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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  November 18, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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. it's friday, november 18th and here's what's happening. newt gingrich, father christmas. he didn't lobby for freddie mac. he was in it for the poor. >> my interest in housing and my interest in helping poor americans have a chance to buy houses is very real. >> calling all cars. be on the look out for this man. a 6'2" presidential candidate who hasn't been seen on tv since the debates. when you are against these guys, silence may be golden. >> we're need a leader, not a reader. >> it's the committee, yes, but nothing super is coming out of washington. debt crisis part deux. a sequel to the box office bomb. >> woor we begin with the occupy wall street movement
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demonstrating its power as mass protests mark the two-month anniversary. while thousands of protesters clogged the streets of new york, more than 300 people were arrested in clashes with police. union yon workers, students, local residents and the unemployed joined crowds in all corners of the country from miami to los angeles, boston to portland. all in an effort to rally the 99%. the vast majority were peaceful though you wouldn't know that by reading the post. the headline screams ready riot cops whack back at ows humor begans. the same that earlier labeled the site zoo-cotti park and called protesters animals. i have been down to the protest on two occasions and couldn't describe any of them in those terms. if dehumanizing people is a way of belittling their grievance, another is to hit them with the
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pull up your own boot straps line as michele bachmann did in iowa. >> i know what i had to do. i got a jury. that's what you need do. you need to figure out how to get a job and make your way. >> yes, well some 14 million jobless are finding that easier said than done. particularly when miss bachman's fellow republicans in congress are doing precious little to help. pass the president's jobs bill? no thanks. increase revenue from the wealthiest? no, i'm afraid not. out there on the campaign trail, they can only label those who protest as destructive and uncivilized. >> the destructive, hostile, anti-civilization behaviors of the so-called occupy wall street crowd, they want to tear down the country and we love our country and want to rebuild.
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>> joining us now, a man who is no stranger to activism, the reverend jesse jackson from washington. good afternoon, sir you heard how newspapers have characterized these protesters. what do you think? >> i will watch the same type for public accommodations and we march for the right to vote. these protesters, occupation is a spirit. it is filling a gap of disparity and we bail out the banks and not linked to lending of the reinvestments. it's about that. student loan debt and credit card debts. so many banks have deals that put students in the position where they either want to apply to college or can't guarantee the job of graduation. it is the economic disparity driving this protest and we
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should hear the language of the protests and not just react to the protesters. >> there have been questions about the message and the focus, but i guess according to what you said, until this disparity of wealth in the nation is reduced, this movement does have a future, doesn't it? >> it does because occupation again is -- it's a spirit and an idea. it may be those people who have medicaid and can't get medical treatment. the protests may be in a hospital or student aide office who want to go to school and can't get the money. maybe it's a bank that has driven people to foreclosure circomventing to reinvestment act. these are ka narrows in the mine crying out.
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they are more than secure. we can do better than that. >> there was a moment in atlanta that gave some pause last month. congressman and civil rights hero john lewis, your friend came to a rally and wasn't allowed to speak. he was gracious about what happened, but did you find that troubling? >> no because it was a tactic. they have a kind of process where in the speaker is speaking about who the speaker may be. i have gone to the occupation zones and new york and detroit and toledo and atlanta and l.a. they have been most welcoming. they are trying to build a brought base. they have the crisis that too few have too much. too many have nothing. we are spending monowars for which there is no clear objective. it's a cry out for help. we should heed the call of those
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crying out for help. they want to go to school. these workers want to work. we're cutting back on teachers and firemen and transit workers women must restructure and not top down. those on the ship are having fun. those on the hull of the ship are suffering. >> man who has been highly critical from the staff, his businessman and presidential candidate herman cain. i would like to play when he had to say about it. listen to this. >> i don't have facts to back this up. i happen to believe that these demonstrations are planned and orchestrated to distract from the failed policies of the o bam administration. don't blame wall street. don't blame the big banks. if you don't have a job and you are not rich, blame yourself. >> sir, as a former presidential candidate yourself, what's your reaction to what herman cain said? >> in reality, the banks are
