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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 19, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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illinois couple cashes in on the final share of the record-breaking megamillions jackpot. and sticking point -- an out of control car slams into a building in brazil and just stays there. well good morning, i'm lynn berry, those stories and more are straight ahead, this is "first look" on msnbc. we're going to begin this morning with an american original, dick clark died of a heart attack at age 82, after a television career spanning 60 years, the man once known as the nation's oldest teenager created "american bandstand" in 1956 and started new year's rockin' eve in 19272. nbc's stephanie stanton has more. >> reporter: the record has stopped spinning for america's
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oldest teenager. dick clark died at a los angeles area hospital of a massive heart attack. the 82-year-old was admitted to the hospital for an outpatient procedure a day earlier. fans visited clark's star in hollywood to pay tribute to this american icon. >> new year's eve is never going to be the same again. >> and words of praise from clark's new year's eve show successor, ryan seacrest who opened wednesday's "american idle" with a tribute to dick clark. >> he will be missed greatly. our thoughts and prayer goes out to his family. i know that he's in a better place, saying, hey, let's get on with the show, okay? you got it, boss. >> clark got his start as a teen on radio and later became host of "american bandstand" a show that crossed color barriers by
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showcasing not only white artists, but african-american musicians as well. >> he was always on the cutting edge of what was new, what was happening now. >> in 1972, clark created new year's rockin' eve and hosted the event until a severe stroke sidelined him in 2004. in 2006 he made a triumphant return and continued to ring in the new year up until last year, reestablishing his credentials as an american icon. stephanie stanton, nbc news, los angeles. well elsewhere in the wake of an ongoing secret service investigation into an alleged prostitution scandal, three of the 11 agents accused of misconduct are now out at the agency. and now one of the women at the center of the scandal is speaking out for the very first time. nbc's tracie potts joins us from washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: lynn, good morning, there are questions about whether there were really 20 or 21 women involved.
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congress wants to know how old they were. one lawmaker says one woman could have been as young as 20 years old. one agent has retired. one is being fired for cause and another resigned, leaving eight under investigation. now there's reaction from the campaign trail. here's mitt romney on the radio last night. >> i'd clean house, the right thing to do is to remove people who have violated the public trust. >> reporter: "the new york times" reports a 24-year-old self-described escort says a fight erupted when one agent offered her $30, instead of the $800 they agreed on. they reportedly settled on $225 after police got involved. the house oversight committee wants a full report, details and disciplinary actions by may 1. another hearings have been announcedings but another committee, homeland security, who is four investigators on the case. >> if heads don't roll in a bureaucracy that has something wrong, nothing's going to change. and i think you'll find that these people, their heads are
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going to roll. >> reporter: the secret called in an inspector-general, so far, nothing appears to have been compromised, sources say there were no gun, radios or equipment or schedules in the agents' rooms. investigators are looking into possible drug use. some agents have agreed to take polygraph tests. lynn? >> tracie, thanks. the white house is condemning newly surfaced images of u.s. soldiers posing with bodies in afghanistan. the 2-year-old photos, published with the "l.a. times," show u.s. troops with the remains of dead militants. defense secretary leon panetta apologized and expressed concerns that the photos could cause new violence against u.s. forces in afghanistan. the photographs were provided to the paper by an american soldier. an investigation is now under way. well to politics now, a new poll shows among women voters under age 30, president obama leads republican presidential candidate mitt romney 70% to
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25%. well last night on "politics nation" california senator barbara boxer told the reverend, that in her view, romney is losing ground because of republican women on women's issues. >> what republicans are doing, including mitt romney, to women's health for example, to women's equal opportunity for equality in the workplace, it just goes on and on. they're hurting women. now, you have mitt romney saying he wants to quote get rid of unquote planned parenthood. he wants to get rid of planned parenthood, that serves three million american, it gives them basic health care. prevention, breast screenings, other kinds of cancer screenings. std screenings. i will tell you this -- it hurts the american people, that type of policy. when you look at the republicans in congress, there's no less than 30 bills introduced by republicans in the house, all of them by republicans, that would
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restrict women's health, including, listen to this, they want to outlaw the birth control pill, and invitro fertilization. >> well don't miss "politics nation" with the reverend al sharpton, weekdays at 6:00 p.m., on msnbc, the place for politics. here's your "first look" at other news going on around america today. in new york, someone is posing as both a police officer and a woman. police say the fake cop is a man who went into a bank, demanded a customer's wallet and then stole a debit card on the same day the impersonator snuck into the private offices of a hospital, though nothing was stolen there. in dallas, a burglar tried repeatedly to smash his way in a a pharmacy using a giant rock. minor detail. police say he hurled it at the front door over and over again, but it was made of plexiglass and it wouldn't shatter. the would-be thief is still on the loose. in st. louis, someone
