black walnut which always tastes good. as it turns out it was a limited release flavor, so it was a flavor of the month. we wanted to see if he would -- in terms of their ice cream
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flavors and we were not surprised to find that he was all too happy to play along. >> in calling mitt romney plain vanilla he also said that he thought that ron paul, i would be scared if he were president? rick perry not a good communicator? rick santorum wouldn't be effective, newt gingrich would be a good president but not sure if he can get there. michelle bauchman scares him. what ice cream did he say she would be? >> tooti fruiti. >> it shows the personality. pizza and politics at the gq table. the issue comes out in december next week, i guess. thanks for previewing it with us. and ftaxes are still the bigges
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sticking point. >> he is confident he could get support to change tax rates. >> i am convinced if there is in fact an agreement that it can pass. the offer that the republicans put on the table is a fair offer. reforming the code is a step in the right direction. the details of how we get there are dwroet be worked out. >> indeed yet to be worked out. democrats have said that the republican proposal is dead on arrival because it would lower taxes for the rich. democratic congressman is a democrat, of course, and a member of the super committee. and today you told reporters that you are pragmatically opt omystic. why? >> because we have seen a solution put on the table before, whether it was the simpson commission, t. we have discussed what could
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become a good solution among the 12 of us on many occasion. we can get there it is just a matter of having the political will to do it. >> do you think there is political will? are you coming together along the margins so something could be brought forward to actually account for what it would do dollars and cents and have it be finished by the 23 which is spozedly the deadline? >> we could break the deadlock by tearing up the measures that prevent balance. it's not a matter of trying to figure out how to get there. we have seen the different elements of a good solution. it's a matter of having people break away from the grips. the grip that some folks are in that keep them from being able to come to the middle and come to a good commence solution. >> the washington post said in
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an editorial that they have achieved decorum but little else. is there anything else coming together or is this a case where democrats are saying we could achief it if the republicans wouldn't mess this up and republicans are doing the opposite and everyone is trying to avoid the blame for failure but failure is inevitable. >> i think we have had good conversation about what we could do in some of the mandatory conversations and we have had conversations about revenues as wellment within the conversations you can see the kernels of a good solution. but the difficulty is this. if they insist on being so akbressive in cutting benefits in medicare for seniors i hope they would be as ambitious in coming up with real revenue that come to that segment of the population. the rest of the republican public including the middle class have been hollowed out. we can get there it is just
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breaking the special interest pledges. >> congressman, just to get down to the bottom line here, come november 23, which is next week, pre-thanksgiving, are we going to get a deal? >> we have had many chances to talk and we have been talking for quite some time. but the anytitime now to act is come up with a plan. if we can shoot big, be bold, get a balanced plan that gets $4 trillion in savings, that would be the best. if we can at least do the 1.2 trillion. that would help us with the automatic cuts. i believe we can do it. the elements of a solution at 1.2 trillion or 4 trillion are there. we just have to stop with the gridlock that is really created with the special interest pledges that keep people from
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going to the middle. >> thank you very much congressman. thanks for being with us. from bailout to bonuses? why were millions and millions paid out to executives at fannie mae and freddie mac. plus sandusky speaks. he speaks to nbc news. send us your thoughts at twitter and follow the show online. this is andrea mitchell reports only on msnbc. at the kids table. andrew, come on over here. sit over here. [ boy ] cool. [ kid ] i was a finally a man. on my way to shaving, driving and staying up past midnight. and then it happened. my two favorite things in the world. together. i learned something that day. being an adult is overrated. [ male announcer ] holidays aren't the same without home baked marie callendar's pies and the real dairy cream of reddi wip.
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fannie mae and freddie mack trying to explain why ten executives at the mortgage giants were paid nearly $13 million in bonuses.
