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tv   White House Correspondents Dinner  MSNBC  April 28, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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ha-ha-ha. despite many obstacles, much has changed during my time in office. four years ago i was locked in a brutal primary battle with hillary clinton. four years later she won't stop drunk texting me from cartagena. four years ago i was a washington outsider. four years later, i am at this dinner. four years ago, i looked like this. today, i look like this.
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and four years from now i will look like this. that's not even funny. anyway, it is great to be here this evening in the vast, magnificent, hilton ballroom. or what mitt romney would call a little fixer upper. i mean look at this party. we got men in tuxes. women in gowns. fine wine. first-class entertainment. i was relieved to learn this was
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not a gsa conference. unbelievable. not even the mind reader knew what they were thinking. of course, the white house correspondents' dinner is known as the prom of washington, d.c. a term coined by political reporters who clearly never had the chance to go an actual prom. our chaperone for the evening is jimmy kimmel. [ applause ] who is perfect for the job since most of tonight's audience is in his key demographic -- people who fall asleep during "nightline."
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ha-ha-ha. jimmy got his start years ago on "the man show." in washington, that's what we call a congressional hearing on contraception. and plenty of journalists are here tonight. i would be remiss if i didn't congratulate the huffingtonpost on their pulitzer prize. you deserve it, ariana, there is no one else out there winking to the kind of journalism that the huffington post is linking to every single day. give them a round of applause. it's a great business model!
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even sarah palin is getting back into the game. guest hosting on the "today" show which reminds me of an old saying -- what's the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? a pit bull is delicious. little soy sauce. now, i know at this point, many of you are expecting me to go after my likely opponent, newt gingri gingrich.
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newt, there is still time, man. but i'm not going to do that. i'm not going to attack any of the republican candidates. take mitt romney he and i actually have a lot in common. we both think of our wives as our better halves, and polls show to a -- an alarmingly insulting extent, the american people agree. we also both have degrees from harvard. i have one. he has two. what a snob. of course, we also had our differences. recently his campaign criticized me for slow jamming the news with jimmy fallon.
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in fact, i jununderstand govern romney was so incensed he asked his staff if he could get some equalon "the merv griffin show." still, i guess s governor romney is feeling pretty good about things because he took a few hours off the other day to see "the hunger games." some of you have seen it? it is a movie about people who court wealthy sponsors and then brutally savage each other until only one contestant is left standing. i'm sure this was a really great change of pace for him. i have not seen "the hunger games." not enough class warfare for me.
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of course, i know everybody is predicting a nasty election. and thankfully we have all agreed that families are off-limits. dogs, however are pareapparentl fair game. and although they have had some fun with this, the other day i saw a knew ad from one of these outside groups. that frankly i think crossed the line. i know governor romney says he has no control over what his super pacs do. can we show the ad real quick. >> back in 1983, you took your irish setter, on a 12 hour road trip tied to the roof of your car in a kennel. >> he climbed up there regularly, enjoyed himself. my bet is he liked it uh in his kennel than inside. >> finally, a candidate ready to
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fight. what about barack obama, under his leadership, man's best friend has been forced into government controlled automobiles. just imagine the european style dog socialism, obama has planned for the next four years. more government handouts. a life of government dependency. indoctrinating our children. left wing social agenda. leading from behind. ♪ in the arms of the angels ♪ far away >> america's dogs can't afford four more years of obama, for them that's 28 years. our dogs need leadership now. >> who let the dogs out? who? who? >> this guy. that's why we need to join mitt romney in sending a message this november -- i'm an american and
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dog gone it, i ride outside. paid for by woofpac. [ applause ] >> that's pretty rough. but i can take it. because i was always told it is a boy eat dog world out there. now if i do win a second term as president, let me just say something to all of the -- [ applause ] let me just say something to of friend on the right who think i'm planning to unleash some secret agenda. you are absolutely right. so, allow me to close with a quick preview of what the secret
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agenda you can expect in a second obama administration. in my first term, i sang al green. in my second term i'm going with young jeezy. michelle said, yeah. i sing that to her sometimes. in my first term, we ended the war in iraq. in my second term, i will win the war on christmas. in my first term, we repealed the policy known as don't ask/don't tell. [ applause ] wait though -- in my second term we will replace it with a policy known as it's raining men.