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without oversight, it took us over a cliff and we bail them out? they used their power for the reinvestment and when they got into in a big hit, we bail out the banks with zero interest money. not linked to reinvestment. you drove people out of their homes and into poverty isy and drove the tax base down. that's a malfunction. the big five will all come on 9/11 and getting tax subsidy. the insurance without the public option and fees are rising. uninsured is increasing. people are saying hey, we need experience. we need jobs. we want to build schools. those protests as long as they are disciplined and focused and nonviolent, they will prevail. >> when mr. cain said of the protesters, the reason you haven't got a job is your fault,
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what do you say to him? >> the evidence runs to the contrary. they have much to be said, but we know that there 15 million unemployed and 10 million others looking for a job. we know citizens are sinking and even the bush tax extension aims to more money than all of the state budget deficits combined. we are paying a price for too much for too few. every state budget deficit, when you think about $2 billion a wee week in afghanistan, too much on wars without a clear purpose for security and too much money in the hands of too few people and people are fighting back. i'm glad the fight is on and disciplined and nonviolent and here people, let's make america, america and bail out bottom up and not just privileges top down. >> jesse jackson with the credibility of your own service in the civil rights movement,
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thank you very much for your thoughts and autopsy wall street. >> thank you, sir. >> next, david letterman lets mr. cain have it. >> you don't even know what it means. how would so and so be handled under 9-9-9 and you said i don't know. >> that was one of the obscure questions asked. >> but you have a deal with the obscurity. i've seen this before -- the old "impromptu in-law visit." dad's a real cleaning machine. and look at mom whipping up some kraft homestyle mac & cheese. sure it's easy to make, but it looks like she's been busting her hump in the kitchen. [ doorbell rings ] ♪ let the fireworks begin. hi, it's so nice to see you. something smells good. [ male announcer ] kraft homestyle macaroni & cheese. cheesy noodles topped with golden-brown, breadcrumbs. you know you love it.
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first it was $1.6 million for providing strategic advice as an historian to freddie mac. today it's $37 million that newt gingrich's center for health
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transformation think tank reportedly received from the health care industry. that's right. according to a report in the "washington post," yet another one of the so-called small businesses founded by the former speaker raked in as much as $200,000 a year from insurance companies from the health care firms. politico is reporting gingrich himself took home $30,000 every month while consulting for freddie mac. last night on fox news where gingrich was also a highly paid contributor, he continued his campaign of denial. >> my interest in housing and helping relatively poor americans have a chance to buy a house is real and goes back a long way. i was approached to offer advice and do no lobbying of any kind of i have never done lobbying of any kind. >> that's right. you did it for the poor. the third,000 a month had nothing to do with it.
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newt always comes across so saintly inside the friendly confines of fox news. this network, well, here you go, newt. >> i understand that there places like msnbc that are essentially the obama reelection team. >> popular speaker, why don't you put your money where your mouth is. there is a chair here. come on. i would love to have a discussion with you on freddie orphany and winston churchill or the history of the 16th century church. anything you like. the seat is yours for the taking. in the meantime we had the finest mines we could muster. the director for the dnc and host of chris hayes here on msnbc. i am a simple soldier. >> you are not. >> i am. if two officials of freddie mac say mr. gingrich was paid to
3:15 pm
develop relationships with republicans on the hill, i understand that to mean lobbying. help me. is my lexicon forced? >> there is a technical legal definition and in order to do that, you have to register as a lobbyist and that means meeting with staff members or representatives to lobby them on a piece of legislation. there disclosures and things like that. then the informal black market of lobbying, the cultivation of relationships and a far broader category. it's not because of the vision, but the reason is because you have connections to lawmakers and people in power who can help you out. the best way to think about it is newt's activities are to lobbying as bill clinton's activities in monica lewinsky are to intercourse. >> what are?
