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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  January 11, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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manufacturing corporation, or a technology company, whether you are a historic brand or a brand new start-up, insourcing jobs is a smart strategy right now. we live in a global economy with opportunities for global investment, we heard from several experts and business leaders that said we are at a point in time that factors like incredibly rising american productivity and increasingly competitive costs mean the economic case to invest in america and bring jobs back home is strong and it's getting stronger. now labor costs are going up in places like china. we have become much more productive. we continue to be the largest market in the world. and so, we have this out standing opportunity if everyone is partnering and getting together. that is the economic case.
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i believe there's also a morale case. you know, andy grove, the former ceo of intel said it well. he said those of us in business have two obligations, one, that's undebatable, we have a responsibility to the shareholders that put us in our place. but he also said there's another obligation that i feel personally, given that everything that i achieved in my career and a lot of what intel achieved in its career were made possible because of an economic climate created by the united states. all these folks on stage are business people first and they are looking at the bottom line, but they also feel good about the fact that they are restoring hope and creating jobs here in the united states. and that is part of the responsibility that comes with being a leader in america.
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responsibility not just to the shareholders or the stakeholders but to the country that made all this incredible wealth and opportunity possible. that is the responsibility that we all have to live up, whether we are in the private or public sector, whether we are in washington or we are on wall street, the more americans that succeed the more america succeeds. so my message to business leaders today is simple, ask yourselves what you can do to jobs back to the country that made us successful. and i'm going to do everything in my power to help you do it. we will have to seize this moment. american workers are the most productive and competitive in the world right now whenner you factor in all the costs we have the best research universities and part of what our session this morning was all about was
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just helping people to take a look at what this moment is where we are going to be five years from now. because, when people take a second look, turns out that the potential for job growth and american manufacturing and the service industry is incredible. i said in a speech a while back, this moment is perfectly suited for our advantages. it's perfectly suited for who we are. the global marketplace is becoming more inovative, more creative, more transparent, faster, more adapt able. that is who we are. that is our strength. we have got to take advantage of it. and, if we have got leadership of the sort that we are seeing on this stage, i'm absolutely confident that not only can it
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make a difference for our middle class and those working into the middle class, it also gives us an opportunity to ensure the future for our children and grandchildr grandchildren, that should be our central focus, how do we make sure that responsibility is rewarded and it's a nation where those values continue for generations to come. thanks to all the people on the stage for being such a great example. for all the press that are here, i hope you get a chance to hear their stories, because it's exciting and it gives you a sense of why i'm optimistic about our prospects. thank you very much, everyone. [ applause ] >> president obama in the east wing of the white house. the president standing with business leaders and talking about rebuilding america and the economy trying obviously to show
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by example that he is focusing to economy as the republicans are battling it out in new hampshire last night and now on to south carolina, mitt romney celebrating his big win here by kicking off his south carolina campaign today. in new hampshire romney coasted to victory winning 39% of the vote. ron paul came in second at 23% and jon huntsman who staked his whole campaign on new hampshire was in the bottom three percent. can they slow romney's march to the nomination. we have chris here with us, and david, washington bureau chief. >> what we know from the exit polls, what is on the voters mines of the republican party, and as they move to south carolina, we have seen
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interesting developments, newt gingrich going nuclear on mitt romney, and perry, rick are perry again today going up against mitt romney's whole background. what is the impact on the republican electorate? >> i can guarantee you that calls have already been made to people affiliated with gingrich and perry saying wait a minute, what are you doing is not helping your cause, you are hurting romney and giving the obama campaign more material. i do think there's very much a sense, andrea, even more so today than yesterday that mitt romney is, you know, if you were a betting man, you are betting on mitt romney as the republican nominee at this point. you can create scenarios where he does not wind up as the nominee but those are far less than the ones you can create
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that he does. even if rick santorum or gingrich beats romney in south carolina, it's hard to imagine that they can win florida. s so you are damaging the nominee. >> newt gingrich has money promised ed but not all of the million promised is being spent in south carolina and nothing so far in florida so far as last night. >> right, that $24 million haul, that is for the long game here. as chris is saying, he is most likely the nominee, what they are building, even though it's all primary season dollars, he is planning to go all the way
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through the process and he is the only one, mitt romney, with an organization and a national campaign structure that is of a presidential scale. >> let's talk about what voters told us last night. what most voters, david and chris told us was that electability was the most important quality. that was a third of the electorate. and of that romney caught 62% of that. also what they said was among conservative voters romney captured 33% of those voters. as they head south, what does it tell us about how romney needs to nail down a more conservative electorate. a conservative person in south carolina is not the same as a conservative in new hampshire. >> no, a democrat in south carolina is as conservative as a
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republican in new hampshire, you are right. the first slide you showed to me seems like the most important. that is, if you care first and foremost about electability you are overwhelmingly voting for mitt romney. that is his whole play here. electabili electability. things are over with. what i think you'll see is that mitt romney has a floor of 28% in south carolina and a ceiling of 35% in south carolina. that is the john mccain vote. mccain got 33 in south carolina in 2008. and the issue is, and it's not complicated, it happened in '08, the socially conservative vote split allowing mccain to shoot the gap. do gingrich and santorum and perry do the same thing? >> romney seals it in south carolina even before florida?
