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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  August 15, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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. >> good morning, this is willie gift and it's way too early. you are listening live on sirius xm radio. you can tweet me and let me know what you are doing up at this hour. you can do what dust in pedroia does. we will read the best responses later in the show. that's if are this wednesday, august 15th. a lot to tell you about, including primary night with wrefing boss, linda mahon. a drop kick to the solar plex us. stephen colbert that includes many transatlantic trips. that clip later in the show. let's get to the news live at
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5:30 a.m. here at 30 rock. we begin with strong words in what the romney campaign calls a new low in the election. an off the cup remark by joe biden made yesterday in vir very describing the damage he said romney's policies would cause by the deregulation of wall street. >> look at what they value at their budget. romney said the first 100 days, he will let the big banks write their own rules. unchain wall street. they will put y'all back in chains. >> that line was during a rally that included a big number of african-americans in the audience. the romney campaign quick to call the comments unacceptable, accusing the vice president of using racial under tones, rapping up a bus tour, romney did not come back, lashing out against the obama campaign.
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>> his campaign and surrogates made wild accusations that disgraced the office of the presidency. another outrageous charge came a few hours ago in virginia and the white house sinks a little bit lower. this is what an angry and desperate presidency looks like. president obama knows better, promised better, and america deserves better. mr. president, take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to chicago and let us get about rebuilding and reuniting america. >> the obama campaign largely standing by the comments. governor romney's comments tonight seem unhinged and particularly strange at a time when he is pouring tens of millions of dollars into
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negative adds that are false. vice president biden sought to clarify at a stop in virginia pointing out that paul ryan used the word unshackled in a response to the state of the union in 2011. here's what biden said. >> i am told when i made that comment earlier today in danville, virginia, the romney campaign put out a tweet and went on the airways saying biden, he is outrageous, insane. i think i said instead of unshackled and unshaned, outrageous. i'm using their own words. i got a message. if you want to know what's outrageous, it's their policies. and the effects of their policies on middle class americans. that's what's outrageous. >> that's the comment at the top of the hour on "morning joe."
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the issue of medicare continues to be a centerpiece. the romney camp released a counter punch to democrats saying the romney-ryan budget would radically alter medicare as we know it. >> you paid into medicare for years. every paycheck. now when you need it, obama cut $716 billion from medicare. why? to pay for obama care. now the money you paid is going to a massive new government program. it's not for you. the romney-ryan plan protects medicare for today's seniors and strengthens the plan for the next generation. >> i'm mitt romney and i approved this message. >> as you have seen reported all over the place, paul ryan's budget written for the house includes the same cuts that he is criticizing when it comes to president obama. congressman ryan was asked about that as he sat down for the first on one interview as the vp
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nominee. >> only president obama raids $716 billion from the medicare program to pay for obama care. we don't do that. >> you say how much? >> the point is -- i joined the romney ticket. what mitt romney is proposing to do is repeal all obama care. >> it is the case that in the budget you passed for the house of representatives, significant savings. >> we're don't add cuts. we don't take more cuts to medicare. >> i am on the romney ticket. what mitt romney is proposing is to repeal all of obama care. >> ryan also was questioned on fiscal responsibility and struggled to offer specifics when talking about the romney plan. >> the budget plan would get to balance when? >> well, the budget plan that
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mitt romney is supporting gets us down to 20% of gdp and what president obama has done is brought the size of government to a high it hasn't been since world war ii. we want more economic freedom. >> i get that, but what about balance? >> i don't know when it balances because we had to run the numbers on that plan. >> the campaign clashed on a third issue, energy policy. speaking to an audience of miners accused of white house of waging a war on coal. the republican candidate said if he is elected, they would make the nation energy-independent. president obama focussed on energy while campaigning in iowa, praising wind power that is generating nearly 7,000 jobs in that state alone.
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ee he used the moment to take a dig. >> here said new sources of energy like wind are imaginary. his running mate calls them a fad. during a speech a few months ago, governor romney explained the policy this way. i'm quoting here. you can't drive a car with a windmill on it. that's what he said about wind power. you can't drive a car with a windmill on it. i don't know if he has tried that, i know he had other things on his car. >> the president referring to the story of the romney family dog that mitt famous he put on top of his car in a family vacation. he made the illusion to the dog three separate times yesterday. the stage is set in connecticut running for joe lieberman's seat. former wrestling executive is back and defeated in the primary
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after out spending 12-1. she spent $50 million of her own money in a losing effort. mcmahon will face chris murphy who said he is ready for a potentially bruising fight. former governor and presidential candidate tommy thompson won the primary in wisconsin, narrowly edging out the conservative opponents. they did the backings of paul ryan and scott walker while facing attacks from critic who is tried to play for a health care mandate. he will face tamy baldwin in the general election race that could help tomorrow control of the united states senate. >> news that british bank standard charter agreed to pay a multimillion-dollar settlement
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as we get up in your business. live in london for us, fill us in on the story. >> it's amazing how quickly the two parties came to a settlement. the man in charge of the new york financial services came to an agreement with the $340 million settlement with standard charts that denied it carry out this $250 billion worth of road trains with iran over the last ten years. a week ago we had them at the new york authorities office saying this was a road financial institution. this is not the end of it. the fed, the fbi and the treasury and the doj are looking at this and have been for a long time. they jumped the gun and called it. a fascinating story that will go on and on. lockharts expire for a lot of
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the long-term shareholders. a lot of other people representing 271 million shares could choose to sell some of the shares at a much lower price. $38 at current trading around $20. back to you. >> one in this morning, steve, thanks so much. still ahead, fresh off the team gold medal, the fab five of u.s. women's gymnastics visits letterman and explains the internet famous silver medal podium sneer of one team nate. joe biden was riling up the crowd by declaring that the obama team would win north carolina again. exciting except he was not in north carolina. that clip and a check on weather when we come back.
