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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  June 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the presidential election? if so, why did president obama outpoll mitt romney in the exit polls in wisconsin by seven point? 51% -- howard fineman and politico's joe williams. howard, what do you think about this? let me get through some numbers here. if you look at it party wise, look at what the voters told polsters about the use of recall elections overwhelming 60% responding that they are only appropriate recall elections in cases of doctors -- -- another interesting number for the exit poll. unions are not as mono lijic as some thought. 37% of the union household for scott walker, what do you make of those two numbers? >> well overinterpreting wisconsin. ways just talking to steve law who runs american cross road for karl rove. that that big independent spending group that is really the master of all it surveys on
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the republican side. he cautioned me not to overdraw the lessons of wisconsin and i think what you focused on which is the recall is a very big part of it. that one reason. another reason is that scott walker was a better candidate than tom barrett. let's just be frank about it. he was the better candidate. and democrat put up the same guy that got beat by walker last time. and of course the role of money from the outside which was hugely important and hugely to the advantage of republicans and it plays in wisconsin that may not be repeated else. that good news for democrat. republicans i think found a wedge issue here, chris. that they can divide in the labor movement or what is left of the labor movement. between public employee unions and nonpublic employee unions. and focus on what they get instead of collective bargaining rights, that they can force the democrat to as the law said to
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defend -- indefensible, which are employees amassed over recent years. mitt romney talked about this today and then analyzed it in wisconsin. i predict can you expect republicans for mitt romney on down to focus on public employees, who know the risks they will do it. >> let's go to joe williams. same question. howard is focusing on the number i'm fascinated by. 37% of families with organized labor union in their family voted with walker. this situation was supposed to be about the right of labor. >> that's right. i also think that another factor here is, if the election had been held in early months of 2011, when this issue really started to take fire when people were occupying the state house, people in the streets, it would have been different but you add cooling off period between then
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and when they selected a candidate. they had time to gather independent money, outside money, then mount a very aggressive campaign against barrett. conversely, barrett only add couple of months to secure the nomination and also raise money. not a lot of time to do that. the democrats are feeling that the money advantage was just too big to overcome, that they feel very good about the organized labor movement but it does show some signs -- >> joe, you are dodging my question. >> why did union household almost two in five vote against what was supposed to be a union vote? >> well i think also because of public sector unions and private sector unions, it is kind after battle. we look at private sector unions, barely 10% of the working public are members of unions. even those unions have different interests than public sector unions. especially when kramed on the issue of spending and spending of tax money.
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people don't like the fact that public employees are for higher salaries when their taxes are going up or they have to sacrifice libraries only open every other sunday or public school classrooms filled to the brim. and you see public sector employees arguing for more money, that distaitfsteful for lot of people. voters said they supported him 51-44 and romney says seven point lead in the exit poll. howard, that good news if you believe the exit polls. the problem is, i'm not sure how good they are. i'm very skeptical about polling this year. this is a very tough year it poll. in terms of turnout and everything. it is too hard it figure who is going to vote and how they vote even. >> i agree. since you got on top of the exit polls, there is a lot of concern about them. i want to know why.
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one reason in wisconsin, i was astonished, if you believe the exit poll, with how much people are divided. almost 90% of voters in wisconsin decided which side they were on on this before may, before last month. so maybe when attitudes -- it is hard to predict who would turn out. i would be relieved about the 51-44 number you mentioned chris but i would be concerned in way about another number in there, or at least interested in it, in which 18% of the people who voted for scott walker said that they would support president obama for reelection. so the question is, how does the president reassure those people and make sure he keeps that 18% of walker's supporters so that he can win wisconsin. and this is exactly what the republicans will try to do. try to force barack obama to defend public employee pensions and benefits, defend public
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employee unions which has a benefit for republicans that takes attention away from the fact that it was republican congress and republican president that is primarily responsible for the huge increases of the federal deficit before barack obama ever came into office. this is a wedge esh u of their dreams and they are going to push it. >> i think the logic on this -- >> we are seeing so many riffs. good ahead. >> i think the logic on forcing him to defend pensions and benefits, i think the way you defend that is by saying that these pensions and these benefits are contributors to the economy. if people have money in their pockets, money they earned by the way, that the public sectors agreed to under legitimate bargaining and contract, that puts money in people's closets. and it stimulate the economy. the problem is that leaves a little bit too much explaining to do. so i think he's right that if
