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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  July 6, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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and on the other, democracy bought and sold. eventually, mr. lewis was physically escorted out of the way of the tanks by one of the men who was riding on top of the koch tank. but not before he made his point. and not before the denver post caught wind ofhe whole thing and christened the local hairdresser tiananmen sid for his act of free speech defiance. the whole democracy being bought and sold there may be a reference to bill koch and his influence as the guy putting the column of tanks in the local parade as the owner of multiple energy companies and huge swaths of not just paonia but two neighboring counties in colorado as well, may also by a reference to what koch's brothers are doing in national politics. they have reportedly said they will spend $400 million trying to defeat president obama and congressional democrats this year. $400 million, two guys.
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that's more than the entire john mccain campaign spent in 2008. it's not just them. in addition to them, karl rove has already announced his groups which appear to be mostly funded by rich conservative individuals, they plan to raise and spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 million in this year's elections. this doesn't count the romney campaign itself or the republican party. and that's all on top of the koch brothers' money. how are the democrats attempting to match that kind of fire power? to understand that, it may be helpful to keep in mind this image of the hairdresser in sandals against the column of tanks with the guns. this weekend's "new york times" magazine has a long profile on what might be the democratic party's best hope for competing with this juggernaut of right wing money aimed at defeating president obama. it's the president's own super pac run by his former press secretary bill burton. look how they're getting
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outgunned so far. the pro obama super pac, is super excited earlier this year. they worked their tails off, put together a whole bunch of donations from left-leaning donors, piece by piece and cobled against $10 million in total for a multi-state ad buy. it was a huge investment for them. a landmark investment for them, and three days after they did that, they got one that one guy alone, republican sheldon adelson was contributing that much, $10 million, that day, to the mitt romney super pac. and he was donating another $10 million that day to karl rove's super pac at the same time, and he was saying maybe he'll contribute ten times that much, $100 million, when push comes to shove. this is an optimistic profile of the democtic side in the "new york times" magazine this weekend. but what it says is that the only democratic plan for trying to compete in terms of ad spending is to wage asymmetric
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arms fair. having conceded the arms race before it began, they recognized their only hope play in asome c asymmetric war fair that could be done on the cheap. you would never know this was the party in power, right? they're talking about having to use guerilla tactic to compete with an overwhelming force on the other side they could never hope to match. a week ago tonight from air force one, president obama convened a conference call with many of his top campaign donors and he sounded the alarm, according to reporting by lloyd grove at the daily beast who said he ruheard a recording fro the call, the president told his don donors, quote, we're going to see more money spend on negative ads than ever before, and if things continue as they have so far, i will be first sitting president in modern history to be outspent in his reelection campaign. the president appears to be
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right in that assessment, at least so far. in may, president obama was outraised by the romney campaign by a lot. mitt romney managed to outraise mr. obama that month by $17 million. for this past month, the romney campaign happily announced they have raised more than $100 million, and this is in addition to all of the outside money. we still don't know what it's going to be in terms of the numbers for president obama this june, but his campaign is telegraphing it's not nearly as much as the romney campaign raised. that's where things stand for the campaign and outside groups in terms of head to head fund-raising, but t overall picture speaks worse than that in terms of democratic donors. overall, the super packs supporting republicans in the country have thrus far for this election cycle raised more than triple, more than three times as much as the super pac supporting the democrats. this isn't just for the
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presidency. this is for everything. republics have three bucks for every one buck democrats have. whether or not president obama is able to beat mitt romney as an underdog incumbent, an outspend underdog incumbent, whether he's able to overcome that, that great disparity, that great disparity benefitting the republicans is also going to have implications down the ticket. who controls congress? the money makes a really big difference. in 2010, when the republicans took back control of the house of representatives, the republicans also outspend the democrats by a two to one margin. it matters. if republicans can repeat the feat this year, the sky is the limit in terms of congress. regardless of what happens in the presidential race. this was not always an inherently structural partzle problem. if you think about what citizens
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united did, that cleared the way for unlimited corporate donations. that tilts the favor in terms of corporate interests. but in terms of people making a differen in politicsering that doesn't have to lean inherently right. in 2004, as a matter of fact, it leans left. the great conservative boogie man, george soros, he gave more than $23 million to democratic groups in 2004. peter lewis from progressive insurance gave about the same amount, film bruproducer stephe bing gave nearly $14 million in that same year, 2004. democrats in terms of rich democratic donors in 2004, way outpaced the republicans. this time around for whatever reason, those wealthy democratics donors are sitting on the sidelines. george soros has given about $2 million compared to $24 million. peter lewis, $200,000 this time around compared to $23 million.
