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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 29, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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$220 for his holiday box set. >> i'm tamron hall. we are following big breaking news on herman cain. he told a senior staff he is reassessing his campaign for president after ginger white went public with her alleged 13-year affair with herman cain. according to cain's iowa chairman, he addressed all the national staff in a 10-minute conference call and reiterated this was a friend and he was trying to help her out financially and nothing inappropriate happened. cain emphasized the campaign was continuing on and he would deliver a planned speech in michigan tonight and he was looking forward to it. he said it has taken an emotional toll on his family and that's difficult for them. john harwood joins us live now. what do you think? what might be herman cain's next
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mess. what does reassessing mean? >> he has to figure out whether or not it's worth it given that his poll numbers have been going down because of the previous allegations are likely to continue going down. he said yesterday on cnn he would stay in the race as long as his wife was behind him. you got to wonder whether or not in light of the latest allegations whether she decided she had enough of this whole enterprise. i can tell you that many others are thinking of cain and supporters in the past tense in terms of a cain set of supporters and looking for how they can take advantage of the situation to pick up the support. >> is cain on the same page? you have the information coming in about him telling the folks there that this woman was a friend and he was helping her out financially. the guy in charge of his iowa team said in a tweet overnight referring to this woman as a
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stalking defaming liabler in a tweet about her. you would think that herman cain would pull these people back a little bit. he know what is went on more than anybody else more than ginger white. >> the fact that the team cain was not on the same page was evident when he went on cnn and dressed the charges and said no affair and no sex and nothing like that. his attorney put out a statement saying nobody should ask the questions. you have the tweet going after her really hard. clearly they have been knocked back by this and they are not sure how to proceed. herman cain is trying to figure out whether it's worth it to keep going. we will see if he delivers that speech, but he is in a very, very difficult position. i think his chances of getting this nomination if they were ever significant are way diminished if not nonexistent. >> let's bring in the political
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panel and talk show host, michael smerconish and an msnbc contributor. thank you, gentlemen. we will start with you, michael. a lot of people speculated that the only reason herman cain got in the race was to sell books and get out there and get his face in there. now he stepped in political quick sand. >> this may have been how it all began, but he caught the wave that we discover and started to believe he could win this bring, meaning at least the nomination. the handwriting was already on the wall that he was in decline and this is going to finish him off. what i find most significant is the statement to the media that said this is the case of alleged consensual sex or a relationship on the part of these two people. therefore it's a private matter. i think he's right when he makes that argument but because of the harassment charges, people will never give that break. >> you are interest to pose that
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question. that's the gut check we will ask people if they think it should matter. what is interesting is that you have conservative who is defended herman cain in the accusations that he harassed women and forced one woman's head into his lap. they are abandoning him in the wake of an affair. sean hannity who was a booster and on fox news, governor mike huckabee saying that he thinks this is the most damagingly allegation to date. not the sexual harassment, but that he may have cheated on his wife. >> i see it in the reverse order. i think harassment is a far more serious charge to be levelled against a public servant. if there were no allegations of harassment and this guy cheated on his wife and it was a case of infidelity and i'm not
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minimizing it, this is a matter for he and his wife and it's not our business. >> let me bring you in on this. i love this headline for many reasons. you said the most famous phi landerer is gaining a windfall. he could reap the benefits. not that i need you to help me, but to the audience here. >> we have seen a pattern prevail in the race going like this. there is about 30 or 40 or maybe more percent that just doesn't want to get behind mitt romney. it was michele bachmann and then herman cain and rick perry. donald trump when he was pretending to run. the numbers have evaporated. instead of any of that support going to romney, it found a new non-romney choice. already herman cain was sliding back in the polls and already
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going to newt gingrich who got to the low 20s. if you look at the poll break down and the cain supporters and said do you have a favorable opinion of newt gingrich, they say yes. 35% say yes about mitt romney. they like newt gingrich. he is surging. i think this is now a case where next week, newt gingrich will be 10 or 15 points ahead of mitt romney. >> regarding herman cain's situation, i think it's a difficult situation for he and his family. i hope he reaches whatever the right decision is for them. beyond that i won't have any comment. that's safe. >> it's a school of thought that said adultery is in the news and it will remind them and hurt them too. >> that's what you think. >> he is talking to the social conservative leaders and they don't top the get behind mitt romney. newt gingrich is giving them the
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path. >> we are christians and we forgive. >> i have a wife now and what's in the past is in the past. >> you have mitt romney in florida, the first candidate to plant his flag in that state for not just republicans and democrats as well and nobody is talking about that. >> it will be a long haul and we will talk about florida. we will continue to see a knockout blow and he can strike in warks and new hampshire. they are not looking at how the rules have changed in this season and the reality is we no longer play by winner take all. they will focus on florida and beyond into super tuesday. >> we have our attention on mitt romney when others fallout for whatever reason. may it be scandal or cannot survive financially. >> could be for sure. i think it's like a game of roulette where the ball is bouncing at the end. has it stopped bouncing?