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in my first term we passed health care reform. in my second term, i guess i'll pass it again. [ applause ] i do want to end tonight on a slightly more serious note. whoever takes the oath of office next january will face some great challenges. but he will also inherit traditions that make us greater than the challenges we face. and one of those traditions is represented here tonight. a free press that isn't afraid to ask questions, to examine, and to criticize. and in service of that mission, all of you make sacrifices. tonight we remember journalists such as anthony shadib and marie
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colvin. [ applause ] who made the ultimate sacrifice, as they sought to shine a light on some of the most important stories of our time. so, whether you are a blogger or a broadcaster, whether you take on powerful interests here at home, or put yourself in harm's way overseas, i have the greatest respect and admiration for what you do. i know some times you like to give me a hard time. i certainly look to return the favor. but i never forget that our country depends on you. you help protect our freedom, our democracy, and our way of life. and, just to set the record straight, i really do enjoy attending these dinners. in fact, i had a lot more material prepared, but i have to get the secret service home in time for their new curfew.
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thank you very much, everybody. thank you. [ applause ] >> and there you have it, the president of the united states. 17 minutes of his best material. thank you so much for joining us tonight. this is msnbc's coverage of the annual tradition here in washington, d.c., the white house correspondents' dinner. joining us from the politico, scott blakeman. standing by. we'll get to all the folks. let's listen to jimmy kimmel right now about to take the podium as well. let's listen in. >> with that said please enjoy a special white house correspondents' dinner version in this week on unnecessary censorship.
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>> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. thank you for coming to the white house for your daily [ bleep ]. >> i have told leaders of both parties they must come up with a fair compromise in the next few days that can pass both houses of congress. and a [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> president obama says it's [ bleep ] on the gulf coast. >> trying to find bipartisan health care reform on capitol hill is like children trying to [ bleep ] uniforms. >> i have [ bleep ] with homosexuals since 1968. >> i'm a regular guy with [ bleep ]. >> i like being able to [ bleep ] people. >> are you not getting enough [ bleep ], you and the add sflags. >> -- administration. >> look, these are gigantic packages. >> i understand what pork barrel politics are about, i [ bleep ], you [ bleep ] mine. >> she is not the only person that i have [ bleep ], i have [ bleep ] a lot of people, the
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only thing about this particular one, yes, she happened to be female. >> i promise you the president has a big -- i promise you. >> the irish prime minister. he was crazy. introducing the president. they had a wonderful time. >> we campaigned the whole day, whenever i saw him, are you [ bleep ] up? he said i'm [ bleep ] up? are you ready to go? i'm ready to go. here's the thing after a minute or two, i'm starting to feel kind of [ bleep ] up. >> and now, i would like to introduce the comedian who i think will be a particular hit with the journalists in this room, jimmy kimmel is known in the world of comedy not only for his since of humor but for his work ethic and his tenacity. and for those of us familiar with the ups and downs of the
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media business, what is not to like about a guy who has been fired from four radio stations? ladies and gentlemen, it's my pleasure to introduce jimmy kimmel, host of abc's "jimmy kimmel live." [ applause ] >> thank you, good evening, ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, mr. president. it is wonderful to be here. they told me this would be a very high-profile event with some of the most powerful people in the world. they did not tell me i would be looking directly into sophia vergaro's cleavage. i saw you texting. sophia is from colombia. this is what women look like in colombia, what do you expect the secret service to do?