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steve bing, $425,000 compared to $14 million before. so why aren't big dollar democratic campaign donors the people who can really make a difference in terms of their personal decisions of what to do on campaign spending as individuals or campaign related spending as individuals, why are they sitting on their hands on the democratic side so far? are they waiting for something and they're going to get it later? do they want attention they're not getting from the president? do they think it's hopeless because yeah, maybe they're rich guys but they're not the koch brothers and they never will be? is the post citizens united political zillionaire thunderdome so inherently distasteful that people don't want to play in that dirty game anymore? for those of us who are watching this from the outside, reporting on it, observing on it, thinking abouwhat it means for the country, the likely outcome of the election, it seems like an important question. an important part of the
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process. but for the people who are inside making these decisions, how do they view their role in it? and what do they think of this really big, really obvious disparity between the time-out sides that just keeps getting worse and worse no matter how much the democrats and the president himself sound the alarm about it? joining us now is one of the country's major fund-raisers for president obama, he made a bundle of donations to mr. obama which we know because they disclose that, you know him better as the cofounder of miramax films, one of the best known and well accomplished film producers, harvey weinstein. we had drama at the beginning. >> it reminded me of one of my movies. >> why have you been a fund-raiser, a bundler for president obama, and what's your reaction to that sort of disparity i was talking about between the time-out sides? >> when you talk about spending
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money, i'll give you an example of two movies i distribute, i spent the exact same amount for two movies. one was called "the king's speech." won a few oscars including best picture and did sensational based on its budget. the other was called "our idiot brother." we spent the same amount of money and the movie grossed $25 million. not bad for what we paid for it, okay, a little bit of profit. to me, romney is our idiot brother an obama is "our king's speech." you can spend all the money in the world, if you have a bad product, it doesn't matter. don't ask the wall street guys, bring the advertising guys on. if i have a defective product, i could spend $5 billion, i'm not going to make anything. the edsalls spend more money on the ford than any car in history and it was the bomb of the
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lifetime. we could go through product after product, but let's make it more fun. i'm happy if the koch brothers would come on the show and i could get jeffrey katzenberg and some of the other guys and talk about their politics. >> why do you think we're seeing this change over time from people who have democratic politics who do support this president having been willing to give a lot of money on the democratic side in the past, just giving less this year. >> i think people are confident on the democratic side. you see romney and you hear even conservatives, rupert murdoch criticizing mitt romney. there's so much disession, and mike wrote a column in the daily news calling him a mute romney. he doesn't say anything. maybe that's why they have to raise that money. we have a president who speaks and speaks to the issues. they have a candidate who says nothing and they have a campaign strategy which is say nothing. at a certain point, the american public will get tired of it.