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vandalized a school crossing sign. it was altered to make it look like one of the children is carrying an assault rifle. that's disturbing. the sign is posted at what some consider the unofficial boundary between the safer and dangerous sides of town. public works crews plan to fix it. and finally, who knew you could fit the olympic games right into new york's times square, kind of. the crossroads of the world played host to volleyball, basketball, bmx bike racing and more to help usher in the 2012 summer games in london. it's now less than 100 days away and team usa was well represented. and now for a look at your national weather, let's check in with nbc meteorologist bill karins, he has your weather channel forecast. >> i could have done the bmx. back in my prime, 12 years old? >> sure. good luck with that, bill. i don't buy it. >> what sport would you have done? >> actually, i did discus in
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track. and shot put. >> i'm calling your mom and getting footage. good morning, everyone, we actually waking up with some showers this morning. southern new england, mid-atlantic, one of the first times you've seen wet pavement in a week or two. there will be a lot more of that to come this upcoming weekend. more details later in the show. we have sprinkles that are exiting areas of southern portions of connecticut, coming off of delaware and maryland. further to the south in georgia, the same thing, showers into south carolina, too. that exits today, leaves the east coast with a pretty nice day. it will be mild, temperatures jumping. after a cloudy start, be ready on the eastern seaboard with warm weather, looking at a warm start in dallas, the rainy weather is up in the northern plains, anyone in wisconsin, northern illinois, iowa, southern mn in, another day with the umbrella. right now the only thunderstorms are down here in northern portions of nebraska. later today, slight risk of severe storms. oklahoma city, all the way up
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into kansas, this is first time you've had the chance of additional storms ever since the tornado outbreak last weekend. large hail and damaging winds most likely around the oklahoma city area would be the biggest cause of concerns. no tornado, but the damaging winds can do damage by themselves. the forecast today, eastern seaboard, cloudy start, sunny finish, providence, new york, providence, albany, d.c., looks great. atlanta into new orleans, you should be dry, but you'll see clouds this morning. chance of afternoon storms in florida, starting to get toasty in florida, temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. in the midwest, we mentioned the chance of storms and dallas looks nice, too. lynn, a lot of people talking about the rainy weekend ahead for the east coast. i got some changes in the forecast and the details coming up later. >> bill, thanks. also coming up, taco bell turns around. online payments pay off. and mcdonald's takes a stab at another staple of french cuisine. your "first look" at this morning's business headlines is straight ahead. coming up, a coaching legend
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welcome back to "first lo " look," i'm lynn berry. india says for the first time it has launched a new missile that could hit chinese cities, including beijing. the rocket has a 3,000-mile range and is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. authorities in texas say a woman has confessed to killing a mother and kidnapping her 3-day-old baby boy on tuesday. verna mcclain told officials she had recently suffered a miscarriage, but told her fiance she had given birth to their child. an illinois couple collected a big check for the illinois megamillions jackpot. they had one of the three
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winning tickets, worth $218 million, they will collect a lump-sum payment of $158 million before taxes. a lucky driver in brazil escaped serious injury when his car flew through the air, crashed into a house, and then it just stayed put. the family was asleep just a few feet away, but they luckily were not hurt. almost doesn't look real. and now here's your first look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 13,032 after losing 82 points yesterday. the s&p lost five and the nasdaq was down 11. in tokyo, the nikkei dropped 78 points, in hong kong, the hang seng gained 214. a flood of earnings before the bell will likely drive markets today, provided there are no major hiccups in spain's scheduled bond auction. worries about spanish debt resurfaced weapons as traders worried a sloppy auction could send borrowing rates back into
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bailout territory. the bigger drag yesterday was disappointing results from ibm and intel. after the bell, american express reported a 7% jump in net income as customers spent and repaid more in the first quarter. kfc and taco bell parent yum brands posted a whopping 73% profit gain, thanks to taco's bell impressive rebound. and elsewhere after hours, mobile chip maker qualcomm shrank 3%. ebay blew past wall street's earnings expectations thanks to impressive pay pal riff knew and brisk ecommerce sales. halliburton rose 5% fuelled by a rush to tap new oil mels in north america. and the environmental protection agency is giving energy companies more time to begin using green completion equipment. when they drill for national gas. the 2015 deadline is the first
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federal mandate governing pollution from hydraulic fracturing or so-called fracking. new data from the labor department shows food prices are rising at a slower pace this year which could bring some much-needed relief at the checkout line. and finally, is this a little strange? mcdonald's has a new mcbaguette that it launched to mixed reviews in france. while some customers praised the chain's nod to french fare, others critiqued the missing crunch from the traditional crusty bread. well in health news, a new study says the risk of alzheimer's disease can be reduced by being physically active. even people in their 80s lower their risk if they move around. and that includes regular activities such as cooking or cleaning, rather than formal exercise. the least active seniors were more than twice as likely to develop alzheimer's disease compared to the most active. for more information on this and other health stories, you can check out the health page at
5:17 am coming up, the celtics charm the magic, the brewers walk off an extra innings, plus the penguins net ten goals to avoid elimination from the stanley cup playoffs, your "first look" at sports is straight ahead, you're watching "first look" on msnbc. [ male announcer ] we asked real people if they'd help us with an experiment
