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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  May 18, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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matthewing in washingt matthews. are you surprised of the people that don't like the president don't have anything better to hit him with than the preacher in chicago. the right believes that john mccain missed his chance four years ago. they believe if the country really knew about reverend wright they would not have voted for obama. what dirty angry money pac will take up the cause. and two things worth noting about the bain capital problem. two years later he doesn't have a good response about what he did with that company, and beam will keep hitting him on it hard. look at the interactive map for bain's greatest hits around the country, they all happen to be in swing states. and president obama spending time with war vets. why vets may be ready to vote
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democratic. and finally, let me finish with romney, the closet w. we begin with the right wing. we have david corn who is a washington bureau chief. let's look at -- >> i like how you say that, chris. >> some people believe that the reason they bring this up and have the big 54-page plan for this, they want us to keep showing the line from reverend wright. they just want us to ring that bell one more time, is that smart thinking? >> it could be. i don't know how far it gets them this time. it's not like everybody doesn't know about jeremiah wright. >> i hear ricketts, he believes
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that this is great. he loves this. >> but the people who believe it's great are the people who already hate obama, right? so i wonder how many people they're convincing. who haven't heard about jeremiah wright. >> what did black liberation theology have to do with the auto bailout, the stimulus. have to do with the grand bargain. it's leridiculous. they say you give us $500,000, what it is -- >> it's not for the audience. >> no, it's for them. it's a vanity production. you can go back to the club and tell all of your pals, hey, i took out obama with that ad. >> here is a guy on tv that thinks just like them. we'll show what he believes and what he is putting out there.
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he showed mitt romney repudiating the attacks. but hannity disagreed what what he sees mitt doing. he ought to do it. here he is sicking myth on the president. >> governor romney, i have to respectfully disagree with you. i do believe the economy, jobs, national security are by far the most pressing issue facing the country today. i also feel that every candidate needs to be fully vetted. that's something the mainstream media failed to do in 2008 with barack obama. and i believe his relationship with jeremiah wright, a man that influenced him for 20 years, inspired him, is an important campaign issue. it is a matter of character. >> we watched this guy for four years, people watch him astutely and with a lot of care. we're not seeing the president? this lefty crazied guy that will
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leap out because of jeremiah wright? >> four years in office is what i call vetting. i think that's a full vetting. you have the job, you have done it for four years, and so people can decide. they like what he has done or they don't. they like what he might do or not. >> let's do a psycho analysis of shawn hannity. is this showmanship? or does he really believe there is another person under this guy. we have a big cool. all of that is a crazed revolutionary? >> you saw newt gingrich in the campaign talk about sal linski that he is waiting to be a socialist dictator when he's elected. sean is saying this on fox news, that there wasn't a vetting of barack obama on jeremiah wright?
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they went 24/7 wall to wall about it. >> he is like a black revolutionary with the automatic weapon, the sun glasses. is that the image? not a guy that likes to play golf. >> yeah, he is trying to learn -- he won't tell us his score. >> this is an image that sarah palin is saying he is paddling with terrorists, it goes back to a notion that he's not us. he's not american, whether it's because he is black or a socialist or whatever he is. >> we don't know what he is. >> now it's time to figure it out. >> look at michelle, doesn't she look like a lefty from the campus. she is a fashion plate, she is perfectly -- >> no, she's the angry black woman. >> they raise perfect kids, they
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are mr. and mrs. perfect everything. >> you're falling for it. >> and they're meeting in the middle of the night -- >> they're bailing out -- >> we left somewhere, somebody must be believing this crap. >> i'm sure it's good for ratings on fox, right? >> did you hear that, come in here. you hear what sean says, he's one of these people. >> there are people that believe this stuff, but they were not going to vote for barack obama. >> it puts mitt romney in a difficult position. >> here is romney, well educated, here is what he thinks. he brought up reverend wright in a radio interview in february, honoring black history month responding to comments about the president and the country's increasing diversity. he is too secular, listening to his preacher too much. here is what he must think.