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mr. president, i know you won't be able to laugh at any of my jokes about the secret service. so cover your ears if that's physically possible. i do have a lot of jokes about the secret service. you know i told them for $800. i wouldn't tell them. but they only offered $30. so -- i am happy to see that congress is taking this seriously. david vitter went so far as to fly down to colombia to investigate this personally. [ applause ] i'll till you what, i know the administration has been cracking down. but if this happened on president clinton's watch, you can bet those secret service agents would have been disciplined with a very serious high-five. palms would be beat red. quick announcement, if any one has tickets to the gsa afterparty, the plane is leaving for the four seasons at dubai,
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at midnight on the dot. don't be late, you will miss out on your complimentary white tiger cub. i want to thank the washington hilton for hosting us tonight. you know, president obama wanted to move the dinner to the kennedy center this year. but the republicans wanted to keep it at the hilton. they compromised and here we are at the hilton. [ applause ] i am staying at the hotel and i will be honest, it isn't great. i had to change rooms last night there was a huge leak in the room above me. i guess peter orzsak left his mouth on. he told me you would look that one. he told me a lot of stuff. but it is an honor to be here. you told me as a kid i would be sitting with president barack obama, i would have said the president's name is barack obama?
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mr. president, you remember, remember when the country rallied around you in hopes of a better tomorrow? that was hilarious. that was your best one yet. but honestly, it is a thrill for me to be here with the president, a man who is i think done his best to guide us through some very difficult times and paid a heavy price for it. you know there is a trm ferm fo guys like president obama, probably not two terms, but -- but there is. even some of your fellow democrats think you are a pushover, mr. president. they would look see you stick to your guns. if you don't have any guns, they would look to see you ak ask er holder to get some for you. jay tapper wrote that. kind of hard to be funny with the president of the united
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states, sitting right next to you, but somehow, day in and day out, joe biden manages to do it. i wish he was here. i wish he was here so he could sit behind me and fake clap, like he does during the state of the union address. are you enjoying this? is this fun for you? the first meal he has the had in months. they say diplomacy is a matter of carrots and sticks, and since mrs. obama got to the white house, so is dinner. you are very skinny. she doesn't let you eat. i felt weird about eating dessert. i left it untouched. i have never done it before. the real reason thought you were from kenya, had nothing to do with your birth certificate. you lost so much weight, we naught you were the guy who won the boston marathon. this is how you know the country is in bad shape. our president is starving. north korea is sending him food aid. i had the opportunity to sit next to the first lady tonight. she is very, very nice.
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and no matter what side of the fence you are on you have to admit she has done a lot of good work. she just wants us to be healthy, really, is all. mrs. obama, i thank you for that. look it's chris christie, get him. you know they say that inside every american governor is a president struggling to get out. in chris christie's case, it's the only one where you can still hear him screaming. you might be misunderstanding new jersey's slogan. it's not the olive garden state. but the -- the truth is -- the first lady is right. americans are in terrible shape. you can tell how, out of shape we are by the way we protest. we used to march. now we occupy. i want to say a quick
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congratulations to the occupy protestors. it took months and months of petchuli oil and hackysack, but finally wall street isn't greedy any more. congratulations. press secretary jay carnie is with us. hello, jay. jay is, as you know not only press secretary, you know him as the the white guy from every lenscrafters commercial. one of jay's jobs is to keep track of all the hillary rosens. for those of you who aren't familiar with the story, kim, lindsay, et cetera. hillary rosen is the woman who said ann romney never worked a day in her life even though mrs. romney raised five kids. and of course the administration tried to distance itself from the comments. they said she is not an adviser to the obama sccampaign as we found out later her name appeared on the white house visitor log 35 times. when reporters asked jay why her name showed up 35 times. this is where it gets hilarious.
