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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  June 6, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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>> a toast of some texas tunes there. why? if there is one thing the wisconsin result taught us last night, it is that money talks, and you bet your bottom dollar mitt romney knows it. today the presumed republican nominee is down in the lone star state for fundraisers in san antonio and houston, a two-day swing that's expected to put some $15 million into mitt's saddle bags. that's enough to make j.r. ewing tip his hat and we all know they make them big inner texas, a fact that seemed to astound mr. romney in ft. worth. >> i met a guy yesterday 7-feet tall. yeah. handsome, great big guy, 7-feet tall. his name is rick miller. he started a business, you know, it is in basketball but it wasn't in basketball. i figured he had to be in sports. he wasn't in sports. >> sport?
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that's what i am supposed to say. while folks 7-feet and shorter doll out ten large for a photo with mitt, there are a couple of texans who can't be found in any romney photo anywhere. for one, the man who called romney a culture capitalist and rampant pur have aor of the pink slip texas governor rick perry, and that would be george w. bush of the elevator endorsement and the guy romney did his best to defend on the former president's home turf. >> the president grj w. bush was at the white house for the unveiling last week. always an easy target. this is obama's economy, not george bush's economy. >> that story and sticking to it except wait a second if romney blames economic difficulties squarely on the president, that must mean that the romney campaign takes full
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responsibility for the governor's appalling record of job creation in massachusetts coming 47th out of 50 states, right? >> they're bringing down the means of his fourth year in office which shows the real impact of his policies and diluting it with the first year in office. he inherited a $3 billion projected deficit. >> when mitt romney arrived massachusetts was an economic basket house from d.c. into the mix and we were 51 out of 51. >> using one number, this odd average of the four years to come up with 47th in the nation doesn't really show what happened. >> right. so you only start the clock on day one with when it is president obama in the midst of an economic free fall. when it is mitt romney it starts when you like or as the legend kenny rogers sang no when to walk away and know when to run. let's bring our panel in washington, julian epstein of the law media group and
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political analyst and former dnc communications karen finney, now a columnist for the hall and here with me in new york republican strategist ron chrissy and former special assistant to george w. bush. karen, isn't it time to give republicans real credit here? they realize they have a mediocre candidate, a man with few core convictions and changes his position more times than a tornado and will shore him up by literally throwing money at him. >> absolutely, throw money at the problem. that is the gop way, martin. he is doing quite well in texas today, a fundraising, and as you pointed out, you know, why let any of these pesk i questions get in the way and have rick perry there and have to answer questions about what did you mean by vulture capitalism and not having former president george bush and having to answer pesk i questions about the fact that george bush left barack obama with a mess but it doesn't seem to matter when we're
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talking about obama yet the fact that romney thinks he was left a mess by a republican governor, that that matters, so, sure, just throw money at the problem. >> ron, we're hearing the san antonio luncheon which romney was at raised between 3 and $3.5 million, one lunch, and do you now accept it is not the president who is going to not billion-dollar candidate, it is going to be mitt romney whose super pac money will literally be about double some african nation's gdp, won't it? >> i don't know about that. >> it will be. >> i don't know. we'll have to see. i hope he fund raises well. >> he is doing incredibly, lunch, 3.5 million. >> if you want to jump on romney, why don't we jump on president obama. >> because i am asking about romney. >> he has three fundraisers. >> here is the question i am asking. >> you can't have it both ways. >> i just want to ask you this question. >> you can't have it both ways. >> ron, okay, here is the question i am asking you which is this. everyone previously talked about the president being the billion dollar candidate.
