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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  August 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we've got field hockey. you mentioned swimming that is taking place. big tennis match between williams -- excuse me, early here" that's going to be taking place today. there's a lot to do for folks coming to the olympic park in the east end of london and i'm sure it's going to be a busy day and the weather is holding up quite nicely. >> let's talk about also what happened yesterday. incredible moments in the competition. >> reporter: specifically the pool was quite fantastic last night. i was there for the franklin race and the phelps race. this man is just a phenom in the pool and has been for four olympics, he said this is going to be his final olympics. interestingly enough i heard you say you were speaking with ryan loch lochte. and i said to him, what do you think of phelps retiring? are you sure he really is
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retiring because the form he's been displaying here looks like he could go on forward. phelps did last night say to me he's going. he was actually quite emotional over the fact that he went out in his final individual race, the butterfly last night with a gold medal and today he'll be racing in the relay as well missy franklin be in the pool. another exciting day in the pool. >> you know you're a big deal when you've got prince william, princess kate, the dutchess and king james, all there in the stands watching you swim for your final single race. you know, that's a big day. >> you no what? he knew that. he saw it. he was standing there in the blocks and looked up and specifically mentioned the basketball players and he said, you know, i'm sure he wasn't nervous. he said that he was aware that there were some pretty serious people watching him race last
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night and he was very happy he had the outcome he had. >> it wasn't just michael phelps they were watching, the mega stars were also watching missy franklin. she's become a phenom in her own right. >> reporter: absolutely. they are just so young and so strong and poised. they are just i guess poised really is the right word especially for someone like missy franklin. she really has become the darling of these games in the way that she has comported herself here in the uk. obviously, she's up against some big uk swimmers as well. and so it -- you know, the fact that they are cheering for one of their own here and to have missy franklin come in and win the races and sort of do it so graciously is a real feather in her cap when it comes to the london games. >> i agree. she goes back to high school in a couple of weeks. imagine the story and show and tell she has. kevin tibbles.
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thanks so much. >> ryan lochte celebrating his 28th birthday weekend. he's got two golds and two silvers and bronze medal. not too shabby. i got to talk to him one on one. he works out with 850 pound tires and 525-pound boat chains. he says it gives him a competitive edge. >> i definitely go about things differently. i want to say i'm probably the only swimmer in the world that does that kind of training. >> and clearly it pays off. you can have more of my interview at the bottom of the hour and hear what he says about his big old rivalry with michael phelps. let's get to the weather across the pond and here in the states with the drought and tropics making headlines. bill karins, good morning. >> such a positive, happy start to the show and i'm going to bring it down. i went from mildly concerned yesterday about ernesto to now fairly concerned if not greatly
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concerned for areas northern mexico, texas and louisiana, about six days from right now. let me show you the latest. unfortunately this storm has intensified overnight. we were hoping it would stay weak or fall apart. this storm has maintained its strength. it's due south of puerto rico. it's going to stay over the warm waters of the caribbean. 60-mile-per-hour winds. remember to get to hurricane strength it only has to gain 14 more miles per hour up to 74. moving west at 18. again, it has grown in size and intensity. where is this thing heading? this is the forecast from the national hurricane center out just a little while ago. it takes the storm right towards cancun then unfortunately it moves into the gulf of mexico. at that point the northern edge of the yellow cone of uncertainty would head it towards louisiana, southern portion towards northern mexico and texas is somewhere there in the middle. we're going to closely be
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watching our computer models. these are different computers with different equations that show you where the storm is going to head. notice the two lines to the north. the orange and pink are heading towards louisiana o texas. the other ones towards mexico. we haven't ruled out anyone yet. but if you're in florida, this forecast is looking better for you. i don't want to forget about friends in oklahoma city who hit the all-time hottest temperature, tied it at 113. as we go through the weekend, 108 in oklahoma city. the good news, by the time we get to sunday, cold front tries to move through and it goes to 99 degrees. little bit of everything out there and little more continuation, this ernesto thing, friday and saturday there could be trouble along the texas, louisiana coast. >> it also bothers me when you say you could be hitting a cooling front and hit 99. >> unprecedented. >> bill karins rkz thanks. you can catch men's soccer this
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morning on msnbc. you'll see japan take on egypt. it will start airing at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. the networks of nbc universal are the exclusive homes of the london olympics, we'll air more than 5,000 hours of coverage. for a complete schedule, you can also go to from there to our three big money headlines with a nod to the london games. we'll talk about july jobs numbers and ratings boost and the hunger games effect. let's talk jobs report first. are there two ways to look at this? >> the number of jobs created last month, 163,000 was well above expectations for economists, however if you dissect the report, you'll see the broader measure of unemployment, those working part-time for economic reasons, reached a year high 15%. they call it the real unemployment rate, 15%.