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he said he wasn't sure it was the same hillary rosen, he said, i personally know three hillary ros rosens. you personally know three hillary rosens. where did all these hillary rosens come? did you pick them in the hillary rosen garden? i bet you $10,000 you don't know hillary rosens. but i'm not running for president. three hillaries. that sound like president clinton's worst nightmare. hey, is that rush limbaugh here? people are still upset with rush for comments he made, but you know what, there is a reason mr. limbaugh said what he said and that reason is percocet. by the way, just to clear things up for the extreme right-wingers, here's the difference between bill mahr and rush limbaugh. the people who watch bill mahr know he is an --
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this is -- this is my first time here. every news organization, i guess has its own table. scripps is here. thank god just in case the spelling bee breaks out. we have that covered. we have numerous members of the print media in attendance. which remind me of a riddle. what is black and white and red all over? nothing anymore. really. the christie jokes are okay, but no? where are the cnn tables? are the cnn tables real tables or virtual tables? every election year, cnn comes up with new increasingly amazing technology. they have the magic wall this year. the hologram four years ago. yet with all their technical wizardry they haven't figured out a way to make james carville look less like a hairless,
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boiled cat. quite a few cable news anchors wrote book, chris matthews wrote a biography of jfk, 427 pages long. poor rick santorum was throwing up all night. bill o'reilly wrote a controversial book about another great president, called killing lincoln. i actually have my own theory about lincoln's death, i think john wilkes booth was innocent. i don't think it was an assassination. i believe abraham lincoln had a vision about what the republican party would become in 150 years and he shot himself. is the fox table laughing? or -- or did rupert murdoch hack into all my jokes already? some people think -- you have to know how to use a cell phone before you can figure how to hack into one. murdoch paid $580 million for
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myspace. clearly he knows nothing abut technology. fox news is the grumpy old man of cable -- loud, stubborn, a little bit out of touch with reality, just had a mole removed. is the fox mole here by the way? i would look to take a moment to salute the fox mole were it not for his brave sacrifice the world may never have known the bathrooms at fox were overdue for renovation. leaking two videos and getting caught right away doesn't make you a mole it makes you a freckle. as a result of all of the success fox news has had, msnbc has moved a bit to the left of hugo chavez lately. msnbc has a very big star in rachel maddow, rachel hosts her own show, a best-selling author and yet some how she still manages to find time do the her own hair.
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the ra rachel maddow wrote a book, and the unchecked expansion of executive power since vietnam is a country that is at war, that is against the ideals america was founded. women, nag, nag. a lot of big celebrities here tonight. uggie is here, the dog from "the artist." he is amazing. he can roll over on command. he is a democrat. uggie, i have advice, if mitt romney, invites you to go for a ride. call shot gun. itch t if the president tries to butter you run. last week we learned the president's favorite steaks are rib eye and seeing eye. you know you don't have to reveal everything in an autobiography, right. you can leave some things out. when you go to a dog park, is it the same as when we look at a tank full of lobsters?
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the president was very candid in an interview with "the atlantic" when he called kanye west a jackass. which, which, no offense, sishgs sishgs -- sishgs sishgsishgs -- sir you got the wrong west you, meant allen. george is hosting a fund raiser event for obama campaign for $3 enter a ralph and the winner can have dinner with the president at george clooney's house. i for one have dreamed of eating a hot pocket with the president and batman. and now, i can do out for only $3. if you don't win the ralph, remember you can win dinner with george himself if you are a 6'1", blond with a perfect body. sully sullenberger, where is sully sullenberger. i met him. sully would you do us a favor,
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would you mind driving lindsay lohan home? make sure you don't run into a goose. especially a grey goose. george stephanopoulos is here. good morning america just beat the "today" show for the first time in 16 years. and george is riding, well, high maybe isn't the word. but, let's say he is very pleased. 16 years is a long time. 16 years ago there was no facebook, no google and a tweet was something barbara walters gave her dog. this -- this is really incredible. i mean -- what a collection of people. here in one room we have members of the media, politicians, corporate executives, advertisers, lobbyists and celebrities. everything that is wrong with america is here in this room tonight. unfortunately, the speaker of the house john boehner isn't. apparently yours aren't the only dinner invitation he's declines,