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the president has to defend that issue, it'll be very difficult. but conversely if you have him talking about why this is important, why people need to have a higher wages wab because wages have been stagnant for slong and public sector employees deliver very good services, cops, firefighters, top line suggestion that they always talk about, this could be something that people could more easily relate to. >> okay. a lot of things -- other thing to remember is that a lot of the riffs of reducks in state and local employees over the last couple of years, which is the real reason why we have an unemployment problem, with unemployment problems going up, the public sector going down, is because of the terrible economy. even way, governor walker had advice. won this thing. here is his vase for romney today when he was interviewed by chuck todd of nbc. let's watch. >> hungry for people to say, i don't care about the next election, i care about the next generation even here what i will do to fix it. key for romney to be competitive enough to win, i think he what toss lay out a clear platform,
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something similar it what our friend paul ryan has done. >> ryan, here it is. same old song. people care about the future, not who is spom for the past. both romney and here he is, romney's booster, walker, who won yesterday, saying you got to talk the future, not complain about the past. >> yeah. well you got to talk about how people will get jobs. of course, one of the ironies here is that president tried to get another jobs bill through. congress refused to do it. that resulted in a lot of cut backs in state and local spending. that is resulting in the pressure on the public employees. republicans are coming at the president from all direction eats once here on this. they are going to try to make it difficult for him. by the way on on scott walker, scott walker i think said in the last days of the campaign that would he rule out seeking or wanting to be on the ticket with mirt romney but the scott walker that i saw in his victory statement last night and this morning seemed like a guy who had an awful lot of advice to give to romney and would probably like to give it at
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close range. >> you think he might be ueckering an invitation to be put on the short list, howard? >> he is a big hero, as is paul ryan, also from wisconsin. the two are big heros with conservatives now. scott walker has the luster of battle on him and you just won this big victory. and the conservatives are saying that he is the guy who showed the way forward. he showed both the mechanics and message and was a very good candidate. i'm just reflecting what i hear from conservatives today. >> he come from the states of ranks rebusiness. that doesn't matter a lot. no one has lit up the pin ball machine yet. nobody. thank you for coming on the show tonight to go over what happened last night. coming up now, the most overlooked or underlooked group of voters now. men wait until you hear the numbers. most days he is your best ally,
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mr. president. but sometimes, bill gives ammo to the other side. bill clinton with your money mate. and another top leader gets droned, if you will. when will the president get credit for nailing the terrorist network as he's been doing. who says democrat can't find common ground with republicans. two former pennsylvania politicians have wound up living together in jail. they are bunk mate in the state pen. believe it or not, we will get to that story. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about the cookie-cutter retirement advice ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 you get at some places. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 they say you have to do this, have that, invest here ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 you know what? ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 you can't create a retirement plan based on ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 a predetermined script. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 at charles schwab, we actually take the time to listen - ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 to understand you and your goals...
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ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 together we can find real-life answers for your ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 real-life retirement. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 talk to chuck ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 and let's write a script based on your life story. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. key presidential battle ground states. let's check the hard ball score board starting right here in pennsylvania. where a franklin and marshall poll has obama leading 48-36. a new poll has obama ahead in a much tougher state, 50-46.
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we'll be right back.
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welcome back to "hardball." president obama beat mitt romney in wisconsin in the exit polls yesterday but he has a problem with one significant demographic. men. according to the same exit polls obama's support among wisconsin men has taken an eight point dive since 2008. eight point. his disapproval number to men has risen to 50%. that's up from two years ago. we talk about the women's vote, fair enough, coming up in november. but what about the men and what can obama do to win more of them? it's great to have you both on. i'm looking at these numbers and they are pretty depressing in this sense. a drop of eight point in the exit polling yesterday. whatever you take it for, whether you value it a lot or not, that a significant drop
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among men where as women vote held about where it was before. mark penn, you understand this as well as anybody. what's going on? >> i think you're seeing a real problem with men especially white men. remember only one in four men really think the economy is improving. if you look at this, i think particularly southern, white, older men. they are probably out of reach. you know, my suggestion really is to go after the soccer dads. to go after the suburban better educated men who can appreciate a president like president obama whose been hunting down barack obama who has socio economic policyes. >> so you go after the more sensitive males, the let ma mch males, is that what you are saying. >> well they have taken joe the plumber stance. >> yeah, the rougher human. guy is the image of the republican vote these days, is that what we are talking about? manner, style, income, what sh.