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the generally known unemployment rate, 8.3% ticked up a little bit. we have good news on the number of jobs created, bad news on unemployment rates. it's hard to make the claim the number was better than expected in the truest sense. >> how about the stock markets, they close for a three-month high. >> we had a huge surge in the dow, 117 points. it was up before the number even came out yesterday. there's some expectation that europe is getting ready for its own big bang. it's going to take serious steps to handle the debt crisis that's been burdening europe and there's indications that that might be in the works yesterday. that could have been one of the reasons why the market rallied as much as it did in addition to the jobs number. and one other decent economic report showed the service sector is growing faster than people thought. >> back to jobs, where are the new jobs right now? >> it's interesting, in manufacturing, there are 3.5 million unfilled jobs because there's a skills mismatch in the workforce. there are very complicated manufacturing jobs that require
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understanding of robotics, computer programming that are going unfilled. health care has generally been strong. technology has generally been strong. real estate construction has been a drag. government workers a drag. it's been very much a mixed picture and bifurcated economy. if you don't have the skills to transfer into another job, you're probably on some form of federal support. >> i hope people don't think we're tooting our own horn. olympic ratings have been great, up 10% pretty much across the board from beijing. what do you attribute that too. >> not everybody thought that was going to happen, best numbers since the 1976 olympics in montreal. there have been exciting stories, michael phelps retiring, people thinking this may be the last opportunity to see him. missy franklin as you said becoming her own phenom. and as kevin tibbles has been
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saying comporting herself quite well and intense rivalry between the u.s. and china. there's been no shortage of controversy in the games as well. that may have excited people too. >> this hunger games effect talking about archery, that's like the cool, hip sport now. >> my 10-year-old son has been begging for a bow and arrow for some time now. he's not getting it -- >> smart dad. >> but it is quite something. it's really fun to watch that. ron insana, good to have you. front page politics is next, we've got plenty to talk about there. both candidates weighing in on their investigation of the new jobs report. the latest swing state polls. does mitt romney have anything new to worry about? of course our olympic coverage continues with the history about to be made tonight in track and field. stick around you're watching "weekends with alex witt." [ donovan ] i hit a wall.
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that is the flame at the east end of the stadium. it is quarter past the hour in london. russia taking on spain, among the events scheduled this saturday, men's basketball and women's triathlon and men's 10,000 meter gold final. president obama is using his radio address to talk olympics. he said, it's not the medal count alone that inspires us, it's the character of the men and women that compete for the medals. it is their hard work and sacrifice and countless hours in the gym, in the pool and on the track. mitt romney will be in indiana campaigning for republican senate candidate richard murdoch. rob portman will be thanking
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romney campaign volunteers at two separate locations and joe biden will speak at the american disabled veterans conference. fallout from the jobs report that showed 163,000 jobs were added last month. president obama and mitt romney both have different assessments of the report. >> we created 4.5 million jobs over the last 29 months and 1.1 million new jobs so far this year. those are our neighbors and family members finding work and the security that comes with work. >> we got a new number from the unemployment report and it's another hammer blow to the struggling middle class families of america because the president has not had policies that put american families back to work. >> joining me now for more front page politics, nbc news deputy political editor. good morning dmenco.