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mrs. obama. don't take it personally though he is a frayed some one will ask him to pass the salt and he won't have the votes. eric canter couldn't be here. he is at the gym working out his gavel arm. this boehner/canter feud fascinates me. as most you've know it started during the debt ceiling negotiations when they couldn't agree on the wording of the ransom note. it went downhill from there. interesting fact about speaker boehner, the reason he smokes so many cigarettes is his tears keep putting them out. minority leader nancy pelosi isn't here tonight, her lipstick is, it's on my glass from last year. nancy pelosi believes in lipsticks, the same way she believes in government, too much is never enough. jay tapper also wrote that one. i have been, i have to say i have been having a lot of fun here in washington. such a great city, history, monuments. i was at the lincoln memorial last night. just standing there, in awe, thinking wow back in the 60s, on
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this very spot, forest gump reunited with jenny. the people are interesting too, you know. fun to have conversations with people who are so passionate about politics. i talked to a guy who was a huge supporter of obamacare, and a guy who says it is a disaster that should be killed immediately. it was interesting, because i never met mitt romney before. mitt romney is the inevitable republican candidate for president. he is, has amazing story. you know they picked him out of a land's end catalog. that's how he was discovered. some people say mitt romney won't be elected president because he is mormon. i think that's ignorant. this country is more open minded than that. we elected an african-american president, we would absolutely elect a mormon president. just not mitt romney. stevie wonder just said we elected an african-american president? we heard the comparison of
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romney's scam p campaign to etch-a-sketch, i think twister. one hand on red, one foot on blue. both on green. you can't have a beer with him. he doesn't drink. you can't have a cup of coffee, he can't have caffeine. you can't play monopoly with him he keeps trying the few the dog on the car. but if you are a republican, you know there, there isn't much of a choice. rick santorum is out. i guess it wasn't rick's year. rick's year is 1954. you know it is one thing to oppose gay marriage, another altogether to do it in a sweater vest. but, um -- in the end rick santorum may not have won the nomination but succeeded in getting his message out not just to americans but to people all a-flat the world. ron paul is still in there.
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still sticking with it. to me ron paul looks like the guy who gets unhooded at the end of every scooby doo episode. it's great to see the gingriches here tonight. because i guess that means the check cleared. newt, i have a question, how can you be against gay marriage when you yourself are the son of two gay parents, the michellin man and the stay-puff man. i don't understand politicians or any one against gay marriage. when you think about it aren't all marriages kind of gay. as a man when you get married essentially what you are saying is i will never touch another woman as long as i live. now let's t jewelry on each other and dance. not that it is any of my business, mr. gingrich, why are you waiting till tuesday to drop out of this. just do it now. it's time to mitt or get off the
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pot. the election process changed a lot over ten years. the president finally gave in and agreed to a super-pac which initially, vice president biden was excited about until he found out the super-pac wasn't one of the boxes with chips. let's get rid of super committees, are to committees what super cuts is to cuts. all right time for the fun part of the evening. i would look everyone to look under your seats. under each one you will find a copy of keith olbermann's resume. is keith here tonight? limo wouldn't pick him up? the thing about keith olbermann. he is so lookable. he is so likable. al gore launched current tv in 2005 and it took off like a north korean rocket. but to be honest, i didn't even know current tv was still on the air, but then i don't get channel a million.
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keith olbermann burned more ridges than the arsonist of madison county he has more pink slips than marcus bachmann. too soon? too soon? if you are not familiar, he plays cameron on the show "modern family" stand up and take -- where are you, marcus? there he is. i have one real question for you, mr. president, what is with the marijuana crackdown? seriously what is the concern? we will deplete the nation's funion. supply. pot smokers vote too. some times the week after the election, but they vote. let's take a quick poll, i would like everyone in this room, raise your hand if you have never smoked pot. there you go. look at brit hume. he is high right now. he is on his fourth almond macaroon.
