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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  July 27, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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olympic blunder stuns number ten and hands gift to obama. a comment romney made to brian williams about london's readiness to hoefs the summer games. >> in the short time you have been here in london, do they look ready to your experienced eye? >> it's hard to know how well it will turn out. there were a few things disconcerting, stories about the private security firm not having enough people, and the supposed strike of the immigration and gu custom officials and that's not encouraging because in the games, there are three parts to make games successful. the athletes, and that's what the games are about, and number two are the volunteers, and they will have great volunteers here, and number three are the people of the country. do they come together and celebrate the olympic moment and that's something we find out once the games actually begin. >> well, david cameron was listening and shot back at a
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news conference at olympic park. >> i think we will show the whole world not only that we have come together in the united kingdom, and i will make those points to mitt romney. we are holding olympic games in one of the most busiest and active cities in the world and it's easy if you hold olympic games in the middle of nowhere. >> ouch. the middle of nowhere, and that settle reference to mitt romney's job handling the games in salt lake, utah, in 2002, and there was a issued comment for that. we will be happy to send him a map so he doesn't locate any troub trouble low kaeugt the middle of nowhere. london's mayor, always a
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character and outspoken, and especially so yesterday using romney's comment to fire up the crowd. >> there are some people coming from around the world that don't get about all the preparations we have done to get london ready in the last seven years. i hear there is a guy called mitt romney who wants to know whether we are ready, and he wants to know whether we are ready. are we ready? are we ready? yes, we are. so after all that, romney had to sit down and meet with prime minister david cameron, and romney backing off the comments and hoping to smooth things over a bit. >> governor did you intend to criticize the london prepbed for the games? >> what i have seen shows the imagination and forethought and a lot of organization, and expect the games to be highly
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successful. >> of course there will be errors from time to time, but those are all overshadowed by the extraordinary demonstrations of courage, character, and determination by the athletes. >> the white house didn't waste a moment. the press secretary started his briefing by pointing out that president obama has the utmost confidence with the british handling the games. and romney forgot the name of britain's opposition leader during a meeting between the two men, and then there was romney's secret meeting with the head of the mi6, and we say secret and that's very important, and it's to discuss the unrest in syria, and the only problem is it's not much of a secret after romney told reporters about it. >> i respect the insights of the leade
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leaders, as well as the head of mi6. other news back home, michael bloomberg, a political independent said he is endorsing scott brown in the massachusetts senate race. and bloomberg was hosting a fund-raiser for senator brown. the mayor said the endorsement had nothing to do with elizabeth warren's stance against the financial industry. was senator brown's vote to a specific gun control measure that won him over. senator brown voted against a bill backed by nra. and warren said she would support the tougher background checks and getting rid of restrictions, so she is pretty tough on guns herself. to business, facebook struggling to live up to wall street expectations as the stock
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fell to an all-time low yesterday. the social media company saw revenue grow by 32% in the second quarter from a year ago, and the gains outweighed by nearly $2 billion in expenses, a jump of 95%. and jeff cutmore up the road from us. >> 32% didn't cut it for the market, and that's the problem here that we saw 45% jump in revenue for the first quarter, and the street was looking for something better here. that $38 a share price back in may seems somewhat off now as we sit around the mid-20s bucks a share, the $24 a share at the moment. and the facebook, are they starting to see deterioration in the numbers people using the
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network? can they continue to monetize mobile advertising? one other to leave you with. ecb head giving the markets a lift saying they will do what is necessary to defend the euro, and some of that thrill factor around the statement appearing to fade in the european recession. these markets are flat to lower. back to you. >> jeff cut more at cnbc london. thank you so much and enjoy the opening ceremonies today. and still ahead, the stars of the latest bash tried out sports with commoners. the duchess doing a little barefo barefoot judo.
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to experience the lexus performance line... including the gs and is. [ engines revving ] because control is the ultimate expression of power. [ revving continues ] ♪ during the golden opportunity sales event, get great values on some of our newest models. this is the pursuit of perfection. welcome back to "way too early" live from london, where it's 10:42 in the morning. a beautiful picture of the
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river, and it's 5:42 back in new york city and that's where we find our good friend, bill karins. the sky is tkpwraoeu, and your friend jim cantore assured me yesterday by the time the ceremony begins, we should be clear, hit a little window there. >> we are watching the beautiful weather willie was experiencing the last couple days is over with, and now we are back with typical london weather. rain showers and drizzle this morning will end in time for the opening ceremony. when you are watching it on tv tonight the weather should not be a factor. notice that london, this is what is typical in the summertime, 70s if you are lucky and 60s is typical, and maybe a storm or two but nothing that will rain out any of the events as we go through the next five days. the thunderstorms that rolled through areas of new england yesterday was serious, and a lot of damage and cleanup today, and
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was not one of the worst systems ever, thankfully. today we will have a chance of showers and storms, and the middle of the country is dry, and then saturday in new england we will dodge the showers and storms, and i don't know if you heard but the drought has increased to one of the largest droughts in the country's history and not much relief for the middle of the country either. >> anytime you hear the word dust bowl being brought up, you know you have a serious situation. the opening ceremony for the 2012 london olympic games ten hours away. and the olympic fame was patched from one torchbearer to another yesterday. and then prince william got ready for the london games byroning through drills and taking unsuccessful shots on goal, and he will be there when
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great britain's soccer team takes the field. and kate going less traditional in her sampling of the sports, and she went barefoot to try out judo, and she is scheduled to be at tennis events over the course of the next couple weeks. we knew the 2012 olympics would provide us with memorable moments. we already have our first. a picture of the united states men's basketball team sleeping on the flight from barcelona to london. we all owe a big thank you to kevin love for bringing us the photograph of the mapping teammates, and anthony davis, the kid that just got drafted wearing a snuggy there in the back, and are you ready for this
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one? beret's from china, we can forgive that, but we may never recover from this getup photo. new zealand's athletes will be sporting chic we are told, and i like the fedora, actually. and there is one country that likes to show up everybody else in the wardrobe department. you are looking good, netherlands. over the course of the last week or so we armed you what you need to know to have passing cocktail party information of the games. let's see it one more time before we put it in the archives of history. there it is. now we are done. and first big event you can't miss. chapter one of the michael phelps and ryan lochte battle.