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>> i think the president takes his philosophical lanings in this regard not from those who are believes in various states, but from those that would like to see america more secular. i don't know what is worse, him listening to reverend right, or h -- wright, or that we must be a more secular nation. >> goes to church or doesn't go to church. asked about those radio comments, mitt romney had this to say. >> i'm actually going to -- i'm not familiar precisely with exactly what i said, but i stand by what i said whatever it is. >> i personally deny whatever -- no, i mean -- >> listen, it's to not joke about it, for him to come out and say he want this is country to be less christian when he professes his christian faith,
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it's insulting. where does he get it from? it's feeding to a notion that there is something weird, revolutionary, he wants to subvert america and grand traditions and instances, he says barack obama doesn't understand what's special about america or get american exceptionalism. he does it in a more gentle way than sean hannity, but it's the same thing. >> do we want to get into what mitt romney said in the pew at the church? >> that's right, he called up sean and said you just opened up the religious issue and that's not smart. >> and until 1978 he said black people were cursed and could not be in priesthood because they carried a curse. >> why would he want to open that up book. >> i don't think he would. >> i don't think he should. >> he has to pander and he panders to both sides of the
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equation in that statement. >> i believe this president looks to the rets of the world as not evil or rotten. it's just part of the world we live in, common humanity. but nobody has been more poetic about this country. >> not only does it not make sense, he apologizes for america, he doesn't get america, and this is a consistent theme. >> let's talk practicality. in the next three or four month website when we go into the playoffs or debates, are they going into this area, reverend right, i see sean pushing it, they tried to get mccain to use it. people tell me they will keep pushing it. some of these wealthy guys love it, eat it up, there is a market for it, and the money guys, they like it. >> i think the establishment will like it less to tell you the truth. i think the republican establishment will not be so
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eager -- >> i think they're not going to see a lot of gain there, and potentially you open up the religious issue. do you really want that to be a central issue in this campaign? >> this is a problem that mitt romney is going to have. if it's jeremiah wright or somebody else, there will be super pac millionaires out there putting on the most hateful ads. the press will call them saying what do you think of this. it's going to put him in this jam between blasting these people and alienating parts of base, and looking reasonable to independent voter who is don't like this stuff. >> i don't think he is going to -- just to where he plays, i don't know what is worst, his secular ideas -- he is teasing it in both directions, he is not pulling back. >> it will be tough for him i don't think. >> thank you, gene, have a nice weekend. coming up, mitt romney still has not figured out a good response
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to those questions about bain capital. he gets hit on it, and he has a glass jaw on this. what is this about? we have a real expert who has been fighting this campaign for years against bain. this is "hardball." [ female announcer ] want to spend less and retire with more? then don't get nickle and dimed by high cost investments and annoying account fees. at e-trade, our free easy-to-use online tools and experienced retirement specialists can help you build a personalized plan. and with our no annual fee iras and a wide range of low cost investments, you can execute the plan you want at a low cost. so meet with us, or go to for a great retirement plan with low cost investments. ♪
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health and human services kathleen sebelius gave her graduation speech today despite protests. the speech was largely about religion freedom and the separation of church and state. she was interrupted by an anti-abortionist activist. >> having spent my entire life in public service -- [ audience boos ]
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wonder of wonders, welcome back to "hardball." mitt romney has not come up with a response to the issue that torpedoed his campaign against ted kennedy. criticism for his leadership of bain. he cannot defend it. 18 years later after they
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branded the work as a liability, he is using the same tactic with great success and it shows up here. the man that worked with ted kennedy back there with the anti-bain adds that lead to defeating romney. look, this is fun, you have found -- they used to say you stick it in if you get mush, you keep sticking it in, when you hit bone you got it. it's like mush and you can squeeze and turn it around a lot. isn't that true? obama is doing the same thing you did with no bone matter, it's just all mush in there. >> he was perilized in 1994. he did not respond for days. the workers came to massachusetts and tried to see him, and as a result he kept the story alive. this goes to the central