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right now, everybody is sitting back and saying, why spend it if we don't have to? if we have to, they will. >> is the congress argument compelling to donors or are donors really motivated, when you talk to people and are trying to get people donating, that report from the boston globe where it's more than three to one republicans versus democrats, that looks like a republican congress to me, which democratic minded people kanlt be -- have to be a little bothered by. >> that wish fullfulment that their candidate will win and they'll get a tax cut. it's the same ridiculous thing. theypend $300 million and expect it on their multibillion dollar companies, they'll get $400 million back and make a profit on their donation. maybe they will if a republican gets in, but a, it will hurt the country and we'll get back in a recession. it's amazing sheldon adelson is spending $10 million and $10
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million. in 2008 and 2007, george bush was on his knees. his company was two seconds away from being bankrupt. he probably owed more to president obama for being able to write those checks because obama righted the country from the impending disaster that wasn't caused by him at all. but sheldon adelson was two seconds away from going bankrupt. >> in terms of your politics, not just thinking about the election but the last term and what has happened with congress going from democrat control to republican control, are there things that you want to be happening that aren't happening, things that you want the president to be doing that you're urblging him to do or think he should do that he's not doing? >> he's doing a fantastic job. it's just trying to communicate it. you inherit all of the problems and people think even if you fix it, it's never fast enough. so i'm very happy with what the president is doing. and when i think of the competition, i get happier every
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minute. i'm thrilled. and i have voted republican in the past. it's not fair to say harvey weinste weinstein, democrat. i raised funds for governor pataki. i voted for rudy giuliani as well and did the same. when there's a good man, there's are a good man. with all due respect to governor romney, he's not capable to run the united states. >> can i ask you a movie question? >> much better for me. >> i'm the least pop culture aware person in the world, but i know what i like. but you happen to be the producer of most of the movies i like, so that's a complimen that i don't understand, it's just that i share your taste and i think you're good at what you do, and you're bringing over this movie that is the top grossing film in france ever? >> it's the number two and around the world, and it's the
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number one french movie ever released. >> so we have a little clip of it that i want to show and then i have a question about why you think -- how you decide whether or not americans like something that french people like. we'll play the clip, hold on. ♪ it's a new dawn it's a new day it's a new life for me ♪ ♪ it's a new dawn a new day a new life for me ♪ ♪ and i'm feeling good ♪ fish in the sea you know how i feel ♪ ♪ river running free you know how i feel ♪
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>> main character is paralyzed from the neck down. he's persuading his terrified personnel aide to goparagliding with him. how do you know when somhing works in another country whether or not americans are going to like it? >> in this situation, i read the script. a young man in my office said i just read this great script. i read the script, too. and it was amazing. i just felt something about this movie worked. and i don't know, i got lucky with the artists and people say it's a bump-up for me. i went from a silent movie to even though it's in french, it has sound this time. and you know, i have never had an experience where people see a movie in a theater like this, this movie, and they walk out of it sky high. it's a true story, and i think you feel elated watching this movie. >> the opening car chase scene has the same effect. it's called the "untouchables." harvey weinstein, great to have you here. nice to talk candidly with you. >> can i ask you a question?
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>> yeah. >> i saw a poster for scary movie. my brother and david zuker are about to go into production. how did you know the cast we had? we have not even announced them, and you have that story first. >> remember how i said it was -- it's creepy that you're in my head about what movies to make, now you're in my head, too. >> thank you, rachel. >> thank you, we'll be right back. [ voice of dennis ] switch to allstate. their claim service is so good, now it's guaranteed. [ normal voice ] so i can trust 'em. unlike randy. are you in good hands? wouldn't it be nice if there was an easier, less-expensive option than using a traditional lawyer? well, legalzoom came up with a better way. we took the best of the old and combined it with modern technology. together you get quality services on your terms, with total customer support. legalzoom documents have been accepted in all 50 states, and they're backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. so go to today and see for yourself.
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we'll find it. any day can be an adventure. that's why we got a subaru. love wherever the road takes you. wow, there it is. debunk junction, what's my
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function? true or false, mitt romney is the republican nominee for president? it's a done deal, according to republican party rules, there's no other candidate with enough delegates to be the nominee. mr. romney clinched the nomnation in may in the texas primary where he won more than 100 delegates so now he's the undisputed republican nominee for president in the 2012 election. is that true or is that false? false. remember congressman ron paul? congressman paul has actively -- stopped actively campaigning for president, but his supporters have not actively supporting him, including fighting it out in the states to win for ron paul those states' dell dpts to the republican national convention in tampa where the nominee of the party gets chosen. ron paul has won a majority of delegates from maine, wisconsin, and louisiana. and according to rules, to be
9:21 pm
nominated, you only need to win five states. each candidate four nominations shall demonstrate the plurality of a delegate from each of the five or more states. ron paul has four states. he's only one away to be nominated at the convention. he could get the one more state a wike from tomorrow when the brafg brask state republican party holds its state convention to pick its delegates to go to the national convention in tampa. so here's the rub. even though mitt romney won the nebraska primary, ron paul delegates have proven themselves to be really good at taking over the state conventions and getting delegates. they say they're so worried about the prospect they told us today they're hiring extra security for their convention. quote, for the purposes of maintaining an orderly convention. so depending on what happens in nebraska next weekend, a week
9:22 pm
from tomorrow, hey, it's possible that ron paul is also going to be nominated at the convention in tampa. along with mitt romney, which means dueling speeches from both nominees, and votes and a floor fight and something really, really specific and rules based for those rules based ron paul delegates to do at the convention instead of just cheer for things related to the fed. yes, mitt romney is probably going to be the republican presidential nominee, but it is not a done deal. all eyes on nebraska next weekend. at the same time. for paying your friend back for lunch...from your tablet. for 26 paydays triggered with a single tap. for checking your line, then checking your portfolio. for making atms and branches appear out of thin air. simple to use websites, tools, and apps. for making your financial life a little bit easier.