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phelps not so sure in his last olympics. the men's 400 gets going tomorrow, and you don't have to wait, you can watch it tomorrow night, and the beach volleyball tomorrow in the nbc's sport network, where i will spend the next 2 1/2 weeks hosting. just a little sam sampling of what is to come. they are streaming every single event for the first time in the history of the olympics. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," and they bring up mitt romney questioning whether or not london is ready for the games. when we come back here, we will celebrate our third anniversary by looking back at
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welcome back to "way too early" live at the olympic games
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here in london, and here is the stadium where hours from now the opening ceremony will take place, and we will see paul mccartney and the queen of england and a few surprises as well. and we get the official start tonight in the stadium, and the united states expected to lead the final medal count. tell your friends that table tennis, bad mitten and handball are the only three sports in the summer games in which the united states has never won a medal. the u.s. leads the all-time summer olympic count with 3,220 medals, including 929 golds. well, by coincidence of scheduling, we are in london on our third anniversary. it was not always this good.
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during the 2010 winter olympics we hosted live from vancouver, 2:30 a.m. eastern time, and let's take a look back as we celebrate our third birthday at our last much earlier olympics. ♪ [ phone ringing ] hello? okay, thank you. 11:30 p.m., yes, i do sleep in a suit. it's a trick i learned from brian williams, because you never know when news is going to break. this is the entrance to the international broadcast center. normally this area is filled with media from all over the
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word, but at this time of night, 12:12, it's just me and the media. nbc has an army of people working the olympics, and more than 2,500 people prepare to witness the power of nbc news. this is what we are looking at today. ready? we are going to whip through olympic news, and then we are going to do a curling piece, and i was talking trash to 2006 pair olympic gold medalist. i was talking trash because he started it. it's 1:37 in the morning, and it's mainly me, the cleaning staff and nbc's kevin tibbles. and here is the thing, tibbs doesn't have to be here, but he just doesn't have anywhere else to go. all right.
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it's 2:09 in the morning, and time to head up to the set. i have done all i can do here. >> excuse me, sir, i work at msnbc and we don't have a budget for makeup, so i was wondering if you could put this on me because i don't want the lights to reflect off my head. oh, this is great. thank god for the japanese press, who sneak on to brian williams' stage who does the "nightly news", and who knows it's 2:30 in the morning. >> the crew is freezing because willie has all the heaters, and he steals them every day. >> after a good show, i like to head into the media lounge and sit down with some of my colleagues for a drink. what is up, guys? >> looks like they don't staff the bar at this hour, but
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luckily somebody left a cup behind. my lucky day. i am going to help myself for a job well done. here is to you, vancouver. ♪ >> i got the shakes just watching that. that was a long three weeks. on the daily show last night, some were not too pleased with the line of questioning. >> do you have anymore lame questions for us? >> what do you mean? >> was it fun on the set? i bet you guys seem like you get along. can you ask more lame-ass questions? >> must be pretty nice for the two of you to gang up on one guy. >> i think you should just prepare more next time. >> i did not realize it was going to be two-on-one the whole
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time. i don't have to do this alone [ bleep ]. you want me to go ham on your ass. >> i don't know what that -- >> ham! >> you know what? you handle in. you want to handle this. >> they had a problem with your questions, which were admittedly terrible. terrible questions. >> did you not think that? >> honestly, we -- we really have to elevate the quality of questions. >> i have done this for a long time i never thought about it like that, and i thank you because i have been wasting peoples' time. >> let this be a new beginning. >> i think it will. i have learned a lot here today.
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was this planned as an intervention, or did it just happen? >> when you bring a john ham into a situation, things just happen. >> sure. >> and it pains me to say i will not be in new york as will ferrell joins us live on set -- well, joins them live on set on "morning joe." in my chevy volt. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. the last time i went to the gas station must have been about three months ago. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. ♪ brave knights! that i forget how to put gas in my car. as you can clearly see from this attractive graph that our sales have increased by... sorry, my liege. honestly. our sales have increased by 20%.
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galifianakis,. all right. time for a couple quick e-mails in new york. john tower has them. >> james who writes, finally made it past your terrible twos. happy birthday. janice writes proud "way too early" watcher since day one. didn't think you would make it this far. >> i didn't either. to be perfectly honest with you. in a rare genuine moment i want to say thank you so much for watching this show. it's impossible to wake up at this hour but knowing that there are people on the other side of the camera with me every day, makes it that much easier. thank you, thank you, thank you for watching "way too early." look what we did. we even got a cake. this was the biggest cake we could find, probably perfect for
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us. tried to bring a bottle of champagne and olympic security confiscated it. they're not in on the news that the real party here today is for "way too early." "morning joe" starts right now. >> both democratic candidates, president obama and vice president joe biden, are trying out a new batch of slogans. they're really trying to come up with something good. >> we are not going back. we are moving this country forward. >> change only comes through challenge. >> no, you can't, no, you shouldn't. don't even try. >> no, no, no, there's no jobs for you, man. >> the economy is bad, it's all my fault and i can't fix it. >> i'm bettin' on china. >> i'm in over my head. >> we didn't have enough money to pay the bank,


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