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rationale of his candidacy. it shreds the idea that he is a businessman and a mr. fix it for the economy. it's going to move from what he did to his positions on public policy like destroying medicare, being a governor 47th in job creation. if that narrative gets told effectively, by the end of this process, he will be a candidate of the few, by the few. >> it's amazing how our language gets twisted. the worst of it is bailout. we had so in job creators. everyone that makes a buck out there is a job creator. he is like the king of this notion of bs which is you make this -- you know, i didn't go to work today, i went out and created jobs today, no, you went
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out to make a paycheck. does mitt romney look like a guy that cares about creating jobs or a guy that likes a lot of money. there's not long about it, you don't brag about it, you just do it. >> he created 100,000, 10,000, a few thousand. every time he is challenged on it he comes around with a different explanation. that's why what i think bob did was so powerful and it's more powerful now. i was just sitting here thinking 18 years ago, the babies born that year are going to college if they can get in and afford college. >> that's if their old man or mother didn't lose jobs because of bain. >> romney is saying borrow money from your parents to go to college. he doesn't get, it didn't get it back then. it's charter assassination. >> here is what they're doing
7:19 pm
now, the obama campaign launched a website, he is a cut throat bottomline business guy. they have eight states and their doing ads in five of those states. so, bob, they're going around showing you how many jobs have been lost. the pro-obama super pac is up with their own ad. let's watch it. >> with romney and bain capital, the objective was to make money. the companies they came in and worked with made money or not was irrelevant. they always made money. if we lost, they made money. if we survived, they made money. it's as simple as that. he promised us the same things he is promising the united states. he'll give you the same thing he gave us -- nothing. he'll take it all.
7:20 pm
>> priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> that's strong stuff, bob. >> yeah, it's really powerful for the same reason the '94 ads were powerful. real people talking to real people. reagan democrats, blue collar democrats talking to voters in swing states. he had to know this was coming. it's amazing they seam pa-- i don't quote him very often, but what rick perry called vulture capital. >> and then get back on the aircraft you get in on. let me get back to this, joan, great politicians like ted kennedy and reagan in an
7:21 pm
interesting television way were able to connect with the guy working on the line. they heard the voice of the politician and said yeah, he was with me. he talks to me. this guy, romney, is at a particular disadvantage here. when you whack him as a job killer, he looks like one. he looks like the white collar guy in the office overlooking the destruction of the plant. he looks like an efficiency expert that comes in. he isn't like the business agent at the labor union. not like he connects with workers, does he? >> no, and he has not been able to learn to fake it. we got an laugh out of the aircraft line. who does that? >> cone heads do. >> and he just simply can't master it. i think this will be a crisis. bob was saying he didn't seam to
7:22 pm
anticipate this. we were saying the same thing a few months ago when the tax return issue came up. it's like he didn't anticipate this. it's an entitlement where he was sheltered from certain types of questions, and now he is in the rough and tumble of day today politics and these things, these class issues keep hitting him and hitting him and he is never ready for it. he never expected to have to answer for these things. >> here he is with his response. this is the best he can say, i haven't seen this ad yet, they say it's pretty good. it's the first of the general election ads. it's about day one in the romney presidency. i want you to respond to this quickly, let's watch it. >> what would a romney presidency be like? >> day one. president romney immediately approves the keystone pipeline creating thousands of jobs obama
7:23 pm
blocked. he introduces tax cuts and reforms that reward job creators. romney replaces obama care with common sense health care reform. >> i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. >> it had a good beat to it, a lot of throbbing business machinery there. nice music. >> it's not quite morning in america, but he is trying. it's important for him to do, he needs to define who he is and what he will stand for. they don't make sense, keystone doesn't add that many jobs, replacing obama care with what, and tax cuts for the job creators. we're the job creators, consumers are the job creators and that's what the obama campaign will have to hit him hard on, and people are starting to get that. >> here is my complaint, and you will hear it too. i don't understand why the president doesn't have a massive infrastructure program right now
7:24 pm
creating 5 million jobs right now, putting it to congress, point to the highways and bridges, the number of jobs you will create, those out there working, and say the republicans are stopping this. why don't they have something like that in real life on the other side, on the democrat side. >> a lot of other people are talking about it, infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure. i don't understand why the democrats are not the old wagist guys sighing we're creating jobs and the republicans say no but we'll let people know what we got in our bag. >> they're listening to you in chicago and the white house. >> they should do something. >> i think they are listening, i think they listen everyday, and ultimately they may do something like this. they will draw a whole series of contrast with romney on jobs, taxes, and medicare. >> let them say no.