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if you're looking at the news online and you're looking not just at the national wires sights but regional papers. local newspapers, one thing you'll find are stories about americans living through hot weather in a way we do not think of americans as living right now. namely, americans living without aelectric power. here on the front page of the columbus dispatch, a woman hanging her clothe out to dry on a fence. here, a story about residents suffering through a seventh day without electricity. here, you have linemen working 16 hour days to try to restore power that has been out for seven days. here in a ft. wayne, indiana, paper's page, you have news that
9:27 pm
36,000 households are still without power. here in virginia, an elderly woman who has to turn out every light in the house to run the medical device she needs because her electricity has been out for eight days. it's a great reminder that technological advances don't go tathe same pace. since we have had power in most homes since the 1930s, in 2012 when the power lines come down in totally predictable annual weather events, we can't get the lines back up for a week, maybe longer, who knows? but meanwhile, we can use the internet and our lightning fast iphone apps to identify every up to the minute detail in infinitely zoomable color satellite map and infographics, precise information about where our 20th century power lines are not connecting to our houses to give us electricity anymore.
9:28 pm
we can be very precise in a technologically adept way about our very, very low tech problem. this is one of those issues at the man on the street level aggravates everybody the same way. i have had staunch republican friends tell me after a long power outage at their home with a new baby they would vote for any democrat, cross party lines for the first time in their lines if it was the democrat who would promise to bury the power lines so they don't come down in every storm. the dyspeptic easily officialed david frum wrote a column with stars in his eyes for germany who has an average rate of 21 minutes per year. if you told that to this woman in columbus, she would probably learn german before the soup was
9:29 pm
hot. beyond individual voices ignoring party lines to saying we ought to do something about our lousy infrastructure, we ought to do something to keep the light on in a way that makes us seem 20th century if not 21st century. there's also one aspect of our failure on the issue that could improve the chances we could get something done on it. that is some of the most numerous and devastating power outages in the country right now, for the past week, have been in the washington, d.c. area. here's a map of d.c. area power outages. look at that. because even if we can't keep the lights on, we have awesome online interfaces tellsiing us w and where we can't keep the lights on. you can zoom in and get the status of the power outages and the expected restoration. this is just a google map. there's also the official power outage map from the utility company, which is well done, too. see that color there, the orange? that means between 1,000 and
9:30 pm
5,000 households in that shaded area are still without power. the storms that caused this power outage were seven days ago, june 29th, and every single day since then has been above 95 degrees in the washington, d.c. area, with all those people with no power. of course, not everything that afflicts washington, d.c. as a place gets fixed because politicians live there. if that were the case, the washingtond.c. license plates would not say taxation without representation. still, when stuff happens to d.c., when politicians and the political chattering classes are among those affected by something that is fundamentally, elementally disruptive to our lives and humiliating to us as citizens, when it's something you expect the richest country on earth to do that we for some reason cant do and that affects you and your family's life personally, that can create the lasting impression that can lead to political momentum sometimes. at least you would think.
9:31 pm
there's news on that front today that's kind of encouraging, and we'll be back to talabout with president obama's former top economic adviser, right after this.
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any of you who believes your boy voice could make a difference, you made this happen. >> president obama giving a shout out to people who wrote or called or e-mails or tweeted their member of congress about a big piece of legislation he siebed, the transportation bill. he brought two main groups of people with him other than elected officials for the signing. he brought college students because it was this transportation bill that included the language about the student loans keeping people's student loan rates from doubling this week. the other group of people besides elected officials and college students were construction workers because this is the transportation bill so it involves funding for lots and lots of construction products. rebuilding roads and bridges and highways all across the country, and this is that you're looking at with the president putting pen to paper, this is kind of a miracle because in order to get to the point where president obama could sign this thing and have this photo optoday, the united states congress had to pass something.