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is it not true now that it is going to be mitt romney who is going to have most of the money? the super pacs and individual amounts of money? >> i think that president obama and mitt romney will have a relatively equal amount of money. i think relatively equal. >> do you agree with that? >> of course i don't agree with that. ron, come on. don't be ridiculous. let's be clear, the kind of money we're talking about, the outside money from super pacs is different than the kind of money that a campaign and a political campaign can raise and spend because, remember, there are limits on how that money is raise and had limits on how that money is spent. super pacs basically you can write very large checks. you have a lot more anonymity and they can spend it on a lot more things in terms of mean -- hold on, ron -- influencing the vote. >> the purity here is so insincere. karen finney, what about the unions and the millions of dollar that is unions are now able to spend -- >> labor unions, ron, if you
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want to check the law books have a different level of reporting than the super pacs do. i am more than happy to have that conversation with you. >> okay. only to suggest that the unions aren't doing it and the democrats aren't -- >> that's not what i said. >> that's not what she said. julian, let's be honest, romney has been bought, hasn't he? he doesn't have any economic policies he leans on the paul ryan budget and doesn't have any specific foreign policies he leans on george bush's advisers one of who is with me today. isn't he just a mouth piece for big money? >> first, i think there is no question republicans will have a money advantage i think particularly when you include the super pacs. secondly, it is unclear what all of that special interest money is buying. we can have debating all day long. what i am more interested in is romney doesn't have an economic plan moving foward. >> yes, he does, julian. it is paul ryan's budget. >> where as we discussed before, the numbers don't add up. look, we're at 15% gdp right now
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in terms of our taxes. we're at historic lows right now in terms of regulation. if we had a productivity crisis in the country somebody could possibly make an argument that taxes should go lower than they are now. romney's plan is nothing but empty and the lowest by historic measures. it is totally, totally unclear where romney wants to take this country. i think it is clear where obama wants to take the country. i am more interested in the contrast of the future. i have a very clear idea what obama wants to do. romney, you couldn't figure out if you were a fortune teller what he wanted to do. >> and the fact of the matter is the president of the united states has no budget. he has trillion dollar deficits for the next ten years. you can criticize paul ryan and criticize the republicans and the senate has not produced a budget in over three years. the democrats aren't serious about fiscal responsibility. >> these are silly points.
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>> wait. >> let me say this. >> if it is silly, julian, why thaent they produced a budget in three years. >> let me explain that. they're never paid attention to anyway. what matters is proengss bills which the senate has done. when your president, president bush game into office we had a projected $6 trillion surplus. he left us with an $11 trillion debt. >> let julian finish. >> we were in a recession and we have come from losing 800,000 jobs a month, ron, to gaining about 200,000 on average. >> funny, martin, it is always i have to wait for them but you cut me off. >> no, no. >> wait. >> it is just courtesy when he is speaking. >> and the courtesy would be nice to be shown as well. >> it is being extended even as we speak. >> even as we week. you know darn well, you're a daughter. the congressional budget act of 1974 stipulates the house and
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the senate must produce a budget. it isn't a trivial thing that nobody pays attention to. it is the law. when president bush left office we had a projected budget of $161 billion. now president obama has a projected deficit of 1.1 trillion a year for the next ten years. if you want to talk about how bad the bush years are, i would say to you this president who said he was going to cut the budget deficit in half failed. >> i think we could have a more intelligent conversation if we get out of the weeds and talk about what the future is. obama has laid a very clear plan out in terms of rebuilding the country and the efforts of getting the government actively involved has taken us from the worst recession to a pretty good results and not where we need to be. what is romney's plan other than cutting taxes beyond what they are at 15% of gdp now and in terms of cutting regulation? there is no plan. theres no vision. >> karen? >> can i offer to julian's question, let me offer this observation. if we assume that mitt romney
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will apply the values from when he was a corporate raider and the values and the record from when he was governor of wisconsin -- i am sorry, governor of massachusetts, got wisconsin on the brain, for example he did a capital gains tax cut that benefitted, what the top 300 wealthiest families in the state and hurt the middle class. toing jewel actually we do have a sense of where he would go because the romney/ryan budget plan is consistent with what we have seen romney's pattern to have been in terms of things that this idea that it is going to all trickle down when it doesn't and not the sensitivity about why we need the social safety net programs and why we need to stimulate growth at the level of the middle class. >> karen finney, julian epstein and ron christy, thank you for your considerate contributions. i hope you feel you ventilated them. stay with us. [ woman ] for the london olympic games, our town had a "brilliant" idea.