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mr. president, i hope you don't think i'm out of line. marijuana is something real people care about the fact that you believe speaker boehner when he tells you he still has control of his party, makes me believe you must be smoking some crazy great weed himself. woody harrelson just woke up. as we know now last year at this dinner, president obama had his team on the way to kill osama bin laden. so who will it be this year? if you are looking for the biggest threat to america right now -- she's right there, her name is kim kardashian. she was captured by greta van sustren and brought right to your doorstep. when you took office, the kardashians had one reality show. now they have four. this is not a good trend. right now, navy seal team six is outside the kardashian compound in beverly hills disguised as the denver nuggets so they can sneak in undetected.
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i have a question, who are these people who think it would be a good idea to attack iran? i hear people say, bomb them, nuclear them, just do it now. there are real bunch of yahoo!s, and netanyahus. there is only one way to have peace between the, israelis and arabs. instead of focusing on their differences they should focus on what they have in common which is mutual love of falofal and terrible dance music. i don't understand the anger directed at the president. even if you disagree with his politics he is funny, athletic, beautiful singing voice, devoted to his family, even with responsibilities he find time to go to his kids' soccer games and move the goal posts. and i think that is commendable. president obama wants everyone in america do have health care, whether we want it or not. i think i figured it out. you are not from kenya, it's even worse, you are from canada. this health care reform thing has a lot of people very angry.
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there seems to be a lot of anger in general. and ladies and gentlemen, if i can get serious for a moment, i, i believe that, if we truly want to overcome the problems that we face, we have to do it together. we cannot forget this country is a great country, a land of liberty and justice for all and it doesn't matter if you are black, like president obama, or white like president obama, or red like president obama's agenda, or orange like speaker boehner. america is and will always be as a great man once put it a place where they man is judged not by the color of his skin, but rather by the number of his twitter followers. it has been an honor for me to be here before so many members of the washington and national media. you are here tonight because as journalists you care about freedom, free speech, a free press, and most importantly, free dinner. some people say journalism is in the decline, they say you have become too mrit sized, focused on sensational isp, you no
10:39 pm
longer honor your duty to inform america to divide us so corporate overlords can rake in the profits. i don't have a joke for this. i am just letting you know what some people say. in conclusion, it really has been an honor for me to be here. i would loike to thank jake tapper for writing all the jokes you didn't like. i want to thank mr. mills my tenth grade high school history teacher who said i would never amount to anything if i kept screwing around in class. mr. mills i am about to high-five the president of the united states. eat it, mills. thank you, everybody. [ applause ] >> there you have it, jimmy kimmel there, following the president of the united states. let's get back to our panel, jim
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cheney, scott blakeman as well. thank you for stick with me. let's start with the president, ken. you know, it was -- of course last year, the obvious target, donald trump. this year a lot of folks curious as to who he was going to go after. mitt romney seemed to be one of his favorites tonight? >> a little bit. nowhere close to what we saw last year with donald trump. we heard president obama take a couple shots at mitt romney. soft jabs if you will. he presented him as the out-of-touch, stodgy elitist, we hear the democrats try to perpetuate the story line. in a fun way. he talked about how they both had harvard degrees. president obama said he had one. mitt romney, had two. what a snob. >> let's take a listen, the president talking about his competition. >> take mitt romney. he and i actually have a lot in common. we both think of our wives as our better halves and polls show
10:41 pm
to a -- an alarmingly insulting extent, the american people agree. we also both have degrees from harvard. i have one. he has two. what a snob. [ applause ] of course, we also had our differences. recently his campaign criticized me for slow jamming the news with jimmy fallon. in fact, i understand governor romney was so incensed he asked his staff if he could get some equal time on "the merv griffin show." >> the merv griffin show. that was good. want to bring in scott blakeman
10:42 pm