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i think that romney will have to defend against an air attack. we have to see how that plays out before you can make predictions. >> whether he has a glass jaw. >> that is right. >> up next, the romney campaign with romney adviser kevin madden and now are democrats going to counter the republican's message in south carolina. this is "andrea mitchell reports" live in new hampshire. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if you took the top down on a crossover? if there were buttons for this? wouldn't it be cool if your car could handle the kids... ♪ ...and the nurburgring? or what if you built a car in tennessee that could change the world? yeah, that would be cool. nissan. innovation for today. innovation for tomorrow. innovation for all. ♪
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mitt romney is already trying to reach the latino vote in florida, the next primary after south carolina with an ad with his own attempt at spanish.
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he is mitt romney and he paid for that message. kevin, congratulations on the win last night and on to south carolina. i wanted to ask you first of all about what rick perry had to say, rick perry going after mitt romney, i mean, the whole vulture capitalist business again today, not only last night but again today. it sounds like it's a real kamikaze mission to keep romney fr from doing too well. i'll play it for you. >> we need to have more venture capta capitalism in america not vulture capitalism. >> what about that?
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what do you have to say? what would governor romney say to rick perry about the tactics that he is using? >> look, that type of the language used by governor perry and similar language by newt gingrich mimmicks language that you hear from the left, folks like michael moore and we expected that democrats would try to attack the governor for being involved in free enterprise and being a person that helped start and grow businesses. but we did not expect it -- we find it surprising that it would come from republicans who should know better who should recognize the value of economic freedom in our economy. i think it's easy though. we talk about the facts. we fight these arguments that newt gingrich and rick perry make with substance and then we focus on talking about the governor's plan for putting the
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american people back to work. creating jobs again, and then how we are going to prosecute that case against president obama in a general election. >> governor romney, in fact, suggested by the use of the word envy that this was class warfare from the republicans not from the democratic left. this was his interview with matt l ama laue rvmt on today. are you saying that anyone who has questions about the distribution of wealth and power in the country is jealous or is it about fairness? >> you know, i think it's about envy, i think it's about class warfare, it's a envy oriented attack, and i think it will fail. >> now, in addition you are getting hit by newt gingrich on social issues already in south carolina.