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>> good morning. we heard the president and mitt romney arguing that the number bolsters his position. where does the truth lie? somewhere in the middle? >> i think this report it is because usually when we like to talk about how over 150,000 jobs is good for the president, what you saw in this report, there were more people looking for work so the unemployment rate wound up ticking rate and it is more important than the total jobs number created. it's something of a push and i think what economists have been saying, the number isn't going to change very much between now and november. we've got three jobs reports left and that means we're in for a very close election as everyone expects. >> let's talk about swing state voters because there was a new poll that got a lot of attention talking about that. when asked the bottom line question for whom would you vote, president obama leads mitt romney for ohio and pennsylvania, 51% to 45 in florida. 50 to 44 in ohio, and 50 to 42
6:16 am
in pennsylvania. >> whenever you see the president over 50%, that's going to be something that's going to worry them. their quick push back was to look at the party i.d., how many democrats surveyed as opposed to republicans. they also would look at the fact that this poll, you know, went to their likely voter model for the first time. it's very difficult to know who's gg to be a likely voter. this is going to be one of those phrases that's going to be a political fight between now and november. but look, this is not a pollster where their methodology is questionable or anything. let's look at the few more polls and see where the trends are. i'm sure the romney campaign is keeping close tabs. >> in the same poll there was good news for mitt romney when it comes to the economy in particular. mr. romney is ahead of the
6:17 am
president in florida, 47-45, within striking distance in ohio and pennsylvania as well. so is there still room for governor romney to make the case economically speaking? >> certainly that is the big case that he tries to make. you heard him talking about the jobs report was another hammer blow, his entire campaign is predicated he could do a better job on the economy than president obama. there's no doubt the economy has been struggling but it's going to come down to what you believe. do you believe president obama was handed -- given a hand that was very difficult and no matter what policies it would take time or do you believe he's had three and a half years and it should have turned around faster and hasn't. that's what the entire election is coming down to. the numbers are similar to what you see in the nbc/wall street journal poll where people like president obama better and trust him on issues of foreign policy, almost every issue they prefer
6:18 am
president obama except on the economy. that is a major red flag for the president's re-election campaign. >> i wish we had time to play the sound bite but i don't think we do. however, i do want to get your take on the flap between harry reid and mitt romney. harry reid having said that he was told by a source that mitt romney has not paid his taxes for ten years. what is is this ail about? >> well, look, harry reid is a former boxer and i think most judges would say this is a pretty low blow. the fact of the matter is that, you know, i heard dmenco mont nar ra is terrible or alex witt, what's with her? but the problem with this kind of thing for the romney campaign is that because harry reid's position, we could say maybe it's irresponsible under his title. the problem for the romney people, by doing this, by not releasing more information, you can just fill in the gaps
6:19 am
however you want. >> all i can say is jon stewart's take on "the daily show" was hysterical. good to see you. >> later this hour, a profile of julian castro, who will deliver the key note address at the democratic national convention. two years ago the president joked with the 37-year-old about his age and why his been called the post hispanic hispanic politician. the paterno family takes on the ncaa. plus, the lgbt community responds to the chick-fil-a buy-a-thon. more on the olympic games coming ahead. [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity...
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the family of late joe paterno files to fight the allegations, saying the ncaa acted hastily saying it cause damage to the penn state legacy. it includes a scholarship cuts and ban from four bowl games. he died in january and last month they took down his statue from outside the football stadium. in a new statement, three siblings of the late michael jackson are denying the fight over his will is over money. janet and randy and reby claim they have isolated their mother from the rest of the family and barred them from visiting michael jackson's children. another day, another chapter in the chick-fil-a saga.
6:24 am
in a protest aimed at the chain's president who opposed gay marriage, the kiss-ins set a record when customers flocked to the restaurant for a show of support for the chain's president. more on the london games. ryan lochte turns about how turning down fast food changed his performance. >> instead of having one or two practices that were great, i would start having weeks and weeks that were back to back having great practices and it was all because i watched what a ate.
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in paradise valley, arizona, where tonight we switched their steaks with walmart's choice premium steak. it's a steakover! this is perfect. the meat is really good. one of the best filets i've had. see look how easy that is to cut. these are perfectly aged for flavor and tenderness. you're eating walmart steaks. shut up... is that right? the best steak i'd ever had... i would definitely go to walmart and buy steaks. walmart choice premium steak in the black package. try it. it's one hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed. welcome back to "weekends with alex witt. we're getting you ready for olympic coverage. it is super saturday. the athletes are vying for 25 gold medals. this could be the last day we see phelps in dpe tigs, he says
6:28 am
he's retiring. phelps has won 21 medals in his olympics career. missy franklin leads a talented relay team fresh off winning gold in the 200 meter backstroke. a big day on the track, caramelita jeter, felix aall advanced. the dalety telegraph feature pendleton. and the 31-year-old won a gold in the sprint at the beijing games in 2008. the united states claims the lead in the medals race, 43 medals, 21 gold, china coming in with 42 medals, including 20 golds and russia ranks third. five of those american medals and two of the golds are coming from swimming sensation ryan