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>> education. i think the more educated men are, the more likely they are to go in obama's camp. if he gives them a good economic plan and appeals to them. i think both on economics, his social policies i think fit with the better educated and frankly, he is a more sophisticated candidate than we have seen come out of republican party who appeals to better educated men who live in the suburbes who have kids. >> yeah. let me go to matt cooper on that. i think that some are more for same-sex marriage. and number two, clearly more concerned by abortion rights and contraception. that comes up as an issue again. men are more concerned because that where the numbers break down, but that does mean you have to go after men who agree with women on social issues? >> well to some degree. i think mark is right. you are trying to go after affluent, more affluent better educated men rather than white
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working classmen who are starting to look like a lost cause for obama, you know. in our own congressional poll we do in the washington journal. it just drops off the map on almost any question that you with think might be some place where they can find common ground. we a we had a question about food stamps. why men thought there should be no extra money for food stamps. they like the cut. you would think that the guys on the precipice of unemployment would be more sympathetic no that. they're not. >> i always imagine driving along route 40 or something, raeg old highway, not 80 on 80, but a regular highway. there is a stop where men go after a hard day's work and they may be there late friday night talking at the bar. what do they say about obama? working guys. what do you think the conversations are like? >> i think the conversations are pretty rough. i think i couldn't repeat a lot
5:18 pm
of it on the air. i think they are really upset about the healthcare mandate. upset about the state the country is in in terms of economy. i think those are really tough conversations. i think you ought to go to the water cooler in the offices of america in the office parks and so forth where you will find the kind of men who will have a reasonable conversation who aren't going to think romney and the republicans are the solution to the answer. >> yeah wp what do you think matt? i think will factor of style of the people working in offices rather than work on road gangs or work in factories, you got a better shot? >> yeah. i think that's right. although you know, there are part of his record that are macho. as you mentioned. killing bin laden. prosecuting wars. >> saving ford and gm. >> yes. >> how about saving the auto ipd us try. >> yeah. those are things they can play up. i'm not sure it's going to work. but there are certainly things they can turn to.
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>> i want to give you a shot at it matt. what is it that turns off, we will say it, white working guys that goes to college. i hate this stuff, but good ahead. what is it that turns these guys off to obama? is it race? is it background? what is it mostly? >> you know, i don't think we entirely know. it is not far fetch to think race is part of it but part of it is also the economy. working class men feeling more dispensable and vulnerable. feeling like the world is not theirs any more and part of it is the style of this president. he can seem academic and a little aloof at times. that probably doesn't help either. but look, you know, politics is about forging a alliances and constituencies and he will have to forth one that is not as dependent on white men.
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>> there's been comment the last couple days about him spending too much time with the glitzy people in hollywood. maybe too many gay event. i know one thing, they feel threatened, u millated by no jobs out there. they see their kids aren't getting jobs. a humiliation to be out of work and to face unemployment. and they don't like it and i don't blame them one bit. i can understand a lot of this is clearly irrational. thank you matt cooper. thank you as always, mark penn. up next, why did supporters slap tom barrett in the race last night during his concession rally? slapped a guy on his night of loss. this is "hardball." if there was a pill
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7 feet tall. name is rick miller. portland, oregon. and he started a business. of course, you know, in basketball. but it wasn't in basketball. i mean, i figured he had to be in sport, but he wasn't in sport. his business is caring for seniors. >> back to "hardball." the fact that romney used that word as he often does, sport rather than sports, overshadows the fact that he saw a guy 7 feet tall. how about the teams issues with spell check? first it was the iphone app that mispelled america. that a serious misspelling when you get the name of the country wrong. then facebook gaps, one offering a sneak-peek of a new ad. peak, as in mountain top, instead of look. then buying your official gear, opposed to something official. what would happen if that problem expanded in campaign ads?
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>> america faces eformous challenges. on unem poylment, spending. paid for by mint wrongy. >> they need to get someone on there. isn't he, romney, supposed to be the tough smart business manager? next, losing is a slap in the face. but get this, after his concession speech last night, tom barrett went down into the audience to thank supporters. one of them, one of his supporters was pevved that barrett conceded. when he leaned in for an embrace
5:26 pm
she stunned him with a slap. look. everybody, listen, when you have lost and it is clear you lost, you say it. these dayes it can be tough to imagine republicans in the same room as democratic rivals, how about bunk mates like in prison. that's exactly what has happened in my former state with two former speakers in the pennsylvania state house of representatives. republican john perzel and democrat bill deweese landed in prison. deweese was uncomfortable with his first roommate, former chief of staff, who testified against him. i can understand not wanting to room with him. perzel offered to switch. quote, john, i don't think we get to pick who we room with here. well, but according to the article the two did end up becoming roommate. red and blue don't matter when you're both wearing orange.