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his super pac is up with an ad today going after mitt romney on the abortion question. i want play a bit of that for you. >> what happened after massachusetts moderate mitt romney changed his position from pro abortion to pro life, he signed government mandated healthcare with taxpayer funded abortions. massachusetts moderate mitt romney, he can't be trusted. >> you know, governor romney had not been hit in new hampshire with this kind of advertising. he has not shown he can stand up against this kind of hammering. he is going to be hit hard with the money being poured into this in south carolina. >> you used the term before, we will see if he had a glass jaw. i worked with governor romney
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for a long time and i know that governor romney has a jaw. and we will move to talking about the facts and then talk about what he will do for the future. what newt gingrich is doing right now is putting out adds that are not accurate. governor romney is pro-life, he has made clear his positions on the issue of life. and for those social conservatives or any republicans in that matter who want to know about the governor's position on that, they have to listen to his words not newt gingrich. governor romney welcomes accountability on where he stands on that issue of live. when we get down to the campaign, there will be attacks, but what is important that we fight them with the facts and talk about what governor romney would do as president. what his vision for the country is. if we do it successfully he will
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be able to earn the nomination. >> forgive me for interrupting. finally, and briefly. are newt gingrich and rick perry going to help re-elect obama by going after nominee when it's clear that eps on the march to the nomination? >> he will win the nomination. -- >> but if he wins the nominat n nomination -- >> this is why he will win, he has the plan to put america back to work. what governor perry and what newt gingrich are engaged in, i think those are attacks that will blow up in their face. i think that most republicans are quite appalled by it and they have actually had the effect of rallying conservatives. we can talk to independents and democrats that are not happy with are president obama's leadership, governor rom noi could be president come 2013.
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>> thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> what is ron paul's game, the strategy for going south? we will ask his senior adviser. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports." [ male announcer ] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪
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and before you reduce or stop cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. ask your doctor about cymbalta. imagine you with less pain. cymbalta can help. go to to learn about a free trial offer. ron paul kicked off his campaign in south carolina with a rally in columbia just hours after finishing a strong second in new hampshire. he said it proof he is not going away. >> the status quo, you know the danger that we are to them is that we are going after the status quo, the people in charge and they ought to be looking out because we are coming and we're going to delivery this message, this great message. to me, it's a great message of peace and prosperity. thank you, very much. >> doug weed is a senior adviser
1:24 pm
to the campaign. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> thin the latest south caroli poll romney was at 37% and paul said he was biting at his heels and he was. he has passionate, young supporters and anti-war supporters and libertarian supports. at the same time, do you think he has a credible run or march to the nomination given the fact that romney has won iowa and new hampshire and far ahead in south carolina? >> yes, we do. if we have learned anything in this election cycle we learned that anything can happen. and this is basically now a two-man race. that is a secret that has been hidden in plain view for six months with the polls that show both ron paul and mitt romney as the only republican candidates that were within striking distance of obama.
1:25 pm
and ron paul is doing as well as mitt romney within the margin of error of the polls. so, this is real. perception? no, i agree, but reality, we have to run this campaign on reality and we can still win it. >> but, the exit polls don't have that kind of margin of error and the exit poles, overwhelmi overwhelmingly, of those voting in new hampshire that the most importa important thing is elected ability and romney has that. is there a point where paul would not continue to because it would damage romney, the front-runner? >> i challenge your premise, it's true in those exit polls they say that electability is the most important issue, and it's true that in the nbc poll or any of these polls the people polled think that ron paul can't
1:26 pm
beat barack obama but when they actually ask in your polls, who do you favor, ron paul or barack obama he does better than all of the republican contenders except mitt romney and he is within two points. we don't think it's over. we think we will do good in south carolina, we are second among born again christians and we have a strong following, as you know, among the military. and we are changing the party. this is a story that the news media has missed. i saw the change in '88 when evangelicals swept into the party, something like this is going on now, our supporters are coming in and changing the republican party from the county level up and the news media is missing this. >> you are absolutely right, there's a big change in the party and we see it, those of us that have been out and watched ron paul campaigning see it. at the same time, you said that he is the only one going up
1:27 pm
against romney, the only one with any strength but you have gingrich and santorum, and hunts man, is it time for others to get out and if they do not get out, doesn't it dilute the anti-romney vote? >> yes it does. and to answer that question, we do not see huntsman as a serious candidate, we like him he takes away romney votes but he is not on the ballot in some of the states. some of them are not on the ballot in illinois, gingrich and santorum are not to ballot in virginia, which is gingrich's home state. so it's clear -- >> would you role out a third party run if he does not win the nomination? >> he will not do it. but he will make a vigorous run against mitt romney. we see romney's number one contributor is goldman sachs, and number one contributor to
1:28 pm
barack obama, goldman sachs, people want someone changed. they want someone untouched by k-street and here is this kindly old gentleman from texas who is like a clean boat in a sea of garbage and people love him. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> newt's fight for survival in south carolina, how nasty will it get and first lady michelle obama pushing back against reports -- expected it to grow. then the world changed... and the common sense of retirement planning became anything but common. fortunately, td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. take control by opening a new account or rolling over an old 401(k) today, and we'll throw in up to $600. how's that for common sense?