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mitt romney has a major problem with foreign affairs, namely the president is actually quite good at them. the death of abuallibby, is just the latest example. it is a major blow to that organization. even perennial obama critic republican congressman peter king of new york admitted to the huffington post it is, quote, another very important development yet mitt romney just can't bring himself to change the talking points of his own drone attack. >> i once had the occasion of meeting with some of the leaders of great britain and one said to me the one thing we all fear the most is a weak america, a weak
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america, weak america, weak america. >> back with us, julian epstein, karen finney and ron christy. if you were working with vice president cheney and this al qaeda leader had been taken off, you would be ordered to write a speech praising the administration quicker than you can say halliburton. >> i was a domestic policy advisor. i give the president credit for this. he gave the order working with the c.i.a. and the military and we found the guy. >> why does mitt romney describe him as a weak lead other foreign policy. >> on foreign policy this is a military decision. on foreign policy i think he is extraordinarily weak and enflamed israel for one, our closest ally and, number two, by giving a date certain in afghanistan and the taliban is coming back and a lot stronger and china continues to manipulate their currency making it a lot more expense is i have for american exports to go over and a lot more difficult for us to sell our products. if you look at the president's record on foreign policy and what he has done, not military, but foreign policy, i think it
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has been atrocious. >> did you write mitt romney's speech? karen, coming to you, ron says the president is weak on foreign policy. >> yeah, i guess he figures that it was, quote, weak of the president to say to the iraqis when dealing with the staus us forces agreement if we can't have it done in such a way that would protect american troops left behind, you know what, we're going to pull our troops out. >> that was weak. >> that was so weak, right, to say, no way, right? i mean, this is the rhetoric. this is the strategy, go after and try to turn an area of strength into an area of weakness. time and time again i will tell you what was interesting about the clip from mitt romney when i would travel abroad to europe during the bush years, i heard more europeans expressing concern about the weakened condition of the united states and how dangerous that was. >> please don't remind me of that period, karen. i was there. i literally remember every single one. >> i would say a lot of people
3:17 pm
would make the point that leading from behind and all of this, i think the president has done a good job and secretary of state hillary clinton in changing the nature of our relationship in the muslim world which is one of the best ways to keep us safe. >> indeed. >> we take away that tool. >> absolutely. julian, an unnamed romney advisor tells the huffington post that alibby's death isn't a game changer and another calls him a rock star. which is correct or is everyone flipping and flopping. >> it is politics on the part of the romney cam pain. unlike the previous president who was all hat and no cattle -- >> no cheap shots, julian. >> this is a president prosecuted two wars, a president who took down bin laden, took down gadhafi, the number two in al qaeda yesterday, who prosecuted an unbelievable successful campaign on drone attacks and these are the president's decisions, ron, they're not military decisions. these are decisions the president made.
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this president also took action against the chinese on trade sanctions which the former president didn't. i think that the romney campaign again is left with very, very little to critique this president with other than these empty arrirnisms. they have about as many ideas as the scarecrow in the wizard of oz. there is nothing out there in any serious way distinguishes themselves from what obama has done because obama has been a very centrist leader when it comes to foreign policy. >> the other problem here, many of romney's foreign policy advisers agree with the president's stance on many of these. >> i think there are many issues that republicans and democrats can come together on. i think the drone attacks are certainly one of those. i disagree with the way that he is prosecuting the war in afghanistan. we never should have had a date certain. unlike julian i would never insult the president of the united states by taking a cheap name attack and i will say this. this president -- >> i just called him weak. >> weak is not saying all hat and no cattle.
3:19 pm
>> what's the difference? >> what's the difference is that i respect the office. >> the difference -- >> wait a minute, ron. >> make your point. >> please. >> the point being for the stellar record the president has in foreign policy i think syria is a disaster. i think that we have seen people slaughtered. we have done nothing there. the president had the opportunity to stand up to folks in iran when iran was looking for freedom. the president said nothing. you heard what i said about israel. i don't think his foreign policy record is strong. >> let's step back for a second, ron. every single foreign policy leader on the political right said that we shouldn't intervene in iran because it would only help the regime. on syria, what would you do that the president didn't do in syria? >> i would have been engaged a lot earlier in syria. >> they were very engaged in syria. >> no, we were not. what have we done? >> guys, guys. >> go ahead, karen. >> yeah. here is the other piece of all of this. you have to remember that foreign policy is not always as cut-and-dried which is why it is a very good way to look at the