6:29 am
lochte and i talked to him about the truth about his rivalry with michael phelps and unorthodox training method. >> ryan lochte, congratulations on your success. this is just an incredible fete. i understand you have show and tell for us there. you brought the gold medal from the 400 im. let's see that. that's just awesome. how proud are you of what you accomplished here? >> i'm really proud. i'm definitely coming home to my country with five olympic medals, that is an honor. i couldn't be more happier. >> that's great. of course, you know, a lot of story lines were about swimming both with michael phelps, your teammate, against him and about this heated rivalry you guys have. what's the truth there? >> i guess the headlines were the duel in the pool. at the end of the olympics we
6:30 am
faced off twice. and we're one for one. so i don't know how you decide on who wins if we both won one so -- >> i think you're both winners. i don't think you have to make a better than the other call there. >> when it comes to you and the way you train. i've seen video of picking up guy normous tires and throwing them around and picking up ship anchor chains. is that normal or do you go about things differently? >> i definitely go about things differently. i want to say i'm probably the only swimmer in the world that does that kind of training. and i'm going to keep doing it because i honestly feel like it helped me. it got me a lot stronger and helped me a lot through the water. >> what about the way that you eat? i'm constantly amazed at how
6:31 am
much athletes consume. i know you were a big mcdonald's junky in beijing and i've heard it said your coach had to wean you off of taco bell this time around? >> yes and no. yeah, 2008, that's all i had breakfast lunch and dinner was mcdonald's. afterwards i wanted to change my diet. i started watching what i ate and started watching the carbohydrate and protein and vegetables, everything, just watching what i really put into my body. and i started seeing a big difference in my training. instead of having like one or two practices that were great, i was starting to have weeks and weeks that were back to back having great practices and it was all because i just watched what i ate. >> yeah. one reputation you have, which is a truly golden one, you give back a lot to your community. and you've started a national -- worked with national park inson foundation and the project
6:32 am
muscular dystrophy. what is it that drives you to give back? >> it's something that i've always wanted to do. i told myself whenever i get the chance of being in the opportunity that i am now, of being able to give back, i want to do that. i just want to help out people. i want to start doing swim clinics all across the world and teaching little kids about safety. teaching them how to swim and teaching them the things i learned growing up as a swimmer. >> a very fun interview. all of you ladies, i didn't bury the lead. be sure to tune in tomorrow. i'll get the story behind ryan's mom's comments that he's a one night stand kind of guy of the and how he reacted when he saw it splashed across the headlines. you'll see japan take on egypt at 7:00 a.m. eastern time and
6:33 am
for a complete schedule of events and watch the games live online, go to nbc winds have started to die down in oklahoma giving crews taking on four wildfires a chance to take on the upper hand. dozens of homes have been destroyed and hundreds of residents were evacuated in four counties. to make matters worse, temperatures reached 113 degrees making it that much harder for firefighters. >> tropical storm ernesto churning over open waters and it is expected to become a hurricane by monday and reach the yucatan peninsula sometime next week. people are being warned to be cautious about pigs after reports this week of almost a dozen swine flu cases. ten new cases were reported in ohio, one in indiana, they were associated with attendance at fares and another case reported in hawaii. >> kim jong-un met with a
6:34 am
delegation with china and called for building a prosperous country. mitt romney is campaigning in indiana today. the president is expected to spend a quiet weekend at camp david. he turns 51 today. happy birthday, mr. president. he was raised by a single mother who was a woman before her time and graulted from harvard and quickly became a rising political star. we could be talking about president obama but our focus is on san antonio mayor julian castro. party leaders announced he will deliver the key note speech at the democratic national convention next month. who is julian castro and what does he bring to the table for the democratic table? joining me from the "texas tribune" morgan smith. it's nice to see you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> give me the rundown. who is julian castro? >> he is the mayor of san antonio. when he was elected in 2009, he was 32 years old. that made him the youngest mayor of a top 50 city in the united
6:35 am
states. and he is a harvard and stanford law graduate. >> okay. what about the relationship with the white house or nationals in the democratic party before he was tapped for the convention. what do you know about that? >> i think it's funny because there was a sense when he was named to give the address he was kind of this unknown star when in reality, he -- earlier this year, he sat with the first lady during the state of the union address. he's made a visit to the white house where he met president obama, who i think teasingly called him an intern at the time. he also was the subject of a very -- a glowing 2010 profile in "new york times" magazine who called him the post hispanic hispanic politician. >> there's no denying the hispanic vote is increasingly important in politics. how has that played into the race there in san antonio? >> i think he's definitely found
6:36 am
a way to resonate with hispanic voters in the city. given his own background or other traits that he's brought to the table. i think san antonio is a predominantly hispanic city so he's definitely had to kind of learn how to reach out to those voters. but i also think that clearly he is going to have some kind of broader appeal because i don't think he would have been tapped to give the key note address in such an important election year when hispanic voters are going to be possible in a lot of swing states to be the determining factor between the president and mitt romney. >> san antonio, it's one of biggest cities in the country, but the politics there is fairly unique. do you think mayor castro would play in peoria so to speak? >> it's interesting you should say that because san antonio is a heavily democratic city in a