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it's real milk full of calcium and vitamin d. and tastes simply delicious. for those of us with lactose intolerance... lactaid® milk. the original 100% lactose-free milk. and developing now, just moments ago, secretary of state hillary clinton at the state department tried to send a very strong signal claiming that the u.s. was not responsible for today's murder of a nuclear scientist in iran. >> deny any united states involvement in any kind of act of violence inside iran. we believe that there has to be
1:32 pm
an understanding between iran, its neighbors and the international community. >> two attackers are accused using a magnetic bomb killing the scientist and one other person he was the director of the main nuclear enrichment facility. he was the third killed in these kind of attacks. a drone has attacked militants in pakistan today, this is the first use of a drone in eight weeks. unmanned aircraft were a main stay but were suspended after clashes between the u.s. and pakistan's government. a french tv reporter was killed in syria today, he died under unknown circumstances while on a reporting trip authorized by the syrian government. this is the first known death of a western journalist in syria since the uprising began ten months ago. newt gingrich calls south carolina a must win and the state is the only thing between
1:33 pm
mitt romney and the nomination. he is kicking off a townhall meeting. we have the regional chairman of the gingrich campaign. thank you for joining us. let's talk about -- >> andrea, thank you for having me on today. >> it's great to see you, and have a chance to talk to you about gingrich and perry sounding more like michael moore, than republicans how say you? >> it's funny that a lot of that is going on right now. and newt from the beginning ran a positive campaign. he remained positive against negative ad, i'm hear to encourage to stay positive. he was speaker of the house in the '90s and helped to create 11 million jobs in the nation. every republican is pro capitalism. >> but he does not sound like a
1:34 pm
capitalist. he is talking about vulture capitalism. so is rick perry, i mean they are using really tough language and it sounds as though they are attacking what mitt romney told matt lauer it sounds like it's class warfare. >> and i know perry has used the word "vulture capitalism," i would encourage everyone to stay positive, newt is not against capitalism. as i said before, he worked under clinton and worked across party lines to represent create the environment for 11 million new jobs here in america. >> rush limbaugh is only one of the conservative voips skps i know there are many people calming directly to newt gingrich and perry saying they should chill it and fall behind romney. this is what rush limbaugh had to say. >> for those of you that played
1:35 pm
monopoly, romney is now the guy in the top hat. the left could not improve on this. the newt-pac, got an idea for you guys, recut your ad on romney. and your tag line is i am barack obama and i approve of this message. >> the club for growth called newt gingrich's attacks disgusting, does that give you pause or concern about gingrich and what the strategy here is? >> absolutely. and any primary any general election, people will bring out the flaws of different candidates and every candidate has flaws and issues that need to be discussed. i think it's a good thing that it's coming out now in a primary so people can discuss it and move on and get ready for a general election. >> and do you have some concern that the gingrich attacks will weaken mitt romney who is most
1:36 pm
likely going to be the nominee and make it easier for barack obama to be re-elected? >> i don't have a concern over that, we have a lot of people that are in the field right now, whoever comes out on top, i think that all republicans need to fall behind that candidate and help barack obama be a one-term president. >> will gingrich drop out if he does not win south carolina? >> from what i'm hearing, whatever the results are here in south carolina, he is polling well in florida and as he put it recently in the newspapers, it would be foolish to pull out since he looks to be gooding well in south carolina and looks to do well in florida as well. >> thank you very much from the gingrich campaign. -- >> thank you for having me on. >> it's good to have you. the field has taken ten days to make their mark in south carolina, until that primary there, and again, mitt romney fried to fend off the fierce criticism about his former
1:37 pm
company bain capital. >> we expected the president to continue his rhetoric of class warfare, we are surprised to see it coming from gingrich and others. every investment that we made, they were all designed to try and grow the business and make it more successful. >> newt gingrich is on the defense with conservatives accusing him of dividing the party by criticizing romney but he pushed back saying his questions are legitimate. >> why is asking somebody to be honest and candid bad? why is asking someone to be accountable bad? i understand why he is throwing up this smoke screen, but he were not the establishment candidate the smoke screen would not last 30 seconds. sglp r >> romney did get support from ron paul. >> i'm critical of governor romney for some of his positions because he is not a small
1:38 pm