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democratic congressman is the ranking democrat for house hearings being held tomorrow morning on legislation that would kush pay and put the rest of the work force on the same pay scale as federal employees. do you think that's a good idea? is it time to change the pay structure? >> no doubt about it. fannie and freddie executives have been underperforming as far as i'm concerned. we see them unable to control out of control attorneys. we seem them unable to seemingly help many, many people who are out of their houses. here we have some 6 million people facing foreclosure. 3 million of whom are already out of their houses and they need to feel some of the pain that a lot of our con stit wents are feeling. and maybe this is a way to send a message to them.
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>> well, what kind of message dr. >> you're talking about ten people getting some $13 million and usually you would reward bonuses for people who do a good job. now if you will recall, andrea, when we were dealing with aig, we found they had people and i am convinced that the folks here in fannie are caught up in the same kind of culture. the message is to do better and take care of the american people and keep in mind that these are our tax dollars at hand here. it seems to me that when folks are performing well, they say that when they are performing poorly they need to retain them because they can't find better people. that's a problem and i think we can deal with that.
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>> especially the big salaries which are not being dealt with here. >> just voted within the last hour or so to address the bonus issue and freeze some of these salaries of these top execs and i think you will see more of that happening. i think the congress has been totally frustrated with fanniemae. this is not a republican problem or democrat. this is both parties are frustrated. by a vote of something like 52-4. they just voted on a committee legislation to freeze those bonuses for 2011. i think barney frank and those on financial services committee have done the right thing. and tomorrow our committee will be hearing from mr. demarco, the
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conservator trying to figure out how did he justify these bonuses. >> this issue can come up during the cnbc debate last week when john harwood asked newt gingrich what he did or his firm or he as a consultant to earn $300,000. let me play that tape for you. >> your firm was paid $300,000 in 2006. what did you do for that money? >> are you asking me? >> yes. >> i offered them advice precisely what they didn't do. when they walked in and said to me we are making loans to people with no credit history and have no record of paying back anything but that's what the government wants us to do. i said to them at the time this is a bubble. this is insane. this is impossible. >> i guess you can take from that it all would have been fine if they would have listened to newt. >> i think he is saying that, too. he will have to answer that
1:20 pm
question a little bit furter. that's the kind of money i'm talking about. $300,000 to go newt gingrich to tell people something they should already know what are they doing with the money they already have. maybe shea should pause and do something for the american people, my con stit wents who are in pain. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and preem bsupreme battle. plus, can angry wisconsin democrats kick governor scott walker out of office? they're sure going to try. what's better than gold ?
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and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement, available only with liberty mutual auto insurance, if your car is totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer. to learn more, visit us today. responsibility. what's your policy? in the plitico briefing, the supreme court is finally going to be deciding if the individual mandate is constitutional. it is not only the most
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important legal battle in more than a decade but it could have profound consequences. glen thrush is the senior white house reporter. glenn, the timing is going to be difficult no matter what happens here. it's going to be a big argument possibly in march and a decision in june. >> that is what is interesting. they chose to have it, essentially, drop down right in the middle of the campaign. we report this morning that some progressives suggested to the white house council that they implement the delaying tactics. >> we are talk. some people have likened this to row versus wade. but the issues here are
1:25 pm
extraordinarily significant tunl issues. and the white house has some sense of at the moment of confidence given to them by judge silver man's decision in the d.c. case. >> that's because the very, very important court of appeals which is the next most significant court below the supreme court in this case in a -- in a majority opinion written by silverman, a lifelong very strong conservative upheld the individual mandate. >> federalist society. and that was something that the obama folks both in chicago and in washington were bringing to reporters' attention. look, as you are aware this is at its core a political argument. the obama folks feel some level of confidence that mitt romney's work on the massachusetts health reform plan inoculates them to some extent. there are some democrats that think that the possibilities
1:26 pm
particularly in places like ohio and virginia for a backlash against this. who really wants to relitigate health care reform in 2012. >> some would argue, some of the president's own party would argue that if he had not gone health care and gone to other budget issues and jobs and the economy that he might be in a much better place. >> one of them being the current mayor of chicago. >> right. who was certainly involved at the time. thank you very much. good to see you. and the scandal at penn state growing. new reports of more victims as jerry san d-- joins me next. >> plus, president obama under pressure over a controversial oil pipeline. send me your thoughts and follow the show online. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc.