7:25 pm
>> let what's his name, boehner cry over it, but have a jobs bill they have to say no to. don't say no to yourself. >> it's what harry truman did. and i think they may do it. >> and it is in the job's bill. not as prominent as we would like it. >> no, big, just like in that commercial. big. thank you guys, have a nice weekend, think about the jobs programs. great friends. up next, guess who now says attacking mitt romney over bain capital is a bad idea? newt gingrich. that's ahead. don't listen to that guy.
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see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. how math and science kind of makes the world work. in high school, i had a physics teacher by the name of mr. davies. he made physics more than theoretical, he made it real for me. we built a guitar, we did things with electronics and mother boards. that's where the interest in engineering came from. so now, as an engineer, i have a career that speaks to that passion. thank you, mr. davies. back to "hardball," this is
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side show. the obama campaign is out with a ad paints romney as a corporate villain type and not from team obama. >> bain model was to go in at a very low price, borrow and immense abo immense amount of money, pay bain and leave. >> get this now, newt offered advice to the obama campaign. beginning rich said his experience should be a lesson to obama. that dog won't hunt. it will not resonate in voters minds. you want me to be mad buzz at one company somewhere someone may have lost their job. reminder to newt, your bain attacked helped you win the
7:30 pm
south carolina primary. republican why you backed off? your fellow republicans blasted you for knocking free enterprise. and mike can coffman spouted an apology for birther talk. now ken bennett, the man responsible for the state's election, saying he is waiting for proof that the birth certificate is authentic. here is is in a radio interview yesterday. >>up not a birther. i believe the president was born in hawaii, or at least i hope he was. but my responsibility as a secretary of the state is to make sure that the ballots in arizona are correct and those people whose names are on the bat loll have met the qualification for the office they're seeking. >> if you don't get an answer from hawaii in time, if they refuse to comply with this, will you remove the president from
7:31 pm
the ballot? >> that's possible if -- or the other option would be i would ask all of the candidates including the president, maybe two submit a certified copy of their birth certificate, but i don't want to do that. >> you know when you're a birther? you talk like one. jan brewer vetoed a so called birther bill that would potential candidates to prove their citizenship. she called the whole thing a "bridge too far" up next, can president obama do something democrats rarely do, win the veteran's vote. and vets may be with him right now.
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>> here is what's happening. president obama is heading to camp david for the g 8 summit. jurors ended their first day of deliberations in the john edward's trial without a verdict. federal authorities are blaming a colorado man for igniting a fire near fort collins with his camping stove. now we're taking you right back to "hardball." >> in instead of being celebrating were our customers vietnam veterans were shunned. they should have been called american pay try yachts. two weeks in memorial day. we will join vietnam veterans
7:36 pm
and their families at the wall to mark their years of service. that was president obama yesterday where he gaf an award to a veet nom veteran. yesterday, the obama campaign rolled out it's veteran's and military families for obama effort. traditionally they have gone republican, and the obama campaign wants to change that. michael hastings, a correspondent for buzz feed, and he is author of "the operators." joe, my compadre. i want to talk to you because i know you're hearts with these guys, you're one of them. i want to talk about is part of
7:37 pm
this the fact that certainly this war is not one of the most popular in the world. the one in afghanistan got less popular. there's a sense of, not like we're mad at the people fighting the wars, it's like we don't think about them, and the president is trying to bring attention to these people that served our country. >> i can't tell you definitely -- it's great to be back with you -- that that's the major reason. less than 1% of all families in america have been immediately involved. i think republicans that veteran, unlike vietnam where we kicked them to the curb, is something that we have focused on. people forget in pennsylvania, our home state, 47% of our veterans are sitting in vail from drug or capitol related trim. there was two recessions in vietnam and they could not get a
7:38 pm