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well calm back to "hardball." bill clinton made appearances for the president and his policies. he made the best case weefr heard yet against mitt roam knee but he also gave foder to republicans, honestly or not, intentionally or not, and we wonder about the cost analysis of having bill as a surrogate out there. let's look at the earlier stuff just coming in today. let's take a look at cnbc interview that the president had the other day, former president. >> i don't have any problem with extending all of it now including the current spending level, but the real issue is not whether they should be extended
5:32 pm
for another few months. the real issue is whether the price that the republican house will put on that extension is the permanent extension of of the tax cuts. which i think is an error. >> well, realizing or expecting how bill clinton's tax remarks there were going to be misinterpreted, a clinton spokesman a few hours after the president spoke put out the following statement. as president clinton said many times before, he supported extending all kauts in 2010 as part of the budget agreement but does not believe the tax cut for the wealthiest americans should be extended again. he said spending cuts and revenues wouldn't be reached after the election. i thought he was clear as a bell there. joan walsh, republicans completely distorted what clinton said last night. but there is the question be a did he give them enough wiggle room to do so? >> i don't know, chris. i heard it the way he meant it. and so did you. so you know, i really do think they were being unfair there.
5:33 pm
the remarks last week about mitt romney having a sterling business record and taking bain capital off the table, i happen to disagree with him. but i think we would both agree that the president clinton is a net gain for president obama. for one thing because dishonest republicans, brazen republicans were are trying to act like they love bill clinton in the '90s. he was good democrat. when in fact the the time they savaged him, impeached him. i think it is important at this point that president clinton is out there saying, you can't use me that way. and you know, he is a star. there is a down side, we will talk about the down side. but i think the republicans are being disingenuous at every turn. >> you know, joe cline, he is not clarence acting like scalia.
5:34 pm
i heard him last night, boy was he clear. they may disagree on donald trump, disagree on the record at bain by romney, but they are damned in agreement by the fact we should not have a continual permanent extension of the bush tax cuts for the rich. >> that is absolutely clear. and you know, the stuff that you are getting from republicans now, just kind of smacks of desperation to me. you know, i saw that kind of stuff coming out of the gore campaign in 2000. it is not unique to the republican party. but you know, clinton says we're things sometimes. i can't imagine anybody saying anything nice about donald trump unless they wanted to get some trump money for their globalish initiative perhaps. but you know, you were just talking about the white male blue collar vote. and you know, if i'm barack obama, i want to have bill clinton out there talking to those folks. because they loved him. he was living the dream, dating
5:35 pm
lounge singers and going to mcdonald's. he was the last democratic president that those guys kind of liked. >> i agree with you completely. i think you and joan are right. you want bill clinton at your side. set most popular democrat. certainly the most popular politician in the world, what am i talking about, right now. >> jumping in the chance it read their little talking point written for them by their dutiful little staff, written for them by the staff in the rnc, in the romney campaign. here is a few of them sporting total dishonesty, starting with john mccain. >> i want to thank you for having president clinton on. he is the gift that keeps on giving. i hope you will have him on more often to talk about bain capital and tax cut. >> i would make the same argument. the same argument that bill clinton is making that we need to extend the tax rate. >> even clinton came out for it,
5:36 pm
before he was against it. >> even president bill clinton gets it. you should not raise taxes on anybody. >> president clinton not wanting it further undermine our economy recommended short term extension of all the tax relief. >> there he is. it toit took hatch to say what wanted to say. and we get policies straight. joan, absolutely dishonesty there. pant on fire with mccain and thune and boehner. who writes this crap for them in anybody that want a newspaper, go out and look on-line on the web, check right now, see what bill clinton said the first time he said it. we will get through this campaign and deal with the extension and not give it to the rich. sometimes politics amazes me. it really does. the absolute dishonesty. can i only forgive them if i
5:37 pm
realize some dinky staff member wrote it, some dinky staff member writing for romney. >> they didn't. they have well paid think tankers. they have fox news. pe the have bloggers. they talk to themselves all day long's they decided this is a line. i want to go back to something joe said. i think this is deeper and important. president clinton is a boom it try to get some, just some were of the white working class men. but they didn't just like him because he got to hang around with starlets and eat mcdonald's. he also talked about the underlying economic rot in this country and dethings for them. he expanded the earned income tax credit. so there was an economic core at the heart of their liking for him as well as cultural affinity. but on the flip side and this get us to donald trump and bain capital, president clinton did something i really don't admire at this point. at the same time that was
5:38 pm
telling the white working class, a i'm one of you, i'm for you. he made a decision that democratic party was also going to become the party of wall street. and the party of the financial sector. quite hon lift, maybe there were good reason for that at the time, but now we see what financialization of our economy has done to the country and also to the democratic party. that white working class guy without a job who feels like he is at the bottom, he doesn't have anybody really looking out for him because the democrats have become as bad -- almost as bad as republicans on wall street issues. >> you know what, joe and joan, i got to take a minute here. would somebody please tell the people who didn't get to go to good colleges or colleges and go out and work hard, often with their hand, that let's face it. we have two republicans that are w. and this guy romney born on third base claiming to hit a triple. bill clinton was born with a drunk father, came up with