3:20 pm
president's leadership when we talk about syria, that is not just about syria. that also involves iran. that also involves china. that also involves our relationship with russia who i think mitt romney thinks is our greatest world enemy right now. >> number one geopolitical foe, yes. >> yeah. >> it is very easy from the outside to throw bombs and say, oh, you should be doing this and doing that, but i know, ron, you know this because you have been in the white house. it is very different than when you are sitting there and looking at all of the top secret information in front of you that you don't have access to when you're on the outside and you say, you know what, we're going to have to go this way because the truth is who in syria would we help. >> indeed, indeed, karen finney, julian epstein, ron christy. we have to call a cease-fire. thank you all. mad men, move over. sterling cooper and draper, the real mad men in america are here. stay with us. >> i think that the democrats understand that the president's
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educators improve student success in math and science. let's shoot for the stars. let's invest in our teachers and inspire our students. let's solve this. the bar is always open, but you can rest assured that this is no ladies night. today we are stirred but not shaken by the ultimate boys club where equal work does not require equal pay. at least according to the republicans in the senate who yesterday voted down the paycheck fairness act. legislation that sought to close the wage gap, a woman's 77 cents to a man's dollar in these tough times, obviously not a problem to republicans and mitch mcconnell dismissed the legislation before the vote saying just like jay-z they have
3:25 pm
a lot of problems but not enough lawsuits ain't one of them. is he terrified by the possibility of fairness? does he imagine millions of women with sexual harrisment attorneys on speed dial itching to sue when a dollar for a man is cut by almost 25% before it is handed to a woman? with that we raise a glass to the mad men of mcconnell, kyle, borosso and feud and not forget speaker boehner who brushed off a letter from nancy pelosi who had the tumerity to suggest that the house cancel the recess next week to get down to work. the gall of it. not only do women make less than men, many of them work much harder, too. cheers. stay with us. the day's top lines are am coming up. the medicare debate continues in washington... ...more talk on social security... ...but washington isn't talking to the american people.
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from mitt's giant to scott walker's highway to the danger zone, here are the top lines, keep on keeping on. >> i met a guy yesterday, 7-feet tall. >> if he were here, he could send the english with fire balls from his eyes. >> he started a business. of course, you know, basketball. >> how is this? see if anybody wants to play round ball. >> i figured he had to be in sports. he wasn't in sport. >> i don't think i will play the president a round of golf but happy to take him through a water ski course. >> a new survey found that romney is ahead with voters or as romney put i can't connect with the poor. >> he chosen forward, forward over a cliff? >> i don't have any problem with extending all of it. >> the gift that keeps on giving. i hope you have him on more often to talk about bain capital and the necessity to extend the bush tax cuts.
3:30 pm
>> yesterday bill clinton told a crowd, remember me, i am the guy that gave you four surs plus budgets to which the crowd replied that's not what we remember you for. >> would you support it, though? >> joe would make a great president. >> come on, man. >> you can grow your own baracolli. >> he lived in china, a country that doesn't have the same freedoms of the united states of america. how do you relate it to wisconsin? >> i think we would all agree it is an entirely reasonable way of framing this discussion. >> we tell wisconsin -- >> now it is miller time. >> beers and brats, right? >> i am going to go ride my harley all around the state of wisconsin. ♪ >> he keeps on keeping on. >> keep on keep trucking, you know. >> what it tells you is that money does buy a lot of influence. >> what is sauce for the goos is sauce for the gander. >> obama's goose is cooked.
3:31 pm
>> joining us live is michelle cottle, the correspondent for "newsweek" and social activist and writer dixon from new york. >> an exit poll shows the president beating mitt romney in wisconsin by a 51-44% margin. would you say his goose is cooked or is this another fox pundit talking turkey snits he will? >> i don't like wildlife discussions with sarah palin. >> why not? of course, she will shoot you. >> she knows how to field dress a moose and i don't. of course this is going to get republicans talking smack about the race because now they're going to think it is more competitive, so you will see this as kind of urging them forward and to really kind of have romney make a stand there. you will see him opening more offices and viewing wisconsin as a much better place for him to
3:32 pm