6:37 am
very red state. democrats have not won an election here statewide since 1994. but i think that that has kind of allowed mayor castro to showcase his skills as a prag ma tist, somebody who's willing to bring groups together to build consensus. while everyone might not agree with his political views, i think that he is definitely earned the respect of a lot of business and community leaders in the city. >> and he's earn the spolt light as of next month from a national perspective. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> ahead, other news of the day, including what lies ahead in syria now that the u.s. no longer has a strictly diplomatic role. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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6:41 am
assault and batte the first ever female olympic from saudi arabia lost to puerto rico. she was beaten win minute and 22 seconds into the match. for the first time, every one of the 205 nations included female athletes in the olympics. we've seen a lot of inspiring stories unfold, stories about athletes overcoming long odds. some of the most amazing fetes being accomplished by people who surpassed amazing hurdles to show up and be in attendance has fan. katy, good day and good to see you. let's hear about the story you're bringing to us. >> reporter: alex, for people coming to the games is a dream. for a few dozen very lucky kids around the world, the dream became a reality, including one really special boy from new
6:42 am
york. jonath jonathan edlestein had his life's wish granted and taking it all in. on saturday he conquered the tower bridge and friday the opening ceremonies. >> amazing thing i've seen in my life. >> reporter: last fall, cancer. >> i had acute lymph blass tick leukemia. >> nothing prepares you when your child is sick. >> reporter: he was diagnosed when he was 9 years old. this trip was courtesy of the make a wish foundation. >> it's something that not that many people can ever do. it really it unites -- it's something that unites the world. >> reporter: make a wish granted 54 wishes to kids around the world who dreamt of coming to the games. it is the largest single wish granting in the foundation's history. for jonathan, what right now seems like the largest single
6:43 am
moment of his life. >> i really can't wait to see how they use it and it's so exciting. >> i don't think i've ever heard a building shake that much. it just erupted when they announced -- >> much in the same way no doubt his family screamed when he finally got the all clear from the doctors. >> it's gone, ain't coming back. >> reporter: not only did jonathan get to see the opening ceremony but also saw swimming phelps versus lochte. he left a week ago. i'm positive that boy still has a smile on his face. such a sweet kid. >> absolutely. three cheers for the make a wish foundation, they do such great work. it's interesting, you never know who's watching in the stands and the personal stories as well. katy tur, thanks for bringing it to us. the controversies of the first week of competition, plus the also revelations about queen elizabeth's 007 olympic mission. that was so rich.
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we have new footage from aleppo where rebels continue to fight back while the largest city is bombarded by fighter planes in the sky and tanks on the ground. this comes as we learn that president obama has authorized the cia to see kretly support the syrian rebels as it enters its 17th month. the managing editor of foreign policy magazine who wrote an excellent piece why president obama must be cautious on syria. that was a good one, blake. what's the latest there? >> the rebels have really made astonishing gains over the last few weeks and there was that dramatic inkurgs into damascus
6:48 am
when they were able to kill four top security officials of the regime. this regime is reel beingiing rw but hasn't cracked. they have the tanks and helicopter gunships and for the time being the upper hand. it looks like their control is slipping and they are more high level defections every day. >> our announcement that we've learned that the president has authorized secret aid. you talk about their ability to take out these four leaders in the syrian government, talking about the rebels of course. is that thanks to cia aid and other kinds of aid? >> i highly doubt it. the finding that president obama signed was a nonlethal finding. so that means that the united states can give anything short of weapons that can be used to -- >> but with cia, you can give intelligence. >> well, you know, it's quite possible that the cia had
6:49 am
information on where these people were, but to be honest, i think the opposition has a better idea. these are people who went to high school with some of the top figures in the regime. they know who they are. they are family friends in a lot of cases. i think the syrians probably have better information on this than the cia does. >> read for me what's behind the decision of kofi annan announcing he is no longer going to be the u.s. special envoy to syria. the frustration you could -- it was palpable in his announcement. >> absolutely. kofi annan has taken a lot of heat. the failure of the u.n. mission has really fallen directly on annan's shoulders, but he was pretty much put in an impossible situation. at the security council and united states and western countries are just at lauger heads with china and russia who aren't giving an inch. there isn't much annan can do if
6:50 am
the big powers aren't cooperating. >> that's some of what you tich on in the piece i mentioned. in terms of offering any sort of military assistance or anything of the like, which is not being discussed, it is a rather impossible position for those who say that's what we should be doing. >> well, you know, there's a lot of pressure coming from top republicans like john mccain, who want the united states to give direct military aid. mitt romney has said we should give direct military aid to quote/unquote moderate opposition but the think the united states has determined it's hard to figure out who the moderate opposition is. once you get in for a dime, you're in for a dollar. i think the president's caution has been appropriate here. >> blake, thank you. >> thank you. >> turning back to the london games. it's super saturday there. after the break, we'll talk about the history about to be made by track and field by an athlete who says he's just another guy. a special guy. ally use...