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i don't think it stopped bouncing on the newt gingrich number. there is more play to come. >> you can check out thank you. breaking news a short time ago. a judge sentenced conrad murray, michael jackson's doctor to four years behind bars, the maximum for the conviction on the role of the pop star's death in 2009. before he was sentenced, the judge admonished him for a lack of remorse and for taping michael jackson secretly without jackson's knowledge. >> you can't have probation when there isn't an acknowledgement of rehabilitation and responsibility. dr. murray doesn't have any of them. he repeatedly lied and engaged in deceitful misconduct and endeavored to cover up transgressions. >> stephanie stanton is live
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outside the courthouse. the reaction rolling in as we heard from the jackson family? >> we have not heard from the jackson family, but right there you played what we heard from the judge. a very stern reprimand given to conrad mury in court. he spoke for about 20 minutes, laying out point by point why he believed he should get the maximum. that's what happened. four years in prison. this judge threw the book at conrad murray. one of the things he pointed to was a lack of remorse and talked about when conrad murray said i don't feel guilty in that msnbc documentary. that was one factor of many that the judge talked about in this case. >> thank you very much. let me bring in the former prosecutor and thank you so much for joining me. let me get your thoughts on why the judge chose to roll out angry words to conrad murray before sentencing him.
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is that unusual? >> it was a little unusual and over the top, but the trial as a whole and the sentencing as a whole had a larger measure to try to put into the tsunami of prescription drugs sweeping the country and send a message to the unscrupulous doctors providing them that it has to stop or they are facing severe repercussions. >> some speculated that he might get probation deal here. did you think that was a possibility given the magnitude and he took someone else's life here. >> not a chance. it was totally expected that he was going to give him the max. the day the verdict came in and the judge remanded doctor murray to jail, he was clear he was going to max him out. >> dr. murray still as stephanie pointed out maintains his innocence and said he didn't cause the death of michael
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jackson. will his attorneys appeal? >> they could appeal. the chance of prevailing an appeal are very slight, but dr. murray's bigger problem is he gave interviews in the course of the trial indicating remorse and professing his innocence and failing to apologize to the family or having any remorse in an accidental fashion. >> he did not speak on his own behalf during this sentencing. a lot of people thought he would try to get up there and recognize the family or say something. if you were his attorney, would you advise it? it may not have changed their decision, but it might have had an impact. >> i think so. for how he is perceived as a person and a doctor, he could have gotten out there and without admitting guilt, he could have expressed remorse for the family and acknowledged their pain and extending apologies and his own grief for
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what happened. i think it would have gone a long way to rehabilitate. >> we will see what the jackson family has to say if anything following the completion of at least this part of their healing. thank you very much. american airlines files for bankruptcy protection. where does that leave passengers and union workers? that's a big question. plus chris christie may have said he doesn't want to run for president, but that hasn't stopped him from going after president obama. we will have the latest comments and president obama's first tv ad in the campaign. breaking news out of iran. the white house condemning the storming of the british embassy in tehran. the latest on scary moments live. you can always join our conversation. we are online at "news nation" twitter page. [ electronic beep] [ male announcer ] still getting dandruff? neutrogena® t/gel shampoo defeats dandruff after just one use.