government person. but to attack him for, you know, you following through on a procedure which is real market oriented i wonder if they are totally ignorant of economics or if they are willing to demagogue with the hopes of getting a vote or two. >> we have andy with us here. how sit plis it playing in sout carolina, unemployment was 5.5% in new hampshire and it's near 10% in south carolina. there's a lot of bible belt support, you have a different electorate. >> yes, we do. i mean, the economy is the number one issue here in south carolina. having one of the nation's highest unemployment rates. we are looking, south carolina residents are looking for hope and solutions after this long downturn. >> but, andy, how do you think
1:39 pm
republicans down there are looking at all of the infighting among the republicans, the harsh language, newt gingrich, we just played what rush limbaugh had to say about that and also, you know, what rick perry has been saying? >> you know, one of the things that south carolina is proud of is that since 1980, this state has elected the republican nominee, i think there's pride in trying keep that. i think that is why you saw romney's numbers come up so much since december, and newt gingrich come down so much. because, i think, in way they are recognizing the wave that is happening with mitt romney. but, right now, they are, you know, the folks, the tea party, very strong here, they are split a bit among perry, gingrich and santorum. >> in fact, this is going to be the first primary where we see a strong tea party. they have not been a factor in
1:40 pm
iowa, really, and certainly not in north carolina, i mean in new hampshire, but in south carolina, we get it right, it's been a long night and morning. nikki haley who is the governor that endorsed romney is not nearly as popular with the tea party support as she was when she was elected. >> right, her approval rating is down, but at the same time she is popular among certain pockets of the state. she obviously has backed the front-runner right now, so that will do well. she has been her own person. and in the end, i think she wants to back who, again, just like the south carolina residents, back the person who has the best chance of winning the nomination and vuobviously doing the best job in november. >> and this will the first test of a mormon candidate in the
1:41 pm
bible belt as well. andy, thank you very much, we will see you down there. >> thank you. >> and how will democrats go after mitt romney in south carolina? next, first lady, michelle obama speaking out about a book that was released about the couple. in the book, new york times reporter, jodi cantor describes conflicts between the first lady and the president's top aids. in an interview this morning on cbs, mrs. obama denied those accounts saying that the book portrays her unfairly. >> i guess it's more interesting to imagine this conflicted situation here and a strong woman in a, you know, but that has been an imagine that people have tried to paint of me since the day that barack announced
1:42 pm
that i was some angry black woman. >> she said that she hopes over time people will get to know her for who she is. she can count the times that she bothered to go to the west wing and --
1:43 pm
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1:45 pm
hi everyone, coming up on news nation, the supreme kourpts rules that a woman cannot sue the lutheran church who fired her, plus, mississippi governor haliley barbour's final act has outraged many, he included 200 people, why his supporters are calling the move a mississippi tradition. and why is this being called the most revolutionary television of all time ham? >> mitt romney is going after
1:46 pm
the president's record on the economy. the president lost the state in 2008. with me now, south carolina congressman james cliburn. thanks for being with us. how does the president win in south carolina? he did not win it last time and the economy is worse down there than when he was elected four years ago? >> well, south carolina will be tough for any democrat as you know. but i, always try to remind people, that we played a role last time in the primary. which was very, very beneficial to president obama and i do not believe that the president would have been successful later on had he not won the primary here in south carolina and done so so
1:47 pm
convincingly. so, we take pride in playing our role. we may not be able to deliver a victory for the president in the the general election but i think we will play a role in helping the president get his message out. that is why this morning i did a press conference along with other elected officials here laying out the contrast between the president and mr. romney as well as other candidate on the republican side. and touting, 22 consecutive months of job growth in the private sector, the biggest that we have had in, what? 14 years. so, i think that here while the focus is on south carolina, we are going to point out, for the people in the state as well as
1:48 pm
your viewers across the country, the contrast between president obama and the republican candidates for the presidency. >> congressman, mitt romney is the strongest republican candidate opponent that the president would have to face in terms of business experience, money, organization, and just the experience of having run. so he has emerged from new hampshire heading down as he starts his south carolina campaign as perhaps the, well clearly the toughest opponent that the president could have should he now successfully nail the nomination. >> well, i think that when the two of them are running side-by-side, laying out their vision for the future of this great country of ours, i think people will begin to see that they will have a choice between someone who seems not to be able to connect with ordinary people.