9:35 pm
this congress. and not just a resolution about hating bad things and loving good things like they usually do. and not just some other new anti-abortion thing they have come up, with big actual policy for the whole country. don't get too excited about the return of bipartisanship on capitol hill. in order to get to this point, the president had to sign a one-week long transportation and student loan bill last week because the bill miracle bill had not yet made its wayo his desk and the deadlines had hit. student loan rates were going to go up, construction workers were going to be laid off, but they did get their act together. big picture here, the bill got signed, and the whole country, left, right, and center, frankly, is lived about the fact our power indefinitely, sometimes for weeks at a time, because there was a thunderstorm somewhere.
9:36 pm
because they're something we ever, ever thought about having before. every summer when it happens. it's a complete shot, and in the winter, we're equally unprepared for the cold kinds of storms. infrastructure is something that people care about, right, on both sides of the aisle. if you look at the policy statements, they both at least say they want infrastructure investment. president obama is proposing it. mitt romney is saying he likes it in theory, in practice he has been deriding it as wasteful stimulus that does not work. but congress did pass this bill that has good instrustructure investment. if you turn the frown upside down and look at the possibility of doing something here, look at the country's needs in terms of keeping the lights on and in terms of the economy and putting people to work, don't we have a way forward on this one issue?i stuff get done, even now, even this year, even with this congress, even with this election?
9:37 pm
i feel hopeful about this. christina romer is the former chair of president obama's counsel of economic advisers. christina, thank you so much for your time. it's nice to have you here. >> it'sigate to be with you. >> you are an expert on the economic side of this, about what types of policies the government can pursue to try to right the economy when it's in a bad way and try to get maximize employment to the extent we can. how important is infrastructure investment in the universe of different spending policies and fiscal policies that the government can adopt. >> it's incredibly important. i think if you were to say what is the one small silver lining to this horrible recession that we have been through is that it has at least generated a lot of new research on what can fiscal policy do, what can government spending do? and the overwhelming conclusion of all of that research is that government spending absolutely can help you recover from a
9:38 pm
recession, and among the kinds of government spending that's the most useful, it's inf infrastructure. it's important to define it prodly so it's roads and bridges and it is absolutely power lines like you described, but i would also put in human infrastructure so things like education make human beings more productive and efficient over time, and money for basic science, those are things that put people to work right now and make us more productive over time. >> what we're up against here with this infrastructure discussion is we're stuck between two prongs that are going in the same direction, but they feel like they're competing. everybody talks about the need to improve our infrainfrastruct. it's good for the country in terms of the needs that inf infrastructure serves, but the things that you described on the right, those get derided not as
9:39 pm
investment, not as infrastructure, but just as spending. how do you engage with that q l qualitative argument on the right, that spending itself is so toxt that even when it's spending on stuff that we like, now is not the time to do it sph. >> i think, i'm a great believer in evidence-based policy making. i just have to believe that if you keep showing republicans the studies, the evidence, that say, you know, the returns to government spending to basic sienls are so enormous in terms of what they do for patents down the road, for what they do for our productivity down the road. that eventually you have to break through. and i think that's the only way i know to do it is to just keep showing them the evidence, trying to build the case, and you made the important point, you know, the average person in the street understands this, they see what their school means for their kids, they see what the power lines mean for their
9:40 pm
own lives. businesses understand it, they're the ones screaming for better ports and better roads and bridges that aren't falling down. there ought to be, as you have described, a way to have a national consensus on this issue. the other thing to point out is this is a uniquely good time to be doing this. borrowing costs are at historic lows. so the government can borrow to do these things. and we have so many unemployed construction workers and electrical workers and all those things, it's an excellent time to be doing this. it's a win-win. it's good for the economy now and jobs,t's good for the economy in the future because we're more productive. >> in terms of the overall jobs picture, today's job's report showed the economy adding just 80,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate stuck at 8.2%. what is your case to the administration given this election year about what can be
9:41 pm
done now to create jobs, to do the kinds of things you're talking about, maybe without even having to go to congress? >> that is what is so hard, right, because the kinds of things we're talking about, so infrastructure spending, or even tax changes like giving small businesses a tax cut if they hire people, those things require government, you know, require congress' approval. what the president can do is very limited. he has been trying lots of things. so things like our trade policy, the president does have a lot of leeway there, and he's work eed very hard to say if we don't have demand for american products let's try to get foreign demand. if weexport more, that will put more of our workers back to work. he's pushed very hard, we saw just today, he was bringing in another enforcement action against china to try to open up that market for american firms.