standing by for us. scott, as a comedian when you watched the president to night what did you think of his timing, what did you think of his delivery? >> i think for the third year in a row. every year you see him. he is very, very funny. a friend of mine said who is your favorite comedian, they said president obama. i think he is an excellent president. he has great comedic skills and great way of diffusing republican attacks through humor. last year, mention, with donald trump. demolished the birther argument. and tonight he hit on a lot of republican lines of attack and very, very funny way. i think he did very well once again. >> the president seems to have, seemed to have, seems to master the art of self deprecation if you will. >> absolutely. i think that is the key. i was wondering, a little surprise heed dd he did mention romney. did it in an effective way. the key for the president and jimmy kimmel, utilize it well, self deprecation works best at
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white house correspondents dinner. people don't like vish us ataci attacks. you didn't see that. self-deprecating. edgy. the president, the line about mitt romney asking to appear on the merv griffin show. a great talk show host. no long ear life. an edgy joke. and jimmy kimmel said he would be edgy, respectable, he accomplished that as well. >> the president started this year's speech, very similar to the way he started last year's speech with donald trump. take a look at how he started. >> we finally delivered justice to one of the world's most notorious individuals -- >> donald trump not running for president, not in the room tonight. but there were a number of celebrities. in fact it seems to me, i have only been following the dinner for a number of years. seems there are a lot more
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celebrities at the dinner this year than in year's past. is that true or my imagination? >> that's been the trend over four to five years. i don't know it was more this year than not. you had high profile people. george clooney, steven spielberg, you had kim kardashian and lindsay lohan sitting at the same table, a few feet away from them. you have a broad spectrum of, of very flashy people, coming to town for this thing. >> there were surprising number of, of dog jokes tonight. a surprising number of references made by the president and jimmy kimmel to mr. obama eating dog as a child. as revealed in his autobiography. if you missed it take a listen. >> you took your irish setter, shea mu sheamus on a 12-hour road trip tied to the roof of your car in a kennel. >> he clumd imbed up there. he liked it better in his kennel than he would inside. >> finally a candidate with the
10:45 pm
courage to fight for a dog's freedom to feel the wind in his fur. what about barack obama? under his failed leadership, man's best friend has been forced into government controlled automobiles. just imagine a european style dog socialism, obama has planned for the next four years. more government handouts. a life of government dependency. indoctrinating our children. a left wing social agenda. leading from behind. ♪ in the arms of the angels >> america's dogs can't afford four more years of obama. for them that's 28 years. our dogs need leadership now. >> who let the dogs out, who? who? >> this guy. and that's why we need to join mitt romney in sending a message
10:46 pm
this november. i'm an american, and dog gone it, i ride outside. paid for by woofpac. >> what's the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? a pit bull is delicious. >> when he said that even michelle seemed to be a tad bit take any back by it. >> that was an awesome joke on two front. first of all making light of this rather silly story line that we have out there, holding him to account for, something that he may or may not have done as a child in indonesia. making illusion back to a controversy from the 2008 campaign, regarding sarah palin, the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull. and so you had him sort of scoring points on two fronts there. >> one of the things that i find striking about this dinner, we saw it tonight. you look at some tables, you saw
10:47 pm
eric canter, chuck dodd, kim kardashian, lindsay lohan, i wonder what are they talking about before and after the dinner? what do you think? you were there earlier tonight, what is the conversation like at these tables? >> i think people do talk politics, in sort of a very kind of more casual way. unless you are talking george clooney very involved in issues. i saw kate hudson and colin powell, deep in conversation. i couldn't overhear what they were saying. then a lot of people want to express to the celebrities that they admire them and their work. i love the hunger games. or people, trying to get around josh hutchinson take his picture and express that. interesting, washingtonians. you don't see that side of them very much. >> if at all. >> one of the few times now where you see both sides sort of getting together outside of the normal formal construct where you have this type of really partisan, polarized clashing, to, set aside the politics of
10:48 pm