5:39 pm
nothing from hot springs. his mother was a practical nurse trying to make it, keep him alive. the other guy more into a mixed family. father skips town after two or three years. thee guys today work their way up through their brarns and hard work. joan, jump on this. would someone tell the working stiff these guys weren't born with a silver spoon. democratic guys, though they made it, did it through work and brains. other guys made it because they were born into it. just a thought. >> all of what joan said about clinton and deregulation is absolutely correct. but he had this ability to explain complications things and ways that average folks can understand. i'm traveling around the country on a bus tour and i swear to god, i can't find a single person who knows what is in obamacare. that is something that the president should be out explaining and telling people everyday. but the most important thing here is that i think the folks, the think the american people realizes, that this is a serious, serious situation for
5:40 pm
our country and you know, talking point, lined up, the way the republican dose it, is an insult to their intelligence and insult to our country at this point. we need to have a serious conversation right now. >> joan, if this guy romney with limited ability able to convince the country he is a regular guy, which he isn't, looking out for regular people, which he has never done, boy that going to be one of the great jokes in history. >> well, i think and that is partly what bothered me about president clinton. you know, defending -- taking bain capital off the table. not that he is a bad man but he does. president obama put it much better. he said that his economic experience is what gives him the background to be a good president and grow the economy, absolutely not. that did not happen under mitt romney. bain capital had nothing to do with that. and embracing donald trump was
5:41 pm
inexplicable. you can't embrace the birthener chief. you can't embrace this man who is asking our president to show his papers. if he is a friend, usher him off the stage and take him golfing. that bothered me a lot. >> a lot of this lands on obama ae doorstep. he has to be better. if he is going to make the case against bain capital then he need more than layoffs. that is a feny issue. it was about paying executives a lot more money. paying stock hold ears lot more money and all about short term profit rather than long-term planning and long-term growth. >> right. >> they stripped o ut the research and development department of of all these places. you have to be specific if you are running for president. barack obama is still campaigning like way over everybody's head, including mine sometimes. >> thank you, joe cline. i hope he is listening over there. or someone at the white house or in chicago. i think we got this one right tonight. the president, former
5:42 pm
president, together. they may have slight differences about who they will go after personally. but i got to tell you, they agree completely on policy. thank you for joining us. up next, president obama won a another huge victory against terrorism. can obama turn successful on the battlefield, killing one of the top bad guys to another. to a win in the ballot box. this is "hardball." ♪
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president obama's quiet campaign to kill al qaeda's leadership add major victory monday. that's this monday when a u.s. drone strike killed the terror organizations number two in charge abu yahya al libi in pakistan again. why isn't the president getting credit for his campaign against al qaeda which is hitting the top people in yie bryan, senior fellow at center for american progress and michael hire, chief correspondent for the jags al journal. first of all, here is jay carney trying to explain the importance of this killing of al libi, calling it a major blow to al qaeda. let's watch. >> there is now no clear successor to take on the breath of his responsibilities. abu yahya al libi's death is a major blow to al qaeda. remembering the number two leader for the second time in less than a year, further damaging group's morale, cohesion and bringing it closer toity ultimate demise than ever before. >> you know, let me go to pry an on this. it seems to me w. would be doing
5:48 pm
hot dogging on the front steps of the white house in his cowboy boots if this was going on under his watch. here you have obama doing it in a quiet sort of way. the public isn't paying atension to the killing at the top, are they? >> it is clear that economy is the number one issue. but president obama's record on national security has been so strong, it is almost as if people haven't noticed. we have almost decimated the core of al qaeda. this is what four or five years ago everybody was worried about. we are out of iraq and winding down the war in afghanistan. i think the president, when you look at poll ratings, performs weal, stronger than other areas. it neutralized this deficit disorder that some people thought democrats suffered from after the vietnam war. and it is a pretty strong suit, but i think you know, the big issues are the jobs and ekeehn kohn my, is where the election is fought out. >> you know, it sounds like the old days when you dealt with
5:49 pm
inflation and there wasn't any inflation, you didn't get any credit for it because there wasn't anything to complain about, so everybody ignored it. at thistime, if you're dealing with a foreign threat that really scared the heck out of us in 2001, and did frighten us and hurt us badly as a national wound, and here we are feeling security and nobody gives any credit for it. >> no question a certain amount of complacency asset in. you have apart from the bin laden targeting that did make big news and give obama something of a bump for at least a little while, what you have here is a drip, drip, drip of one al-qaeda leader after another. most americans have never heard their names before. in total, i think he has been enormously effective against al-qaeda so where traditionally it's not the map threat.