9:42 pm
so that's certainly important. you know, the main entity here that could do something without congress is the federal reserve. and that's obviously something that the president can't control, but gosh, i wish they would do something because they're the one agency that maybe could help to move the dial without congress doing anything and i'm so frustrated that they're sitting on the sidelines. >> i don't think they watch, but if i run into them, i'll pass on your frustration. christina romer, now at berkley economics adviser, thank you for your time. really nice for us to have you here. >> thank you. >> hands down the most gob smacking stories about traditions, sports, and trees yowlrapher ever hear, ever. it's our close of the show tonight. please stay tuned for it. we're very happy with it. he news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day.
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together you get quality services on your terms, with total customer support. legalzoom documents have been accepted in all 50 states, and they're backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. so go to today and see for yourself. it's law that just makes sense. breaking news, this just crossed a mome want ago. we have been informed that
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hillary clinton has touched down in kabul, in afghanistan, this is a previously unannounced vis visit. this happened with officials as seebier as the president. we did not know she was going to kabul before we learned she's there. she'll aparpt lntly be having a meeting and having a press opportunity with president karzai. we do not know if she's there to announce something specific or what is going to happen, but she's with president karzai coming up in kabul, again, secretary of state hillary clinton, an unannounced trip to afghanistan. we'll be right back. ere it is ! where ? where ? it's getting away ! where is it ? it's gone. we'll find it. any day can be an adventure. that's why we got a subaru. love wherever the road takes you.
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wow, there it is.
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our nation's capital got a little less strange today. if you're like me and like a little strange in your politics, you may feel sadness about this or thadness, at least. thaddeus mckhanner has resigned from congress. he has said he would not run to hold on to his seat after he failed to make the ballot for the republican primary. his campaign turned in only a fraction of the valid signatures required to put him on the ballot along with page after page of obviously fraudulent signatures. he still doesn't know how that happened and he supports the michigan investigation into that. but that has long meant that this guy, a reindeer herder is going to be the only candidate on the ballot in the republican primary for that congressional
9:48 pm
seat tat the republicans now hold in michigan. mr. mccotter briefly considered a write-in bid, but he gave that up. all that pluz a failed presidential campaign, plus a rumor for an unhinged sexist tv show he was writing skriments for, proved too much for him. he said, quote, the recent evints december. deceits have weighed most heavily upon my family. one cannot rebuild their heather of home amongst the ruins of their house office. for the sake of loved ones, i must strike another match and going start anew by embracing the promotion back from public servant to sovereign citizen with the help of lyrics from it's all over now baby blue promoting himself from congressman to sovereign citizen. you are free to google that if
9:49 pm
the chair in front of your computer comes with a seat belt. good luck, thaddeus mccotter. he resigned as you served, weirdly. i do not mean that in a bad way.
9:50 pm
to a little girl who saw flames reach her home
9:51 pm
as her family pulled out of the driveway, this isn't just a teddy bear. it's a step towards normal. it's why allstate catastrophe teams didn't just arrive at these fires with cold water and checks
9:52 pm
to help the grown-ups start the rebuilding... they also brought thousands of these teddy bears for kids. people come first. everything else is second. [ female announcer ] allstate customers affected by the recent wildfires call 1-800-547-8676. visit a mobile claims office, your agent or the other day in alabama, they tried to pick a jury for the trifle this man, a university of alabama football fan accused of criminal mischief and desecrating a ven neshl object. the object in this case is a pair of live oak trees on the campus of auburn university nearby. the man accused is an alabama fan. auburn and alabama are rivals. these two oak trees are where generations of students and fans have gone to celebrate wins by the auburn football team, particularly those over alabama. these are tomb russ trees and are pretty much a ven neshl an
9:53 pm
object as you could find in the state of alabama. in the first round of questioning about the desecration of these trees, nearly half the potential jurors in the case said they personally had celebrated under those tumor oaks. that's what an institution the trees are. it is the cultural importance of those trees to auburn university and alabama as a state that made so surreal this phone call to a local radio show last year. listen. >> the weekend after the iron bowl, i went to auburn, alabama, because i live 30 miles away and i poisoned the two toomer's trees. i put spike 80 df in them. >> did they die? >> they're not dead yet but they definitely will die. >> the man calling into a radio station saying he killed the toomer oaks with tree poison with an herbicide. and he did do it or somebody did it at least. it was not an idle boost. ever since they learned of the poisoning, auburn has been