job. they are in drugs and a gun is used. we're not far from perfect. i think his highlighting the veterans is something he should be doing, and it's a much more diverse service. a lot of minorities and women. i think it will be one here where he will be fighting quite legitimately for that vote from veterans and military families. >> i was watching that recent time in afghanistan, one of the wars that americans are not that thrilled about, michael. and you can read faces, obviously i always said what's amazing about the military -- i think television is good, but it's really integrated, diversion, many kinds of people and ethnic backgrounds, and he seems to get the radiant face from people. they really like this guy. >> certainly, when they see him in person, they embrace him and love him. the obama campaign bent over backwards to make in roads with
7:39 pm
military veterans and personnel. it's important to remember that i think the days of the republicans having the lock on this national security vote are over. i think in the last ten years, the struggles have given people in the military second thoughts about lining up behind the republican party. we see it with support of ron paul and in '08 their significant support of obama. so if they can continue to make it even, i think that's huge progress. >> is the military more hawkish than the rest of the country or not? or more reasonable because they know bad wars mean bad duties and bad futures? >> i think it's -- i think the last eight years made it less hawkish, actually. every soldier i talk to wants to get out of afganistan. i would say 75-80%.
7:40 pm
i think they have an experience with the military and with these wars, and obama is the candidate saying look, we will end these wars. what's romney's position on this. what's he going to do to appeal to the veterans that obama doesn't have except say we're going to stay in afghanistan for another ten years. >> i don't think romney has it in the whole history of his family. joe, you're going to say about about the decisions about war. not if they have the guts to fight them, the decision making, i was wonder fg their automatically republican a anymore. >> military men and women tend to be conservative about using the military, and many feel it has been used carelessly. we're used to setting goals and having to achieve those not
7:41 pm
having it move down the yardline like in iraq. i think the president erased the deficit that the democratic party had since vietnam of having national security credentials. it was harming our national security here at home. being willing to violate international air space over pakistan and doing it aggressively to eliminate al-qaeda, and sayingly pivot to where the real challenge for thus century is. i find that to a large extent, his ability to think through and present as a democratic president, as a president, b also not to coming into office with democratic party own credentials has boded well with his thoughtful and and how he approached it. not everything is perfect, but he has had success supporting our military well over seas, and
7:42 pm
second, taking care of veterans as they come home. >> i think democrats are good at welfare and looking out for people with health care. republicans tend to like the war, but not so much taking care of the troops afterwards. >> you're a held of a reporter, and joe, sestak, are you going for governor? >> i have work to do, but i have to tell you, my daughter the other day said dad, you're in my homework today, so maybe i have to get a job. >>up next, the author of friday night lights, one of the great books ever written, he is joining us to talk about his new book, father's day. it's the story about his relationship with his mentally disabled son, what a book. he joins us in a minute. i take insulin,
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fb went public today after one of the biggest ipos in u.s. history. it used to be pollsters would ask what presidential candidate you would rather have dinner or a beer with. now it's what candidate you would whether be friends with on facebook. according to a new poll, more people would rather be friends with barack obama on facebook. when they asked who they would
7:45 pm
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[ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're ready to move. we're back, my next guest is a journalist who wrote the best seller "friday night lights" in 1998, buzz became the father of twin boys. the first, jerry has gone on to graduate school, working on a doctorate and found success as a teacher. the other suffered brain damage and is living the life of a savant. buzz wrote a book about a trip
7:48 pm
he took with his son. it's an honest account about finding his son as it is about finding himself. i have never red anything as good as it this. the writing, we're used to books ghost written by politicians around here, you're not a ghost writer, you're a writer. i wish we could just have you read it. tell us about zach, your son, and the life he lives right now. >> he made a lot of progress. as you say he is mentally disabled. his kpre sencomprehension is an 8-10-year-old level. he lives at home with his mom. we're divorced. i see him on weekends, but he will never drive a car, marry, live alone. i don't know if he will ever kiss. so his life is different from a lot of people, and certainly