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topping the headlines rigtd now in new york, hundreds of wall street protesters and hundreds of police in riot gear are in a stand off. so far police have kept the protesters. with the protesters and the city are in a court hearing right now. meanwhile at least 200 people were arrested overnight and about a quarter of those will be arraigned in court. and gabrielle giffords said she is not sure when or if she will return. >> and he has been underfire for democrats for getting the state to ban collective bargaining rights earlier this year. opponents need more than a half million signatures by january to trigger a recall election in
1:31 pm
march. >> i am innocent of those charges. >> innocent? completely innocent and falsely accused in every aspect? >> well, i can say that i have done some of those things. i have horsed around with kids. i have showered after workouts. i have hugged them and i have touched their leg without intent of sexual contact. >> he is a prize winning author on several things. buzz, it's great to see you. thanks for being here.
1:32 pm
can you react, at least initially to sandusky and what we heard last night? this extraordinary interview? >> it was extraordinary in the sense that i just thought in my mind it made him more guilty, more of a predator, more of a monster. i felt his effect was strangely flat. i am amazed that he did the interview. i am amazed that they caught a picture of him munching on dunkin donuts as if nothing had happened. even if he is innocent, he has no shame. anyone charged with that stuff would be sitting in a room with a blanket over their head trying to figure out what happened. i believe in a weerld way that this guy is almost flaunting it and has a dangerous narcissism. i don't think anyone was swayed. i will not get into his lawyer who should be disbarred because letting your client do a phone
1:33 pm
interview and the lawyer is not there to tell you what to say and what you can't say. he admitted to the general allegations. i don't understand where you ined a verntly touch a kids leg. what does horsing around really mean? are eight victims totally lying? >> let me play another little bit of the interview. >> did joe paterno ever speak to you directly about your behavior? >> no. >> never? >> no. >> he never asked you what you might have done or if you needed counseling? >> never. >> never expressed disapproval of any kind? >> no. >> the penn state program was
1:34 pm
widely valued, nationally valued because no ncaa violations. what does this say about the relationship between money, the amount of money that all of these schools make off of their football programs and the culture of silence. >> in a kwas like penn state, football was god and paterno was zuess. there is a code. you never rat on your own. you never turn in your own. in all these football and nca
1:35 pm
scandals there have been no coach coaches who have ever turned in their own program. it makes total sense to me that paterno knew what was happening. i am not even going to talk to him. he didn't go to his going away party. it is curious that sandusky retired. granted he was not going to get the penn state job. he did get head coaching jobs reportedly at maryland and virginia. the word is out. you interview any major college football coach, if it was a secret, which it was, they wanted to keep it secret, i cannot believe that joe paterno knew nothing about his alleged behavior when the investigation first surfaced in 19 t t t t9 8. >> obviously the investigations continue. thank you so much for joining us
1:36 pm
today. it is green is universal week here at nbc universal. one thing that has set up a political fire storm is a proposed oil pipeline. a project postponed by the obama administration many say to avoid an election year fight. the defense council opposes the pipeline plan and one in favor join me at the table. bob, what is wrong with a pipeline that will bring hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil a day down to the gulf for refining and potentially make us more energy independent of imports from the persian gulf which has all the foreign policy implications. >> it won't make us financially more secure.
1:37 pm
in fact, that's the business plan that many companies who are -- who would buy this oil, that's their business plan already. what's wrong with it is this is the dirtiest oil on the planet. to get one barrel of oil, you need to process four tons of this sand. it has to be steamed, cooked, pressed, and that uses four and a half times as much energy and causes more pollution than domestic crude oil. then we will run it through the heartland of america, through the bread basket and put at risk 260 farmers, ranchers, croplands, waters? the president did the right thing in putting the brakes on it. >> you have raised a number of points. what to the point that it is the dirtiest possible oil. it will be exported anyway and it will put at risk the heartland of our country.