6:51 am
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you know, that queen elizabeth sure knows how to keep a secret. they had no idea she was going to appear in this spectacular stunt. both of us were slightly surprised with our grandmother's secret hobby of parachuting and adds what she does in her spare time is her business. it is shaping up to be a big day at the olympic games. super saturday is not underway in london. athletes are competing for 25 gold medals today alone. rob simmelkjaer is joining me with a preview and good to have you in the studio. what are the big events you're watching? >> so much going on the headline has to be michael phelps swimming what is likely going to be his last ever olympic race, 4 x 100 medley. michael phelps probably going to go home with 22 olympic medals
6:55 am
all time. and the gold medal count is even more stunning, he'll win his 18th gold and have twice as many gold medals as the next olympian in history. if michael phelps were a country, since 2004 in athens, he would be 12th among all countries in gold medals won. so i mean, this is a guy who has changed the olympics. changed the sport of swimming and you just can't accomplish any more than michael phelps has accomplished in his career. >> i'm looking forward to seeing him do the butterfly one more time, low and lean. there will be a lot of people watching that one. tomorrow, we've got track and field. >> it started yesterday. tomorrow we'll have the men's 100 meter final which is one of the events i'm most looking forward to because of this great ravalry that developed between two jamaicans, bolt of course lit the world on fire with his
6:56 am
world record performances in the 100 and 200 and johan blake stepped up and may be better than bolt right now. he beat them at the jamaican olympic trials. it's going to be interesting to see the gamesmanship between the two of them. they are the only two who have a serious chance at winning the race. they are buddies and training partners. >> the man they call the blade runner and all sorts of other great names about him. i love that story. >> oscar pistorius, who of course is the south african. he'll have the semifinals in 400 meters tomorrow. this guy was born with a deficiency that caused both of his legs to have to be amputated at the young age. he's incredibly inspiring and controversial in a lot of cases. there have been accusations if you will, that the blades actually give him a competitive
6:57 am
advantage against runners with two legs. that's been put aside. he's now in the olympics and he's got a chance. if he can run his personal best he has a great chance at making the 400 final which would be a great achievement for him. he still has the pair olympics to run in so it will go on past the closing ceremony. >> when you talk about how the olympics are supposed to inspire people, people from all walks of life, i think this guy nails it. >> no question about it. it's a great story and unique story in the history of the olympics. >> i'll let you go because you have a long day ahead of you. >> yes, we do. >> i'll be watching in my pajamas. i will see you again tomorrow at the same early time. up next, men's soccer, egypt. the 2012 olympic games now on nbc. missy franklin breaking to the wall. yes!
6:58 am
>> it's high noon in manchester, england, for japan and egypt and the first of the men's soccer quarter finals on msnbc. right now we are set to call the action. >> today's match comes from old trafford in manchester, england. the ball is played wide on the left side. japan will try. down the middle. but the header goes wide from number 17 in blue, kiyotake. >> that was a great ball. kiyotake does a nice job. gets between the two center backs. heads it, puts it wide. great ball floated in between. just can't seem to get a good shot at that. he's had it just fading away. >> how do we expect japan to
6:59 am
come out and play today? >> i expect a 4-2-3-1. they will use the counter attack, the flanks. they are very fast, very aggressive. i expect down-the-flank play. >> ball played into the middle on the turn. played by higashi and taken over by egypt. we saw them play well against brazil in the second half of game one in the group stage. >> you will see more of a 4-4-2 traditional pressure. more possession-oriented. you will see them use number 11 over the top. >> for information on this match and all the olympic soccer games log on to japan will possess. kiyotake. give and go didn't work. he got a piece of it. kiyotake almost got through. good dribbling skills


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