9:54 pm
trying to save their beloved trees. we reported a year ago on efforts. they removed the soil from around the roots, added liquid charco charcoal, coated can the leaves of the trees with an anti-transferent in an effort to keep the trees from drinking in more poison water. th spring, they injected the trees with sugar since is the trees are too sick to feed themselves. tina cone is on a worldwide walk about right now and every once in awhile sends us something from her travels. her travels took her to al and what. she checked in on the rescue for us. gary keav ver says the trees have been as low as 5% of their usual foliage. professor is keever says they are in trouble and if these were any other trees on campus, they would have been cut down already. >> very likely by this fall, you know, they're ing to be if they continue at the rate they're going, they're going to be at a point where they're
9:55 pm
aesthetically dead and we'll recognize we need to replace these trees. these two fissures appeared sometime between late fall and mid winter last year, early part of this year. and since then, the bark around these fis sewers has loosened. you can see the movement in it. this is not normal right here. we've got some decay in the base on this side here. you can see by the darkened. we're definitely going to lose some of the bark on this side of the try and the decay is not a good sign. these shoots at the base of one of the oaks are called rhizomic shoots or suckers. not all of these shoots are healthy. if you move over here, you see classic signs of the herbicide. this is what we saw for much of last year. you see the herbicide, oftentimes will accumulate along the margins of the leaves. the leaves will yellow, brown
9:56 pm
and typically drop off. we've already lost leaves along some of the stems. some leaves are persist, but this is very evident of the herbicide injury. we've done many things to try to save these trees but if you look at the trees, it's very clear that we haven't been completely successful. and based on the decline that we continue to see, it's very likely that these trees are not going to survive in spite of our efforts. >> tree murder. so that's the deal with auburn's venerable objects. injections with sugar, he says he's not giving up yet but too much of a scientist to avoid seeing the obvious outcome here. the man accused of poisoning the trees has now pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect. he told the auburn student newspaper that the trial was already sapping his strength. he thought he was going to pass out the first morning of jury selection. he lost 62 pounds since arrested and taking 18 kinds of medicine.
9:57 pm
his wife says he won't make it through the trial without something happening whatever that means. not incidentally in that same student newspaper article, the paper's reporter says the accused tree killer admitted his crime, that he told the student newspaper reporter that he had, in fact, poisoned the trees. the man's defense says the man did no such thing, admitted no such thing. but the paper is standing by sits story and what its reporter says the suspect told them. the defense also says they want this trial move away from auburn, alabama. last month, just two days into jury selection, the jury in the case suspended the trial after it interviewed prove jurors and found ten of them who had seen the front page of the newspaper story quoting the suspect as saying he had poisoned the trees. which his defense attorney says he didn't say. the judge ruled that the jury pool is too taken theed to continue and the case may have to leave is the whole district of alabama. the trial is set to start again in the fall. it is a case of tree murder. where it may be impossible to
9:58 pm
find a jury of 12 people who have not been in love with the murder victim, in love with those trees or at least who do not already believe in their hearts they know who killed those trees. this is a sports story. this is an alabama story, may be a crazy old guy story or even a crime story. what is it is turning into now a story of profound human attachment beyond what we usually admit to and beyond what makes sense on paper which is why i am ending this now with pictures of the toomers oaks in alabama in much happier times. with that uplifting story in mind, there's really only one place you can go now. at least we're all going together now, three, two, one, prison. due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised.
9:59 pm
what's the youngest person you've been sexually involved with? >> 14. >> a sex offender gives way to his urges. >> he was found with 18 pictures of children from magazines and newspapers. >> just like that. >> oh, okay. >> a nightmarish assault on staff changes the prison overnight. >> it's probably the most horrifying scream i've ever heard in my life. >> i knew his intention to rape me and kill me. >> and another inmate is restricted not only by prison policy, but by his mind. >> i always face my labels out, wash my hands a bunch. i hate stepping on the cracks. i've been hoarding stuff since i was a kid. >> he has issues.