the day and either have a casual conversation about politics or talk about the latest movie or whatever. that's those opportunities. they're becoming fewer and far between. >> the wine doesn't hurt either. we are going to talk a quick break. when we come back we'll talk a little built moit more about th president's comments and jimmy kimmel as well. just getting started. our coverage of the white house correspondents' dinner continues right ahead after this. >> jimmy got his start years ago on "the man show." in washington, that's what we call a congressional hearing on contracepti contraception. [ applause ] >> watching the white house correspondents' dinner live on msnbc. where else would you watch it? at aviva, we do things differently. we're bringing humanity back to life insurance. that's why only aviva rewards you with savings
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. >> four years ago i was locked in a brutal primary battle with hillary clinton. four years later, she won't stop drunk texting me from cartagena. >> and welcome back to msnbc live coverage of the white house correspondents' dinner we are back now with our guests. scott, let's talk quickly here about jimmy kimm ecel, how do y
10:52 pm
rate his performance? >> people say it is a tough gig. it's tough for a famous comedian. they're used to people coming to see him. none of them came to see him. they came to see his opening act, the president of the united states. i think he did very well. i think jimmy's strongest moments played into the strong suit, being a roast comedian. jimmy does roasts from the fryar's club. thought he was effective. turning to the president. poking fun at his aesears and things like that. pretty gutsy. he had a lot of poise. i think he did very well. >> in fact, let's take a quick less tine some listen. >> i know you won't be able to laugh at any of my jokes about the secret service. so cover your ears if that is physically possible. i do have a lot of jokes about the secret service. i told them for $800.
10:53 pm
i wouldn't tell them. but they only offered $30. so -- i am happy to see that congress is taking this very seriously. david vitter went so far as to fly down to colombia to investigate this personally. >> ken, you mentioned during jimmy's bit there that some seemed to be fairly inside baseball. folks who do not follow washington closely, might not have gotten some of his stuff. >> yeah, a couple references to the, feud between eric canter, the house majority whip and john boehner, we live that stuff. think it is funny. folks out there are like who? it shows the the audience is inside. a couple uncomfortable references sort of oblique references if you will to the secret service scandal. >> the president mentioned it once. secret service agent. cut to the agents. agents aren't laughing. >> not very funny. sort uh tof the goal here, diff
10:54 pm
address, controversial subjects in funny ways that we can laugh about. secret service one, i was surprised there wasn't more talk from the president and from jimmy. >> we televised the president tonight. we televised jimmy kimmel tonight. we do not televise the after parties. that is the reason they show up >> you should start televising the after party. >> i don't think that is a good idea. what is the after party like? >> the dinner exploded a wedding -- parties all over the place to. night the most exclusive one is "vanity fair" and the msnbc party. ours is exclusive. >> i was getting to that. capital file has a party. multiple parties all over the city going on. and, everybody just, goes from where they are at the dinner directly there. so. >> this, this, called the nerd prom here inside the beltway. over the past few years it seems
10:55 pm
to have evolved into even more of an event than it was, four five years ago to what can we attribute that? is it the president? what do you think it is? >> certainly the president. you know, the rnc, republicans have tried to cast him as a celebrity, in a pejorative way. there is truth there. he is cool. cool in 2008. for hollywood he is still cool. a chance to merge these two huge worlds of hollywood and washington. how politics, political media and entertainment are industries, become bigger industry, the political media industry can justify a weekend's worth of parties. after parties and draw stars in from hollywood for them. >> ken, thank you so much. thank you to all of you as well for joining us for our special live coverage of the white house
10:56 pm
correspondents any's dinn correspondents' dinner. i'm ken melvin. and left the dinner early to join us, a big thank you. to political comedian, scott blakeman as well. thank you. we will have continuing news updates throughout the night. be sure to tune in to msnbc tomorrow morning. up with chris hayes kicks off our day. and melissa harris-perry, 10:00 a.m. to noon. followed by weekend with alex witt. for a full rundown of the news with alex. be sure to tune in to meet the press, hosted by david gregory. reair at 2:00 p.m. eastern. that's all for us. have a fantastic weekend. [ male announcer ] what can you do with plain white rice?
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