play. >> okay. marcia, we just saw sarah palin there giving a keynote address next week at the annual convention of right wing bloggers. that's going to be interesting. first, take a listen to something else she said on fox news last night. >> people are going to recognize through governor walker's efforts that austerity measures, responsible austerity measures of reining in government growth will help the government as a whole. >> austerity measures? paul ryan doesn't use that term. does she understand what austerity has done on the continent of europe or can she not see europe from her sitting room? >> i think with russia it is very far from her knowledge for her to say something like that. sarah palin is always the wild card, always trying to bring in some sense of intelligence or intellect within a game where there is none and regarding the people and especially using austerity in the european model for america. >> were you surprised by her using that? >> i am not surprised as
3:33 pm
anything sarah palin does. this woman, you know, the other guests on the show talking about not wanting to aim at her because she can use bullets. she will use everything she can to make sure she is seen as on the mark. >> it is nearly four years as palin's sprays pick and soon mitt romney will have to select his running mates. we hear a lot about rob portman visiting israel last week. marco rubio talk and still broadband mcdonnell and what are you hearing in washington about all of these guys? why are you laughing? >> i don't know. any time you use the term transvaginal probe when you talk about a vp pick, it is exciting. >> it is part of the portfolio. >> i think what they will want to do is sarah palin did teach them something last time around which is you don't want that much excitement in your game
3:34 pm
changer. i think boring is going to be still more what they're looking for this time around which is one of the reasons that rob portman has been talked about. he has many excellent qualities and good qualifications and he is also as people say a boring white bred kind of guy and i think it has a lot of cache these days as opposed to chris christie or marco rubio. >> is that because anybody with a personality is going to over shadow mitt romney immediately? >> it doesn't take much to over shadow mitt romney with personality. i think if he is looking at rubio, it is probably to gain on the latino vote which is crazy because you have tom latino women with the equal pay act really under the bottom of the scale with that and as far as mcdonnell, old mcdonald had a farm and based on his thesis, the republicans party vision for the america of family, then you talk about men, mad men earlier, it will have women barefoot and pregnant, so that's not boring to me. i mean, the under currents may
3:35 pm
seem calm but they have deep troubling waters. >> right. michelle, realistically, how good would a rubio/romney ticket be, do you think? >> well, you would run most basically the problem would be that rubio could out shine romney. then there is also just kind of the question of qualifications and he has some back problem, you know, some back story problems from his time in florida that would come out more and so he is a little riskier. obviously the latino vote is a big deal, but then again you can't look at the latino vote as monolithic. florida has the cuban vote. you have to deal with puerto rico and mexico. >> is it really as crude as that, that basically he has no policies that will benefit latinos but let's have a latinos vp and everyone sorted. do you think people that are dumb? >> we did it with sarah palin and the women's vote the last time around. >> it didn't work.
3:36 pm
>> that's why people are thinking it is going to be more boring and kind of experience oriented and i think rob portman has had a lot of nice pieces written about how he would be ready to step into the job on day one, and i think that will be more of a focus. they do not want to run the risk of having that sarah palin unqualified line bite them in the butt again this time. >> i think it is regardless of who they have for the vp because it will be a seest aand not a fiesta. >> stop and frisk, are authorities putting safety first or putting civil rights aside? stay with us. today, we stand against the tyranny of single mile credit cards. battle speech right? may i? [ horse neighs ] for too long, people have settled for single miles. with the capital one venture card, you'll earn double miles on every purchase, every day! [ visigoths cheer ] hawaii, here we come. [ alec ] so sign up today for a venture card at
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cause we want to show them something new. you ready? let's go. walmart can now convert your favorite dvds from disc to digital. no way. if hulk smash disc... it's no big deal. now you'll never break them, scratch them or lose them. we can use that. you'll never break them. so what do you guys think? we love it. it's only two bucks per disc. that's cool. that's the walmart entertainment disc to digital service. bring in your favorite dvds to your local walmart photo center to get started. don't go in there. don't go in there. they don't listen. going to be quite a day tomorrow when lawmakers from new york issue a plea for the federal government to investigate the new york city police department. according to civil rights advocates the ncp d arrested 168,000 young african-american
3:40 pm
men last year in new york city. that's more than the number of young black men who actually live in the big apple. that's one reason so many people are up in arms about this policy. joining us live from philadelphia is dr. james peterson, director of african astudies and associate prefer of english at lehigh university and i am joined in the studio by contributor and journalist toe ray. dr. peterson, i would like to ask you about something, there is one side of the debate, mayor bloomburg, ray kelly, they say stop and frisk led to the confiscate of over 6,000 guns over the last eight years and the mayor says this year the city is on track to have the lowest number of murders in recorded history. in your opinion does that justify a policy which so disproportionately affects african-americans? >> absolutely not. not only do the ends not justify the means, we have to dig into some of these numbers and we will find that there are other