1:38 pm
>> the points will be great if they were true. recent economic analysis shows that if we were able to build the pipeline coupled with production here in the united states, within 15 years we could be energy secure here in the united states. all of our oil and natural gas would come from canada, mexico or the united states. that is a big deal. the second part we shouldn't overlook is that this pipeline would immediately create 20,000 new american jobs. it's unfortunate that the president has made a political decision here because we sacrificed 20,000 new jobs for one, his own. the president has decided for whatever political reasons that he needs to delay this decision beyond the election. we think this decision should be made now. the people should be put to work. it will make us more energy secure, help revive the economy. we think it's a big mistake to
1:39 pm
put this decision off and we think the president should reconsider it. >> wasn't the president as some have suggested, even howard dean said that clearly it was a political decision, bob. he is no relationship to you, bob. the fact is he was caught between you and other environmentalists and the labor move skpmt the job creation. and given those choices he wanted to delay it to 2013. >> i think the president listened to the voices of the american people which is what he has to do. he listened to people in nebraska and across the great plains. he listened to the economists of the state department. the economist at cornell university. all of whom have said we're talking about a few thousand temporary jobs to dig the trench and drob the pop and a few hundred after that. and the president said are we going to put the resources of the american bread basket at risk for that? no. it needs a second look.
1:40 pm
not so much for political reasons. >> inspector general is investigating claims that in fact, people connected, lobbyists connected to transcanada, to the pipeline company were involved in trying to influence the decision. what do you know about that, bob? >> we have great respect for the state department but this was not its finest hour. they have made a dog's breakfast out of the process. it needs to be done right. >> they were leaning towards approval. >> i think that's a fair statement. and i think it's fair to say that now what's important is that people's voices have been heard and they will take a second look. it's not going to create jobs, put things at risk, not energy secure. the way to do that is going back to what richard nixon was saying and reduce our reliance on oil. >> is the pipeline safe? >> absolutely.
1:41 pm
they have had three exhaustive environmental review. unprecedented review. they studied 14 alternative routes. the state department and the environmental protection agency are both prepared to move forward and say yes. this will have limited impact. this is clearly in the national interest. it's unfortunate that the president intervened at this time which suggests that perhaps we're not as serious about job creation as we should be. this will provide the gulf coast and allow refineries and others to continue to operate. i think equally important as we talk about the good citizens in nebraska, they rely heavily on the oil and natural gas to fuel their farms and provide for their livelihood. recent public survey say that 80% of people support further energy imports from canada. >> we have to leave it there.
1:42 pm
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1:46 pm
and today democrats startd gathering signatures to try to recall scott walker. we will try to get a live report on the ground for you. >> mitt romney said that he can stop iran from going nuclear. >> if we re-elect barack obama, iran will have a nuclear weapon. if you elect mitt romney they will not have a nuclear weapon. >> does romney have a secret plan? if so, what is it? how would he stop iran from going nuclear beyond sanctions which russia has now said they oppose and the white house has pursued very aggressively. >> well, i think first you have to look at the context. under barack obama you had an election that wasn't free and fair in iran. people rose up, america stayed quiet. you have continued to have iran, the largest sponsor, the number one sponsor of terrorism
1:47 pm
according to president obama's state department. you have the president of iran continuing to say that he wants to wipe off the face of the earth our fraiend and ally, israel. and he has played mother may i with china and russia. >> they have vetoes. you know from the u.n. you were there for three years. >> with all due respect, there is is a whole range of unilateral sanctions that can be done and also sanctions that can be done with some of our friends. the only pathway to sanctions is not through the u.n. security council. a good example is sudan. there are some sanctions but the u.s. has prosecuted much more sweeping sanctions including of their financial system. we should look at going after their central bank, their sanctions that can and should be used. the important thing is president obama has made clear a, he has been passive on all of these
1:48 pm
things, b, the international atomic energy agency comes out with a new report about the relentless and continued pursuit of nuclear weapons and within two hours, russia and china line up and say no new sanctions and we say okay, we're not going to do anything. that's not acceptable. >> that's not exactly what the administration said. they said they would go back and start working with them. let me ask you this. would a president mitt romney take military action if sanctions did not work? >> very clear, one he would seek crippling sanctions. b, he would move some of our naval force from the persian gulf and as a last resort he is going to be willing to consider military options. the problem is that with president obama that's not credible and with romney it will be credible. >> at the same time there was a rather heated exchange.