3:16 pm
>> what? >> he's right. >> actually down here we call that influence pedalling. >> that's what nude was doing. let me remind you about a story that should tell you everything you need to know when bill clinton's mother died, he was close to his mother and it was tragic. the day of her funeral, newt gingrich was on television attacking the guy even between the president between her death and funeral. everybody thought maybe on the day of the funeral, they will give the poor guy a break. nope. bob dole letter, poll jazzed and newt gingrich never has. this is the same evil vindictive guy we saw then who by the way was willing to take away medicare and medicate and social security for the poor people. maybe somewhere this there he had a conversion. he's the same guy. >> she describes him as evil and
3:17 pm
vindictive. let me go back to the businesses. he describes himself as a small businessman. gingrich communications and gingrich holdings and the gingrich group. what's the product he is selling if not newt gingrich? >> as jay z once said, he is not a business man, he is a business, man. newt gingrich is newt gingrich enterprises. when his staffers quit way back in spring when the campaign looked like it was going nowhere, part of the reason is because we can't get him to focus because he is so busy pedalling stuff. >> going on a cruz of the greek aisles or tiffany's. >> the major complaint is they felt like what he was doing is trying to sell books and market gingrich enterprises and not run for president and not taking it seriously. this highlights the fact that this economy of influence and newt gingrich is deeply embedded
3:18 pm
in. from both sides, democrats and republicans get off capitol hill and there a whole bunch of different ways to make a lot of money using your influence. newt gingrich is one of the best. >> i want to turn to you herman and show you what happened when he was asked about the possibility of being inaugurated as president. listen to this. emotional, huh? >> if i ever reach the point where this campaign was damaging to my wife and family. i'm not a quitter, but there is a point that we will not go. >> herman cain reduced to tears at the thought of becoming president. >> he is such a good actor, isn't he? >> that would reduce all of us to tears. >> a better performance there
3:19 pm
than the -- what was that? the libya question? such a better performance. >> you have been rehearsing that. >> seriously. here's the thing that is so funny. what's funny is the is awe struck when he talks about the protect of being inaugurated president, but learning or knowing how to read or knowing where the heck libya is or where the relationship with the countries is as important. that's ridiculous. >> what do you think about republican voters in relation to this man's performance? they are the crucial electorate for the primaries. and he is still doing well in the polls. >> he's come down. >> he's doing pretty well still. >> the air is in the herman cain bubble. it's inflated, but there is ay sequence and the carousel of candidates who sort of swing
3:20 pm
around and make their pitch to be the anti-mitt romney. the dynamic is there is mitt romney and an anti-mitt romney. it will come down to those two. romney will ultimately be the nominee. the initial thing that gives the bump is the capacity to give the base red meat. tell them what they want to hear. it turns out a lot of people are good at doing that. you have to sustain something beyond that at the second look. no one has been able to do that yet. >> he agrees with ann coulter. don't miss up with chris hayes every weekend morning. i am watch figure i'm not on the show. stay with us. the top lines are coming up. >> you think the libya comments reinforce the fact that you don't have a thorough understanding of foreign policy? >> 9-9-9.
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the penn state investigation may be in the hands of the feds. they are looking at the allegations against jerry sandusky. a week ago as the details emerge showing alleged abuse crossing state lines, we presented questions about that on this very broadcast. >> this investigation about it spreading to another state. does that raise this to the level of a federal charge? >> i'm thinking of it violating the man act. >> joining us is nbc's peter alexander. one of the state changes involving sandusky flying twice to bowl games and one in tampa and one in san antonio. what else is the fbi considering in relation to the case? >> those are the two critical elements that you note in
3:25 pm
addition that right now. the feds are looking into allegations that jerry sandisk may have used the internet to try specifically target alleged victims. on top of that, this is one of the charities in new york city for troubled children that helps bring children to live with families in the suburbs and told nbc news at least a half dozen of the children from the program were sent to live with the sanduskiesy dating from the 1970s. that could qualify as reason for the feds to be involved. one official told nbc if this is not reason i don't know what would be. i have spoken to the attorney that represents the boys. the boy who was allegedly taken to the alamo bowl. he sds there was a family dynamic that existed that made the allegations and his experience so troubling. martin? >> thanks so much.