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febreze fabric refresher -- havi ng aebreze fabric refresher -- n irregular heartbeat havputs you at 5 times calgreater risk of stroke. don't wait. go to for a free discussion guide to help you talk to your doctor about reducing your risk. that's in sports excitement last night in the stanley cup playoffs as two nhl teams stave off elimination. good morning, with their
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backs against the wall and facing elimination, the penguins not only found way to win they found the back of the net ten times, make it or break it time for pittsburgh, flyers had a 3-2 lead when the pens' offense came alive, exploded four unanswered goals, seven unanswers goals, seven straight goals, jordan staal had a hat trick, pittsburgh avoided elimination with a 10-3 win. big lift from daniel sedin, zanl with an assist on the goal, canucks beat the kings. ottawa rangers and senators needed overtime, kyle turris, a perfect shot over the glove of henrik lundquist. it doesn't get better than that, senators won it 3-2 in o.t. the series tied 2-. pat summit stepped down as the women's basketball coach in
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tennessee. summit had won eight championships during her 38-year career at tennessee. nba, a month ago there was talk about breaking up the celts, now boston is guaranteed a share of the atlantic division title. paul pierce had 29 in a career-high 14 assists against the magic. final seconds, it's pierce with the dagger. give you one guess who the yankees played last night, the twins. justin mourneau was also seeing double, hit two home runs, has four in the last six games. minnesota won it 6-5 in new york. for the second game in a row, the brewers beat the dodgers with a walk-off, sacks full for ryan braun, matt kemp made the grab, here's the throw, niger morgan beat the throw by the slimmest of margins, brewers walk off with a 3-2 win in 10. that's your "first look" at sports. and bill and are still laughing about the twins reference, now for a look at weather, let's check in with bill. >> you had to be watching and listening to get that joke.
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>> you had to be paying attention. >> it's good ha we were for once. >> it doesn't happen often. >> the east coast, we've been talking about the drought over the last week. we'll get the new drought update but for the most part, severe drought is expanding and even extreme conditions are expected probably later today in areas of southern new england, but improvement is coming this upcoming weekend. let me take you through how the forecast is going to play out through the upcoming weekend. first off, saturday, a cold front coming through the great lakes up into northern new england, light rain from pittsburgh to syracuse to buffalo. a cloudy, rainy, cool day. late in the day, the showers will move to the big cities like new york city and philadelphia and d.c. i think boston, you stay dry on saturday. there are's another storm down here in the gulf. initially we were thinking they were going to combine, they're not. this one is going to stay far to the south. down along the florida panhandle and into florida. sunday, we watch the front weakening, kicking off the
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coast. new england, the forecast on sunday is actually looking a little bit better if we push the front off the coast. the heavy rain should be down with the southern storm coming off the florida coastline. as the day goes on, the heavy rain should move up along the carolinas. by the time we get to sunday night and monday, we could be dealing with a full-fledged nor'easter type storm. monday could be ugly in new england with a lot of windy, rainy conditions, the bottom line for new england, the forecast this weekend not looking quite as bad as it was. the southeast still going to get a lot of wet weather. reports say britney spears is inching closer to the x factor. plus demi moore is moving on from her ex, ashton kutcher and she wants her fans to help. your "first look" at entertainment is straight ahead.
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welcome back to "first lo " look," let's get a little entertainment news, michael jackson's former british body guard has reportedly launched a legal bid to prove he's the biological father of the late singer's youngest son, blanket. the 32-year-old man tells the british tabloid daily starr, he plans to ask the jackson family for a dna test. he claims he gave jackson a sperm donation in 2001 after the king of pop said he wanted an athletic child. >> thanks, lynn. according to tmz, britney spears is close to signing a deal to be on the next season of "x factor" reports of a $15 million contract about that. are you excited about that? >> i watch the show. "people" magazine reports that anna pack win and stephen
5:28 am
moyer are expecting their first child. demi moore is asking for suggestions on a new twitter handle from her followers. the 49-year-old actress who currently uses the nam name @mrs.kutcher wants to change it after separating from her husband. she tweeted, time for a change. twitter name change? any suggestions? so i throw that to you, bill. any ideas for mrs. kutcher? >> we were asking the possibility of something with cougar in the title. >> too obvious and too easy. >> and too cruel. >> it's a term of endearment. >> i think the cougars would disagree with that. >> i'm lynn berry, this is "first look" on msnbc, stay tuned, "way too early" with willie geist starts right now. >> president obama goes all ricky schroeder on mitt romney, telling a crowded ohio he was not born with a silver spoon in
5:29 am
his mouth. as yet another poll shows us this is going to be a tighter general election than many people had predicted. the question is, what did romney have to say about the obsession by some members of the obama re-election team with his dog. meanwhile, three members of the united states secret service lose their jobs over the hooker party that blew up in the face of the organization. the question is -- what did one of the prostitutes herself have to say when she gave an interview to the "new york times"? and you've probably heard by now that the great dick clark has died at the age of 82. the question is, do you fully appreciate the man's impact on american popular culture? it's "way toearly" for ts. good morning, i'm willie geist and this is "way too early," the show that never did get on "american bandstand" but was a featured dancer on "dance


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