1:49 pm
mr. romney seems not to understand the power of his actions when it comes to making money for international investors as opposed to creating jobs for south carolina residents. in fact, we have a stark contrast here in south carolina, gaffney, south carolina was one of the places that his policies led to job loss, heaping havoc on households of working people in gaffney, south carolina and we will lay this out for south carolina to see. and i think that we may surprise people this year. i'm just waiting for the republicans to have their due, do their campaign, election on the 21st and then we are going to get serious about drawing
1:50 pm
contrast between president obama and whoever the republican nominee will be. it's time for south carolina to begin to vote its self interest and i think obama's candidacy and his record is very clear and is convincing that he has been a very positive force for this country and for people trying to get into the middle class and for people who are trying to stay there. and that's the problem we're having in south carolina and the country. people in the middle class finding themselves falling back to places they never thought they would visit again. >> congressman jim clyburn, we have to leave it there. thanks for joining us today from south carolina. and what political story will be making headlines in the next 24 hours? that's next right here. and the lunch boxes of school children all across the country may change soon. hostess the maker of twinkies and ding dongs has filed for
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♪ make headlines in the next 24 hours? msnbc contributor and managing editor of post chris cillizza rejoins us. we're looking ahead to florida, beyond south carolina. >> yeah, well, look, andrea, mitt romney is going to be in south carolina tonight, west palm beach, florida, tomorrow. all of this is aimed at showing he's in it for the long game. you talked about mitt romney, $24 million raised in the final three months of the year. he has $19 million on hand. so you've got south carolina on january 21st, ten days from now, 20 days from now florida, and super tuesday march 6th when a bunch of states are going to vote. question that anyone other than romney in this race has to
1:55 pm
answer is how do you compete organizationally and financially with mitt romney going beyond south carolina? no one has answered that question yet. and mitt romney is making sure people like you and i ask that question because it's the central question of the race at this point. >> can they live off the ground, can they live off debates? they've got our big debate in tampa january 23rd. newt gingrich does well in them. can't they argue that plus some superpac money can keep them going? >> they can keep going, andrea. it's an issue of what kind of campaign they can keep up. look, that worked for gingrich earlier this year. but votes are happening. we're in the finals here. you can't just keep living off the land. at some point you've got to the beat romney somewhere if you want to become relevant. >> the chris cillizza, thanks so much. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports" and wraps up our coverage of the campaign in new hampshire with great thanks to everyone here, the great nbc news team.
1:56 pm
tomorrow, "the washington post" eugene robinson joins us. tamron hall has a look what's next on news nation. >> good to see you. in our next hour, the supreme court rules that a woman who says she's disabled cannot sue the lutheran church that fired her. why wasn't she the protected under the americans with disabilities ac? plus mississippi governor hailey bauer bore's final act in office has ignited outrage. he pardoned nearly 200 people, including a rapist and a murderer. why his supporters are calling this move a mississippi tradition. and we're getting new reaction from secretary of state hillary clinton on the iranian nuclear scientist murdered by a car bomb in iran. we have a live report from tehran. "news nation" is just minutes away. an accident doesn't have to slow you down.
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right now on "news nation," divide and conquer. >> in the last few days, we've seen some desperate republicans join


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