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breaking news out of iran. the white house is speak out against hundreds of iranians earlier today. these are the images coming into msnbc. the united states condemns the strongest terms and the storming of the british embassy and urge iran to prosecute and condemn and ensure no further such incidents take place. this shows the fierce clashes that took place while protesters threw documents out of windows ander to down flags and set a vehicle on fire. the protest follows western sanctions on tehran over the nuclear program. the early reports is that these were students. what can you tell us? there is conflicting information now. that are are these were members of the militia.
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they have several branches. they have ones that are related to the lef losingary guard and have them at universities. they are all part and parcel of the same thing. they are hard line groups of students and very right wing. they wheeled a lot of power in the country. they are only to the top echelons of power so when the incident first happened, the police on the streets could step back and didn't want to confront them until later. the riot police came and sort of calmed the situation down. this was between friends. i wouldn't say this was a major clash. this was going on with the chief of police to urge the students to leave who have just recently vacated the premises. they also raided the residential
2:18 pm
compound where this is and six people were taken hostage bite students, but soon after they were released to police custody for their own safety. >> the state police or television is saying this run rising is over, but i believe you heard you say that is not the case. has there been any other reaction from the white house? >> the up rising literally just finished. the chief of police at the embassy compound convinced the remaining students to leave. and this has been going on since 2:00 in the afternoon. it took a long time to get them to leave. in terms of reaction from iran, the foreign office here has
2:19 pm
given it heart felt condemn nation. most people feel it was more window dressing than anything substantial. >> live for us in tehran, thank you, ali. a surprise trip to iraq for joe biden. the vice president is meeting with top officials ahead of troop withdrawal scheduled for next month. biden and leaders will discuss the military relations and into the future. this is the eighth trip to the area as a member of the obama administration. senate democrats are pushing republicans to extend a tax cut and the bill would save the average working family close to $1500 a year. republicans have said this is dead-on arrival. today senate majority leader harry reid won't allow them to
2:20 pm
lapse for the sake of the american people. >> they appear poised to block the legislation. let's be clear. it's a vote to deny tax relief to many businesses. it will raise taxes by about $1,000 each. those who vote no will be taking money out of the middle class families. >> luke russert, obviously, luke, the republican support bush tax cuts and here is an opportunity to save american families. why can't they meet here. >> what we are seeing is a fight over how to pay for these extended payroll tax cuts. democrats are saying they should have a sur tax on millionaires and those who are fortunate and wealthy. that's a tax increase on businesses and job providers. it would not be viable for them
2:21 pm
to support. what's interesting is a lot of democrats will say you are worried about adding to the deficit and these could cost about $240 billion and you were not worried when you extended the tax cuts last year and for extending them this year and adding them to the deficit. that's the issue going on. all this being said, this is an area the extension with republicans and democrats thought they could reach common ground. what you are seeing on the senate floor, harry reid doing this for political purposes. they chose republicans extending the tax cut. it will appear democratic ads in 2012. what you are going to see is a compromise with a lot of folks where they feel on the issue sometime around december 23rd or before christmas. that's how they like to do these things. >> thank you very much for the latest. also the president is certainly taking his message on the issue
2:22 pm
out to the folks in pennsylvania. thank you, luke. the effort to remove wisconsin's governor hit a milestone. will the republican who angered so many in his own state when he came up with the anti-union bill be forced out of office. the state's party just how many have they been able to obtain in 12 days. the answer after the break. it's that time of the year to snap up the box sets you like to give out to friends and family. coming up, why elvis costello is pleading with fans not to buy his limited edition set. he said the price is too much.
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clid cloudy for american airlines. the amr corporation has
2:26 pm
plummeted and a staggering 85%. the company said it's filing for bankruptcy or shed the enormous debt. live at o'hare airport in chicago and phil, this is the last of the major airlines who are holding out on the option and officially they filed for bankruptcy protection. >> what we call the united and the continental and northwest was separate, they have all gone into because the cost instruct sur far too high. it's getting squeezed and the cost of the labor and the high relative to the competition. on the other hand, fuel costs. we continue to move high and they are up 34% in the last year. they have an old fleet. they are upgrading.