3:26 pm
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3:30 pm
the up rising, correct? >> mental index cards. you have to find the right one. >> the same thing? >> holy wleep [ bleep ]. >> i don't agree. no, that's a different one. >> the foot and mouth disease that won't stop. >> all this stuff twirling around in my head. >> it was a pause. that's all it was. good grief. >> man benefitted. newton gingrich. >> my advice is a historian. >> newt has never been short of self esteem. there you go. >> we need a leader and not a reader. >> i was elected to lead and not to read. >> i read lots of books on history. >> mr. gingrich was reprimanded for lying. he has a history of doing that. >> when you elect me president, i'm going to take a nap. >> the unappetizing protect of waking up in bet next to newt
3:31 pm
gingrich. >> how do you say delicious in spanish? >> all i need is the 85%. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> let's bring in dana mill bank, columnist at "the washington post." good afternoon. >> hello. >> we had a little bit of fun as you have seen. mr. romney basically gives us nothing. he is just invisible. is the strategy working for him. does he hope to come out of this unscathed? >> if you see how well his competitors are doing by making their appearances he is looking smart by comparison to be quiet. this is a classic front-runner strategy and let these other guys burn themselves out and make their mistakes it. worked brilliantly and couldn't have worked better the way cain self destructed the way perry self destructed and you see newt
3:32 pm
causing himself all kinds of problems. it will be more of a headache in the -- chris wallace in fox news are starting to get on his case saying you have to get out in front of the cameras and answer questions. there will be a lot of time for that later. at this point laying low may be the best bet. >> do you think romney could be making a mistake? he could be absent when conservatives have a cattle wall. all be it with problems and shouldn't romney be there? >> he has done this delicate dance and the calculation is that his supporters are not these people and everybody is competing to be the anti-romney. if he puts himself in front of religious conservatives in particular, it's all going to be a criticized romney event. it will draw negative publicity. he is competitive, but because everybody is carving up the religious conservative vote and
3:33 pm
getting all the other ones. it's better for him to let the other guys fight it out while he sits back. >> there is something of a scandal or the whiff of a scandal out of massachusetts. the boston globe reporting members of mitt romney's campaign bought their hard drive when is he left office as governor, making life difficult for opposition research as we want to view correspondents from when he was in office. the camp said this is perfectly legal. nothing wrong with it. what do you make of that decision to buy your electronic material. >> it's consistent with what rob me in has done to have this disciplined operation. when he does let the press in and let people ask questions, things tend to go wrong and you get the awkward moments of him singing who let the dogs out or pretending the waitress is pinching his behind at the diner in new hampshire.
3:34 pm
i witnessed that in person. they clamped down a bit. >> i still think his performance of who let the dogs out beats the buttock pinching. i have to say. >> i have nightmares about both of them. he's gotten more clever about having more distance so people can't see him in the candid moments. people not having access to the roars is very similar. it's not unlike the strategy that was pursued in the white house by keeping the press at arm's length. >> do you think there may be material in the records in that digital tharling is staffers were more closely lyasing as the president was preparing to reform health care? do you think there may be material that may be a problem for mitt rom sidney? >> for begs the question and from the white house's point of view, they have been helpful in points out that romney was
3:35 pm
inde indeed helpful in drafting. to the extent that there is information, i think it will be good enough to help mr. romney and put out the information and show how helpful he has been. >> i'm absolutely sure they will. thanks so much and have a great weekend. >> you too. >> when we come back, john boehner, the wrangler. >> they are well aware of what we are willing to do. but you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. i'd race down that hill without a helmet.