5:50 pm
it's the off shoot in the -- the economy has become so much the all embracing issue, that this is, at best, going to be a slight edge for obama. >> let's look at the president back in 2008. he was saying he would take out terrorist even on pakistany soil with or without that country's permission. let's watch. >> if we have axble intelligence about high value terrorist targets, and they will not act, we will. >> we will risk an inexperienced candidate to suggested bombing our ally, pakistan. last summer, he threatened to bomb pakistan, which i don't think was a particularly wise position to take.
5:51 pm
>> brian, so he stuck his neck out, basically determined it would not be a drone strike, it would be a direct action by the seals but the certainty of having got our man. when you look at the world right now, who has the capability to hurt america here in america. who can do real harm to this country right now, anybody? >> right now, when you look at the al qaeda affiliates in places like yemen and somali is a concern. al-libi was a number two, and taking him out was essential. we took him out in a part of pakistan where under the bush administration and in those clipped in 2008 that you just showed, we essentially had a situation that those areas were
5:52 pm
seated in triable deals at the time. we had a very passive approach and what we have had under obama is a very aggressive approach. i would say it's the terrorist groups. also is the cyber threats that come from other parts of the world they think are very new and real threats and this add vin strags is moving to address that, and iran and it's role in the gulf region. >> i have to go to michael on this, can iran hurt us? how does it hurt us? >> i agree with what brian just said. i think the threats of various kinds, what we have been most concerned about, when our kroops were still in iraq and afganistan are the ied and the
5:53 pm
night attacks. for the homeland, cyber threats from china, and possibly a threat from iran with contacts in this hemisphere, we have not seen any very credible with that. i would say they're trying to get this message out here and counter this. >> we have to go, i'm sorry. i think that concern unleashed by iran is always there and dangerous. let me finish with what i think president obama should do with male voters. holding down the fort while you're out catching a movie. [ growls ] lucky for me, your friends showed up with this awesome bone. hey! you guys are great. and if you got your home insurance where you got your cut rate car insurance, it might not replace all this. [ electricity crackling ] [ gasping ] so get allstate. you could save money
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5:57 pm
hez b let me finish tonight with this. men, males, guys, whatever. what is your problem with president obama? i think it would be interesting to know the answer. 60% of women in wisconsin said they would vote for obama in november. he put the focus on health care, been supportive of women's rights, equal pay, and other concerns. and the republican party has become hostile. if you look at obama's foreign policy record he has been tough out there. carried out a smooth withdrawal from iraq, a similar pull out of
5:58 pm
pakistan, and now he got the number two man in al qaeda. his disapproval number is 50% and rising among men nationally. and obama is losing to romney right now 49% to 40%. the reason is something bill clinton's campaign hammered home, it's the economy, stupid. it is insult and injury and they can argue it should not be any worse than it is for women, but there is a lot of history at work and it is. if the president was standing at the foot of capitol hill demanding a big jobs bill, to rebuild this country the way president eisenhower did in the 1950s. the trick is to do it now. a huge job bill that everyone understands that gets the trains moving fast like in europe and
5:59 pm
asia and get this country moving again, literally. mr. president, please, a huge jobs bill. the republicans would have to say yes or no to it, that's the tact. if they say yes put $5 million people to work right now, if you say no, you put them, the republicans out of work. that's "hardball" for now, thanks for being with us, "politicsnation" starts right now. welcome to "politicsnation," i'm al sharpton. we'll be talking later in the show about the big election in wisconsin, and why i think it's not as bad as some progressives are saying. no question big money is a big problem. we need to keep moving forward until election day. fighting for what's right, that's what we need to do. but we start tonight with what we will do now. about a big fight and a big fight


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