1:49 pm
let me play that for you and get a response. >> it made it happen. >> senator mccain, that's just simply not true. i guess you can believe that and i respect your beliefs. >> i respect your opinion. and the outcome is not exactly as predicted. >> that's not how it happened. >> it is how it happened. >> this is about negotiating with a sovereign country. >> ambassador, what is mitt romney's position about the iraq withdrawal timetable? >> well, first, it's an enormous failure not to get a status of forces agreement with a sovereign country of iraq. president bush was able to do that. he did that all the time. there was a failure of diplomacy
1:50 pm
and will by the united states government. >> it's president bush's status that is expiring in december. that's the agreement that is is forcing the u.s. out. it was the bush white house that did it. >> first of all, president obama announced an accelerated withdrawal plan that many on capitol hill and many in the pentagon disagreed with and it was more by politics than what was going on on the ground. iraq made certain decisions based on what they saw. the lack of will of the united states to see this through, etc. all that was part of the reason that the united states and obama administration was a total failure in getting the agreement. the time table for our withdrawal is dictated by politics and not the events on the ground. that has been clear from the reporting that you and others have done. >> we will have to leave it there and to be continued.
1:51 pm
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arizona representative gabrielle giffords released an audio message to constituents on her facebook page. >> it's been a hard year for all of us. thinking about that day makes me sad. six people died. six independent people. so many people hurt. there is a lot to say. i will speak better. i want to go back to work. representing arizona is my honor. >> the message was recorded last week in houston where giffords is undergoing continued rehab.
1:55 pm
which political story will make headlines in the next 24 hours. managing editor joins us. you have to pause and say what extraordinary courage. she is committed to her political career and they love her in arizona and she is working so hard to get back to washington. >> no question. as a quick transition and i want to make sure people know today and tomorrow president obama lands in australia. this is the third time he attempted to go there. he put it off for the health care vote and put it off for the gulf of mexico oil spill. he is finally touching down in the land down under today or tomorrow depending on where you stand in the time change. >> just taking off now from hawaii and nine or ten hours later he will number australia. thanks so much. down under indeed. that does it for us. my colleague as a look at "news nation." >> what an fbi profiler has to
1:56 pm
say about jerry sandusky's interview and how the questions were answered. why did his attorney let him agree to be used against him. what can be used against him. sadly we are learning about even more alleged victims and now sandusky's attorney claims that some of the accusers are coming out for the money. we will get a live report where it has been a tense situation on the ground all day. protesters were kicked out in a predawn raid. "news nation" is minutes away. i'd never ride without one now. and since my doctor prescribed lipitor, i won't go without it for my high cholesterol and my risk of heart attack. why kid myself? diet and exercise weren't lowering my cholesterol enough. now i'm eating healthier, exercising more, taking lipitor. numbers don't lie. my cholesterol's stayed down. lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. it's backed by over 19 years of research. [ female announcer ] lipitor is not for everyone,
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using the same rigorous clinical testing that's required for prescription pain medications. proven. powerful. safe. salonpas. >> right now on "news nation." inside the mind of jerry sandusky. i have showered after workouts. i have hugged them and i have touched their legs. without intent of sexual contact. >> the former penn state coach