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the so-called super committee will get the job of cutting more than a trillion from the deficit. that's not coming as a shock to 85% of americans who are not confident that any deal will be reached. luke russert is following developments. mike viquiera at the white house. it's looking like a long weekend on the hill. i guess your buffalo bills have a better chance of beating the dolphins. >> yes. indeed that is correct. i will make the point that the dolphin are not a good team this year. >> that's what i'm saying. >> if you are saying this, from right here, right now, this looks like the super committee can reach $1.2 trillion in cuts is next to impossible as one aide told me. this divisiveness over taxes and democrats will not see entitlements unless taxes are raised and republicans will not
3:40 pm
go there and they want to create new cuts. that will increase the deficit. the latest news to report, a lot of them feel this will not work out. republicans have created a backed up plan about $643 billion worth of savings that nothing touches entitlements would be more acceptable to democrats. the one thing that they see with this new plan is it is too much cuts only. not enough revenue and not a plan that should take the place that goes after defense that the super committee would fail. >> yet republicans spend their time putting things to the floor on a balanced budget amendment just now. they let this effort. it was a symbolic vote and didn't pass. why waste time doing this? >> it was promised to the ranking file members by the leadership and a vote that they
3:41 pm
needed to take for the guys to be on the record to support it. it's an issue that they feel will play well. >> it's days until the deadline. >> it's a congressional schedule they put out a while ago. the super committee is working on this. the leadership on both sides. what goes on the house floor does not dictate what happens to the cast of voters. here are 12 people and the golden opportunity and they had a filibuster. they had the deficit reduction in the plan forward. they could have gone five or six billion and an up or down vote in the house. >> they can't do it and it said everything about the collective will among the leaders that no one is willing to jump into the deep end and say you know what? >> i can hear you laughing in
3:42 pm
the background. do you think he will do any of that? >> the president was scheduled to be away from nine days and republicans knew he gets back in the small hours four days before the deadline. all along, top aides to the president, senior administration officials for purposes of identification will tell us they are mystified by the republican politics on this. you look at the polling and the public is on our side in terms of taxing millionaires and billionaires to bring down the deficit and they can't understand what republicans are up to. this is something that the white house already said preemptively. the super committee does not meet the deadline of wednesday and it will be on the backs of republicans. part of the problem to follow what luke was saying, it wasn't wednesday to begin with. that triggers dramatic and
3:43 pm
draconian cuts to the defense department and don't take effect and gives congress men a year to come up with the fix. that's part of the problem. >> the fact is that you say 67% in the latest polling say they want tax increases and presumably the republicans are persuaded by grover norquist and they stick with him. >> benefiting for low expectations and the low esteem that the public holds congress and the institutions in. nobody expects them to get anything done at this point and where as over the summer when we had the back and forth and standard and poor's was not downgrading the credit rating, they say on wall street is baked in. confidence and the impact conversely or perversely may benefit from the low expectations if there is no deal by wednesday.
3:44 pm
>> at the white house and luke russert of the buffalo bills. >> take care, buddy. >> up next, jim moran. here's hampton pearson with the market wrap. hampton? >> with about 15 minutes left in the trading day and the week, let's take a look at how stocks are doing. not too much action compared to the volatility we had. the dow in positive territory. the s&p down a fraction. the nasdaq down about 14 points. that is it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. [ male announcer ] an lg smart tv, lg optimus cell phone apology card. this is ridiculous. yeah, and it's got apps. nice. it's got vudu, twitter, facebook. no honey, not facebook. ♪ honey, you think my sweater's horrendous?
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for all the talk about the nation's deficit, what's at the heart of this standoff are the
3:48 pm
bush era tax cuts. republicans are digging in over making them permanent. democrats want it only for the middle class and not millionaires and billionaires. what's going to give? let's ask jim moran from virginia. in the latest poll about 2/3 of voters want tax increases on the wealthy. they want them. what's more interesting is that some 53% of republicans agree. and want that to be part of the debt deal. why is there such a disconnect between your colleagues behind you in the house and the people of this nation? >> well, the republicans for one are not representative of the mainstream of america and perhaps even the mainstream of the traditional republican party. there a lot of act to this who are motivated by an attitude
3:49 pm
that the less government the better. the less spending the better. they think that's a constructively policy. obviously it's not, but that's who they are responding to. now of course they are looking to democrats to come up with any kind of a compromise. i don't know how we can compromise when what they want is for us to cut medicare and medicaid and social security to pay for more tax cuts. that's the proposal for the super committee that the senator proposed. particularly for the wealthy and cutting the top tax rate that applies only to the wealthy down to 28%. that's a non-starter and the
3:50 pm
people you cited would agree. that doesn't make any sense. that's not fair. that's not what america is all about. that's why we find ourselves in the position that we are in. unfortunately i don't see how wp with a proposal that would resolve this deficit crisis. >> you mentioned mr. toomey and others. is the super committee completely blind and deaf to the national occupy protests that are taking place around this country? where people as far removed as undergraduate students, union organizers, teachers are sick and tired of the disparity of wealth that they see every day in this country? i mean, is the super committee just ignoring that? >> the republicans on the super committee, martin, have asked themselves, i mean, if not publicly, certainly they reflect upon this, are any of these people going to contribute to me
3:51 pm
or vote for me? and the answer, they conclude, is no. and i think the democrats obviously are responsive to what the super committee wants, which is to have more income equality. they certainly want to protect the safety net programs for the people of this country, and to have a fairer tax code. so i do think that they're responsive to the occupy wall street protests. and of course, for every protester, there's hundreds of thousands of people who identify with their message, if not with their tactics. but we have a situation, and it's going to be exacerbated with all the redistrictings that will take place -- that are taking place right now, but will apply to the 2012 elections, where every incumbent is going to have a safer district.