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. a beautiful summer day here in new york city. the lights on over the "today" show. looks like carrie underwood over there. let's get a look at the forecast from bill. lurking. >> far away from barnacle. this is the benefit of my rezoning. >> i guess there is some benefit. >> here's originally as far as the drought is concerned. we are halfway through august and this is the rain that has fallen. much of the eastern seaboard has gotten the rain and the areas that need it have gotten very
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little from denver to kansas city through oklahoma. we won't see much today, but we have seen a little bit around the dallas area. left 106 in dallas. when you have the extreme conditions, it's easy for the temperatures to shoot up. we have a few shots with thunderstorms. one may surprise people and a lot of people waking up and checking tvs. rolling through the heart of central new england from massachusetts through connecticut. a lot of lightning with the storms. they did miss new york city, but they will arrive in boston during the heart of your morning rush hour. keep that in mind. the forecast after the storms are gone and get a break and it will be warm and humid. there will be thunderstorms necessary areas like d.c. late today. you can feel it in the air. huh flash flooding around dallas, but the rest of the drought area, another dry day today. the cool air is going to arrive.
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notice 65 in billings. some of that chilly air will head down to minneapolis, chicago, and kansas city and for everyone on the east coast, that front will be here this weekend. beautiful fall-like conditions for the eastern seaboard. we have to wait our turn. >> sounds good about now. let's turn to sports as the losses piled up for the fourth place red sox. the players appear to be in full revolt against the first year manager. according to a report from yahoo, a number of players by dustin pedroia expressed frustration with valentine directly to red sox ownership with some saying they no longer wanted to play for him. the heated players only meetings took place on july 26th and called by the owners after gonzalez voiced anger over the decision to let the pitcher struggle through a start where he gave up 11 runs. despite the red sox sub500
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record, ownership has given support publicly and even gust in gave some measure of support. the red sox playing last night against the orioles. tie game in the fifth. there is bobby. mark reynolds goes deep. solo shot puts them up a run. this time a three-run home run and the red sox woes continue. the orioles win 7-1. the giants and the nationals facing off and brannon belt out to deep right. about 100 feet short, but it will bring a run home. the giants win 6-1 and remain tied with the dodgers for the lead. the mets scoreless in the bottom of the 9th, jay bruce unloads and takes out of the yard a three-run walk off home run and the reds are hot and win 3-0 and
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won four in a row and win the nl central by six games. >> if you have an internet connection, you haven't been able to escape the peculiar of mckayla maroney disappointed in herself after falling. it inspired she is not impressed name and has her showing up everywhere from the white house situation to the introduction of paul ryan. she and her fierce five made an appearance about the most famous expression. >> they're caught her at an intro expectative moment. she is probably not pleased with her performance and would rather have done better and instead of silver would rather have gotten the gold and who can blame her? they caught her in a contemplative moment. now they are making it silly am i right? >> it is pretty funny.
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>> and is this an expression that comes to you frequently in life? >> after i did it, the can girls keep pointing out like you are doing the face again. >> every time she does it, we are like there it is. >> we're have all been working on it. >> we all do it. i taught them. . >> we will have or own olympic gold in the studio and hope solo from the u.s. women's soccer team joining us on "morning joe." reaction pouring into the comment by vice president joe biden to put y'all back in chaps. a lot to kick around with the "morning joe" crew. we will watch stephen colbert make the case for mitt romney's overseas experience. something he compares to the admiral's club at the airport.
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win the election if we win you. >> win north carolina again. in fairness, she on the border of north carolina. right there on the southern border of virginia. stephen colbert insisted that any gaps the ticket may have in foreign policy between mitt romney and president obama can be countered by mitt romney with other overseas expertise. >> one immediate question for anyone seek the white house is are these men ready for the international stage? do they have what it takes to pretend other countries don't exist? on sunday, george stephanopoulos
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put the question to vp fourth runner up and gop pi nata tim pawlenty. >> this ticket is lacking in experience. >> governor romney traveled extensively and understands these issues well. he spent his career in global transactions and understanding different cultures and geography and the right. >> that's right. america's enemies have nothing on this seasoned business traveler. mitt romney may not have served in the military, but he is a card-carrying member of the admiral's club. when iran detablizes the mideast by threatening to nuke israel, newt will demand to speak to the concierge. bringing in more pillows and fresh towels. these arab world up risings, let me tell you, mitt knows aboutp
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risings. when they try to force their way into the first class bathroom, it is chaos. >> you pull the curtain and you can't use the first class bathroom. your texts and e-mails are next. [ male announcer ] if you stash tissues
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. >> what could you possibly be up at this hour. >> debbie writes i was at a springsteen concert at fenway and maybe bruce should play there. >> that's a good idea. you were at that show and can you imagine the boss at fenway? excellent. what else have you got? >> i am watching to see if willie will show up for the full week three days and counting. >> i am laughing because i won't be here for the full week. i was working for a month already. you see that great coverage in london? give me four good


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