3:41 pm
reasons why the crime rate is dropping. it is not because there is sort of harassing young black men and in fact profiling yuck black and brown men on a regular basis and not just in new york city. there are other cities an the country that have the policies. philadelphia is included. the ends just simply do not justify the means. there is other data that show there is a number of different reasons why crime is dropping, why violent crime is dropping. we don't have the information that suggests this kind of racial profiling actually works to reduce the crime rate. in fact, if anything it may be exacerbated the ways in which the relationship between the police force and the communities they're charged with protecting actually can flourished going forward. >> i am sure that's true. the north korea times says the nyp d is on track to shatter the record. there were 685,000 in 2011. this year they're on track to have about 800,000 stop and frisks. does this policy really make the city safer? >> well, i had a chance to interview a police officer who is on duty now about this issue,
3:42 pm
couldn't publish the piece because he couldn't guarantee his anonymity all the way. they say it does make the city safer partly because they say 9,000 guns were taken off the street and you can't measure the full impact because you don't know how many people are saying i am not going to carry my gun because i might get stopped because i live in an area where people are constantly getting stopped because we are black in a black neighborhood. the cop said to me that this is racial profiling, that there is criminal profiling and racial profiling, but there is a huge overlap and it is very easy and constant to slip from criminal profiling into racial profiling. perhaps the most disturbing thing of all of the things he told me was that when you get a 250, that's what the cops all a stop, question and frisk, and after they stop, question and frisk you they write a 250 report. it goes into a database. it is recorded forever and then when something subsequently happens, they look into the
3:43 pm
database and say, well, maybe you know about what happened or maybe you or a person involved knows. >> even if the stop and frisk produces nothing of value. >> exactly. it is a way of bringing you into the criminal justice system and marking you as a person who perhaps should be in the criminal justice system. >> that's scary. >> sorry, dr. peterson, you want to add your thoughts. >> that's scary. with all of that information the ends still don't justify the means. our police forces are very well trained. we have to give them the capacity and empower them to do their jobs and it cannot involve them policing the sort of constituency in such a way that people can refer to it as being fashist or at the end of the day some folks will be totally alienated from the system based upon this racial profiling that they're not going to be -- not going to have the relationship with the police force that helps to solve crimes and helps to make our community safer. >> almost 2,000 stop and frisk per day in new york last year. we know that lots of these lead to arrests for possession of
3:44 pm
marijuana as you know, and now new york city also happens to arrest more people for marijuana possession than any other city in the country, almost 51,000 arrests last year alone and now governor andrew kwoem owe offered a proposal to reduce the penalty. is that proposal a welcome change? >> i think it is. arrests for small amounts of marijuana is the number one crime, number one arrest in new york city. what happens when are you arrested for having a small bag of weed in your pocket and not smoking in public but just for having that that you become a criminal. have you a con fiscal on your record. >> a criminal misdemeanor. >> yes. every time you go to apply for a job you have to check the box that you are a convicted felon and that you can be discriminated against in terms of public housing, government aid, so now your entire life has been changed. you will struggle to find a job. you have a hard time, impossible to get into higher education, so
3:45 pm
you are branded a criminal for life because you smoked a little marijuana, and when we have a situation where lots of young white men and some young white women do that, and you could go to any college or almost any high school -- >> i understand the statistic is more whites smoke marijuana, young whites smoke marijuana in new york and more african-americans are actually -- >> exactly. >> the studies though that blacks and whites and asians use and sell drugs as equal rates, right, it is very similar rates across the board. theres no reason why blacks should be getting disproportionately targeted for this and whites being allowed to experiment with marijuana and go on with their lives and young blacks are smoking a little marijuana and then have their lives ruined. imagine if the police in hawaii had picked up barack obama for being part of the -- the chum gang, and he would have never gone to college or be president. he may not be able to vote at
3:46 pm
this point. does that seem right? >> i don't think so. our thanks to you for joining us. thank you, both. boehner and the boys try to capitalize on wisconsin. first, tyler matson has the market wrap. >> it is a rally day on wall street as the dow jones industrial's nip back into positive territory for the year. remember last friday the big drop took them negative. right now up 253 points and about 2% at 12,781 and the s&p up 26 and the nasdaq better than 2% rice, up 62.5 points at 28.40. martin bashir will be right back. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein!