7:49 pm
different than his brother. >> why did you take the trip? >> i love him to death, but i felt this was an opportunity to be together, not to get to know each other, but for me to discover him. to be in a car with him. he would much rather fly, and hated the car, which made it complicated. i felt it was important to tell him what he is >> you asked him about his condition. >> i did. i did. it was a very, very, probably the hardest conversation i've ever had. we were on the indiana tollway. i said, do you know what brain damage is? he said, yeah. i know something is wrong with my brain. i remember the words my brain isn't right. as a father i was gratified that he knew he was that self-ware,
7:50 pm
but, chris, you know, you have kids. when you hear your son say that, i'm getting shivers. >> you say i was not prepared for him to say he knew his brain was not right. it does not always float in some ether of happy ignorance. it's still unimaginable. >> it is. it was crushing. as i say in the book he is self-aware. he proved an awareness and empathy. he was very observant in a way i had never noticed. >> there's a couple of things that strike me as human. one is trying to find quality time with your kid. i took my daughter on a trip. she may not be in the mood to be mommy's girl or daddy's girl and
7:51 pm
it take a couple of days. my mom has alzheimer's. i watched my mom. i found some scribble op her trying to write at the end. she knows he can't do it anymore. you're very aware of it. this kid of yours, he's a big kid. i didn't realize what a big kid he is. the thing, we all saw the movie, what was the one with tom cruise? >> rain man. >> it's not going to change. >> it isn't. he's going to be stocking supplies for the rest of his life. he has an incredible memory for dates and birthdays. if you give him a date, january 21st, 1993, he can tell you the day. >> how? is it a calculation.
7:52 pm
>> i've asked him that a million times. he says it's just in his head. >> the ability of a guy, you'll say on what page does the word torpedo appear and the kid will say 314. how can you have that knowledge of all the words in a book and know every word. yet they can't give you any logic about anything. >> no. they don't really know. the one theory i've heard that's fascinating is basically those kids, and my son are very right hemisphere oriented which is all concrete. the right talks to the left, which is not being use and says can we borrow some of your cells because you're not using them. they have these heightened abilities. >> it's work gloves the guy wants. it doesn't handle that. >> there's no abstract thought. their sense of logic is totally, totally different.
7:53 pm
>> in past time, who took care of these kids. you're a loving parent and your wife is too. >> the original title for kids like this was idiot savant. we've gotten rid of that. it's becoming more of a problem. more single parents and moms are having premature children. they are difficult to take care of. they will have mental problems. hospitals want to get rid of them. zach was lucky because he had loving parents. i think it's a good book. >> give it to father who will understand it. any father that has a kid with disabilities. this is also about maybe you're lucky. >> i think that's true. >> maybe some people are luckier than you are. what great book. you've done it again. you keep doing it. fau father's day, for father's day. he's going to be in politics.
7:54 pm
i go there when i have nowhere else to go. >> come tonight at 7:00. when we return, let me finish with how mitt romney's economic plan looks like, guess whose. george w. bush. it's the exact same thing that got us in this in the first place. ♪ what started as a whisper every day, millions of people choose to do the right thing. there's an insurance company that does that, too. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? ♪
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7:58 pm
mpblt let me finish with this. would someone tell me how romney's economic program differs from w's. how would you have avoided the catastrophe that bush took us into? where would you have signalled a 180 that took us careening into the worst economic harsh. i know the answer. i know that you believe what the last republican skipper believed. that's it. you want to do for business what business wants any president to do. the question to voters have to ask is why do you expect a different result when you keep doing the same thing? why do you expect to take us anywhere but that downward
7:59 pm
whirlpool when we had to signal for distress. they bought the phrase bailout into american political. if you're scare esquared in you rigging, why do you sing the praise of bill clinton so often these days. can we predict the person you will hide is the guy's policies you are selling. you put us on that course and we're headed to the same collision. that's "hardball." "the ed show" starts now. good evening, americans. welcome to "the ed show" from new york. the right wing keeps trying the draw a connection to obama and jeremiah wright but mitt romney's is off limits. >> the