3:52 pm
and of course, more republicans than democrats, because the majority of governors now are republican governors, who are going to protect their own. so the people that will drive those elections are people on the fringes. the most conservative anti-government advocates. so i'm afraid things are going to get even worse before they get better, unless we can have an election where the mainstream of america says, look, enough of this income inequality. you've got to provide more opportunity for the middle class so the middle class has financial security sufficient so that they'll go out and spend and that corporate america will stop sitting on the $2 trillion of cash reserves they have, and start investing in the productions -- and producing and serving what the american people want. but right now, the only way we can get the economy back on its feet is to invest through the federal government. we can borrow money for very low
3:53 pm
interest rates. we need to invest in our fiscal infrastructure, and in our human infrastructure. >> sir, you are using an idea that they, many republicans, consider to be an expletive, the word "stimulus" and they will not have that. you know that, i know that. >> that's absolutely true. and yet we both know that's exactly what's demanded at this time. that's what the federal government needs on doing. it needs to be picking up the slack, filling the void, getting money pumped into this economy, so that the private sector will eventually follow and start investing. but we have to show faith in our future by making that investment. and unfortunately, the republicans certainly in the house are not allowing us to. and that's why we're in the situation we're in, martin. and you know, i don't think we're going to find a resolution next week from the super committee. >> congressman jim moran, thank you so much for joining us this afternoon. >> thank you, martin. now to our play of the day.
3:54 pm
courtesy michele bachmann, the manchurian candidate. maybe she'd be better off listening to forrest gump. >> take a look at china. >> in the land of china, people hardly got nothing at all. >> no possessions? >> in china, there are no student -- there is no student loan program. >> in china, they never go to church. >> in china, there's no food stamp program. there's no afdc program. there's no retirement program, either. i'm not saying that i want the united states to be china. i'm just a piece of dirt stuck here in a rut. ever since that ol' broom dumped me here... oh, oh. oooh! will love ever come my way? oh my! ♪ i believe in miracles
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it's time now to clear the air. and what has emerged at penn
3:58 pm
state this week has shattered many of those at the university and have appalled people around the country. if these allegations concerning the persistent sexual abuse of children prove to be accurate, then everyone involved in perpetrating, ignoring, or covering up the truth deserves the full force of justice and more. but there's also a deeper truth that's emerged from the wreckage of these terrible allegations. college sports, like any business, is obsessed with winning. and winning usually comes down to focusing solely on two factors. the prize and size. joe paterno, until recently, the storied coach of penn state, became the most successful in college football history, winning more games than anyone else. and as he did so, the school's program grew. money poured in from television and sponsorship rights. coaches were added and they became obsessed with being the biggest and the best.
3:59 pm
but the problem with this approach is that being the biggest and the best has nothing to do with the quality of character. you can win, but you can lose at the same time. just look at the so-called masters of the universe down on wall street. bankers who earned incredible salaries and saw no limit to their money-making skills. but look at what happened in 2008. they thought they were invincible and then brought down the entire global economy. you see, winning is all well and good, but if it's not marshalled and guided by principles, then you can win and you can lose at the same time. mark twain said it best when he observed how people display courage. "it is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare." for the sake of those children who may have been victimized at penn state, it's time to forget about being the biggest and the best, it's time to develop some real m


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