2:27 pm
it will be young in two or three years. in the meantime, they are getting squeeze and ultimately too much for america and that's why they went into bankruptcy. >> what are does it mean for the pilot's union now that they have bankruptcy protection? >> they couldn't work out a deal and they will work out a deal inside of bankruptcy and it will likely be a deal that neither is crazy about. that is what will happen in chapter 11. what we are looking at is a company that will be leaner and much more cost-efficient relative to where it is right now. >> the schedule will stay the same as far as the frequent flyer programs. thank you very much. interesting airline news there. new developments in the ferch for this missing mom going on an episode of people's court. they named a suspect and president obama is launching his first campaign ad for 2012.
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and something that could help save your life - automatic help in a crash. it's the technology of five devices in one hard-working mirror. because life happens while you drive. this holiday, give someone you love an onstar fmv mirror for only 199. visit for retailers. . welcome back. here's what the "news nation" is following right now. president obama is helping supporters to carry his message of change launching the first campaign ads of 2012. the u.s. government settles a lawsuit with the anthrax attacks. herman cain's alleged extra marital affair is our "news nation" gut check. he said the allegation shouldn't matter. it's a part of his personal or private life. should it matter to voters? we will talk to you and you will get a chance to tell us on your
2:32 pm
gut check. why elvis costello is telling fans not to buy his new limited edition box set. wait until you hear what he said you should buy instead. >> president obama's campaign is out today with the first ads to recruit volunteers. it features the president himself. >> it starts with a person making a decision that things need to change and they will help change them that. person finds another person and they find a few more. before long neighborhoods and communities organize and a movement builds. >> joining me now to talk more about the ad, mark murray. what's the back story on why they decided to go this route? >> the back story is this is a small national buy they performed on satellite tv. for directv, customers and people who get dish tv. this was a way for them to build up their grass roots army before going into the general election. as you saw there was one thing
2:33 pm
that had the big television number, the 800 number and they build their grass roots army. this is not the normal ad you have, elect me for x, y, and z. please call to be part of my army. >> interesting. speaking of interesting comments, from governor chris christie, she supporting mitt romney and stumping for romney. let me play what he said about president obama. >> i was angry this weekend. listening to the spin coming out of the administration, about the failure of the super committee and the president knee it was doomed for failure and he didn't get involved. what the hell are we paying you for? if he wanted to run for senate, he could have gotten elected over and over again in illinois. >> here said he didn't want to
2:34 pm
run for president and he has tough damage there. i don't like to use the word hit man, but is he going to be the bulldog for mitt romney? >> in a lot of ways i think that was in a way how chris christie could be effective for his party and his tough language. what he said ends up getting attention. in fairness on that one charge, republicans did walk away from his offer on tax increases and also entitlement in july. president obama met with republicans time and time again and this super committee deal was an entirely different matter. >> for chris christie made that point, what he was saying would have been proven wrong and no sense of him being at microphone. >> nuance gets lost in politics. >> on purpose, not by accident, my friend.
2:35 pm
organizers of scott walker from office now say they have more than half the number of signatures needed to force a recall election. joining me now is mike tate, chairman of the democratic party, thank you very much for joining me. >> thanks for having me on. >> you guys have been at this for 12 days and how many signatures do you need and where are you now? >> in order to force a recall, we have to collect 540,208 signatures. we started exactly two weeks ago and in conjukz with united wisconsin, we announced we collected over 300,000. >> is that more than you anticipated? this was supposed to be an uphill battle. this is not something we see every day. they have five or? >> i actually think there is two. i could be wrong though.
2:36 pm
it is -- we are off to a tremendous start and we have a lot of work left in front of us. we couldn't be more pleased with the success we had and people can track our success at recall walker >> what is the key that you have been able to appeal to people. the governor came out with ads defeating the collective bargaining agreement of the law passed there to what the union officials said hurt the workers. what do you believe has been the best case that you folks have been able to get these folks to sign? >> this is not about just one act whether it's cutting education by over $2 billion. >> so many people think this -- i want to interrupt because people do believe this is about how the union workers were treat and that's what motivated it. >> that's a critical factor and we will be talking about collective bargaining and the way they treated the workers.