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mitt romney has just taken
3:50 pm
the microphone in san antonio this afternoon to deliver his usual combination of half baked humor and predictable talking point. however wheel while he and his fellow republicans are no doubt celebrating scott walker and his victory over spending tax and budget there is warning for house republicans, mimic walker and we'll all suffer the consequences, but not everyone is listening. >> the american people have had it with big government and high taxes and regulatory system that knows no bounds. and they want elected officials to take control of the situation so that american job creators can go back it doing what they do best. create be jobs. >> joining us now is democratic congressman peter well, of vermont. congressman you have probably bumped into some of your gop colleagues hung over from last night's victory in wisconsin. now they will be happy cutting
3:51 pm
necessary spending to pay for unnecessary tax cuts. in this case, the bush tax cuts. so what is your response? >> this is just doubling down on the ideological eboehner -- the are cutting the future trading commission budget even though they are getting 300 trillion to manage the swaps market. basically the question is, are we going to have a company on the beat that enforces rules that level the playing field so that commerce can be done in a transparent way. essentially the bain are approach is to abolish all regulations and have a wild west he is nair why on wall street. this is a reckless approach bad for the economy. prudent business leaders know you have to have rules on the road. >> well, the bernie madoffs are licking their lips that the plans to oversea and regulate the financial services industry are literally attacked by
3:52 pm
republicans. >> that is what is so dangerous. if there is a specific regulation that goes too far, let's change it. we always say that. but the idea that you have no regulation or wall street regulating itself, we know exactly what happens. people push it and then drive us over the cliff. so the notion that you're going to try to unravel institutions that essentially have the responsibility to be the cop on the beat rather than reform them, rather than make them bet wesh so everyday citizens have a fair shot at moving aahead, this is reckless. they want it cut middle class opportunity by doubling the interest on stafford loans. we can't pass a transportation bill. not because we are in disagreement about the need to repair roads and bridges, but keystone is now the cause celeb. these things are maybe important issues but they have nothing to do with roads and bridges in your community. so this ideological embraced by
3:53 pm
the republican of this rabid antigovernment approach for you, wreck institutions, is very damaging for the economy. >> indeed. peter welch from vermont, thank you for joining us sir. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. down here, folks measure commitment by what's getting done. the twenty billion dollars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar
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could've had a v8. it's time now to clear the air and today is the 68th anniversary of d-day. the daring assault on the normandy co normandy coastline in 1944 which led to the liberation of europe and defeat of hitler. there were two phases, an airborne assault of 24,000 troops shortly after midnight to be followed six hours later by the largest amphibious invasion ever attempted. 163,000 allied troops and no less than 5,000 individual vessels. the supreme commander of the
3:57 pm
allied expedition force was general eisenhower and these landing took place along 50 miles of the french coastline. shortly before the invasion, president roosevelt addressed the nation. but it was actually an address to the almighty. his prayer made sense of the contradictses of war and why so many were required to give so much that moment in history. >> they fight to liberate. they fight to let justice arise. and tolerance and goodwill among all people. but for the end of battle, for attend to the haven of home. some will never return. embrace these, father, and receive them like heroic servant into thy kingdom. >> those heroic servant,
3:58 pm
national d-day memorial foundation says more than 4,000 gave their lives along with almost 10,000 wounded and mamed. today we honor their service and give thanks for their sacrifice. before we throw it over to dylan, a live look at the shuttle enterprise hosted on toity new home at the entrip id here in new york city. we send our warmest welcome. dylan is next. dylan, how are you? >> i'm well. i couldn't think of the effort in europe to persuade merck el to accept the deficiencies of the ruben debt from all those years ago as i was listening to your last word, martin. i hope the world he sees the connections and echos and makes a different set of decisions much earl in the process this time. you say things that really i think con texturalize this in a way tha no one else can. >> thanks, dill dylan.
3:59 pm
>> and there's got to be a bet are way out of europe than a bavarian bond offering, if you know what i'm saying. >> i hear you. >> anyway, show starts right now. good wednesday afternoon to you. i'm dylan ratigan. today's big story, auction 2012. special interest election of course is what this year's election will be a prototype of, if you're confused as it what we have been talking about the past few years, you're in luck because, well, the games have begun. the most recent tutorial, wisconsin recall, but this is the first of many and politics do not matter. organized labor of course pouring in millions, supporting a democrat in the gubinatorial recall vote. there a nominating process, limited candidates, you know the story. meanwhile, rich folks pouring in millions to support scott walker. surprise, surprise. you know how this


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