2:37 pm
what it comes down to is when scott walker ran for governor, he did not tell the truth about how he was going to act. i think he has fundamentally governed in a way that benefits the koch brothers and he is not looking out for the wisconsin families. this is not what they voted for in november. >> looks like you guys are off to the start you were hoping for. thank you very much for your time. >> thanks, tamron. >> and pakistan announced it will boycott a major conference on the future of afghanistan. that comes after nato air strike over the weekend that killed 24 soldiers near the border with afghanistan. they said it is investigating the strike, but a general said his country has not decided whether to take part even in the investigation. the government settles anthrax lawsuit and the government agreed to pay $2.5 million to
2:38 pm
robert stephens's family, a photo editor killed in anthrax attack. the ex-fiance of a florida mom who went missing after appearing on the peoply's court is the prime help in her disappearance. the police chief said dale smith refuses to take a lie detector test. they appeared together on the show to resolve a dispute over an engagement ring. parker has not been seen since. in a matter of hours, the sole suspect in the disappearance of a maryland woman in aruba is expected to be set free. gary giordano has been in jail since august, but not charged in the disappearance of the woman who was traveling with him. the maryland man could be extradited back if they find enough evidence to connect him to any crime. after a week long battle, the syracuse police department said it will give prosecutors
2:39 pm
information and to the bernie fine sex abuse investigation. the university fired the 65-year-old men's basketball coach this weekend amid accusations that he molested three boys. it's unclear if head coach will address the scandal at the post-game press conference. she was criticized for never setting foot in the bronx for her new ad. now it's under fire again for something else. first there is a lot going on today. here are things we thought you should know. today house members will vote on a bill to create a separate screening process for u.s. service members. the legislation is aimed at speeding up wait times for the military so agents can concentrate on high risk passengers. joe walsh said he thinks monday's surge was because of barney frank's decision not to
2:40 pm
run for reelection. he is the ranking democrat on the financial services committee. he actually tweeted today rep barney frank a nournsed he will not run and the dow is up by almost 300 points. coincidence? the daily show jon stewart had a commentary on the best way to remove passive occupy wall street protesters. >> campus police at uc davis fired pepper spray into the faces of protesters who refused to move after being warned by police. >> you know -- there better ways to get college kids to move. hey! everybody, green day is in the quad! free tacos!
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>> i'm martin bashir. say it ain't so, godfather. herman and his team reassess keeping the cain train in the race for 2012. if they dropout, who gains and who suffers. the war against the epa. we go live to iran for the latest on the siege of britain's embas embassy. stay with us because here's tam lo ron. pl not to buy his box set. pl three men claiming huge lottery jackpot in connecticut. did they win it? let's get the scoop from courtney has let. >> you don't hear people saying please don't buy my music. when he found out the price tag called the return of the spectacular song book, when he found out it was retailing for
2:45 pm
$332? he said there is much better music out there to buy. >> i thought it was $225. >> that was in pounds. it's going to be available in the uk and in the u.s., about what the exchange rate is. he said if you want great music, there is this louis armstrong box set for much less and it's better music. what's funny is it's great publicity for him. i for one didn't know he had a box set coming out and now i do. >> you won't buy it. you have a baby on the way. >> baby needs shoes. >> not box sets. is he saying the record company is jacking the price up? >> he said it has to be a joke is what he said. i do believe it's expected to go down steeply in price after the new year. >> at 50%, it's still high. >> they don't come cheap. they have remastered digital
2:46 pm
stuff and j-lo can't catch a break and the company that did her fiat ad. >> she has a new boyfriend at least. >> always looking on the bright side. you are looking at a little bit of it. they pass the graffiti and the heart on the side of the building. an artist is part of a group that did that and they got notes saying congratulations and your art meat it up on the fiat ad. what are you talking about? that is say copyrighted image. fiat is looking into this to see if they have the rights too to use this. that's according to the company looking at it right there. >> this is the second bed about thing to happen. j-lo was never in the video. >> she can go back to the block. >> graffiti even though it's illisit in so many ways, it is
2:47 pm
artwork. you wouldn't think of doing that when you are coming down the fdr. >> you can see it from the train station. >> that's right. >> we will see what happens. i hope they get a chance to observe it. >> the men who won the connecticut power ball lottery is the highest winning in connecticut history. $254 million or $103 million a month sum. the three money managers -- >> and they won millions. >> they are the 1%. no law said rich people are not allowed to buy a lottery ticket. you want it to be an up from your boot straps kind of story. now there is a twist. there reports out that these three might be a front for the real winner. this didn't happen overnight. connecticut was looking for the winners of the ticket and said please come forward. there is a theory out that actually the real winner wanted
2:48 pm
to remain anonymous. >> you have the money managers? >> this is one theory. i am telling you a theory out there. why? because do you want to have over $100 million and everybody thinks they are related to you come to you and say i need new shoes? >>o a cute grandma. let me bring in money managers as the cover. >> you know. to each his own. i don't think that's the case. >> thank you very much. for the latest news, logon or be a fan of the scoop and we'll be right back with what i knowledge will be an explosive gut check. you will have a chance to chime in. ever since that ol' broom dumped me here... oh, oh. oooh! will love ever come my way? oh my! ♪ i believe in miracles [ male announcer ] swiffer attracts dirt. swiffer sweeper's new, thicker cloths get deep into ridges
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>> did you know you can join the "news nation" on our triter. find our twitter page at "news nation." time for "news nation" gut check. herman cain as we mentioned at
2:52 pm
the top of the hour told staff he is reassessing after a woman came forward fewer than 24 hours ago claiming they had an affair for 13 years. ginger white said it ended eight months ago and during the affair, cain lavish her with gifts and trips during his time as the head of the national restaurant soerngz. a statinging statement saying this appears to be an accusation of private conduct between adults and the subject matter which is not a proper subject of inquiry by the media or the public. no individual and a candidate for public office or official should be questioned about his or her private sexual life. the public's right to know and the media's right to report has boundary and it is boundaries in and outside of one's bedroom door. is cain's attorney right? joining me is associate editor and columnist for the hill newspaper, i wanted you on for two reasons.
2:53 pm
i am so curious and a lot of people have mentioned to me, poor gloria cain. she wanted to remain behind the scenes. she came out once and probably not twice. is it anyone's business? >> it is the voters' business unfortuna unfortunately. it speaks to their character and integrity and their commitment to honesty. we are all sympathetic and empathetic to mrs. cain. her husband is accused of sexually harassing numerous women and a very, very long extra marital affair. voters are interested not because they are interested in the state of their marriage, but interested in whether or not you are sneaky and whether or not you tell the truth. his answers and responses to all of this has been so inconsistent. it's called into question and more questions than answers. i think it really does matter
2:54 pm
and matters particularly coconservatives in the primary he is running in. >> there is an article on the web page that talks about a lot of folks are abandoning now. they defended him when he was accused of sexual harassment and they may go on to support newt gingrich who had his own history with infidelity in his marriage. whether this is forgiving or whatever you want to call it, it's stamped on the resume that he had not admitted it. >> right. newt asked for forgiveness and he has sought it from his church and family. so far the voters are willing to forgive him. those who are supporting newt gingrich who actually can't look past the adultery and the marriage and his divorces.
2:55 pm
in herman cain's case, this looks like a very damning allegation. he denied it, but his lawyers have not. it looks like it's probably too much under the weight of the other allegations of harassment for something for social conservatives to forgive. they worry there is too much smoke and probably fire. >> do men and women see it differently when they go to vote? >> yes, i think they do. i do. >> thank you so much. so what does your gut tell you. which shit matter if herman cain had an affair? go to"news nation" to cast your vote. i can't wait to see the results. take a look at yesterday's gut check. height school senior was ordered to apologize to kansas governor sam brownback after she posted a crude tweet about him. emma sullivan was attending a youth and government program at the time. we asked should emma sullivan
2:56 pm
apologize? look at that. 1% said yes. i bet that was a computer that almost generated that. 99% said no. the governor did issue a statement acknowledging emma's right to freedom of speech and apologized for any hassell she suffered. his campaign going after her. thank you very much for joining us. catch "news nation" here on msnbc. my dearest friend martin bashir is up next. in my teens. i'd never ride without one now. and since my doctor prescribed lipitor, i won't go without it for my high cholesterol and my risk of heart attack. why kid myself? diet and exercise weren't lowering my cholesterol enough. now i'm eating healthier, exercising more, taking lipitor. numbers don't lie. my cholesterol's stayed down. lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. it's backed by over 19 years of research.
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